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REVIEWS OF Red Rock Lanes IN Nevada

Bono Larbi

Awesome place

shawn lievense

Very clean bowling alley. Huge, nice bar. Kids had great time!!

Jennifer Gaillard

It's a great place for families and groups with lot of lanes. The price is reasonable and the facility is somewhat clean. If bowling at night it is hard to see the markers to aim your ball. The music videos played was for teenagers and the younger crowd with a horrible sound system. Would have liked to have more upbeat dance type music to bowl to. The seats are NOT comfortable and there is no place to lounge while waiting for your turn. Just don't expect a lot and it will be fine.

Tday Stevenson

I just want to start off by saying that this is the worst bowling alley i ever experienced. The staff is very rude and disrespectful. The cashier josh acted annoyed by our presents. He called a couple of pardons before us causing conflict. He helped us barely giving a bad attitude along the way. He snatch the cash from our hands was acting annoyed. The woman that helped hand out the shoes was no better. She kept snipping what size like a 5yr old would know. She gave my 8yr old a adult size 5 because she said that's all they had. Guess they didn't care she was she couldn't walk in them obviously. They put us were there we're no seating or everyone refuse to move from our spot. We asked for a refund due to that issue. The cashier josh seen us coming back and had the money dangling there between two of his fingers didn't apologize just very rude. Long story short don't come here unless you want to be treated less than human.

Blake Sanden

Loads of fun at this place..

Jack Aguilar

Great bowling alley

craig younger

We went for cosmic bowling on a Saturday night. Frankly, the cosmic part is pretty lame. They turn down the florescent lights but there's only a few disco lights, no black lights, and the music and videos are weak sugar pop and so low volume you can't hear them. Not sure if that's a benefit or not, lol. Sticky tables, slippery lanes.

AnnMarie Powell

360° panoramic shot of RR bowling lanes near

Sam Smith

Red Rock has the best bowling alley in town

Julia Mcgee

Nice lanes and well kept facilities.

Keith Edson

I have been bowling for three months now, and the Red Rock is my favourite spot!!

Mark Tobler

Clean and stylish with many lanes. The proshop looked well stocked. I'm not an avid bowler, but this was fine for me and my friends on a Tuesday night.

Glassbraker G

Great spot to go bowling, the lanes are nice, its very clean, and there is good atmosphere


The best I've ever had experience with.

De Amenique McConico

Used our Pogo Pass with no issues. At the time we went shoe rentals were $4.50. Bowling after 9 on a weekday is lower priced.

Yesenia Cano

Awesome times

Maria Gilliam

Always great time with family.. Love it..

Kaylee Weid

Super fun and has an arcade

Amy Lucier

Bowling is unbelievably expensive these days but I don't necessarily blame this particular bowling alley for their crazy prices because maybe that's the going rate, and it is a state-of-the-art facility. But two things upset me the other night: My family of 4 had just come from the movies at the casino, but didn't notice the "Bowl free with ticket stub from Station Casinos" sign that was on the wall just outside the place. It seemed like a reasonable request to show our stubs from earlier that same evening and receive a credit on my card, but they refused. They said, "You have to show the ticket stubs up front. We don't do refunds after the fact" and I mean, why not? There is no good reason. If it's about customer service and honoring their advertised offer, what's the difference? Additonally their was a glitch on the scoreboard and I didn't get credit for 16 points during my second game. The system went haywire; on some turns the pins didn't reset and a player had 3 turns and other times had 1 turn but the points didn't register. But whatever.

juan garcia

Overall experience was really good... 3 stars is only because #1 I went with a group of 7 and there was only enough seating for 4 players to each lane. There is enough space for 8 player balls on each lane..?? #2 the balls available were disorganized and most of the thumb holes were sticky. Which I believe means they have NOT been thoroughly cleaned in some time. If those 2 thing get attention, then it's a 4 1/2 star spot for sure. Lots of fun!!

OC Vegas Property

Horrible. Told 30 minutes and waited an hour while they called numbers before and after ours 5 or six times each to and empty alley with nobody waiting except us? What kind of cruelty is that. I gamble big at that casino and am done because of losers at the bowling alley.

Kathleen Jones

Great bowling alley

Cheli Haywood

Beautiful place

Freddie Beckman

The lanes were clean and modern. All the balls you may want. Super nifty ability to put gutter rails in for specific rollers. Great for a group, supurb for a duo. The bar is busy, but competent. Good pool tables.

Joel Castillo

Nice clean place really big almost everyone is really nice with the exception of this one bartender made it a hassle to buy a pitcher of beer claiming me and my friend needed more people to buy one pitcher of beer which if I may add is a pretty small pitcher to begin with but besides that issue there everything else was a good experience

tallas fucc

Had a great time I'll definitely be going back!

Tracy Johnson

Had a great time .. nice alley and lanes.. great strong inexpensive drinks.. just strange 8 and 9 year old girls were with 3 men who were drinking pitchers at midnight beside of us... weird .. but had fun..great place to take family and friends

Tori Banek

Great time. No wait. Fun atmosphere.

April Tracey

This is my favorite places to take the family bowling. Its fun they have loud music flashing lights big screen tv's all over. Its just a fun place. They have snacks/food as well and drinks.

Ashston Barbour

This place is massive! Biggest bowling alley I've ever seen! Definitely family friendly. I saw children of all ages here. Even though it's huge, the fact that it's so wide open allows you to watch your kids from far away so they can do their own thing if they wanted while parents can drink and have a great time separately. There is also an arcade inside. I went in a weekday and it was pretty lively so I can only imagine what a weekend day would be like! They also have great deals on food and drinks! Definitely worth checking out!

Cyndi Almendarez

Beautiful place with everything you need! We loved it!

Tera Reid

Some people may think that all bowling alleys are the same, or that casino bowling alleys can't have charm. They would be wrong. This bowling alley is the best! The staff are friendly and helpful, and definitely the people to talk to if you're planning a party. They always answer the phone, and are patient and kind when answering questions. The lanes are clean, and there is no weird smell! Sorry, smell is a big selling point for me at bowling alleys, and so is cleanliness. You know, so much feet!!! Anyways, the bowling balls are always clean and organized, and there are plenty available in each size, in all the racks. No hunting from rack to rack and sharing because there aren't enough in one size. The machines run smoothly with no delays, and the scorekeepers always work flawlessly. The bumpers for young and novice bowlers can be programmed to pop up for only those particular players during their turns, and they work very quickly. In the event that a ball is stuck, a friendly staff member has got your back. Instantly! What a fun experience! Pro tips, it's totally worth it to go during the cosmic bowling, especially with kids. Also, if you want good, fairly-priced pizza, pitchers of soda, cold beer and THE BEST CHILI CHEESE FRIES ANYWHERE, this place is totally. Up. Your. Alley!!!!

William Montolio

Inexpensive and fun. They also have a bar.

Jeff Pawloski

My favorite bowling alley

Chris Mattingly

Large and clean with very fair pricing.

Drive Anais roy


Christine Thompson


Chris Barron

Had a fun night with my babe

Tara Kooi

Nice atmosphere, not too big of a fan of the lanes. I'm sure if I tried it a few more times my rating would go up. But currently it stands at 3. When you have the right group of people to go with it is a blast! But... the ball return is very very slow compared to where I normally go so it feels like you are waiting more on the ball return than you are bowling and having a good time. If the ball returns were fixed and not so slow I would change my rating.

Yu Chen

very unhappy experence there. bad customer service. manager dont care how we feel

Mike Hood

Really fun but our 2nd game quit half way through and when we went to talk to the staff they said they could not help us???.... we will go somewhere else next time!

DJ Jenkins

Besides a very sore back, all is good at Red Rock. I watched some good bowlers do their thing.

Beans Ñ Rice

Fave place to bowl. Hit up cosmic night if you can.

Joey Choye

I bowl league here and it's great. It's clean, all the equipment is up to date, and the staff is nice. Red Rock is my favorite place to bowl in Las Vegas. Parking is convenient as well.

Dustin Wilson

Clean and very well maintained. Great addition to downtown Summerlin. Another activity my kids can take part in while you are out shopping or just hanging out.

Tamiyka Clark

Horrible! When we asked about the price the cashier told us how much and said it was basic math. Then we went to buy a drink during happy hour our drinks did not taste like it had any alcohol in it so we asked the bartender and she said because it was a well drink and if we wanted to taste the alcohol then you have to pay more. Which would make sense if I wanted a strong drink but I could only taste juice. Usually well drinks aren't as smooth as a higher grade drink which is why people pay more. I also bought a drink before happy hour still a well drink but a different bartender and it did not tast like just juice. The bartenders in general weren't friendly and neither was the cashier! Worst customer service ever!!

Matt R

The lanes were clean and modern. All the balls you may want. Super nifty ability to put gutter rails in for specific rollers. Great for a group, supurb for a duo. The bar is busy, but competent. Good pool tables.

Prince The Rookie

Great Stay! Love the Slots and Bowling Alley here. One of the nicer locations not on the Strip!

joe murrin

First time here . I love it. Well kept alley. Everything is in shape. 60 lanes. Finish high. Room for the whole family. Pool tables , video games, skee ball, photo booth and much more. Bar area. Vending machines. Clean restrooms. Pro shop with all your needs. Tracking speeds! Lockers for the regulars. Definitely plan on coming back here more. Bowling

Esmeralda Collaso

Slowest service ever. Will NEVER go there again!

Marc Schwalb

Great place 5 star

Glenn A

A great bowling alley located in the Red Rock Casino. It is one of the largest bowling alleys I have seen with 50 bowling lanes. It is very clean and well maintained. There is an Arcade, Pro Shop, Lockers and a bar staffed with two bartenders.

Matthew Sampson

Really enjoyed my trip here. Came to bowl a few games with my uncle who is in town. Was my 1st trip to the bowling section of RR even though I live near it, and frequent the casino often for entertainment, and for dinner. Very spacious venue. All the employees I came into contact with from check in to the bar area, and the snack bar were friendly. Has a couple pool tables, shuffle board, and darts in the lounge area also. Will definetly visit again.


Holy expensive! If we'd only waited a couple hours it would have been 275 per game instead of 475 + shoe rental. Still nice pace for bowling.

Rita Odom

Huge, clean, modern, CLEAN. The bartender, Jaime, was awesome. Food is typical bar food, not great. My company did teambuilding here, and it was awesome. Lots of options for parties and such. Grab yer balls and have a blast! Oh, and did I mention COSMIC BOWLING before midnight? Oh, yeah... Getcha some!


Certainly the nicest bowling alley I have ever been to. Maybe even the biggest bowling alley. They even have 12 lanes that can be divided into 3 private bowling suites for a first class bowling experience. Very nice facilities, staff, food, and drinks.

jamie huey

Not a bad place to bowl, but I'm giving it a low score for 1 reason - with over 50 Lanes you would think Red Rock Lanes could supply more then 5 tracks for little kids to roll there ball down on the lane. There are way more people requesting this then the 5 they have available. When I asked a employee it was the same answer I got 6 m9ntha ago.. "Yeah we don't have enough, so your just gonna have to wait for one or you can walk around and try and find one" TERRIBLE ANSWER & TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.. We spent over 125.00 tonight, you think that might cover the cost of a few more ?? This is my 2nd visit in 6 months and my 2nd request and complete indifference from staff. it's still not something they have fixed or addressed or even seem to care about. If you want people to bring there kids and Family maybe purchase more ball tracks or we won't ever be back.

kyle randall

Nice place i went bowling good prices

Glenn G

Good beer, good times, great fun!

Lourdes Carlson

A very nice and clean place. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Sarika M

This is an upper class alley. The shoes were not bad looking. The place was clean and there was a well stocked bar. Music videos play on large screens. Great fun!

Alfonso Bernal

Friendly and helpful service!

Spencer Kahn

Nice lanes, good prices.

Mel S-R

Big bowling alley, clean, and cosmic bowling is great. There are pool tables at the bar and the snack bar has good food. Wish the snack bar would stay open later though. We got to bowling alley at 9pm and they were shutting down as traffic was picking up.

Matt Crigger

I've been a league bowler since 2006 at Red Rock. Year after year this place has slowly declined. I lost it when I recently visited the the snack bar to order a bite to eat during a league night. I was in shock to notice an entirely new menu. Could be a good thing right? WRONG! As a healthy individual who watches what I eat, I was surprised that there was not ONE item remotely healthy left on the menu. No salad, no grilled chicken, no vegetable, ect... Fail!

Bonnie Guess

It was crowded and staff was not friendly but we had a great time. It's a nicely equipped alley

Jason Sorrell

Awesome time. Great staff and good lanes

Rosie Thompson

Nice place to bowl with the kiddos.

Leslie Gonzalez

We had a blast at Red Rock Lanes! Arrived around 9:30am on a Saturday morning, not crowded at all. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We were able to select our own lane and had the other half of the room to ourselves.

Sixa Mane

The Lanes are a little more then most lanes. Lanes are still decent. The people they have working there are a little rude. From the guys who you buy games from, cafe to the bar. Suncoast is a little bit more friendly and prices are a little more decent.

Chris Klurp

Solid place to bring the family, or bring a date. Nothing like shaming the ones you love in competition.

Andre Brooks

Great service and always a fun time

Michael Mc Clain

Bowling with fun, a little high priced. The bartenders were very very rude

ryan muraoka

Nice bowling alley

Vaughn Kalawa

Red Rock Lanes will always be a favorite! Although price is quite pricy. Lanes are always good with a few adjustments picks up at the back end most of the time. Always good to visit

William Hardrick

Had a good time with my co-workers. The cashier didn't want to accept our voucher for a free game when you see from bingo. Once everything was cleared up we had a good time

Michael Edwards

Awesome facility. GM Dennis Matthews has first class service and very good food service. Makes u feel special, from the casual bowler to the Professional players. The VIP Bowling Lounge is state of art, for a private outing.

Cole James

Everything at Red Rock is incredibly clean, modern, and upscale. This bowling alley is no exception. Food, beer, music, and bowling. What more can you ask for?

a Whole Lotta Fantastic


Jose Angon

Evrytin fantastic bowling good wifi good

David Andrews

It was all good until my gf whooped my ass at bowling lol

maranell nelson

Love this Resort very elegant up scale nice swimming pool love it ready to come back.

Jazine Joyce

Lots of lanes to choose from. I recommend booking in advance.

Ankoor Desai

Lanes have technical issues. Line Faults don't work properly and the buzzer is not very loud. Of course we lost all of our game in the 8th frame when it decided to reset on us due to the skip player options selected on the computer. Manager was nice enough to give us a few extra frames but our competition was ruined. May or may not return next time. Manager was nice however the lane service host was really demeaning and arrogant.

wilson calvo

Lots of fun and barely waited for my lanes. Very clean and fast service!

Tamatha Baker

This is a huge bowling alley with many lanes. It is a great place to take the kids. It's very clean and well maintained. The prices are very reasonable.

Nazeli M

Nice place to go for bowling. Some days after 10pm prices will go down.

Vik Butvila

Cool place

Anish Chejerla

Good service.

R Castanaga

Good spot for the family

Cheryl Hunt

We had issues with one lane not resetting after each person bowled. Management moved us over and the kids had a great time. Thanks

Andrew Thompson

The Red Rock Bowling Alley is always very clean. Great staff. They have a great selection of bowling balls to choose from. It's also very cheap which is great for a summer activity with the kids.

Ashley Hilley


janice sticka

Fun bowling games.

David Kaupp

Huge bowling alley!!


Red Rock Lanes.. Great bowling alley, its clean, large and well maintained. I visited after a movie but despite reading several signs I didn't see the one about free game with ticket stub..... I shoulda read the reviews! I know better.. Lol

diana jones

Lots of fun! Well maintained. Snack Bar is ok.

Steven’s gaming,vlog and more

They have music good staff and a lot if alleys

Eric Ross Sr

Awesome place to go bowling

Kyle Kendall

Great lanes with lots of fun

Regina Young

Celebrated my birthday even with friends, lots of fun.

james mackintosh

Lanes bar and environment was great. Service was even better.

Joi Nguyen

Clean and not smokey at all. This is a really good family place for all age fun. We even had a toddler & 9mo old w/ us. Tweens had a lot of fun & cosmic bowling makes playing for amateurs less awkward w/ the black lights & music that wasnt too dark or loud to still have a conversation. Lots of people but not too crowded on a fri nite. Svc was great. Food was good w/ decent prices & a bar for adults.

Toni Watts

Great bowling alley that slso has cosmic bowling at certain times. Snack bar has lots of choices. There is a bar and a couple of pool tables also.

Trey Hamilton

Love the lanes, and always a good time... I don't even like to bowl. Reasonably priced pitchers at the bar.

Albert L.

Red Rock Lanes is located on ground level of casino resort. Happy hour bowling is mon to fri at USD $3 per game. There's a bar and snack along with in-house bowling shop. You can bowl one game free of charge just show your movie ticket. Best time to come and practice without people watching you is weekdays from noon to 4 p.m. Workers comes to your lane when call upon usually for stuck ball or pin. Lockers are available for first come usage. #bowling #showmovieticketforfreegame #bar #snackbar #locker #ballandshoerental #happyhour


Really clean and fun bowling alley!

Darren Cook

Great place to bowl

Kea Rita

Clean and friendly. Great snack shop options and plenty of lanes!

Martine MacDonald

Nice bowling alley

Cyndi Gruber

We had a great time at Red Rock Lanes. High quality lanes, food and equipment.

Fidel hunter

Very nice bowling alley. Expensive on holidays...$5.50 per game, $4.50 shoe rental per person and NO MILITARY DISCOUNT?????? Amazed that this bowling alley doesn't give daily discounts to vets. Just 2 games on Monday. I guess something is better than nothing.

Cora Colucci

We went to see a movie in the VIP Theater upstairs. It was awsome.

Jessica Wade

Got to celebrate a company function here and had a blast! Staff was friendly, the pizza was amazing and the hot wings were great (though my husband and I agree they were a little too hot for our tastebuds). The animations for the computer were fun and interesting, and the layout of the bowling alley is simple and easy to find what you need (restroom, snack bar, you know the essentials). Only issue we had was our lanes were put on a time limit no one knew about until 5 minutes before our session was set to expire, we couldn't even finish our last game, but otherwise we had a great time. We will be back!

Nilsa Rodriguez

Very nice clean easy to get to play. Me and my family played with my granddaughter had a great time. Definitely recommend for family fun.

Ryan Sutcliffe

Family of 5 with 4 adults. 50 bucks for 2 hours. Decent value.

Ben Irving

What a great place to go bowling with a large group. If you need a break from the casino and want to do something else, come here and bowl! There is great food and drinks, the lanes are clean and nice and there are tons of lanes so the lines are not usually long to get one.

Anna Teteria Fiora

Really great alleys. Not crowded for a Friday night. Everything worked just fine and not a lot of kids running around.

Karen Hanson

Only 4 stars because the guys at the counter were less than friendly. The lanes were pretty nice. Cosmic bowling was fun with the videos playing.



Ray Gutierrez

Helpful, friendly staff, great family friendly activities

Jennifer Buchanan

We always go bowling here when we are in Vegas. I also found out if we see a movie first that our ticket stubs are worth one free game each. :)

Saul Spencer



Great place inside the mall nexto the movie theaters. After 10 pm it's $2 a game plus $4 for shoe rental. Plenty of lanes. Full bar, cheap drinks, got a Heineken and it tasted watered down . Wasn't enough bowling balls for hole sizes and weight.

Lisa Moore

Nice lanes

Sean With CRWC

Fun bowling alley. Good price's free game if you happen to have watched a movie and have the stub.

fernando rojas

Cosmic bowling what can you not like about it

Daniel Cauldwell

Now that's how you build a bowling center.

Ron Nelsen

Great place to get your roll on

Jeffrey Livingston

They are very clean lanes. Not the best for spin in my opinion however it's still good bowling and fun!!!

Jo Corcoran

Food was good and hot. Staff was friendly and helpful. Didn't have to wait long.

Savannah Jane

Come here 2 -3 times weekly

Natasha C

It was really busy. 1 hour wait for a lane. Now I know don't go on a Sunday.


terrible service, workers are rude, bowling lane is boring and plain, when we first sat down the table was dirty and the controller was difficult to use/ didn't work when you pressed it. bowling shoes were uncomfortable and the status screen was bare minimum and lacked creativity. not to mention the ridiculous prices for large groups as you pay for each person for one game plus shoe rentals ( which are not included ). all in all, terrible experience and would recommend to steer clear and opt for a movie or look for a different bowling alley nearby. Giving two stars because if you just came back from a movie and keep your ticket stubs, you can get a free game for each stub.

Cynthia Bickford

Cosmic bowling, lots of fun!

S Alrawe

Nice bowling lanes and good deals throughout the week!

Jackie Mena

I have never had an issue with this bowling alley. They have always been kind to me, my family, and my friends! The staff is always accommodating. And the bar is awesome! When you are kind to others, they will be kind to you for the most part!

Joshua Coleman

Staff was nice but they aren't accommodating to people with disabilities. I have major leg damage from when I was in the Marine Corps and have to wear certain shoes to keep my ankles supported. I still had to buy shoes even though I brought slick bottom shoes the have the supports built in. Needless to say I could only bowl one game before I had to quit.

yxenia r

Beautiful.......i like that it's off the bustle of the strip but close enough to drive

Yvonne Mitchell

Clean, great Senior/Military Discount, we'll taken care of

David L

Great place. Great discounts. Great customer service

Pete Tellefsen

The family and I went and played a couple of games of bowling had a great time did not go to the snack bar though

Greg G

Very nice..

marebel pobre

Who doesn't love bowling

Todd Greene

Very busy Saturday night. Ordered a few pizzas and chicken fingers with assorted drinks. No complaint6.

John Mastorakis

Looks like fun, we couldn't tell. Waits were too long so we left


They took the hamburgers off the menu, fries with pizza? No thanks.

Jamie Cornejo

So much fun with the family just super expensive to go bowling now and days.

Sarah Ramirez

The night is the best because it's a glow in the dark bowling and lots of people love to bowl here

Bryan Crabtree

Beautiful facility with well maintained equipment, super clean and friendly staff both at the desk and in the pro shop.

Nam Doan

This is easily the biggest bowling alley I've ever been to. Nice screens in a wide open setup.

Don McKenzie

Great time with the kids during cosmic bowling on Sat night. Very pricey for 2 rounds. Suggest using Groupon and eating before you go.

Kathi Turner

Great time, reasonable rates, military Mondays

Jason Fish

Great alley - super clean, 70+ lanes and plenty of room to relax. My only input is the staff was pretty rude - mainly the guy at the counter in the evening who was there all three weeknights we went. He was short and annoyed to help ppl.

Danielle Wilson

Always a great place to bowl. Great service and smooth lanes. Fun atmosphere as well.

Pepsi Hawkins

Great bowling alley. Loved it . And as for the Yard House. Loved the food.


They changed the snack bar at the bowling alley. Those prices are overrated. Its finger food not gourmet. The chicken fingers where terrible and they charged me almost 20 dollar for chicken wings fries and a drink

Crystal Rose McGilvery

It was fun but really warm in there!

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