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300 N Center St, Reno, NV 89501, United States

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REVIEWS OF National Bowling Stadium IN Nevada

Renee Thayer

Love bowling tournaments there. Can't wait to see the new look later this year!

Brian Peaden Jr

Beautiful building, great people.

Micaela Thomas

Amazing place to bowl

sister Muhammad

Great invironment, well kept lanes,snacks too expensive

Gary Young

Lanes are great with a big Pro Shop. This place will make you earn every shot though. Not your local house shot for sure. 3 stars because they offer nothing else. Food and drink prices are terrible. Food quality is terrible. Service at concessions are terrible. Just eat before you bowl and you will leave happier.

Darla Johnson

Always a great experience to visit the national bowling stadium. Even better now that im only 30 minutes away instead of 8.5

Deborah Markley

A little run down, attended a bowling tournament my son was bowling in, my son has been bowling in this tournament for about 10 years I wish the bowling stadium had more for people to do, who are not bowling .

Kaylee Campbell

Love to watch the professional bowlers bowl, and I participate in the Special Olympics tournaments there in November.

Carol Guttery

We had a good time

Robin Quinn

Rob Takemori

Aj Handka

Nice place... hard lanes to firgures....


Amazing! Breathtaking! My husband and I love coming here!

Larry Valenti

Love this place

Giuliano Vitali

Uno stadio da Bowling di dimensioni inaspettate nella ... "più grande piccola città del mondo". Una serie infinita di campi allineati in un salone enorme. Visitato in Agosto 2011.

Jonni Holybee


Don Hansen

Had a great time, except for the pricing of snacks. The coupon book was lacking in discounts for restaurants.

dan ward

Drinks very expensive

Marvis Hill

Nice place to bowl


Very large and very nice

Sharee Frazier

Food was terrible. Not everyone likes pizza, which was AWFUL...

Greg Henning

USB nationals. Tough scoring

Dave Batchelder


Chris Cooper

Had a blast at Nationals, very well run, organized event.

Lawrence Rachleff

Wow. It's quite an experience. You gotta go

Joe Kerr

Big! I've never seen so many lanes. I'm not sure what the objective of visiting when there's not an event taking place, but it was kind of cool walking around.

Ronnie Khoury

Nice place don't bring your kids they don't accommodate them well and get mad if the kids make any mistakes when bowling!

Luke Ross

This really is an outstanding bowling center. I bowled an open nationals tournament here a few years back and BOY, did they make the oil challenging. I would love to come back here and do it again someday!

Steven Hull

No snack bar on Sunday (or way to get change for the vending machines) but seems like a well maintained center for tournaments. Don't know that it needed to be 4 stories high, but it was fun bowling on a non-USBC Open shot. Too bad it's all the way in Reno

Jack Atallah

Very huge and over whelming

John Williams

Lovely venue

Joan Dabrowski

I got to see mostly all of the professional bowlers that I admire on television. They were bowling in a tournament for the PBA Championship. The Stadium is huge and with in walking distance of the Harrah's Casino and hotel and the Amtrak train station.

Carol Grabner

Bowled pretty good this year. Need more vendors for the bowlers. "All that Glitters" is a great booth there.

G Moore

Visiting during USBC event...Lanes and more lanes...cabana seating...wall of fame...big pro's there not to like #gobowl

Cheryl Luther

This is not a public bowling alley. This is for tournaments. They were very rude and not helpful at all when we came in here looking for a public alley.

cory simmons

Facilities were good but I didn't Bowl

Jerry Evans

My Son was bowling in an event, large facility . Nice

Kevin Bunn

Meh. You can't bowl there unless you are part of a league. Otherwise, just 79 lanes.

Steve Vinciale

Fun place

Tony Maresca

It was fun I love being involved with the special Olympics bowling I got to meet people and I won second place and a sixth place ribbon there

David Deponty

Always a fun place.

Chan LKT

Very disappointed. Closed till end of the year I think. I expect to see at least a sign on the doors, but there weren't any. I had to go to their FB page to find out what's going on. Looking forward to visiting in the future though.

Jeff Roe

It is closed but no way to find out at the facility. We walked all the way around the building and there is not one sign that indicates the facility is not available - just dark lobbies and locked doors. Work needs to be done but management does not seem to care about its potential visitors.

Dennis Suggs


Bee Rivera

This is the most amazing bowling alley I've ever been to - four stories, with the lanes and the pro shop on the top floor. What an amazing experience to bowl at this place. Everything from the parking structure to the lanes was immaculate. Maybe it's because I'm from a smaller bowling community, but this place blew me away. Simple amazing.

Angela Tramontana

King Pin was filmed here awesome place.

Rodney Lewis

National Bowling center was the best bowling center that I have bowled in since Baton Rouge, LA, it's a top notch place, the hospitality by all is very appreciative.

William Schmeits

Wow, it is incredible. 80+ lanes. The food is expensive. Nachos $12.00

Wayne Darling

I'm not much of a bowler I was there for a relative but there was plenty of room to watch and the views weren't bad at all especially for how big the place is. The food and drinks were a little pricey though and u can't bring anything of your own.

Daryl Williams

Huge nice place to see

anthony windoloski

Womens national.

Terry Lashly

Fun to vist awesome to bowl at

Cheryl Ormsbee

Very nice but was warm for bowlers and cool for spectator s

donna transport

Clean, everything looked like it was in great shape, at least 75 Lanes, they had five lanes blocked off with 75 open for bowling, a few more downstairs. Even has a test Lane in the Pro Shop so you don't have to run back and forth out to the regular Lanes to test the drilling on a ball

Kimberly YaZzie

Its good if you like to bowl

Brian Morris

Helpful staff, and a nice interior, but it is hard to get to the inside of it from the parking lot.

Philip Miranda

Amazing wjat all that card money bought. It is a slap in the face that any bowling hall of fame is there!

Lynn Tyler

Nice staff

Kevin Wood

Best bowling alley on the planet! Plus it's got the National Bowling Hall of Fame. Not to mention the best Pro Shop I've ever seen.

claudette Sartoris

So much fun

Henry Stone

Best bowling area in ALL of Nevada! It was so cool!

Jonathan Jackson

The museum on the ground floor is very interesting.

joe young

Great place to bowl good people great atmosphere

Melissa Hertenberger

Great experience and fun bowling in National Women's Tournament for 2018

J G Frakes

I was employed there for about 3 years. Management sucks, bit I loved working there. I miss it...

John Thatcher

Pretty cool for a bowling alley world's largest I think it is

Glinda Kelley

Had a great time

Larry Harper

Awesome,every bowler should visit....

Aidan Milholland

I bowled there today. I am not part of a league. I bowled at The Kingpin Club , which is inside the NBS (when you enter it is on the right under the escalators.) The bowling lanes were great, watching the Reno Junior/Adult tournament was fun, and the staff was amazing. There was a nice old man who has been bowling for over 60 years and he taught me how to curve the ball. (Before then I had never successfully curved the ball, but, he taught me and now I am trying to perfect my curve.) I highly recommend the NBS.

Spiritualized Kaos

En Estados Unidos hay un estadio nacional de bolos... flipante.

Oregon Enterprise

Its a great place. It is huge! I havent seen a bowling alley even close to this size. Its like an indoor stadium. Very clean. Everything bowling

Ken Beghtel

It's so great that Reno has a facility like this. The pro shop is well stocked and knowledgeable. The museum is fun to wander around in as well.

Brent Sims

The greatest bowling tournament venue ever built. Great pro shop and really well laid out for watching events.

Michael Paris

Hard to believe there is actually a stadium for bowling and it's amazing

Vivian Drake

Just a massive place had fun watching the bowlers tournament close to everything very clean ,food and drinks way to much money only down fall

Steven Ellis

Wonderful staff. Remodeling end of year. Worth a visit.

Daniell Shirley

Very big and well maintained. I was there for a bowling tournament and I noticed they upgraded the monitors. I was pretty disappointed with the design though. The air vent is now in a blocked position which is really weird. But this place is still really nice.

John Remsbecker

The best bowling tournament site in the world with the greatest bowling photographic services on the planet.

Jorge Diaz


Jack Allard

Very big bowling alley

Nathan Flaminio

If you're a bowling enthusiast, this is definitely the place you want to go! I don't think I've ever seen as many lanes, or as many people bowling at one time as what I've seen here. There must have been a big tournament going on. They have so many neat things dealing with the history of bowling. Very nice place! If you're in Reno and like to bowl, take a break from gambling and go check it out!

Tony Frank

We hosted a company event here. We had private lanes and a great time. There were about forty of us, and the experience was awesome. Plus, kingpin was filmed there, so one way or another you can't go wrong

Kelly Homer

My 1st time there. A friend bowling in a special contest. I was disappointed that no food was sold. Plenty of soft drinks & alcohol. A circular seating area was just above each lane. Great view of bowlers.

Ryan boone


Dodie M

Awesome place to hold events.

Jeremie Kendrick


Iuvenes Illic

This place is really a bowlers heaven

Oren Shelef

Amazing stadium! State of the art

Richard Dusch

Very impressive

George Meyer

Bring your own food and drink prices are high

Mike Perrier

Always love coming here...

Andy Hobbs

Awesome! Excellent pro shop to!

Gisela Dellmuth

Biggest bowling center I have been to so far..

Jeff Edwards

Nice clean venue for bowling tournament.

Tina Hinks-Layman

Very nice facility for bowling tourneys. More people need to come enjoy the fun. Lots of historical memorabilia. When in Reno. Check it out!

May Decker

Beautiful building. Several shops. Museum. Nice lanes.

Kevin Nishikawa

Love it people that work here are so friendly

Deborah Hales

Great alley and lanes


Very clean friendly

Richard Kessler

Came from out of state to see.. was not allowed in cause of some private party. Very disappointed.

spencer johnson

This place is great

David Kapiioho

Biggest bowling alley you will ever experience. The Grand Stage.

Joel Lipscombe

The Biggest Bowling Alley i have ever seen cool venue !

Andy Padilla

This place is so fun to bowl at!

Clarence White

It was closed

tony crockett

Been here many years since 2002 bowling here then great will continue until I can't come no more

Jeff Ferguson

It's an awesome arena. Has super clean lanes with huge pin action...

Katrina Overbey

Very nice

David Robinson

If you are a bowler on any level, you should come here at least once.

Belinda Wilridge

It was Cold and boi was it Rough on the lanes Bowling!

Troy Lund

Great facility

Joshua Poncedelic Garcia

So big!

Tracey Butler

I love this Stadium

Leo Blanco

Cool place to sit and watch some really good bowling. So, so big, great atmosphere, nice people.

Davina Maurer

Awesome location. 75 lanes. Helpful staff.

John Rivera

Pretty awesome feeling when you come up the escalator to 78 well kept lanes for tournaments. Huge pro shop, food and drinks. If it's your first time bowling on a sport-type oil pattern, be careful on the outside, it's WET!

Blanca Perez

April Fisher

I'm sure it's great but not open. We peeked in through the window. We wanted to see the bowling museum/hall of fame but the whole building is closed. Maybe under construction? Was indicated to be open till 5pm on certain days but looks like it's not open at all.

Jon Michealjonhiltontrumpgottii

While some visit fast food other visit, bowling station, I want to go, bowling I walk by its fun to inside and see the sights , I plan nexst week to go hang out and try my fun time bowling , it's the simpler lots of people too see and have fun, my ready this and comment about the fun , i I too , food and fun coming up

Lew in Reno

This is the place for great bowling tournaments. Can also be rent out for parties if you have enough people. At the moment it is closed. They are doing a 15 million dollar renovation, will open again in November 2019. There is the 10 lane King Pin Lounge on the first floor that can be rented out got small tournaments & parties. They can also cater food for the party. They have shoes & bowling balls available also.

yvette fuerstenberger

Huge bowling arena. A great place.

Donna Pappas

These guys are the best, I am a coach with Special Olympics and we bowl their annually for competition and everyone is wonderful

Joseph Ostrander

The stadium is huge. Best alley I've been to.. They also have stadium seating for people to watch. I recently found out that they have another alley on the first floor. Much smaller, but I like it. More for smaller groups.

B Hoffman

Big bowling alley. Kind of neat to be able to look around and even check out the lanes.


Amazing bowling venue!

Eddie Johnson


Brenda Burris

Had a blast!

Annela Aubry

Cool place, nice atmosphere.

Adam T253

I haven't been there since 1996 but it was awesome! Can't wait to go back someday.

Chuck Cummins

Suzie Wiederich

Amazing place! Thanks for having the Jr. Storm Tournament

Blake Roath

Fun times!

Patti Childress

Love bowling here for Women's Championship Tournaments. No open bowling. Prices in snack area are a bit high.

Larry Foster

Very big bowling stadium

Reda Smith-Watson

Cool place to visit

Lorenza Moore

Didn't know they existed but I'm glad they do

Michael Wiltse

The Queens women tournament was AWESOME.

Teresa Hope

A place to see past, present, and future Bowlers. You can be one ☝

Cody Zahler

its okay the bowlers are not very friendly and the actual staff isn't very friendly either and the USBC staff are absolutely terrible they baby the bowlers and they take it soo seriously in my opinion at least

Angel Starr

Great place for the entire family great atmosphere.

Debbie DeAngeli

Prospectors bowling evening rocks it!

Ryan Tsuboi

Pretty Awsome if you like bowling!!

Mick Eskew

A very large modern bowling facility, 75 lanes. Well kept and clean. Reduction in star ratings due to prices of drink and food. Fountain soft drink, of what I consider to be a medium size, is $5. Vending machine stole my $3 for an attempt to purchase a bottled soft drink, no recourse available from local staff.

Ed diprosper


Jack Anthony

watched a friend bowl

Fuller Ming

On a business trip, we held an event at this facility. It was an amazing bowling alley. I've never seen anything like this before!

Glass Techs Plus

General public can not bowl here. At least the last time I checked that was the policy.

Joel M

Open to the public

Asif Shelef

John Jelley

Great for holding venues such as the USBC nationals.

Joseph Peralta

Awesome place to bowl.

Tim Stoffel

A really interesting, one-of-a-kind place to bowl. As this is a tournament facility, you won't find better maintained lanes anywhere else.

Jeremy Barrett

It was closed for renovations until 2020.

Edward Putnam Sr.

One of a kind

Diana Nicholson

Great place

Chris Bryant

Amazing bowling atmosphere for amateurs and professionals alike. Perfect lane conditions and performance, no issues at all with lanes equipment breaking down. Best place to bowling in Reno!

Christopher Tontimonia

Very friendly staff!

KJ Edmonds

Impressive lanes


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