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64 E Midland Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States

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REVIEWS OF Humdingers IN New York

Osama Moshet

Great place for bowling. We had fun.

PD Mahtani

Great spot for family friendly fun. Fun for all ages, from the batting cages, to bowling, to the arcade, this place has it all. The batting cages provide great video and camera friendly angles to really hone in on your seeing as a student of the game. Great opportunity to improve. The staff is friendly provide great service. Great selection of did and beverages as well. To add to it all, this place is in a great location in the heart of Paramus. Great place to check out either on the weekend or week nights. If there is one suggestion I can offer, it would be to provide more baseball and softball bats for the cages. While humdingers does offer bats, the selection is a bit light so an added fleet of bats of different dimensions and weight would be awesome. Aside from that, this place has it all. Humdingers is a true home run all around. If you haven't already, come check out humdingers as soon as you can.

Gioconda Michineau

Great place, however the last time we went we left because there was a two hour wait on a Sunday.

Amanda Cosoi

I came here for Trivia last weekend and it was fantastic! We brought our own alcohol and I thought it was presented to us very nicely. Snacks were good, games/batting cages were fun - my friends and I already have plans to come back for future trivia nights.

Adam Pflantzer

They dont adhere publically posted hours though

Kelci Ptak

Being somewhat new to the area and googling "bowling alley's near me", this place popped up and looked really cool! It said "12 boutique lanes", which showed really nice pictures, so we decided to stop by. Not happy... Nowhere on their website does it explain that they're not regulation size lanes nor does it say that the pins are on strings! Little upset that we weren't told when we paid beforehand also... especially when we came in with our own equipment. Smh... will not be back.

Marc Schwam

Tried to book a corporate event. Did not take into account their customer's needs. Not asking for anything out of the ordinary, just too structured, it was their way or no way. Need to be a little flexible. BTW-if there was an e-mail address on your site i would have used it to contact you.

Edgar Galloza

It's a good place to bring your kids and lots of fun spend time with your family

Kimberly E. Wolfe

So much fun. Very clean and comfortable. Lots to do for kids and adults

Mark Mondoro

Very cool place, bowling, video games, bar for adults. Food brought right to your bowling lanes or dining area. All around thumbs up, this place is great. Took my daughter and girls scout group, even as Dad I had a blast with the girls, 8 and 9 y/olds. They all loved it. The moms didn't have to worry about the girls. For games they give you a plastic card to fill. You can use dollar bills, credit or debit. Kids put card in game,they play and card keeps track of all the tickets.

Ale Rocha

Fun experience. This place has a lot of games, food and activities for the kids and even adults. The only downside is the wait for the bowling lanes. We waited for one hr and some games were a bit expensive but it was a fun experience overall. Planing on going back next month to host my sons 5th birthday.

M. G.

I bought a groupon. They told me the wait would be 40 min. I look at the lanes & 7 are open. They said because of birthday parties, the parties didn’t start till over 45 min after we got there. I was watching. Over an hour later I said this is BS, I went to the counter & they told me they texted. I was sitting there on the benches in front of them waiting while the kids played in the arcade. I will cancel the groupon & get a refund. I have read reviews where others have said they get the shaft if they say groupon. The teenage staff are completely clueless. It’s not my cup of tea, I’ll leave it at that. They get snotty/defensive when you give real feedback. Typical of teenager behavior. Gives you a flavor of the place there.

Lambofgod \m/

Fun times, fun times

lydia monet

Had a great time

Michael Sonneberg

Camps overran the place, left in disgust. What a waste when they allow multiple camps to take over the place. Never again


Went at 6:30 on a Saturday night to bowl with our nephew. They said the wait was 5 hours. Ridiculous. They didn't even look that busy and some of the bowling lanes were not even being used. Unfortunately we had to go to another bowling alley.

R. Khan

It's a great place for family gatherings. Had a great time hitting the baseball, playing arcade and the pizza was great

Robert Jones

Was my first experience...bowling not to bad the lanes are not small but the battinf cage was fun and its a BYOBB.

Aracelis Rivera

Gd place for kids...but no beer and i had to order food bf getting a drink like seriously dats a big

manuel polanco

Good place for family. Food is very good. Clean and a lot of stuffs to do. It can get expensive, but definitely worth it.

Seo Andy

Although pricey, the place is really fun. It has a mini arcade with food and feels fresh!

Stephen Rogalla

Great family fun for all ages and even a cool date night location. They have batting cages bowling updated video games a nice bar and decent food. Just be careful with the wait on bowling as it take upwards of 3 hours to get a lane sometimes.

Nd D

It's fun, clean and pretty new. Lots of different things to do with a family. Excellent for paries as well


Fun fun fun

yuri morales

Great place to bowl.


Among other Bowling places I have been too this is by Far the Best you can BYOB beers not Liquor dont over do it yours can play Arcade games and Go in the Batting cage or just sit at the Bar and Drink for all ages also the Pizza was great.

Vamsi Penugonda

Good for kids. Shorter lanes and less lanes.

Dan Trass

This place has activities for kids of all ages. During the busy times at might be tough to get one of the 12 Bowling Lanes. The batting cages are pretty self service. BYOB is a nice perk but be prepared for the prices to be a little high.

catherine feliz

I have been to this place about 2 times and the service has been good but today it was not up to par . I waited almost 3 hours for a bowling lane to open. And when I finally got a bowling lane it took 4 times for me to call service to order food . I asked for my coat at coat check and nobody acknowledged me after they saw me standing there asking for help . They had 4 people in one register standing around and each one was aware I was there and no one helped me so I helped myself to my coat . It’s sad that I had this bad experience because I hear great things about humdingers and I have had 2 good experiences here . The customer service wasn’t at its best .

Rich Donovan

Great place for kids & adults. A lot of thought and attention to detail went into creating a great family destination.

Max Bozzone

Awesome staff and the food is great too!

Samanta Kochanska

Very nice place for family fun time. My kids had a blast. Very clean place.

deez deez

My 13 year omg son is obsessed with this establishment omg... He just can't get enough of the batting cages

Miguel Angel

Fun place. It's cheap with groupon and definitely worth it. Love the batting cages and bowling. Tried the food couple of times and I liked it. Nice menu and options.

Jay DiBene

Went here for a 4 year olds birthday party. The adults had just as much fun as the kids. Clean and new facilities. Tons of activities.

Thomas Rundle

Great place. Nice batting cages. Good food.

Mr. Solomon

Very great plate for kids to entertain themselves. They do have good food with good staff!

Jack Delio

Honestly this place is amazing i came here all through highschool to the batting cages and now i play on a mens softball league and love the slow high arc pitching style this place has i have been going alot as of late and am returning today to hit some softballs as well!!! I brought my hole team here the other day and they all loved it as well.

Stephen Lynch

The facility is clean. Good amount of staff around if you need help. Staff was friendly and efficient. They're very in tune with the fact that there's plenty of stressed out parents and over excited kids. Even when the place is packed it doesn't feel overwhelming. Batting cages are very nice. Food is well above average for a place like this. There's actually food an adult would eat. The only reason this isn't a 5-star review is because the bowling is not real bowling. The pins are on strings and the lanes are not level. Great for kids but if you have any interest in real bowling forget that before you walk in the door.

Tony Moger

great place! nice layout. I cant wait to see what the pinball alley expands to! if they added a lazer tron i wouldnt be able to keep the niece and nephew away.

Scott Crowley

Fun place! Arcade, bowling, and batting cages. Food is just ok.

Sejong Tour & Travel

I did not expect the quality but I was really satisfied at everything. Especially the food was so good .

CrowshEAD Band

Trivia is the best here.

Rob R

Awesome place. Bowling, video games and you can bring your own booze! Would love to come back next time I am in town.

Rav Akiva Weiss

Really enjoyed this place. Staff was great and really nice. We purchased a half hour of bowling and they gave us an extra 15 minutes for free to finish our game but the kids were having such a blast we purchased an extra half hour anyways. Our kids had a blast and the funky new bowling pins were cool. The arcade area is incredible but we couldn't play it as it was way too expensive. Wish they had some way to make the costs of the games uniform like at chuck e cheese. We would have gladly given them business but the average cost per game was easily $1. Told the management that they'd probably make a lot more income if they made the games more accessible and less expensive as more parents would spend there but it's probably a selling point for birthday parties. Either way we still had a great time. I just wish we could have played those awesome games.

Alan G

The bowling is fun at a somewhat reasonable price and the there are different theming options for when you play too. Food seems to be alright. However, I have to remove a star because of the pricy arcade.

Nicole steverson

Real fun place arcade games, bowling, food, ice cream, batting cages etc. Plenty to keep everyone occupied.

BK Diesel

2 hours of bowling and 3 pair of shoes was 100.00... ouch. Clean place though... different things to do but be prepared to drop down some dough.

Dominic Rizzo

Great place for entertainment. Personal favorite activity there is batting cages.

Michael bank

Fun place bowling alley arcades batting cages Cafe serving beer and wine looks like a fun place to have a party has giant arcade games laser maze

Chaim Rogin

Great bowling and batting very helpful staff!!

Gabino Tavarez

Fun place

Mimi perez

Family fun bowling food and games

Yamilet Valencia

I loved this place they do it all. Bowling, laser tag, batting cages, arcade, food, and marvel ice cream. Very clean and updated. Even talked to hubby on maybe doing my kids next birthday there.

Bret Harmen

Good batting cages. The softball speeds are weird though. Goes from super slow to fast, theres nothing in between

Stephen Schwartz

Great staff, great environment and family friendly

Tony Landa

Great place for play dates. Easy to spend 2-3 hours without even noticing.

Hector OFarrill

Great family entertainment

Sergio Jimenez

Great for kids and yoy to relax

Everett Harman

A nice place for bowling, batting cages and arcade games. There is also a large party room that can hold 50+ people.

Luis Colon

Didnt made me happy that much made bored and boring

J Cadigan

What A Class Act !!! So Much To Do, Food Was Excellent, Everyone Had A Great Time And It Cost Less Than I Expected.

Mario Espiritusanto

Have lots of fun

Aayush Karnavat

Nice place for kids activities on a rainy day. Batting cages, bowling, arcades, pizza and ice cream. Basically kids heaven.

Aleen Takvorian

Fun for all ages (suggested for ages 8+ though)! There’s bowling, batting cages, pinball machines, arcade games, a bar and good food. Moderately priced as compared to other arcade places. They have various events that are targeted towards various interests such as a “Friends” trivia night and so on. Well worth the money for a good time.

Renee Freund

So fun! Brought my 4 year old nephew and he had a blast! Employees were nice and very helpful.

Nelson Soto

Great place! Batting cages, bowling, arcade, food, you name it. Fun for everybody.

Agan Singh

Great place for kids and adults. They have a wine bar and for the adults. Batting cages, arcade, bowling alley, and ice cream shop for the kids. If your kids are over 10 you won't have to keep an eye on them here.

jeanne Amorosso

great place! great good... arcade games, batting cages, bowling, later maze, tvs for the game...there's something for the whole family here! highly recommend this venue for an afternoon of fun for the whole family..they even have a stage for acts!

Gershon Ackerman

Cool little place, never saw it before just happened to pass it. Arcades, batting cages, bowling, bar and food court. Very chilled atmosphere, arcade is a little expensive.

Carlos Romero

my daughter had a wonderful time and the place is beautiful.


I was at the place on Saturday 04/06 around 7:30pm and the food was awesome and no real complaint on the quality and portion size is generous. However, I have a few issues that I noticed. Looking at the chalk boards-is not eye friendly and they should consider a digital menu so it is easier to read. I know the paper menus is there, but there is too much going on. I am fascinated by the atta boy pop brand-awesome tasting and refreshing beverage. My family and I got some ice cream at Carvel and it was OK, but it seemed too soft for soft serve. We also went to bowling alley as well and cool set up and overall nice ambiance. The service on the other hand was sub-par at best. Definitely could use some improvement. Games were fun and especially the virtual rabids-awesome. We will be back in the future as there are other food items I would like to try.

flo h Edwards

Great place

Michael Morell

Modern facility, friendly staff. A bit expensive though, so I won't be going frequently.

Vinny Bastone

Great clean place!

Alexander Shulgach

Fun for everyone! Everything is very new and clean, and the prices are very reasonable. Great pinball if you're a fan. To the owners, the only thing missing is a rhythm game! (DDR, Sound Voltex... Etc) will be back! A must go!

Shea S

Their lazer tag isnt really lazer tag, it is just a room full of lazers. The pizza is okay could be better.

juan jimenez

What a great place, had so much fun with my kids, will go back soon.

Rocco G Nazzaro

Just ran in to pickup my GF's son. Looks expensive. Better off at Dave n Buster's

Gene Noble

Very nice entertainment complex with batting cages, bowling and video games. Food can be purchased as well. Ambiance is good. The only issue is that you can spend $100 for three people easily for an hour of entertainment.

Adventu re

Great place for the whole family. The wife and I played at the batting cages, while the kids played video games. Theres food and Carvel Ice cream onsite. Kids want to go back and do laser tag, and I am all for it.

Sir Jonathan Flestado

nice place to bowl but they have to improve their ball resetting after a strike shot. It tangles the pins.

Dmitry Maccabee

Lanes were busy so we left phone number and went to play arcades they told us waitint time is 45 min amd they will notiify us via text msg. Never did . We came back 1.30 m later and saw two available lanes !! . Bartender said they sell but we can bring our own beer. When we got back with beer he said their policy alllow customers to consume their own beer ONLY if they buy food !! we were not told upfront and practicly forced to buy their chreapest on menue junk chips . What a way to make 7$ P.S look at managements pathetic response " call us on your matter"

Dee Eisom

Nice family outing establishment

John Abel

The food was okay, the service is pretty bad. Bowling was fun but the lanes and balls aren't very good quality. Not good for anyone who wants to throw a specific weight. BYOB, they only have wine.

Adam Friedberg

Fun times


Love this place

Wanda White

Always a great place to spend with the family. Went with a coupon and didn't spend alot of money.

kiko oleaga

A lot of fun for kids and family and amazing bufalo wings!

Joven Torrente

Awesome place for the Family & Friends!

Raphi Levine

Great place. I only have 3 stars as they advertise as a bowling alley, but they are not really one. They have arcades, batting cages, sports bar and some small bowling lanes. They have about 10 lanes. The area in front of the lanes is very short and does not provide adequate room to walk up to bowl (room for about 1 large adult step). The bowling is all computerized (very good system, if I may say so). Individual bowlers can be set up with guards (for kids that need it) via the computer (no need for separate lanes for guards or manually pulling out each time).

British James

The food is sooooooo good. Really really GOOD!!!!!! The staff are very friendly and the place is super clean. Our new family hangout. 10 Stars for sure

Kelly Ferretti

Very cute boutique style bowling. And it's BYOB which is awesome.


This place is very fun and friendly. Not just for bowling, there's also an arcade, batting cages and a laser maze. Perfect for parties, which they also through. Multiple game modes for bowling including horse. And two game modes for the laser maze, maze and break. Would recommend, great parties good food and friendly staff.

Luis Lopez

The slow pitch softball batting cages might be small for an adult with a big swing like me (long one handed end swing), when you make a full swing your bat ends up hitting the fence right behind you, but don't let this stop you for going in and hit some balls, this a great place to come and practice your swing. Great prices and acarde games for the little ones. Amazing customer service by Dave, Stephanie!!!

Tommy Nolan

The experience we had at Humdingers was outstanding! The facility was clean, the food was excellent, and the staff was not only friendly, but went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. Whether you are looking for some distractions for the kids, a night out with some friends, or any birthday party or event. They really do a great job! I would recommend Humdingers to everyone.

Mo G

Nice place. Friendly staff

Victor Giamos

Great experience!! Had my son's birthday party..great service!! Had alot of fun, even the adults

Keyla G

Went there for my son's friend's birthday party. It looked nice. Seems nice for celebrations and it has a section for adults. I guess you can leave your children at the arcade or bowling area and go have a drink with your spouse/friends. Cool.

Ron Carloni

Great choice of breakfast meals.

Artie Andreano

Nice place. Good times.

Keithland L

Food is good, but the products are pricey.

יוני בלו

The kids are in love with this place.

Yasmin Headley

Cute and quaint! Love the decor, I can only speak for the acade but the games were reasonably priced and very fun.

John Cilluffo


Jess Mora

Service was wack. Food was good. Not practical for adults. Dave and Buster's vibe. BYOB to have a great time!


Food Was good and bowling was also nice it had nice couches

Peter DiBene

Ok I was there with my family and I was really impressed because this place has everything! From the batting cages to the bowling alleys to all the brand new pinball machines plus they have pretty good snack food and carvel ice cream for the kids. Well done you guys!

Josh Leone

Fun place to take the kids. Not a huge selection like David Busters but just the right amount to have some fun... batting cages are nice, a little steep in pricing. Place is not extremely busy, perfect for an hour for the family ages 4-10

Abraham Frank

Very nice place professional courtius service

Brett Norton

Great for an entire family. The food is decent and the options for family entertainment are great. Very expressive!

Junior Sena

Good place

Caroline DelMage

So cool, went with camp and with a friend

༺ • AFINO • ༻


Shikha Mehta

Bowling was a great fun

Ann Gumbman

Tried to go with a groupon but it had so many restrictions I ended up getting a refund and going bowling someplace else. Have been for children party. Cute but felt rushed. The staff (teenagers I think) are very nice and helpful.

Justin Sanchez

Alex and the other team members were always very welcoming and attentive. Their customer service was phenomenal! Food is great! Highly recommend Humdingers for a night out with friends or to celebrate a birthday party.

Nicole Florez

Very good installations to play softball/baseball and bowling... but not enough staff. Same person covering the check-in and the bar . No staff it all in the bowling lines .

Jason Gross

Great place. Multiple cages with varying pitch speeds. They have a small arcade area and a laser thing as well. The place is very clean.

Brian Corbin

Great place for the kids. Good food. Lots of variety of things to do - will definitely visit again, probably with a larger group.

Jack Phillips

We had a great time. Nice place. Child friendly. Will go again soon.



Gregory Morgan

Would not honor the coupons for a free $25 session in the baseball batting cage they gave out at Rockland Boulder's baseball game. Given out last season and tried to redeem earlier this year. No where on the coupon was an expiry date.

Robert Kim

Great time, my kid and his friends had a great time. Spacious place, with lots to do! Recommended!

Sally T

Great place to eat and drink and the games are great. there was live music playing on Friday night. You can bring your own beer & wine and the food is really good. The Boneless chicken wings are delicious, so are the hot dogs, quesadillas, onion rings & it's a really fun atmosphere for kids and adults too. Bowling, Batting Cages, Lots of games, great dining area and Bar. A+++ Great Customer Service.

Theon Smith

Good for sunday afternoon in the summer

Chris Styles

Came here for Friends trivia and was looking forward to a night of food and fun. Order my food, a double humburger with bacon and no cheese. I make sure to say no cheese. Food comes out and of course, there's cheese on it. I explain to the waitress that it's wrong, that it's supposed to be a burger with no cheese. I also ask if I can have fries instead of chips. She says that they don't do that. Doesn't even try to sell me a side order of fries, which I would have gladly paid for. A few minutes go by and she comes back with my food. Get ready to take a bite and notice that instead of cooking me a new burger, they scrape the cheese off, but left some on the bacon and the burger. I push my plate to the side and decide not to eat. Not once did the waitress come over and ask how the food was, or notice that a full plate of uneaten food is sitting at the edge of the table. I ask someone else who works there because our waitress went M.I.A. to speak to a manager. I explain what happened to the manager and she was very apologetic about what happened and offered free ice cream to everyone in my party and gave us a free play card. KEEP THIS MANAGER. Overall not very satisfied and would not come back

Fermin Lopez

A little bit of everything!! Loed the batting cage and the bowling!!! Kids had a blast!!!

Meyer Advertising

Fun spot . Lots of games and indoor batting cages . Only thing that would improve this place is if they served beer n mixed drinks.

Darren DeLuca

It is a fun place for kids of all ages.

Ryan Sinatra

Cheap batting cages 2.50 for ten balls!!!

Christopher Seijo

Great Family Fun

Yamil Lopez Rios

Fun place to go with the kids or friends....


Great food excellent service and lots of fun stuff to do. 90 inch Tv's for way gong March Madness

Shannon mehr

We stumbled upon this place and we love it. never crowded you can play games, do the batting cages and bowl all in one place. it's great the have a kiosk on your way out you put you play card in there and tickets you won come up on the screen it's like a prize vending machine. Food is great wish they offered more off a selection for alcohol instead of just wine. But a fan favorite place for our family.

Nicholas Rosario

This isn't my first time being here but I have to say this, don't come here for the bowling. Come for anything *but* the bowling. The floor is rarely glssed, the pins are held up by strings, making everyrhing different, and the bowling balls are meh but you can't screw up a bowling ball. On the other hand this arcade they have is phenomenal. Racing games, Space Invaders, Crossy Road and then there's the best games of all time. Pinball. That's biased though but they do have 4 good pinball machines. They also have the old hockey machines too that are in great condition. They also have batting cages which are amazing. Overall if you don't come here for the bowling, this place is the best place to be.

rozz zzbb

Apart from not being able to get bowling lanes for consecutive hours, so inconvenient, had great time between bowling then arcades the back to bowling and the food- double delicious choices and are well priced for the sizes, fun for all ages (party included infant toddlers 20s 30s 50s &60s)

Danny DeLasSalas

Nice clean with friendly staff. Good snacks available. Can get pricy with any significant amount of time spent..

Atit Raval

Used a Groupon here for two hours of bowling for two lanes. Customer service was very nice and fast. Their fries were also great. Place was nice and clean but the bowling lanes weren't in perfect shape. In one of the lane bumpers kept coming up, staff moved us over to different lane as they couldn't fix the problem. Also their bowling system kept putting pins that were knocked down back up on second try. If you are not so serious about game and just looking to have fun its definitely recommended.

Paul paul

This place is great lots of games good food and fun bowling

Alondra Rosas

Great staff super friendly, their pizza is amazing, and the bowling is super fun!! Arcade has a great variety of games

R Park

What a wonderful place to hang out with the kids! Bowling, games, food, batting cages. Facility was well maintained and clean. Kids aged 4 to 10 we're in the group and all had something to do. The food menu was big so you could get a variety of foods. Staff was very nice. Overall a very nice experience. Will be coming again soon!

Mike Shor

Decent place, clean and not too crowded

Melissa Forrester

Staff is great an my son had a good time.

Carol Sonneberg

Visited here twice and loved it both times. Very, very family friendly. Never too crowded and always very clean plus the staff is accommodating. Pricy but I'm willing to pay for that type of service.

A Gupta

Fantastic place. Bowling, arcade games - Good place for family fun and watching sports.

Angelika Jindracek

Good place for families. Batting cages for baseball, little league and softball. They have a bowling alley and pinball and video games. They have food and alcoholic beverages for adults.

Rhiannon Pfeiffer

This place was a bit of a Hum-robbery...a lot to do but I think overall it is pricey. An arcade game averages about $1.50 each. Tickets are hard to come by and the prizes are a bit out of reach unless you are going to spend a good amount of money on one of their player cards.

Alex Lora

This place is a lot of fun. The kids love it. The food is also good. They serve wine.

Terry Dodd

Good place to take your younger children

Lex Cc

Nice place and there's a lot to do here. There's a little wait when it comes to food, but the staff is professional and courteous.

Renny Lewis

Great place to bring the family or just be a kid yourself!

manish srivastava

loved this place

Jason Danahy

Great spot, solid BYO and bar area but must buy food to open any booze. Has NJ vineyard wine for purchase. Bowling is only slight drawback, it’s fun but not enough space for standard pins

Danny Bracho

It's a great place for the kids and the rest of the family. Food is alittle over priced but it makes up for it on the activities the venue offers. BYOB is a nice way to get your monies worth.

richard shiller

We had a company event last week at Humdingers. Everyone had an amazing time bonding and having fun. The staff and management were amazing and so easy to deal with. We had so much fun that employees are still talking to me about the event. Thanks again.

Scott Canion

Great place in a strange location.


They have terrible service I once had to wait about 20 minutes for someone to come to the front desk. And when I went to go and order my ice cream no one was there

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