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6600 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States Located in: Coronado Center

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REVIEWS OF Round1 Bowling & Amusement IN New Mexico


Awesome place. Tons of games, great pool tables, fun bowling! I highly recommend!

Connie Konsavage

Had a great time with the grandkids an family ❤️. Definitely recommend. Bumper lanes and Dragon Ramps!

Susie Wabik

HORRIBLE!! The arcade games are rigged so you do not win. Every time my grandkids had a stuffed animal in the claw it went up so fast and hard that the animal dropped. I know it is rigged to do this. Without a doubt. So I spent $140.00 and they did not win ANYTHING. What a ripoff. We will never come back. We have a great time at Hinkle. We gave you a chance and you all BLEW IT. This company should be ashamed of themselves. My grandkids left crying.

Oscar Lucero

KickAss spot best in town

Ron Romero

Round one was lots of fun But the food was a little pricey


So much cool in one place! The selection of games was overwhelming

Armando Navarro

Its a really fun!! place beer. Old school arcade its awesome

James Arends

Kids had lots of fun bowling for a little birthday party... Next time we will eat pizza somewhere before going here though, they make their money up on the food!

catie smith

Wouldnt let us throw balls overhand

Digital Us

For the most part I like this place. The arcade is way over priced and the ticket payout is so low its not even worth it. And the claw machines are the biggest rip off of all. But the domestic beer is 2 bucks and can't beat that when you just wanna watch the game and have a beer, though it is very loud with other things going on, such as bowling pinball ECT. But over all I'd recommend visiting it at least once.

Mark Griego

I love this place there a lot of fun games


Great place to be with friends.

Five Nights Gamer *

I love game selection and doing karaoke

Cassidy G

We did an hour of karaoke and they don't send anyone to setup the machine unless you ask, and no instructions are provided to set it up yourself. The microphones kept shutting off while singing as well. You aren't allowed to take any drinks into the karaoke room and you have to leave them on the stool outside which is a MAJOR safety issue as someone could easily have a drug slipped into their unattended drink. Also, the service was AWFUL. The clerks couldn't care less about your experience and they don't care about their reviews. Also it's false advertising as there are NO Japanese songs to choose from.

Brian V

Cool selection of games. Lots of Japanese imports I've never even heard of or knew existed. The got a setup for a bar which will be cool eventually. Pool tables, bowling alley, food. Gonna be a pretty fun place to hang out

Alfonso Lovato

Expensive. Lower credit games are weak sause. But the better ones are about 10 credits or 2.50 $ a game


Grandson Jr. loved this place. Have to take him back soon

John Chau

Eh. Good place to play games that you do not normally play on a regular basis but they hassle you on everything to where sometimes you cannot enjoy the night.

Kai Rush

This place is awesome, but the prices brings you down to reality. This arcade has every modern game you would expect to see in Japan or South Korea. This is the best arcade (modern games) I have seen anywhere, but the prices are too high. The place was empty, when we went, so I would have bought a deal for my kid, if it was available. Maybe a deal like $12.99 for an hour of game play. That is fair! This is a cool place, but you have to offer deals to keep it open, when it is empty.

Karen Luna

This place is fun for the whole family! There are so many games to play; I'd recommend previewing the games first before playing because the first time we went we only played the first two rows near the mall entrance before realizing that there was much more that we missed. The games are expensive, but last a long time! The claw machines are pretty generous and we usually win a quality toy or two. Be advised: you WILL spend a lot of money here! I usually will spend $100 on games alone. I have not had the chance to eat, drink or bowl here on account of my money going towards games.

Angelo Turiciano

My kids and I had a blast bowling and playing video games! Very fun place

Alexis Ibarra

Fun and very colorful lights, a bit expencive but worth your while

Maria Chavez

We had a great time here. Good food, good beer prices. The games were fun. Lots of Japanese games that we didn't quiet understand so we didn't play them, but over all we had a great time with our children and our other friends.

Jason Kramer

Good place for some family fun.

Senpai Mars878

Games are fun..great selections...however some shooting games guns' arent calibrated and acurate

Cristobal Molina Alfaro

It's a Japanese amusement park. Lots of Japanese video games and fun. They have bowling, cheap food and 1.99 beers and wine.

Brittany Martinez

Very cool place to kick it and do everything fun

Crystal Baldonado

Great place to have fun and play games!!

Lauren Sellers

Had fun but the staff needs to do a better job cleaning. Everything felt gross and sticky.

Andrew Hughes

New favorite place to hang out and spend some pocket change

justin maese

This place is a blast. Video games-check, bowling - check, alcohol - check, snacks - check, good prices - check. Definitely will be back for more gaming!

Kathleen Crane

So awesome. Best arcade in town

Joe Wu

Round 1 Bowling and Amusement is just awesome. Needs to just have small improvements like free refills and more combos.

Rudy Jauregui

Phoenix is the best and all of the staff are great. Two different staff added credits to our card after a game reader damaged it. Phoenix gave us the best service on a super busy Friday night last week. Our first time there.

Bobby Connelly-Gates

Favorite arcade since it came to Albuquerque, has the more obscure Japanese games, especially my favorite Benami music games. Food is good too, just a long wait on busier nights.

Claudia Florez

Had a great time bowling this place is huge!


Awesome games for all the family and tons of games. Great friendly family place! And awsome random people to! Thanks to the person who turned in my lost phone today! Appreciate it thanks!

Jennifer Davis

Fun but incredibly expensive. They charge for the card THEN you have to load it. Why would I want to pay for a worthless piece of plastic? Nope. Won't be back.

Jorge Sustaita Jr

Best bowling place I've ever been...this place has everything you need to have a great time with your family...

Thomas P

We had a great time, except the wings are awful. Too much batter/grease and seem frozen. Great price in beer.

Richard Montano

Cool games. Fam com and english games. Bowling and billiards


Great games and very clean and tidy place. Highly recommended for a date or family and kids

melmel Koujaku

I won so many fricken plushies here. The crane machines have a trick you need to know how to use and that's how you'll win. Always ask an associate to reset your plush if they're stuck.

Victoria Angielina

Definitely disappointed. This round1 does not do justice to the round1 name.

Eric Castro

The giant Mario kart machine was life! Great place to go for a family night with food, bowling, and an arcade.


Great place for games and bowling! 99 cents for ice cream and arcade games for everyone! I like to hangout here for celebration or a casual day to just hang out with friends!

Jessica Chall

This arcade has got to be the best in New Mexico! It is so big and there is a wide variety of games to play. I will say that the prices are a little high for the food though. I had really fun with my friends here.

Hongi Insisiengmay

I love the drr machines, and machines from Japan, like initial D and all the fighting game machines, it brings back so many memories, when arcades were a thing. Would go back on my next visit.

Tulay White

Extremely expensive!! I understand it's in a mall, and they have to raise the prices for customers in order to be able to pay the astronomical rents in a mall....but the price for a family of 5 for an hour would have broken our budget for about a year!!

Judy B

Good time. Very very fun place for the whole family

Isaac Maes

Did Karaoke there and the service was awful. The karaoke machine didn't work and it took 10 minutes to get fixed. Can't take drinks into the karaoke room and you have to leave said drink outside the karoke room. This is obviously not safe or sanitary to leave your drinks outside unwatched. But yet, you can take food in which makes no sense. Also, this is a Japanese company yet there are NO Japanese songs to sing. With that said this is obviously false advertising as their website clearly states that they have songs in Japanese. This is the equivalence of going to an Italian restaurant and there not being spaghetti.

Mary Padilla

Friday morning. not too busy. perfect time to go for those who doesn't like busy crowd. My 10 year old son enjoyed his birthday here. Raymond is very knowledgeable, great costumer service! Great experience so far!

Elizabeth Lucero

Its to expensive for bowling and they dont have much room for seating. But food is good..

Alicia G

This place is way pricey. They have a lot of game choices at round 1 however most of them are rigged claw machines. seriously take a look at them most of them have two claws and have signs that you have to hit the animal on a particular point to get it to fall the right way as there are blocks/ counters in the way or the animals are too stuffed to actually fit the hole to fall. you'll end up spending half of your card on five tries and you still won't win or even get close really. The other games almost seem rushed like to quick and are still worth a lot of points to play. The food is decent but pretty pricey. 16 to 20 dollars on a wing combo and drink is ridiculous. Legit ice cream is the only cheap item. They serve bar food and charge dinner prices. Karaoke is cool but the volume quality sucks. Pool is okay at least. You have to leave ur id to get what you need but fair is fair. The winnings on most of the games are BS you end up spending $40 to get a hundred ticket points and only being able to get maybe a few Tootsie Rolls or little candies. The prizes are pricey in ticket amounts. Like a 4 pack of pencils cost 800 points. Bar is okay sorta small. Good beer prices at happy hour. But dave n busters has an amazing drink and food menu. N u actually get what you pay for. a lot more worth it on ur wallet. Round 1 is pretty dirty. I went to get a straw for my drink and the food prep cooking area is right next to it workers can Cleary see it. and someone's chewed piece of gum was sitting on the counter near straws and napkins. We mentioned it loudly a few times and they didnt grab it. they don't seem to keep up with cleaning very well especially in a food area. I get its a busy place but that's nasty. It was still there after 15 min of waitng on food. All n all I would say go somewhere else.

Ashley Johnson

This place is really fun and could break the bank if you have happy hour, then go play video games! I can't wait to try bowling! Check this place out, it's lots of fun!

elizabeth ann

Great prices and a lot of fun! Beats holiday bowl for sure if you're just going to open bowl!

Lonnie Sanchez

We had my daughter's birthday here she loved it you get a real bang for your buck. The food included with the birthday party was very tasty also and the toys you win are very cool also.

Tristan Lenzo

Quite frankly, some of the games are impossible to actually play unless you know Japanese. The drinks are okay price but the menu leaves much to be desired. Food is all fried American food, yuck. The games that are in English are good, but expensive when you think about it. If games were all in English ( or even Spanish), the bar and food menu were better, it would be a higher rating for me.


Expensive. Mostly gambling games for kids. Why is it a trend now with places with no mirrors. Yeah we guys like to check ourselves on occasion. Also no paper towel. Just those stupid blow-dryers. No you're not trying to be green. Just laziness and cost savings.

Cris Smith

I wish I could give a zero never been so disrespected in a place I spent money to come into. My daughters and nephews were accused of stealing (from a claw machine) and Yelled at by an employee and we asked to speak to a manager, we declined our refund and stated we would go about our business and wait until our name was called for bowling. Not 5 minutes later security was following us. I addressed them and apologized for the issues yet me and my family of 6 were kicked out and then denied our refund. Since i was yelling at a manager... Seems like they can't be bothered with dealing with upset customers we weren't even given an apology. Manager wasn't obligated to give me his last name but gave up his district managers name with no issue. I really wish Peter Yu would contact me.

Mr. Velasquez

Cool place to take kiddos

Jessica Etcitty

Love this place. My boyfriend and I go here mostly every weekend. Since it opened it's been amazing. The games are awesome they work. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Just an amazing place to hang out.


Nice place, friendly staff! Would love some deals!

Diego Lucero

It was fun they need more games though.

Ashleigh Vigil

Would highly recommend this arcade amazing prizes affordable prices so much fun for the whole family ♥️

Jerry Hazard

Easy set up, nice lanes. Alleys are slick, which is good. We experienced an uncommon number of reset malfunctions - balls wouldn't return, pins falling outside area where the gate could reach them (gutter too). Not a problem, the staff in hand was there nearly instantly to assist, but I've never experienced so many of these things across just three games before. Seating area behind the ball return was adequate, but a little cramped. Required strategic team management in order to not be constantly walking over people. Which I found strange in a space as large as this was put in. For instance, the aisles between video games were quite spacious. There was certainly floor space to allow more room for a bowling team, they just didn't use it. The sound system was a bit annoying. Not that it was loud (it was) but the tone was flat/bass that it was actually difficult to recognize songs, it was just loud white noise. Lastly, for the life of me I can't understand why, if I'm to concentrate on aiming a ball at a group of objects - is there a giant video screen directly above the lane showing football and other sports? That was beyond distracting. I get that it's all the rage now, just one of those things I just don't get along with. One more last thing. All the BOWLING balls are decorated with the stripes of a basketball. I'd suggest mixing it up a bit; do some soccer balls, baseballs, evenna set of billiard balls. However, the size and weight markings were pleasantly obvious, which I did appreciate. I'm not sure I'd return there again to bowl. I'm not a great bowler by any stretch, but I'm not sure bowling there would improve my game either. But - it was clean, relatively bright, and the staff was pleasant and friendly. Seemed a bit expensive though.

Chaitu Chowdary

worst management. Don’t ever come for bowling over here. It get sticks all the time

Donavan Farley

Really great service and really fun.

Eric Ames

So thought we would try this place out for the 1st time. Six of us got there and ordered beer and mix drinks from the bar. Bar tender was rude and the $2.00 beers were warn (u get what u pay for) then we ordered an over priced pizza that was ok and they forgot to put our green chilie on top. Wings? Not even gonna tell u about those, that bad. Then we went to bowl, first lane broke down then they put us on lane 8 that lane broke down so we asked the manager (Crystal) for a refund which she did but when asked if she was gonna take care of us for the next visit for our inconvenience she flat out said no. Very bad 1st experience will never go back. If your reading this review please just go to Main event or Busters you'll thank me when you do.

karla marley

Haven't done it all but games and bowling are great. Employees are super nice and helpful.

Rudy Aragon

Great place for family..

Pablo Anaya

Really like the fighting game area.

Mzy McCants

By far the best arcade in Albuquerque. They have so many Japanese import games which is what I find the most fun. Especially the music and rhythm games. I don't drink or eat junk food but others may enjoy that they have to dollar large beer and wine selections all day long and very cheek ice cream. The bowling alley has some of the most competitive prices in town and the lanes are very new right now so take advantage of them. It's an extra bonus that they are open till 2:00 a.m. every day of the year. Just a fun place that I think kids would enjoy and adults would enjoy even more

Rhonda Fenton

Great Food and a great place for the kids really enjoyed .

Boss Lady

This place is so kool .You can bowl ,play pool,sing karaoke and they also have pinball games and skill cranes .Its a fun place for the whole family.

Nicole Echavarria-Jimenez

Went on a Friday night after work with 4 coworkers to the location in Albuquerque, at the Coronado Mall. Two of us arrived to hold a lane for the others to arrive. We grabbed a pitcher to share and the other two grabbed a pitcher to share. We bowled and ate, having a great time. When two members of our group went to buy another pitcher to share the bartender said they'd cut our group off due to signs of intoxication (totally understand she has the authority to do so). When I asked the employee near the bowling lanes why or how they came to that conclusion, she simply stated "would you like to talk to a manager". I stated "yes please". The manager, Kevin, Security Kiley and 2 other staff members approached me very rudely and demeaning, "What do you need?”. I relayed my concern and just would like to know what gave them the idea we were too intoxicated. He stated that our group was too rowdy, stumbling, slurring speech, and glossy eyes. I was still a little confused and asked to speak with another manager who could give me an answer as to why we were judged or labeled, Jade was just as rude, demeaning and stand offish as everyone else. With the loud noise I asked her if we could move around the corner to discuss the situation, she stated "I can hear you just fine" with the rudest tone. I have never been made to feel that uncomfortable, degraded, embarrassed and unwelcomed. An employee or manager could have come to our group to let us know to calm down. Nobody had come to talk to us that they were concerned, if so they would've known we were just having fun, but no one had come to our lane. I guess unfortunately we played a game too rowdy for their liking that if we guttered the ball we had to do a silly dance that labeled us as too intoxicated. We were just women having end of the work week fun without our kiddos. Even the family with young children next to us stated they couldn't believe how we were treated and apologized to us for the way management treated us. It would have been appreciated if we were approached to see how things were going instead of being accused. Not to mention for the remainder of our bowling we were harassed by security by standing behind us and following us until we walked out. I do not want anyone to have the same experience, so I will be passing this on to.

Bryan Scott

Round 1 is a great place to relax, unwind and even bring your kids. The staff is always happy, attentive and helpful. Tonight Krystal went out of her way, more than once to try and get the college basketball games on the TVs for us. Krystal and another employee also came by to make sure that everything else was ok. Krystal is a great asset to Round 1 as she would be anywhere that she works. Thank you Krystal for going above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed our visit here!

Cynthia R

This place is huge. Lots of fun things to do. Went for a birthday party. Played games, bowling , ice cream and cake. Kids had a blast bowling.

Justina Herrera

This place has a little bit of everything, looks clean the not so crowded


My son and I have lots of fun here. Better than some other similar businesses in the area.

P Reset

Had my son birthday party there last year it was great. Am planning on having his birthday party there again this year. I already book but might cancel be cause of your new policy my son has austism spectrum disorder and when he went to rent one of your party rooms for his party they informed us that we would have to pay for not only all the kids but also the adults that are coming even though they will not be playing games and we planned on ordering food for the adults on the side since the food should only be for the kids payed for by us to be at the party. Most of the adults coming our older grandparents and great grandparents some from Arizona. I chose round one because it has the party rooms that are nice and quiet encase my son once again who has austism could have a quiet safe place to decompress with me. But now you want to charge me 30 dollars per adult again many of them vets and senior citizens to just sit in party room even if the don't eat any of the party food or do any activities. To me this is wrong it a kids party and my son needed the quite room but I guess if we decided not to cancel our party already put deposit down we have to have it in the food area. I tried explaining this to the manager on duty about wanting the room because of sensory issue with my son and was basically told to bad by the manager if we wanted the room all adults even the ones not planning on doing any of the games bowling ect would have to pay 30.00 dollars to come to there grandkid and great grand kids third birthday party. This to me show no desire to accommodate those on the Austism spectrum I might just cancel and get my deposit back and take it to a play more inclusive of children with disabilities and senior citizens that would just like to sit and take picture of thier wonderful grandson have his party totally disappointed by this.

Chris Morales

This place is pretty awesome. Dave and Busters has nothing on this place.

Lessa Touch

This place is located upstairs the mall. Depending on the time you go good parking is hard to find or if you like long walking you can park your car far. Good atmosphere and family friendly and it was clean. Took my nephew there and he had a blast! Well we both were having a great time! We had so much fun that we ran out of credits fast. The area is pretty big and lots of games to play. Theres bowling and food there also and I haven't tried it out yet. This is a great place to have a good time with family and with friends. Life is short why not enjoy your self with people you love and live. I recommend this place for a great time, its fun!

Kevin Bloom

It was very cool. It was nice it was inside the mall. Definitely going back for another few rounds in the future.

Jonathan P

I like the place but the pool table lights are not efficient enough and leaves darker spots near the edges and make it difficult to see the angle. Also if the lights were lower the TVs would be more visible as well. $10hr for these tables are not worth it in my opinion.

Hank Kush

Very fun and another way to be entertained. The prices are a little bit high for an okay amount of points.

Sarah Worthington

SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Wow! My friend and I decided to try this place and we had no idea how much FUN was waiting for us! Round One is just rows upon rows of arcade games (both from our past like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Skeeball etc. and then new ones like The Walking Dead- shooting zombies with a crossbow, etc.) We had spent hours there and totally loved the air-hockey tables as well as the Motorcycle games, Basketball games... We were just constantly smiling, joking, and laughing out loud!!! We couldn't tear ourselves away from this awesome place! Highly recommended for everyone! :)

Sydney Fox

even though the point system was bowl for bowling Krystal made it work for me and my party and we had a lot of fun! Thanks you guys for the experience

Leonardo Granados

Awesome place to hang out and get cheap beers. Great staff as well. You can spend a good 2 hours here and get your money's worth for sure.

Anthony Sandoval

Fun, great time for the family.

Michael Lovato

Grandkids really enjoyed themselves. Large variety of arcade machines and activities. Staff was helpful and courteous.

Denise Quiambao

It's fun but they dont allow people under 21 to do karaoke or even bowling when it's like 11pm onwards

Tanya Baca

We held our baseball banquet at Round 1 in Coronado mall today. I highly recommend this place for a large party. Our party hosts Crystal and Ariel were awesome. They were on top of everything and super friendly. Food was delicious and all you can eat is with the all inclusive package. I would book a party there again in a heartbeat.

Josh Aycock

I really liked this place. Tons of Japanese imports, which is hard to find anywhere. Prices were good on the bowling and food. Me and my kiddo overall had a great time. Will return again. Plus, you can knock out shopping after your fun as this place is in the mall.

tina h

The customer service and food could have been much better for as much money as we paid to have our graduates have fun. It was also disappointing to not be able to extend our time or rent another table like a regular pool hall. The kids didn't understand when there were empty tables on both sides of us for over 30 mins. Only plus was the $1.00 ice cream.


Of the similar places to this (ie Main Event, D&B) Hands down the best. Similar prices to other places..maybe even slightly more affordable.

Timmy Turner

Excellent fun for my 6yr old. Would recommend over Main event or Chuck E Cheese!

Nathan McCann

Best arcade in town. Bowling lanes and Billiard tables are flat and true (hopefully that lasts). Food is barely passable and bar is average.

Jacob Lutz

The absolutely best arcade in Albuquerque! Was stationed in Okinawa for 3 years and they had a 7 story Round 1 and when I saw they were building one in Albuquerque I couldnt have been more excited. Definitely lived up to my expectations for the arcade and can't wait to go back. Kids had a blast as well and will probably be planning one or more birthday parties there.

Samantha Sanchez

They are over priced and for a party $700 and $100 for a down payment almost 1,000 just to have your party hosted by them. I booked a birthday party was told 300 and when I went to go pay for it they told me 700 +100 down.. Also they gave my reserved party to someone else. Dont recoment to host a party by

corleone 5680

Really nice place to take kid's and also parents could let there hair down and have a good time as well they serve beer and food love this place

dale montoya

Do you're research before purchasing. Points per game or block time. So read the fine print. 99 cent ice cream and 1.99 select brews.

Claire Barkley

Shelby at the bar is very rude she has an attitude with PAYING customers

Bridget Fain

A lot of different videos games. Even games you can dance to and get a workout . The staff are friendly and helpful . Bowling,.crane machines, zombie games and much more. You can play by yourself or with friends. You can earn prizes from points or tickets you get from the games . Definitely stop in here for some fun .

Cait Pfeifer

My kid loved this place.... I loved this place... But fyi you can get better food from the food court down stairs ans bring it in. It's cheaper that way too. Also great hack buy the unlimited $10 game card First. It last for about any hour. Plus you get to play just about every type of racing game they have. Then use your money on the other games to win credits.

Danny Young

Had a great time. Pricing is a little on the expensive side and quite a few games the instructions are in Japanese. Otherwise a fun day.

Theo W

Terrible vibes. Terrible service from the the guy serving at the bar. Didn't bother to shoot pool or go bowl. The arcade is is full of variety and fun games. Seems like a good place to chill but feels like entrapment once you get there

Ruth Duarte

Great for family time.


Great place didnt know it was there in the mall had a good time playing the video games also has pool table and hockey tables with games for all ages great place to have a party I think also think it's a better place then Dave and buster's

ABQ Review

Looking for a great place to bring the Family for some Family Fun? Check out Round One! They've got an awesome Bowling Alley, a HUGE Game Room, really nice Pool Tables, a couple of very cool Karaoke Rooms, a great Snack Bar. They've also got a spot for Adult Beverages. Located at Coronado Mall and they stay open late.

Artist Just Artist

This place is fun for the family not to mention 2 dollar beers and 99 cent ice cream!! they also have bowling and pool tables!!! I can stay all day at this place!!

TGK nightmare

This place is amazing. If you ever want to treat your kids, friends or family, I would highly recommend this place.

Dainty Gyal

Best place to relax an have fun for both the adults an kids

David Garcia

This place is fun! Don't wanna leave unless the kiddos fall asleep.

Nohemi Ramirez

Dirty place. It can be fun but stepping over pizza on the carpet is not very fun.

Smooth J

The Best Entertainment place in all of Albuquerque, have the best price for Happy Hour all day, great atmosphere, nice employees, overall amazing prices and games!!! Highly recommend for Kids parties, your birthday, or just want to have an awesome time!!!

January Lopez

I've giving it 2 star for the karaoke. In my opinion the karaoke speakers and sounds settings is awful.(i tried to fix the settings from the machine but still not good) The karaoke machine it self is terrible. The lyrics are confusing it goes first to the bottom to top. If you don't know the lyrics of songs you are singing you'll be confuse where to read the next lyrics. (the next is goes on the top) The bass was sounds awful, it's because the speakers are tiny for the loud bass of the music coming out of it. (I have my own karaoke at home it's so much better) I went here just to see and try it and so my friends could experience singing in karaoke too. I didn't enjoy singing because everything is sounds awful. the sounds, bass, mic sounds and music. I hope they fix it because if you don't sing good but you love to sing you're totally going hear yourself singing so bad because of the sounds and microphone sounds is bad. But even though you sing bad and the sounds and etc is good. I bet you'll sing more and will enjoy it.

Richard Castillo

The place is cool and would be fun if affordable but the arcade games are much too expensive!! ROUND 1 LOWER THE PRICES ON ARCADE GAMES. I seen lots of people walk out like i did when they seen the high price of arcade games.

Sheri Kokesh

The redemption center toys are too expensive and the place smells like a pot convention. The cashier is not friendly at all, got a lot of dirty looks from her. As for the food prices forget it, eat before you come here, you'll save money! Won't be back!!


This place is pretty awesome most all the game machines made in Japan which is a very good thing. They even have a all Japanese game corner where the whole game is in Japanese very cool buttttttt very expensive you buy points and each game usually cost 7-10 points to play and you get 100 points for 20$ so you can play about 10 times for 20$

Mickey Smith

1st time there. Actually had attendants attending. Great service. Good pizza and wings. Bowling was fun. I'll go back. Maybe pool?

Bernadette Chavez

Great place for kids up to young adults. Couldn't find lanes to bowl nearby so went to check out the new venue. Not for me.

vanessa chavez

Absolutely love it! Perfect for the entire family!

Robert Talbert

Took kids to play arcade games. Had a lot of fun!

Shalene Garcia

Everyone was very nice

Raymond Ortega

Love there games so many too play I spend a few hours here every time I come bowling is also fun never over packed definetly worth coming to

Anthony ooo

Great place to get lit an play games lmao


Nice place but need to change the way they serve drinks. You have to get back in line to get a second drink even after your age is checked. Sucks if the line is long. Won't go back until this changes.


Wonderful place with many games and activities to keep you and your friends entertained for hours! Nice and friendly staff, helpful and easy to talk to!

Nyra Largo

The employees are helpful when needed and friendly when serving. They are always productive and making sure the service stays great!

Cynthia Sandoval

Have been to this arcade a few times now and every time it’s always a great experience! The staff is so kind and helpful. The games are so much fun and have a huge selection to choose from. My family always has a wonderful time! Pizza is yummy! And bowling is an added plus to the experience! Would recommend this place to all!!

Raquel Dietz

Just fun an Entertaining

Stephanie Nunez

Staff was very rude the games and bowling are overpriced and they have a very depressing play list was very unsatisfied with this place

Mises von Camus

I come here regularly and spend plenty of money... suddenly a rent-a-cop IDs me outside and tells me I cannot go in because I have a bag... He then proceeds to ID no one else going in and stands there watching me. Thanks for profiling a paying customer Round 1. Why should I ever go back? Why is a mall cop blocking paying customers?

Owen Kobasz

Great arcade, they have some of the more obscure games (like Initial D stage 8)!

Desiree Toscano

First time here it’s so awesome me and my husband shared a game card with 300 points pretty decent spent an hour and a half here. The Sega UFO Catchers (Claw Machines) aren’t your normal grab and pick up machines they are Japanese imported and very different but definitely not rip offs once you realize how to position the claw to drag it down to win. Love all of the Imported games as well ^_^

Ashley Arrossa

Good service and no wait for cosmic bowling.

christina valverde

Fun place to play an amazing range of games, get a drink or a bite to eat, and always open late.

Fran Foster

Great place to hang customer service. Loads of fun and excitement. My suggestions is to see Berto. Sam. T bird. Felicia. Mgrs. Mr John is outta this world amazing. Sammie. Dinh. Are great choices as assistants. Come see these great people....extraordinary experience.

J Porter

Round One has a variety of games and activities at a high price. While there are a couple of good deals, it cannot make up for the price. If I won't play any game because they all cost too much, that's a problem. If soda costs more than a beer, that's a problem. I love the variety but I cannot take advantage of it. I will not pay to play there again at that price.

Sancho Guantanamo

My favorite entertainment place in ABQ. Cheap drinks, fun games and kareoke!

Jeff Ringrose

Bowling looks like fun...I bought a chip card and tried to play their version of a Guitar Simulator. It didn't work. It flashed and bleeped but never started. The prompts are in an oriental language. Luckily they gave me my credits back.

Laniebug cringe

This was so funny, lots of games! I won an adorable stuffed animal! Its lots a fun to cuddle with. Fun experience! I need to bring the whole fam next time

Lisa Vargas

Party planning made confusing .. plan a kids party but anyone over 13 yrs of age needs to be on the adult and pay $3 more for the beer !! Don’t need any beer, Explain that again Over The Extremely Loud atmosphere!! Planned a bowling party instead Hopefully it goes ok !! Done planning let kids play and got a beer Wait it said draft 1.99 why did I pay 6.99 !!

Allie Arning

We had fun and I'm giving it 4 stars because the beer was really reasonably priced. But the games were kinda pricey in my opinion. We had fun but I miss the thrill of getting a lot of tickets and carrying them to the counter. This place is worth a stop overall.

S Aragon

This place has so many cool games!! Looking into booking a party and they are very competitive!! If they stick with their pricing it would be a great place for a birthday party or event. We havent done the bowling yet but anticipate that soon. The prices for game cards and memberships look very good too!

Jon Stanford

When you buy the game card, the games are in these crazy multiples like 4.8 and 6.8. They do this so you won’t realize how much you’re spending. And the games cost a ton of credits. The claw games, which my children love, are RIGGED. Now - they’re all rigged, in a sense. I know this well. I’ve been playing these for 30 years. But these are by far the most rigged claws I have ever seen. My kids were sad after spending a couple hours here. My 11 year old chose this for our holiday fun activity and ended up apologizing. It felt like Las Vegas.

Lostboy FlyingHigh

Awesome arcade. I'll be back. Make sure to bring your credit cards or debit cards to play.

michael rodriguez

Want say it's in the top 3 arcades in Albuquerque. A lot amazing games, they have huge selection of claw machines. dollar ice cream is amazing. Only reason 4 star, a lot arcade machine are from Japan no translation. Still amazing

Sal Munoz

Really cool place especially since they allow you to play pool at 18 instead of like fun connection

Cecilia Rivera

Love this place. So much to do so much to drink and eat. Great for adults and kid's prices are better than main event!!

desiree vidal-montoya

Had so much fun cant beat the price i loved it my son loved it great family place to go bowling even better the only thing was that some of the customer service needs to be worked on there's very rude people at the counter I don't know if she was having an off night but that was unacceptable there was only two employees that really stuck out I only know one name and his name is Logan he provided really good customer service and made me and my family so welcome

Rebecca Glenn

This place was pretty chill. Reminded me of that place called Main Event--without the laser tag. Didn't have any bike racks so we had to get creative locking our bikes together around the big pillar outside(see picture). Prices aren't too bad, wish they had specials for certain nights. Love that they serve pitchers! They had Santa Fe's 7K on tap too. Paul and Dinh(sp?) were really cool too. The downside to the place is that it kinda felt like we were being chaperoned at a field trip or something. Lots of people just watching us... Kinda creepy and unnecessary.

Jasmine French

Only been a couple of times but my experience has been great every time. A bartender named Zavi was really cool and helpful. Haven't bowled here yet but it looks fun and they have tons of games.

Frail Comic

Place has a great variety of games good prizes and was good fun only thing that keeps it from 5 was that quite the few game controllers had bad triggers but its ok.

April Adams

Almost TOO much fun!! I could spend all my money there, if I'm not careful! We had a GREAT time with the crane machines and Japanese style photo booths! There are some really cool pinball machines and even a bowling alley! I would love to go back and check out the karaoke! Round 1 would be an ideal place for a party!

Marle Tru

So much fun with the kids. Lots of games from retro to modern my teen loved all the anime. Not cheap to play but the munchies there are nicely priced.

cameron martinez

Arcade and prizes are better than Main Event, Hinkle, and Dave and Buster's (D&B has better food) in my opinion. My nine year old daughter and six year old son had a blast playing some really cool/different games at this arcade honestly, I did too.

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