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Where is Isleta Fun Connection?

REVIEWS OF Isleta Fun Connection IN New Mexico

Thomas Hammer

Fun place to take the kids out or even for those without kids

Kevin Duran

Great value for bowling and good menu options wait times not as long as other places great atmosphere.

Heather Romero

Fun for older children and adults .

Michael Romero

Good place to bowl, play laser tag, and just hang out. The only negative things I can say is that the food options are just ok and they always seem to be understaffed.

church songs families

No pay Out.we keep trying

Rosalinda Pillado-Chaparro

Good excited place to go with family and friends

Marcos Betancourt

Pizza and soda was good, the room for the party was big enough, but getting bowling alley lanes took a while.

Joanne Lopez

Always crowded, long waiting period for bowling and food. Service is usually rude!


Such a great place to bring the family! Prices are excellent and I was surprised with the food prices too, very inexpensive! The place is very open and not easily crowded, even with another group. It's also very clean and the staff are polite and helpful. The parking outside is very spacious and clean. We usually come late afternoons, right before the evening crowd, so I'm not sure sure if it gets hectic after that, but we love bowling and this is the only one closest to us, so will most likely be back.

Evette Watson

I love military and senior's day.

Frank Guerra

I. The bowling balls Where To heavy For The Kids not. Happy. Bad. Place

Gerald Hoehne

Called ahead and they said bowling lanes were available. When we arrived the place was closed for a private party.

Richard Quintana

Great time had by all

Juanita Archuleta

Had a great time !

Ryan Miller

Fun bowling and nice arcade for a good price

BIG D Hernandez

We came to bowl and the lanes are all open but the we can't bowl because the lane they put us on is not working but there is only one person bowling in the whole damn place. We asked them what was going on and they said they are working on the lanes

Celina Manuelita H

Their website advertises free pool 7 days a week from 4-7, my family and I were looking for something to do indoors because it's so hot. Came in at 6, When my mom, my aunt were asking about it & they seemed to have no idea what we were talking about so we showed them the websites advertisement and were told by front desk woman we have to purchase a beverage, whether it be a coke or a beer... Then a short dark man who was the manager came and said we can only play free pool if we buy a whole pitcher of beer for $12!!!!!! WHAT???? Free pool if you buy a $12 pitcher of beer??????? Whats free about that? Most expensive game of pool we ever played. And on the website it said nothing about having to buy anything. What if you dont even drink beer, like me, for instance?? They weren't very polite or personable at all... The guy told us the website is not correct and needs to be updated... SO UPDATE IT THEN ISLETA!!!!! And it was supposedly Happy hour!!! Won't be back unless I have a coupon and even then, probably not. Ridiculous waste of money. Going to billiards or distillery next time.

Mary Jane

Casinoi is great.. Employees Especially security but could use s customer service refresher

Robert Chick

Youse to be fun, now they won't let you win. The wife and I go almost every day, they don't even have us on their prize mailing list. We. Don't understand it. We are thinking about switching to another casino

Abel Arroyos

Good time.

Adan Salinas

Customer service needs to be better.

Norene Montano

Great for family fun

John Poulnott

Very clean and up to date bowling facility.

Jade Gordon

We had so much fun!

Krista Vigil

Had a great time with my family here!

Naomi Martinez

The games and the bowling are good however if your looking for a place to have a birthday party it can get a bit pricey.

Leonidas Dek

Long lines but still fast and friendly. Great service and amazing food

Nancy Garcia

Had a blast kids loved it. Very friendly!

brandy dolphin

best bowling area ever keep up the good working great job

Vicki Allen

The bowling alley needs more customer service. They would not let us finish one more frame to complete our game.

Daniel Skellie

I called a week ahead to inquire about playing laser tag, and they said it was first come, first served, no mention of reservations. We got there for my wife's birthday, and they said laser tag had to be reserved and was for parties only. So then we asked about bowling, it was a 2-hour wait. Then we asked about pool tables, that was over an hour wait. They said we could play in the arcade, or eat food, so we left. Screw this place.

Edwin Chavez

Fun for the kids

Sniped Angling Outlaws

Great local fun. Have a snack bar that serves up Every thing from hot wings to pizza to burgers! Billiards is a nice little spot and you can see the TVs from any part of the building at all times, minus the bathrooms. Always come here for cheap, yet fun daycation

marisa wickham

Not enough balls for every lane. They expect everyone to be able to use 16 pound balls. When I asked if they had any lighter balls the manager told me too bad because that's All they have available. All they blast is country music. Never coming again.

damian trujeque

The staff is spectacular. Catherine rocks

Martha Valenzuela

This place was pretty cool.. It seems pricey but i dont kno i never been bowling.

Ernestina Valenzuela

My grandaughters had lots of fun!

Fernando Quezada

Excellent, love the bolling

Fatima Ramadhan

Old music old everything! Bathroom smelt like a truck stop. Sucked the only good thing was that i was with my family. Could be a great place if the people were up to date and service was quicker.

Marie Benavidez

It was grand-daughter loved it. Food was good too. We will be back. Best part took pictues with Santa.

Friday Holmes

Fun place, it's usually really packed though

Shantellie Baca

Awesome business very afordable and family friendly.

Robyn P.

Fun time for the kids. Great for b-party.

Doug Griffith

Impressive staggered lanes with pool tables between them all! Very unique

Jack Emmons

Food ordinary and service poor.

sadill channel

Good place for kids to go since there's nothing for kids to do

Renea Esslinger

Our first time as a family there and we were over charged. I had called in advance for the price told the price per game, per shoe rental, perfect! Got there and was charged a different price, didn't complain because we got there after the time I stated when I called. Got to our lane, in the nice little binder there were the prices. We definitely were over charged by $25. Went to speak to the 'manager' was told there was nothing he could do about it. It took him 15 minutes to come tell us he would give us 3 coupons for a bowling game. Fine. Leaving I asked about the coupons he told me he didn't think we were going to stay for the hour, but he guesses he would givww the coupons to us anyways. Smh poor customer service. Not recommending.


No too bad you paid too much to do stuff

Shelly Szymanski

Came with a group, the kids had a blast

Luis Hernandez

Good prices and nice family atmosphere...lanes a little cramped.

Jerome Gutierrez

Good family fun

Chad Budagher

This place is way to expensive for a bowling alley.

James Tickerhoof

Great prices for bowling.

Champagnemartinez Martinez

We had lots of problems with the bowling lanes we paid for.The balls kept getting stuck and the game kept stopping on us staff rude to us once we told them the problems.

Leon Jackson

Getting old but excellent customer service

michael cordova

Awsome at night just wish they would stay open longer on weekdays

Sarah123 Franklin124

Amazing fun, no issues, prices where very reasonable.

barbara stufft

We had so much fun so we got another hour of bowling we didn't want to stop. Different things to do and the staff is on top of it food was good too and all at a good price. Too cool

bonnie lindin

Im only gonna put one star because me and my family went here for lazer tag, and it was broken! It said on the sign and website that it had laser tag.

Amy Aragon

Every time we come to the fun center..something always goes wrong...the lanes are always broken..the bumpers never come up for my girls..this time it wasn't keeping score....the workers are always rude and if you ask for a refund they will ONLY refund your money for the games not the shoes! The ONLY reason why I keep coming back is because my girls like to come and okay the arcade..which by the way is a rip off too but oh well...

alexa melero

Rude old lady when we were paying for our bowling alley, no thank you no nothing


The pizza is very good. And the beer flows like wine...

Juana Channell

Floors needed to be severely waxed. A group of 5 of us went bowling, and all of us kept stumbling as our feet were sticking to the floor. Once floors are properly waxed, it would be a great place to bowl!

Dayton Tinnin

25 bucks for one time play no thank you

Fred Cobley

I loved spending time with my niece there. Very family safe

Andrea Jaramillo

So much fun!

Alyssa Abeyta

food is surprisingly great !!! service is the worst except at the snack bar Sarah is very sweet ! laser tag is NEVER open . very overpriced games . bowling is inexpensive which is whatever since the lanes are warped like crazy . they have lotion in the women’s restroom which is cool ! i have been a handful of times i know what i’m talking about !!!

George Hunter

Isleta fun connection is ok they got pooltable s Bolling laser tag lots of game's for your kid's even a Small bar good food and say to July she's great

krystle gurule

Clean, up kept. Like scoreboard screens easy to use. They play as well as music videos. Billiards and laser tag!

Mikestheshit HotRodman

Casual place to have fun

erika lucero

Amazing family fun. Such an awesome atmosphere, and friendly staff. This will definitely be the new family fun spot.

Elvia Cornejo

Nice place. We had. Great time for under 100$ had pizza and drinks as well

Anthony Mirabal

It's a good place to have fun but everything is broken they don't have laser tag no more the bumpers do not work on all of the lanes most of the lanes don't even work at all some of the people there are rude and make sure if you're going to have two lanes pay for them at the same time not separate cuz you cannot have anybody else in your lane which is kind of bull if you're both playing at the same time

Julian Ortega

Nice place to hang out with the family. God was pretty good

J Rod

Horrible service, staff is extremely rude. Lanes aren't taken care of, and the divider between the lanes is in the way. Prices on food, bowling, and parties are ridiculously high. I'll stick with Starling Bowling at Santa Ana Casino. They are cheaper, friendlier, and everything is well kept.

Duane Leishman

A Nice Diner With My Daughter!!! Always A Good Time.

Hennessy Hennessy

Great food,the green chilie is spicy

Valentin Diaz

Nice fun and fair

adrian morris

Unfortunately there was nothing on their webpage to indicate the venue was going to be closed the entire day for a private party. Nothing against private parties, our day was planned around stopping at Isleta Fun Connection, and when we called several days before there was no indication that we wouldn't be able to gain access to the venue on that day. We were taking our son there for his birthday. Not something we needed to schedule with them, it was only three of us. Isleta Fun Connection is no longer a destination for us.

Airun Donaldson

Nice facility for bowling comfy couches.

Thera Sanchez

We had fun! The chicken strips and nachos are yummy

Jeannette Sandoval

We had a blast for my daughter's BIRTHDAY

margaret moya

Love bowling and good food and billards and enjoy alcohol

Martinez Nathan

Amazing place!! none smoking facility, great for kids

genevieve lucero

It's was nice.. employees not so friendly

Vsco Sandy

Food needs improvement

Reyes Sais

A great place to bowl.

Diane Smith

The clerk at front desk today was not friendly, monologue the description of bowling area with no flare or excitement. We were ready to leave but our youngest son (8) loves to bowl, so we played one round, cost approximately $21. The establishment needs an update or renovation, the place is old and rugged. We gave it a try and just wish they could provide or greet patrons appropriately and make you feel welcomed. They need customer training! We did not gamble only visited after attending an New Mexico EMS conference. They have an arcade center, small deli, semi clean restrooms, bowling, and billiards. Positive- ghost town.

Fernando M. Guillermo


Jody Rush

The bald man working there was not a people person at all. We took our kids there for a feildtrip. The people in the snack bar were nice. Lanes 3&4 are also uneven.

Dwight Waters

Great place for family fun!

Grace Segura

So fun but a little rude people

Kayla Woods

Awesome place to bowl. And great deals

chris searcy

Great place to get away

Wesley Donaldson

Great place to go bowling. Inexpensive and great snack bar with food made fresh.

John Swartz

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but this has to be said. I went here with a couple of my freinds for some laser tag, when we asked to play we were turned away immediately. The associate at the bowling counter, very rudely by the way, refused to open it for us stating that she wouldn't do it if she had to open it for us. Even after we showed her the hours of operation and said we were paying customers she still refused. I guess this place doesn't like money, that's fine, so we decided since we drove out here to shoot some pool and eat. I guess that was too much to ask as well, as a simple order of chicken fingers with some chili cheese fries was enough to confuse the snack bar staff to the point of throwing a fit. Literally all we ordered was chicken fingers and chili cheese fries! When we asked where our chili was one of the cooks threw up his hands said we confused him and ran to the back like a child. We promptly returned the food and left right after that was enough for us. Word of advice to any employee working here, if you can't handle the job then quit so the place can get some better people and so you can get a better job more suited to your terrible attitudes. This was our first and last time coming here that you can be assured.

J Marie

This is a great place for family fun.

Lawrence zuni

A really nice place to go for fun, the prices seem a little bit reasonable. Depending on where you live its close to home, up to you if you want to go into town or you can always find a cheaper place if you look. They also serve alcohol, if not go to the casino with more of a selection since its next door. Tried out the snack bar, was really a hit and miss on the menu. Got the hot wings which were thickly battered, so the time the meat cooks you get a burnt looking wing. The nachos are really good with a great amount of chips and cheese. The pizza is not bad, but has a lot of bread to it.

Jason Gonzales

Lots of fun!

Daddy O

Bowling pool and other games. Snackbar go have fun with the family.

Felicia D

we came into isleta around 5pm 0n june 1, 2015 decided to bring my three grand children and a friend bowling biggest mistake ever. employee seem so lost. have no buisness helping run a place like this we needed help in serveral areas at fun connection and they were in a group of 5 sitting down from security,front desk,bowling alley helper employee Byron real clown useless he anwers to everything to I dont no? its a shame we go there for the first time and no toilet paper in bathroomsto top everything off i didnt have a excuse to tell my 4 year old granddaughter as to why there is no tissue and bathroom & was discusting. we spent alot of money on bowling shoes and food & arcade we didnt stay for laser tag cause byron didnt no get your stuff together isleta

Evangeline Baldanodo

Had lots of fun

FireFoxx 505

Great place for bowling and other fun. Food was good not the best selection of beer if you are into craft beer etc.

Karen Vigil

Great spot


Great place for bowling and billards

Melissa Lucero

Very clean. Friendly staff, and snack bar food is actually really good.

Sir Erinzmd

Nice little fun/play area. Limited in choices but okay for the area

Christopher Fleischer

Family has a good time every time we are here.

Julie U.

Had a great time. Was a clean had very friendly staff.

MariSol Maldonado

They don't give enough tickets for the amount of money you spend.

Laura Walker

Great Place!

Carl Kelley

Didn't actually bowl there. Had a few cocktails, played a few games of pool, & played some games in the arcade. A fun place! The alleys did look very nice for bowling


Good food and fun

Anna Herrera

Great place to go bowling.

william annis

Thanks to the Isleta bowling alley for helping us with our Senior Bowl are strikes for seniors for silver Horizon we appreciate it and you guys are awesome.

Paul Armijo

Fun to bowl, drink, spend time with friends and family.


Nice Good vibe

505 coyote

Lost a lot of time waiting for someone to retrieve my balls that got stuck in the back

Jimmy Anderson

Not a very good place the employees are very rude and Landscape breaking down

Lisa Parson

Family friendly for all ages

evil dead

Going here today with the idea my family and I were going to have a awesome time was a total fail for the amount we paid for it was very little fun and disappointing everything seem so expensive for just a bit of fun. We even tried the food at the food court and that kind of made up for the let down I dont think I will come back again sorry just not worth it

Brandon Seals

Everyone was really nice good service and friendly

Daniel Novak

Cool place

Petrina Hoover

Bowling was fun, but the place seemed to be kinda dead and not exciting.

Shaun Michael

Won a free fitbit in the machine! Love this place!

Marbeya duran

We had so much fun bowling for a birthday party had some popcorn and pizza it is really great for fun and Friends

Sharlyn Sanchez

Best place to have parties!

Joseph Gonzales

Very clean and seemed like a lot of fun... Will definitely be going back...

daniel herrera

The lane kept eating balls then shut down completely management completely ignored me when I brought the issue up never going back

Kim Dutton

Recently had my son’s birthday party here. It went smoothly other than policy about outside food. I wasn’t aware of policy, brought in veggie tray and cake. Cake allowed but not veggie tray.

Melysah Smith

Very friendly and clean everything is easy to use and most of all it is fun!!!

Daniel Conkle

terrible experience. Hopefully everyone in your party can throw a 16 pound ball. staff was unfriendly and not helpful at all and completely lazy. Will never return here again to bowl.

Frank Durham

Great time for the whole family

James Jotes

Wanted to play some claws. Don't go here if you want that. They have them tuned super weak and you will never win anything. I have a room full of toys from claw machine wins but these are just obviously bad. Any other machine we were interested in playing was down or off. Probably ok if you're going to bowl but I'll never go back. Terribly disappointed I spent money here. You don't know until you've already spent your cash.

Patrick McDaniel

a lot of fun people very nice

Steph Sal

Food staff was great! Bowling staff was terrible, not friendly at all and ripped us off. Bought 4 games but we only got to play 2. Both my kids played 2 games and she said because they both played 2 together, not 2 each..that equals does that equal 4. Whatever we'll go somewhere else next time.


Moderately priced, plenty of lanes and very helpful personnel. But for whatever reason you weren't allowed to set up the bumpers for specific bowlers , so either all bowlers had to use the bumpers or none- that's not helpful when its a mix of adult and kid bowlers

Barry Ore

Pretty cool little bowling alley, very affordable and quiet.

tania dossey

Kinda small and the prize booth was usually closed so winning tickets wad pointless.

Dina Garcia

This is the reason why we are giving a 2 star rating. Our games were slowed down because of mechanical issues multiple times. Then they switched us to another lane and continued to have the same mechanical issues. Staff was not too friendly on helping with issues. So our bowling experience at Isleta Fun Connection was not enjoyable.

Graham Golden

Awesome place for fun with the whole family. Decent food, good drinks, nice atmosphere

Ricardo Mendoza

I always enjoy bowling it's fun even if your not good at it

Ann Marie Silva

The staff was amazing, thank you for a great night with our family.

Marco Chavez

The blonde at the desk didn't get her name wasn't helpful at all and seemed like she didn't even want to be here. I've seen more lively help at a funeral home. This is the first and only time I will be coming to this place. Also just found out my kid sister was shorted on tickets the employee walked up to her opened the machine glanced at it and walked away without saying a word.

Melvin Monette-Barajas

The woman at the front desk is crabby but everyone else is great and friendly and fun. Great place for kids.



Anne Morales

Food is fairly inexpensive and fed the whole crew easily. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Clean facility. Can't wait to go back!

sandra griego

A great place to take your grandkids!

Sarah Elise

Great experience. I love the bowling lanes

Mimi Smiles

Love taking my family here

Vince Velarde

Not a bad spot. The lanes are very nice but they could use more games in the arcade

James Alaniz

Great place,nice bowling lanes

Estela Dream

Nice to take the family to for a something to do kinda thing!

jason schmidt

Dont go for beer.

Mama Vetty

Always a great time with the family but snack bar is pricy

Cynthia Kelly

Nicest bowling alley I've ever seen! Clean physical plant especially the snack bar. Bathrooms also were very clean and well stocked. Food was tasty and plentiful. Lanes operated with no problems at all and staff was nice, friendly and helpful. Really enjoyable time.

Done Just Done

Had a blast with my babies! Thank you Isleta Fun Connection!

Martha Molina

Had fun with my girls and husband.

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