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REVIEWS OF Bowlmor Green Brook IN New Jersey

Adonis Oyediran

One of the best bowling alleys I've been to in a while. Love the vibes in here. It's huge too. First time i've seen lanes on two sides as opposed to just one.

Alex Reyes

Bowlmor Green Brook is really nice. The staff has had some ups and downs but recently they have seem to click and are super responsive when you have an issue. The drinks are a little pricy but you can go on a deal night and save some money. Better to use the pads at the lane then to order at the bar as the tenders get swamped pretty quickly. The food is the probably the best part. Legit tacos and the fries are good too.

Kevin Murphy

Nice bowling alley. Their summer bowling program is a great deal. The staff is friendly and the food is pretty good. And with a decent arcade it's an easy way to spend a few hours out of the heat.

Aleksey Mazur

Nice place to roll some balls and drop some pins. Drinks and the food is pretty decent.

Shijo Menachery

This place has 2 sections full of bowling lanes. Perfect for all ages, bowling is a fun sport. Also available are a variety of food and drinks that you can order from your seat. Overall this is an amazing place!

Donovan Morris

I have come back here a few times and it’s extremely popular. Wait times are about an hour when we come and visit and it’s obviously because of the popularity. Drinks are reasonable priced for mugs of beer. Food is on the expensive side for something that’s not that great. The arcade can use a bit of an expansion or just a renovation. There aren’t thy many machines to use.

Gabrielle M

Very impressed! Good atmosphere, spacious layout, clean & well maintained. Food & drinks were quick & nice quality, better than expected. All around great time

Cynthia Richards

They are family oriented for daytime bowling, but not very attentive to details. Place is clean enough. Food is good enough. It's overpriced and they under-deliver, but when you want to go bowl, they have everything you need. 7 dollars per person per game and another 5 person for the shoes.

Christian Conte

We were told at the register that it would be $8.84 per game for our group in the the lane. There were 4 of us, and we even asked "is it per head?" and were told 'no.' We played 2 games and were told that EACH of us had to pay for 2 games. Not by lane like we were told. While complaining about being misled, we overheard 2 more groups of people paying next to us who had to be told that it was per person, not per lane, and were disappointed, because no where in the establishment does it display this information. The general manager Sanjay was nice, but we will not return based on this misleading information.

Mitesh Shah

The lane had some issues resetting the pins, but all in all, a good time

Sridhar Sathya

Nice place for spending time with friends. Little experience with rentals.

Alex Kramer

Great ambience and looks cool however it is extremely expensive, for example 3 people playing 3 games was $100.55. Also the bowling machine on the lane we played on was awful. The pins would fall down before throwing the ball every once in a while which ruins the game. I’ve never seen a bowling alley that had a broken machine like that. Along with that, there is a very limited selection of bowling balls to choose from. This place gets 2 stars because it’s a *bowling alley* that doesn’t even have sufficient bowling equipment.

Brittany Fletcher

It's fun, just overall expensive. Just be prepared to wait awhile if you go on the weekends.

Rajesh Shah

Family friendly and non stop fun!

Malcolm Rowe

This place is horrible. Went to meet coworkers for bowling on March 23,2019. My coworker arrived at 4:30pm to ask for 2 lanes for 10 people. I arrived at 5pm. They told us we would have lanes 3and 4 when the people were done with their games. The party played the games they paid for then started more games. They told us 15 mins more. At 630 we asked again and they said it will be another 30 mins. After 2 hours of waiting we decided to leave. Will never go to this place again.

Paul Taylor

Nice ambiance good drinks

Jacob Schmidt

Grimey, buttons don't work on key boards


Scoreboard & lane electronics didn't work at times. Desk staff weren't very nice. You are there to serve customers not to have conversations with each other. Food was decent. Atmosphere was nice.

Emilia Heintz

Bowling at Bowlmor is fun as long as you are not a serious bowler. Many of the lanes are in a state of disrepair, and it is pretty dirty. If your intentions are to have fun with friends you will, but if you intend to improve your game, this is not the place for you.

Slik Carp

This is a very nice place to go with friends. They have also a bar inside and good food. Also a zone of arcade games. The only thing that they can improve a little is the service, is not bad though.

Lance Gillman

Great bowling alley! Nice step up lots of lanes, an arcade, and a full bar. The food was good a little pricey but not to bad . My only complaint is the The flavored lemonades are not refillable and there almost $6 which is ridiculous.


Fantastic establishment for family fun.

Glenn Gaerlan

I spent 80 bucks for a family of five for one game and 5 shoe rentals. Another 80 for food (which is understandable, my kids eat a lot). It was a fun night but on the expensive side for bowling. The place was more noisy than a regular bowling alley if that's possible. And the displays at the far end of the lanes tended to increase glare on the lanes which was annoying. The actual lanes are well maintained and the service was great.

Amanda Zega

Great bowling alley. Large, clean, food was pretty good. Great bar. Was there for a work charity event and we were able to rent 18 lanes and still plenty of room. Lightning and music was good. Staff were so helpful and attentive!! Thought it was neat that they had flat screen over lanes!

Abimbola Oyefeso

Very nice games for kids aside from an updated version of chukky kids loved it


Could be a lot better, but could be worse...

Bhavin Thakkar

Very good bowling alley with customer friendly staff.

debbe saez

We planned a special afternoon of bowling only to arrive at the lanes and find there was no open bowl. The lanes were getting cleaned for leagues. I have no problem with the concept but the website only said open 12pm to 12am. When I asked how to get info on open hours, they said I should call. II'vetried that before and either it rings and rings or I get voicemail. I've given up calling. Please start updating website with open hours or have a message on the phone line.

Deshawne Jordan

Great place for parties and family fun night.

Leonardo Moran

Awesome place, perfect to go with a groups of friends. Good music and good. I had the parmesan fries with mozzarella sticks and they were worthy.

Bill ORourke

Good clean bowling alley.

anuj sharma

I had a lot of fun. The place is well organized and maintained despite being so busy. Definitely recommend

Terry Londenberg

I’ve bowled here for many years during school leagues, work leagues, and for pleasure. The place really looks great, the bar is, very long way and the drinks are pretty good. The bowling price shocked us. We had seven people, only bowled one game and it was over $100. We got three appetizers which were $70. Honestly we can’t afford that.


Its alright. Nothing special

Kira Morgan-Harris

Had fun. Great service despite us having 2 lanes to serve. Food priced too high. $21 for unlimited bowling Friday night. They closed at 1pm so we only were able to play 2 games.

Justin Federici

Went there with a group after work. Everyone had a great time. Strongly recommended.

King Cassy

Lovely place

Amy Lee Van Rooy

Great place with food and bar. Offers all kinds of deals for different days to help save money. The liquor and food can be kinda pricey but not to expensive.

Bern Bernstein

Unfortunately I forgot to check the prices ahead of my visit last week... hoo boy. I played 3 games of bowling for about 30 minutes of entertainment. It cost $65. Yes, you read that right, $65. This is outrageously expensive. For bowling?! At over $20 per game which was, like, 10 minutes of fun at most each game, I wasted more money than a ticket and popcorn to a 2 hour movie. Save your money and do ANYTHING other than patronize this utter waste. Drink prices were also crazy high and one of the waitresses at the bar refused to take our order. We were waiting for 7 minutes staring at her, 2 feet away, and she never served us. A separate waitress had to come over to take our drink order. There is no excuse for this. Also, the clientele are... interesting. That's probably all I can say.

Duane Moore

Overall appearance was great! It's what's inside that counts. The food was okay. The staff made up for the less than great food. From an ombieance perspective, this is an absolutely great location/venue you have it all! Bowling, games and for the adults a huge bar with an attentive staff. I attended an adult party and our server was on point! Shout out to Essay our server. Very accommodating. We were a large group and he did an excellent job in recognizing the dynamics of our group. We had a good time! As a league bowler, I had concerns about the condition of our floor in the bowlers area. The floor was very sticky, any bowler will agree that is a no, no!

Valerie Pratt

It was nice and clean. Chicken strips delicious. Service great.

Ankita Gupta

Great Bowling Alley.. please make reservations in advance bec wait times are long (1-1.5hrs approx) on weekends. Game charges are per person per game per lane plus shoe rentals.That aside, alley has great ambience, plenty of lanes,upbeat music,well stocked bar and an arcade game room (where we enjoyed playing games during our wait time). Overall had a good experience.

kyle chylinski

Great place for deals Sunday thru Wednesday

Cassandra Crute

Really fun environment with the lights and dj and food. Super fun for a variety of ages. Lots of house bowling balls avail so you can bowl comfortably with the right size.

Samantha Rodriguez

Lots of fun for people of all ages. Definitely had a blast. Knocked off a star because the food is wildly expensive. The pizza is delicious though! Also, the service at the bar and at the cashier's desk definitely has room for improvement.

MarkGoldberg Brooklyn

They don't answer the phone to see if they have open lanes or not. I tried calling many many times and got a voicemail system that leaves you absolutely nowhere! As for the place itself......'s okay great reviews for this place.

Kawanzaa K

Celebrated my Birthday with family and friends st Bowlmor and it was wonderful! I also have Summer bowling passes and my experince has always been pleasant.

Keisha Bwn

Great atmosphere. Good fun, food and drinks. Will definitely come back!

לי לוי

Good vibe!

Chris F

Monday's deals are the best

Adam Sajnog

Great Bowling place, the music is quite loud though... or simply I am not young enough to enjoy such loud music...

Rokins Gandhi

Even though ratings are mediocre, my family really had a good time at Bowlmor Green Brook. It was my son's birthday game fun. We invited his cousins, they had a blast. They serve good food.

Christian Dachell

Clean and updated interior. Plenty of lanes. The food and drinks are overpriced but you can just avoid buying any of that. Fun place to hang out with family or friends. For the record, I'm not good at bowling but I still enjoyed myself.

Miguel Castillo

Good to enjoy with family. Good customer service.

Thomas Bradley

They need to offer deals on Saturday. But the atmosphere is a very fun vibe.

Nikki Butkiewicz

Yes, its loud and yes the food is somewhat expensive. But the bowling is fun and we always have a nice time. We reccomend coming in the middle of the day to beat the night time crowds.

Amy Dahl

What a great time!! Went here for a party w catering from the kitchen - awesome chicken tenders, fries, and pizza. Fun pretty foods! Good music!

Jamal Saad

Great bowling, good food and good bar / drinks

Daurah Rodriguez

It was nice but the bartenders are extremely rude and need to learn what customer service it

Mark Teekasingh

Really good food and bowling

Robbin Hoyte

If they had better employees the spot would be awesome. My as kid the guy If there was any special he said nah. We looked down and the flyer had a list of special. Bar tenders are horrible. I'm glad when playing bowling you can order from the screen because no one comes and checks. The food takes really long to come.

Faizan Ali

The atmosphere, the lanes are in great condition. A place to knock them pins down

Angela Walker

Very nice clean bowling place. The staff is amazing!

Ritesh Soni

Nice amenities, but need to change the bowling lanes floor its too old


Slow service nothing great about the food served on dirty table

Douglas Ferriday

Went down to order a new bowling ball.

Giovani D98

Love going here! Especially on a night like tuesday for 2 dollar games!!! Its soooo dope would definitely recommend 10 outta 10


Fun place but expensive if going on weekend you might wanna book in advance otherwise long wait time

President Wub Wub

the bowling alley always has constant trouble and hiccups no matter what the actual lane is

Jaime Laroza

Its nice to have this for the kids to have something to do but ive seen way nicer... should offer more

Delaney Spence

Absolutely wonderful! Very fun environment, great music. Also has lots of lanes, and a nice bar. I'd probably go back some time

Lauren Rosen

So I love coming here for the deals and such. I’ve been here twice this week to hang out with friends and have waited over a half hour for non alcoholic drinks. I’ve had to cancel them because we were done bowling. Ive seen service faster at more rundown bowling alleys.

maria Vasquez

I went there with my family they came here from Switzerland and they loved it very nice service..

Darshan Sharma

Went here with my family including a 4 year old for the first time. At first glance it's a nice location with a ton of Lanes, full bar in the middle and a nice ambiance. You pay by the game plus shoe rentals. We asked for a rack so the kids could play which was delivered bent so the ball kept hitting the rack. You can't remove the bumpers between adults and kids playing. Touch screen for ordering food and drinks - don't bother using no one shows up. The touch screen has an option for a server but no one showed up. After 20 minutes I walked over to the bar to place an order where there were multiple servers none of which could be bothered between their conversations. The bartender took the longest making a drink and never walked over to offer a drink or food menu. Time was 2pm on a Sunday at which point they were not busy and nobody else at the bar. I finally gave up and decided the food must be lackluster reflecting their service. They saw me leave and never checked to see if I wanted something. We finished our game and headed to the arcade in the back. One of which is the motorcycle game, the left one doesn't work. Forget trying to find someone to notify or complain to. Overall experience you can find a lane and go play if your looking to just bowl. If your looking for service find some other place to spend your money.

Sundari Mohanakrishnan

Nice bowling place. Visited for a birthday party there. Kids enjoyed bowling. It would better if there is a small dedicated space around the birthday party lanes for cake cutting. Cutting the cake amidst all the chaos in the pathway seemed to make the nice cake cutting ceremony completely hurried up. Would be nice to give a better experience to the kids, especially the little ones.

Kim L

Modern remodel. Beautiful decor throughout. They decorate at the end of the lanes for birthday parties. Very attentive, knowledgeable, and courteous staff.

Justin Johnson

I honestly like the bowling alley a lot. What I can't stand are the wait times. I called a couple times the day I went to make sure the wait wasn't bad. We were going for my son's birthday, who I don't get to see as much as I wish I could. On the phone we were told no more than a 30 min wait and we hurried right over and got there in 15 mins. We wound up waiting over 2 hours. By the time we got a lane and paid a lot of money in video games to keep his birthday a good experience, we only had time to play one rushed game of bowling. It was upsetting because I tried making reservations all day so he could have fun. The person at the counter said "why didn't you reserve a lane?" I told them I tried all day, then the said "that's because sales doesn't work Saturday". Well what good is telling me I should have made a reservation IF THEY'RE NOT OPEN!!! It was just upsetting that the small time I has with my son was spent waiting.

Melissa BJohnson

Celebrated my husband's 50th Birthday there..The entire team was fabulous from Caitlin the booking agent who was very professional and very prompt in responding to my emails as well as returning my calls!! And then there was the Event coordinator, Augustine (I hope I'm spelling her name right) she was GREAT!! She was very professional, she took the time answer any additional questions I had...She came over often to check and see if we needed anything. We had a Blast!!! Oh... Kudos to the staff that setup the birthday area!!!. Bowlmor in Green Brook, You guys Rock!!!

Chris Ward Jr.

Love the experience and the food is great. Our 4 year old son will have his 5th birthday party here and he is super excited about it. You can do parties or just a get together... It all works out.

Taniya Lowery

When I’m at this place there was just no one at the front or at the bar and there always should be at least 1 person and I’ve been siting here for like 30 minutes with a broken lane unbelievable Idk what you guys are doing but you should be, or at least one of you should be out here at the front desk or at the bar.

Steven Freeman

My friends and I went to Bowlmor for a birthday party over the weekend and while the facilities are nice and clean, the staff is terrible. We had reserved 3 lanes and paid nearly $70 per person for what was supposed to be unlimited food and an open bar in addition to 2.5 hours of bowling. The food was OK quality, nothing exceedingly positive or negative to say. We received sliders of the buffalo chicken and cheeseburger variety in addition to pizza. One member of our party found a bone in his sandwich, though I don't think anyone else had any significant issues with their food. Since we had the open bar package, we were given wristbands to be able to get drinks at the bar and we were also assigned a waitress, who I think I saw 1-2 times max the entire night. I must've spent 45 minutes to one hour of my 2.5 hour bowling session waiting for drinks at the bar, and when I did ask the waitress for drinks for both me and my fiance, she disappeared for 45 minutes and came back with only my drink, not even acknowledging my fiances. The open bar service was complete trash. There were probably 2 bartenders and a barback that were working on a Saturday night at 8pm. This is completely unacceptable when there are at least one hundred people trying to get drinks all night. It seemed to me like the bartenders actively ignored anyone with wristbands and when I did get their attention, I asked for a drink and watched the bartender just go to the other side of the bar and start making other drinks, completely ignoring/forgetting my drink. After waiting 10-15 minutes, it was clear she had completely forgotten about me when she left the bar entirely. I ended up getting a drink from another bartender, after another long wait. We complained about the wait times and Bowlmor relented and gave us a few free pitchers of beer, which definitely helped. They for some reason do not allow pitchers of beer with the open bar package, which is another negative in my book, especially when a group of 15+ like ours, shows up and wants to hang out, bowl and have fun. I suppose it was nice that they bent the rules for us a bit, but would have instead appreciated quality bar service. Quick note, if you try to take advantage of the open bar by getting liquor, make sure you get it 'neat', otherwise you will end up with a lot of ice, and I'm pretty sure, some watered down alcohol. Long story short, I think Bowlmor needs to hire a LOT more staff for both the lanes themselves and especially the bar. The facilities are nice but service is important and can make or break an experience.

Nelson Ongaki

Very friendly staff. I was there with some special needs people and the staff were very patient with them. We even got a discount. Definitely not my last time visiting this place.

Chris Clarke

Very fun and also great food and the bartender was awesome

Al Minor

The place has been renovated and have a really open concept. They have a large number of lanes. You can order and pay for food right from your lane. They have a number of cool specials that vary by day. They also have a pretty decent arcade available for kids to teens in your party.

Sonyia Chappelle

Fun bowling pricey

Rhonda Strickland

Nice spot. Fun for kids & adults.

Dinesh Reddy Vakiti

Little pricey but enjoyed a lot. They have offers on Monday for $15 unlimited and Tuesday for 2.20 per game

Peter Brehm

The place was nice and my kids had fun. I give three stars because it is in my opinion really pricey. Spent 105 dollars for 2 games with three kids and two adults.

Jeanine Piselli

It was birthday celebration. Food was good and plentiful. Service was good too. Employees were all pleasant although they could use a little help with customer service attitude in general like most of the younger generation these days

Zena Viera

So Its a nice open concept with alot of lanes. But the Prices are Really expensive and they Don't tell you pay per person per game plus Shoes. Other then the ridiculous Prices it's a Nice place.

Supr Lal

Good weekend or holiday place for kids and adults.

Bob Dague

Always a wait. They say it will be an hour and then text you the lane is ready in 10 min. Pricey too. Seems disorganized.

Andrew Paolo

Good stuff but Jesus the pizza was just not good

Ken Staples

We arrived early and got on the list for an open lane. Short wait. The group had a good time!

Cameron Yeager

Really cool place, service was good. Definitely going again

Roy Kennedy

Hella long wait times. Manager shaded our group to the side and made us wait more because of white privilege. Arcade just wants to rob you of your money and eventually when you're out of money they bore you to death.

Brian Dalton

Wednesday night unlimited bowling after 8. Can't beat that!

Alan Lilly

Great place to go solo or with a group. Food and drinks are pretty good and the prices are reasonable.

Shawna Mobley

Very nice place, great service. Lanes are nice, great atmosphere.

Clarence Brown

Good entertainment, helpful staff and good food

Dan E.

Great place to bowl with plenty of lanes. A little bit pricey, but not too bad.

Murali Ramsunder

It was my first time here and though there are Lots of lanes the lanes feel crowded together that you can't get around each other easily. They kept playing the karate kid in a loop so I guess folks don't stick around for more than an hour or so. Service wasn't the greatest as I had to go twice to get some drinks brought over. It took over 2 games and 2 reminders before drinks arrived. I will definitely be looking at an alternative venue close by as well to compare with.

Bob Schroeck

I spent an afternoon at an event thrown here by my employer; it was my first visit and I was very impressed. This is a bright, clean establishment with good food and good bowling, and twice as many lanes as I had expected. It also has a large, well-stocked bar and polite, helpful staff.

Lisa Haley

Great location and idea for team building or after-work get together. The lanes are bright and visually fun. Service manager was on top of our group outing and helpful. The food being out in the open resulted in patrons randomly walking by and eating our food. Wish it was covered with lids or in an area not accessible to others. Overall good time so we'll come back.

Brian Zeitler

Bowl on a league and they don't care about guaranteed money drinks and food are very expensive

Samuel Joseph

We enjoyed bowling...

Chris Nielsen

subpar Customer service. Arrived at 7 pm and was told 30 min wait. Now it’s 838 and still say 30 min wait. Same person who said 30 min wait originally said “don’t know who told you that”. Disorganized mad house with zero management. Definition of bad management and horrible customer service.

Irene Rigos

Family friendly, clean and all around good fun. Shoes were in very good condition and that's important when you have little ones. Lanes were impeccable. Great fun when the weather doesnt cooperate...

Emily Goldman

Decent enough bowling alley if you like the current trends where the drinking/lounging is a focus. If you like the old school vibe, I'd try another spot.

Deena's Eyes on Entertainment

Four of us visited this bowling arena a week back and had a tremendous time with so much fun. The checkout and shoe delivery was also quick. You need to rent shoes to get into bowling which is common across all bowling clubs. The bar had variety of beers and the special fries was really special. Will definitely comeback.

Diane Keel

Fun place.... Great staff... Smelly shoes, nah jk. Love this place.

Ed Mattingly

So much fun! Visited on a Sun night around 5pm. Plenty of lanes open.. We occupied two (2) lanes, ~10 people total, multiple food/drink orders... Played a few games and the kids enjoyed the arcade. They won a ton of balls, toys, etc... They were so excited when leaving. Loved the bar in the middle of the floor...Will be back...They offered a gluten free pizza option...

NR Lawrence

Great afternoon of bowling, but incredibly pricey food. We luckily had a Groupon so for two hours of bowling and shoes we paid $54. That price very good. The food was good, but $14 for 8 wings is a bit much. Soda about $4, but refillable. The app platter was tasty, about $35 to feed 4 (I'm skeptical about that), but none of us ate the mozzarella sticks, because they weren't very good. Aside from the food, it was a really nice bowling alley. The employees were all very friendly. Good music and atmosphere. Went to the arcade and promptly lost some money

Bunnie Cody

First time at there, very nice place.

Bryan Friedman

Pros: good place to take the kids for a couple hours. Clean alleys and bathrooms. Lanes and computers work fine. Cons: expensive!! $8 a game per person during peak times. $6 shoes per person. This is about 50% more than usual lanes. For what? More tv to watch?? Gimmicky place really. The video arcade is also pricey. My kids played About 8 games for $10 !! Guess you have to come here on a weekday nom holiday. The staff are just so so. Not all that helpful or informative. Drinks and food are crazy expensive.

Kumaraswamy K

Good Ambience. More Lanes. Ample parking space. Great for parties.

Jeff Michelson

Great facility and have good food and drink but make sure you understand pricing before you bowl as you will run up a large bill before you know it..


Poorly planned out and regulated. Tons of potential, but poorly run.

Michael John Robinson

I was satisfied with the conditions of the lanes and approaches. However, staff refuses to enforce any etiquette, and children and parents alike run amoc with no respect for anyone else. Management refuses to react when multiple balls are thrown, equipment is hit by early throws, or people jump onto lanes they haven't rented. It's a fine place, but some of the clientelle are outrageously immature and irresponsible. I wouldn't take my kids here given the behaviors that are allowed.

Morgana Shirer

Fun place the staff were really nice and the chicken tenders were tender.. definitely would go again

Tasha Horn

Great place.Great staff. My daughter enjoyed her 8th birthday. The packages offered are resonable and well worth the money.

Khadijah Walker

Had a great time. The staff was wonderful.

Ashish Gaikwad

We went during Christmas break around 3pm and the place wasn't crowded. The staff is helpful and the food is nice. It does get very crowded after 5,6 though.. You can easily spend 2-3 hours..

Keasha Jack-Lyles

Just passing through. Looks nice.


Awesome experience...attended a Birthday party the set up by the associated were GREAT!!! Our assigned associate was extremely attentive and very friendly. GREAT SMILE. The party was for Deleon Lane.

marlene leuenberger

Nice atmosphere. Great service and tasty food. Great combo for an affordable business team building event.

Jason Hegedus

Great time there with my family. A problem with our lane was quickly resolved, and having a bar and food nearby always helps. Plenty of room and parking.

Naveen P.L.

I loved this place nice and clean place. Played there for 2 hours. Had snacks and beverage. It's was good and tasty. Nice service and hospitality. I had awesome time over there... Thank you...

Andrea Fowler

Manager was totally unreasonable went on Wednesday afternoon around 3:30. There were ample lanes available and they forced our group to bowl 7 people on a lane, ridiculous! No one wants to wait that long in between bowls and it took forever to bowl one game!

Pradeep Kotari

It was good. Helpful staff. Food could have been better.

Natacha Navedo

The food is good and the service was very attentive. We enjoyed the choice of drinks available. Great for family night out, date night or just hanging out with friends.

Byung Suk Kim

Great fun, Pizza and BBQ Wings are delicious

Mary Schworn

Super expensive. Over $60 for 3 people for 2 games. One person sat out and it still was over$40...1 game, 1 adult &1 child about$30. Place was pretty cool. Clean, friendly. I don't know how people can afford it. Order food?$25 for pizza....has arcade. Everything is on a card so you don't get change.$5 min. Some games were 11 tickets. That would have been the only game my son would play. Have photo booth, but again, you put money on a more insert $3....I knew I would not be returning so i.put$5 on card only and had to explain to 6 year old why he couldn't play more games. Go for a party...let another kids parents pay for it. Wasn't worth the price. He had more fun at the free park.

Yatri Trivedi

Place is a mess. The wait on a busy night can be upwards of 2 hours for a single lane. Food/drink is expensive for what it is. They definitely do not have enough servers for busy nights. Staff is stellar. Only complaint I had was we couldn't find our server often, and with the number of lanes and tables she had it was obviously not her fault. Everyone I saw worked hard. If you go, expect a wait. Don't stiff the staff though, because that's not their fault and they're doing the best they can.

Sagar Patel

Not too expensive but not cheap either. The bowling machine break now and then but usually they work just fine. An upgrade to their systems can make this place a 5⭐

Steven Civitello

Have to constantly rerack pins and long waits

Anant Kabra

Great bowling place good pizza, but average arcade

Narima Deen

Awesome service from the associate at the front desk. She helped me find a Groupon because I couldnt locate it on the website. The equipment was clean and the atmosphere was lively. I'll definitely be back.

Ravi Yalamanchili

went with kids and had a blast, one of the best in the area

Joe Vitelli

The place was not clean they never picked up the dishes or glasses from the group before us. Service was slow, it took 20 minutes to check out. The bartender behind the bar said she was off duty and could not serve us. This place needs a new management team.

Daniel J. Cuoco

If I could give this place negative stars I would. Brought our 2 kids there to bowl for the afternoon. Had multiple issues with the lanes jamming up and when asked for help it took over 15 mins to fix the problem. And for a 2 year old there is no 15 mins to wait. Not to mention the price for our 2 year older to bowl 1 games was 14 dollars wirh shoes. Mind you for 1 game. Food prices were rediculous. 8 dollars for a hot dog! Don’t even get me started on the arcade part. So to sum it up. For 4 people to bowl one game of bowling, and play maybe 10 mins of arcade games it was ver $100 dollars and that’s without even getting any food!! Never again will I go to the place. Actually one more thing to add, we asked a manager about the bill cause we thought they made a mistake and he said very rudely “you can’t read the bill? Yes it’s that price for any age bowler.” And then made me feel like a 5 year old when I asked a question about something. Do not go to this place, especially with kids. First and last time!! If you do decide to go, make sure it’s on a day after young you get your paycheck, and don’t expect to pay any bills after.

Andrea Lewin

I had a blast learning to bowl from my kids.

Anthony Fratesi

Great lanes, party atmosphere. Check pricing before you go. Look for the specials on their website.

Mark Carpenter

I went there for a party package. The price was worth it for what they offer. All you eat and top shelf drinks. I had blast bowling and got my monies worth in food and top shelf drinks.

Rich Doerr

The lanes are never prepped for senior league. And they are poorly maintained.


A nice place but a tad expensive of renting shoes and playing 2-3 rounds.

Ray Pokemongo Ace

Great and fun place to bowl.

Ashley K

Really fun place, and newly renovated! Game room, full bar and upbeat dance music. We'd definitely like to come back with a party and have the food served on a hot bar (sternos) right at your lanes! Make a reservation because wait times are long.... We waited 2 hours on a Saturday night.

Garrett Scheier

The place is pretty neat and I'd go back again if it wasn't for being misled. That's the reason for why I need to rate this place so low - it's a huge minus in my book. My wife and I didn't know how much it was per game, so we asked someone when we checked in and we were told $X.XX per game. At the time we were happy with the price and planned out how many rounds we would play. When we were leaving we had a ridiculous bill. We asked why it didn't add up. It was only now that they told us that the cost was 'per person' and not per game as we were led to believe. That aside, the ambiance was OK and the food was overpriced (why we didn't order anything). We won't be going back since we were misled.

Denisha Mason

Had a great time bowling. Food and drinks good. Nice staff.

siva prasanna

Allys are good, lively environment, but most bowling balls are either having smaller holes than regular including the heavier 14lb one, so choose the balls from the spare extras they are relatively better.

Wriddhi Ray

Awesome place for birthday parties... The staff is very friendly and helpful. Food is great.

Robert Maeder

A bit noisy and dark. Not a fan of all the screens all over. Still a good experience!

Daynyeal Trim

I had to such an amazing time and the service is impeccable!

Sammie and Savvie Twinettes

The line was horrendous.The wait was well over an hour.If you want to ask a question or want to pay for another game..wait on horrendous line all over again several times. Food prices are outrageous.Specials aren't really special when you aren't getting a full order.People next to us were throwing balls doing cart wheels on the wood and 7 of them all acting like wild animals sitting on top of the ball return while the parents and staff could care less.

Tammy Miller-Owens

We had so much fun bowling! I beat my son 2 games to one!!

Vipul Singh

Good place but balls n tracks seems bit old.

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