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1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States

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REVIEWS OF Meow Wolf IN New Mexico


This exhibit has a lot of potential and will be even more amazing if they add on. The exhibit itself is intricate and creative, but not worth $30.00 per person. Although the demand to go there is very high. Need a Meow Wolf Theme park and maybe they could justify $30 per person.

Brian Yapko

I know a lot of people adore this modern art "experience." But I'm no fan of performance art. I am old school and prefer a more traditional experience which encourages talent rather than hype. To me this was hipster hell for artists who would do better to focus on quality rather than shock effect.

Gary Alling

This is one the best experiences I have had in entertainment. It is interactive art that will bring childhood memory back and spark fantasy. It is a place you can go many times and get something different out of each trip.

matthew wade

Absolutely fantastic experience! You should definitely plan on visiting this place if you're even remotely in the area. At the time my wife and I went it was $28 per person but well worth it. If you start getting exhausted walking around and exploring the amazing art and storyline don't forget there are drinks available on site although they cannot be carried into the attraction. If you love art or mind-bending experience as you should definitely go.

Melissa Chu

This is a very strange place as advertised. I had a good time here whether it be laughing with the art, laughing at the art, or just overall confused. Come with people with a good sense of humor, let your imagination run wild, and you’ll have lots of fun here!

erin mulligan

Really cool place

Emily Stirrup

So glad to see my little artist collective doing so well - everything has gotten better and better over the years I've been coming here. There's a new ticketing system: be prepared by buying tickets before you head to Meow Wolf (you will be buying tickets for a specific start time). Also one of my favorite music venues of all time - I can't wait to see what happens next!

Karson Smith

This is a absolutely fantastic place to stop and go to. If it's your first time plan on spending a few hours here. It's fantastic for kids and adults alike and has so much to see. I would highly recommend going at the earliest time, 10am, as it gets packed throughout the day and can get very crowded. As a local to the area it's great to see a lot of out of state people here enjoying meow wolf, but I would love to see a local day where there may be some different and new Mexico native attractions.

Albert sandoval

Very fun, creative, interactive place. The last time I was there was super crowded, so I didn't enjoy it as much as the time before. Still super awesome place though. Parking is a bit of a hassle as well. I would also recommend buying your tickets online prior to showing up.

David Perea

This place is freaking awesome. Spent 2+ hours and still feel like I didn't see it all. My wife and I had a blast. Definitely recommend 5 stars

Cory Johnson

I just can't describe how cool this place is. I've been several times and had a different experience every time. There's a story line you can follow and my goal is to follow it completely. But that means going without children which I'm not sure will happen any time soon. Lol. Great place!! Kids loved it!!

Kristina Asimova

We loved it! I didn't really know what to expect and assumed that this place was mostly for kids. Not at all! Adults with imagination can have fun also! We spent there 2 hours and definitely would go again if it was located in our hometown. Just be careful, don't let them sell adult tickets to your kids! The lady at the register tried to give my 2 tickets for the full price although my 10 year old kid was right in front of her... There is a coffee and souvenirs shop. Parking was a bit problematic, so we parked on the street. Overall, good experience, would recommend.

Veronica Montes

I absolutely love this place. It was amazing my kiddo and I lasted hours in there and it was full of fun. I will definitely be driving other there ever few months to experience the changes they make.

Taylor Rabe

You must come here at least once! It’s an amazing and beautiful immersive (and at times overwhelming) experience unlike anything else. It will take you hours to completely explore everything— check every single nook and cranny!

Robyn Pliml

Our trip to Meow Wolf was amazing! Being an art major I can say I have been to a lot of art shows and displays, but I have never been to anything like this. I love that the visitors become part of the art. If you go, read the letters throughout the display too, they give you the storyline. My husband and I are already talking about making a trip to Vegas to see that location and the Denver and D.C. locations after they're open! I wish they'd open a location by the Mall of America, close to where we live!

Kelly B

What a great place to explore! You could spend all day here investigating everything and still not see every detail. The cafe has a great beverage selection. The staff were all very nice and helpful. Definitely a must see if your in town.

Myron Grant

Meow Wolf is unlike anywhere I have been. Many, many different rooms and exhibits, a few are interactive. There seems to be no common path to follow with back doors, side doors and secret doors out of some rooms. There is a kit that will provide insights but I did not check one out. Many people inside so it is difficult to stop and study any one thing for very long. Quite a few places you could sit down and people watch. Overall for me, it was just OK and I probably will not return.

Amber Medina

Words cannot describe this place, but to try, I'll use the word AMAZING. Worth the price and time to go. Take your time and enjoy it. There's so much to see and touch.

Christopher Najera

Awesome place with interactive art installations. You can easily be lost here for hours and still want be amazed. The transition from installation to installation is seamless. Meow Wolf a unique and unforgettable experience that has something for everyone. This was my first time coming and I was not disappointed. The photos don't do it justice. If you like unique and modern art, do yourself a favor and visit Meow Wolf.

Trinity Mead

One of the coolest places I've ever been to. So entertaining, fascinating, mystical and curious. If you are a mystery solver this is the place for you. Your senses will be delighted in this fun house for people of all ages.

Betsy MM

What can I say... this place was like fun house meets Alice in Wonderland meets Stranger Things meets interactive contemporary art. It was trippy, trippy in a good way. Ticket prices were reasonable, particularly given we had access all day. Plan on spending at least 1.5-2 hours here. We had this super cool adventure working our way through the house/exhibit/rooms. Walk through the refrigerator into a tunnel that leads to a different room or play the bones of a dinosaur. There were so many layers to this experience. There were performers at various spots throughout, some with some very unique garb. We loved it. I mean seriously loved it. Even going down to the bathroom was an experience and there is unique art all along the way. The gift shop has some fun and unique items and they have a cafe as well that makes a mean cold brew.

Andrea Corbo

Loved this place! Most unusual, artististic, imaginative and creative entertainment and thinking venue you will go to in a long time. REALLY cool!

Barb DiMarco

The best in tactile audible creative arts entertainment! Why shouldn't art be experiential and fun?? Each room has its own feel resonating with the theme of a family alien abduction. Some rooms you never want to leave. Thankfully they time tickets now for crowd control. I can't wait to see the one in Vegas, Denver, and Hotel in Phoenix. Kudos to all artists who made this fun moody fun house happen!! You broke the mold in architecture!!

Paul Moore

This such a fun and unique place to visit. The visual sensations alone worth the price of admission and one is immersed is this amazing world. An added bonus is the mystery that visitors can engage themselves in trying to solve. My wife and I without kids spent a couple of hours there. With kiddos one could spend even more time as they enjoyed the fun. This is a place to approach with an open and receptive mind to get the most from the journey.

Emily Kerstetter

Awesome experience. I went on a Saturday night and thought it might be too crowded, but it was fine! Would recommend to anyone in Santa Fe.

Stevie Lynn

This place is everything I ever wanted to find in my closet as a kid. It made me feel like the universe could be infinite and wonderful again. To enjoy Meow Wolf to the fullest, I'd recommend reserving a time slot online at least a day before you visit. If you don't like crowds, try going during the day on a week day. I went around noon on a Thursday, and there were still a lot of people, but I didn't feel overwhelmed. We stayed til 5pm, with a break for lunch at the food trucks in the parking lot, and some very intense lattes at the cafe/bar inside. When we went back in after lunch, we found THREE ROOMS we hadn't seen in our first two-hour walk through. I highly recommend picking up and looking through everything. Even if you're not there to solve the mystery, it's a gingerbread house of art. I would absolutely go back for another 5 hours (or more). Also - they do have a single-stall gender neutral restroom!

S Alessandra

Meow Wolf is a surreal and exhilarating otherworldly experience created by hundreds of artists. It’s of a caliber that one would expect people to be taking pictures constantly, but I rarely saw cameras as people are so immersed in the exhibit. Expect to explore the interconnected space for hours and just enjoy getting lost in what feels like a strange dream.

Joel Velasquez

Before making the trip to Santa Fe from Albuquerque, I was able to read a little bit on Meow Wolf (taking care not to read spoilers). Honestly, I hot a whole lot more out of my experience here than I thought I would. Its absolutely fascinating. With many secrets and Easter eggs to find EVERYWHERE. the place was packed with locals and tourists alike, but Meow Wolf had so much to offer, I wasn't bothered with the large volume of people crowding every corner. I felt like a kid in an unfamiliar jungle gym, filled with the joy of exploration. I could easily spend several hours in Meow Wolf, but unfortunately the sensory overload combined with excitement fatigue, exhausted my brain in a little over an hour. I would definitely recommend Meow Wolf to anyone looking for a new and fresh adventure in the fantastic city of Santa Fe. I should mention that Meow Wolf, though fun, isn't cheap. I believe I paid a little over $26 for myself. Sorry big families.

Megan Gibbs

I loved our visit to Meow Wolf. My daughter (age 4) had a great time exploring all the different areas. I found it a little crowded and slightly claustrophobic in some places, but they had plenty of areas where you could sit and take in the atmosphere. There are many areas that are simply spectacular. My husband and his brother solved one of the puzzzles while we were there. I know we'll be going back to take a closer look at everything next time, and maybe we'll even pay for the audio tour.

David Costales

My family had an amazing experience, and I feel like we barely scratched the surface in the few hours we didn't there. Our six year old son initially found some of the exhibit a little scary, but he was exploring the spaces with excitement and wonder after a few minutes. I definitely recommend setting several hours aside, especially if you want to explore all the lore hidden in the exhibit.

Chelsea Yost

One of the weirdest, most interesting places I've ever been. We got 3-D glasses and I liked having them, but I don't know that they were essential (that being said, they were only $1.) This being our first time, we just wandered, but if I were to go back, I would try to follow the family's story. Worth a visit and I didn't notice anything scary, so I think it could be great for kids, too. Definitely a lot of walking and stairs, with optional crawling /crouching. Not friendly to those who have a hard time getting around.

Ravali Pochampally

I have never been to a place like Meow Wolf and i don't know how to describe or categorize it, but I will try... At the center of meow wolf is a house which forms the backdrop for a mystery, and the visitors are challenged to solve the mystery by interacting with, and learning from their surroundings. The decor of Meow Wolf is straight out of a sci-fi fever dream, and is crafted lovingly by the artists in Santa Fe. Do plan your visit to avoid rush hours as the experience is better when the crowd is less.

Matt Wood

Lots of fun, and surprisingly kid friendly. Some scenes might be a little intense for kids. While I didn't have time for it, there is supposed to be a rich story for adults to experience if they spend time looking for details. It is advised to order tickets in advance and arrive early. While the wait is not unbearable, don't be surprised if you have to wait 30 minutes to get in. We also found parking to be rough in the middle. We found both the lines and parking issues resolved when we arrived later in the day. Great staff as well.

Amy Goodman

This is one trip connected to another by a door or crawl through or slide with each area having a completely insane theme. We didn't try to figure out the mystery for lack of time. Would definitely go again!

Carol Kraemer

I enjoy art I can interact with. Meow Wolf is my jam because you can interact with nearly everything. We came thinking it would take an hour but spent over half the day! Amazing experience. I wish I lived closer so I could spend more time here. The morning was ridiculously crowded and uncomfortable but it quieted around noon.

Elizabeth Bean

Such an amazing and fun experience. Don't love the lines and crowds though. Love the art center for my kiddos. Definitely get tickets on line before you go!

Briza Del Muro

Went with my family for Father’s Day and we had a great time. My girls loved being able to go through all the hidden door ways. I had my baby in a carrier and most of the pathways are convenient, there were just a few that were too low or too narrow to go through with the baby. The bathrooms were clean and all bathrooms have a changing table. We definitely recommend it and plan on going again. And you can even get tickets ahead of time at their website.

Glynn Brewer

This place was so much fun if I didn’t do any other thing in Santa Fe other than go visit I would still be happy. The artwork and imagination it took to put this place together is amazing. I found that the people were very nice and the whole experience was exceptionally well organized. One word of caution, for those that come from out of town, remember that Santa Fe is at 7k feet of elevation , so between the darkness, the flashing, moving around and tight spaces, You may not feel up to seeing the entire experience. The House of Eternal Return is very aptly named.

Patrick Gallagher

Really pretty colors everywhere and it has a pretty awesome story as well. I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 hours that I spent and the amount of time that I could continue to spend is unfathomable. I'd go check it out more often if possible and get more photos out of it, but as a first timer I definitely recommend this place as a key attraction in New Mexico.

Thomas Masterson

A wild and crazy experience. Must see if you are in Santa Fe (or Albuquerque, it's an easy train ride up). There were a ton of other people there. I don't know if there are any non-busy times or not. We were there on a Monday afternoon.

Teri Mauldin

Finally made it to this fun museum experience. Note, it is closed on Tuesday and it works best to buy your tickets online. Allow time for parking as the parking lot fills quickly and you'll most likely be parking in the neighborhood. The museum itself is a fun interactive visual overload in a wonder filled way. If you are patient with crowds there is a story with a puzzle to work out. That is not essential for enjoying the exhibit.

medalion Rahimi

Very interesting installations but way too crowded to actually enjoy the art. Considering how much money we paid for our tickets and booking a time you would think they would have it more under control. We couldn’t even fully experience it because it was just so crowded and so many children running around. They need to regulate how many people they let in per time slot. Also we had to pay extra $$ for 3D glasses which should just be included in the ticket price. Disappointing.

Kritika Subedi

Definitely suggest to have enough time to spend here least 1.5 hours. If you like historical places, this is the place for you! The price is definitely on the expensive side. I personally will not be coming back again.

Sandra Estrada

Wow! Cool interactive art space. Take the time to solve the puzzle or just walk around through the maze of rooms, each shifting you to a different world and mood. It’s worth the price, especially if you take your time and spend at least three to four hours there.

Matthew Stott

Amazing, immersive artistic experience. So detailed and a really cool combination of storyline and set design. One visit isn't enough!

Darren Ursua

Amazing attraction. So many distinguish layers of unknown and mystery but yet enjoyable and fun. 3D glasses are $1 extra (up to your preference). Honestly should be included via admission. Overall great place.

Rachel McDonald

Worth it! My husband and I are budget travelers but indulged in the $30/person tickets and were blown away. Easily spent 4 hours exploring the beautiful, intricate fun house. Fell in love with the details and subtle interactive pieces. Wilderness room was our favorite! Go to Meow Wolf!

Anna Sheffield

Super cool place!! Definitely go if you have the chance. It takes all day to explore but it like being in another world. Would go again.

Nancy Young

What a creative, imaginative place! It is like a giant fun house with a science bent to it. Lots of passageways and secret doors, upstairs and downstairs. There were toddlers to retired folks, all enjoying the interactions. Definitely worth the time and money.

Chris Espinosa

Great place to take the family to. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. More coordination when big events are happening in the City. During Balloon Fiesta time, tickets need to be purchase online before hand. Great experience overall.

Olivier della Valle

This is a MUST see. I don't want to spoil this experience too much but it's definitely a life-changing stop. Worth every dollar and then some. My only suggestion would be to expand the cafeteria. I did enjoy my cookie but some healthier options would be appreciated!

May R.

Great place! Interesting, unique, and interactive. I saw people of all ages there having a great time, fiddling with the doodads, going through hidden doors and trying to discover the story behind it all. I would suggest getting there early because even though they people through in intervals, if you're taking your time the next group will enter and it will get packed. The merch store was a bit pricey for my moderate college income but I did go away with some cool stickers. They also have a little cafe/food/bar with plenty of seating.

Celeste Ramirez

I love meow wolf. As a big supporter of the arts and local artist's, this amazed me and inspired me so much. I had an awesome time here and I'm so ready to come back again hopefully soon. I always tell other artist that they have to come here. I'm ready to have a new experience at the new locations popping up around the states and will definitely be attending those as well.

Hayley Goodstein

Complex, engaging exhibit with something for everyone. You don't really need to know/understand the exhibit story to enjoy the experience, but if that's why you are going, plan to visit for several hours, even various times, in order to work through the clues. 3-D glasses seemed unnecessary. Anomaly Tracker app was actually kind of neat. A few extra dollars on top of the entry isn't a big deal. Though it would be helpful to explain that the app is only for use in the house and not the greater exhibit.

Ben McInturff

What a beautiful concept, lovely performers and staff. Literally nothing I've ever seen compares to the experience. So much fun, so many things to explore.

Richard Langston

Amazing! At face value there is so much to do, touch and see. But there is even more! So many secret places and games and the story seems never ending. Friendly staff are there to help out too! The gift shop is very pricey but I understand it is supporting local artists. If you miss this place, you haven’t really done Santa Fe!

Daddy Panda

This place is awesome. Well worth the price and wait. Definitely gonna go back very soon. It's a world of wonders.


Wow! This place is magical. There's a lot to see. Once you think you've visited every room, you'll stumble upon another you've never seen before. Make sure to go into every door, through every hole, open drawers and cabinets. Read the papers, watch the videos. It's amazing how much time and energy went into this. There is so much attention to detail. Everything is carefully curated. It feels real. I would love to come back.

Ryan Mull

Even with all the excitement and hype for us before we entered, Meow Wolf did not disappoint. What an amazing work of art by these artists. Highly recommend it for any age. The creativity is off the charts.

Katiria Perez

This place was amazing. It blew away anything I was expecting. This mystery surrounding the house is very interesting and had a few puzzles to solve. I will definitely come here again.

vivien landram

Awesome.wierd bag policy. I understand no back packs but my back pack shaped purse! Come on! I'm not leaving it behind your counter!

paul vanderwiel

Absolutely loved this interactive artistic experience! Spent four hours here and wish we had come earlier! So much to explore and discover, I can't wait until I can go back.

Nicolas Diaz

I don't know how someone could rate this place any lower than 5/5. I came last year and they've put even more detail into this year. I liked coming on a night with live music more than during regular hours.

robot long

The House of Eternal Return is one of the most significant experiences I've ever had. My view of what is possible is forever changed. I am moved by the art but also motivated to fully express myself. Go. Take your time. Find a moment to fully immerse yourself in each experience. Interact with the art. Find out what happened in Mendocino...

Carlos Martinez

What is there not to say about Meow Wolf. It's pretty amazing. Ive been here at least four times and I don't think I've seen it all. I like to take my time at each exhibit, and everything changes a little every once in a while. It's so cool. Concerts here are so intimate, the sound is great. I want to come here over and over again, and I can't wait for the Denver and Vegas locations to open up soon. It's going to be really cool.

Pat Paiz

It was fun and quirky. I enjoyed the experience. But I do have to give this warning. It is a very intense experience in that there is lots of visual and audio stimulation and it can be a bit overwhelming to people like me that have sensitivity to lots of environmental input. I needed to take breaks.

Lauren Foster-Shaner

I loved this place so much, it was amazing. We were there for about two hours, went back to one spot, realized we hadn't opened a closet door and found another hours' worth of spaces to explore. I'd come back to Santa Fe again just to visit here.

Samantha C.

This place was incredible fun. My husband and I had a blast exploring the place. Be sure to set aside plenty of time before you visit! This place is bigger than I thought. Each art installation/exhibit was very thoughtfully put together. After posting photos to my instagram, my friends back home were very jealous!

Lacey Lindley

Honestly this place is always great. Sometimes it is a little bit of a line that you have to wait in to go inside but that's kind of expected considering how awesome this place is. We don't go here frequently because we live about an hour away but I will say that every time we go, their seems to be some different and new things. So it is always fun. My kids really enjoy going through there looking at all the different things. It is a place unlike any other place you have ever seen. You cannot really put it in any specific category. It is in a place all its own but that's what makes it so unique and awesome. Also, they have some really nice things in the gift shop, I just wish that they weren't so costly. But I suppose that's how all gift shops are.

Terry J Coen

Amazing place for every age! There was 71 rooms and each was unique and the Art and Displays were awesome! Couldn't believe 4 hours passed and our group of 6 was still going and having fun. An experience you shouldn't miss.

Kim Blacklock

A one-of-a-kind adventure soon to arrive in other US cities!! Brilliant use of talent & empty properties and labor hours, while creating jobs & significant tourism $$. Brilliant, beyond fun, inspiring! #MeowWolfEverywhere please!


I travel a lot and there's not much that surprises me BUT this place is amazing! You definitely need a few hours to really appreciate all the different attractions! I can't edit to go to the one in Denver and then when Las Vegas opens, I be there too!!!!!

Dahrius Bissell

This is the most amazing art museum/puzzle I have ever seen. It is unexplainable. There is a massive amount of unique art, but the best part is that behind all of it, there is an incredible story hidden in clues, passageways, and videos throughout the house. I strongly recommend that everyone go, and resist trying to learn anything about it beforehand.

Jonathan Herring

Delightful psychedelic inspired experience. Try to make it during the week or during a concert, as it is a little less magical when there's a crowd.

Thea Eccles

I highly recommend this place. We visited early on a Sunday and were instructed to buy our tickets online by one of the employees outside, and then get in line, which lasted about 20 mins (luckiily there was shade provided, as it gets HOT in the New Mexico sun). Once inside we were given instructions and purchased a pair of 3D type glasses for $1 each, which enhance the colours, and in my opinion are worth the buck. Then we were let loose inside! It is a wonderland!! Lots of bright colours and quirky art pieces adorning every wall. Secret passages and little rooms and doors you can squeeze through. It might be a little difficult to maneuver if you had limited mobility, especially since the floor is quite uneven in parts, but we did fine. I was surprised to find that it was mostly adults there, as I thought it would be more dominated by kinds, but that was not the case. We spent about 2 hours exploring, but could have spend a lot more time there if we had wanted to get involved more with the story of the place (it's based around the family who live in the house and transcend to other dimensions). I would recommend secure shoes, and leaving the skirts at home, as you are likely to flash people while trying to navigate some of the spaces. I would describe it as a mini, compact Burning Man vibe, with less dust and more kids. Definitely go if you get the chance!!

Tristan Rayner

Went here for an Animal Collective concert. Hadn’t heard of how famous Meow Wolf was prior, but my mind was absolutely blown. This place is literally indescribable... but I’ll leave you with this: it is absolutely worth every single minute. Take your time and explore the fictional backstory of the exhibition. Give yourself at least 2 hours. You’re in for a wild ride.

David Cavazos

This place is definitely not for everyone. If you're into solving fake crimes and looking at a bunch of random art then you'll be fine. I thinks there is too much junk lying around to even be remotely interested in the "mystery" of the house. There is definitely no mystery that this place is overpriced. $30 for each person (non NM resident) is excessive. The art was ok to look at but not worth the price.

Antonio Galindo

It was definitely everything I expected and then some. Huge interactive environment but very limited space for walking and exploring. Not recommended for big adults but highly recommend taking the youth to visit.

Roxy Beaudet

A never ending rabbit hole. Definitely the coolest interactive art exhibit I've ever been to. I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often and try to figure out the story! Just too much to decipher in one trip.

Susana Parra P.

Out of this world space created by a group of artists in Santa Fe where every single room is an unbelievable display of creativity: secret passages through washing machines, fireplaces and refrigerators, surreal characters, dark stories and endless clues, hand scanners, yetis, mysterious toilets and so much more! An immersive experience inside a world full of color, light and a little bit -or maybe a lot- of craziness. Recommended for both adults and kids!

Brandon Farr

Not a good place to bring small kids. Too much going on and too many hiding places. I guess if I was back in high school or still lived as if I were in the 70's this place would be cool. But honestly this place wasn't for me.

Micha Villarreal

Awesome visit. Two hours of turns and twists and secret doorways. My brain was stretched! The only thing that would make it better is more ventilation and cool air in some of the areas/spaces.

Jennifer Clark

As nearby locals, we have been to Meow Wolf 8 times in 5 years. Seven of those times have been to bring out of town guests. It is the MUST SEE attraction in Santa Fe. This is the quintessential interactive/immersive art experience that embodies all of the spirit & magic of an “Alice Through The Looking Glass” type of family attraction. And it just gets better & better every time we visit. Our most recent visit with new friends on the Sunday before Halloween was the best ever. As part of their “Freek Week” there were many roaming “performers”, a house historian, story time, great performances on stage & hot apple cider in the outdoor Halloween art thing. Go with family & friends & you will have the time of your life!

Dan Erickson

It is very difficult to say what this place is as I have considered giving it to stars but at the same time 5. Is not the place for somebody that has OCD or needs to understand everything because this place is purely for the imagination and is very artsy. Some people would call it a must stop and others would call it a must avoid. I think if you have children or are very involved in the Arts you would enjoy it but if you are not you will probably be very annoyed instead.

Katie Moest

I'd wanted to go to Meow Wolf ever since I first heard about it a year ago. When I found myself in Santa Fe for the day, I had to make time to go see it. I was not disappointed. It was totally awesome. I loved it. My 73-year-old dad loved it. The many children running around seemed to love it. It was a fantastic art exhibit, experience and adventure. Highly recommend!!

jessica moreno

Land of imagination and enchantment. This was such a dope experience. We literally spent 2.5 hours in there and only exited because we were thirsty. Do this once in your life because you love art and life and yourself. Ill be coming back so hope we bump into each other. Ill be the one with the magic in her eyes!

Robert Padilla

Fantastic time whether 4yrs old or 70yrs old. All the displays, doors going to different hidden rooms, washers and refrigerators you can enter. Loads of fun for all. I had a blast and I'm 67 years young.

Natalie Otto

Honestly, this place would have been really awesome I'm sure, I was looking forward to it. However I tried dozens of times to get tickets and it wouldn't work every time. It gave me an error. Customer support never answered my call. Even went to the place and they told me I could only buy tickets online. When I told them I couldn't they were no help at all. Real bummer.


Very cool, unusual place. Super crowded. I've heard so many wonderful stories about this place that I was a little disappointed. You really have to pay attention and have plenty of time to figure the mystery out, there is a lot to read and many videos to put all the pieces together This is very fun just to play around and appreciate all the wonderful art for an hour or 2, but almost need a day to really experience the background story. I'm hoping to come back when the kids are a little older.

Knives, Fish, Firearms

Part fun house, maze, art installation, and haunted house without the jump scares this place has to be seen with your own eyes because words do not do it justice! The amount of creativity and imagination that went into this is amazing and has to be seen in person. My family loved getting lost in it and not knowing what to expect around each corner or behind every door!

Angelica Turrieta

A definite treasure! A unique, interactive, immersive experience. Ticketing was easy enough at the door. The line moved quickly and everyone was extremely polite. For an extra $1 I recommend the glasses. We spent an entire 4 hours wondering and exploring without much effort. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time for exploration and come well fed.

Ryan Simmons

I had heard a little about Meow Wolf before I got to Santa Fe. But I didn't really know what it entailed. Honestly, I was blown away by the elaborate production here. The experience is meticulously crafted, down to the molecular level. I'm in love with the artistic detail on display, it's such a unique feeling of spooky childhood creativity. I'm going back.

Mandi Neusch

Artsy interesting. If you don't have small kids and don't mind spending hours looking through trivial and maybe important pictures, letters, journals, and videos to follow the story, then this place is for you! It was fun, but we had a 10, 9, and 7 year old. They just wanted to run from room to room looking at the 'odd art'. The glasses were not a super improvement to the experience either.

Eloy Maturin

Had an amazing first visit, the artwork is unique. lots of secret doors and paths to hidden rooms that blew my mind. can't wait to return for a second visit.

Steven Needham

What a great experience! Spent a solid three hours in this acid trip of an escape room and could have easily doesn't twice as long there. A must see for anyone who enjoys life on the fringes of reality.

Connor Stricklan

Unique experience with something for everyone. The quality of the execution really makes it worth it. Highly recommend!


An out of this world experience. This place changes every time I come back and visit. As a resident of New Mexico and frequent visitor, there is always something new to see. You can be surrounded by so much Art for hours, one of a kind experience.


So much fun! Very interesting visuals. The adults and kids both enjoyed this visit!

Dylan Mckone

Absolutely amazing! A really cool narrative throughout the exhibits but it's not vital to a cool interactive experience. Set aside AT LEAST an hour to see everything and soak everything up.

Matthew Laurin

Dude if I could give this place ten stars I would! This is the coolest interactive art installation I have ever been through (full disclaimer it’s the only one I’ve been through) but hey, the bar is set high now. You can tell that a ton of hard work and imagination was put into this place. It’s like a wonderland. I went through it with my mom but I would definitely bring my kids back here.

Cindy Starcher

If you are an artful person looking for a very cool eclectic combination of artistic fun or a lover of mystery, this place is for you. Fun for all ages. There are some twisted staircases and surprising tunnels that lead to some awesome surprises and new adventures. Prepare to come and stay for a while. Either come and stay for hours, or come for a while and return. Or if you are just wanting some cool sites, come and expore and go. But no matter what, come and sit back and be amazed. Enjoy!

Alysen Lukacik

It's an amazing place to visit! Every room is different and unique. It makes you feel in another dimension! The art here is breathless and I definitely will come back with my family!

Laura Madrid

Eh. Wasn't what I expected. Still dope. Wish there's was better food options. Gift shop was mediocre also. But did a cope a sketch book that was fresh and some decent gear. Excited what they bring to denver.

Lori Borchert

Very arsty. Incredibly weird. Mysterious. Loved the secret entries and the hidden rooms. Creative. Inspiring. A must see by the young and old.

Amy M.

One of a kind experience. I will definitely go again. Great show, too!

Vincent Coleman

Cool tourist attraction. Fun, unique, and whimsical design. Spendy ticket price for entry at $25pp. Overall a fun interactive experience.

Karoline Bowman

We were blown away by Meow Wolf! Super cool. You could take little kids and just enjoy running around in the exhibit, or take older kids and adults and try to figure out the story. Would love to go back and I bet we would discover more each time.

Marina Duran

We come to New Mexico once a year and this is our first time here but it won't be our last. The exhibits were all unique and we were never bored even after being there for two hours. It was a bit crowded because of the Balloon Fiesta but there are more than enough spots in there for everyone.

Carolyn Davis

3 1/2 hours flew by! So much to see and experience! Fun both in exploration, and in attempting to unravel the "story." Creativity unlimited. Plus, take time to read and appreciate the art and quotes along the hallway to the bathrooms.

Joseph Delvecchio

incredible display of arts! Such vision was put into this center. A must must must go to place when traveling. Plan on spending a few hours in here. Explore everything. And also get your tickets in advance. It will make life much easier. Children and adults will love this.

Ale Avila

It was an awesome experience. Just when you think you've seen everything in one area, you turn a corner, and there's a new room or tunnel or hidden door or staircase that you missed. There's an experience for your eyes, ears, fingers, and nose. There are some areas that can be overwhelming, but the are done quieter areas too. It was great for adults and it was a lot of fun to see what my kids found exciting. They like different things and they each found something they loved. The laser harp was probably the one thing they agreed on. It will get busy and there will be a line. We managed to get in without to much trouble by lining up before the open on a Sunday morning. It was well worth the time.

E. L.

This place is very unique and one of the best and most exclusive art exhibits. Everything is interactive and if you mess with stuff you are guaranteed to find something. There are lots of hidden doors and entrances, and lots of places where you have to crawl. You can also follow a story narrative and find it out yourself, there is so much information on it, full books and more. You can explore however you want though, there is no wrong way.

Paul Jutte

Wow. What more could you say that hasn’t already been said? You see all the five star reviews and the dearth of low star reviews? Yeah - it’s that good. Really enjoyed our visit. Enjoyed the surreal qualities as well as the cryptic story. Appropriate for all ages. It can get a bit thick and this reduces your ability to enjoy the attraction. I suggest going mid week, early to mid afternoon. we went on a Tuesday and it was fairly empty. Plenty of time to take all the pictures and videos we wanted. Something for everyone. A true departure from the ordinary. I highly recommend. This is clearly the BEST thing in Santa Fe.

Valerie Walker

Different rooms, hidden doors, creepy story, what's not to like. It's great fun even for adults. 3D glasses are a must to see all the spectral wonders. Would definitely recommend

Artist Just Artist

Me and my kids had a BLAST!!! It's a must for any travelers or even people native to New Mexico like myslef! Me and my daughter actually had fun running around looking for the rest of my family while finding secret doors and hidden rooms! It's really amazing what the people put together here! Imagination at it's FINEST!!!

Carolina Lopez

Totally cool, fun place. Interactive and great for all ages. We have a 2 year old up to a 43 year old and we all had a great time. Purchase tickets online, you will need about 10 minutes to look for parking and then you'll see a VERY long line, don't panic, that's your line. The whole processing time is about 30 minutes, we are from about 3000ft altitude and felt the sun, so an umbrella to shade you while you wait in line (yes, even with your pre-purchased tickets) is pretty smart. Once inside, it's so much fun!!!!

Brett Maurer

If your looking for a different kind of experience that takes you into a world created and designed from the imagination of some of the world's most renowned artists, then Meow Wolf is it. The weekends get a bit crowded, so go during the week if possible. You will not be disappointed.

D. Roth

Where to begin with Meow Wolf? I first visited this gorgeous art installation in 2017, shortly after moving to Albuquerque. The setup is a Victorian house with portals to alternate realities. It's also not quite the same each time you visit. They also host indie band concerts (on and off site), festivals (off site), and are opening an amusement park and even more art installations around the country. I'm excited to see these new places too.

Vanessa Anderson

Amazing place! It was almost like you were in a different dimension. So creative and intriguing. My family had a blast. Better than any amusement park we have been to.

Joseph Alden

One if the best and most unique museums I've been to in my entire life. Fully worth the entrance fee and the long wait to get in. If you don't stop by you're missing a quintessential piece of Santa Fe. I can't recommend this place enough!

Lisa Egold

So awesome! It's weird, it's otherworldly, it's colourful, fascinating, enchanting, surreal and it's worth every penny :) we were sceptical at first but so many people told us to go, so we went and weren't disappointed. There is so much detail, you can tell the creators put all their heart in Meow Wolf making it an unique experience.

Ryan Santa Ana

This is an amazing art installation. See if you can figure out the mystery story! After that enjoy some absinthe mixed drinks and a snack!


Absolutely worth the time and money. It is $30 bucks a ticket but we ended up spending just over 3 hrs there so I thought it was worth it. The art is beautiful and thought provoking. They also have reformers that ad a special touch to the place. My teen daughter was excited the whole time we were there. This was absolutely my daughter's favorite activity on our visit to Santa Fe.

Thomas Wagner

This place is something you really don't want to miss out on. I really can't completely explain the art, but be sure to look at the pictures and videos for this place as they are no lie. Not only is Meow Wolf filled with eye and mind pleasing art, it's also a great place to see your favorite music artist if they're performing here.

Tiffany Ward

Great place! Very fun and energetic. Love all the exhibits. Staff is incredible!

Charlie Gramatges

Top tier experience. Loved the opportunity to explore random rooms and watch my children light up with wonder. Highly recommend!

TJ Meaney

What a fascinating and creative place! Meow Wolf is endless entertainment done very well. I have been twice now and both times have been blow away by the creativity and implementation of ethereal ideas.


This place is a must visit if you go to New Mexico, especially if it is with children. There are so many fascinating things to experience. Give yourself enough time. There are many things that trigger scientific curiosity. Prepare to pass through narrow tunnels and stairs. If you have young kids, let them stay with you because moving from one room to another room is like going through a maze. Once you miss each other, you will have to depend on the superintendents.

Reese Johnson

Had a great time here. Really cool place. Do recommend coming here with an open mind. If you are physically handicapped you may have some if not a lot of trouble trying to go everywhere. Quite a few tight spaces for an adult and some places a wheelchair wont take you.

Victoria Perez

Awesome amazing place for all ages to experience. Definitely worth the drive and price. You will leave truly amazed.

Silvia Hernandez

Loved it!!!!... We had a great experience there. Lots of cool places and spots to take very cool selfies. Is a modern and fun museum. Make reservations ahead of time since tickets get sold out quickly

Lou Pliml

This place blew me away. The exhibit was unlike any I have experienced. It was kid friendly, however they were dragging me through so fast I missed some of the story. You fill in the blanks by reading and watching things throughout the exhibit. I am pleased to hear that there are new exhibits in Las Vegas and others planned in Denver and DC. I will not be missing a chance in the future to visit one of these sites. Don't even ask, just go! I doubt you will regret it.

Matthew Heinz

Really awesome experience! Definitely worth it. There is so much to explore and so many interesting things to see. We spent 2 hours and were able to see all the rooms and hidden passages, but learning more detail about the mystery of the place would have taken much much more. The exhibit does a great job of being accessible for all ages and varying mobility levels.

levi gonzalez

This is a must see/do in Santa Fe. Pictures only do so much. You have to come over and experience it for yourself. So many things to look at and interact with. And you can stay for as long as you like (until they close). Highly recommend checking this out!

Trinity Murchie

This place brought out so many different emotions. I felt giddy like a child, lost in thought/pensive, and then I got hit with true nostalgia and began crying from missing memories of youth. Honestly, this installation is there for people of all ages. There is interactive displays for the children, bright colors for those who are, shall we say, trippy, and deep meaning behind each piece (be sure to watch the videos they have throughout). Just when I thought it couldn't get better, I found an inconspicuous room with pattern buttons to begin techno music and strobe lights. And even better than that? The gift shop isn't the run-of-the-mill buy stuff with logos shop. They sell unique pieces made by the artists who put together the installation. Overall, the entry price is low compared to what you get (don't tell the owners this--I like a bargain), and the gift shop and food bar is fair priced for the quality. I was happy to spend my money here thanks to the amazing experience. Can't wait to see all the other installations--once they're up!

Shirley McDonald hard to describe this place. You have to see it for yourself. It was an awesome experience. So much fun. They also had a Virtual Balloon Ride. It was awesome. Please check this place out. You will be so glad you did.

Juan Herrera

There are no words to explain this place. You must come and enjoy it all! Take your time, look through everything and enjoy the day.

Ray Cumberland

So there is a mystery designed into this enormous, multi layered at installation with thousands of clues. Be ready to spend a full day even if you're not trying to solve it though. Open every door and cupboard. Even the fridge. Have fun!

Wendi Vanlandingham

Let's call this an INTERESTING experience. I love the diversity in design and hands on installations. Be prepared to feel stressed when you leave because at least some of the artists were tripping when preparing their work.

David Harris

Once inside, the surroundings were fantastical. Spent an hour there and still feel like we missed a room or two. Could use better organization for the lines outside because people like to just jump in front of others who have been waiting. All in all,

Squeak McPip

After much debate on whether I should visit this place or not, I decided to bite the bullet. I drove all the way from Dallas so I was really hoping it wasn't going to be overhyped or that I'd be mildly disappointed. I want to note that I went on a Saturday night after 6 pm so it was significantly less crowded than I assume the daytime would be. We had a blast exploring all of the different rooms that they had. At one point we weren't sure if we had gone through all of them but we went through the entire place over and over until we made sure we got every nook and cranny. We stayed right up until closing. It was nothing like I thought it would be, in fact it was so much more than that. It is incredibly overpriced but honestly it was worth every penny after we got lost in there. It's was paradoxical and my friend felt a type of way after we left. Hard to describe. And to be frank, nothing really can describe it. It's an experience you have to check out for yourself. If you're thinking about making the drive to come here I approve of this message.

Sarah B

What a fantastic and unique experience! My friends and I drove up from El Paso to come and see this place and it did not disappoint! You have to get the 3D glasses that they offer you for an extra $1 it really amplifies the surreal experience. Everything was so unique and a great experience. It was like following a crazy story that lead to different worlds! We loved it, highly recommend it.

Alexandra Albert

Great interactive experience! The story was really neat to figure out through all the clues. Make sure to watch the videos, they helped explain quite a bit. And give yourself at least two hours to really explore. Definitely will be returning, as I'm sure there's more to the story that I missed!

Krystal Talamantez

Very cool place unlike any other exhibit ive ever seen , took over a year to create an is over 2000 sq feet an every single sq foot was food for thought, there is details in every part of the exhibit that tell a story about a family an what happened to them. Very fun for All ages to experience an explore had so much fun here

Markie M.

Just went last night, and had a great time. The place was amazing in every sense. I was in absolute awe not only at the exhibits but the staff was just as excellent! Thank you for the hospitality, and putting on such a truly wonderful experience! Thank you!

Brian Baker

The best way I can think of to describe this place is like stepping into an eclectic's mind while they're dreaming and roaming from scene to scene to try to make sense of a vaguely connected plot. It was fun! The graphics, sounds, and settings were very well thought out and every corner has something different. Great for adults and kids! Definitely showing some wear and tear though...

Robby Melancon

The Petunia said, "take the kid to Meow Wolf, it'll be fun." I said, "WTH is a Meow Wolf???" So she took us both. What a crazy place! There is so much to see and do in this one building, I need to make another couple of trips to try to take it all in. It was really fun getting lost because there is just so much to see and do and something different around every corner. There are some tight places to squeeze into, but well worth the effort to see the different exhibits. I hear they are opening one in Vegas...I can't wait to walk through this place high. There isn't much in the way of details that I want to say here because you have to experience this yourself, but if you're on the fence about going, hop off and get your tush over there - it's worth the time and money! I finally got bored with it after several hours of exploring...and then I found the bar. Being a fan of Blue Moon, I ordered the local copy and was blown away by all of the flavor. I don't drink Blue Moon anymore. And then we ate at Tortilla Flats, which is a whole other story, but the place is also not to be missed. So, yeah, there is something for everyone here, even dads.

Robert Melancon

The Petunia said, "take the kid to Meow Wolf, it'll be fun." I said, "WTH is a Meow Wolf???" So she took us both. What a crazy place! There is so much to see and do in this one building, I need to make another couple of trips to try to take it all in. It was really fun getting lost because there is just so much to see and do and something different around every corner. There are some tight places to squeeze into, but well worth the effort to see the different exhibits. I hear they are opening one in Vegas...I can't wait to walk through this place high. There isn't much in the way of details that I want to say here because you have to experience this yourself, but if you're on the fence about going, hop off and get your tush over there - it's worth the time and money! I finally got bored with it after several hours of exploring...and then I found the bar. Being a fan of Blue Moon, I ordered the local copy and was blown away by all of the flavor. I don't drink Blue Moon anymore. And then we ate at Tortilla Flats, which is a whole other story, but the place is also not to be missed. So, yeah, there is something for everyone here, even dads.


I absolutely love this place!. Meow Wolf has been a Santa Fe must do. I've brought friends and others to experience this totally trippy place. Interactive, and fun. Plan on spending a few hours exploring, walking through portals, and discovering a shift in the time and space continuum... Totally expanding, mind blowing. Nice gift shop, and an open air cafe to satisfy your munchies.

Valerie Webster

Meow Wolf is like a smorgasbord for the brain, only the treats are so, so sweet and savory. First, if you can, try to plan on spending at least 3 hours here. Meow Wolf was built to stimulate the senses, but focusing mostly on sight, touch, and sound. Every step you take is designed to spark your brain with a delightful trip into the world of colors, textures, and sounds. Items are arranged to provoke your mind into questioning reality as you know it, and taking you into spaces that make you realize ordinary can be boring, and thinking out of the box can be an experience that takes you into new levels of joy. They can also arrange for you to have a workshop where you can find your own inner artist using fabric, wallpaper, and other items that would not be considered in the course of daily living. This area is open to kids so they can be in touch with their own inner artist and learn to think out of the box.

Pam Wiggins

My sister and I are pretty fit 65ish year olds. We enjoyed meow wolf. I would not recommend it for people much older than us. There are a lot of stairs and it's darker than you probably would like it to be. It's a great place for families. Also, it only took us a little over an hour to go through and were wondering if it was really worth the cost.

Tom Nix

Incredible. One of the best experiences I've ever had in an installation. Getting lost in this world is delightful. When they say everything is interactive, they mean EVERYTHING. Touch everything you can. Explore. I spent over two hours here and I don't think I saw every room, let alone everything that was in the rooms. Visit on a weekday for less crowds, but even Saturday isn't distractingly packed. The line isn't bad because they stagger entry by twenty minutes, which is excellent. Go into this as unspoiled and fresh as you can. There IS a story that can be discovered but it's still an otherworldly experience if you're not trying to fulfill the narrative. Take your time. Get lost. You'll thank me later.

Kelly Murphy

What a wacky and fun place to explore. I had heard of Meow Wolf before, but wasn't sure what to expect. Was blown away by how much cool stuff there was to explore. I would definitely recommend stopping here if you're in the area. And if you do, be sure you have a couple of hours to spend here, so that you can see everything without having to rush. And don't forget to check out their website to see if there's any special event happening too! They had a live band show up randomly when I was there.

Desiree Jones

Highly recommend. You can bring bags inside but they will be checked. Make sure you feel like walking and exploring EVERYTHING! Super cool experience. Can't wait for others to open. Took tons of pics but not ruining it for you! Atmosphere is chill...friendly staff!

Tereza Fritz

Super fun immersive experience!! We spent 3 hours exploring the rooms, playing, and taking photos. It's pretty wild that this place is so fun for adults and kids. Highly recommended road trip destination.

Lee Wiebe

What a creative, unique experience. We all loved it from the adults to my three year old daughter. Give yourself lots of time to take it all in. Definitely a must do!!

Liz Berndt

This place was awesome; one staffer was in and out of our journey - hinting the best stuff. I wish I caught his name to thank him. It was completely unobtrusive and gave special highlights to the hidden secrets of the place. Had a blast.

carl tabor

Meowwolf: House of the eternal return is an interactive art installation/fun house/sometime-music venue..with a backstory. There is no hand-holding here. You explore on your own and take from it whatever you like. Want to “solve” the mystery? You will do a lot of reading/research in each of the many rooms. Want to just casually walk around? There are tons of fun spots to sit down and take in the atmosphere (music, black lights, video games, etc). Tip: BUY YOUR TIME-SPECIFIC TICKETS IN ADVANCE. This place sells out. And attempts to control crowds by sporadic entry. Come early if you want to have the place mostly to yourself. Tip 2: The $1 glasses work even better in photos.

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