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REVIEWS OF Bowlerland IN New York

Sdot Duncan

I have been here many times love the place, owner and workers always greet me like its my first time there. And as I've brought many kids they never frown on the silly things they've done (ball get stuck for going down too slow, laughing loud) they respect the kids to have fun.

T Wright

Fun, clean, and safe environment. Great family place!

Natalie Suriel

Came here for my boyfriend birthday with his family and loved it ! Unlimited pizza and bowling from 6:00-10:00pm shoes included for 20$ each! Pitchers of beer was about 24$ Pitchers of soda was about 12$ This is a great place to have fun with family. Only downside is the location is pretty hidden.

Grace Santiago

My review is in response to Delia! I went to her sons party yesterday and while I’ve been here a few times it was the first time I attended a birthday party and I wouldn’t consider throwing one here myself ever! The owner said we left the place a mess which was not true at all! We were very clean!! Spilt drinks on carpets and walls??? Totally uncalled for and not true!!!! Also short staffed, we had a few minor issues with our lane and we had to search the alley for someone to help us. Everything also did not come out at the same time! The drinks came and by the time the food got there (30 minutes later) the drinks were watered down by the ice! Hence the fact that we started our game at 4:30 (Delia had told you to start preparing food at this time) we finished at about 5:45 and the food came at 6:40!! You could of at least gave the kids a free game while they waited. The miscommunication was on your end.

Dave Marajh

I bring my son to Bowlerland occasionally. It's good overall and usually not busy, but the lanes are more narrow than the ones we're accustomed to in NJ.

Avis Wigfall

Kids loved it

Swilling Star

Well I had a good time except for the part that they don’t expect credit cards but their was this one guy really nice

Alma Carrasco

I really had a nice time there w/my guests


My favorite bowling alley. It wasn't crowded but it wasn't empty either

Lilian Hunter-Segbefia

Nice experience will do it again

Jenniffer P P

Is a family friendly place with affordable prices and fun for all ages; we tried the pizza and everyone ate it but didn't understand why, specially on a Sunday between 2-5pm, there was only one staff member; the same guy giving you prices and the shoes was the same guy taking the food orders.

Zamora Davila

The first time i went i had an amazing experience, told my self wow i gotta bring my kids here! i took my children and had the of the staff was not autism friendly...unfortunately i wont be returning the guy kicked my son out of the bathroom whe i had just got him to the door...and my son ended up havi g an accident on himself smh

Born Cephus

The lanes were messed up for 30 mins of the hour we were here. The issue could not fix the issue and management refuse to compensate for the inconvenience we were caused.

Tasha Samuels

The guy at the shoe rental is very nice and makes you feel welcomed. The ladies at the bar & snack bar are kind. They make you feel welcomed

Daniel Torres

Great environment, good people and a very nice place to go and hang out with your friends and or your family

Dioris Rosario

Place is a little dated with some fun technological improvements. Not bad though. Prices are comparable, $8 per person per game.

Random Long drive

Im glad we have this place, In my neighbourhood

silda Guerrero

Such bad service I guess cuz is under staffed? But tried to order food two times and no one was there to attend. The first time I attempted one of them said to do it in 20 minutes because the girl who attends the snack bar wasn't there yet, the 2nd time I did no see anyone in sight. Lol. If no one is in sight .....who should I approach or speak to? The counter???

Barbara Potter

Thank you this bowling alley was awesome had a great day me and my friend will come back again

Caleb Mortera

Fun! Great place to go out to with friends or family.

uAli W

Enjoyable place to bowl.

Cheryl Winkfield

Bowlerland was packed yesterday, but we had a day 2 of getting together for my uncle's birthday. Great Fun!!!!


Ordered chicken wings and fries, after waiting for what seems forever. Over priced and tasteless. Out of the freezer into the oil. No type of seasoning. Very Bland! First and last for me.

Edward Collery

Old time bowling experience - good time. Weird they won't let you have 2 lanes with less than 8 when it's not busy.

Derrick Montgomery

I had a very beautiful experience me and my grandson and 15 other kids from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. very beautiful beautiful time

David Ollivierre

Great ambience with great tech including that "old school bowling lanes smell" Staff was so friendly; they gave us extra pizza!

Tamika Jarett

Took our special needs student here and they got mad because we had to feed them their pureed food. We also asked for a cup and was told we have to buy it.

Melissa Vicens

Like this place but they don't accept cards which is a headache. The bar sucks and they need more than 1 person at the cashier.

Lori Cohen

Great atmosphere. So much fun!!

Alpha 18

It was a amazing

Lolita Santos

Great place Billy and Gus are the best!! Bowling party for kids are the best. Adult groups get great discounts..

John Evans

Way overpriced for everything , drinks are watered down and overpriced

Tinesha Cooky

Nice family place ONLY bad thing is they don't accept cards

Joel Morel

Not A Bad Place. Cant Say Any Bad Things About It. Cant Say Any Great Things About It. Wanna Come Bowl, Come Bowl. There Are A Few Hiccups On The Lanes At Times, But The Guys At The Front Get On It Quick. Wish It Was Easier To Re-Rack Or Fix A Lane Error On Your Own From The Screen. Thats My Only Gripe. Lights Out Bowling At Night, On The Weekends, Is Awesome.

Fernando Zelaya

Awesome lanes, good pizza!

Kevin Justiniano

I will never host a party or recommend this place to anyone. I celebrated my son birthday today. Horrible Service Horrible Organization. They're understaffed, kitchen was closed at 4 something in the afternoon. It took them forever to bring drinks and food to my guest. Meanwhile I left deposit. So they knew I was coming! They were not ready for us! I do give them credit for clean lines and the scoreboards are pretty modern. It allows for a good bowling experience for the kids and adults. Besides that the services sucks.

Professional Chess Coach Williams AKA Dr. Gambit.

I've been coming here for years off and on. My father seems to live here. We know both the owners here and in Gun Hill road in the Bronx. Gus and Josh I think. Now the son took over I'm this place. I've known them since I was a kid. Ohh and did I say my father was a PRO BOWLER, AND CHECKER GRANDMASTER? IF YOUR INTO BOWLING AND PLAYING POOL, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE.

ISA Bella

It was just okay- the guy distributing the shoes was very customer friendly- so was the guy as t the register. The prices ridiculous and bathroom- no paper towels, hand soap, and low toilet paper.

jeff hodge

Anissa, assisted me insuring that I had a great time with my Family. Very helpful & great customer service!!!

tiara My name

Only 2 pool tables here . The food is way over priced and under the bar . 9.00 for French fries that are clearly frozen bag or box fries

Awura Ama Afari

One of my favorite bowling places


I went there for my nephew’s birthday because I live in the Bronx.. opposed to just going to Times Square. This place is way outdated!!! They don’t take credit cards! The don’t have an ATM either!! I had to hike 4 blocks up on the rain to get cash... Then the little food area took forever to open!!! Only reason I gave it two stars... It was relatively cheap.. No bells and whistles so you might enjoy yourself if your like 80!

LaUna Bonita

Awesome for a hangout with friends or a family game night good prices great atmosphere

Juanita Jones

Great atmosphere

Onelys Rodríguez

Good place to enjoy with family and friends. Free parking and good environment. Good pizza too. Only cash accepted but I was aware of that.

Philip Nicholas

They remodeled the bowling alley and it looks great, but it’s 9/14/19 on a Saturday night at 9:30 PM and I’m here with a group of 12 people. The music choice is horrible, we are listening to old love songs. When I asked manager Billy can we please have something more upbeat because multiple people are complaining, he ignored me. I wouldn’t have paid for such a sad/bad experience. The music really kills your vibe.

Jessica Nicole

Thanks. It was such a fun experience with the campers I went with.

Anita Webb

Fixed up pretty good. Has free parking available in the attached lot in the back. Restrooms are clean and well maintained. They have pretty good deals during the week and on most nights. The bowling balls in the place are not well maintained though, so you should bring your own of you are a decent bowler.

Sharlene Acevedo

Its a great place for family and friends to have a good time! The manager was extremely nice to us and always made sure we were satisfied throughout the entire time we were there! In the middle of no where lol but besides that great place!

Arlene Rivera

Place sucks! Had a Special Olympics event here and kitchen was closed till 11am. When it did open they only took cash and the place doesn’t even have an ATM on premises. The alley is in a industrial area and no place to get cash. I complained and told them that was crazy they didn’t take cards or even have an ATM. The response was they have gotten broken into to many times and something about credit card scams. I said they just don’t wanna pay taxes or the charge for the card machine. Hope Special Olympics rethinks ever using this place again!

Weeton Facey

Great. Strictly cash only. Kids friendly

Ronald Butt

Fixed up pretty good. Has free parking available in the attached lot in the back. Restrooms are clean and well maintained. They have pretty good deals during the week and on most nights. The bowling balls in the place are not well maintained though, so you should bring your own of you are a decent bowler.

reapeye 1

It was so nice i got 91 but there is also pool

Tyriq Janette

Half they machinery is broken and they try and blame you for it being broken when it doesn’t work. Me and my family have been bowling for years and have never came across a more broken equipment than this one. The manger was not reasonable with giving us more time because we lost time due to them fixing the equipment and the changed our lane and it kept happening. Don’t wast your money at this terrible establishment.

Frank Bochamp

This owner seems combative even putting people down in responses. was looking for a cool bowling alley but just seeing his responses make me feel the owner is a dirtbag. Never give this business my money

Samantha Qyyum

Nice clean place. Pretty empty on a Wednesday evening. Only downside is that it’s cash only and they don’t have an ATM within the premises.

Kayla W

Very fun and everything was good had a great time with my friends

Natalie Estrella

Great place to bowl, been coming here since I was a little girl

Fire Superstar

Great place for family party aware, they only take cash as payment for games and refreshments. Check them out and have a bowling fun time!!!!

Kelvin Rodriguez

It's a cash only place, which is understandable, but then you have to walk 15 minutes for an ATM or drive for a bank because they don't have one in place is extremely inconvenient. In addition, they didn't have signs anywhere inside or outside stating so, or tell you before beginning a transaction. They dont greet you. Just give you a blank stare and wait for you to talk. That isnt the reason for the 1 star. Every single frame, on TWO lanes, we had to reset ourselves or have an employee reset it for us. The bar would stay stuck and we couldn't bowl. When this happened, it took 5 to 10 minutes to try to find an employee. Fortunately, we paid for 1 game and not the hour. One of the lanes were 4 adults and took us 1.5 hours to finish and kids 2 hours, because we had to keep reseting and finding employees. Lastly, not a decent ball in the entire alley as well as limited weights. ****update to manager response**** Wrong! No one hit reset! You just be thinking of the wrong person!! 2. It isn't about a "red carpet"! I stood, as well as 8 others, stood in front of your employee and he stared, kept doing what he was doing, and stared again. At that point I asked, "are we allowed to bowl or do you have lanes open?" That is when o was told," yes we have lanes." There was no welcome to anywhere, there was no good afternoon, there was no "can I help you?" 3. Why not speak about the disappearance of all your employees? 4. Not that anyone of you instructed us to do so, but we would press the reset button ONCE and the pins would come down missing some again. Obviously your employee couldnt figure it out either since he had to go behind the pins. But based on your response, it will only demonstrates to future guests the professionalism I encountered. I do appreciate the fact that you didn't address the inconvenience of having to pay cash while not having a SINGLE SIGN anywhere nor an ATM on site, or the outdated balls, outdated system, dirty carpets. Plus, you obviously have the wrong family in mind so you're either making something up to pretend you found a solution and tried to help us, as your employee had to go BEHIND the wall to fix our issue or another family encountered a similar issue. But I apologize that what you thought was a great bowling alley was criticized by a not so great experience. Lastly, READERS!!! After reading this manager's response, I decided to read other negative reviews, I suggest you all do the same. Heaven forbid you dont give agree or have a positive experience in this establishment! Look how others are replied to as whomever responds to these reviews is extremely defensive, even bad mouthing school's. Good job management!

Michelle D. Gonzalez

For my 1st time there...the ball kept getting stuck...a number of ball returns..the pins kept falling from formation...the floor was get a nice all it could of been better. What I liked about the place was the scoreboard it was automatic...

Snack Man


Luz M Algarin

My first time there we had a ball it was great clean friendly... and it's a big place

Awilda Velez

Gets very crowded on the wkends need to get there before 8

Donovan Scott

Great place to hang out with friends or family. Ive been there six times already. Drinks are a bit pricey but if you get a groupon for yourself and friends it's an excellent overall deal and places to spend your evening

Tiffany L

Old school bowling alley. Cash only. Bathrooms suck.. but still love the old school feel.

Moses Becerril

Clean fun and expensive

Ashley Marcus

Bronx Atmosphere...Manhattan Pricing... Its in the middle of no where so you would think that they would take Cards.. but no. Okay fine, dont take cards but they dont have an ATM machine... you have to walk a good 10-15 minutes to an ATM and then another 10-15 minutes back. 14 dollars for a cheese burger? 8.50 for french fries? Really? This isnt food from Frames or Lucky strike.. this is frozen beef patty from Western Beef (store brand at that) . I asked if people have complained about them not having an ATM.. dudes response was " all the time" and laughed....

Karim Cabrera

Not the best n not the worst. This bowling alley is clean n kept up. Nice personnel. The lanes are well kept. But it's in the middle of no where. The balls has the smallest holes possible....I mean a12,13 n 14lb ball has no hole bigger than a medium opening. You'll have to bowl w a 15lb ball to get a large or extra large hole. Crazy. My fingers can't take it. Nice for kids I guess, but not for me anymore.

Gayle Williams

Bowlerland was excellent. It has been well over three years. It has improved a lot and the music was excellent!

A-1 Handyman service david majors

The price for bowling is fair and the comforting of the environment was pleasant but customer service sucks big time

Judah Lyon

Never been. I was looking for a bowling alley nearby on Google Maps. After reading many of the Reviews and Managements NEGATIVE responses, I think I would stay clear of this place. The old business adage, the customer is always right, DEFINITELY is not one they adhere to here, lol. I mean, they proudly refer to their “NO OUTSIDE FOOD RULE” when saying, why they didn’t even allow one groups Special Needs Children to eat their required puréed lunches. If that’s not LOW DOWN, I don’t know what is...Some rules are absolutely made to be broken, just saying. As someone with special needs relatives, that’s a Total Turn Off. #SMH

James Keene

Low frills bowling alley. All of the scoring computers have been updated for each lane. There is a bar for basic drinks food like pizza or wings. Perfect if you want to just hang out and bowl. Ball selection is very good. There's a pro shop on site as well but I do not have any experience with it. The highlight is unlimited daily bowling from 9am - 1pm. $18 per person, shoes included. Can't beat that. Cash only. Don't forget that

Ajanique Santiago

The facilities aren't bad. However the staff or the manager that was on duty that day could have handled a group of school children with autism and there teachers and teaching assistants with more understanding making it more likely for those teachers to come back with their own families.



Kwaku A

It is a nice place for bowling.They have a friendly environment for both kids and adults

eddy garcia

Very inexpensive all you can bowl from sunday to thursday.

Jan Silverstein

Crazy! 81 dollars for 3 people and 3 games. Beer 10. What they think this is Yankee Stadium?Smh.

marisol rolon

Friendly and helpful staff. My grandchildren love going here.

Maria Mejia

Very good place and price, we enjoyed & would go back if possible ! I have to say the food service was terrible. The server was alone and in a very bad mood... Which we waiting for about 30-40mins for what is supposed to be “fast food”.

Tracey Smith

The lanes were malfunctuining for about 30 mins of the hour we were there. Management refused to compensate us for the inconvenience we sustained.

David perez

Awesome place just need to update their pool table

Blake Stanford

I am saddened and sickened by the manner in which I was dealt with because I fed my (puréed diet only) Special Needs students applesauce while at this place. This place DOES NOT accommodate SPECIAL NEEDS population at all!!! This guy called the COPS on us because we fed our hungry students applesauce. Again, they could not eat anything offered at this establishment due to their special needs and being restricted to a puréed diet. I am hurt and disappointed. I will NEVER go back to this place!!!! There were NO ramps to accommodate majority of our students who were in wheelchairs. Only ONE student out of the group was able to actually play because he was able to walk up the ramp, therefore, after paying for all our students and coming to that realization, we decided to get a refund for all except for ONE of our students because he was the only one capable of actually playing/have access to bowling. The cops only shook their heads and left within minutes of their arrival. The cops didn’t even waste their time asking us any questions because they realized how ridiculous it was for them to be called in the first place. ***Help us to advocate for people with Special Needs by boycotting this place***

Dale Bowry

Fun and bad food. Cash only establishment and no a.t.m.. Enjoyable experience which is relatively inexpensive, but the nachos barely pass as food. I can not comment on the pizza. I can only imagine from the small slices I saw people eating that it too, struggles to stay in the classification of edible. Bowling was easy and helped to bring people together.

Ceasha Smith

We came in they don't take cards and don't have an atm. We had a large group paid for our bowling and the lane kept messing up and our bowling balls kept getting stuck so we got cut out of the time we paid for and we couldn't get an extra game or credit. I wouldn't recommend this place to bowl.

M Dinkins

Very nice place to have fun. Only problem, no public transportation nearby.

Raul Rivera

How is it this place with a full bar, snack eatery and a shop inside not accept debit or credit cards? that's not the worst part, they don't even have a freaking ATM available.. Suck balls to have to drive around looking for a freaking ATM

Chelyse Matias Rosado

I liked it, melow, good music, great people. The only thing is that they don't accept cards it is only cash

Debbie Donovan

Had great time with my brother and friends last night 7/27/19. Gerald was great he helped me so much. The system to my lane had issues.

Sean Sanchez

This place is the real definition of how to have a good time. Always fun going against your friends in a game while there is a bar. The bar tenders were just giving the mixes of the night to me and the night went wild from there. I will definitely be coming back.

Tanya Smith

This place is HORRIBLE! The service is HORRIBLE! We brought an hour long game for $100, the lane messed up serval times, they had to switch or lane and then that one messed up. With all the issues it cut down or time so we'r didn't get a chance to finish or game and we asked the manager if we can continue he said that we could but it wouldn't keep the score. Well why would anyone bowl without keeping score. My niece who's 8yrs old cried because we couldn't finish the game. I WOULDN'T WASTE MY VALUABLE TIME OR MONEY AT THIS PLACE I WOULD GO TO GUN POST LANES INSTEAD, THEY HAVE BETTER QUALITY OF SERVICE! I REALLY WANTED TO GIVE A NEGATIVE 5 STAR FOR THIS PLACE!

Cue L

I would have given 5 stars the people are really nice and the shoes are not beat up but, the all u can eat pizza and play bowling wasn't working too good. We had 20 people 3 lanes we were there for 5 hours and could barely get 5 pies. Every time we went back it was something. Oven not working, too many people ordering etc. $400 dollars and 3 games later we barely got 3 pies. Not cool!

archie vazquez

It Was Fun, Kid Friendly And Great Environment. Time Well Spent Thank You!


Best Family Bowling Alley in the Bronx!

AJ Woodson

Anyone who is anyone in bowling has bowled here

Skylar Alex

A low key spot I visit to bowl and play pool, when I dont feel like dressing up, but don't feel like staying home.

Antoinette Morris

Great time. Took a group of kids and we had lots of fun. Plan to go back and bowl weekday nights during their unlimited bowling and pizza times

Lana Brown

Told bar not open stated no food. In fact they were just waiting for the girl to get in. Way overpriced food $11.00 for fries. Lane kept breaking down needs to get better


kids had fun - great place to forget about stress

Omar A.

Good place to go to if you want to have a fun bowling night. Or if you want to play pool or just want a drink or to. The location isn't the best, really lowkey if you not familiar with the area but once inside. You definitely feel the vibe.

sam wedelich

Delightfully old-school bowling alley, with everything from the pool tables to the nachos. Great for families, with dino bowling (little ramps for kids) and lane bumpers. One star off for being cash-only in 2018. We had to drive to a nearby ATM at a gas station and then return to bowl. If you're looking for fancy or flashy, this is NOT the place for you. There are no lasers, fog machines or fancy video games. If you just want to bowl with your kids like you did when you were little (minus the stale cigarette smell), this is the perfect no-frills, fun bowling spot. Just make sure to bring some cash.

Amanda Baez

If I could give 0 stars I would. We came here for my little sisters birthday with 16 people two of us did not want to bowl and we also had a 2 year old with us. We were told by the manager we would have to pay $25 a person even if we didn’t wish to bowl. We were also told we would have to pay an additional $25 for the 2 year old even though she would not be bowling and in a stroller. We turned around and left, they lost out on $400 dollars and we will not be returning here again.

trudie Ingram

CLEAN establishment, staff helpful and friendly. The manager was very nice to me. The location is a little out of the way. Nice place to have a bday party-price is very reasonable. Will return in the near future.

Vanessa Vega

Good place! I really like that this place is secluded because it's not as crowded as the one in Gun Hill Road. They also have children Dino helpers that helped my daughter play and she enjoyed it so much!!

Broken Bones

Nice little bowling alley for the prices. There are only two gripes that I have about this place. If you're not driving to this place, walking to it is a bit of a walking distance from the bus or the train because no public transportation leaves you close to this place. Also, it is Cash only to play (no debit or credit cards are accepted to play) and no ATMS are available to take out cash, so you need to come with cash ready! Other than that the place is great for family and friends to have fun.

Sally Hiraldo

Nice place to bowl but they are cash only and the drinks are a little pricey

Melody Rivera

Great time every time we go.


the young guy taking the money at the front is so rude and I have been going to this location for many years but he was absolutely disgusting and the workers I complained to said yeah we know everyone complains but Ownership lets him stay. Cleared our game and put someone new on the lane within 1 minute of us finishing as we were about to pay for another game. My Group of 6 just decided to leave. Guess it is worth the wait in New Rochelle if your going to be treated so cruel!

Jenny Waithe

Great but don't go on a Thursday night with the family, unless you're there to compete.

Nick Minervino

Nice clean place, friendly staff.

Lesley Baez

My daughter enjoyed it and they have ramp for young kids who are beginning. The employees are friendly and reasonable.

Steven Dougwillo Sr.

My only complaint is they're cash only and don't have an ATM on site but other then that they're great open late not to crowded I'm thinking of looking into joining a league possibly.

Robert Thompson

Great place to relax for family fun. Groups are welcome. Huge spacious lanes. Bowl away!!

Holzanimationen der großen Vereinigten Staaten

Meh the only good thing here is probably the seats

MI Roccoonclatt

Very nice place, go visit

Maria Anidem

Place can be said is "retro".. Prices affordable. Only thing that was pricey was the food which they only had two options - pizza and hotdogs.

blue sparks

Great place great staff will visit again...

Yan Lawrence

Music choice is extremely bad here and it really kills the mood. I proceed to ask the manager Billy if he could do something about the music because it was very slow and moody for a weekend night out . Billy instead lies and says he will ask the DJ. Which was a complete lie because there isn’t a DJ. I went back to ask again and he said the music is fine and not slow. Billy you should not be a manager as you do not have any customer service

Marc Montague

Cash only was a problem and no control o music wasn't the greatest either.

Rodrigo Sanchez-Camus

Great, old school bowling alley. Off the beaten path so it's not packed. Fun place.

RL Hull, II

So I like place. People are nice but the prices are soo high that I can never go back which is sad because it's five minutes from my house. 12 dollar mix drinks when all near by areas are selling drinks for about 7 to 5 bucks in a bigger cup. 9 dollars a games and they are still taking cash only. God forbid if they ever start accepting debit cards. Prices would probably go up to 11 bucks a game and 14 dollar drinks. Its a shame like I thought we was a tourist in the city for a moment. So expensive. If they only lower the price they would see a whole lot more people.


Cozy and clean place with a family friendly atmosphere. My friends and I had lot of fun there. Only downside is that they didn't take credit/debit cards; we ended up leaving early once we ran out of cash.

michael deleon

It was a great time there. Bathroom was clean and the food tables were clean too. Bring you own sacks. The vending machine are kind of pricey three dollars for a bottle of water.

Alexis Coss

$45 a game for 5 of us and we spent an hour at this place. The big guy behind the counter was so weird and unfriendly. I asked him for the pricing details because some places charge by the hour and he said you pay and you play. I asked again, how much and how long? He said, 45 for one hour. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and stayed to play. The guy disappeared and never saw him again. When I was leaving I had to leave everyone's shoes on the counter because the whole place was like empty and it reminded me of the Walking dead when Rick woke up in the hospital. I was looking for the exit right away. It was creepy because the place is in a isolated place where truckers park. Other than that we had a little fun. I am editing my post to correct the fact that I made a mistake on the pricing. The price was $45 per game. Also, since my review has been challenged by Bowlerland stating that I never been there I am posting a receipt to prove otherwise. I apologize to Bowlerland for the pricing mistake and I thank Bowlerland for the response it gave. I will not change my rating because this establishment has the potential to be better than what it is. I am adding that my correction was not necessary. Also, they don't take cards and I left because the kitchen was closed and no one was there. I just read many of the reviews regarding this place. I've come to the conclusion that the Management of this place seems to think that he/she is right and all the customers who are inputting their reviews are wrong which tells me that the real manager is Ego. Ego is the type of manager that makes a place look bad and get bad reviews.

jessica rodriguez

Great place for a family to go to before certain hours. The prices are also reasonable

David Vink

Okay this place is discriminating and racist. I was bowling while a group came in from a school of minority kids with special needs in wheelchairs. They tried to play a few games but I noticed there were only a few kids that were able to play because there were no ramps for the wheelchairs. This was not the worst part. I noticed other groups were eating chips and orange juice purchased from outside but when this particular group started feeding the students, the guy behind the counter approached a teacher from that group and told them they could not feed the kids and put the food away. I overheard the teacher explain to him that the kids could only eat pureed food which they did not serve at the place. She did ask him if they sold pudding etc but he said he did not. They obviously were children with special needs and were just unable to eat. Then the guy walked away seemingly upset and went on the phone, to my surprise a few minutes later the cops came. This is discriminating and I will never ever think of seeing these people again. It broke my heart the kids were unable to bowl, and could not eat just a small cup of apple sauce while others were eating chips and juice whatever they wanted and it was clearly not purchased at the bowling place. The guy who worked there was caucasian and as a caucasian myself I felt disgusted and disappointed how he treated those special needs minority kids. They appeared to be kinder gardeners, little children.

Marcos Rollan

Old school and fun alleys. Plenty of availability for a fun time. Food is what it is

Shodunke Joshua


Fausto. M Barros

Perfect place for a moment of fun! Prices are reasonable and the shoes are free. Staff is friendly and helpful. My suggestion could be expanding the choices for the unlimited bowling and food.

joe Torres

enjoy very much

Leslie Latchman

Great 2 bowl with freinds or family the food is not so good the need 2 improve on that especially

angela quijano

My 4 daughters and their father wanted something to do so we choose bowling. The bad reviews are bull the guy in the front was friendly and funny the atmosphere was dope nice music kid friendly we will be coming back again

Miguel Dejesus

Nice chill place. Wish it had an atm.

Angela Hendricks

We had a good time

Auhilda Taveras

Fun and family friendly!

Jp Romero

It's all cash place no ATM that sucks ☹️

The Bronx Socialite

The bowling facilities themselves are modern, which is great. I think it's cool that you can customize the screen with different animations. However, I think it's unfortunate that the bar doesn't take credit cards, particularly because the location isn't really near anything else. I also don't think that children should be allowed after a certain time on Friday or Saturday nights or at least have them in a separate section. It's a little annoying to have to keep having to move my drink so that some kid doesn't knock it over when he's running around. Otherwise, it's a fine place to bowl.

Trevon Patterson

Much better

Angella Brown

Clean quiet place

Monica Doyley

Nice lanes

Christina Milom

The place needs a lot of sprucing up and the food is too expensive.

Olive Davidson

We always have a great time when we go there . Very nice place, friendly staff, very clean. They have flat screen tvs all around so my husband & sons are able to watch the sport of they're choice while we bowl. They play great music. Just a all around nice place to spend family time. We plan on going there more often

Mohammed Rohman

Good place to have fun with whole family!

Herbie Rod

Guaranteed To Have Fun

Carlos Carvajal

Well excellent place to have your kids and friends having fun

Andre Webley

Ummm on a weekend the music shouldn't be this slow and bad. If I could I would give this place a ZERO star. Manager Billy didn’t care about our thoughts as he sat and chat with his coworkers all night.

Amanda Rivera

I go there for date nights with my boyfriend. Always a chill environment. Bathrooms are pretty clean. I suck at bowling, but I won't put blame on the establishment for that, this time.

Ralphy Guillen

Cheap and cool spot but cash only for everything so ehh

Jose Partida

A very cool bowling hall with a great atmosphere. Only a couple of things that stood out 1 its cash only, with no atm on site. And it is in the middle of nowhere. You have to walk a good 10 mins incase you came here with no cash, doesn't help that it isn't said anywhere that its the case. I only found out once I got to the main desk. Also the food is way overpriced for what it is. The alcholcol is pretty ok-ly priced though.

Nefstar 23

Great place, super fun!

George Tsahalis

Really fantastic easy to park. People extremely friendly. Lanes are oiled. Price are great. And there is only one other bowling alley in the Bronx but I like bowler land better.

Rafael Grullon

Great place to play bowling. Gets a little crowded on the weekends. Overall nice place.

Chris Kove

Not enough bowling balls with medium and large size finger wholes and they have alot of small xsmall and xxsmall and it's not like little kids use the finger they use that slop thing

Teelas Corner

I love this place very modern set up. Bowling balls/shoes were like new condition. Prices per game reasonable computerized so if you think you want to play longer go buy more games before you last game is over if it is busy you will have to move to another lane. Which I feel is fair it has high level of traffic people who come there to bowl Owner was very nice and friendly we had a great night. Inspired hubby and I to buy our own bowling ball/shoes.

Darlene Thomas

Great bowling street parking

Walter Pierce

Good family atmosphere- but also great for Date- Night!

Robert Wilks

i loved this place ever since i was a kid

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