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Where is East Windsor Bowl & Recreation Center?

REVIEWS OF East Windsor Bowl & Recreation Center IN New Jersey

Vijay Papaiya

great place for bowling. Family friendly all around

Piyush Agarwal

Nice entertainment. Price is good after Groupon. The lady, Deanna, who works here is very professional.

Chandrasekhar Reddy

Neat and good...

david sewell

Great, classic bowling alley with decent bar food and affordable games.

Conni Brewer

Its smaller than some but we had fun and I prefer less chaos for my 2 autistic children so it works well for us

Vendy Johnson

I love it.

Tony Katawick

Another fun day

Andy Patel

sandip shah

Eric Greiss

Susan Parascando

Needs updated


Need upgrades!!

Jeff Keller

Saturday fun after 1pm is good time. Open lanes. No waiting.

Karthik Kumarasamy

Clean and tidy place, good for family outings. Rates are reasonable. French fries tastes so good, better than McDonald’s one. Drinks selection are fair. Definitely recommend to try it once.

Kristen Burgoyne

This place sure has come a long way! Everything is updated and state of the art. Computer scoring systems are awesome.

Sean Kramer

They have giant tv's playing music videos and good music. Fun time!

Ashley Costa

Fun place, music, and cool setting. There is a bar and an arcade in addition to the bowling lanes. Found it sorta expensive though.

Murtaza Khomusi

Love this place!

The Goat

Bad place have Cockroaches

mdsardar ali

Love this place, specially Karen. You are awesome...!

Fayiz Faruk

Kind and helpful staff make this an enjoyable experience.

Radhashyam Yadav Parusha


Dilip Ranjith

Good place. Friendly staff

Metehan Erdogan

Nice place for friends and families. Prices are affordable. Would recommend.


Clean, friendly . You can bring your kids, they have a nice summer kids program like a reward program they can bowl free before 7pm

pritam mondal

Good for family or friends outing. Comfortable seating enough parking space. Not for bowling hobbiest or semi pro .

Dhaval Vyas

Nice place staff is very helpful 5

A. Alexander Cox

Bowling is great... They made a lot of improvements since we started coming here 6 years ago. Arcade is struggling.. Dollar games, terminator player 1 gun was broken, air hockey Puck never came back after the first score, a couple games were out of service.... If it was just EW BOWLING, I'd give 5 STARS ... But the recreation part needs work.

Jonathan Loaiza

This place was renovated and looks great. Comfy couches, good food, arcade game area. I just wish they would have kept the pool table.

Ben Silverman

Good amount of lanes and inexpensive beer and food. Sometimes loud but still a great place.

Peter Liptak

Polite stuff, plenty of lanes...

Krystyna Brady


Ajay2 Chinchansure

Good experience

Mike Brewer


David Dombrowski

Great lanes. Beer specials. Not crowded. Boards easy to use

H3erobrine Notch

Nice high tech bowling alley, and food was awesome. In addition staff is very friendly and helpful!

Jalen Graves

This place is great! The woman who handles the bar and food orders is super cool. My family likes to bowl, and we love to drink and eat, this place accommodated both, and super fast service! Gets a little busy in the evenings, but they're great at placing people in alternate lanes. Definitely get the wings, the pizza could use some work, but that's the only negative thing I'd have to say about this place.

John Kniffin

Great place. Great service with a kind attentive manager. Good bar food drinks were great all around good service. Also it was exceptionally clean.

Elliot Kang

Miss the retro systems but this is much easier and comfortable


Management down right terrible. Manager dropping f bombs at kids just trying to bowl. Do not go here, Colonial Bowl is a much better option for a family night.

Dave Adams

Ok bowling alley...not much other than that

Theodore Ragavas

Great place for a night out

Andrew Bachovin

Christopher Andalcio

I enjoyed the bowling and food.

Aditya Moorthy

Jed Curran

Kind of experience but a place for quick fun.

Luke Sokolowski

I was there last Saturday. This place is great. Everything is tidy and neat. The bathrooms are clean in a manner that shows commitment to cleanliness. The lanes are easy and fun to use with the screen controls. The food is excellent! I had three different wraps and was impressed, especially with the grill chicken caesar wrap. So good! It was made with care. Very impressed with this place.

abhinav agarwal

Good place.... Altered with new construction so the feelingis great! They have nice pizza too!!

J Cuso

Cool place for bowling. There is a bar, and arcade games. Great place to bring kids.

Heather McNair-Davidson

Paul Delacruz

Liang Wang

Called in to ask some questions. The guy picked up the phone has a terrible attitude.

Prashant shah

Poor management. Frozen food. Air Condition was not running properly. Owner was very rude and arrogant.

praveen M

Brian Kaczorowski

Nice place and clean affordable

Lady Bella

Love to go bowling here

Deval Patel

Not a professional bowler but as far as I can tell good place, equipment is all modern, music was nice, lanes and the balls were fine. only thing I didn't like was that they don't stick to their posted closing time. Closing time posted online AND at their front door says 12. We went there little before 10:30, started playing and at 10:45 they start closing turning off projectors, lights, at 10:52 announced closing in 30 min. At 11:05 said closing in 10 min, all lights except our lane were off and everyone just waiting for us to leave. So we were pressured out. It's okay to close early but put that as correct time for business so we know going in, and there are other bowling places near by that close at 1:30 we could've gone to. Don't post your closing time at 12 and close early. If it's an exception, let the customer renting shoes and paying for multiple games that late know that you plan to close early today.

Katrina Eardley

I had a great time here with friends and family.. It was a great first experience. I will be coming back

Thomas Morris

James L

I must admit this place got a lot nicer since it got renovated, but it closes wayyyyyyyy too early during the week at 9 pm; especially when theres a bar in there. I think 10 pm would be more ideal for the theme they're trying to imply. Multiple times me and my buddies had the idea of coming here around 7-8ish, and we were only persuaded away because we realized that we cant stay there for long to take advantage of the deals they offer

Melissa Longmuir

Nice clean bowling ally

Angela Simonetti


Dr nauman diwan

Local, fun place

you need to know

james hopkins

Nice, clean, new

Indira Ortiz

Steven Richardson

Under new management!

Seung Lee

I played a bowling with my friends last week. It is a family oriented place and enjoyed playing at this location.

Jemison Mcintosh

Horrible service don't go if your not Hindu

Dan Knight

Yvonne provided EXCELLENT customer service and was most helpful. My unit was very clean! Would definitely recommend to others!

Jeff Gualtieri

The heat does not work. We were trying to bowl with winter coats and hats on. It was 5 degrees outside and we had cold air blowing out of a vent that was right behind our seats.

Rich Meyer

Used a Groupon on a super hot Saturday afternoon with my wife and 4 kids ages 16 -8. Bowling alley was very clean, computer system worked well (lets you automatically put up the bumpers (side rails) for different bowlers if required. Bowling was fun and the food was very good including the pizza. Will certainly be back.

Steven Kersten

The bowling alley was very clean, good quality lanes, and did not reek of cigarettes like most other bowling alleys. Music was fine, docking 1 star for food because it was clearly a frozen pizza. Standard food in context, but other reviews rave about the food there which we didn't understand.

Jaclyn Ananikyan

Great place to do a birthday party. Probably the best selection of food from any bowling alley. We had ribs , sausage and peppers , pasta . All the guests left shocked at how good the food was . They also have a nice bar. Already went twice there for my cousins birthday. Can’t wait to go back.

Nitesh Ratre

Great price. Convenient location. Not much crowded. New alley with lots of balls located close by to chose from. Almost every lane has balls available for all weights.

Inzy 02

One of the workers was very rude. He told me to leave him alone when I ask for cup. Also the food was horrible and they didn’t even empty the water pitcher when we ask for water it was already used when they gave it too us.

Munira Tohfafarosh

Sal Chiaravalloti

Nice place

Nathan Reetz

Friendly staff. Food is okay but a little pricey for some things.

Roohi Sharma

In love with this place.

Sethu Senthil

Great bowling alley, has everything you would expect. Don't get fooled by the broken sign outside.

Prisca Aghomi

Good place for family fun. Bowling, pizza and beers.



Shannon Douglas

Avoid this place. The lanes kept breaking. First our balls wouldn't come back, then the lane started automatically resetting. The mechanic went behind to "fix" the problems 8 times and we only got through 3 frames. I asked for my money back and the lady behind the counter was extremely rude and refused to give me my money back. After arguing with her for 10 minutes (while the mechanic was still working on the lane) that we we weren't getting the service we paid for, she finally gave me my money back.

fausto gonzalez

We have a good time with my family and friends


Our experience was not the best, the fact that it says this place is kid friendly was crazy considering the fact that the manager dropped an f bomb on kids. The manager did not act professional and seemed as if he didn’t want us here. Not the best place to bring your kids when they want to have some fun.

Bishoy Kolta

Very nice place, and great service!!!

Rupesh Trivedi

Nice place


classy cool place

Reuben G

Convenient, not busy and renovated

Ketki Raje

Love it here always

Mr Wall St

Lots of fun. Reasonable prices and purchased the bowling package for 6 people on Groupon.

Richard Dyer

Have been going every Tuesday for Quartermania for over a month now, and I must say I'm really enjoying the place. It's nothing special in terms of the appearance or features, but it's quaint and I like that. Unfortunately the Ground Round that was attached to it closed down, so that leaves you with very little options for food. However, after the bar opens at 6 there are plenty of drink and some snack options as well. The staff there has always been friendly to my friends and I. Typically the music choices there are very good and sets a good bowling atmosphere. The lanes all work well for the most part, but of course there are some hiccups from time to time. It's pretty spacious and has never been REALLY busy to the point where we'd ever had to wait. All in all, I have a great time while I'm there and look forward to going every Tuesday. If you've never been, I suggest checking it out on a Tuesday after work for some inexpensive entertainment.

Ramesh T

Very lively place with good bowling lanes at great prices

Kunal Papaiya

Julio Artache

This is our 2nd time there and we had a good time. We took our 12 year old grandson and bowled 3 games each. The place was clean and had a festive atmosphere. The staff were friendly and polite. I'm glad that we didn't have a lane that had the video was playing on because it would have been very distracting. Their french fries are delicious and reasonable and you get a decent amount. There was an adult bowling party just about to start as we were leaving. That was cool! We would definitely be back.

Will Laohoo

This place definitely needed to be redone, so it's a good thing that it has! It's nicer now than it used to be, though that's not saying a whole lot, but pretty good spot for bowling, with food available if you're hungry. There's a restaurant attached, so it's pretty full-service.

Anirudh Pathak

Average bowling place. On the plus side, they offer themes. Deducting one start cause the digital interface sucks. Two lanes have to share the same touch panel and, except for some basic statistics, it didn't really offer anything.

Dheeraj Tandon

Love it

Bhupendra Jinwala

It was nice time to be there & enjoyed a lot .

Nick S.

Nice alley, clean and fun for my 6 year old.

Ed Martin

Fun place. Clean and friendly.

Rhet Leonard

Sks Game

Not too bad and not too good

pragya sardana

Nicole Ryan

Decently priced. Good selection of balls to choose from in a range of all sizes and weight. I am not sure if they have food but their beer selection was not bad and proceed well.

Persian Persard

Very cool

Frank M. M

Lots of fun...

Matthew Kamel

The bartender/owner, I believe, was very rude and obnoxious. I asked if the Nachos are spicy and he gave me an attitude. The nachos we ordered seemed like they were from the dollar store and he just added cheese wiz on top, was disgusting

Ria Fashions

Robert Boylston

Nice place ac not that cold

Gabriel Quevedo

Me and my wife's favorite bowling alley. Usually not that busy, even on a late Friday or Saturday night. Pretty cheap games.

Jazzy- Kat

Great place


The lane broke a couple times but it's a good place to bowl. I recommend

Jasmine Marks

We (Arc Mercer) had our Christmas party here for our consumers today. Amazing place and amazing staff. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Susanne G

Great Saturday night with family in from Florida. Music was perfect volume and prices were just right.

Leina Yamiley Jean Louis

I loved the moment I past with my family here

Jeffrey Gualtieri

The owner is terrible. I am a member of a league that bowls there and needed to pre bowl because I had plans for our bowling night. I was told that we might not be able to pre bowl so I called the day before to ask. The girl that answered the phone want sure. She put me on hold and checked with someone and then told me that it would be alright. My wife and I showed up with 2b if my kids to pre bowl (my kids would have just bowled by themselves). The owner said that he does not allow people to pre bowl. I explained the situation, that I was told the day before that it would be alright and I would pay full price for 3 games for 2 kids. He refused. We ended up getting into a shouting match. I explained that one of his employees told us that it would be alright and we wanted to to pay for our kids. He refused and repeatedly told us that he does not allow this and said that he was going to fire the girl that have us the wrong info. He should have told us his policy but allowed it this time because his employer told us we were good and we showed up with 2 kids. He was an ass. In addition, the heating/cooling does not work well. We bowled once wearing jackets and winter hats. Other times you end up sweating. Bad establishment in my opinion. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Tonia Spies

No wax on the floor. Old shoes.

shobhit jain

Zero in terms of fun good facility but not managed properly. Bad food, all food is frozen food warmed and served. Food Served in the most cheap paper plates. Disposable coffe mugs given for water and beer. They can do lot more with the place. Ordered drinks LIT was as good as a coke. They are consistent with bad food, bad service and bad experience. Do not visit.

rushi patel

Great new look

Rudhra Merchant


Danielle Halpin

They definitely upgraded this bowling alley and it is very kid-friendly as well

J. Fernando Martinez

The bartender is fantastic

Shiva Manohar Singh

Vibhor Agarwal

Poornima Natarajan

Very rude.....i paid it for hourly rate & had to wait for more than 20 mins to turn on the bumpers....the lady in the front desk was rude because she had a lot to do. Very poor customer service

David DiPietro

Very clean. Great for family fun. Always plenty of oil for practice.

Ann Rose

RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!!!! paid $35. For 2 games for 3 people and couldn't get my own lane? ?!!! WTH. Spoke to the Mgr. And he said we were rude and will throw us out!!!!!

Meredith Thomas

Clean and well managed.

Shashank Tandulwadikar

Place is good but over crowded and reservation isn't good. Had to wait 30 min even lanes were open. Management strictly follow line system even if lanes are open and no one occupied. They can improve their process to better business


Horrible management. On the weekday i went, the 2 guys at the reception area were rude and unprofessional. had no courtesy to talk. They were so stuck on charging me cover fees for my 2 year old child when i kept saying she would hardly play anything. I would prefer going to a professionally run bowling area next time.

Boring Mower

Nice and quiet at 6:00. Finished a few games and then saw that the crowd was coming in. Perfect timing for a Friday night!

Valentin Tzankov

Kevin D'souza

umang gupta

heather Black

Great place for families. Prices are fair. Shoes are all very clean.

Natasha Singh

Very busy! Screens to type your names to keep score. Very noisy!. My 10 yr old likes it!

katherine guzman

Owner is extremely rude. Sorry but fix your attitude. Sad that’s it’s the only bowling place in town but would not give this place my money again. I rather drive to Hamilton or freehold. I thought maybe I did something but he gave the same attitude to the person beside me and they even questioned his attitude and even apologized because they thought they were bothering him !!! Insane !!! Never again !

Vivek nair

Joy bless

Very nice place for the family.

galen palowitch

High-quality bowling alley. Hard not to have a fun time.

slu oldjohn


Dave Goldberg

Fun but slightly expensive. Good pizza for the kids and of course, bowling too.

Cristina Mottershead

nicely redone from the last time I was there under another name. Family friendly with bumpers and ramps for little kids. Also some arcade games, air hockey and play till you win claw games to entertain kids and a full bar to entertain adults ;) they serve a decent selection of food, too: sandwiches, appetizers and I forget what else.

Prameela Jeppu

Jayesh Mehta

Great Time Pass and Sports Activity. Nice Bowling Alley

Neha Jinwala

The surrounding is good, ample parking space, decent crowd, they also have league matches, indoor gaming, nice food and drinks. Must visit if nearby. You can also organize birthday parties.

C. M.

Nice place for bowling, kind staff

Andrea Monroy

Love it, is a great place

Avinash Salgam

Upgraded facilities make bowling a bit more fun but also more expensive. Expect to pay around $5 a game without shoe rental.

Ray Pokemongo Ace

Fun all around!

Suman Gupta

A. Ross

Great bowling alley.

CB Fischer

Recently refurbished so much nicer.

GoPro Kid

WOW They redid the Place and it is awesome!!

Rebecca Dyer

Fun and friendly place to go. A bit pricey for no reason though.

Rilwan Pade

Had a good time with my family. Only complaint was that it was very understaffed.

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