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REVIEWS OF Gun Post Lanes IN New York

Jack Russell


Jade English

Had so much fun with my friends. It’s more for kids in my opinion but still was great.

Jovun Johns

Great place. Staff was super nice!

Joshua Brown

This use to be a great place to come and bowl, now, i will never come here again. No heat, old machines, this place needs a complete overhaul! This explains why it's empty in here .

Shanyce Oliver

It is like a place to go for fun and if your I kind of bord game person

Codi P

Loved bowling here

verona sullivan

We had fun but the place needs some form of entertainment it was just flat

Tatiana Minoungou

Good for family, or friends time

Carlos San


Alvaro Alvarez

The place looks kind of oldish, it looks like that everything is 50 years old

Stephen L. Dawson

Gun Hill Post Lanes! Pretty Good Bowling Alley, Not Really Expensive. You Can Have A Great Time When You Go, Maybe I'll See You Their. Enjoy Ladies & Gents.

Frances Gomez

Nice spot if you wanna stay locate!

MAS Cyclist Chef

No music but our group made it fun.

michelle g

My daughter had a great time

Loraine Moxam

Excellent customer service satisfaction

Butter Pecan P.R.

I will always come back here with family

hacked profile

This bowling alley has been here way before I was even born and has not changed much besides from moving out the arcades (Mortal kombat 2 & Street Fighter), It is time for a makeover. They make lots of money but don't put it back into the business obviously by its appearance inside and out . But I guess they feel they don't have to compete since the only other bowling alley in the area they own also and looks just as run down.

Crisncris 0000

I'll be honest that place was really bad the staff was really terrible the bowling machines were broken. What else the pizzas were $20 a pie and they are almost the same size as dominos pizza which is ridiculous and the soda can is $2 and water is $3. I do not recommend coming here go to new rock if you want a bowling alley that's actually good the worst part is that you can't bring outside food which forces you to buy their food if you're on a trip

Ms Ortiz

This bowling alley is a dump and the workers are very rude.The service is horrible the places machines are all broken down . DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE !! I went with my students and the owner was very unprofessional . I wouldn’t recommend this place for anyone especially not for children. the pictures are deceiving. You have been warned

Paul Coates

Great place to go bowling at with friends and family. Me and my family and friends go on the regular. Located up town in the bronx

Bernadette Webb

Love bringing my kids is a fun place for the kids to go bowl

scurv baker

It looks nice at night, and in the Bronx you don't pay for shoes. Kid friendly, and they serve drinks.

Norma Douglas


Christina Alexander


nitty po

The full station look horrible

No Name

Good costumer service


I went bowling in the Bronx - it was fun because we're fun people. I am not even sure it has a bathroom. Would I go back to bowl, yes. The staff was helpful. On a Sunday night they were a nice flow of people. No,food

Shatori Billings

It was horrible. U should go to the one in new rock city. The owner curses at the customers. We were talking to the owner about a ball getting stuck and he said i am not here. He is disrespectful please do not go there .Also he watches you when play


Good prices. The drinks were watered down. You cant bring food in and the food counter was closed.

fatima hines

We came here to celebrate a birthday and it was ok. The machines kept breaking down and had to stop the game so many times for someone to go in the back and fix it. They dont have a variety of food options to choose from only pizza which also was ok and they had some over prices drink that's was ok as well.

Laura Mitchell

Family friendly and great prices!!!

Sonia Washington

No food. No good music. No debit card svc

Mariama Diallo

It's pretty nice there, as in the floors are clean, the staff are helpful- and the music they play their is calming.

Imran Ali

I liked bouling here. It was fun and reasonable price was given

Shailyn Rodriguez

I would give it high ratings but being a business owner today, how do you not accept debit and credit cards ? cash only? that's a huge negative for me, especially how technology has advanced, in reality, they should actually be accepting apple pay and Samsung pay, but credit and debit at the very least, even the bar is cash only smh

Hullio Lores

very chill place to bowl, they usually have great deals some nights and the food isnt that bad too. you'll have a great time here with the family for sure

christina perez

I went here with my boyfriend and my sister and we all agreed we should have gone elsewhere. They were out of everything on their menu which was only like chicken twnders and fries. And they were only offering a large pie for $22. All the game and vending machines do not work, dont put your money in it.

Michelle Kelly

Very clean, polite staff, it's not ghetto, nice environment for the entire family..we loved it look forward in making more family events here....

Luis Cueto

Had alot of fun with the people I was with not the place. Nothing wrong with the place very nice but could of use more space for the bowling aisle

Air Bbb

If you want to have a nice time don’t go here. The place is old. The lanes don’t work correctly. We had to call for help every other turn because the lane miscalculated scores, balls got stuck or the pins didn’t reset. When we brought up the issue we were told to just hurry up and finish bowling .....even though the place didn’t close for another 20mins. Not a good experience and definitely wouldn’t suggest this place to anyone.

Sasha Nicole

If you work in an establishment or own an establishment in a predominately black/brown neighborhood..... and a large majority of your patrons/clientele are black/brown.... the words "YOU PEOPLE or YOUR KIND" have zero place in your vocabulary.... This KIND OF PEOPLE'S money pays for your salary, pays the rent on the place you work at...... Last night a group of us went to play pool in The Bronx. Here's how the night STARTED... My husband and I walked into the bar located inside the bowling alley. As we were still waiting for people. It was around 11pm. We ask the bartender why is he not selling liquor.... he said "because I feel like it". With an attitude so I say to my husband "well I guess he doesn't need our money" and we start to walk out. As we walked out the bartender said to my cousin something along the lines of "You know how YOU PEOPLE GET" Now some would ask why didn't you all leave, the simple answer is we were meeting up with close to 20 people and didn't want to ruin the night. Now some will say it wasn't that bad, that he probably didn't mean to say it, he might not have meant it that way, that I/we are probably exaggerating... well NO thats what racism is. Exactly how we felt.... Now lets get on... we DID say something, only to have an employee come over and make excuses for his boss. Now in situations like this.... theres feelings of complete helplessness. You can't get upset and defend yourself properly because the person will deny it. You will look crazy and just confirm their beliefs. Two if the cops come,YOU will be in the wrong because the person will deny what really happened. The night continues... more subtly racism.... I only noticed what was directed towards us.... who knows if it happened to others... but I could tell this was a normal occurrence. This man felt too comfortable and too confident in his actions and speech for this to be a one time thing. The last straw was when our games ended and we wanted to reopen the same lanes... and were told NO.. The cashier said he supervisor told her NOT to reopen our lanes.. When one of us went to speak to the manager/supervisor we were told "They don't need OUR kind of money" Excuse me 14 of the 18 people we were with have J O B's... like real life jobs that actually pay real MONEY. Needless to say I encourage everyone not to go to Gun Post Lanes Bowling on East Gun Hill Road in The Bronx.

ms_ 4hundred

Nice clean place with a number of specials. I plan to return with a group

Yitza Ramos

Had an awesome time - price was right about $7-8 per person per game not bad cause shoes are included just wished people could watch their kids the people next to us had abt 4-5 kids and they were all over the place even in our lane. Noone said a thing.

Emanuela Sanchez

NiCe to go cheap no loud music perfect place for families

Eric Brown

Total late night fun

Anthony Wright

Pretty fun game, best to come at night when it's lit up

Eric Schwartz

Excellent service and Excellent prices

Doreen Rattray

Awesome customer service, excellent it!!! Bowling shoes leaves much to be desired though, important and it's a 5 star

Jose Quinones

It was ok. Not to many people so was able to get a lane quick which was good.

Albert Reede

The most worst bowling alley I’ve been too.. i went there on June 22nd for a good friendly game with my friends. The price for the game with shoes included was $9 a person ( not bad ) but the problem i had was they don’t accept debit or credit so if u didn’t have cash on you, you would have to walk to the store across the street to they ATM. The other problem i had was the bar and the kitchen. They dnt offer anything. I’ve been to many bowling alley and they have great variety’s, but this one had only a whole pie of pizza to offer ( how is it a resturant when they only serve pizza) mind you they have tons of vending machines.. now about the bar that’s inside.. i dnt kno if the guy didn’t want to make the drink or jus being rude but to pay $10 for a small cup of coke is a rip off. I asked for a Long Island and he said only 1 liquor so i then said a coke and rum. It was nothing but coke and in a sippy cup for $10 dollars. Mind u he was having dinner right in the front of us. ( nasty ) i wouldn’t come here at all I’ll go to the bowling alley thts 10 mins away in Yonkers or to the city we’re i can get my moneys worth.. and there was no music playing to get u hyped or in the mood to stay.. no care in the world for there customers. NEVER AGAIN!!


It was fun. Loved it. Family day.

Shah Rifat Khan

Terrible service and even worse is their pizza. The manager/cashier is rude. Not worth the money

Bria Crosse

Went on a Saturday night and they only had pizza.

PHILLIP Williams

Love it family orientated but needs to accept credit and debit cards.

Kathy Reyes

Ghetto place!

Keiry Cepeda

Good place to pass a good moment

Shar TheLifeChanger

This place is okay if you just need something to do. They have no air, no real food and they do not take cash nor will they let you bring in food from outside. That would be cool if they offered food.

Naimah King

Good location but needs to be updated. The bowling balls are old, beat up and the holes are mix matched. Also beware, it's cash only.

Jeremy Losak

Not the worst bowling alley, but leaves a lot to be desired. My family went early in the day and the Ally was empty except for the one guy working at the register. His customer service was awful (didn't speak up, was disrespectful to the women in our group, took 5 minutes to count $2 in change), and he put us on the lane all the way hidden next to the wall despite the place being empty. After we started, a person who might have been the guy's manager started yelling at him incredibly loudly for a few minutes. It was incredibly annoying having to listen to him while we were trying to concentrate bowling. The lane had a wicked curve, which itself wasn't bad, except because we were next to the wall we couldn't properly position ourselves (I have a slight back leg swing when I bowl and I hit the wall every throw). The machine also wouldn't return our balls half the time, which was awful since they already lacked available adult sized balls. The place seemed like it would be a decent place for younger children to bowl, which is why it got 2 stars and not 1, but otherwise the place is awful.

Illeana Ellis-Yarborough

Old, rundown and filthy. The bowling shoes have holes and are literally falling apart at the seams. Dirty bar with roaches crawling around the place. There is a room that's totally visible to everyone because of the glass walls that looks like a hoarder lives in it. The staff has to regularly manually reset the pins. The only good thing is the staff is helpful and the oldies music was good. I will never go back to that disgusting place.

Chinx Chinx

It was ok pretty affordable for 15 mins of bowling will cost you 8$ and same price for kids. If you go as a family or couple your mins is shared with each other...on another note their bathroom sucks and they don't take debit/credit card cash only!!!

Abbie Alexander

The worst bowling alley I ever been to in my life...never again this place gave me and my son the worst birthday party experience....they counted how many paper plates you gave us for the pizza and then wouldn’t give us more for the cake smh for 200$ they charged me and I would think I can get more paper plates...Oh and the nerve of them to say I didn’t put 50$ down when I was told to put a down payment first to hold that day date place looks old out dated they look like they pocketing the money...what establishment doesn’t have a ATM use debit credit card...Oh and another thing the bathrooms are yuck nasty dirty

Caroline Mendez

Horrible, bathroom was nasty, section kept getting black outs, the scores kept Messing up... just bad lol wouldn’t go again.

Snookie Sanders

Had a great time! Beers cost to much $5.00 a beer we brought 10 beers it cost us $50.00 ( Budweiser) Really. It cost more than when you to the Bar. Bar Budweiser are cheaper other wise we played 3 games and had a good time...

Coco Davis

This place is where you want to be on the weekend . great people good music and polite staff. We enjoyed ourselves.

Fatuma Hydara

Great place for low-key, affordable fun. Cash only!

Jedidiah Israel

Gun Post Lanes was pretty good

Barbara Crudup

I was considering this location for post interview outing for myself and the radio station staff. After looking at the reviews and the owner's questionable responses, will be choosing different location. 80% of our staff is people of color. I just read the owner suggesting drug rehabilitation for a person of color. Although it would make a good news story, I do not think it would be a good place for people like myself. Thanks for the reviews, keep me from making a huge mistake. I would like to follow up with a few of the people that went to this establishment

Promyse Loyalty

i love coming here i come all the time tto bowl and play basket ball

Sherrill Elliot

Love Tuesday night bowling.

Adoni Pimentel

Old fashioned but good for families.

Nicole Garrett

Had a lot of fun

Tangawailoo Darmdingum

Lots of fun

Andrew Olive

Needs a improvement in customer service(very dry and not engaging) bathrooms are very dirty and smell like urine. The soup that was provided was diluted with 90 percent water and in sanitary to wash hands after bowling. Toilets were filled with urine and paper and coworkers were just hanging out at the front desk.

Amber Hernandez

They were acting mad salty terrible place owners have no respect

kevin's 90's are cracked

Good luck getting used to these lanes, they lack oil.

Luis O Rodriguez

Is really nice place but the food is too expensive but the cost for playing is ok you can have a really good time with your friends and family

Peter Dymond

Overall I had a good time with family. But the bowling balls and lane are in ready bad shape, and the balls kept getting stuck. Cash only

Karla Velasquez

Great place for kids

Nicole Man

Vending machine don't work. Staff gives not my problem attitude... Nevertheless had fun with kids. Eat a McDonald's before or after

DD Bellinger

We went on a Tuesday a few other people were there and the staff was nice

Monica Turbo

Pretty good place to bowl and the people that work here are great. Gotten to get to know them over the years. Gotten a lot better during that same time

Edgar Rosa

We all ways have fun here

Skylar Alex

Just a regular low-key spot, if you dont feel like staying home but don't feel like dressing up. I play 2 games max and leave

Isha Stewart

Nice spot liked it

Ashley Rodriguez

We had such a good time bowling here !!!

John Cordova

Great place for inexpensive bowling with friends.

Zee Jenkins

A bit old fashion. I'd definitely visit again

Eric Rivera

Its ok! lot of out dates but you get what you pay for

Shiara Medina


Sabrina Rios

Had fun on a rainy day thanks they very helpful

amber aw

Everyone was really unhelpful, want tok have a drink at the bar think twice no one is there and won't be for a while. Want a long island ice tea from the bar again think twice they understand straight and on the rocks or blank and coke, don't be fancy. Balls got stuck left and right, no one willing to help if you didn't know how to use the technology from the ice age. I bowel on a league, so I am an avid bowler and j didn't know what to do with the scoring machines there. I won't be going back and it wasn't cheep 32 bucks for 2 games for a couple.......

Esthefani Garcia

It's nice, good and clean I really enjoyed

carlos morocho

It was great but they have NO PARKING and NO POOL as advertised, they should change that on their website and the signs on the place. Their computer system is outdated and it has glitches, but to have some fun with the fam its ok.

Howard Matos

Everyone very professional, service was great. Had fun!

Shandalise Calcano

Great old bowling alley. I've been coming here for years and love how old timey it is. Reason for the five stars? THE STAFF


This place is great to have family and friend time. Great place to bowl

Raisy Playz

IT WAS SO FUN although the bowling balls were heavy

yvette salandy

Fun with my family


Great customer service! Some machines need a tuneup ASAP! Or replace them(some 1,4)

Greg vilaseca

It a pretty amazing place ..and enough space and great place for the kids

Danielle Tober

The place is a dump, nothing works and the staff (Bob) is rude.

sonia moreno

Wish the bathrooms had better maintenance and it literally looks dated.

Brenda Gonzalez

It was kinda hot no ac but we had a good time.

Aaron Lewis

They don't have an atm. Told us to go to McDonald's for cash. They don't accept credit cards. 2 shots of liquor cost $30 dollars.

Vincent Lobi

Great place fun for all ages.

Susan Valdez

horrible place. everything is ancient. they do not accept credit cards and the entire place stinks like old carpet. They need a gut renovation asap.

Ryan Stevens

Came bowling here 4 times in the last month. Not expensive at all! Will be returning

Michele Arroyo

Haven't been there in a few years but employees are nice and great deals on party packages for kids - I had a few there

Mr Walker

Its a fun place and nice to bring family. Tad bit smaller than it looks from the outside.

Danielle Bassie

A really awful experience with the owner/manager which is a shame because it’s conveniently located and great for school trips. We arrived after making a reservation two weeks before hand and he claimed we don’t take reservations. A lie: we later found his calendar WITH OUR RESERVATION MARKED ON IT. He told us to call ahead of time to pay but then claimed in person that they don’t take credit cards. If that’s true, how do you pay over the phone?

jonathan castillo

I have been here a few times in my early 20s stop going for a while. I'm 35 now and I when to play recently. This place has not change or upgrade any thing. When you go you spend most of your games wating for staff to come fix your machines, balls always getting stuck. Really go some where esle.

shareen marquez

Horrible. DO NOT GO. Management and workers so not care about you. Worse place i have ever been to. They gave us a broken lane and refused to move us or give us our money back. The owner does not care as long as he gets paid. They make you wait 20 minutes for a lane brcause they are in the back entertaining thier friends. Very unprofessional place. I REPEAT FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO BOWL

Enesha Duncan

Open space and clean

Stephanie Gosik

Our family had such a great time

Kevin Crump Mr.Crump

Great place to have a great time...

Dolrvan D

A beautiful bowling alley. The manager works very hard.

Howard camara

It was good had a lot of fun and convenient if you live in the Bronx

christina rodriguez

Nice little bowling alley. Make sure to bring cash

Ms Williams

Loved this place for years. Only issue is they only accept cash

Gwendolyn Caines

Not enough space for birthday parties, waited to long to be seated.


This bowling ally is trash , they are disrespectful and didn’t at all even help me when my ball

Dirty Promesa

Nice place to bowl. Havent been there in a long time. Service was good, but in this modern time you must be able to adapt and accomdate customers with #atms and take debit or credit cards. Thats why I gave them only 3stars. Other then that just went to let the kids have fun. Word! #Pinkiesup

Keith Pearson

My go to spot !! Idc I've been doing it for years

Gregory Thomas

The place is set up real nice.Video games for the kids to play,a bar to take the edge off.A very nice place to take the family.And they sell food.

Gerardo Lopez

Great place and kids friendly. Can get pretty packed on some days so choose the time carefully. Good way to move your body and have fun. Will come back again, just not on the busy hours.

angela quijano

This place was great iv e never been bowling before the guy in the front was súper nice and funny my 5 faughters and i love it we will definetly back love the music the inside temp. The atmosphere Awesome place for families

Jimmy Perez

Sabotage !!!Tonight the lanes were absolutely terrible.

Angel Gonzalez Jr.

It was a good time wasn't busy.

Phillip Lopez

Great place to have fun, going back soon.

Antonia Casiano

I would not enter this establishment. People don't communicate. They should honor the request of people. Today I'm celebrating my son's birthday n now I have top look for a new place!!! Thanks a lot.. So sad

Trinette Carruthers

I took four classes there for a field trip. Staff were friendly and helpful. Fresh pizza and fruit punch were served. Extra lanes were given to us. Bathroomsit dated.

tony ross

It was cool I'm just not as good as I use to be and lost to 2 women lol

Frank Lopez

It's a nice place to have some family time. But some of the balls have imperfections

Queen of the Kitchen

To small and to many people


Bowling lane very old and malfunctions alot

Dennell Ross


Purns4ever 25

I had a great time there with my husband. It was our first time and the staff were really friendly and patient with us. I’ve already made plans to go back soon with my friends.

Zella Wynn

It was ok. I enjoyed who I was with more than the place. I'm not from here so I thought the prices were ridiculous. It cost over a hundred dollars for six people to bowl two games. The soda machines were all messed up. When we would make a selection a different soda came out. They had a couple of games which were fun.

Stephanie Barnes

As soon as you enter the establishment, people are attacking you trying to make sure you don’t bring outside food so just so you can spend money inside. The manner in which they tell you that you are not allowed to bring food is utterly disgusting!

libra P

Fun reasonable prices. My only complaint is bathrooms need remodeling. Truth is they probably are prejudice but if we had to base our lives on who feels however they feel about us, we would never enjoy ourselves. Live life like your dying. Smiles!!! GOD bless us all !!!!!!! I want to know what happened to my pictures? They were crisp and clear. Now they are all blurry and some are missing. Humm???

Rae Rae D

Lots of loud kids and the people that work there kick you out if your coach isn't at the alley if your a student. They dont let you wait for your coach inside even if its raining. Your also not aloud to bring outside food. But the snacks there are so expensive.


No food , and the vendors were not working. One of two lanes kept getting stuck . Other than that I had a good time.

nadine walker

My brother decided to take me n my daughter out along with my nephew and my brother in law. My brother paid for two games three pitchers of blue moon four shots and 20 bucks for 8 slices of pizza. And when my daughter asked for a cup of ice. They denied her this. They said it was part of their policy. Because people have brought their own bottle. But we didn't bring in a bottle. My brother spent $200 and not once did they just have consideration for my child who asked for a cup of ice to split the can of yoohoo that cost 2 bucks for. Mind you the place was not packed there were only two other parties there besides my party. Then some of the staff members mocked my brother because he was upset that they would deny his niece a cup of ice. Me n my brother have come to this location in our teen years. After the night we had we both agreed no no longer give a dollar to this establishment. And there was no supervisor on site. And then they wanted to charge us $2.00 for a cup. After my brother bought another shot. Let's do the math ok first game 42 the second game 36 30 for three shots plus another shot 10, 60 for three pitchers of beer 20 for the pizza so.. 42+36+30+10+60+20=198 and you can't give a child a cup of ice. Some of the staff members are nice the other are just jerks. We will not return to this business again. And that's not including what we spent on the vending machine for soda for my child n my nephew. We are very disappointed.

Tasha Daniels

Friendly people but expensive food need to lower it reasonable bowling prices

Kimberly Arriaga

Cute little place. Needs to update a few things, they only take cash (exact cash)

Annie Paraison

This place is a good time all the time!!! If you enjoy bowling, you'll enjoy this. They do not accept cards and only do cash. Because that is an inconvenience for me they got a four star. Otherwise it's a pretty cool place to frequent!

Kamisha Pinckney

They do not do refunds of any kind for any reason.

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