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1061-G, NJ-34, Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747, United States Located in: Aberdeen Town Square Center

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REVIEWS OF AMF Strathmore Lanes IN New Jersey


It's been a while since I've bowled here. Everything is computerized. You write down the player's names and the counter person enters it in. All you do is bowled. In the past, I remember being able to bowled a couple of times for free.

Pete Mac

Employee's are very helpful and friendly, however after bowling last night, I had to take another shower, because of how warm it was in the bowling alley, the air conditioning was not on, just the fans and the temperature was in the 90 degrees outside.

Kalyan Maddu

Nicole L

Great place! I love the summer passes too!

rob delquadro

The bar and food bar need to improve

David Ducane

Nice time with friends but beware of the food service. They don't actually know what idems are on their menu. Otherwise a great bowling location.

Melissa Tillery

Great place to enjoy some fun with your family

Sri ganesh

Brianna B

Normal bowling alley. Nothing super special about this place but nothing wrong with it either.

Kim Lombardo

Wont be going back anytime soon. Staff was unpleasant. Guy at the desk didn't even bother raising his head to answer our questions. Womans room was nasty. 2 toilets and they were both clogged. Snack bar is completely overpriced. Shoes are falling apart and the lanes were sticky. Very disappointing.

Elizabeth Bayer

One of the only bowling places that didn't have a bowling league on a Wednesday. Friendly and helpful. Would visit again.

Evelyn Chero

Went with my family on a Monday night because it was bowl all you want for one price starting at 8pm and @ 8:01 and the whole entire place was packed with leagues.. what's the sense of opening the lanes to the public when families can't even get in?? This didn't only happen to us there were other people being turned away! what a waste of time and gas!

live and let live

It's ok nothing special

Joann Form

Bathrooms filthy food expensive and extremely small portions . never vacuums even for.the league bowlers ugh

Sean Karyczak

Ken Pilchman


Kavitha Chinnaponnan

Kim Walton

Easy to get lanes

Douglas Florek

Good food and atmosphere, little pricey

Erin Wolf

Robert Frazette Jr

Very nice bowling alley. Bar staff is very friendly too

Benjamin Irizarry Jr

Great food and clean lanes

Mildred Guzman

I wish Ben could make an effort to be polite and helpfull... specially with the people that bowl in the leagues.

Rob M

Nice place. We ate the kids here every now and again. The staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Michael Taeschler

Kids had a blast.

Kat Hill

Tuesday nights are the best nights

kenneth lewandowski

This place is old and outdated. I was going there since I was a kid and it hasn't changed much. Dirty bathrooms and just a cold atmosphere. I won't be going back.

William M. Gambardella

Decent place to bowl a few games

Landen Kostro

Ruth Mathieu

The establishment was okay, but the ladies bathroom was NASTY. One toilet didn't flush and the only other one had "stuff" all over it!! Which nobody bothered to clean up.

Tim Amstislavskiy

Very good, as always

craig garlewicz

bowled there with my brand new storm sure lock bowling ball and it was beat up alot and beyond repair, spoke to the people there and made a report about it to get replaced.. its been 3 weeks and still without a ball and the big boss there has been "unavailable' for 3 weeks i have been told.. not happy and i am with out a ball i paid $250 for... beyond upset!!!!

Sarah Cullis

Love bowling there great friendly coworkers an funny people at the bar

Joe Sollecito

Jay Olarsch

Bowling is ok. Staff not so. Not because they are busy. They just lack all skills, it is a bowling alley so u get what u get.

Michael Carrig

Great lanes for the family. They are always nice.

M One

Prices are good, lanes and stations are fairly clean. Ball organization and child ramps need to be organized better.

Larry Deutchman

Great place to relax, friendly staff

Sarah Gonzalez

Have been sitting here for two hours. The food is trash. Employees are trash. Overall, the place is garbage.

Jessica Whisner

Great staff especially the bartender Lauren. Love that they have light weight bowling balls with large finger holes. Only complaints would be the league's and or "no show" birthday parties on Friday nights who take up space which cause the general public to wait for them to finish. That and the manager, Ben. Nothing nice I can say about this person so shouldn't say anything at all except for that he has a demeanor similar to a snail on crack. Other than that it's a great place and I would reccomend this alley to friends.

Jack Playz

Service wasn't great but it was fun. Older technology but fun for the family and friends. You can also hold events

Andrew Galvin

Everyone there is really friendly I've been going here for years. Only two gripes I have is that the bathrooms are absolutely disgusting and some of the lanes have oil patterns that make no sense (for example last night I bowled on a lane with no heavy on it at all) while in other cases the oil is perfect. Hit or miss place but really fun and friendly.


We had a good time, had a 2 year old's birthday party there, family n friends had a great time!!!

Emily Ryf

The place is mediocre... Not my favorite place for clean aesthetics in general. I've been here several times and It has always been a mess. Either the W.C has a clog or dirty paper towels on the floor. The stalls are quite small. The food takes a while (40 mins or so) to make some cheese fries, The Menu is pricey. When I walked up to the snack stand I couldn't order a drink because it was "Closed", It was very confusing cause all the staff had to do was pour in a cool glass of coke. I never asked them to make me a hamburger... other then that the bowling area was fine, still mediocre but fun with my family. May come back for future events.

Danny Grinberg

Rich Black


Joe P

The young kid behind counter was rude and nasty. Surprised because we go there a lot and it's always good not tonight.sad

Wendy N.

This place is awesome great customer service it was me and mine friends first time there.

Mark Farparan

Food prices are outrageous!

Vinny Piatti

We came here Saturday September 24, and we had a good time bowling, we always like bowling. But the atmosphere was strange. It was not like other bowling alleys.

Christian Rathbone

Average alley with drink specials and nice staff.

Brett Deutchman

frank baker

Clean, great service and a breeze to move around especially if you have someone who is handicapped/wheel chair bound.

daniel marshall

Good place with friendly staff.

Christian Dachell

Paul Delacruz

Not bad for a tournament, lanes are better than the appearance

Lou Esposito

I like this bowling alley, but unruly kids totally ruined my day there. I know it's the parents fault, but at some point management has to step in. It wasn't just one group, it was widespread, won't go back...

Vito S

Clean, fun and usually not crowded. Staff is very good too.

Paul Drezek

Brian Kaczorowski

Great place to bowl and enjoy family fun

Mehul Shah

Perfect place to hangout with friends or host a party.

Melissa Hertenberger

Nice big bowling alley, snack bar, bar and proshop

Niraj Khanna

Slow service

Rajiv Sikdar

Good rates but Food & Drink prices are too high

aidan jav

My colleagues and I were trying to engage in an interactive bowling experience. We encountered a group of delinquent teens who reeked of marijuana and regretful decisions. The buffoon behind the desk told us we would have a lane by 9:30. We were waiting until 10 and they placed other bowlers in front of us. The basketball machine wouldn’t even work. I was able to get my hands on one of their “bowling balls.” The day that an experienced bowler as I call those balls “bowling balls” is the same day I get a thrilling experience at AMF Strathmore Lanes.

Isabel Perez

Uba fun spot

Rashi Seth

Had a great experience

Jeannine LeBow

The owner of the pro shop was very helpful when I needed buying a bowling ball. The lanes were hood had fun

Lauren D.

It was nice not the best bowling alley I have been to but it was fun

joseph hussey

Best bowling alley in the area

Peter Aposto

Great local bowling alley with hometown feel.

Jade Kolatsky

We came here for a birthday party and the kids had a blast! The food was great and overall had a wonderful time. Highly recommended!!

Frank Doosey

affan siddiqui

its is ok

Sunny Kauser

Decent place. Crappy food. Good customer service.

A Google User

David Wolkwitz

Anthony Proto

Average bowling with cold beer. The food is ok

Fredy Guzman

Shubham Patel

Lots of Lanes, Decent Food.

Ravi Sinha

Taco Tuesday didn't have tacos or most other food. Otherwise was decent

Patrick Amato

Sheela Mika

Fun and usually.not packed

sanjay v

Good place for bowling and hangout withe friends and family. Expect crowd on weekends .

Google User22

Love the summer pass program - $29 for the whole summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day - 3 games & free shoes per day. Staff, especially Rich, is very helpful. Rich had us start our own league and our group has fun bowling several times a week. It's a great deal as well - 3 league games for $7, 20% off food and drink as well as 2 free games per week - also each additional game is only $1.95


Lanes are redone and nice. Arcade needs an upgrade and the cigarette buts all over the outside should be addressed.


We were here for a tournament so can't say if it's always like this or not but this day NO ONE knew what was going on. We were moved lanes 4 times - couldn't get names in - both workers and customers were angry. It wasn't a good day but it could have been a one off or the tournament organizer. The lanes themselves were nice.

Amy Murphy

If you had a DJ on Friday nights this place would be packed

Mark Henein

It is a good place with good food but, the bowling ball sizes are too big for kids

Gerard N Cudzil

Slllloooooowww Front desk! Balls are old as is the entire place... Needs a makeover badly! Expect to pay close to $80 for 5 people with 2 games including shoes.

Alli Dowling

Two words: Cosmis Bowling. This bowling alley is always very lively, always draws in a good crowd. However even though it's very busy, we always get a lane pretty quickly. Nice place!

Shayaan Siddiqui

Fun place for the entire family. The food isn't that great.

Alvertiny Herrera Magana

Vinny S.

Bad Julie

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Lanes, bathrooms and general area are always pretty clean

Sara C

Wednesday's deal of bowling from 8-11 as much as you can was very fun! Got in a lot of good games and saved money that way.

jenna camal

They made us wait 2+ hours. We were able to eat dinner for 45 minutes and we came back and we were still waiting. There are 15+ lanes open and they say there’s no availability. Like literally trash.

John Barrett

Friendly staff, although practice sessions have to take place with minimal oil so tough to practice on league condition.


Fun place to bowl!

Debbie ronchetti

Lanes are awesome. Better lanes than other local places. Super nice bartender. Bathroom is basically from the depths of hell. Thank God all the food is fried otherwise I'm pretty sure the plague would be spread again.

jim mccue

Great old school bowling alley. Makes me feel like a kid.

Srideep Biswas

Ben Dover

This is the most mediocre bowling alley ever. Despite calling and asking if they have lanes only to arrive and have to wait 3 hours for it and having inedible food as well as the most unsanitary bathrooms ever, I am proud to say that when I want to bowl I come here only because it is the closest alley to me.

brian pilgrim

It's nice, but when will bowling alleys stop smelling like an ashtray

Corey Ryanes

I like the atmosphere

A Hoke

Good time.

Tom Grabowski

Good bowling, nice lanes and standard bowling alley food and booze... And they knmow how to make a patty melt..

Guillermo Yepez

Is very friendly atmosphere and is clóset to home.

Varun Shah

great bowling lanes - awesome for large parties!

Matt Casey

Good place to bowl and by bowl I mean bowl. If you're there to play the arcade games and they're broken oh well. Staff tries real hard to accommodate everyones needs. Solid drink specials. Don't expect gourmet food from the snack bar because its a bowling alley. Running a League is a hassle but if you have the patience for it by all means. Nice place to bowl.

larry kaplan

We are actually bowling on lane 7 right now and we've had to reset the pins every single time and not only that the pin falls down every time it resets, so we've never actually bowled 10 pins. When to the girl upfront she couldn't care whatsoever.

Lisa LoPorcaro

So much fun and great for all ages! Also a lot of things have been updated/renovated. Bowling alley also has a reasonably priced snack bar and regular full service bar.

Roshan J

A good local bowling alley. There are some characters that wander in here but I usually have a good time.

moshe spira

Wats up

Jennifer Ramos

Slowest front desk I've ever dealt with!

Brian Lane

Jacqueline Giordano

Wait 30 minutes to get an open lane (when the place is not busy at all.) Then enjoy bowling with the lane malfunctioning. At least you can have fun in the grime and oil.


Great local place to bowl - a classic bowling alley.

David Lowenfels

A very nice place to go bowling in the Central Jersey area and this is one of the few places that oils their lanes properly. The cost over game is too high for the area but the facility is well maintained, clean and updated within the last 10 years.

Dominick Senese

Well, the bowling balls are round at least I guess, so they roll. That's something, but there's not much more. Almost none of the phones to the desk work (many are even completely missing from the pillar) and about half of the touch screens are broken in some respect. But if all you're interested in is if gravity works here and the pins fall when the ball hits them, then yes, the pins do fall over. That's the best that can be said about this place. The snack bar help is indifferent on a good day and outright rude on a bad one. If it's a tournament they might care. Leagues even generally don't rate enough to care for them.

Elaine Lee Small

Besides being small the women's restroom was disgusting. In desperate need of remodeling

Thomas perciballi

Overpriced not worth it

scott baldwin

Waited at the desk for 14 minutes...was barely helped....couldnt even tell where the line started...spoke to a male manager who didn't seem to care....he finally came out from behind the desk after I told him that he doesn't seem to care......too little too late

Pete Cameron

Fun place to bowl



Mr. Malstryx

Some of the staff here clearly hate their job, and don't consider how they act in front of customers. The lanes themselves have issues - touch screens aren't calibrated properly, balls get stuck down the lane, and one of the ball returns actually has 2 pipes used as the return lane. Owners need to spend some money to restore the place.

Andrew Marich

Kevin Davis

Great place, friendly helpful staff. Lanes are in good condition. Nice place to go bowling.

Kayla Ann

I had to wait an hour for my food! When I got it it was burnt! They treated my camp and I like we didn't mean anything. The service is terrible. Come here if you want to feel like garbage.

Rosie Rotondi

Although I really want to give this place a great review because it's a neighborhood staple, it's too dirty to warrant anything above two stars. I was very uncomfortable letting my son play in an environment that dirty. The manager was super nice behind the counter; however the rest of the staff could have been a lot more courteous.

Steven Strauss

Really nice and fun

Joe Pichirallo

Lanes are good. Bathrooms are never properly cleaned. Haven't gotten food since bowlmor took over.

Nick Tuccillo

Friends and I came here, waited 30 minutes, decided to leave and go eat, came back 45 minutes later, asked if we were called, didn’t call anybody. Waited for another 15 minutes, left. 12 lanes open with nobody using them. I highly wouldn’t recommend this place

Michael Pelliccia

Fun place, good experience for kids party. A bit crowded on the weekend

Gregory Broadbent

Fun place. Bowling alley is kept pretty well ( carpets could use a cleaning due to parties spills) . Bar and food is good .

Joe Mastrolia

Best bowling in the area. Bar staff is friendly and the food better than you'd expect. Lanes are modern and reliable.

Pamela Kelley

Nice bowling alley, clean and friendly staff.

Emily D

Went there to bowl one game at 6pm and told no lanes available come at 10 pm...I looked around and half the lanes were empty. I went somewhere else..

Valentin Garcia

Samantha Stone

Love this spot nice for a quick getaway. Prices still affordable. Always have latest movies.

Gaurav Shirodkar

Very fun to bowl, but it isnt the cleanest place.

Pradeep Pati

Vijay Krishnan Ramaswamy

Scott Feighner

Lester Ellison

Just a grate place to bring your kids and friends

Carmen Campbell

So many lanes, love the place

Angelica Coon

Management was excellent! Food was hot and fresh, very attentive staff! We had a great family bowling party!

Tara Trent

Great place

Frank J Maloney Jr

Very well maintained beautiful bowling alley to bowl with family and friends

Kathleen Richards

Charleen is very nasty. The people next store are idiots who took me to court in order to get a reetraining order against me. Basically, I got discriminated against because of my Autistic Disability!!!!! These people want you yo bowl as quickly as possible and leave right away!!!!!! With so much competition, go somewhere else!!!!!! Stay away from here!!!!!

Krish Shah

Bathrooms aren't the cleanest, though their specials are great especially the summer games one if I could I would give it 4.5

Ellis Pascal

Great personable staff, great deals for league and PBA members, and the best pro-shop around!


Really fun place to go with friends/family on weekends. They sometimes have really good deals. My only complaints are that this place is begging to get completely renovated. Bathrooms are tiny, food is mediocre, TVs are old, arcade is outdated, and the whole places looks like it was last cleaned in the '80's. That's the downside but the bowling experience is great and the prices are reasonable. Also there is a great pizza place, a movie theater, and three ice cream places within a mile. Great hangout spot in general.

Steven Yeung

Friday night Cosmo night was fun

Bob Sampson

Sean Adasczik

The lanes are a little older, but they work fine and the staff is very helpful

Uday Kandula

It's a little expensive if you go in smaller groups. The place has fully functional lanes, good food and clean play area.

Cathy McEnearney

They gave me 5he wrong food and we had to switch lanes in the middle of a game because the lane shut down.

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