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424 Eagle Rock Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052, United States

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REVIEWS OF Eagle Rock Lanes IN New Jersey

Geoffrey Gould

Fun atmosphere, friendly workers, clean lanes.

Cynthia Jones

Amble parking and pleasant staff


I just don't like bowling so this is my opinion. Don't mind me. I had to go because my family wanted to go.

Juan Rivera

Great bowling place

Sultan Car Service

New years eve bowling

sara robert

Had a great time. Fun for all ages.

nicholas baum

It has good and friendly staff and services but I would take it more seriously if they cared to update their 80’s looking bowling computers instead of blaring cringey music videos.

Nikki Fernandez

I wish there was a concession stand or something. They used to have food available, not sure why they stopped.

belinda harris

Clean, just would like snack bar open in afternoon as well.

Joel Herbert

Nice, but needs a facelift to attract more customers

Ava Robinson

I was there for a birthday party..

tracy reeves

Kids loved it


Coolest place

Elo Atarie

Not as nice as the pictures

Harneet Singh Pasricha

Fun times

Myckel Saintpierre

Great place

Patrice Bailey

They have daily deals that are great for some awesome memories with friends

shantia ellison

It was very busy when I went but it has a very nice open space. We received a lane in about 10 minutes and the pizza was great.

Tasha Rose

Nice place, but over the counter worker are unfriendly. No smile they seems like they don't enjoy their job.

Nikki Rob

I didn't bowl, but still had a good time with family.

D c

I always have a fun time here. Even when I was a little girl. They always keep it clean and the workers have always be friendly. Prices are great

Jae is a Wolf

I loved it

Reggie Porter

The best

Suraj's Opinion is Better

This plac3 ist trash. I usually roll 300 av3rag3 but th3n @ the ally I rolled 20 average. TRASH. They Oiled the lanes 20 times and it was super oily. My ball kept hitting my usual arrows but when it got to head pin it drifted backwards doing backflips and GUTTER BALL. Don't come here to play competitive game. Super trash.

Jon Peters

Old school! They still have the same automatic score keeper machines from the early 90s, I love it.

Benjamin Johnson

I bowl with the East Orange Senior League. We love this place!

Frank Miller

Great place for a birthday party.

Reggie Lamptey

Good specials lots of lanes

Brandon Keene

Great price, well maintained lanes and restrooms, friendly staff.

Jonah Stiel

An employee named BJ was terrible at his job along with customer service, stopped my group mid game to gouge us for more money after we had already paid with another employee. terrible service

as rp

Nice n quiet

Justin Ramos

Great place to spend time with family and friends. Slightly dated but the whole concept of Bowling Alleys is dated too and it seems that they've owned it, as can be seen with their dated music choice. All in all, it's always a blast to go to.

Max Struever

Awesome deals on Mondays and Tuesdays after 8pm, tons of lanes, full bar and even serve food from a snack bar/grill The scoring computers are a little older but they get the job done. Great spot!

Enrique Gonzalez

Had a great time in Eagle Rock Lane!!!!

MarianT Perkins

Very cheap bowling games and a dining area

Brandon Ungar

Reasonably priced bowling with slightly overpriced bar food for what you get. It's got the definite late 80s to 90s bowling alley vibe but without the snell of stale cigarette smoke that lingered so long after the ban. Friendly staff and good place for a date.

Reuel Moore

Nice place to bowl unwind and meet good people.

fischbowl 1

My home away from home

Rovain Sobers


Steve A

I have no problems with this place re: ownership. But it badly needs a redo inside. Brighter lighting, update it from the 1980s. I don't think it's actually dirty there, but it somehow just doesn't FEEL right when you enter. At least it's not overpriced with bad service like Hanover. I got my first bowling ball here. If you live in the area, no reason to go out of your way to avoid Eagle Rock.

Josh Silverman

Went in afternoon with my wife very quiet and pleasent

Macdonal Mcdougal

We had an awesome time!


Neighborhood bowling alley. Great drinks and snacks.

Renee Goodwin

Close to home, plenty of parking, Owner and employees very nice.

Bryan Aiello

We were invited to a birthday party and got to come here. They set up dragon tails to roll the balls from and had bumpers up. The kids had so much fun. I want to come back with my wife and play some games and eat some bowling alley grub. If you know what I mean by old school 90s bowling alley than you'll go expecting the right thing. This is not a retro hipster place, and I swear I watched the guy who helped us win a championship once on TV. Simple and no fuss birth day party for kids.


Good price, good times, good food, and great leagues!

Tres Williams

Classic bowling alley. Very reasonable prices. Not sure they have updated the place in a few decades but that is part of the experience.

Kim Nelson-Edwards

Great place for family and friends. The manager is awesome.

Dominic C.

Fun place. Could use better bowling balls though.

Carmen Constantin

Not too crowded. Nice atmosphere

Deniz Gezgin

Fun place!

Philip J Altenburg

It's bowling. I didn't try any food so I don't know about that. Had fun with friends. Price okay for a Friday night out without.

Joel Segal

Great birthday party!!

Frank Gilyard

Good service nice folk I have a good time

yvonne causbey

Bowling, kicked but NOT!! haha

Sabrina James

So much fun

A'Riel The Great

We had a blast! Friendly staff, comfortable environment! Will be going back soon!

Marcy Regino

I love this bowling alley!! Went there this past weekend to take my nephew bowling and he loved it. No problems were brought upon us during our visit there. Eagle Rock's new management team is very kind and their new cafe is very good; Reasonably priced and made with love. If you haven't tried out this bowling alley in the past year you should :p

Jo Hayes

Great service, really good food, nice bartender and attentive management. Lanes are great.

Alicia Jackson

Good time with the family I believe they have a disco night very good prices and I also think they have a bar

Raymond Guzman

Place was overpriced and the music was a joke. Lame.

Miro Aguirre

A great place to meet friends.

Kevin Malazarte

Good deals on weekday nights

Scott Greenstone

Typical dingy NJ bowling alley. Nice staff, a little expensive in my mind. Never had any of the food as it doesnt look palatable.

Aisha Nicole

Sunday evening we went to bowl with the big brother, big sister program everything was paid was serve to us

Melissa Hertenberger

Nice and clean bowling alley with snack bar, helpful staff and clean bathrooms

Jermaine Bethea

Had a great time here wonderful staff

Rev. John White

Great family fun

Richard Babula

A lot better than it was service quick

Gwendolyn Gilchrist


Nicole Romeo

To be very old fashion it’s a great place my family and I love it there

Charisse Allington

A dump but friendly staff

Dina Jones

Great place to hang out with friends and have some fun!

Kim Walker

Went on a weekend. No reservation. Mixed crowd, but busy for Saturday evening. Shoes and food were on point; no wait.

Alicia Barker

I had so much fun here. Its clean and have a little bar. The place was a little hard to find being it was night and the sign was out of place.

José Peralta

Old people "maybe owners" don't have manners, on our visit the lady scream at us and the guy was pretending like we weren't there.

Jeff Minsky

Totally adequate bowling alley, but with a bit of investment could be so much better. Staff is very helpful and birthday parties are way better priced than East Hanover bowling lanes.

Stanford Arthur

My friends and I have been coming here since we were teenagers and we still have so much fun when we go

Jon Romeo

The price was reasonable and they have special prices depending on what day. I just wish they updated the place, it was a bit disgusting from the chairs to the bar to the bathroom.

BIG MESS1 Hollow

Good Time Good Food&Drink (TURKEY

calvin roberts

Nice lanes........

Tasha Banks

Great family atmosphere

Tony Pendas

Typical bowling alley. Decent pizza. Nice old time bowling feel. Good for kids Birthday parties.

Thomas Taylor

Nice place

Zakee Gilchrist

A very nice bowling ally a lot of fun

xJeRzeY .

This bowling alley is the spot to go to for bowling. It has an old school vibe and the staff is amazing. One of the employees there his name is Alex just like mine and he was very professional and extremely patient with our group. The food is very good and the bar service is unbelievable. Definitely one of the best bowling alleys around. Highly recommended.

Lorraine Snodgrass

Thank you for making my daughter's 13th birthday memorable!

Damary Badillo

Great place to have fun bowling

Briana Miller

Nice place to go and have fun with family and friends.

Jose Pereira

Great place.

Gabe Barnes

Good bowling alley great atmosphere

Giacomo Palescandolo

I am offended at the tragic service that I received at this bowling alley. After waiting multiple nights for availability due to every night being a "league night" I was dumfounded by the mediocre bowling lanes accompanied by terrible food and high prices. This was truly a horrible experience and bowling alley, and I do not recommend it to my worst enemy. Have a great night as I am sure you will as long as you don't go bowling here!!!

Stuart Nachbar

Very friendly people working today and had a great time

Yudelka Caamano Fernandez

Great family place, had a bday celebration and the staff is so acomodating and friendly.

Cleveland McDonald


Gregory Blair

This place is great, good place to free your mind.

Rolston Cyril Watts

Great place to bowl


Little run down but fun

Molly Stevens

Good local bowling alley.

mrgee ash

Very nice place

gc nj

I'm liked ... cool nice place.... Food and drinks with Soda /alcohol..... Friendly people .....

Clarissa Richardson

What's the best place to go bowling and they always have good service and it is not never crowded we need to know when they do not have a bowling team lead for younger adult


I bowled a strike and feel like a pro time to join a league


Went to a birthday party but it was total chaos. Not enough room in the party room for parents and kids that came.

Jose Ortiz

Good place yes

Greg Robak


Manthan Kothari

This place needs a facelift. Ok prices and deals for bowling but it would be nice if they updated the inside a bit.

George Perez

Very nice lanes

Darlene P Williams

cool place

Gina Kandi Brown

Had a great time

Rosenda Moore

This place is awesome... Great fun for everyone at an affordable rate.. friendly and helpful staff, all around great

Gloria Washington

Love going here it's always fun

Judy Wilkins

Friendly neighborhood bowling alley.

Juliana Duarte

Not the worse bowling place but it needs to be updated. Our computers kept messing up points and skipping people so a lot of people either lost a turn or ended up accidentally playing someone's turn.

Kapil Shah

Great place. Many bowling lanes, not very crowded.

Marq M

Love this bowling alley. BJ is the man. This is the only alley I would go to.

Leighton DeGoede

The control stations are super old/retro, but the price is good.

Picard Michel


Ty'annah Hardnett

Amazing discounts and food you might just want to live there

Natalie Cortez

The place is full of drunk people. A guy put he's drink on a side that said no food no drinks , we droped it and this dude wanted us to pay.

Joy Okoronkwo

Good service and good atmosphere

Essie Barton

Too dark. Need more light. Oh need to open Snack Bar before 6 pm or allow outside food and drinks.

Lola Reed

The service is usually good , the restrooms tend to always be a mess and never clean, BUT the prices are good, mainly during the week.

Michael Wilson

Great bowling

Monica Vasquez

Big enough to bring all the family food and alcohol beverages available

Robert Woods

Its cleaned up nicely was my go to place to bowl. Haven't been there in a long time but use to have some good deals to bowl


Decided last week to go bowling on the spur of the moment. Had not been in years. Was surprised how nice it was inside. Sure the decor could be updated but overall very nice. The café had good food and was not over priced. I think the last time I was there was my daughters fifth birthday party. She will not be 18 this month. Nice for a change, will def go back.

Edner Luberisse

Fun to go with family.

Kat Watkins

Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and bowling deals are available, regularly. Just needs a little renovation to some outdated seats and floors.

Niko Mack

My favorite past time! Drinks are reasonable and strong. Diner has the best smothered French fries

Scott Wentzell

Solid bowling alley. Went on a Friday, was full but not too crowded, music was good. Beer was reasonably priced and my friends got some food and seemed happy with it.

Shakemma Perkins

Great customer service.

Dainjah Quest

Nice place to chill n have fun wit frens n families

Joseph Gerald

A little outdated but go on Monday and Tuesday nights for really great deals.

Melanie Cohn

Great bowling alley.

Randy Bognatz

Decent. Old UI for the scoring in the lanes caused a few hiccups during the games.

michael pedoeem

Solid alley

Richard Fahrer

Great for hosting kids parties but can use a little updating; especially the run down bar in the back

Naim F. Immortal5of5

Great bowling experience

son goku san

This place was nice. There are better bolling allys out there. The main reason I went there since I was in the area.

Andrew Cook

Fun local bowling lanes. Great specials if you sign up for emails.

Tina Treich

Awesome! Family friendly, staff was great and everyone had a wonderful time!

B. V.

a little outdated but still a lot of fun

Marie Haynes

Not the glamorous but certainly the cheapest bowling alley around i still had loads of fun 4 stars cuz the cafe was close


Need 2 be close it stink it's small bad service

Jazzo Thompson

Was here for boys and girls club with Shop Rite of Newark had fun in participating.

Isaac Simmons

I had a great time

Ray Zeos

Love this place.

David Alfreds

Solid bowling lanes with a small bar that includes darts. Food is limited.

Craig Dixon

Lanes OK, staff needs a little improvement

Sean Howard

Great bowling alley. Spacious seating area. Great lanes. Extra racks for overflow of balls. Great if you have a large group of friends going. Great prices as well. Have a bar and cafe. Staff are fun and helpful. Always have good music playing. I'm always there. Its worth the 30 min drive from my house every week.

Jason Duran

Too expensive

hanif warren

Bowling was fun, not too expensive either.


A place you can bowl and get your drink on at the same time

Sanjeet Soogrim-Ram

Great atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Mary Wharton-Sampson

There are only 2 alleys left in Essex county. It should be updated.

Joel T. Jordan

Classic lanes lots of fun. Bar after 6pm.

christopher mcmeo

Great place to go with the family

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