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REVIEWS OF Bowlero Deptford IN New Jersey

Ronnie Leary

Had a great time bowling

Angel Smith

Great place to be with family and friends.

Drake Watson

Great Place. Over winter break, we flew up to NJ from FL to see our grandparents. I went there everyday and bowled 5-10 games a day for almost two weeks. After spending roughly $250 there, I came to the conclusion that everyone there are nice people, and so are the workers. No issues at all. Seriously recommend this bowling alley.

Jeff Braswell

It was a nice place. parking lot was a bit shabby Could have a bum hiding back there lol.

Todd Merinuk

Great place to go bowling. They have been upgrading everything lately like the scoring and bar layout. Their lanes are maintained well and the leagues are a great way to learn the sport for newcomers.

Renee Martin

Attended a painting event there. It was fun

tracy hooks

I bowl in a league there. Phenomenal lanes and courteous customer service.

Dawn Rase

Great service, great food, great atmosphere!

Bj Ba

Very good place to blowing

abdulkader loul

They need new shoes lol. Overall the place is clean and great for family with kids.

Jennifer Girimonte

Friendly and helpful staff. Clean. Had a blast!!

Karen Michael

It is ok. Little on the pricey side. Almost 7 dollars a game.

Myrlande Tony

I we t for a plant night.

Ronald Tracy

Nice place to bowl. Good snack bar, plenty of parking.

Felipe Núñez

Great place, pool table, game.

Karen Mace

First time it was fun very clean


the people are great! womens rest room has always been clean. the flat-screen tvs and scorekeeper/monitors are all new BUT the intercom system, lanes & pin machinery CAN be a NIGHTMARE!

Lourdes Burgos

Big bowling alley can't miss the place it has a big sign outside.

Ryan Winstel

League is fun and worth costs

Robert Black

My kids have good time with leagues with there Aunt but the pricing for family game time is high. And they have man that is supposed to teach the kids about bowling except he seems overly interested in teenage girls very creepy.



Roy Salmon

I had a great time

lexii games

Had so much fun. Workers are wonderful

Barbara Creamer

Had a lot of fun. Very expensive it is to bowl. Make sure you have plenty of money. Good food but that to was expensive

Josef Mitchell

I love to bowl. From open till night fall I've never had a problem getting a lane. Fun for the kids family friendly environment. Arcade area, Bowlers Pro Shop, Dinning area, Bar and great food made to order. (None of that stuff that's been sitting all day.) Go see what I'm talking about you won't be disappointed.

Mike Short

Nice people, good service. The help was polite and attentive. A very positive experience!

Tron Willis

I went there twice, it's pretty much like most other bowling lanes. Not worth it for the price imo. It's not like the lanes are smoother or straiter then any other place. Westbrook is waaaaay cheaper and open 24 hrs and only a few miles away. Also the arcade was like 10 different games 7 of which were whatever like pacman lol. No tickets or prizes, claw machienes were off-off brand prizes. Food was good but the overall price for bowling, arcade, food and all...not worth it. They also do unlimited bowling on Wednesdays for like 7 dollars from 8-10p....that's what 3 games maybe 4 lol "trump voice" sad.

Ms Ladyybella

Ridiculously over prices, food not so good and equipment messed up!

Josh Lockard

Kids loved their league. The summer season pass was a great deal.

Elizabeth M

Great deals. Fun bar

Terrell Skeeters

Ok place to bowl but the price is a little crazy.

Christian Klauder

It's was fun little pricey but fun

Jodie Worthy

Nice bowling alley, nothing out of the ordinary but always clean! The food is delicious from the little food bar, always fresh and hot! We go here every couple months and never have any issues!

R Vann

Food was too expensive for its quality

brenda jones

cool and cozy

Yannie Walker

I will never go here again, i came here with my family playing a couple of games, having fun, laughing like one is suppose to at a bowling alley cheering on my wife and a league was later placed besided us also playing a game mind you we where there first ordering drinks and food meanwhile a bunch of old farts about to expired complained about us to keep it down but didnt tell us, we where so unaware we where such a bother!!! Next thing you know a young boy who works there approached me so rudely that i had to put him in his place, but a lady name cathy came up to me who also works there and told me, she was truly sorry for the boys Behavior and tried to Accommodate me, i think what bothered the league was when our 4th game came on my wife changed our name to wifey v.s. wifey, i think they hate gay people, honestly. Because before than for 2hours they didnt have an issue. But once it the name was changed on the scored board forget about it, there was an issue. This place haves signs all over saying bring the family, we celebrate birthdays, i have never seen a bowling alley so serious, False advertisement, it was my first and last time here!

Hazel Singh

Pizza was not good . They said it was fresh but u can tell the dough is frozen and pre made. Too much cheese on the pizza too. Fries r good .

Tracey Jackson

Nice place. Great service. New and lots of fun

Paul Kinosian

Service did a very good job taking care of our group

Kevin White

Very Nice and clean Bowling facilities...and the Steve Pavlinkos Pro Shop was awesome...he spent time with my son and explained everything to him so he could make a sound decision on a new bowling ball.

John Eberle

Wonderful, exciting, and inexpensive family night out. All the staff and employees are extremely courteous and friendly. The Pro Shop was very helpful and more importantly unbelievable knowledgeable. I have and will again recommend this establishment to any one of my family and friends.

Linda Scheffler

Great fun for the family. Really friendly staff. Sneaky good food too.

Thomas McCormick

Great for kids parties and events, food is a bit pricey for not being that great. Pizza is actually half decent though.

Maurice frazier jr.

My son loved his birthday party here! Great staff.

Michael Gallagher

Lots of fun!

Radhey P.

The place is a pretty great bowling alley. The system works well and the prices arent too bad. The night glow in the dark cosmic bowling is very cool. The food is good. Requesting alleys is also allowed which is nice. Would definetly visit again. Good for bringing friends or bringing family to have a wonderful time. Service is amazing as well. I would recommend to anyone to come here.

Joe Spence

Nicely kept facility but not a fan of the seating.

Karen Coleman Hinners

We had a great time here on a Sunday evening. Ordered a lot of greasy guilty-pleasure foods, it wasn't too crowded, and we didn't spend all that much

EAS, Weather, Roblox and more!!!!

It was great i had fun. It was really packed though

Paula Walter

Slow checkout and could not access points reward system to add our visit.

Kristin Pelech

It's ok could be cleaner

Danielle Nicholson

We had a blast

James Marotta, Jr

Saturday night open bowling was fun. Food was good. Arcade games are always a good time.

Erin Black

My kids in a league there and their love of bowling has grown because of the people and the service there. Love it so much

Anthony Wilson

Great atmosphere, music and diverse. Good food and bowling.

Frank Vanhoof

I good place to bowl. I like the new Lane computers.

Kaust Shroff

Their service is fantastic and the staff is REALLY friendly. Multiple times a week they have specials like $2 games and discounts on food. The best part is this bowling alley even has a full fledge bar, so it always fun to bring friends along. They have recently upgraded their scoring keeping tvs. Even though they have a bar, it's super kid friendly so don't be afraid of having people causing a ruckus. During Friday and weekends they always have a wait, but that's to be expected. They do book lanes 24 hrs or before.

deepz anand

We had visited with our friends for bowling during the weekend. Lanes are clean and neatly maintained. Although being the rush hour we dint have to wait for a lane.Good atmosphere overall . Food and Drinks were bit overpriced.

Ryan Sutter64

Everyone here is always very nice when I come in and the place is usually clean. The lanes are in good shape and well maintained. The new updated bar is also a nice update and i hope for more updates to come. They often have deals and specials so bowling is never too overpriced.

melvin cruz

Good place to bowl, I bought my bowling ball there. The shop guy was very knowledgeable.

Stephen LaMarche

Nice Place, But if you don't bowl in a league, you have to enjoy getting ripped off to go there. Everything there is a TOTAL rip off! the most expensive bowling alley I've ever been to in my life! $43 for me and three 11 yr-olds to BOWL 1 GAME!!!

Rosyna Toure

Nice place the staff are so polite and understanding. The food is good.

Barbara Capone

My husband, myself and our son and daughter in law had a great time. The bowling alley was not oily. The only thing we couldn't understand why the pro shop was closed on a Saturday. Other than that, it reminded us of the bowling alley at woodcrest in cherry hill which closed years ago.

Hi There

Nice place


I'll be baseing this of the whole place. ive been going to this bowling ally for 10 years. this is the worst this building has been from flooding leaking roofs raining inside and usein the pool tables to catch and block water not like you can use the pool sticks anyway since they are all broke and in pieces. 1 out of 5. The staff is alway kind and respectful except whoever is at the food and bar i seen and experienced so disrespectful thing first hand made complains and was shrugged off 2 out 5. But the food is always great and fresh. besides the food/bar employee, they are all fantastic. And knowledgeable. Most of these issues are not ment to call out anyone except the owner anyone up corporate ladder for neglect. But they will add more arcade games instead of fixing these situations. I can't stress enough on how well they will treat you and make you feel. It's just the building itself needs alot of TLC and updates i give it a 2.5 out of 5 all together dont go if its raining or while snow is melting cause they may not even be open...

Nathan Powell

Bowling lanes are nice but food and drinks are overpriced.

Lenard Saltzgueber Jr

Nice place to take the kids for a few hours. Food, game room and of course, bowling.

patricia hyland

Didn't bowl so can't say about that , but got a so called "large" bag of popcorn and spent almost $5.00, and that was with a bowlers "discount"!!!!!

Jeff L

Despite being the world's worst bowler, I love bowling alleys and not sure what I'd have to experience to award one anything less than five stars. This one had an interesting game room taboot, featuring an old school VR 'ride' that simulated being on rollercoaster and two "play till you win" claw games. A surprisingly good beer selection with a few choices mysteriously priced at $6.66, all served in chilled mugs? What more do you need.

Cross Connections Ministries

My grands love bowling! It's the family sport. So glad Brunswick Zone Deptford is still open when so many closed over the years. The staff is friendly and the food isn't bad either. The bacon cheese fries are the family favorite. Family fun here is always a good experience.

David McIntyre

Great staff, they are very friendy. Good food. Great family place

Chazz DeVault

Updated lane interfaces. Pleasant service.

Jason Griffin

A modern bowling alley with a nice menu, bar, and arcade. They also have good per game discounts weekly, & the food is good for both small and larger groups. I bowl there weekly & it's always a good, fun outing.

Jeremy Fischer

Everything about this bowling alley is super nice!!! Very friendly staff, clean, and the lanes are always kept nice and oiled. It also helps that the pro shop is run by a really good pro who goes beyond to make sure you get help and what you pay for! My go to bowling alley!!!

Garry Pinner

Good prices, nice appearance! My son loves coming here!


very nice for the family

C Robert

Tim the person at counter was great, as always. Overall a pretty nice bowling alley lane-wise but the computer scoring sometimes fails. The pinsetters definitely need work and better upkeep. Otherwise very nice place.

Maggie Lauro

Lanes are very nice. Bar area with pool tables, arcade and snack bar. The food isn't very good.

K Cromwell

Clean but takes a bit to get used to the dim lighting

Megan Scholz

Came here as a big group, and we had a great time! The staff is nice, and the pizza crust was SO good. It’s far from us, so I’m not sure if we’ll be back, but we had fun nonetheless.

Vernon Ford

Foods not bad but AC doesn't work half the time

Marcus Riggs

Bowling alley great food and sevice

Nicole Platzer

Had a lot of fun

Nicole Ross

Excellent service and we were a large group.

Rory Goldman

This is one of the nicest bowling alleys I've ever bowled at. Very modern very clean well run and not too expensive. They have a snack bar and an alcohol bar where you can get mixed drinks and beer. If it has any shortcomings at all it's the lack of maybe a few more bowling balls. I had trouble finding one to fit my hand on a busy day. They are event friendly so when the church wanted a place to go for a community bowling day they chose this bowling alley and they did the right thing. Bowling is a great way to have fun with your friends and family so if you're in the neighborhood stop by there and throw a few.

Joseph P.

Nice clean bowling alley. Nice friendly staff and the food was all good that we had. Will definitly go back.

Dan Seppanen

Bowling! Who doesn't like bowling?

Jamie Haines

Not a bad place just dirty... trying to bowl but your feet stick to the lanes... food was ok

kenneth miletto

Awesome Place

John Stankiewicz

I'd give 4 stars if the food was cheaper for the little given and if the arcade was better

Gary Novack

Great bowling alley, decent prices. Bar as well.

Kenneth Gray

Haven't been there in a long time where there for a get together with kids Very clean very nice had a great time

Victor Acevedo

Great food, very helpful, not too busy

brenda matias

Nice place great staff awesome..good time last weekend! 2.3.18 lane 1 and 2 thank you!

charles clark

Name my wife went there to see my son and a bowling tournament but the kids haven't got there yet we bought some food then we went to the bar section to buy some drinks lady told me that we had to drink the drinks in the bar section because of the kids around the bowling alley but I when I turned around and looked everybody White she got don't take their beer and stuff to where they were bowling at and around the bowling alley what she told me and my wife me being black and my wife expanded that we had to drink ours in the bar area I don't know if they always treat people like this but this is the first time I last time I would ever ever ever ever go to that place again my advice for racial couples is be aware of your surroundings when you go there

Joseph Donoflio

Friendly staff very helpful the pro shop is very knowledgeable and helpful

Chris grave

Nice place to Bowl & play video Games they have specials inside call to get the specials.

Chaitanya Sonarikar

Lots of family fun time! Book ahead to ensure you have middle lane. Okay food choices.

Robert Jackson

I bowl there every week

Angela Jorden

We went for their family new years eve bowling party. The lanes were clean and working without issues. Great staff, food, and a countdown with party favors for the little people.

Katherine Craft

Nice place, clean, good atmosphere

Addable Sky


Sherry Hamilton

Fin for all ages. Wise to book in advance but they take walk ins.

Donte Corbin

Love it


Love it here. Kathy is so sweet!

earl greene

Clean. Nice staff

Krista Bloomquist

Specials start too late for family fun

Joy Jacks

It was fun watching kids bowl


Nice little bowling alley that I enjoy going to. A family fun friendly environment.

Master Roshy

Family fun and fair priced!


Not too bad

Robert Hopp

Friendly atmophere!! Generous when it comes to helping the community!

rebecca johnson

First time Bowling there with my Boyfriend Robert Grab. We both bowled 3 games each. Very quite there. Workers were very nice and helpful there.

Luz Alcazar

Yaymaker Paint

Owen Thomas

A medium fountain soda is $3.93. $3.93! MEDIUM! Thats all I need to say. Otherwise it's a bowing alley.

John Raimondo

Lots of fun. Great people. Very affordable. Very clean. Highly recommended for a good time.

Greg C

Great event on new years eve. Great for kids at a great price.

Herbert Dodds Sr

Food prices are very high place not too busy on a Saturday afternoon. Staff did what I was needed for the bowlers. Close and convenient.

Jen Scully

Love the arcade nice change

Diane Luzi

Bowl in a weekly league here for years. Nice staff and food is good.

Robert Snyder

Great for family fun.

Jennifer Rodriguez

Had a great time. Food and drinks from the bar were great. Atmosphere is friendly. Didn't have too wait for a lane on a Sunday afternoon.

Robert Bucci

Always good

Matthew Roman

Nice experience but very pricey compared to others

Christian Gillespie

Definitely a great place to spend the might bowling!

Michael Jochade

Beautiful house. Wish I had bowled better!

Harry Cartwright

Here watching my brother pre bowl his game for Friday because it's his anniversary

Dawn Brice

First time, really nice, great games, a lot of lanes, good atmosphere, I definitely will go back.

Elliot Gattuso

Really nice staff and clean facilities. The burger I got was out of this world . Very solid beer choices . The arcade there is nice the kids and Myself enjoyed it . Oh and they have bowling lol

Saoheng Young

I didn't realize this was a chain.

Sheri D

Nice n clean

Daulton Sykora

I checked on apple maps for directions and it said it was open 2pm - 12am and I got there 10:01pm and it was closed. I have screenshots for proof

Nicole Hill Murray

I love bowling.

Joe L

Nice place good service clean restrooms good service.

Joe Schram

Deptford one was so much better than turnersville. Staff was so much better.

Rachel Hicks

We usually go to another local bowling ally. But we really enjoyed this one thanks to a groupon deal. It was not over crowded. They had good deals going on. It would be nicer if the deals could start earlier like 6pm or at least 7pm. My son has autism and 8pm was a lil late for him. We enjoyed the food, bowling and arcade games!

kevin dellatore

My son goes there with his friends he says it's nice

Frank Szymanski

They've been remodeling a little bit because of new owners i think but the new staff isnt near as good as the old staff. Miss the old staff. Pin setters are poop. And cant give or take stars based on other bowlers or it would be a 1*. There are definitely worse lanes in the area. Usually a deal every night so its pretty cheap.

Ashley Montufar

Clean, working lanes - fair prices

Dave D

It's a bowling alley ... I find it extremely annoying that their pro shop does a 50-50 while we bowl.

Linda Means

It got very expensive to bowl

john cicale

Relatively clean. No issues. $3.50 for a fountain soda is a little steep tho.

Nicole Monello

A little pricey for bowling, but the lanes are nice and there are some decent food and drink options.

thomas edmund

Very nice place and great atmosphere

John Sidoti

Fun to go with kids. It does get pricey though 3 games, shoes for 2, French fries, drinks over 50.00

Clara Biggs

Great place to have fun


Saturday night is best. Good bar as well.

Rosoro 1980

Always have q great time when I go.

Joan Cromwell

We had a great time. It was just SO expensive. A senior and a 5 yr old 2 games = $32

Jacob Nocentino

Fun time bowling with my girlfriend. It was a bit of a wait time when I got there but they had a lot of lanes and were trying to make it going as fast as possible. A little bit pricey for a game as well. Overall I had a good time and I would go again!

Sheree Scott

Had a great time. Great for church functions

George Brown

We love the better

Kitty Kat

I dont really like to bowl but my husband and I just wanted to get out for a bit from the kids and have a cheap date night. This place isn't the place to go to. The beer was watered down and it's just not cheap throwing a ball down an alley like it was when we were teenagers.

Keeyana Crite

Service & check in was prompt. Workers were very helpful and friendly.

Maurice Boyd

If you're a serious or casual bowler, youll enjoy this place. Great pro shop. Good amount of lanes. Overall good place to do anything, from hang out to tournaments

Peachie Richardson

Very disappointed to drive all the way from Philadelphia to discover they don't honor Groupon that they advertise on the Groupon app.

Gregory Baker

Well the experience ended well... We walked in on a Saturday night 9ish, it was empty. We got assigned the lane, the table was dirty and I was lucky to look down and notice food with sauce was on the floor, so I cleaned it up and didn't step in it. The bartender was nice, but at one point to get a beer, I was there 5th in line, it took forever. It was a tasty beverage so I can't complain about that. The lanes, for a Saturday night, were perfectly oiled. My hook moved exactly like I expected it to. Way better than the Westbrook lanes ever respond. I've been here before, and it's usually a lot cleaner. We're going back this Saturday for a kids bowl day, hopefully I'll change my review.


Have only been 1 time. It was mid afternoon and the lanes were dark? Is that normal for this place?

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