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REVIEWS OF 10 High Country Lanes IN North Carolina

Brian Dortch

Kevin Clarke

Melissa Brown

David McSwain

Donnie Lee

Bowling, booze, food and fun. Big improvements now that they're high country lanes. Friendly staff and a pretty good local beer menu. The food is okay, typical bowling alley fare but it's alright. It's worth the visit for sure.

Alexandra Grove

All of the staff here was super high energy and fun! The food is overpriced but whatever it's just mainly a bowling alley. The unlimited bowling is a great price and the lanes are kept up well. My only complain is the music is suuuuuper loud and gave me a raging headache

Zac Morris

Macy Sparks

Sheena Buchan

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here. Very clean, nice environment. Would definitely recommend this bowling alley.

Ken Younger

Morgan Smith

The lanes were good but getting a beer took forever! Very slow behind the bar.

Alexander Fedorov

1. Waiting time for the food is 30-40 minutes. Order in advance. But fries and tenders were tasty. 2. During winter time it is not very warm inside but there are only one hot drink: coffee. No hot tea, gluhwine or something else. Even juice for kids is from the refrigerator.

Kira Starling

Randall DeSear

We have used them for kids birthday parties for a few years. The staff is fantastic. We had a good time. The only knock is the price. They are a bit expensive.

Jeffrey Olig

Tammy Yanson

Out of the 15 or 16 lanes which half were open they placed next to a 6 yr bday party. So for us to play without kids running in front of us we had to wait up to 15 minutes to per person. The staff was not friendly and they are stupid expensive. I will not return here.

Ian Ward

Scott Davidson

John Lalevee

Fun but a little dirty. Only ally in town so what are you gonna do?

Sherry Dixon

Jonathan Smith

Friendly and helpful staff.

Jennifer Price

Shannon Trice

Tara Wells

We came for $12 unlimited bowling. The food is a bit overpriced, drinks are good, and the lady that we paid at the front desk was super rude to my friend. We were also told that they don't do reservations, but when we got there two lanes were "reserved." Not very professional.

Germaine Comer

Cheap bowling

Brittney Stewart

So me and my boyfriend decided to come bowling. It was overpriced and our lanes broke every time we played. The staff switched us to three different lanes. No lane would count our score right and the ball and pins got stuck at least once a game. We were very disappointed and it got to the point were we had to walk up every couple minutes to fix something and they would not refund our money. We came a few weeks ago and we had similar problems just not as bad as this time. Needless to say we have learned our lesson and will never return back.

Jennifer Taylor

Brent Lawrence

Amazing! Anna was the best bartender I have ever had!

Richard Campbell

Good bowling experience. Food and drinks are a bit pricy though.

kelsey hamilton

An Artist & A Kitchen

Small and quaint. Old school and with a hipster vibe and good vibes.

Ron Forster

Great family environment, food, and a bar .

Kelly Hyde

John Mercer

Awesome hangout! Good deals, too.

Steve Downs

Great time

Jackson Grotophorst

As a regular bowler at 10 high country lanes, and someone who has supported numerous changes I am sorry to say that my latest visit was very disappointing. Everything that made this place special, such as good deals, friendly staff/management, and lets not forget the Sunday service night, has been removed making the experience overall not enjoyable :(

Lisa Miller


Mary A. Grimes

Kevin McGrath

Very nice lanes. The food and beer selections are both fantastic. Employees were attentive and very friendly. Had a wonderful experience.

Emma Willard

My mom and I bowl here twice a month. The prices are fair and they have great drink specials! The food fare is the only thing that could be improved.

Janelle Jones

Mark Rash

Love the bar area but clearly the lanes are not for serious bowlers. We had nothing but problems with the ball return and scoring computers. We are league bowlers so we are not the problem.

Amanda Forrester

Staff is always great and there are good specials on bowling, food, and drinks throughout the week.

Lisa Perkins

Prices are a little high.

Nathan Yang

Excellent service, bowling had few issues, and Family Night deal is very good if you plan to play at least 2 games.

Rob Macaluso

Sintique No

Family friendly. Great customer service. Clean environment.

nick davis

Great place to take a date, hang out with a group of friends or take the family. Kid friendly atmosphere. Awesome bar! Great daily specials and I've never had a bad pizza there. I've had 2 birthday parties for my daughter there and they were the best and affordable! They also have dartboards at the bar and Cornhole on the patio. Great place to have fun!

Matthew Underwood

They hosted our annual employee Christmas gathering again this year and did a great job. Staff is so friendly and the place has a great vibe. Recommended.

Timothy Corum

Mario the guy that worked the counter has the worst customer service and just not friendly at all. Just a rude person and not helpful at all. The bowling alley is not the greatest anyways but the only one in Boone. I will make a point not to come here ever again. I will drive to Lenoir or Jefferson which is further before I go here again.

Morgan R

The place was awesome but overpriced and the food was not worth the money. $10 for a small wrap that didn't come with a side or drink...

John Cornett

Nicole Panayiotakis

Food great had a blast

Shane Robertson

Jeff Johnson

The bowling was fun and the staff was really good.

Jon Byler

I read all the negative reviews before coming here and decided to try it anyway. Customer service was top notch and even tho there was a 30 min waiting list they came up to us while we were waiting and asked if there's anything they could get for us. No complaints whatsoever! Great place! Thanks!

Avah Withanh

I did not enjoy my first and only visit to this bowling alley. It wasn't even 20 before 10 with only four rounds left when the girl with the short brown/blue hair came up to us and told us, "hey guys, not to be rude but yall only have 15 minutes before we close (literal side ways face)." We actually had 20 minutes, she then turns the music off at 10 till and some of the lights. We only had four rounds left and we finished before 10. I think the customer service was extremely rude and impatient. Boone doesn't have a lot to do during the colder months so it sucks that this is something my friends and I won't consider coming to again.

cathleen davis

Daughter visited from Pennsylvania . We had a blast .

Brittany Tatum

I have been a few times to this bowling alley and the one thing I am not pleased with is the cost of the bowling. It is $5 per person per game on regular nights, which I feel is a bit expensive. Also, when I went last, there were 8 out of 16 alleys shut down due to maintenance problems. Other than these complaints, it is a great place to hang out and have fun in Boone.

Adam West

Daniel McCoy

I went this evening with some friends and the first thing I witnessed was the manager on duty being extremely rude to her employees. We got placed at a lane by the guy at the front desk, who was very nice, and went to get a drink at the bar, and although nothing was directed at me, I watched her raise her voice at the bartenders who were trying to help me and my friends. However, the manager was getting onto them for not helping us even though they were trying to. I thought this was extremely unprofessional and she, herself, was the problem. The bartenders on duty, one girl and one guy both wearing glasses, were very attentive and courteous despite the obviously awful manager preventing them from doing their job. Myself and my friends felt bad for the bartenders and how they were being treated, and hopefully this manager will not be around the next time we return when we want to grab some drinks while we bowl.

Jordan Wright

Environment is fun and pretty good specials. But game score was only 70% accurate. We had lane 4. Maybe it was just our lane but still a little annoying to pay for multiple games and it not give correct scores.

brenda Lewis

Great atmosphere, kid friendly, and nice staff. Good food also.

Melissa Taylor

My daughter had her 8th birthday party there they were so nice and friendly the manager catherine went out of her way to help and make sure we had what we needed we will for sure go back

Leighann Cogdill

Michael Bennett

The Machine kept breaking so I would not recommend

Mark Calvo

Jacob Albright

Fun place to bowl! The only complaint is that that could not split our bill at the bar

Don Goddard

Great family fun ! Great local beers on tap!

neal icenhour

Excellent customer service! The staff and the manager were wonderful. Facility was clean, food was pretty good, had good deals on large party. Balls got stuck a few times but hey that's part of it. Will for sure bring my team back here for a team building event.

Collin Shelton

Good prices for bowling. Would recommend calling ahead and making a reservation.

Jay Hagaman

Horrible customer service. The lady "helping" our group had a terrible attitude. We'll definitely be going to Bo's for bowling from now on.

William DeCarolis

Mindy Cook

Went for cosmic bowling and had a great time. A bit of a hiccup trying to pay for lanes that a friend had reserved. They are still working out some kinks but the place is looking great. Love the addition of the bar, too!

Tommy MacLeod

Came to high country lanes for a nice night blowing with some friends left after a terrible night. To start with after we got the game set up the machine always kept messing up, giving us only one bowl out of two, skipping people and giving them no score and not letting us reset pins. My friend then tried to reset the game and we had to go grab the blond lady that was SUPPOSED to be working the front desk and grab her from drinking with her friends on lane one or 2. To top it all off we thought the lane was open until 12 so we had bought another game 10-15 min before the true closing which we did not know. One of the men working with tats and a beer who also had his little girl sitting at the bar shut off our lane. We asked to finish our game and asked for a refund, they refused yet the staff felt it not necessary to tell us that they closed at 11 and there was no way we would get a game in after the current one was done. Also just so people know they allow underage drinking and drinking on the clock from 2 employees that i witnessed it from. This is a horrible establishment and when asking to speak to the manager the guy with tattoos on his arm and the black guy with dreads treated us with disrespect and said all of the things we said were wrong and to get out. Check the cameras and fire them. This is absurd that customer service is at such a poor level. I would never recommend going here and you have lost 6 customers.

Bryce Carter

Alexandra Wright

William Robinson

Great loved it good times

Walter Kaudelka

Lasharra Ryans

It's a good place to have fun with your family

Sean Eubanks


Jesse Chambers

Alot of fun

mayford parsons

jeanice sherai Casey

This place’s service and hospitality is PHENOMENAL and their food is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL!! Thank you so much for all you did for me and my ladies during our retreat this weekend ❤️

Beth McDaniel

The price was pretty expensive for the experience. We had to switch lanes 3 times because it kept messing up. The balls kept getting stuck in every lane & it also just kept shutting down. I don't know, maybe they need to upgrade their equipment or something. 0/10 would recommend.

Danny Dunn

People standing everywhere up where you bowl food service so so

Emily Patrick

Great staff and tons of fun!

Nick Reneau

Great, fun, and you can get a season pass for $30.00. We have a lot of fun bowling with my three year old little girl. The staff is always friendly and attentive.

Luna Davis

Ana Narbona Ramos

Dennis Allport

Great place since my daughter-in-law works there.....

Will Simoneaux

Nick Sowers

Timothy Allport

Good times friendly staff

Andrew Stogdoll

Went the past two nights in a row (it’s raining there’s nothing to do) and noticed a definite learning curve. Sunday night (last night) there was some guy named Michael (?) behind the bar and he did not know what he was doing. Watched this kid run through the building with an open bottle of vodka (illegal) and mess up many drinks, this having to remake them. He also made some offensive comments to some females at the bar and displayed a negative attitude towards girls. They need to get rid of this kid. Is he even old enough to serve alcohol? Tonight, however, my girlfriend and I came in with a group of twelve others and there was a girl named Lauren (I think that was her name) working both the front desk AND the bar. She greeted us at both spots with a smile, friendly service, and amazing drinks. Probably one of the best bar tenders I’ve met with the little experience she has. This girl should be working more than that other guy. The bowling was fun, too.

David Earp

Had a great time here.

Cheryl Clark

Friendly staff was a fun time with my Grandkids. 1st time being here. Haven't been bowling in years.

Charles Myers

Fun place but experienced several mechanical problems

R Greene

Isaac Kaplan

Both lanes were broken the entire time. Although they offered a new one. Staff was fine

Renee Triplett

Hands black after bowling. Lane kept the ball several times

Taylor Ward

Debbie Nardi

I think it's a nice thing for a child but the price is crazy just because it's a bowling alley doesn't mean people should have advantage of people it's to expensive for what you get plus a family member fell because the a mat that was rolled up sitting in front of door where it should not have been there I would never pay that amount that my son paid I will be telling him to do something esle for the money that you charge for a birthday party you can do something special people don't have that kind of money that you people charge and kids love to bowl its reallly sucks

Donna Cox

David Sutherland

Jennifer Brown

Wonderful place. I am not good at bowling but my fiance loves to bowl. High country lanes is a great place for beginners as well as pros. The staff is friendly, helpful, and courteous. Plus they always have a deal everyday on bowling and food. I highly recommend going here. We are bringing our kids next time!

Maddie Batts

Will Greene

Trey Eastman

Fun bowling

Ann Mellon

The machine was kinda slow with the pins

Shorrie Norman

Usually bowling alley. Good food and friendly employees

Jonathan 8785

jonathan hollar

Enjoyed a nice game of bowling. Plenty of lanes, good appetizers and beer.

ron forster

Great family environment.

Reid Armstrong

Great fun and fellowship, and it's a sport that you can compete in, indoors! Great for Long winter nights

Angie Holt

Seth B

Josh Taylor

Travis Erickson

Really nice bar (nothing real high-end here, but nice, nonetheless) with lanes that appear to be well-maintained. This is a spacious, bright, cheery place. The food is pretty basic, but you can find something that works. This is a clean, open bar that happens to have a bowling alley.

Renee L. Johnson

Not sure if I will go back or not. Arrived at 7:15 to bowl with my 2 kids and parents. 6 lanes were open but "reserved". Staff said the wait shouldn't be too long so we were put on a wait list. At 8:10 we still hadn't been called. We ended up leaving after waiting for over an hour. 4 lanes were still open!!! I wish we had known to reserve a lane at a certain time!! VERY poor management!!!

Eve Chambers

Davis Hankins

lily laramie

Super fun alley with great food, brews, and music!

Tiffany Taylor

Good prices and good burgers!

Shandon Anderson


Nice staff but horrible, broken lanes. Bars coming down early, scores not counting, and pins being left up after each turn. Despite the kindness of the staff, they did nothing to accommodate our poor experience other than giving us an extra game.

Mrs T

Very clean, we had fun... Just wish it hadn't been as expensive.

David Godfrey

Amazing place to have a drink and go bowling!

Samantha Russo

I would give it a 5 but the music is so depressing!! Adam behind the bar is the man though, he gets 3 stars!

Rebekah Dickson

Full bar inside!

David Obiso

James Hester

bernice byrnes

just called .. crazy expensive to bowl here.

Cory Torrella

Went during snow season, was extremely busy but well worth the wait. Great drink selection and outdoor patio.

Justin Martin

Jeremy Hill

Micheal Dugger

Carlton Smith

Kid friendly, good drink selection and friendly staff, menu is good as well. Good activity at night with the kids.

Ramos games 17

It was over priced 30 inch for 1 hour

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