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REVIEWS OF Whitestone Lanes IN New York

Daian C

good staff is super helpful but they were only one person working the whole Need better management


Area is very seedy but workers seem nice.

Isela Larreinaga

A great place to bring some friends and bowl. It’s clean, huge, and it’s pretty cheap. The staff attended me with a good attitude and even took a picture of my friends and I. There isn’t much of food choices but that’s okay because there’s nearby restaurants and fast food places. There are also vending machines and gaming machines.

Marilyn Byrne

Great place to get together with friends

Erron Mcgriff

Whenever I'm there I bowl great the food is pretty good and the service is great and we always get a good spot

Doris Farnochi

My Monday night fun

Porcia Hubbard

Either too hot or freezing. The juice for the drinks are horrible. Go purchase real orange juice and pineapple juice

Alan Li

came here by myself on a sunday morning for the early bird special ($19 per person). the person who was behind the counter then told me he wasn't suppose to give me a lane if i'm by myself and said they need 3 people minimum in 1 lane. he then said in order to get 1 lane by myself, i'll need to pay $25. such a rip off. nowhere in the website stated this restriction.

Nekky Sync

A getaway with friends and a couple of drinks just a couple of drinks. This is the place for that

alejandra F

Good spot for fun at a good price. Service was good..

Manjur Morshed

Too Loud not clean.

Bradley Estrella

It's beautiful, a place u'll definitely want to return to.

Tomer Pollatchek

The good: Place has been here forever, good spot to play a few games, easy to get to, lots of parking (more in the back). The bad: In desperate need of some upgrades, some lanes are visibly bumpy, old balls with so many cracks and bangs, it doesn't matter where you aim, the ball is going to go wherever it feels like, the shoes are probably the most uncomfortable bowling shoes I've even used. It's hot as hell in there too, I don't know if I just got "unlucky" 4 times in a row and the AC was broken.. or they just like to keep it 80+ in there. All that being said, it's still a good spot to throw some balls and pass the afternoon / evening. To the owner(s): Please update / upgrade the place, and.. fix the AC.

Richard Cardenas

I love Whitestone Lanes. They have plenty of parking in the front and in the back. They have good snacks and drinks to choose from. They have a full open bar for the adults. There's also a line of arcade games to play. Whitestone Lanes has plenty of bowling lanes and there is never a wait when I go. They are open 24 hours a day. Very easy to get to from the highway. The exit of the highway will leave you right in front of Whitestone Lanes. Very convenient. This place is fun for the whole family or just hanging with your friends late at night.

Jennifer Amezquita

We had a good time. Kids really enjoyed themselves.

Diego Giraldo

Cool special on mondays w unlimited games for a very cheap price. Place is clean, well organized and offers snacks to enjoy while you play.

Isaac C

Whitestone Lanes is the go-to spot for a fun time for all. I've been going for about eight years and love the prices, the staff, and most importantly the continual service. They are 24 hours and offer greatt "all you can bowl" specials for mornings and nights. The parking is also very straightforward, as there are two lots.

Richard Rivera

It's fine. A little shabby. I don't bowl much so I'm no expert. They have a food area for fries, burgers sodas. Good if you're hungry but don't consider it your go to place for dinner. I thought for a while it was closed but it was that the attendant was sitting and not viewable. I'm not sure how well kept it is. There are also a few vending machines as well as some video games. I went on a Saturday and there were a good mix of families bowling, which is nice. They have accommodations for the kids like bumpers for the gutter and ramps for the tots to roll the ball down if it's too heavy for them.

John Chung

My friend invited me for senior citizens bowling and its been 8 or 9 years haven't bowled. 1st game 162 and 2nd game 192. It's just like riding a bike you never forget how to bowl. LOL

Nadir Durrani

Hadn't bowled in years and came here to try it again. Great place and the prices are very reasonable.

larissa soto

Nice and crowded place

Megui Encarnacion

Really are very fun the best thing open 24 hrs.


DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY..GO SOMEWHERE MORE UP TO DATE I used to go here when I was a kid and its utterly ridiculous 30 years later it still looks the same...rundown, outdated, and let's not talk about how the women and men had to use the same bathroom which was not a single restroom. But the thing that blew me away was the price $75 for 2 games? What am I paying for? The cleaning of your dirty carpet or helping you realize its 2019 not 1986.

Theresa Richardson

Fun place, I took a group of individuals with intellectual disabilities and one in a wheelchair. They had a blast! The staff was very accommodating.

Eden Israilov

Receptionist was ok. When I went to ask the employee to pick up the bumpers he looked at me and went back to his phone only until I went to the front desk and told him to pick up the bumpers did the employee go and do it and when I said thanks he looked at me and scolded me


Always a fun time to go with my friends.

Shirley Nicloas

I have not visit it's okay because I have not scene the inside I love the fact that it's 24 hours who would not appreciate that so therefore I scored three stars for availability

Gabriela Mantilla

Great bowling alley. The staff are super helpful and attentive. Was there for a company party and the food was delicious. Service as great

Ashley D

Staff was really nice and professionally. There was enough ball selection for everyone. Only thing I am annoyed about is the google maps description saying cash only. Because you can pay with card!.

Liannys World

This place was really fun for my bestie and our friends we had a blast and service was on point

Diana Salazar

No frills 24 hour spot in Queens. Great deal 23.50$ for unlimited bowling from later afternoon until 2am. The music is low but energetic. The food is your very standard burgers, hot dogs, fried foods, pretzels etc... the bar seem to be populated with neighborhood folk. The drinks were cheap. You can see the place is a relic. But it's part of it's charm. I'd go there again for a super low key date night.

khadim rassoul Faye

The best place to Bowl in the Queens and Bronx area

fabio francisco

Garbage. Very ghetto and pricey. White guy working behind the counter fri nov 23 2018 was very disrespectful.

Dennis Saxon

Cool place

Harold Hedgeman

I been going there since I was a little kid

Kevin Reese

Bar staff and front desk staff are great. Food service staff is unfriendly and dismissive. Overall a great place for friends and family.

Sean Concepcion

So much fun. Love the service

Blue Moon

I loved it I had so much fun with my school when I went. But the only thing that could have been better is they should have a better arcade cause the arcade was kinda small.

Debbie Santoro

Very accommodating. Had our team building event there and everything was great.

Jerry Bailey

Nice lanes cool staff

Lilah Metime Brand

Such a fun space for the family. Kids loved it. Simple and classic feel.

Fernando Sanchez

Fairly cheap. Fun place. No complaints.

Liliana Samson

Nice place to hang out with family

Marwa Helmi

The place is nice but when they told me they only accept cash I got shocked. When you go bowling with the kids and family, you are bound to spend a considerable amount of money on games and food. No one carries a lot of cash, especially those who lose things easily like my self! Not accepting cards is a turn off and weird now aday!

Carla Harewood

Friendly staff ... 24 hour alley which comes in handy

Justin Keszthelyi

Good place. Very packed for the unlimited bowl.

Yimyerika Arenas

Good place for enjoy

Jesse Hampton

A cool calm and Friendly and Family oriented Bowling scene. Pretty Cool,small get away

G Vergara

Still a fun place but needs a make over

gus jones

They started to take credits cards finally.

Minhazul Matin

Good for old people. Bathrooms are not clean. But prices are cheap compared to others

Will Kaighen

Awesome bowling experience!! Decided to stop here as we are always picking up family from the airport - was a little nervous in the city, but definitely one of the best bowling experiences ever! Will definitely make a habit of coming here !

Lisa Brannon

My late husband and I used to come after work and bowl all night. Love this place would recommend to everyone. Just a shame they had to put metal detectors....

Michael Edwards

Awsome place had a blast tonight

Derrick Bruce

It was absolutely fantastic! The service there was amazing and you did not have to wait more than 2 minutes for your order,and the food there is amazing. You have to go there!!!!!


A bit dated. The lanes are a bit bumpy, and not properly waxed so sometimes the ball veers off even if thrown perfectly straight and down the center. But! Its a fun vibe and they have some great unlimited deals on select weekdays.

neils natural

Classical style New York bowling alley. 48 Lanes. A little bit expensive.

Zachary Ehrlich

Very good bowling alley

Jan Kaluta

Great Place, Amazing that it's open 24 hours

Chelsea Baker

They only take Cash which is crazy in 2019. It’s a decent bowling alley, nothing special.

Rick Gioia

Terrible. Outside looks like a dump. They don't take credit cards.

Wilson Cheng

Very kids friendly


It’s a pretty cool bowling alley. The most thing I like about it is being that it is open for 24hours. Could be pretty far being that I’m not local but usually lanes are open at night. The food is pretty decent there. I had the wings and burgers. The lady that took my order was nice so that’s good.

Manuel Asitimbay

They've switched charging by the game instead of the hourly rate. But oh well business is business. Still a fun nice place to go to.


I give this a 1 star based on what I witnessed there tonight. The place is a standard bowling alley but theres so much wrong. The equipment is old and dated, shoes are beat up, scene a live roach under one of the chairs, and the overall atmosphere there is something not very desirable. When you have kids slap boxing in the parking lot, you know theres something not quite right. But at the end of the day, it is a bowling alley from the 1970's and if you dont mind all the things I just mentioned, go for it and have fun.

Pepe Buckmaster

One of the older lanes I've been to but the kids (16 of them) had a blast. The staff was very friendly.

Jacqueline Springer

Plenty of lanes you will have an nice time

erica ruan

Can be quite pricey, but the lanes are usually well oiled. There is also a section where you can get food, which is portioned very nicely. The houseballs are also quite nice.

Sultan N

It’s a little expensive but the place is nice and big.

pablo avendano

Nice place ,very funn

Azura Taylor

Only bad thing is that it was a cash only bar with a small selection the bowling experience was good the workers were cool and the fact that it is 24hrs is a huge plus

Jose Garcia

Try sweet potatoes fries...

Dayton Hobbes

Cash only. Large bowling alley. Shoes were in poor condition, balls a bit beat up but plenty of lanes. No wait time [on a cold Tuesday night.] funny smell upon entering that you get accustomed to in time. Staff friendly. Lanes functional with novice/children features. Not a place to go out of your way to experience, but if you missed your movie across the street, it is a good way to pass the time.

Billy Lazer

Just hard to park otherwise all good

voula saviou

Good place to bowl

Jose Monroig

Could be cleaner but good lanes

Jemillie Hilario

I loved everything about it. The staff were amazing, the food was also great, the kids had a blast and the atmosphere was perfect. Definitely affordable....

bulldog hi

Good place to go to with your family

Candy Monét

One of my favorite places. Bowling is fun n releases tension

hershey lebow

Great location in very much accommodating most of the time you have available lanes

Carla Petite

Pretty dated when compared to other bowling alleys but it's open 24/7 so one can check it, especially if you are out late. I would recommend going with a group though, it much more fun with a larger group.


While it's reasonably priced.. There's a whole lot of things that can be improved from frustrated employees to clean washrooms.. The lanes are also packed really close.. Nonetheless had a good time there

John Kruger

Great facility. Good service. Wish they'd accept credit cards.



maricelle colon

It was funnn


1st time bowling. It was fun

Riqwra Mcfarland

Very fun and addictive easily accessible and open 24hrs which made it great for me since I work different times every day

Gregory Grice

Awesome bowling alley with very friendly staff. They're also open 24hrs which is great for those that want something to do at odd hours of the night. If you bowl often take advantage of their VIP program.

Ahmad Abdali

It's not convenient because they dont accept credit, debit only cash

Dany Batista

Whitestone Lanes has been one of the most greatest experiences of my life. I like the service and atmosphere in there okay.

Joshua Davis

Told me they could accommodate my party and give us 2 lanes we just had to wait . We wait they call us up we pay and we only get 1 lane and told they didnt have another available but the 1 next to us was available the whole tim

Brian Joergens

Convenient bowling location. Customer service at the main desk could be better at times. Great pro shop with helpful management

Papa Fruugg

First time playing in over 10yrs . A+

Pacha Mama

Good fun, the cashier gave us an extra game on the house

Robert Arancibia

Staff at the front desk is pretty terrible and lazy . The service at this location was terrible as well. I don’t recommend this place to anyone honestly.

Christine Cameron

Need TVs for entertainment and pricing for bowling could be a little lower, and I didn't see security attendants, not that anything happen that day but you just never knw. Other than day was okay.

Ronnie Hector


Sham Mohammed

Great lanes had very high scores

Maria Duarte

Very nice loved it and definitely would recommend it

Bayram Ljujkovic

Great place to go bowling and food is pretty good. Price is alright.

George Theodoropoulos

Decent price, newer shoes which was nice. However I just feel this place needs an upgrade. It hasn't changed in 15 years and it really isn't much to look at. It feels old and rundown.

ziyu zhao

Lazy worker. When I returned the shoes she took it and tell me to go otherside to get my shoes. only 3 steps she dones't want to walk. That attitude make me feel like this place not welcome me.


This place is a lot of fun. Plenty of space to bowl, eat, drink and chill. They just need to replace the bowling balls with new ones cause the sets they have are all chipped.

Vict Sus

Too expensive and food is horrible

John Mendoza

Been around for decades! Such a staple. Ain't the greatest place in the world to bowl since bowling ain't what it use to be. But I give it so much respect for it's legacy. MAKE BOWLING GREAT AGAIN!!!

Tabitha Melville

Great place to practice and get my scores up. Love that they are 24hrs. I can order food and drinks and have it bought to my lane. Definitely will be going back again.

German Martinez

Great place to spend time with family...For those who wanna know how much are the games; 52$ For 5 people and 10 shots each player...(1 set of game)

Iliya Kovachev

Nice place to bowl. Went with the family and had a great time. Make sure to bring cash as it is a cash only policy.

kon lee

Been around forever it seems

Alicia Hawkins

Great family fun.

Killa Creates 21

Such a horrible experience. The food was disgusting and burnt. And then the bowling alley people cut our game off in the middle of playing because we didn’t play for my 3 year old son to play. I will never return here again. So outdated and such disrespectful staff.

Robert Coveney

For such a big bowling lanes place it's quite organized. The bowlers were all good people willing to help out. And the girls at the bar are the BEST, very quick and too helpful.

Subah Mehrin

Really dirty, and they mess up ur orders sometimes.

nicole greene

Wonderful place. me and my boyfriend went and played a few games for few money. The owner is so nice and so obviously loves what he does. 10/10 would go again

christine harris

Great prices, great customer service. Very friendly.

Danny p

It's so good I went with dad and we had such a good time. Definitely a good placed to go bowling

Tony L

Place was great and super chill

Jobanpreet Singh

Pretty expensive bowling spot! If you do plan on going here, make sure you pick your day wisely. Some days are cheaper than others. The staff is amazing and funny. I suggest not to buy any drinks here. Bought long island ice tea and it was about 12 dollars for a small size.


Discriminatory against students with disabilities. Shame on you to discriminate against students from school 811. You have treated them unfairly on several occasions, one being On March 7th, your establishment called to rescheduled a trip on March 21st due to maintenance on the ceiling at the bowling alley. One of my colleagues still attended on March 21st not knowing this. When my colleague called to confirm on the day; Your establishment thought they were from another school and said it was ok to come. When you found out the class was from 811, a school with special needs students, you then said, there is a problem with the bathrooms and to not attend. My Colleague went, to witness the bowling alley full of 250 general education students. We all have spoken to other teachers and heard stories, where each teacher's class is charged a different price and we have even heard a teacher was given an excuse to be charged for accessibility to use a wheel chair ramp and bumpers. D75 has come such a long way to have a company, treat students with disabilities as such. Your company does not support the inclusion of students with special needs! Shame on you! I will be making calls to 311, the local news outlets and other organizations to let them know of your discriminatory practices....

Simon Chung

Great bowling center, friendly staff. Good prices.

Little Bit

Cool ambience family oriented very clean and light up

Sakib Ahmed

Never get the alcoholic drinks. Charges 12 for a small 5 dollar drink more then the charge for actual bowling.

Moe Turman

A really good place to have a fun time so glad that this please has survived the test of time the fall the changes that this city has been going through it's good to see places like this still around

Michael Masters

I use to come here a lot but over the years the prices have become just as unstable as the lanes. Too bad I got my ball drilled here, cause the next week lane 17 destroyed it with no compensation from the disgruntled staff. Pete is a good pro shop owner, but the prices vary per person. Also the special prices are subject to change per person, so be mindful if you bowl alone because they’ll probably rip you off for $25 instead of $19 like they did me. The oil wasn’t even that good...too sloppy or not enough. I’d recommend JIB or Shell lanes. And no offense, but a cash only business can imply that your money is being used for nefarious laundering. Nothing I can prove, but I’ll be sure to never come back again. 2 stars because it’s a good starter lane for kids. Good luck with that, and good riddance to bad rubbish! - Dao (the middle path).

The Symphony

Area is very clean, food is subpar but kinda expected. Not super expensive so worth the visit

Debby unger

I like to bowl to have fun, but they don’t let adults have bumpers. It cost an arm and a leg ($45 for two people to play two games together) and I wasn’t even allowed bumpers. They said that if I had brought kids, then we could have had the bumpers up in our lanes.

Nicholas George

Quality time with the family here's a spot for you fun and affordable

Shameer Mohammed

Excellent. My first time bowling and I enjoyed it. Visitors from Trinidad


Went on a Saturday, filled with kids and looked unbelievably crowded; however there were still lanes available. The lanes are well kept, the interior as a whole is generally well maintained for. The exterior looks kind of rundown but it’s the interior that really matters. Reasonable prices and they offer all you can bowl on certain days and hours

Cesar Garcia

Awesome place 19.99 for all you could bowl i dont remember exact dates. Still a good deal go and check it out. Velcro shoes in and out easy. They are on the newer end so not that smelly lol. You know whats up if you if play this. Parking lot is big but still hard to find a spot.

Joffre Rivera

Ok not crowded was ok over all

Evan Juárez

A bit expensive and old, but a good time is guaranteed. When I say old, I'm referring to two things, the style and the system in the lanes. The former is what I would call retro or vintage and in my opinion is something nice. The latter is sadly not working perfectly, so expect to get some shots were some of the pins don't get counted even if they fall. This can be fixed through the system though.

Charles Jones

Old school place, good atmosphere.

David Heller

Kind of seemed sketchy but turned out to be just fine. Fun place to hang out.

Just Me

Had a great time!

Chris Chen

No other choice. The only "professional alley" in this region. Kind of poorly maintained with gross oil pattern. Worth to go during "all you can bowl" weekend time

Maria Benson

Good time and customer service is great. Maybe some more help on the floor but I was happy.

Kevin Ayala

Definitely a good place to come and have fun or even practice bowling. It's not perfect by any means but the staff is polite, they have a great pro shop who helped me pick out my first ball with good deals and even taught me a few things about bowling. Great prices for unlimited bowling at certain times like 8am - 12pm on weekends or 10pm - 2am on weekdays for 20 bucks (25 if you're alone). Lot's of families come in and have a blast with the kids, league bowlers come in with their teams for practice. Very small negatives like some of the house balls being worn and tend to veer because of it and very few of the lanes are a bit bumpy and worn but hopefully can be fixed at some point. Overall a great atmosphere, friendly faces, and a good time. I try to go every Saturday morning as my motivation to get up and be active while improving my game.

Kerry Van

Loved the food more than the bowling, great place to hang out.

Katalena Mermelstein-Knox

I mean, it's a grungy bowling alley in Flushing. Lanes are well maintained and prices were very good and affordable. It also seemed like all of their shoes were new, and they were very nice, but the staff seemed a bit dead inside, it was cold, and ALL their balls are chipped extremely badly. Definitely had a good time, though, and it had plenty of room to spare. Get it?

Imran Atique

Used to go to this bowling lanes few years back with my family and friends. Very reasonably priced and ample lanes to accommodate parties and crowd. Best thing was lots of parking which in New York is always an issue but not here. Food was acceptable as it usually goes at bowling lanes. A good place would recommend for sure.

Roshen Elevethinkal

Came and was told 850 per game and we asked for 2 games so when the cashier said 2 games for 26 it seemed ok. Turns out that's one game and then 17 for a second game. Other than there is parking available nothing good/great about this place. They also dont take cash and you have to pay each time you order something as well.

Lindsay Espana

It was amazing! Everything was very easy to find, the shoes were so nice and in good condition and so was the bowling balls. I would come here again!

Juliet Iskowitz

Love this place ive been going my whole life! Its a staple of the neighborhood :)


Not very friendly

joanna Ileen

Went here on a school trip with my nephew and his class. This bowling alley is very raggedy looking, and the decor is outdated. Whitestone lane is in dire need of renovations. The womens bathroom is very small and you cant close the door without stepping to the side of the toilet bowl. It smelled absolutely disgusting. Upside, the lanes and dining area was clean. The bowling alley was well staffed with friendly employees. They have some arcade games and vending machines. The food was also pretty good. I had chicken fingers and onion rings. My nephew had pizza and he was raving about it. Although it was not the worst, id have to take a serious second thought before walking back in this place.

Greg Woo

It's a value bowl location that seems a little dated and run-down. Even so, it's hard to get a better deal. Great parking and central to the heart of Flushing. There's pretty much just one of two in Flushing. There are often good deals.

Gisel Diaz

Great customer service. Great arcade ($1 per token, one token per game). Simple monitors.

Maria Cruz-Ramos

It's a clean spacious facility. What got me was the cash only factor. Would've been nice to know before I went there.

Shaphan V Dedine

It has league games and it's a bowling alley. Only problem is for those who bowl serious BRING YOUR OWN BOWLING BALL! The ball there are kiddish and in bad shape. Food service is horrible and has no sort of direction.... other than that a plain bowling alley...

Harry Oberlander

Great place never had to wait


Great Date spot

Walter Eldridge

Good pricing

B Kayani

Great spot. Reasonable pricing. Grab yourself a free game ticket from one of the local restaurants.

yn_ King

It's far but good

asad kohkan

Well, she said 4 games for 4 people is gonna cost $52, but after one game it ended and $52 was just for 1 game!!! Don't get scummed

Thomas Miller

Best late night bowling you can go too.

Mohammed Alshabi

The best bowling place opens 24hr me and my family been going their for the past couple years until now really good customer service also they have the best fries LOL.


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