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REVIEWS OF Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex IN New York

Jeffrey Diamond

A touch of the sporting life on the west side. Outdoors they have a driving range with automatic ball loading on a multi level concourse. The clubhouse is swank. The 300 bowling area has many lanes clean shoes and many size ball to choose from. There are TV screens all around and bar service. The scoring system was a bit tricky to figure out but once setup all was good. The Field House has a gymnastic and basketball courts. There is also a small rock climbing wall. There is also a members gym that has a large climbing wall and different classes from Zumba to weight training. There are great views from the rear of the Hudson and NJ. The place is very clean and is very easy to get to by bus or subway.

buddy del rosario

indoor beach volleyball

Risilda Laho

1.The staff as well as the instructors are bullies and liars. 2. The first day they give you a pass they start attacking on signing in for membership. The guess passes they provide you with are not able for use as they make excuses which are not listed in the pass nor website. 3. Front desk employee Mike has "zero welcoming" nor costumer skills and extremely rude when you walk in. 4. I wrote to the higher authorities via email in regards to the issues for them to find a solution multiple times which none of them responded. 5. The managers close the" Facility" at their convenience for unacceptable events and kick the members out. A few times the people which travel from upstate stated it happens all the time and it is very inconvenient and unfair for them when they pay a high rate. 6. The cleaning staff are so busy walking around and turning cleaning floor blowers when members are in the Sauna or steam room. In addition they do not fill the toilette paper holder. 7. The instructors show up as they please as well as yell at the members and try to humiliate them just to feel powerful. Kevin the volleyball couch which he calls himself as I am sure he does not own a volleyball teaching certificate and have no teaching skills. 8.The volleyball court schedule rules are not obeyed. 9.The office staff Amy, Alex and Stacy have no costumer relationship skills, that explains why the staff is consistently changing, it must be a poor training program. 10. I scheduled an appointment for Rock climbing, when I walked in the day of the appointment, my name was not on the schedule. It took them a long time to accommodate me for their mistake. In addition, I stopped by in the Barre Studio for my class, the front desk lady was telling me that this is where they make their money so even if you are a member, you would need to pay for the class. They let costumers walk away unsatisfied. Which according to their theme" Chelsea Piers, the home of the Best Sports is a complete scam instead the there of the members perspective "The Facility of Bullies and Worst Service." 11.They use cheap hair products. Being said that save yourself time and money and join Equinox.

Erika Canas

The best place and great teachers

Zam Mozumder

Usually crowded, besides that it's a really elegant place with many things to do.

Unicorn Cat

I love it so much because me and my family/friends always go bowling to havefun,make memories,and enjoy!!!

Sally Crosse

Great it’s too bad about their neighbor though

Karen Rosa

The staff was very receptive and welcoming. I had a lot of fun bowling even though I'm not a pro at it.

Krishna Sudarshan

Amazing place and year-round fun!! Great equipment, friendly and helpful staff and great co-users.

Comikajr Kadu

A number of different options to satisfy whatever workout is wanted. Knowledgeable staff working at this expansive facility.

Vera Vadnyuk

Big selection of things to do, with bowling, batting cages, golf range, and a sports complex. Right on the water and there's a nice walk you can take by nice boats.

Becky Curran Kekula

This is such a great area to explore for any outdoor activity you can think of. From boating, skating, soccer, golfing, and more, there's something for everyone. Enjoy the view of the river while participating in your favorite activity.

Jeremy M

So fun!

Paolo Rainone

It's fun there's good food and a nice place by the river

Sabrina Smith

Super cool complex!! Massive...has everything you could want in a sport complex. Haven't taken the classes, so I can't speak on those

Shenglong Gao

Lots of cool stuff to do here. Lots of children too :/

Elky Fried

Was a fun bowling night out open late

Dave Fan

huge workout spot with a great pool, beach volleyball court, and sundeck - a calm oasis away from the bustling city

Noel Sanchez

Great place

Perrin Duke

Golf range was fun. Check it out

Aneka Rahman

Love to hang out there.

Jeremiah Gonzalez

Great entertainment whether it’s bowling, golfing, or any of the other 25 different sports offered, it offers it all!

New York Doctor

I had been planning to take a skating lesson, but apparently that coach has been banned with no explanation. This seems silly and unprofessional to me. I will be going elsewhere.

CorreyHope Kustin

The decor is outstanding and everything was clean and very well kept. It's huge and every building has an activity and great views of the Hudson. I needed roller blades to travel to each pier which does dock magnificent boats and yachts. One pier houses golf and there are pros to give lessons. The balls pop up so you don't need to put the ball on the pin. Great lighting, lots of clubs, lockers too. Another houses the 300 Bowling which has a giant bar, new clean shoes and terrific bowling lanes. It has big screen TVs over all the allys, you can view YouTubes of the music. Very nice. Next I saw the gymnastic building where you can climb the wall, play Joust or swing into a pit. There was more but after playing and eating-my time ran out. I'll be back to discover more treasure on the Hudson.

David S Mandel

First class operation for parties and other occasions. There were 15 parties scheduled the day I visited and they smoothly coordinated them.

Greg Thomas

Had a pretty good time here, batted in the cages and then ate in the bar within the bowling alley, staff were friendly and helpful throughout, especially the folks in the bowling alley. Keep up the good work :)

Sead Dacic

Awsome place to play in

Melissa Chiou

This place is massive.

Kate Navarro

Great place for activities with the family for the day. Chelsea Piers really is a nice place to visit

The Corcoran Group

For the best views from a driving range in the 5 boroughs, hit some balls at Chelsea Piers (23rd St. & the Hudson River at Pier 59)

Sandra Solomon

Great area to explore for any outdoor activity you can think of. From boating, skating, soccer, golfing, and more, there's something for everyone. Enjoy the view of the river while participating in your favorite activity. My kids love it.

Larry Nannery

NYC has everything. Fun place

Thanassi Karageorgiou

Place gets a bit too crowded for my taste but overall fun.

Fernando Blanco

This is a beautiful place, great times here either indoors or outdoors.

Brian Smith

Loved the bowling

Gabriel Motta

the lanes here for bowling are rigged. Me and my fam put the ball to the left side and it skrrted all the way to the right.


Lots of activites for both kids and adults. Great views of New Jersey since you are right by the water.

Desmond Chow

This is a state of the art sports facility. Really you can do anything here from ice skate, hockey, driving range, horse back riding, basketball, yoga, trapeze, the choice is yours. There is even a bowling alley on site. It's a little hard to get to. Expect to walk a few avenues from the subway.

Davi Gonzaga

You have to pay to use the fields, however, the equipment’s quality, fields and all stuff is very good.

Jemoya Morphis

love it very much. !!! :-)

Joaquin Iglesias

Nice place to spend the day with friends or family. In general it is not cheap compared to similar places, but then again it is NYC so that is expected.

Winsbert Douge Jr

Best gym in NYC

Yarisbel Reyes

It is a fun place to play or a romantic place.

John Wall

Outstanding facilities - everything and anything you can think of - every athlete and endeavour covered

Vance Gorke

Great kids programs

Rachelle Young

If you're easily intimidated the open level classes may not be for you. Unfortunately, the beginner classes are not at the most convenient times. If you don't mind former college-level gymnasts bouncing around you however the gymnastics classes are a great workout. They have training equipment to help you with your form and become comfortable with being upside down. Really fun. Bring a sense of humor though.

Liana Katz

Chelsea Piers is the definition of awesome. I grew up as a gymnast there. I wouldn't flip anywhere else because the facilities were just to amazing. I also went to camp there and had the time of my life. Sports galore! It's a massive building filled with fun and games... literally. ITs also great to run right by on the west side hway!

Nichole Clayman

A beautiful complex! Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, batting cages, indoor playspace, etc. There are open court hours for $10/hour. The staff were polite and helpful. There are clean restrooms, water fountains, & vending machines available.

Ashley Singer

Looking to play hockey or just have an ice skate in the city? Chelsea piers is the go to place.

Robert Miranda

Great camp and lots to do... I definitely recommend it

Michael Zwibel

Horrid, horrid place. Like a zoo.

Emily Chu

A gigantic sports and entertainment center, Chelsea Piers is also one of the few places in Manhattan with a decent driving range and indoor golf simulator program. There's also a nice, but pricey spa on site that offers everything from sports massages to manicures and facials, as well as a micro-brewery and restaurant for those looking to indulge after their workouts.

Joachim Brennsteiner

I run past there almost every day in the early morning, just wanted to give a shout out to the guys who direct the traffic there: runners, walkers and bike riders always get to go first, way to go!!!!!

William Duval

Yous will not regret it here one of the better things to do in nyc.

Kyle Fields

Giant Training facility with everything under the sun.

Jayson Myers

This place is GREAT!!!

Jordan Russell

You could probably spend and entire day here if you had the budget. Hours of fun.

Madam Hj

Love it :)

Jesus Castro

This is a great place to have fun. There is a lot of activities to chose from. The bowling there is a great place to go to with friends. It is also a great place to celebrate birthday parties.

Mavinga Warner

Create place amazing views and the Lazer tag in the bowling alley was amazing.

Wilko Koning

Such a cool place!

Alex Liu

Went ice skating here once, and it was one of the nicer rinks I've been to.

ivy tran

A very enjoyable place for both girls and boys.


Gym only play’s rap, nonstop, and it’s loud. Expensive gyms shouldn’t feel like this.

Eric Nijland

Great place for some bowling, fantastic atmosphere!

David Gettinjiggy135

Very clean hudson river views easily accessible by bus ang great gardens at the entrance

Sagiv Ofek

Good place to play indoors. Too pricy for pre booking reservations

Tarekegn O'Neill

Chelsea Piers is an awesome place to go in NYC if you like sports. If your parents make you take a walk on the High Line, ask them to take you to Chelsea Piers. You can use the batting cages and watch kids and teens playing soccer. Unfortunately the soccer fields are really small. Another fun thing is watching the gymnastics area, the kids that train there are amazing.

Fred Alluso

This mega sports complex is perfect for all types of workouts and sports. The coaches and trainers are great with the kids and new students of all ages. The facilities also have a variety of party and dining spaces that are worth exploring too.

mohamed 80

I went bowling for my kids the guy in the front told me the price$ 10.99 he didn't tell me per game I saw in the paper Monday unlimited I told him so my kids can play whatever they want?t it doesn't matter the time ? he said yes I asked him to make sure . After we finsh they want charging me $ 244 I shocked and he makes me so pisst and he makes my kids cried and scared because I can't pay this amount he told me unlimited after 8 pm.. we tooke a very hard time and he charged me $ 123 they Rob people I told him I am not crazy if I know the price and let my kids play that much game and pay a lot of money. He didn't tell me per game he didn't tell me the time. I need my money back

C Lilakos

One of the biggest sports arenas in the city . A bit costly but there is free kayaking during the summer months on select days of the week.

Celestrum Gaming

Went here to skate which was great and the place is mind blowing for the activities if offer and if I had more time I would of tried them all.

Eli M

My kids love this place the best playground in nyc

Vik D.

They offer great gymnastics classes

Ashley Thompson

great bowling alley! we went last night and had such a great time. fun space with killer cocktails.

Lara Ruth Ziobro

For all of the times I've done winter skating outdoors, I'd never made it over to Chelsea Piers to the rink. The rink size was nice - it felt roomier than say Bryant Park, and it wasn't as crowded. I liked the $.75 locker option by the rink - very helpful. Prices were higher but I felt like I got more for it.

Nicole Wu

Great venue with beautiful view.

Walter Nakaema

Nice view of the Hudson river.

London Flareon Tokyo Ebisu - Swanslade 恵比寿-スワンズレイド

I went here for a amazing birthday party. It's really Kewl!


Definitely a must visit spot if you are coming to NYC! Lots of fun activities and places to eat here!

Philip Bannerman

It's fun there's good food and a nice place by the river.

Kaori N

Costly but well maintained facilities.

frank gyan

Nice place to hangout. I always want to go back

Luba B

The best ice skating rink.

Patrick Amato

Come see Patrick Amato and Michael The situation sorrentino today

Cazal Arnett

Very few if any athletic facilities in New York City can boast of what Chelsea Piers can offer. Chelsea Piers' unparalleled recreational athletic facility is frequented by golfers, gymnasts, residents and visitors. The Sports Center is certainly it's best facility. I welcome all to give Chelsea Piers a try.

Senthil Sundaram

Great variety of classes (boxing, weight lifting, rowing, yoga, rock climbing, swimming) and corresponding facilities. Not as polished as some of the other high end gyms, but a good location nonetheless. Not too crowded on weekday mornings. Note, Sunday morning is family day, so lots of kids until 2pm.

Paul Juska

Attended a large work function here for 100+ people. Fit the bill.


I attempt to use the batting cages (daytime, during the week). 3 times I have called to see if the cages are being "used" - 3 times I'm told no, they're free, then show up and bam! Not allowed due to a group/school using them. Meanwhile, for 30 minutes after that no one is using them.

Cooper Smith

Ask for a stall on the third floor. If there's no lessons going on, they'll squeeze you in. Get an extra 20 yards on your drive!

Bertrand Bowrey

GOOD place to work.

David Francois

Wonderful, lot's of fun, games, food and drink' the boat's and water.

Lena Wu

Ice-skating rink and public pier areas are always too busy, but it is a decent space. Private events are held here as well, which makes it farther from the masses, but also on the water. Close to the Frying Pan bar.

Jamie Ferrarin

Years ago when I heard they were building this facility I thought It may not work because who's going to travel to Manhattan to play sports. Oh how I was wrong. Fantastic place not just for sports. Micro brewery on site as well.

Skyler Christian A. Cruz

Love the hockey rinks! And it's easy to get to

Beverlee Caraway

traveled 30 minutes away to go at midnight and was turned away because we were not 21. should have been listed on their website. especially considering it is normally a place for kids parties! very disappointed!


Great ice skating and golf

Ilya S

The place is great especially the laser tag and the bowling. Improvement on the staff could be done. We were told we dont need to sign up and should come back in 15 min to go on the rope climbing. When we came back they told us a party has booked it and we have to wait 1.5 hours for them to be done. Ruined the experience for us.

Joann Lazzari

We went on the Bateaux dinner cruise for our Anniversary, it was just a wonderful time, food and music, dancing and the views of the statue of liberty outrageous, go

Michael Sinensky

It's a zoo but the kids love it

Zachary Griper

the instructors are real big bullies, and my son said he would pay me to not go. They start picking favorites, and if you are not on the list, you are screwed. Trash. Don't waste your time and money unless going as a family, because if they pick on you then, they could be fired


Went there for a day trip with groups of other people. It's basically a fantasy land for the little kids inside us.

Grandpa's Garage

Grandpa's Garage Studio 7 suggests to get over here to get happy and healthy. Great place to find public skating and open hockey, stay in shape and learn from the best. So many different activities and professionals to learn from. Our family could easily spend half a day here then head almost accross the street to New York City's new building and monument to the twin towers. Please reflect pure love to balance this space back to a heavenly intent. Our greatest memories bring joy and heavenly power. Most of the great things we have learned and family times are from these buildings. With love we spred greatness to others. Our intent is over ions, intentions. Enjoy our time to laugh, sing and dance together. Go on their website and see the many great things to do at Chelsea Piers. Great job Chelsea Piers one of the greatest places to visit in NYC, keep up the good works. Thanks for all the continued great memories and teaching is how to do everything better.


Big and spacious facilities, service quality varieties by individuals without consistency, and pricey

Miles Mu

This 'complex' reminds me of my 'complex' emotions

Sam S. Jain

Went bowling here once and I would absolutely come back. Great venue overall.

Leon Lin

Workers were really mean didn't care about injuries. Workers were really impatient. Very sh*tty staffs

Shan B

Nice view.... but it so hard to get things done on the weekends

Diane Artal

$500 reward to whoever find my watch left yesterday October 5 at the Barre Studio of the Chelsea Piers at the Class at 7.25pm. This watch has a sentimental value and $500 is more that the actual value of the watch. The reward is at the main desk of the Chelsea Piers. Thank you for yoru attention.

Capturing Places

Excellent place for Laser Tag Game!!

Sonia Pou

Beautiful & friendly

Squishy Pototo

I went to the ice skating rink twice in the SUMMER already, It was very cold at the rink. I had to bring a thick sweater, but it was worth it. :)

Mary Raphael George

Not cheap, but fun for kids to have a place to go to in NYC to beat the heat, get their basketball in, and be near the water. Nice that people can help you on the phone there.

Sherry H

Great class trip! Coaches were in charge and child friendly.

Andrew Crosbie

There is a wide variety of things to do here and the prices are reasonable. All of the facilities are clean and the staff is friendly.

Raymond Kim

Great place!


Awesome place to kill time and explore on vacation in NYC!

Noah Walsh

I brought sales team here because we had a good week. Called and asked for a reservation, was told to just come in and we can bowl as long as we want. However on arrival we are told we can only bowl for an hour. Treated horribly by managemen. Not coming back..

Daniel Ochoa

workers were a-holes treated our class like trash

Ken Weston

Fun place, cruises ice skating, dining.

Jake Abramowicz

We had 4 hours to kill with my son (3 years old) while visiting NYC and spent 2 and a half of it at the Chelsea Piers. Although the only reason this review is not 5/5 is the size of the room is rather small, it's actually quite thorough in engagement and fun for kids of all ages. We were there with four other parents whose kids were younger and everyone had a great time. The space is very clean, spotless actually, and easy to get to. Highly recommended for locals or visitors.

Mark B Borg Jr

We've been living in New York City for the last two decades and have always been drawn to Chelsea Piers for this and that (say, disco bowling). But when we had kids the stakes (on fun) were raised and Chelsea Piers has provided lots and lots of opportunities for just that--birthday parties, gymnastics classes, skate park, you name it---and we'll be happily hitting events and activities there ad infinitum!!!

Vinay Saripella

The best place on Earth! High quality equipment and staff! Amazing bowling alley, gymnastics, and sports! You have to go there at least once in your life!

Wissam Hamou

I usually go to the driving range there, and it is usually crowded and the waiting time could be very long... so come late sunday night and you will be alone !

NYC Birthday Clowns

The staff were polite and helpful. They have gymnastics, soccer, basketball, batting cages, indoor playspace and a lot more! There are open court hours for $10/hour. Great for the family, great for keeping fit and healthy!

FaZe Amiri


Noel Gonzalez

A great place and a lot of activities for the whole family! Plus boats and bowling!

Filippo Cesare Ferrara

Not really a turist spot

syfur rahman

So much to do in there. You can play any sport in there. It also has a nice view.

Zak Suhar

Great facility for playing in a basketball league in the City, although there isn't a ton of space and only two of them. Still a convenient spot for anyone living in the west side of Manhattan!


Chelsea Piers is a great facility for a wedding. The view was spectacular.

Neville star

Right way

lisa sm

Tremendously active and friendly staff! Clean facilities! Lots of activities such as wall climbing (rock climbing) and indoor soccer or dogdeball (whichever you prefer)!

Nelson Lai


Shuping Lu

They have the best gymnastic facilities in town. The parent's observation deck is really nice! You can watch your children in action.

Michael Spamer

This place is very large and a lot of things you can do. I love playing basketball at indoor complex but it barely has open so you must call to reserve a court. They also having batting cages and gymnastics. I love going bowling and hitting golf balls into the hudson river.

eran artzi

Worst possible service I received in my life


I love this place. It has literally everything!! I especially like the history - derelict old pier meets a guy with vision. Also check out Chelsea Mkt, repurposed Nabisco factory. Same guy.

Ileana Glyptis

A bit pricey, but going there for a day is always a blast. This is great for the family or for friends. The location is perfect and one of my favorite locations is the golf range.

Rémy C.

We went there for the batting cages and we had lots of fun. Surprisingly not too busy, we could get a cage pretty easily just for ourselves. You have the choice of two speed, pick the fastest pitch if you want a bit more challenge. Definitely recommend for some good fun.

Real ThaMaskRapper

good place , lots and lots to do , don't care for tha staff just care for tha Golf , Basketball and stuff they have .

Cristian Gizzo

This place is terrible. When I went today it was "member night" and we couldn't use any of the facility. I would not recommend it to anyone who is doing a walk in. :[ :[

Tom Johnny

Amazing facility! Lots to do and plenty of equipment and always a friendly staff!

Cesar Villalba

Best swimming pool in town

Suneica Lucas

The place and equipment is really nice .The atmosphere super ,super good.The food ,and drinks superb.However it needs improvement in maintenance.The bathroom were a really a dirty mess

Nisar Palla

Great place to go a shoot some golf balls play in the batting cages and have some fun.

Chris Welty

A vast complex on the piers in Chelsea that has many athletic facilities, parking, skating rink, several cruise lines, a driving range, gymnasium, trapese, trampoline, virtually any indoor and some outdoor activities.


The park people ignored are questions and didn’t care

Binyomin Bendet

Great selection of things to do, with bowling, batting cages, golf range, and a sports complex. Right on the water and there's a nice walk you can take by nice boats

Gold Quest

Absolutely amazing staff and facilities. Love the social elements as well. Only gets better with time! Best wishes! :)

John Ocker

Enjoyable day.

Lauren M

This is a very fun place not only for kids but also for adults. They have a lot of fun things you can do.

Anthony Jiang

Lots of options for physical activities.

Edwin Quinones

This is a very fun & very exciting entertaining place in new york city there's lots to do here sports shooting pool bowling eating & drinking you can pretty do much do it all here. In one place I've been here a few times and I've had lots of fun here with my friends there's parking here too but you gotta come early this place gets packed especially Friday & Saturday nights before you know they won't let you in when it gets really packed with people you will be turned away by security which is very tight here so you'll feel safe here too I recommend this place for anyone bring your family tour friends your co workers its all the same you will have fun in this big huge place of entertainment worth it let me tell you

Rob Paris

Soccer leagues most nights of the week with varying skill level.

Barbie Bibiana

love to come watch sunrise and sunsets

Krin Shig

Great quality


Staff was very nasty and mean to the kids. We paid 120 for a school field trip to receive their nasty attitude. Disappointed

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