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1951 US-70, Hickory, NC 28602, United States

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REVIEWS OF AMF Colonial Lanes IN North Carolina

Brent Deal

I love to bowl and they actually have a good deal after a certain time for all you can bowl but I believe it is a bit pricey on food and beverages.

Chris Mcinturff

Need to update hours of business on website

Chris Poteet

Prices are a little high. Service is excellent. Great place for team building

Dean Cox

NiCe place with alot of lanes

Danielle Block

Poor staff is over worked and under staffed. Two pool tables and neither are in working order. This place use to be great what happened? Staff was so short handed that there were dirty food plates scattered throughout the whole place not to.mention the run down things that need to be maintained. I see a lack in management presence! This use to be a local treasure, it's really sad alot of people I know that live alot closer to this bowling alley are going to pin station because of all this

Autumn Kerley

Had a great time here and would definitely recommend this.

moxie mox

The place is clean but the advertised arcade is not what I expected

Amy Johnson

Loads of fun, great lanes that were very clean, bathroom was easy to get to and absolutely one of the cleanest public bathrooms!! The only problem that I saw was the price to bowl. Other than that S.U.P.E.R fun time!!

Bubba D

This place is a dump. The roof leaks in multiple spots, the equipment is always breaking so you spend a lot of time waiting for your balls to return, or a stuck gate etc. The floors are disgusting, so wear your shoe covers. They never oil the lanes, even for most leagues. The food is superbly overpriced. And not very good. The counter girls are clueless and fairly rude. The MANAGER is by far the weakest link. They painted the outside of the building. How about fixing the inside? I assure you no one cares what the outside looks like. The bathrooms are filthy and always smell. Be wary of using a good ball here, as it is most certainly going to get damaged in the return. I've had damage ( which they repair in house) and have seen many others get damaged beyond repair. Nice huh? What a shame a place with such potential is so poorly run. Dont owners ever visit their facilities anymore, if so do they even care for the quality of the the customer experience. It seems not.

Jeff Hayworth

Great place for fun and friends.


Had lots of fun. Unlimited bowling so worth it

Karen Silvestri

I usually enjoy my time here at AMF. But there was 1 singular woman who was behind the food section this Saturday night around 9:25-9:30 pm who we tried to inform that our lane was never fixed to where we can ACTUALLY start bowling and wanted to make sure that we can leave without having to be charged (since we never even rolled a ball on the line to begin with). This woman was disrespectful and irritable towards us when all we did was explain to her that we wanted to leave and our situation. I understand they were busy but when it comes to customer service atleast show alittle bit a kindness and atleast PRETEND to care. We only wanted to make sure we weren’t gonna be charged for something we didn’t even get to start doing and waited 10-15 minutes ON TOP of that. Which yet again, I understand the poor woman on the front cash register was flustered with how busy she was (and she was very kind and tried to help as much as possible), but please be nicer to customers who are trying to explain an issue to you instead of being ignorant and disrespectful. Thanks.

Hugh Campbell

If you know how to bowl you will not like this place. The machinery works sporadically and they never put down enough oil. It could be great if they updated everything. The place looks like the '80s inside because it hasn't changed since then. League play is next to impossible.

Michael Shuler

Had a great time until i got the bill. Got 1 burger with fries, small order of wings (6 pieces), 3 med sodas, and played one (1) game with my wife and daughter. The bill was over $62.00. My burger was little, prepared incorrectly, and the wings tasted like Great Value brand with a little bbq sauce poured on them. I should've went to Pin Station in Newton. My bill wouldve been half of this one. I'll attach a pic of the receipt.

Kentaro Wii Sports

WORST BOWLING ALLEY EVER! My ball got stuck in the lane at the bumper where they push the pins

Ethan Poole

Nice bowling alley.

Miami Jay Arguello

Great time. They helped us out and cared more about us then what we were going to spend. Good snacking foods and drinks. Clean shoes and lanes were working fine.

Christopher Cook

Slow service even tho there were nice and horrible mixed drinks and why does it cost so much to go bowling. We had four people at 2 games and it was $54.....That's crazy

David Schorr

After moving to the area over a year ago we finally got around to bowling and everyone in our family was pleasantly surprised. Staff were friendly, food was solid, the place was very clean, more than enough bowling balls (which has been a problem at other places), great lanes, great scoreboard and a drink menu to rival most (if not all) bars and restaurants on town. FIVE enthusiastic stars!

Barb Propst

We had a blast!!!! We purchased the Summer package, which is well worth it!! ☺️ None of us really bowl very well, but it's a great way to just have fun and laugh. Plus it's great family time and building memories!! Looking forward to going again soon.

Dustin Houser

Good place to have a lil fun

Freddy Smith

Arrived 7:45 pm for first time at this location. Asked for shoe rental prices and game prices for kids. Shoes close to 5$ a pair, games close to 4$ apiece. As we were going out the door we notice a Tuesday night special sign. 2.22 for shoes, 2.22$ per game starting at 8 pm. 15 minutes from arrival time. They didn't even tell us about the special starting in 5 minutes. I confirmed with the manager and he said we had to wait the 15 minutes. There are 7 cars in the parking lot.

Toni Epperson

So so much fun. The wait staff very attentive lots of fun. Would recommend them highly.

Thomas Williams

Had a great birthday experience here! Old times!

Keith Barbour

To expensive awhile lot cheaper at pin station

Annemarie Richardson

Just had worse experience ever with this place. 1 we asked if socks charge and then try charge us. She also had attitude when our balls got stuck. NEVER COMING BACK

Greg Setzer

Decent place to go bowling inexpensive on the right days.

Jayne Clark

It's still a very cool place to have a fun time out! Enjoyed myself a bunch!

chris Surbaugh

Way too expensive. A family of 5 playing 1 game it cost us 48 dollar's. We had fun but not worth the money

Matthew Lipford

Amf bowling is a fun place to bowl everyone that works there is so nice

George Oder

It was great until a family of 12 was split into two groups and put on both sides of us. Us 4 adults was surrounded by kids while their was plenty of lanes available. Not coming back.

Patrick McCormack

Nice staff, clean facility, snacks and drinks are a bit expensive. Overall really fun experience.

Jill Swicegood

Lots of fun

Twitchy Greene

Nice place everything works good nice wonder waitress just an all around good place

Tony McNeil

Family had a good time but it was a bit expensive for 2 games

Ryan Wallace

Great place to spend time! Helpful stuff, nicely upkept facility, MANY lanes. Tasteful music selection. Will definitely be back!

Pat&jess Cole

Nice but expensive

Aspen Rose

I go here all the time great atmosphere!!!

Adam Coleman

Great place to bowl. The staff is extremely

Seth Killian

I've been coming to MF colonial lanes since I was a young child, the quality has definitely gone down.

Erin Vesco

I've been bowling at this bowling alley for almost 5 years. There's been major improvements since then.

Garry Snow

Really disappointed today went to connession stand to order the young lady that was taking orders said they had to many orders and were not taking anymore until they got those out: she would come out to our lanes and get our order when they some of the orders filled. Waited for a hour she never showed up, went back again she said they had taken to many orders no way to treat your League bowlers I was not the only one.

Jackie Sheppard

Great place prices high for Thursday afternoon

Cindy Rhame

nice lanes, tho bowling has certainly gotten expensive since i used to go regularly.

Joshua Adams

On the nights where its 10 dollars unlimited games and shoes included it is very good not too crowded

Alexander Walle

Across the street I got a visit from the corrupt Greensboro Police Department right-up behind me as is their style, right before closing "YOU KNOW WHERE SECURITY'S AT?!!" that contact and provocation identical to what the Department is involved in in District 3/Westerwood: there the Department and "people with money" conspire against those of us not well-endowed in real estate or perjury, for according to the City of Greensboro "People with money have always run things--it's just always been that way" which led to people approaching the property and my person in numbers hoping to bait me into a charge which they finally did but not in broad daylight, I fixed that quick and legally, so they continued the same at 4 A.M., 12:45 A.M., 11:30 P.M., and then finally after I told the city I'd had enough and would do something about it I was cited for "Injury to Personal Property" at 1:30 A.M., when it should have read "Injury to Government Property" or at least "Injury to Kotis Properties.'" Once you are charged by the Establishment after being hounded by the same, if you are, although if you do nothing they'll still fabricate something, the Department hands the charge over to the Community Watch--who will, again, be rich and white--it's how it all works. The Department will not show for your case although it will post the charge to as many as possible to slander you all the while repeatedly stopping you to ask if you know where the Coliseum is, "Rice Toyota" their second favorite way to annoy you, and they ride in style believe me, hitting you up when you are leaving or arriving somewhere--when it is least expected is their sleazery. As one might imagine I took all of this to GPDHQ as soon as possible--my sudden "people with money" problems I'd never had in all the years I lived there, where I was puffed-up on by Sgt. Patterson who Marty Kotis promoted to lieutenant for doing an excellent job of furthering back-room deals they hope no one discovers. Hinson knows his place, too: I confronted the Chief about what Gail Barger was doing in the Community Watch Program, what a lot of people had issue with--telling me he'd get Barger out of the Program as he ran away in Center City Park, right in front of his people, then kept her in the Program for another several years to discredit me. All Barger did was slander and trash others, she was known for "evil" and little more, worse, she was rarely there for according to the neighborhood association itself "Barger's rarely in town" but to hear the city tell it Barger was just a good neighbor doing wonderful things in government when the truth is the only reason she was there when she was in town was because of the city: wealth and race. If the average person or better yet "roaming black men" she'd put under "alert" were ever the Community Watch in Westerwood they would immediately report what the Department does there: it allows people to repeatedly come to you and your property to no end although there is a goal, and if you get legal about it, say you go to the Sheriff's Office on all of those people--and I did exactly that whatever one might say of Barnes, his office was the exact opposite of the money-pit that is the City of Greensboro "This will be the last of these people that come to you"--the GPD bailing-out every single one of them for the Department is nearly entirely corrupt and has been for some time. It is nearly all of them for according to the GPD the Community Watch was never served at all, nor was the Community Watch Program ever "part of us the police, that's an, uhhh, private program" the truth is Barger was served right in front of the Department who even got out of their cruisers to watch a deputy put her down and so was Kim Maynard sent back home permanently and immediately afterwards: he and Barger are directly connected for the both of them were caught at nearly the same time for trying the same illegal thing but hung-out with the GPD during National Night Out for "people with money" are on personal terms with police on the 364 other days of the year, too.

Oddie Bobby

I love bowling and this alley is great for families. My mother, brother and I played a game and it was so fun! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful!

Tomico Marzette

Nice clean bathrooms. Excellent service. Snack bar too expensive and doesn't have a lot of variety. Bowling $3.89 per game and shoes $4.29.

Richard Hoover

Lane conditions not up to standards of regulation house shot

jude maxwell

It's a great place to bowl! They have great prices for the summer that you can bowl 3 games each day if you want to. If you order food or drinks they will bring them to you so you don't have to take time from your game.

kevin hoff

Always enjoy colonial lanes when I bowl.

X2Fast HD

A little outdated but they're working on updating everything

Tennille Genwright

Always have fun here. Prices are high but what isnt high anymore

Keith Brown Jr

They had great service in an awesome deal on summer bowling where you pay one price and then you can bowl 3 games a day all summer with shoe rental included


Low Quality High prices .. 4 bucks for drink that was flat .. 10 bucks for lg fries loaded could've use more .. no forks .. pool stick have no tips .. one game one person 10 bucks plus shoes Rental.. Will not be going back ..

Michael Blackwood

Bought 2 new bowling balls from the dealer there and have only rolled the new balls in house. I had to have my bowling balls repaired due to broken machines, which left divots and gashes in the ball. They put no money into new machines to avoid costly repairs. Overall in-house management is very polite and understanding. I have bowled in several leagues at this location and will not bowl another until necessary repairs are made.

Leah Lee

We enjoy going here. Wish the food and drinks weren't so expensive though. But it's a nice place to take your kids bowling!

Kerry Bumgarner

Great family fun

Catie Trewin

Super expensive, great drinks!

His n Her integra

Awsome place to take the kids.

Aye Hang

Way overpriced and poor customer service! Old bald man giving attitude when asked about pricing and said “you don’t know bowling so you wouldn’t know.” Real crappy place. Had to move lanes cause it kept breaking down and pins and balls kept getting stuck. Will not be back!!

Taub Dej Xiong Channel

It's ok but weekend it's pack u better go early


This place is a joke we went there to go bowling me and my girl once we got there we asked about pricing because it’s definitely a little different from the pin station the only reason why we went there was because it was pretty close to the mall so we said will give it a try place dosent look all that great we got are bowling shoes ready I throw the first bowling ball in the bowling ball didn’t come back even tho I didn’t hit any pins the bowling ball should have came back no one bothered to help us until I went to the front desk guy switched us to a different bowling station that one two didn’t work we just decided you know what let’s just go to the pin station.

Elizabeth Baxter

We had a blast but was a little pricey for my taste. Loved the music and food though.

Avery Brendle

Had a great time here

Over 9000 Apex Ape

Nice family and friend destination, don't play the basketball game in the arcade though!

Floyd Richardson

Nice pro shop and looks well all around

Vickie Benfield

Awesome place .good times

Rachel C.

A true bowling alley with awesome staff and friendly atmosphere.

E Mum

Its a little more expensive then it should be

Telisha Johnston

Had a wonderful time. The price is a little up there but i just couldnt get over the prices on food and drinks. I could literally eat at outback steak house for their prices.

Mattie Woodzell

Prices are ridiculous. Had to tell them 3 times we needed the rails for my son. Food prices are ridiculous. Will not be going here again. Also according to their website they had all kinds of arcade games BIG lie right there. One racing game, 4 skilled games and to pool tables. Where is the large assortment of arcade games your website said you had?

Cole Rogers

Victoria was great, great service, Emily kept the beers cold!

Spookals The Cat

It was Ok. Really disappointed about the amount of time it took us to bowl one game. The first lane #20 was messing up from the start. The screen would freeze and then the arm that wipes the pins would freeze and we would have to wait for help. Finally, they moved us to I lane 32 which worked for the most part. I did have to re rack the pins one time before the end of our game. We arrived and got our shoes at approx. 9:00 and we had just finished our one and only game, right at 11:00. The prices on everything was way to high. It was 9$ and some change a person until 11:00 when they closed.

Austin Pennington

I've been coming here for near 20 years. Always a great place to spend an evening. Friendly staff, and great prices!


Large bowling alley with lots of lanes, food available for order and a small arcade room. Games are pretty cheap and is a great way to pass some time with friends and family. We had an issue with our lane not registering down pins and on one occasion instead of registering a strike it put down a full new set of pins for a second throw acting like nothing was hit the first time, the staff quickly assigned us a new lane when we asked for help and everything was great from there on.

Sam Loga

Great place for family fun, or if you want to hang out with friends.

Brian Alderman

What a mess. They were incredibly disorganized and it took over 45 minutes to get our drinks/ food.

neal icenhour

Fun time.

Melissa Sisco

Amazing people affordable bowling cheap

Logan Phillips

Good place to go bowling. Friendly staff and nice lanes. Definitely recommended place to have a good time in Hickory.

AJ Cooper

Very satisfied with my visit, those working st the desk let us know all of our options before we decided what we wanted to do, very concise and helpful. Nice atmosphere as well.

random things

I thought it was awesome

Miles Merwin

A great local bowling alley, not overly busy, and a fun place to be resl...

Ryan Gurganious

Although I got beaten by my wife in our game, the lanes are nice, although a bit dated.

Travis Beard

Yes they have a lot of league bowling all the time and have good prices all the time

Tony Mercer

Friendly staff. Fun place to bring your friends and have an enjoyable evening!

David DeMarco

The new year's event was over price then they charge an extra 10 per person on top of the 35 per person. It was suppose to have unlimited soda but didn't. Then the lane breaks come half way through the night and never got fixed very disappointing won't waste my money ever again

Christy Franklin

Tuesday trips bowling league

Rumy luvgrl

Food & drink prices are a bit steep but a great place to bowl


Ok, just going to give you some advice because people on your reviews don’t have the guts to. Why should I spend 6 dollars a game where I can go to Pin Station and bowl 4 games for $4? Second of all, my bowling ball felt like hot super glue was spilt all over it after bowling. I had to use almost a pint to get the stickiness off. And I live 30 minutes from here, just came to hear kids running around my 2 lanes and explicit pop music? I am trying to help you guys improve your place.


Got charged $28.50 for 3 regular soft drinks. When we asked about it, the worker just said "yea, sorry". Air hockey machine was a little screwy, pool table went a bit wonky but the attendants helped with it. Decent bowling experience, though.

Justin Lambert

Great bowling

Andrea Webb

Good family fun! Sundays are half price so even better!

Jacob Ragusa

Great place my family goes to bowl and great food

Keith Nicholas

They offer military discounts. Our lane had multiple issues which killed our motivation.


Great Manager and staff. Have always been super friendly. Just wish they opened earlier!

Tucker Maxwell

It's a typical bowling alley. Good family fun. Food prices a bit high for the quality.

Cheyenne Cook

$26 for one round of bowling for 3 people? NO THANKS

Lisa burel

Lots of fun and good pizza

Lynn Benicken

Great staff, nice place, not crowded, but expensive!

Torii Ashton

One of my favorite places to be!


If I were to be asked by someone if this bowling center was good for an average league bowler, my advice would be to bowl anywhere but Colonial Lanes, Hickory, NC. This house used to be a very good league center, but that was when they had a Manager that really wanted to see the house flourish. The current manager does not see to be interested in this house, if he did, I would think that he would be there to see that things such as oiling the lanes was done at the same times everyday. Also that the lane machine was maintained daily, that the league bowlers were listened to and their desires for the house were addressed. We as league bowlers would love to see this house become as great as it once was, but between AMF, the District Manager, and the current Manager, that will not happen due to the fact that they do not care about this house. All we as league bowlers have asked for is a consistent House Shot, but the technicians that maintain the lanes consistently do not know if the lane machine is placing the right amount of oil on the lanes, they also do not check the machine often enough when oiling the lanes. The machine, should have been replaced with a much newer model 4-6 years ago, but instead, the previous District Manager chose to send the new machine to a different pet house of his, and sent an old rebuilt machine to Hickory that no one in this house knew anything about this machine. We have not had a decent shot in this house in over 15 years that was consistent! I WILL SAY IT AGAIN "DO NOT BOWL IN THIS HOUSE FOR LEAGUE PLAY!!'

Rickey Peters

Price of food is to high . Takes to long to get your food . Love bowling league there .

Ryan Skiles

Come here for cold beer and great customer service

Katie Ford

Had many problems with the lanes and the trim work as you walk back to the seating area coming off.. The prices was ok but not the best. Food and drinks are very steep..

adam cook

There facility is awesome & the pro shop is top notch best in the area

Amanda Brown

I had alot of fun and the staff were all very friendly. Food prices are incredibly expensive though.

Lisa Wethington

Great food great fun

Isaac Cook

This place rocks! Had a blast and had great service the whole time. I will be back!

Shannon McGee-Gipson

One of the best bowling alleys I've been. Very attentive wait staff who kept us from having to leave the lanes to order. Would definitely recommend!


Andrew was awesome! He was running the front, bowling, and the snack bar! Super friendly manager!

Waneta Musaeus

Fun but expensive.

Christian Clemmer

Best bowling place in the Hickory area

Kristy Hullette

Super Friendly staff

Reid Armstrong

Great house for league bowling, good food and Cold

Matt McMinn

$30 for one game and rentals for 2 kids and an adult. $30 for basket of fries, Large Sprite, and basket of chicken tenders. Lanes continually broke down and had to be moved around. Old and dated... Looking for new options.

Jeremy Donovan

Only one person running food and front counter. 20 minutes to get drinks for my kids who were hot. Twice as expensive as Pin Station. Never going back. It was a poop show. Do not recommend.

matthew phoenix

Been calling her since I was a kid it has barely changed great environment

Michael Lilly

Average bowling

Jonny B

The food and service was pretty decent, the prices? Omg, thought I was at an event like the fair or something.... almost $4 for a med drink? $10 for a loaded fry? $6 a game? $5 shoe rental? At the end of the day, there's other choices nearby I could have spent half what I paid here and had just as much or more fun....

my mix

Great place to bowl. Way to meet people.

Steven Freeman

A little pricey but at least they have alcohol

Raelene Almazan

Had a great time with friends the other night and Alex was so great and attentive even though she was the only server on a Friday night!!

Caleb Whisnant

The women who helped us did great. Good teamwork all around and terrific experience. I'll be back

Deborah Hicks

Good place to go with your family

chip stannard

Horribly over priced, put on 2 lanes that were being serviced before being on a fully serviced lane. First and last time just on price alone, other local lanes have much better rates for 3 kids under 12. Staff was friendly but very clueless, was blankly stared at for several minutes before being helped (I should have taken that as hint of things to come)

Brenda Bolton

I'm not a bowler but go to events here. The food is great and the drinks are good too. A great bar.

Stacey Deal

Fun for the whole family

Patrick LaJuett

They have an on site bar, restaurant and small game room. Interior is somewhat dated, probably time for a refresh. Our waitress was very pleasant and attentive. We went on a Friday night, they turn out the lights at 9pm for "cosmic bowling". Not a big fan, it becomes very difficult to see the lanes. But we had fun, none the less.

Michael Keller

Fun place, cool employees, good times. Foods pricy but tasty. Great service


Clean. Friendly staff. Decently priced. Machines work well.

OPM4Carbine __

I've been going here forever and never had a bad experience

Bert Russo

Owen, the guy working there told us $5 for 2 hours with $4 shoes. They charged us $5 a game. Need to have prices close to the counter instead of the middle of no where

kinsley Sanders

Excellent family fun! Pool tables and more games. Also a snack bar, as well as a liquor bar.. We had a great time!

David Lowman

Been around a long time, really needs facelift and plenty of work, it was a nice place in it's heyday.

Obby Land

Excellent staff. They are courteous, friendly and accommodating. Great food. Bathrooms could use a little more attention. Seem to have a little trouble with the machines now and again...but I have never been to a bowling alley that didn't.

Xeng Lor

Good place but always busy. Other than that, it's good

Dragon Lee

Decent bowling alley, food isn't anything special, service is slow but the bowling can be fun when the lane terminal isnt clutching to hell. It can be a fun time but your best bet is to hit pin station in Newton, just a short distance down the road..

Marshall animatronics Pokemon cards and more

We really had a good time here! The lanes were well oiled, the balls were easily accessible, and the atmosphere was very welcoming. We had a few snacks and brews while we were bowling and our server, Ashley, was extremely friendly and attentive.

Brian Hawn

Closes permanently November 4th. Thanks for nothing AMF. This WAS a great place to bowl and hang out and meet people.

N G Hartsell

Had a great time. Just one hour was so relaxing. Gentleman at the desk was very pleasant.

Deidra HIcks

Too expensive for families...but a great place they do give special needs organization great prices. Awesome staff and service. Love bowling store, prices and service/knowledge/skill is awesome!!!!

Misty May

Had a good time. The place didnt close till 11pm but at 10pm we wanted something to drink and couldnt get anything cause they stop selling drinks and food after 9... All in all we had fun tho. :)

Anna Corpening

Looks out dated food way to salty, but you still have fun with your friends.


Friendly staffs and good prices. Use groupon for even better prices! Nice lanes and equiment.

Kenneth Barnett

Great place friendly staff. They have great deals also

Todd Punch

Would not recommend the business prices are outrageous and machines are outdated, constantly breaking down.

Lakrysha Sanderson

Kids bowled for free and I bowled for $5. Not bad considering it included shoe rental, an hour of bowling and tickets to get another free game. Awesome!

Danielle Hanna

Good drinks. Good time

Phil Newton

Nice family place.

Jordan Fender

Decent bowling alley, my family and I went on a random week night for my birthday...its nothing special and the beer was warm not cold at all

Kelcie Donaldson

Nice bowling ally, but the food is way over priced for what you get. I recommend going in later during their specials if you want to eat and have a couple drinks while you play with your friends and family.

Reggie Roles

Had a great family day out bowling. Location is nice and clean and has a great food selection also. A lil bit pricey compared to some others we have been to.

Ashley Dawn

My daughter loves coming here. Fun atmosphere and friendly people.

Nicole Morford

Great fun n food, but food is quite pricey

Danny Hogue

Good get away

Christopher Keener

Over priced on everything and the service was awful. Pin station is better, don't waste your time at AMF.

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