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REVIEWS OF GSR Bowling Center IN Nevada

Alex Montana

Bowling is one of my favorite things to do. It's even better when playing a game with the family.

Conner Dalluhn

Fun but hard to get in. They have alot of events and tournaments. Always have to call to make sure we can play

Keith Cummings

Cool place to take the kids

Daniel Chavez

One of the worst places to go bowling in Reno. The GSR is a nice casino/hotel overall that offers a lot of perks, but I never expected its bowling alley to be atrocious. The lanes are warped and in urgent need of maintenance. A good 40% of the lanes were out of order and there was a considerable waiting queue. The ceilings have water damage, the chairs/seats at the lanes are small and uncomfortable, and the overall place is very subpar. The prices at the snack bar are too high and the quality leaves a lot to be desired. I would highly recommend not going here.


Overall really good, and alot of fun. Only grief would be the shoes are a tad old but other than that its absolutely great!

Nicklaus P

Pretty disappointed with this place. It's very expensive for bowling during the "blackout" bowling times because of their dumb rule of one person per game. Then the computer on two different lanes stopped working two or three times during the round. Overall just a bad experience.

Bethany Collazo-Foote

So much fun!

KasSandra KasS

Fun place, and pretty good finger foods

Jennifer Hodges

For 1 game for 3 kids it cost $26 dollars. We ordered food at the snack bar that was less than mediocre and was $40 for 4 people. So almost $70 an hour they are making bank. The ladies at the snack bar were very friendly and sweet but the hot dogs were way over cooked and tasted old and freezer burned and the fries too salty. So ask them to hold back on the salt. The chicken wrap would have been better if there was actually chicken in it. It was mostly tortilla, lettuce and fatty bacon. For less than an hour of entertainment, $70 was a bit much. We valed our vehicle and when they brought it to us we got in it and smelled strongly of marijuana, nobody in that vehicle smokes marijuana so my niece pulled over and contacted the supervisor for valet and his only solution was to make a report with security. He said maybe it's your nose. No, there was 4 of us including a minor that all smelled it. Another incident happened with one of the valet drivers prior as well. Just not a good situation all around. Customer service in valet needs a lot of work.

James Pham

I love this big bowling center, it has a lot of lanes and the price is reasonable.


Very nice and friendly staff, highly recommend, roberta de attending customer representative was amazing!! So welcoming and friendly and efficient,...

Rhonda Bird

Family bowling waiting 30 minutes but enjoyed by young an old

Leonardo Rodrigues

Breaks down alot recomend the coconut bowl

Anita Spencer

Ruben and his employees are very accommodating and customer service oriented.

Samantha Knox

Love bowling, have pool tables and a bar. Great staff, nice lanes, pretty damn decent!

Michael Gawthrop

I used to come here all the time. The balls are in horrible shape, the lanes constantly had problems, the staff was hit or miss, but they had late night discounts Sunday through Thursday and for the discounted price was just too good to pass up (used to be $2 shoe rental and $2 per game after 9pm Sunday through Thursday). Then I stopped going because I got a season pass to Coconut Bowl, which has much better equipment, balls in much better shape, and much friendly staff, just throwing that out there. Recently I decided to look into coming back to GSR since I no longer have the season pass at Coconut Bowl, and come to find they have done away with the late night discount, it is now nightly specials. And Thursday, what was my normal day, is now ladies night, where not only is there no discount, but I would be expected to pay extra for the privilege of being in a room where all the ladies wear wrist bands indicating whether or not they are single or taken (yeah, that means a lot to a man who is married and has a child). Hard pass, I'll come back when they either can compete on price or quality instead of stupid gimmicks, until then, Coconut Bowl it is.

Fernando Sanchez

Bit on the warmer side in there. Be ready to break a sweat.

Logan Lillibridge

I was just trying to bowl a few games with my dad and every other frame or so the pins would randomly all reset and give me a gutter when I never even threw the ball. It would also knock all the pins down and leave nothing on the lane but it would still be lit up like it wanted me to bowl. At first we just told them about it and they fixed it but then it kept happening so they switched our lane, which it then got worse. They agreed to fix it again and give us a free game (we paid for three and by now we were on our third game) to make up for the troubles and it just got 10x worse and it took us 30 minutes to bowl 3 frames so we just said screw it, this place is absolutely terrible, and we left. I've never had such a awful bowling experience ANYWHERE and not to mention the balls are so greasy its like you slathered it in butter after every throw. 1/10 would not recommend for people who are looking to bowl an actual game. I'm extremely dissappinted.

Juan Rodriguez

Great place to go bowling, especially on a Friday night.

Shanali Plunkett

Great place for family and friends

Jillian Ault

Great customer service! So much fun!

Amanda Lynch

We love blowing

Poncé Deleong Smith

The kids had a lot fun and so did we!

Orisia Sturtz

Reasonably priced and fun for all ages. I had a great time.


Great place to bowl

chella quintana

Bowling alley is fun the snack center is always out of something though.

John Rodriguez

I'd like that it's did open late. You can do a little gambling there. They have a pro shop there. Snack bar there with good food.

Jacob Juneau

Download the free "my jam " app on the apple or google play store to request your favorite songs

Brian Davis

Since the remodel the lanes and approaches are in much better condition.

Brendon Wages

I bowl a league on Monday night in the scratch league every thing was ok till 3rd game in the 5th frame we started having mechanic problems and my partner was on a game he could finish up with a 279 game so here were going in the 8th frame of the 3rd game and they moved us so just to be brief I'm not bowling here in a league again ill just stay at coconut bowl from now on

Jake Myers

Always open, usually busy, good deals late at night. Features a snack booth and bar.

cheree gibson

It's under construction right now. Not very crowded. Price wasn't too bad either.

David Deponty

All new pin setters and monitors. Very nice workers. Gray pro shop

Antone Honanie

Nice place to bowl. Snack bar can use upgrading and up staffing.

Eli Kohler

Fun, a little pricey but you can select the music that plays

Ben Penwell

There is hardly ever a wait. Also, their bowling consoles are quite fun to setup (i.e. you can set a picture for each bowler)

Aushon Hale

Great place. Staff were quick and the place was clean. Had a great time

Jason Shutt

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had thus far at a casino. The bar tender at the bowling alley, Gary, has the worst attitude and customer service I have ever experienced. Gary is the reason why we asked for a full refund. Unfortunately, the assigned management was absolutely no help remedying the situation regarding the refund to our bar tab. I thoroughly hope Gary doesn't train anyone, in fact, I hope the GSR proves to not only me but many other dissatisfied patrons that they won't stand for such a horrid display of basic manners.

Alex Ingram

Long wait (left after 1 hr, told 40 min wait ... still 5 groups ahead of me) ... only 11 of 50 lanes working on a Friday night

Sara Jefferson

Everything was good however we thought every evening tgey had night time bowling but that is untrue for weekdays

Roger Christopher

Nice bowling alley. Good place to spend time with family and friends.

Havana del Valle

Awesome place! Staff extremely friendly and not expensive at all. Will go back for sure.

Wanda Morrison

Not very good place to go bowling

Tommy Folk

The food area is ATROCIOUS either they were on drugs or just not up to the job.

Darith Keo


Mary Kusiek

Went as a group from work and had a great time. The lanes are well lit, scoreboard is easy to manuever and the employees are friendly and helpful.

Dj B

It was fun to bowl but dont leave anything behind cuz ppl steal they dont turn it in.

Frankie C

7 out of 10 fun busy bring your own chair

Jeanne Dunchus

To far to walk from parking lot carrying a bowling ball. They need an entrance on the out side of building with direct access. Parking lot always has a large portion of it blocked off.....not enough parking on side of building.

Suga Honey

It was fun because they have a bowling alley and that's where I went with the little kids while the adults were gambling but it was still fun

becky solomon

This has gone downhill. Needs upgrades.

Ryan Lagache

Nice clean lanes. Very good price

Morgan Ray

They always have a league playing so you never get in and even when you call they give you wrong information about open happen twice so far. Not worth it

Rebecca Gonzales

GSR is a really nice hotel but their bowling alley is horribly managed! Snack Bar workers are nice but they are always out of food items. The bartender should be fired...absolute jerk to people and has no clue about customer service. The only good thing about this place is the waitress and the Pro Shop. Bowled in a fall league there and couldn’t wait for it to end!

Jason Odea

Our first lane broke down 3 times, 10 min wait each time... on the 4th time they moved us to another lane. That lane malfunctioned on our first frame on it. This time they were able to fix it and we didn't have any further problems, but I did make me notice that there were 18 lanes out of service. 18 out of 50 lanes with nodoby on them. I guess that explains why there was an over 1 hour wait all night long. And why are there only 2 seats for each lane? And our second lane had zero... this place needs some serious updating. It could be amazing if GSR spent some money on it... it would be the best place in town...


Cheap family fun. Don't forget to show some form of military id if you have it. Its a discount. Will always support companies and places that support military.

Harrison Monticelli

They where way under staffed at the food order and pick up. When we finally got our pizza it looked like something my kids would make. Bad night!

Cheryl Bennett

The lady at the counter was very rude to my son when he went up to ask her a question. We will not be going there again unless she's gone

trent jones

It's decent enough for bowling... we had a good time.

Tim Richards

Balls did not return properly, the speakers were intermittently turning on and off. Staff was not very friendly or informative.

Matthew Kilishek

This is the saddest bowling alley we've ever been to. The absolute WORST service I've ever had in my life. They overcharged us for our games and the girl at the counter couldn't care less. No bowling balls(and they weren't very busy), no set seats...just some random event center chairs. This place is a joke. I will never come back here again. Great job!

Amy Culligan

Decent food. Fries and tater tots are great. The bowling is fun.

Chris Dez

Cool and nice place to hang out

Steven Armstrong

Gets wet and wild, best be ready for a good time!!

Chris Duarte

Great workers helped out my first time bowling grandchildren. Plus were very kind to me.

Emmanuel Torres

Great place to go with a group of friends, not a bad selection of bowling balls. They just had a lot of chips and cracks in some, other than that awesome atmosphere.

Rosemary Orantes

GSR Bowling- Oldie but goodie. Quality lanes, decent balls and a fun family atmosphere

Evan Infantino

Bowling alleys were consistently kept clean, chairs and other amenities also clean. Staff were amicable and helped us as fast as possible.

John Remsbecker

Pompous. Ready to feel abused.

Thomas Langley

Best bowling experience I've have in a long time.


Bowling is good but the food is average. The pizza tastes like lasagna lol. I swear 3 other people agreed. Really good bowling prices though.

Jashad Bedford

Great atmosphere. Down side is there can be long wait times

Mark M.

Went for blacklight bowling. Good times! It can get busy though, so during peak times be prepared for a wait up to an hour or so.

Donald Johnson

Busy for a wed night but had fun

Majesta Painter

Clean, well maintained and decent prices. Fun and inviting atmosphere.

Daniel Jewell

Best bowling alley I've been to in a long time. Nothing fancy about it, but at $5 a game and $4 shoes rental, they're the cheapest I've been to I'm many years. Good selection of balls to choose from, lanes are spacious, seating is comfortable, and staff is friendly. Grill on premise isn't anything special and the bar is about standard and there are pool tables to rent at a reasonable rate. Even if I wasn't staying at the resort, if I was looking to go bowling in the Reno area, I would certainly go here.

Teresa Stuart

The Cub Scouts of America and I had a great time there. It was unfortunate that the cafe they're at the bowling alley was overpriced and the oven was broken.

julie sleep

The staff I can't say enough about them. Thanks for the game the guy up front thank you so much fur the fun experience.

Antony K

Fun place to spend a few hours during the day. Will be back.

Rishi Ruben

Great bowling experience for an extremely affordable price.

Joshua Jemison

The one guy on staff was hilarious, I'll be coming back.

jami Britton

Always fun to come here with friends and have an awesome time! Spent my 30th birthday here, I could not drink and the bar tender still gave me a virgin that made me not feel not included in the fun ! Great people !

Chris Reed

Really fun place 5 stars if they served food as late as they let you bowl.

Melodee Roman

Randy in particular is awesome, extremely helpful and nice, treats us like Family!

Edwin G

Nice but pricey.

Mike Fear

Nice bowling alley underneath the resort, it was in the midst of of some improvements when I visited, but still completely functional.

Ron Ronald

Recently remodeled. 50 lanes.

Daniel Headley

It was cool and the staff was friendly!

Andrew Keys

This place is in dire need of upgrades. $4 for a shoe rental where the show had parts of the fabric/leather coming off. Very poor quality for the price. To activate bumpers, have to do it from the desk, but they don't tell you that - it's just greyed out on the screen. No traditional benches to sit with your friends at, just a collection of chairs. The state of the walls, floor, and ceiling was also bad. There's many other cheaper, cleaner, and better places to bowl in Reno/Sparks!

Ericka Connor

Ppl r so nice. Very helpful

Bonnie Funk

Parking is very difficult. Walk is long into the center. Seating on lanes is under construction. Steps down to the lanes need to be smaller and deeper in depth.

Dex KyzR

Had some broken games that appear to be left in place as filler. Tumble Town section has significant wear. Pizza was pretty good. Employees were friendly and helpful. I like the unlimited play deal they offer. You get a fixed amount of play time that you can play any game. The tickets you get to select prizes at the end are fixed, and there's still enough to pick something fun and small. This is what keeps the rating from going lower for the worn out equipment and broken games. That and the clean bathrooms! Will definitely bring the kids back here :)

Tom Prunty

Really expensive. I also didn't like how the whole place was rather empty but they stacked us all right next to each other. Also, the bar was closed. On the positive side, the kids had fun.

Rae Lynne Waltjen

Great fun with great people. Open til 3am, awesome!

André Gregoriev-Bacha

A fun time for the whole family, got little one's no problem aim and release ball guides add pizza, beverages and selfies memorable moments for all, enjoy...

Charles E Jones Jr.

Service was horrible did not speak good English bowling lanes where cluttered and had to clean our own table

Lillian Dantzler

The do have some excellent chicken wings

Rich Rice

Friendly staff, overworked is an understatement...the Saturday evening I visited was glow bowling, everyone of the working lanes were busy and there was a little drama, but we practiced anyhow and had fun...50 lanes wow... expensive

Christina Morris

So much fun must try

Jim DeVinney

It's expensive. 5 dollars a game for general bowling. Long island is 7 dollars for 10oz plastic cup.

Mesille Mershon

Liked this bowling alley. Offered nightly specials that offered great prices for games.

T.J. Andrews

Had a good environment, but music would've been nice.

James Russell

It's a cool place to bring children and friends fun for all

Rachule Lopez

I really love bowling here, usually easy to get a lane unless it's a Friday night. The food is your usual bowling alley snacks not the best but its edible. The bar staff is quite rude. It's usually clean and the bowling staff is friendly and helpful.

Anna Rivers

Kids had a blast

Anthony Hinojosa

Just went bowling. It was a good time. Nice bowling alley.

Ravi Ch

One of the best places to go for a break

Anthony Ohlson

Cool place! Music could be a little louder, but overall nice spot to have fun with friends and family.

Mark M

Fifty lanes to satisfy your bowling needs. Helpful staff, newer rental shoes, & the place is always clean. Discounted pricing during the late night/early morning hours. Open 24/7.

Travis Shinkle

Nice bowling alley; 50 lanes though I'm not sure all were functional. Not too expensive for the shoes and two games.

Jhair Martinez Alexsander

Really nice place. Have went a couple of times. I came from the Bay Area.

parambir saini

Extense number of lanes that make a great opportunity for big groups and a great fun atmosphere. In my experience (went bowling almost every Thursday for 10 months) sometimes a good number of lanes were out of service, which made the wait a bit long but usually just walked right in. Good bar and game alternatives. Great discounts options, go ask for it! I used to bowl for $2. Bowling alleys were consistently kept clean, chairs and other amenities also clean. Staff were amicable and helped us as fast as possible.

Jeremy Benton

This bowling alley is a must for me when going to Reno. I have been going here for many years and it is all around great. Nothing is outstanding by any means, but as far as bowling alleys go. This place is a good one.

Suzie Pham

Staff were really cool and laid back, especially for a busy 3 day weekend. Lost two stars because the pinsetter and display screen glitched on us multiple times and since it was a busy weekend, everyone on other lanes were hoarding all the lighter weight balls. There would be 2-4 players on a lane but had 6-8 balls. And when you would ask for 1 of the balls, they'd say they were using them all.

Mimi Dee

Very nice, clean and staff are helpful and friendly... Will recommend to friends and family.

Christina Gray-Breaux


Devon McPartlin

Their refresh on the look of the place is nice, but they still have weird lane problems mechanically. Would've posted it as a 3 outta 5 but the place is nice enough for a 4.

Amanda Taylor

Great prices!!! Love that they are updated the lanes and decor. Favorite place to bowl!!

Delere Azerri

Great place to bowl and relax in reno

Alex B

Cool atmosphere and plenty of lanes available to bowl.

Ruben Torres

Clean blowing alley, plenty of space

Julie Fiore

Way too hot in there always. They really should be pumping up the a.c. always all year round.

Ira Black

Snack bar is a little pricy, but a great place to get a lane

Elena Ponce

Great customer service just limited amount of working equipment. Shoes are old and straps are loose and worn. The employees were nice and courteous but their computer was freezing, we weren't able to change lanes when our lane messed up and the shoes are pretty bad. Gave 3 stars for customer service. UPGRADE THIS PLACE...


Really nice bowling alley and it was very clean and service was great. Had a great time.


It's always family friendly. Best place to go locally

Jack Waltz

I don't know why but every time I go there, I get depressed and suicidal... I honestly have no explanation for why

Harrison McGuire

Best bowling experience I've ever had

Erik Gonzalez

I would recommend being prepared to spend an hour waiting for your lane to get fixed. After it stops working every 5 minutes. Ridiculous.

Katia Coquis

Extense number of lanes that make a great opportunity for big groups and a great fun atmosphere. In my experience (went bowling almost every Thursday for 10 months) sometimes a good number of lanes were out of service, which made the wait a bit long but usually just walked right in. Good bar and game alternatives. Great discounts options, go ask for it! I used to bowl for $2.

John Lee

Fun. Prices are fair very clean

Scott West

Just started bowling there Monday seems to be in great condition, plus they're rebuilding all the lanes

Luis Recabarren

Lotsa fun. Great exercise. Highly recommend.

Scott Maxwell

This is the worst Bowling Alley I have ever bowled at. The manager was argumentative when I told him that the approach was dry and not slick causing our shoes to stick. He said that is the way it is when you use house shoes. I will never go back!

Byron Gillespie

I was only there for a couple of days for work but I went bowling and the establishment was really nice place to hangout when you have nothing else to do. Friendly staff.

Salvatore Torimino

I have had the best experience working with Spence at the pro shop at the GSR. The staff at the bowling center are awesome. The pro shop (No Whining) are very hands on and super knowledgeable. I’ve sent atleast two people over to Spence for balls and instructions.

camille in reno

Rancid grease smell from snack bar on going issue. Lane constantly malfunctioned . Bad shoes, velcro would not stick. Bad seating.

Steve Tennis

Kids had a fun time.

patrick hatch

I had fun! Cool staff.

SlyFox 0421

Had a great time!


I am not one to write reviews, but I feel the need to for this place. I am a league bowler at GSR and have been for the last 4 years. Yes they are have made improvements over that time. But i have to stay they do a poor job with training their employees. The staff in the bowling center are not educated with normal bowling terms, nor are they instructed with how to handle sanctioned league play. The tables are always dirty and the floors are never vacuumed or mopped. This leads to a safety issue for bowlers. Remember bowling involves sliding with leather soled shoes, when those shoes get dirty that causes issues. Another frustrating thing is that the lanes are not oiled with the same oil pattern every week. I wish upper management would understand that leauge bowlers provide a large amount of your revenue and would look after us.

Jessielynn_710 lyons

Staff super friendly

Scott Hutcherson

The seating down at the lanes is poor quality, uncomfortable, and there's not enough of it. The wood floor where the ball's are thrown are in need of polish or wax as it didn't allow the bowler to slide properly. Food was good and the beer was beer.

Colleen Akridge

Haven't been to the GSR bowling center in YEARS. Not for any particular reason, just because. Anyway. This first time back was a last week and I wasnt impressed. Its inexpensive and a super fun time for family but the lanes kept on going down. We had to reset our lane on multiple occasions and even had to go ask the counter for assistance because the system wouldn't respond. It needs a major make over and update. But. If you're looking for cheap entertainment for everyone....this could be your place.

Matty Diesal

Loved it. Great lanes

Cheryl Griffin

Beautiful and lots of lanes the light up at night.

Len Balding

Crappy balls...super wet lanes...even @ 1 am. If you bring your own would be much more enjoyable. Clean and we'll appointed facility.

Rosie Palomino

Had an amazing time here

Yuma McGinty

It's always a fun time when I come here.

deLeslyn Cloud

Slowbfood service but the bowling is great.

Glass Techs Plus

Best place for the general public to bowl in Reno. That reminds me. The good citizens of Reno are not allowed to bowl at the National Bowling Stadium

Lisa Newton

Fun place! Nice and clean. Go on Tuesday's bogo!

Lisa Wolfli

Super fun! Employees were courteous and helpful with our little one. The facility is kept clean, and shoes are nice.


I can’t say enough bad things about this place... 1) It took 2 hours to get a lane. 2) They stopped serving pizza at 8:00 on a Saturday AND their chicken tenders were undercooked. 3) They “remodeled”... so they put on new hard wood floors but never put tables back in. So there’s no where to set your drinks down other than the floor. 4) They tell you to download “myjam” so you can play whatever songs you want... but once you download it, they expect you to share it on Facebook and get a certain amout of shares to play it. I’m a local but I will never come back.

Zack laird

Has gome down hill prices are way over priced from what they used to be its just a dumb over priced bowling alley the kids that work there are horriable

Rich Menendez

Open 24 hours, great when you wanna take a break from gambling or for underage family

Jordan Young

I've always had a special place in my heart for the GSR from way back when it was still the Hilton. Always a great time, although I would recommend that they work out the kinks with the bowling lanes, while playing 2 games I experienced 5 frames without any pins set up (Lane #20). They waved the fee of my shoes so I can't compain but they only earned 3 stars this go around.

Dean Ewing

It no national bowling stadium with its fancy upgraded heating and cooling systems and perfectly oiled lanes but it's still quite nice

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