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Where is The Gutter Bar LIC?

REVIEWS OF The Gutter Bar LIC IN New York

Minhaz Ahmed

It's a nice to spend time with friends, colleagues or family members at any time, any season

Xavian Pepper

It's a reasonably good place to chill during weekdays with couple of friends.. Weekends are crazy af.

surroy capers


Bradford S Martin

Great spot to bowl with friends. Love the real wood lanes

Rose Anne

such a fun place!

Catherine Scorsese

Really liked this place. Much nice and more spacious than the one in Williamsburg. Bar area is HUGE and much more space at the actually lanes. A welcome change from the very crowded Williamsburg location. The only downside is they will not let you bring in outside food. They serve food but the menu is very limited. Hot dogs, several different varieties, nachos, sliders and popcorn that's it. Other than that the staff ok but disinterested. Just my take on it.


This place is so fun for a night out in LIC. The staff are all nice and the place is just really cool. The only complaint I have - and I hate to even have one - is that the menu is too small. Everything I’ve had was great - just hoping for more to choose from!

David Del Terzo

A bowling alley in a warehouse district with technology from the 80s charging $40/hr and it breaks down regularly.

Karla Manzano

Great place.

Zach Edelson

Chill spot for bowling, drinks, and snacks/hot dogs.

Sean McManus

The best

Corey Melia

Place is cool and fun had a great time with my friends until we were leaving where one of the bar tenders (puggy white guy) tries to force me to give a tip when i already closed out my card several times and had tipd 50% of my previous bill .,mean while he made a huge deal and was harrassing me about the bill .,tipping is optional not manditory and the way this bar tender went about that was unprofessional and he almost caused a fight between my party of 16 people and the bouncers .,i felt as if this bar tender was trying to extort money from me and when he said i should fix this and then had the bouncers kick us out when we were already leaving .This bartender should not be in the sevice industry if he cant handle how to behave in a nice reapectfull manner instead acting like a thug demanding me to give him more money as if i owe him something

bryam garcia

Do not be careful with your card when you leave your account open

Peter Andrews

Great little spot to grab a drink and hangout with friends. Can be a little hard to find but well worth it if you want a night out bowling.

Trevor Ewen

Good joint. Definitely a wait for bowling, but prices are reasonable.

Ekaterina Pugacheva

Crowded, loud. Wouldn’t even let a 20-year old come in for bowling. The waiting line is confusing. The booths are tiny.

Di Feng Tan

Huge spot. I think 8 or ten lanes. Get there early. Fast food service. The reset button for the lane is on the side of the bowling ball dispenser.

Aiden Tyler

I went to LIC specifically to visit this bar. There was a long wait on Sunday afternoon. The bartender, kitchen, and bowling staff were awesome. They serve veggie and regular hot dogs with a variety of toppings and a full bar. My friend brought his own ball, which was eaten by lane 2. It seems there is a mechanical issue there, so maybe try another lane. Otherwise, it would be a 5 Star review.

james pape

I went with my wife and Steve was an awesome bartender. We will definitely come back! Cool atmosphere and drinks priced right.

Mikey T

Great place to go bowling or just to have a drink. Laid back atmosphere. I especially like the music over there. Went bowling at the gutter several times and experience computer issues 2 times. Staff was helpful and did not charge for the time we lost. I personally think it's too bad that no children are allowed to go bowling (because it's also a bar). But for others this will be a pro...

Kent Santin

Fun place to bowl in the neighborhood. Decent beer selection. Somewhat pricey for bowling, but hey it's NYC. Can have multiple hour waits to get a lane on peak nights (Friday and Saturday). We waited about 2 hours for a lane. Had to also pay for shoe rental which was a bit disappointing after paying a premium for the lane.

Javier Urbieta

Fun place to roll a ball. Downside is there are only 6 lanes, but there is a nice bar waiting area that makes the time pass easily over drinks with friends. I recommend it and I enjoy the place.

Kristine Bulaklak

Fun divey bar but can get very crowded on weekends. Also, staff is friendly and helpful.

Justin Vieira

Awesome. Location with an amazing selection of beer and booze available. The wide open space in the front allows for the space to feel Busy but not over crowded during a busy weekend. The bowling alley is a bit dated, but the bowling alley decor allows the place to get away with it. A great spot in an up and coming area.

Maribel Felipe

Nice place to kick back with some friends while knocking out some pins! Lots of space to also get together with business partners and brainstorm. Will be back!

Graham Short

Dark and quiet and welcome change but the couple of beers I had were really poor . The bowling is in the back

Shirley Chen

They have a full bar, so you can also order a cocktail if you want. It's more spacious compare to the one in Brooklyn. For the bowling, they accepted card too. We had 4 people and asked for a lane for 1 hr. Including the shoes, its $14.25 for each of us.

Miguel Romero

Food was good, menu only has appetizers and desert. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff

Sean Hanson

Staff is super friendly. Have been twice now, once in the afternoon and once right at noon when they opened on Saturday. Both times I got lanes and beers and very easy going staff. The prices are surprisingly cheap and the lanes have nostalgic 90's scoring screens. Bowling at the gutter is like a modern mix with the past. Love it.

Dheeraj Chakilam

They have vegan dogs!!

Didi Mulyadi

Great drinks and service food are limited to small light hot dogs

Bryant Avila

Great place for drinks and bowling

Venera Varbanova

New trendy place worth checking out.

Jaclyn Skidmore

I love this place. Cool, relaxed vibe with unpretentious staff and a fun mix of people. The bowling is great- not too many lanes means you get an intimate experience. The screens are straight out of the 90s which is a fun throwback. Pins reset quickly- we played 2 games with 2 people in about 45 minutes. If you're a serious bowler, you're probably going to be annoyed by the lack of organized balls (you have to go in search of one you want in all the lanes- awkward!).

John Parente

A gem in LIC. A larger cousin of the BK outpost

Roger West

Huge bar, lots of socializing space and 8 lanes at good prices!

Fazleabbas Poonawala

Went on a summer Saturday evening, but the wait was too long so didn't get to bowl. 4 stars for having games to play by the bar while you wait for a lane

Robert M

It’s nice

Marko Markovic

Just a bad place .... blowing is so vintage it broke on me while playing and wasted our time.... expensive too

Korapin Srisom

Second location of my favorite bar and bowling lanes. This one is bigger with high ceiling and surround with couple local brewery with tap room. You can go just for hang, grab some beer, play board games while waiting for the lane or even hop neighborhood bar.

Andrew Stahelin

Honestly, it's not bad but the beer prices are nuts. Plus unless your fan hot dogs, chips and beer then you're left with popcorn.

Rob Simms

Amazing bar with bowling. Thought it was a dive bar. Well it is, but comes with a bowling alley. Brilliant!

adiasha richards

Friendly staff, good service. Few lanes but wasn't a bad wait. Drinks and food were good while we waited.

Mr S

There isnt a lot to say about this place. It's a great local hangout with a handful of bowling lanes. Friendly bartenders for the most part, decent crowd for the most part, open late with a good vibe. Reason for not giving the 5th star: often a very long wait for bowling with little organization to help it along. The entire food menu consists of a hotdog, nachos and and ice cream sandwich. One or 2 bartenders can tend to act like the customers are an inconvenience which if frustrating when you bring people not from the neighborhood in for the first time.

Juan Tenezaca

The place needs a giant rennovation. BUT I believe it has a lot of potential.

Scott and Lisa Chun

Friends had a small birthday gathering here. Prices are what you would expect for drinks, bowling, and food. The food was really good though come along way from the nasty nachos and frozen pizza we got back in the 80s...

Vidhi Jhaveri

Awesome experience. Bowling was worth the wait on the weekend. Food was not great

connor merritt

Very cool, hipster spot for sure. Awsome specialty hotdogs

Florent Breiner

Hey Niko! Lets go bowling.

Genny Salvatore

Not too crowded. Fun bowling alley with a chill vibe.

Jim & Inna

I have been going to the one in Williamsburg for the past seven years and can honestly say that the space here is 100% better than that one... although I love the grunginess of the original one, this one offers a better and spacious environment that links together the bar and the alley. Bartenders and service here were very friendly and on point

Brett Jurgens

Great music, great beer, great staff. Highly recommended.

Andrew Lee

Love bowling although it's not the best here. But definitely good enough. More than fair drink prices. Decent bar food menu including nachos, hot dogs, and ice cream sandwiches. Spacious and comfortable.

Novoneel Chakraborty

Very fun atmosphere, spacious area and attached bowling alley. Had to wait two hours on a Friday night to get a lane to bowl in but luckily there are board games in the bar area to keep yourselves entertained. The bowling lanes themselves are slightly out of date and often wrongly score you or detect pins falling incorrectly so don't expect to keep track of your score perfectly.

Jason Young

Great bowling and fun bar. Long wait on weekends for bowling with large groups. Enjoy a board game or some food to pass the time.

P Sh

Great place,you can try drink before you buy it. There is a Bowling isle and beer is just super tasty!!!

Carlos Lopez

Drinks are amazing and the staff is friendly...prices are reasonable


Nice bar, friendly staff, has bowling!

Edwin Pratt

Super cool place to hand with friends and bowl a few. Nice food and there's always the brewery next door

Max Mazur

This place is so lame. dont come here

Henry Drobbin

Awesome old school bar don't expect frills regarding the food ...bit you will get NYC price$$$. The drink menu and beer selection is great. Minus one star since the pop corn was $5 for a small. Would recommend this place for group outting and a chill atmosphere.

erik donham

Great bowling spot. Hotdogs are top notch.

Vadim Dutch

Worst experience ever, stoned dude on entrance, very rude staff. ruined the evening

Gabriel C.

My wife and I really liked the one at Brooklyn so we gave it a try to this one in Long Island City. Wow from the begging they were extremely rude. Security guy called me out for holding the door for a group of LADIES that were walking out before showing him my ID (Place was empty, we were the only ones outside, made no sense). Other thing we really didn’t like was that the cashier / the guy giving you the shoes would start the game timer without telling you when we were still putting our shoes on. When I asked he was extremely rude without giving any explanation whatsoever. Bartenders are great and very friendly. Slowest kitchen ever, took the entire 1 hour game to give us 2 hot dogs. Other than that the atmosphere and place itself is good.....

Corrine Taylor

Go on a Wednesday to see Oprah’s Bowl Club play. It’s a phenomenon.

Don Daedalus

Wow, surprised that there was a place actually better than the original!

Grace Anker

Great fun!

seo barrios

cool staff alright drinks and the lines are good

Robert Bastey

I love that bartender was very nice and very friendly great time

George Alvarez

Might have to wait quite a while to get a lane.

Alex Reynolds

Great spot for bowling and hanging with friends

Abdul Wahid

Full of Life....

Anna Orzel

Bowling lanes look a bit outdated. Not too many choices on appetizers.

Stephen Pupkin

Good beer selection, fun vibe as a bar, and it has bowling at a reasonable price

Ana Cruz

Cool beer and bowling place but that's all. It seemed very specific to one kind of scene. It definitely is the kind of place you go to if you are in the mood to have a beer and listen to rock, it was just too monotone

Kevin wells

We had a great time bowling here the other day. There's a ticketing system at a desk on the upper level, so you grab a number and wait for it to pop up on a board (old dmv style). It wasn't super crowded, so we didn't have to wait too long, just enough time for a delicious hot dog and a couple pints of beer. They offer pitchers and food specials, and the pricing to bowl is super reasonable, especially for New York City. The vintage lanes looked great, complete with computer systems from 1995 and graphics to match. There were a couple glitches where the pins didn't reset, but we didn't mind since we're not serious bowlers anyway. All together a charming, reasonably priced, and super fun spot

Diana Arias

Fun and great happy hour! I think the best part of this place is the retro bowling they have.


Berry sociable.

Mike Bourbeau

Nice little place

gayle addison

What a surprise off the beaten path had a great time here very quaint intimate atmosphere drinks were good. If you don't know about this place you could pass it by very easily there is no sign outside that's actually visible. Bar and tables when you walk in bowling lanes few steps up. One thing they need to improve on is food they need a better menu Only Frank's They need to get some finger food when you having a drink and bowling you need more than Frank's.

Allen Cihak

Great to see pinball back in a bowling alley

Edwin Nunez

Excellent place to sharea beer and play bowl...visit the place you ain't goint to be disappointed...

Latosha Kellman

Nice atmosphere

Pedro Ruiz

Old Bay popcorn need I say more .

Jamie del Pino

A great little bowling spot and bar on the edge of L.I.C. Went on a Monday and had a blast.

Michael Abrego

Yes! Great vibes, great lanes, amazing staff! Go and visit Drew and Jamie! Amazing people!

doug-e' Ten Man

Very cool place. Cannot wait to come back and enjoy a drink, and throw the ball around.

Tiffany Britto

Nice addition to Astoria/LIC

Chad Wilcomb

A great new bowling option in a city that lacks good bowling options.

Luis NY

Excellent place for groups, bowling lanes are fantastic and craft beer selection is also very good, could only top it if they had some more of the local beers (as 04/11/18). Price for the bowling lanes are fair and fun is guaranteed!

Danny santander

Great environment , bowlings fun drinks good too.

Seth Mellin

This place was fun. Sadly the lane my group was on (lane 8) the ball return must have been messed up cause they kept getting stuck. However, the staff was quick to fix things and they have a good beer section and the food looked good, those in my group who ate enjoyed it too.

Jae Junkunc

Fun place. Had the pablo picasco dog (or whatever it is called). Tasted ok. Happy hour is just $1 off beers so not really a discount but the vibe is fun and beer is good. Service is friendly.

Sonia Drossos

The space is really nice. We went there for a friend's birthday and the bar area is nice and large. They have vegetarian and meatarian friendly foods. The bowling was pretty standard bowling stuffs but bowling is definitely more fun with drinks.

Kyle Devine-Szymonek

Love the 90s lanes from Rochester

James Nance

Great old school bowling lane feel

Shayne Stark

Fun for all the friends. Bowl, easy, drink, be merry!

Brianna Casey

I had my birthday party there in February! The people I invited had lots of fun & so did I!

Jonathan in

Great place they have bowling and a bar and board games. Drunk board games are fun. Drunk bowling is fun. Place is cold in the summer.if you need they sell socks for 2 dollars. Would definitely recommend this immersive bowling experience to anyone I know.

Nick Grewal

Lame. Packed tho. I don't get it. Bowling is supposed to be cheap and scrappy

A.C. Antonelli

Gutter Bar is an awesome spot to grab a craft beer and throw some bowling balls. The bar space itself is enormous, so big groups work just fine, but the lanes are a bit more limited. They're also a bit old so if you're going to be frustrated with technical issues while you're trying to nail down that 300, maybe hold off.

Alf Lenni Erlandsen

Incredible atmosphere, great selection of cheap to reasonably priced beers and by far the best veggie hotdogs you can get in all of New York City. Staff is always! nice and the background music is constantly spot on! This location and it's crowd is better, nicer and way cooler than their original Williamsburg location, no questions asked! One of my new favorite spots in NYC.

Bayron Melo

Great place. From the hot dogs to the bartenders. Wanna bowl, usually a wait time but doesn't matter because it's a dope place to just drink and chill

Ping Archbold

Bowling is great, the food is pretty good but nothing special.

Tracey Jackson

Fun place but the equipment is so old and often malfunction

Paul Andrew Maggion

Great place. Great people working here. Had a blast while I was here. Make sure you bowl!!!

Lina Avalo

Very nice place, big and confortable. play bowling is great! Is Not an expensive place, shots, beers and coctails.

Jay Lee

Cool scene. Average priced bar. Long line on the weekends for an alley

evie ot

I would like to give a 5 , but my heart says 3. The ambience was nice. Although the wall with all the memorabilia was a little cluttered. I like the idea of one wall for all art decor. I suggest a little more order with it. I would also like to suggest , letting the bus boy make a little extra cash on tips, taking patrons drink orders. He was very attentive with the glasses on the tables. He would make a good waiter. I ordered the nachos.. wasn’t fresh. I also ordered kettle chips. I was expecting an authentic brown bag filled with fresh chips.. maybe they’ll upgrade. I did, however had a great time by the bowling area. It would be nice to have a bar on the second level near the alley. You would make more money with the convenience of not having to go up and down stairs during play time to get a drink. Overall, it was a good time. I would try again. Thank you

Your Design Medical

7 dollar games and beer. Cant beat it. Super crowded on fri/sat night with long bowling waits. Empty on Sunday afternoon (best time to go)

Zainab Habib

It was cool to bowl and have drinks at the same time. I wish they had smaller bowling balls too (because of a surgery to my dominant wrist) so bowling got tiring for me, but overall we had a good time!

Karolyn Almanzar

Really chill place. Not too crowded. Bar tender i s very nice.

Jon Arnold

Awesome old school bowling joint with a bar. Friendly staff and bartenders. No young screaming kids only screaming adults which is nice. Great weekday rates so you don't have to spend $200 like in other fancy bowling allies.

J. R. DeRiso

Awesome time; great grungy-divey-low tech- gutter feel

Rudy Paulich

Food was horrible ...selection of. Beer and drinks was great nice place to hang out .

Alex Franchilli

Get a pitcher of cider to go with a few rounds of bowling.

David Daily

Super fun place with great food and service.

Anisha Dadia

Great place for big parties. Plus their drinks are inexpensive

Megan Cox

Love this rustic old school 70s bowling and other table games like jenga with truth or dare worked into it. Solid drinks. Great craft hot dogs!

madmadgames gaming

Gutter lic is the plave to bowl

David Zink

Lots of fun.

Cesar Jaramillo

It's like a 3 hour wait if you want to get a lane. This was on a rainy Saturday night. And the staff were a little snooty.

Brandon Grenier

Great time! Perfect place to hang and have fun!


Just as fun as the original, except way less crowded. 8 lanes to play on, small seating area behind the lanes that's raised above the general bar area. The machines & lanes suffer the occasional mishap (ours has to be reset twice in just over 1 hour), but overall a great time. Good beers and a fun staff make this place another success.

Kelly Mueller

Great lanes, good ball selection! Not too crowded and reasonably priced. Beer selection could be better.

Tom Ivezaj

Beer and bowling. The staff is incredible

Frank Wu

Chill bowling alley and bar. The lanes tend to get popular fast so get there early!

carl tabor

Lina, why only 3 stars if they have great bowling and food?!! This place is great. Smaller bowling area, but larger bar area than the original Greenpoint location. We got kicked off our lane for a birthday party. But wee given another lane in about 10 minutes time. No biggie. Good beer selection. Hot dogs, nachos and sliders for food. Hot dogs all had wacky flavors, like BLT, sombrero, pablo piquesso, etc.

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