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6132 4th St NW #5309, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lucky 66 Bowl IN New Mexico

Thomas Hammer

Bowled a 204 after like 4 years of not bowling

Daphne Draper

This is in response to Parker Engel's review. Your statement is false; There was three of us all more than willing to repair your ball for free. You refused to let us do that and ran off with your ball. We also listened to everything you said and was willing to work things through with you but you decided to take your ball back to where you bought it from. Your high school did not have any problems coming back to finish their practices twice a week here and also had no other problems with our facility. Unfortunately when you are throwing a ball down a lane to knock down 10 pins, damage does occur to the ball.

juanita montoya

Loved it had fun with my son and girlfriend

don sumner

Good family fun!! A little something different than sitting at the movies. Great people serving us.

Gary Chavez

This place deserves less than a star. Bartender will try to charge you more than asked for. Check your tab before them running your card. The manager is a kid and doesn't know how to run the place.

Game Over

This place is awesome for bowling volleyball, they have about 5 or 6 pool tables which is awesome. This is why i go. Play pool and close to home. The staff has always been friendly. Even the new staff through the years.

Scot Fishburn

Had a good time

Zachary Carrillo

Great time

Joe Chavez

Hospitality was on point. Staff was very attentive and on point. Thank you guys I appreciate your staff and attentives

Isaac Macias

They should fire all the bartenders for not knowing how to do their dam job.

Kerianna W.

May look old but still a great place to have fun with the family.

jansen downs

The staff is great and it is always a great time. I like the atmosphere and visit often. The manager Steven is awesome and is great with cuatomers.

Richard Quintana

Always a good time

Philip Bushman

Great place to tap into your inner Lebowski... or get into a knife fight... which ever. Love this place

Laq Jones

Ok so the chicken and carne asada tacos. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. And they had karaoke too! I had a blast. Haha!

Steven Radolinski

Lucky 66 bowl is very retro. It is truly a blast to the past. Definitely not posh or fancy. The lanes are older which can make it a challenge to bowl well and the pins are solid wood. The cafe inside serves up great food, New Mexican and American. They have a full service bar inside. Could use an update to the AC and a face lift but inexpensive...


So much fun. Affordable and not super crazy good for the family

Monica Noce

My children went to the bowling alley on a field trip and were treated so rudely! They were yelled at to dump their water out and use the bowling alley water and now every child that went on the field trip is sick. The person at the counter was calling the children names and used inappropriate language. I will NEVER visit this place again and my own 4 children love to bowl. I am also a teacher and will spread the word on how rude the staff is!


I liked how clean it was. The staff people were polite and helpful. The background music was way loud and not good music. Why do we need music at all to bowl? It's already noisy! I asked to have it turned down, which they did, but it was still too loud. Unfortunately, that colored the whole experience.

Raquelle Quintana

lanes are horrible... but the Mexican restaurant in there is the best...i give the restaurant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Adam Spielman

#datenight old school.. very nice place

Jay Biggums

The staff was nice enough, until I started bowling. The alleys themselves were awful, the walk-up was slipery as if oil was spilled, the leveling on the alley was as bad as it gets, and the sensors for the score were broken. We couldn't get a single decent game in because the pins kept being reset after every throw. This place is honestly a joke, I regret spending my money here. After I confronted the staff as to a refund or a partial refund, I was met with "If you don't like it you can leave, we don't do refunds this is a bowling alley." I can say without a doubt that this is the bottom of the barrel for Albuquerque bowling alleys, go somewhere else unless you want to pay $50 for two hours of broken bowling.

Michael Proveaux

Fun good timez

Abq Street Racers 505

Not even bar rescue is going to be able to help this dump.

D Archuleta

Home of UNM Women's Beach Volleyball

Meghan Jimenez

Love coming here the people are great and kareoke on the weekends is the best!!! 10/10 recommend!!

Eric Werner

Great time. Thanks!

Joy Munson

Nice place - good food - fun bar with karaoke!

Lightning 27

Great times here!

Jake Dowling

James, the manager, is wonderful. My brother and I bowl here once a week now! His service is wonderful and he is happy to assist when there are issues with the pins/lanes. Thats the only knock on the place: most lanes have issues with not all the right pins being replaced or they malfunction. Because of James' service, I will continue coming back!

Shannon First

Had a really great time. It's a great place to bring the whole family. I believe it's cheaper if you get there before 5. Call and find out for sure. Karaoke on Saturdays is fun.

Dan Apodaca

Great family fun at this place.

Ruben Holguin

Great atmosphere awesome service thank you

Martin McNamara

This place needs some major improvement. I had to go to the counter several times to ask assistance for the same problem. The kid behind the counter did seem very happy to be there and his service was poor. After about thirty minutes of reporting the issues, they finally had us change lanes. But they didn't start our time over! The bowling balls were chipping around the finger holes and the weight of the ball wasn't marked on it. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because of the lady that changed our lane was nice. I hope they can improve things there.

dolores romero

We enjoyed very much. Great customer service.

Cassie Helgeson

Much good nom noms. Happy fun time. I is big choo choo train. CHOOO CHOOOOOOOO!!!

my tablet

HORRIBLE!!! Beware of this establishment! Read the reviews before you think about going here. Facilities reflect the service, this place should be SHUT DOWN! It is UNSAFE and they are UNPROFESSIONAL. Old equipment and poor service is what they offer. The parking lot is a hazard and so are the lanes. The staff is inconsiderate and tasteless, Do Not bring your family here!

Salvador Solis

A really really good place, all these other reviews are over exaggerating, the staff is genuinely really cool to be around. Although the place may be a little out dated, only because it’s been there for a really long time

Tracy Pineda

The best place for sand volleyball or just plain old bowling.

Ruben Sanchez

They want customer service they treated us with a smile and a song your night was the beer here is pretty Jeep also there's about 30 Lanes bowling available we came tonight to enjoy the pool tables plus there's a lot of vending machines cheap food and some more kid games for small children this is a great place to spend a Saturday night

Dustin Lindemann

Worst bowling experience i've ever had. Lanes scoring all messed up. Ball return wouldn't return balls, rack wouldn't reset other party ordered some chicken strips and they were raw. Waste of time no wonder the place was empty when we arrived. Wanted my money back and received some free game passes. I won't return to this dump!!!!

raymond holcomb

Wensdays veterans bowl for free

Jesse James

Was kool ....bunk as funk NOW!

Ann Lathrop

Everyone was soo nice! We had a great adult birthday! The tacos were especially good! Fun, fun, fun!

Krysta Orona

The place is a little dated but the staff was super friendly and accommodating. Food and beer was delicious. Definitely a hidden gem in ABQ, just needs some TLC to bring it to this age.

Emily Canales

James was amazing!!

Garzilla TV 505

Cool spot good staff good food and if you like volleyball or billiards then this is the bowling spot for you

Samantha Kimball

Bowling, arcade games and good food. Great spot for family outings!

Kathy Olivas

This a is a great bowling place for kids and adults. Clean and very nice employees. Mexican food was great.

Scott Scott

We had a good time and Kris and Amber provided great customer service! Definitely will be going back soon!

Elise Peixotto

I am new to bowling and love it as exercise. Aerobic bowling, my own lane and I don't sit down for an hour. After researching bowling venues in ABQ for best value, Lucky 66 is the best choice--I drive from Bernalillo area. We arrive before noon and virtually have the place to ourselves. This family owned and operated business is delightful, staff is amazingly accommodating, the music great and truly the best price in town. Lucky 66 is surrounded by great restaurants. Yes, I have been to other bowling alleys in ABQ. LUcky 66 is the oldest bowling alley in ABQ and has a very good and fun vibe.

Daniel Sullivan

Great bowling alley, bar and concessions.

Amy Stuehrenberg

My kids had a blast

Char Rimbert

Rescue bar just came in and gave their bar a facelift which they needed. The staff is friendly, bowling is fun.

Jennfer Flynn

This was the biggest waste of time and money! The shoes are nasty, the balls are nasty and lopsided. The machines don't keep score right. You can only pay by the hour and a lot of our time was wasted trying to fix the scores which could only be done from the front desk. When we let the employee know the problem was happening every time we scored 9, he was like "Ya sorry. It does that sometimes." We will never go again! One star is too generous. 0 stars.

Ray Judy

The absolute worst bowling alley, horrible horrible customer service. The staff acted as if they did not even want to work here. The staff was completely rude and short. We did not even finish our game before we left. Needs to be shut down.

Donna M.

Didn't bowl. Went for the excellent singers who do karaoke.

Manuel Lara

Old school bowling alley.

Jeannie F

Leilani's food inside the bowling alley. Fantastic. The grilled chicken tacos are to die for! The burger with the chile relleno is fabulous too. The homemade curly chips and salsa - yummy!

Daniela Torres

The staff was so helpful and nice. I had so much fun with my friends!! We are definitely going back. You won’t regret it :)

Kevin Saavedra

Meh. The system can't even accurately keep track of the pins. Good for someone at bad as me since I always got at least 3 pins.

AmPed inNM

Fun time and Great new Southern style BBQ restaurant there!! We'll b back soon

E Lujan

Children when on a field trip from summer rec, they all had a good time and the staff was very attentive to their needs.

Yvette Dow

Had a great time bowling with family.

david Lopez

The manager was rude about water. Then the machines in the back stole my bowling balls twice. Plus I had to feed my bowling balls out of the feed machine every time and their machines almost destroyed both of my bowling balls. I will never go back

ACEverything Channel

Not worth the money. Your better off playing ski ball at chucky cheese.

Jillian Esquibel

Karaoke was so much fun! Kj is awesome!

Laura Rodriguez

Close by, good food, games for my grandson.

Shane Austin

Crappy lanes to start with! Someone spilled a Sprite down in the seating area that we didn't see so we stepped in it and ruined our personal bowling shoes. Will never go there again!!!!

Bee Vozza

Love the new look

Christopher Ortega

Nice subtle place, not over run with screaming kids or raging drunks.

Isaiah Cordova

My friend and I came here because Holiday was full with a league. Good God, worst $50 ever spent. For starters we had to turn in one of our shoes to rent some bowling shoes. Is this what people do when they go to visit someone in prison? Maybe. After that, I walked up to throw my first ball, but I almost slipped because there was a nearby oil spill in lane 22. The sensors were so broken, our turns got mixed up with non-existent strikes. I guess that's okay. It helps with my self-confidence. Slightly annoyed and feeling ripped off, we asked for a refund. "Sorry, we don't do refunds. This is a bowling alley." We just decided to continue. I mean, we just spent 50 bucks. But that's the last time ever. So if you like prisoner visit role-play, oil spills, and getting boosts of self-confidence through broken machines, come here!

Bianca Valencia

Lots of games, new furniture, good music and okay food. Black light bowling as well.

Heather Sanders

Lack many better alleys than here. I paid $13 and change for an hour of bowling. The first lanes they put us on didn't work...and we had to keep resetting the pins. The next alley they moved us to wouldn't register each bowl, or it would say you got a strike when you picked up a spare. They don't have bumpers for kids, only a ramp and it was twisted and warped. The lanes are also very bowed..the ceiling looks like it might have in at any moment. The staff is alright, but didn't go out of their way to make things right. I would rather pay $20 an hour for a lane at a nicer establishment and havelanes worth bowling on, better food options, and a cleaner alley.

Sam Tri

Not the state of the art technology, but this is a great neighborhood bowling alley that excels at customer service. We love coming here with our son and get to play video games as well. Having a full bar definitely helps the parents. Will keep coming back for sure!

Will Ford

One of the better bowling experiences in Albuquerque. Good food, and friendly fast service. The only gripe I have is the ball returns get stuck relatively often

Aliyah Perry

Came in at 9:45, the place closes at 11. The guy at the shoe rental stand told us we couldn’t bowl because “they closed all the lanes already”, which is honestly ridiculous and super lazy considering they had others bowling and wouldn’t let us bowl.

Emily Jantz

Go for Karaoke just don't like the idea of paying a cover charge

Nathan Orona

Overall good place. Fun times bowling and real good food from the cafe. It's a bit dated though. Lanes kept the balls often, hard to find a non chipped ball, and we kept tripping over things.

Teresa Marquez

Lanes are terrible.


I went to this bowling alley tonight. It was in very poor condition. The score keeper was very out of date. The bowling balls were beaten up. The lanes were very uneven. So frustrating, we only played one game. Then we tried to play pool. The tables were uneven. The balls all rolled to one side. Horrible experience all around. Please save yourself money and go else where.

Mark Ponce

The most beautiful Latina bartenders in the

Chris Smiley

Easy to get an open lane. Everything worked. Prices are good

Michael Cana

The place was ghetto. The bartender staff was rude. The food was greasy, but was tasty. The only nice thing was the nice guy working the shoe counter

Matt Montaño

Good place for a cheap bowling night. Lane's are probably not the best, but to have some fun for the night, good place.

Timothy Charley

Went for a Birthday party, was amazed on the upgrade facility. Food was great, service was great.

Adrian Lazos

Good place to bowl

AJ Brown

A very friendly staff and festive karaoke make Lucky 66 a fun weekend destination. But some of these older reviews are right on the money. The balls are straight from the stone-age and ancient scoring-machines have a habit of miscounting. Serious bowlers beware.

Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Oliva

Great place to have a beer

Shawn Akins

We've had our league there for about 5 years and it's been a great experience. Jesse and the bar staff are extremely attentive. After just a couple of times, they will have your drink ready for your when you walk in the door. The new snack bar is great and perfect for bowling snacks. We cannot imagine having our league anywhere else. Highly recommended for family and friendly fun.

Matt Martin

Karaoke night is the best!!

Francisco Viera

It's a dated bowling alley that has seen better days!!!!

Chantale Sanchez

Great, family fun place. Suggest it forsure.

Kim Tran

Fun, amazing, family and friend oriented. Friendly to all, I've not once been disappointed when going there.

Michael lathrop

Great staff, good snacks

Matthew Hanseman

Great service lots of fun

Don Shields

This is from the perspective of an avid bowler. I went to practice for league. I also wanted to see what changes had been made since my last visit. The interior is much the same as before but very clean. The lanes have been updated to half and half (much like Leisure Bowl). The front half is synthetic while the back end is still wood. The staff was friendly and assisted when I needed them. My bowling balls came back dirty from the machinery so, I need to clean them. But, all in all the machinery functioned well. Everyone complains that the center was hot but, why run AC if you're only at 1/4 th capacity. In summary, I will return at least to practice. For those bowlers that live in the NW, take the time to see for yourselves. They are making an effort and we need the practice! :)

Megan Doty

Great place! Everything is upgraded! New restaurant! Great service in bar and awesome bartenders!

Peter Njagi

This bowling place is an insult to good old bowling! The bowling balls seemed like they were mauled by prehistotic monsters- their bowling shoes are beaten up- they insist on keeping one of your shoes!! Couple all that with rude (or somehow incompetent) staff who ask their manager everything, and you cant help but wonder how they are still in business!! DON'T GO THERE!!

Brian Robinson

Love going here.....


This bowling alley is old and it shows. From dented bowling balls, disinterested staff and no ac. will not be back

Joy Padilla

Awesome place to have a birthday party for the kiddos, and the price for a group of people is CHEAP. my son and his friends love it

Joe Ferguson

You lost a lifetime large family of customers due to the extremely rude hipster new guy who wouldn't refund quarters for the unplugged air hockey game...Were told to leave after arguing with him! We have spent money there for years putting up with rude, lazy staff and dated games etc. Never again!

Joe Johnson

Perfect little bowling alley with Mexican food

Adam G.

First time visitor. The place was pretty old, balls were beat up really badly... The staff was rude and very greedy! On our last throw our game timed out. We asked them to let us finish and they refused and said we had to buy another hour.


I was with Parker Engle on the day of this event. And I will like to add on to the condition of the alleys. There are boards pulled up and is basically a grease pool. The staff is horrible, unwilling to even help us with any issues that happen. I was there this Thursday for practice and my ball and my friends ball both got stuck in the alley and I asked for some assistance. It took several times asking and it still took about ten minutes for our balls to come back. I am just glad that I used a house ball. The shoes are complete garbage, I can’t even walk forward without even slipping, and the house balls look like they have been through a grinder. Don’t go here to bowl, there are so many other places. And yes the man at the front desk had a swatsika

bernie lopez

Fun place


Had a family emergency and they refused a refund and we hadn't even started bowling yet. Rude staff and dirty lanes.

marquez torres

Dive bar esque environment. Usually pretty dead and dim but always a lovely crowd none the less. Plenty of open lanes to practice without fear of overlooking eyes.

Joseph George

Run down and untrusting. Did have friendly service but not enough to make me want to go back.

Ira Miller

Grate customer service and just a fun place to go and its fairly cheap

Josie Olguin-Gonzales

I didn't even want to give 1 star!! We thought we would try Lucky bowling because it's closer than Silva lanes where we've gone for a long time. I'd rather drive to Santa Fe than to ever go back again. Rude employees. Very pricey, snack bar closed until 5 pm.

Shaun Michael

It was my sister's birthday - we had to continuously ask for help which was hardly given to us. We bought 2 lanes and then bowled. They did give us a lot of credited time back for the mishaps which was really nice of them. They didn't have to! Also it was so hot in there!!!!! By the time we asked for them to turn on a fan it was already too late!! That ones on me though! I would still go back again though. I had a blast and so did my sister!

Frank Santana

Always easy to get help when the lane goes down attendants are pretty quick in responding to calls from customers and the managers don't just sit around and watch everyone puts forth a good effort. Love going here on the weekends

Peter Lomax

One of those retro places you expect to find Minnesota Fats and Eddie Felson shooting a rack. Only alley in town with wooden lanes, albeit a bit old; probably over oiled to make up for pockmarks and dents. Approaches being remodeled currently. Good upstairs bar overlooks lanes with an unoccupied restaurant space that could be something special. Technology upgraded recently but user keyboards not user friendly.

Jacqueline Montoya

Love the staff here. Kris, Amber and Jess rock! They’re Always friendly. They play amazing music.

Andreanna Garcia

Awesome place brings back tons of memories love it here when I visit

Callie Gutierrez

Great people. Jess,Chrissy,Steve. They all work hard. Friday nights are fun!

Dose dose

The place was too expensive and the stuff for is a rip-off like the punching bag I put my Dollar in and the thing is even come down cuz I don't know I don't know how to work this so I thought I wasn't doing it right and I saw these girls like the doll and I'm like no that's a rip-off and I just feel like some of this stuff was like rip off like some place was like the laws with a box made it how about much money I paid 10 bucks and I spent it on a drink with three bucks and I'm like oh my God they're way too expensive I just think it was a rip off just go there just to Bowl cuz you need to have like I'm saying like 20 bucks with you to get like a decent day I guess I don't really know that's why it was okay it was okay

Monica Gonzalez

Loved it here very Welcoming

Eddie Machete

Nice and quiet spot

Ashley Vaughn

Overall great experience! Came in with the UNM Cheerleading Team and had a blast! The front desk staff was very helpful. Bartenders were very friendly and worked very efficiently for how many people we had. Would recommend this Bowling center to anyone!

Lisa Torraco

We visited the restaurant above the bowling alley, it was great fun! Yummy iced tea!

Russell Fellhoelter

It is almost the same as it was the last time I was in 20 years ago. Still fun!

monessa contreras

HORRIBLE!! This place sucks. The bowling lanes Bad and the staff, especially the bar tender is super rude, she ignores customers sitting right in front of her to run around for the regulars. I went in for karaoke on Saturday night, the place was mostly empty, but still I was only called to sing 1 song in 4 hours as the regulars kept cycling through. The bartender charged me for the guys drink sitting next to me. She was not even paying attention. I agree with the comment that this place should be shut down. It’s dirty, gross, and the staff has no class. I wish we had more options in the north Valley. Don’t waste your money here.

Tommy Bradnan

I’ve returned to bowling after a 33 year absence by joining a Meetup group who bowl on Wednesday evenings. To say I’m rusty is putting it mildly. I stopped in on a Sunday Sept 2, 2017 early afternoon to practice and to improve my form, stance and delivery. -- Robert was on duty and his coaching was awesome. He conveyed information so well that I know I can adapt his teachings to improve my game. I know that I will take additional lessons as needed. Robert was so kind and professional that my self-consciousness evaporated quickly. Thank you Robert.

alexander Ober

Family fun

Yelena Acosta

I went for a feild trip and I am 10 years old and they were so rude and had bad service they yelled at some kids for no reason.

Grant L

Wasn’t allowed to bowl at 9:45 cause bowling was closed even though they close at 11. Staff is pretty damn lazy.

Roz Mint

This place is still ghetto as always very out dated and the staff is not friendly at all.

Casey Wilson

Place was clean, needs a little updating, but the front desk clerk was very nice and he helped us when our lanes kept glitching.

Chris Arias

This was an awful experience. Bowling was fun that's it. But in regards to the rules of the bowling alley they're ridiculous and the staff can be rude. First off I didn't have my ID but they allowed me to pay debit, the manager steps in and says "were still gonna need to see some ID," -even though it's debit. Then they make you leave shoe while you bowl, again treating everyone who walks in that door like a criminal. No outside beverage and a 24 ounce soda is $3. 1) overpriced 2) rudestaff 3) old balls 4) terrible lanes Go somewhere els!

Eric C Johnson

Old school and fun. Inexpensive and always willing to help ..nice people.

Linda Navarro

They have a new snack bar ordered cheese burger and twisted fries, the fries tasted cold and old would not order again

Chris Abeyta

Can bowl eat have a beer and sing

Brett Hardern

The bowling ally I assume is fine. I would like to comment on the restaurant Big Chills BBQ and more. My son worked there for 42 hours Melvin the owner said they would be paid on fri than sat than again he said Mon well my son had since than quit and he said the check is in the mail. After a week and a half the check arrived. This was a thurs on fri when he went to cash his 231.00 dollar check Melvin had put a stop payment on the check. Now how low is that. When you try to make a living there is always some ass out there who will do thier best to keep you down. So please do not eat at his place and spread the word. Thank you

Ruben Martinez

So fun. Had my nephews bday party there. One great thing is you can take your own food in for a party.

Yolanda Torres

Rude and horrible worker name Kristen ,I will never do business with them again nor should anyone !

Ill Qeexs

The staff was extremely rude, i went in for a good time and they treated me like i wasnt there, they acted like they didnt hear me


Great place to take the family

Cassandra Cadwell

It was so hot in here....they had some big fans that helped but it really wasn't enough. The bowling shoes were quite old and more slippery than usual. But the staff was great and the food at Leilands was excellent! They have pool tables in the bowling area along with a small gaming center. In the bar they have 1 pool table and a ping pong table. They have karaoke at 9 on Fridays. Overall it's a cool place and I'm sure we will be back, my biggest complaint was the heat.

Joseph Carpenter

Classic good fun. Family owned and operated. Good for all ages.

Stephanie Chavez

Had fun here funny how they take your shoe for collateral

Cecilia Rivera

Great family time great bar service. Fast and friendly in all aspects

Aziz Mohamed

Good clean fun

Maggie Hill

Really fun place but the lanes were pretty beat up

Crystal Roybal

Great place to go bowling playing pool and to have a drink

Cheryl Carreno

I went there today for a field trip for my son. The staff was extremely rude and acted as if they hated kids. They were very mean to the children. They yelled at them and one even hit my son in the chest when he was told to walk. I will never take my children there again. I saw how they acted with kids from a field trip. If they could not handle having a lot of children in their facility they should not have allowed it. If I could give less than one star I would. Please do not waste your time or money on this bowling alley. There are so many others to choose from. I know I never will go here again with my family and we usually bowl all summer.

Vironika Duran

Too expensive...

may hearts

Food was fresh. It was dead but we loved it.....

Lucy Rodriguez

This was as others have stated, a complete waste of time and money. I have no idea how this place is still open. Everything is outdated, the balls are disgusting, the bowling lanes floors do not even match so it throws off the ball when you send it off. I tried speaking with a manager who seemed completely uninterested in the issues that I was letting him know. He stated that they get leagues in there that have no issues, when, I find that HARD to believe. It is very ghetto, outdated, disgusting and such a waste.

Eric Escarcida

Haf so much fun the dj was awesome

Mason All Day

Awesome vibe awesome DJ n the bar area and awesome staff! A+

Issac Rael

Love the karaoke! They have cheap drinks and it's honestly a good time!

Michele Hill

1st time visiting. Here for a Christmas party for ASI. The employees there were very kind and helpful.

Berna Barrios

Nice place for family LEILANIS restaurant is inside and great food.

kathy garcia

Best bowling alley

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