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3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States Located in: The Linq Promenade

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REVIEWS OF Brooklyn Bowl IN Nevada

Bryan Curiel

Great venue! This place has a lot to do. not only does the Brooklyn bowl have a bowling alley, it has a restaurant, bar, and a great music venue that a lot of great musicians come to play at.I recommend the fried Chicken if you're going to eat there and my friend would definitely recommend the fried pickles.

Tiffany Martin

Went to an 80s dance was great! My friends and I made our own fun and got everyone dancing. Fun night!

Aneleh Thompson

Had a great time. The space was beautiful the location was great and the drinks were decently priced for being on the strip! Only thing is the uber couldn’t find me but that’s a whole different review.

F Baby

Waited on the stairs almost 30 minutes after the doors were supposed to open. Drinks are decently priced, and they have a decent selection. During the event, security told my non-drinking friend to "calm down" because he was being loud. Everyone else being loud seemed to be fine. It felt pretty uncalled for. Overall, as a venue it felt a little lacking in organization, I probably won't try to come back unless it has a killer show.

Dolores Gardner

I come here all the time and have never had a problem . But I went on 08/28 and the box office girl was really rude and lied to my face, I asked what time the opening band went on and she was like I dont know we dont get that info, which I knew was a lie, because every time I go there they tell me. But other than that the bartender and security were friendly and the show was fun

Rob Sawyer

I love the smaller venues for concerts. Gives a more personal feel as opposed to the higher priced arenas or outdoor venues.

Jack Leone

Decent place to chill, food is amazing. Get the fried chicken

Nolan Moore

I've attended a few concerts at Brooklyn Bowl, and I've found it's one of my favorite venues in Vegas. I love the aesthetics they've gone with and the intimate stage. I've yet to bowl at their lanes as I'd rather bowl at a standard alley, but they'd be great for a party. As usual with other bars on the strip, drinks can be a little pricey (~$10 for an in house beer, decent though). It's a bit subjective, but BB tends to host a number of bands I'm a fan of, including Ok GO, Strfkr, Beck and more.

Thoreau Entertainment

Lots of fun. Get there early.

Val Douglas

Excellent venue. Always a pleasure to play there. Nice stage and backstage


Love the show's here!!

Crystal Rose Brock

Great venue. Simple stage and seating with fairly intimate setting. Awesome acts. Great ticket prices. Bar is excellent and stocked well.

Asia Gallman

This place is always a good time, Grand space and good drinks. They've changed over to paper straws and they're horrid. I had the frozen strawberry margarita

Daniel Contelmo

Came to see Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds final concert in 2019. The venue was more than we could have hoped for. We arrived early to get a few rounds of bowling in before the show and spent the rest of the show on the raised platform over the pit. We had a great view of the performance. Security did a great job keeping people under control, but still letting them have fun. Bartenders were attentive and personable. Atmosphere was perfect.

Brent Bearden

Watched the Super Bowl their in a private room. This place is awesome, the service was great, and the food provided was good. We had a really good time.

C Stbernard

Always Delicious. The Chef is amazing. And the staff has great customer service skills

Shinnerrie Jackson

Best Venue for food fun and seeing amazing acts. Its a lot for one venue but it really can feel intimate with whatever you decide to do when you go there.

Dave Cecchi

Great concert venue with a nice lighting rig, good sight lines and great air circulation. Pretty good food, especially the chicken. The wedge salad I had was kind of a miss but you can't win em all especially in Vegas.

Frank Landrian

One of my favorite places for shows can't wait to come back.

Paul DePrizio

Bands are right there.

Bogda Rudzińska

Not your typical bowling alley. More like lounge club, concert hall and bowling lines under one roof. And awesome food!

Michael Pennartz

Favorite spot for music and fun in Brooklyn

James Moore

Great concert venue and bowling to boot!

Renaud Perrier

Good bars in this big bar-nightclub. Some good concerts, many different evening's and a terrasse if you want to smoke. A good place to meet people

Frank Landeros

I ddnt enjoy the pat down & metal detector wanding for the Hightimes afterparty.

Krista Blowe

We spent a wonderful evening here with great food, music, and bowling.

Neil Williams

I love seeing shows here, probably one of the only ways I get see my favorite bands in Las Vegas.

Robert Brown

Fun music venue with a good beer selection

Yohan Kim

Closed for private event but no one picked up the damn phone or had any messages. Wasted 9 people's walk for half an hour.

Eric Freitas

Amazing fried chicken, delicious mashed potatoes, and tasty collards. Just what I was looking for!


Great spot and great venue to see live bands play. The view on the outside balcony is really nice as well.

Markice Keice Woods

Great plcce,Great place, love the food and the entertainment, staff is great too and the customer service on point.

Joseph Martino

Good place to eat, bowl and listen to great music.

mark wilson

Horrible I don't recommend it it was so disgusting and the service was worse never again will I spend my money in here.


Smaller venue. Got to be closer to the stage; brought me back to my youth!

gregory_ a_k

Worst place I've been to in Vegas. Walked in with a Gatorade bottle in my back pocket - on a Sunday night. Some "bouncer" tells me I can't come in with it. And not even in a conversational or respectful manner - I just walked in and he yells out as I'm waking halfway up the stairs something to the effect of, "Dude with the bottle in your pocket, you can't come in here with that." Was gonna spend a few hours bowling there. Will never spend a dime there now. People walk around Vegas with huge-ass alcoholic drinks - including into casinos etc - everywhere, much less with a Gatorade. Guess I'll just go back to MGM Grand - where I've been staying for over a week - and gamble. No one there - or anywhere else - has said one word to me about a $2.50 Gatorade. And given that I'll be in Vegas a few months would probably have come back multiple times to bowl. Yes, I made a Google + account just to post this rating. If you don't want to be disrespected by some douche "bouncer" go elsewhere.


Fun crowd! Friendly! Awesome acoustics! Great food! #luckychopsFan

John Meeters

It's my first time here and i must say the WHOLE STAFF is amazing. I had the burger and it was GREAT!!!!! I will DEFINITELY be back here again. The bartenders are so nice.

Melissa Venneri

These people know how it’s done!! As an out of town visitor who makes an annual trek to the Bowl for Bowlive, I could not feel any more welcomed! The staff are all true professionals, who treat their guests with care and kindness! The room is great, the sound is fabulous and the bar staff and the rest of the folks working there are on point! Couldn’t ask for a better vibe!! Thank you for a great experience EVERY TIME!!❤️


Definitely one of the best venues in Las Vegas! What other place can you bowl and watch a concert at the same time? None that I know. The food here is great as well which is just an added bonus.

Tim Weber

I've heard the concerts here are terrific. The food is not.

Le Souriant

To be able to bowl waiting for the live act to start is great!

T Duda

Fun venue, friendly staff and security. Drinks are a bit pricey but that's expected in Vegas. I like this venue because it never feels overcrowded. There's a little restaurant and a bar that also serves food inside. So you can watch the show, take a break and watch the show on the TVs and have something to eat. Sound is great. Love the setup inside. Well thought out.

Nena Ascencion

Went for a work party and it was awesome the bowling was fun and bartenders were not greedy.

Bryce Caster

Bowling is $25/half hour, but this place is much more than just a bowling alley. They also have a bar and concerts in a surprisingly large venue. Staff is very nice.

David Harold Moore

Great place to see a show... The artists love the intimacy of the crowd. I don't suggest the 'club level' unless you get there early and reserve a rail spot. But I do suggest standing on the floor, and if you are taller, let the shorter people in front of you... I have seen several shows here, and the artists love it; however, they let people bowl during the concert? I find this to be very disrespectful to the artists; and it has proven to irritate me during the softer love songs... Please don't allow bowling during the shows. Thank you.

Ed Win

Go for the music and nothing else. The ambience is far too strange to take for too long. Felt like I was in a bad David Lynch movie. Yearn for the day of the old clubs on Delancey in the lower East. Drinks are expensive! Too much to drink but the entry ticket was only $20! The people are pretty conservative, I was surprised. This side of Brooklyn is just petty boring by NY standards. Everything in N. Brooklyn has been sanitized for the stroller crowd, how sad is that! Odd place. The decor is very strange. Like a Country Western Thank bar with a touch of Olive Garden. Felt like an Olive Garden with a bowling alley. The dance floor is nice though and the sound is terrific. Go for the bands and nothing else.

Jennifer Ann

Great music. Comfortable seating and table service with a full menu at each lane. A nice place to spend the day with family and friends.

Gina Urban

It was ok drink are way to Expensive I think if they lower the price people would buy more I did not buy any drinks And a party at 10 I was with did not either

Tom Kohnman

Here is my experience. We had tix to see UB40. On the tix it say 730 they did not come out till 915! They have about 30 seats in the whole place. If you go here be prepared to stand in 1 place for HOURS. They have a good sound system and you can get very close to the acts. But me. Im 56 and weigh about 280. There is no way i can stand in one place like that. This is THE worst venue i have been to in Las Vegas. If you're 20 something you will probably love this place. If you're 40 something+ stay away. You are going to really hate it.

Raymond Mueller

Enjoy the convenience of the location and draft beer and food while bowling. Remember it's just for fun, a descent but not professional alley. There is also live music here and a good size bar that looks like it will be a great night spot.

Juan Zuniga

Cool place

Kait Flannery

I go to a lot of shows and this is definitely my favorite venue of all time. It’s the perfect size. The acts they get are amazing. Great beer selection, especially the Brooklyn blast. The food is great too and who doesn’t want to bowl while watching live music.

Christopher Lee

Nice venue. The fact that this establishment is used for several activities is a major plus. It's a bar, a bowling alley, and it has a stage for bands to perform, which is why I was actually there. Whether Brooklyn Bowl has up and coming bands/performers, or if they only showcase well-known artists, I can't say. I found this place because a well-known band was playing. Pretty spacious, too.


Great venue for concerts, great stage, great sounds system. Should diversify their beer selection.. there are more than just lagers and ipa's out there)

Shaun Lucas

With a mix of bowling and music, the Brooklyn Bowl offers a mid-sized venue--big enough for awesome bands to come through, but intimate enough where you're not straining to see the stage. The facilities are clean and spacious, easy to move about without feeling packed.

Wade Guenther

Huge space! First, the space is very clean. They have a bar and seating area near the front so you can be away from the noise and still get service. The main bar and bowling area is huge and very well organized. They main area also has a large concert stage with great sound. The restrooms are a little far and upstairs by the entrance. But this isn't a huge concern.

Steven Henderson

Went to see The Glam Skanks and Adam Ant. Awesome venue, sprang for the lab level tickets they were well worth the extra $20 each. Downstairs was packed like sardines in a can. Upstairs was sold out but mostly open, no wait for the bar, easy restroom access.

Tiffany Williams

Its cute! Its a bit pricey but at least the drinks are strong lol

alex Rjjs

HORRIBLE AUDIO, I can't believe the crew can't fix a single microphone. Even the performing artists give up on them.

O'Connor's Auto Glass

Much better staff than in the past. The last time I visited his establishment they had goones working here. They were rude, violent and held you hostage for 6 hours with a no reentry. I made a vow to tell every person I came in contact with Brooklyn bowl was the worst venue on the east coast. And made it a point to never return again. This visit was much more pleasant and as treated like a human and was able to go out and return which made my decision to return again in the future. Thank you for changing your security and deciding to treat your patrons like guests and not hostages and paychecks..


Had a company event there atmosphere was great! service was great! bowling lanes are really good, had a excellent evening!

Jacob Shields

We've been to over 10 shows here now and it's so much fun! Love the energy and the sound here!

Nimit Christian

Great place to chill... And the shows are always on point. Slick Rick killed it... Amazing show.. Brought out the real kings of hip hop

Suresh Thummar

Wow music while playing nice bowling game.

Kinmount Ellerford

This place rocks, great food, amazing atmosphere and the drinks are fabulous.

sharon waithira

Great for team bonding. I liked their margarita. But then again I have loved all the margarita I have taken in NY.

Ellie gee

It was fun and good food - very expensive in my opinion but that comes with anything ny/bk related nowadays. Would come back !

Tom Salgo

Great venue, you just gotta know the rules. And don't throw up, they'll throw you out.

Erik Kelley

Great place to celebrate Old Navy turning 25!

Hernan Mastrogiacomo

Amazing place to hang out with, listen to live bands, grab something to eat and some draft beer

Anne Cuesta

Great service great food. Employees all are amazing really had a great time. Cant wait to go back!!!

Lisa Clemens

Great atmosphere, parking garage nearby, wonderful staff!

David Bendes

Great concert venue- sound is always good, and they book consistently solid acts. Usually run pretty close to on time. The food is also pretty good - all from blue ribbon. Recommend the fried chicken sandwich! Never bowled there, but it seems fun, if not a tad pricey.

Kurt Anderson

Awesome venue for a show, saw Run the Jewels a few weeks ago and was blown away.

Jon Johnson

It won’t let me post the picture so check out my Yelp Review. The upper management in this place thinks their customers are a joke. Ann Mary hands out bingo cards to the employees to play games poking fun at their customers. Like what kind of clothes the customers are wearing and things of that nature. This place is a joke. It’s so sad. Last time I was there I spoke with some manager names Ike, who was so condescending to me after an issue I had. With all the negative reviews I see, they should get rid of the upper management and start over.

Monty Ross

Part bowling alley, part intimate concert venue, 100% fun.... I give BB 3 C’s - cool, character, classic

Siouxside ­

One of my favorite venues in the world. The Brooklyn Brewery beer is literally fresh from next door, the music is amazing, and the bathrooms are huge and clean.

Charlie Dardis

Cool space, good atmosphere. Food (expensive for what you get) and drinks are relatively good - the wait for a bowling lane can be quite a while and they don't let you know an accurate time of how long it will be. Good fun though.

Mike Gardner

Good food followed by a good concert. All of the staff were great. Yes there is bowling here too. This is a great place to stop for a all in one night out.

Marc Lincer

Good service. Well-priced drinks for a popular area, but food is relatively expensive. Games are priced at $25/hr for a lane. We went on a Saturday before the 6pm cover charge kicked in.

Michael Mullen

Great sound and friendly staff!

Kayla DeLong

Pretty sweet venue. Love the outdoor patio area. Expensive beers of course. Loved the atmosphere

Matt Ladwig

Neat venue for bowling or a concert. Food is also good. The seating and table space is quite cramped if another group is bowling next to you and drinks are a bit on the high side.

Jeff Kylerson

I love bowling. Alleys usually have pretty mediocre food. Not this one!

Prashant Govindan

Bowling alley, concert venue

Shamika Hargrove

I like Brooklyn Bowl. I've been here a few times. It's nice. There was a live band tonight. Drinks were nice, cool atmosphere, price reasonable for that area.

Lex Garnett

Expensive but definitely worth it for a big night out with a large group. There is something to do for everyone: bar, restaurant, bowling, or live music & dancefloor. There is even an upper space near the bathroom perfect for the wallflower or less social

Andrie Blalock

It was fantastic! ..that bad was Amazing!..they played all the great soft rock hits from the 70s an 80s an we loved it..we will definitely be going back.


Great bowling club. There's a stage where they play live music to a fairly decent size arena, all separated by couches to the bowling alley. You don't even need to go there to bowl as they have special guests. Talib Kwali was playing when I attended. The food is real good too. Especially the fried chicken.

Renee Cassard

Super fun intimate venue with real lanes to enjoy in between stellar acts!

Charlotte Hightower

Live band good food equals good times

Kyle Peterson

What a concept! The Brooklyn Bowl is amazing for live bands. Say "I Prevail" last November and everything went smooth!

Ashley D

Decent venue. Went to see the breeders, and they rocked as always. A little hard to find for out of town guests, but I’d go again for the right act.

Celeste Alston

The best bbq wings in NYC. I love food

William Anderson

Really fun! Saw Ghost there. The bathrooms are immaculate. It has an upper balcony where you can watch the shows from and find seats to sit down on and not have to stand on the floor below. Good for older rockers !

Andrea Jane

Great food, best fried chicken ever. Good place to see a small small show very intimate.

Gabriel Soba

Really cool venue with tons to do before the show they got bowling and booths where you can sit and eat

joe murrin

Rock & Bowl. STOKED is the opening band tonight. Check them out. Great tunes , bowling

Josh Norman

Worst service I've ever had in vegas. We were either ignored or treated like we were an annoyance by the entire staff. Never go to any event here.

Sasha Henk

Bring back the tootsie rolls at security! Oh venue is cool too.

Mrs New York

Ambiance ok, Music on point, Service great, Food- some unique, others work well, way better than bowling food.

Renata Petrelli

Can i give more than 5 stars? Haha

Kuixi He

Great experience. Live music, great setup and great vibe. There's a cover at the door past 6pm and we'll worth the time here. Bowl if you get a chance. Lane 1 is right behind the stage!

Imogen Corbett

Bar. Concert Venue. Bowling alley. What more do you need?

Edward Chapin

My review was based on the high drink prices. The music event was fine.

pagan wear

Yes we had very nice time nice drinks and such ok

Anthony Stokes

Saw Shaggy here tonight and it was awesome. The place is set up with the bowling lanes on one side, stage in the center, and a large bar on the opposite side. Food and drinks were great and the staff was very friendly. Highly recommended for any concerts/show.

Bass Player

Blackberry Smoke pretty much killed it.

Deneen Adams

General admission. Great space for concerts. Reasonable drink prices. Easy parking. A win-win situation,. I'm definitely coming back!

Andreea Burciu-Ballen

Great place to bowl, or to hang out and catch a music show. I've done both. Original, cool decor and vibe, good eats and beer. Great spot for singles, great spot for families with kids too.

Nelson Salgado

Amazing place, great music, bowling and bar for a very good price

Jacob Morris

Went to see Ninja Sex Party perform at this venue. Very nice place. Perfect for intimate concerts.

Mieke De Vriendt

Great place! Some great bands come through here! Always lots of fun! The food is also very good and the people that work there are very nice!

Scott Bradford

I love it every time I visit here! Great bands great venue and great staff!! got to meet the Glam Skanks on my last visit!

Earl Swett

Great hangout.

Caleb Fung

My first time to this place to see San Holo, I don't think I've ever waited in line so long...2 hours! So much for buying tickets ahead of time. If I had bought them at the box office I wouldn't have had to wait?? Not even Vegas clubs have that long of lines. On top of that the security guard was rude to my girlfriend. While opening her jacket and looking at the wrong places he said "wow you're so f--ing cute"! Once we were inside it was ok although also after I finally I got my ticket I was going to inside but the security guard pushed me back pretty hard because they weren't paying attention and talking to other people so I didn't know they were checking the ticket there. I don't think I'll go back this venue because of the entrance experience was so horrid!


Fun vibe but food terrible. 4 of us ordered crispy chicken sandwich etc and food was below average. Fries terrible and cold. Fun to bowl there but wouldn’t recommend for food. Vegas is just too competitive to serve this average made food, especially at that cost.

Jon Marcotte

While it looks like a bowling alley it's actually a show bar with bands every night. Starts at 20$ to get in and 25$ for 30 min of bowling. You can just watch the show but keep in mind it is mostly standing room. Intimate setting everyone feels close to the stage. Very few tables available and they are usually taken.

Lenora Lewis

Everyone of the staff we encountered were super friendly and accommodating. I was highly empressed with this place. We saw Echo and the Bunneymen and it was our first time at this venue. Ray was especially helpful. Thanks to everyone who made this night great!!!!

Jazzy J

A little Pricey. But great atmosphere. Good Music. Food was good. Drinks were reasonable.

Sam Keske

Huge, active space for a group outing. Nice bowling setup, with two sets of lanes. Decent beer options at the bar. Conveniently located in a shopping area.

Adrianne Alexander

Don't bother paying for club level seats....they closed half the club level n oversold the remaining seats. was more crowded than the floor sucked, people pushing n shoving stealing drinks right off the table, others standing on tables n chairs to try n see anything. I spent $500 between tickets n drinks n felt like I had to fight all night....there are other venues like the joint or house of blues where you can get club level that really let you enjoy the show....the security people here were useless

Charles Walters

great spot to catch a show, go bowling and hang with friends. Food and drinks are solid offerings for kids and adults both. not cheap, but hey nothing in NYC is ...

S Rey

Cool concept and cool shows. Located by a lot of other interesting things too. The crowd it attracts can be kind of annoying but that isn't the place's fault. I had one guy try to fight me within the first 2 minutes I was there then was hugging me and palling around the rest of the night and he wasn't even intoxicated.

Sara Laskowski

Fun venue with intimate stage where you can also pay to bowl during the sets! Good lights and atmosphere.

Rich Zumpano

Brooklyn Bowl is a general admission venue with seats in the bowling area and in the back near the entrance. You can see the stage from the bowling area but not from the seats by the entrance. The sound quality is good and the drinks were not too watered down. The show I attended was supposed to begin at 9:00 but didn't start until close to 10:00. That hour delay is not a big deal if you have seats but when you're standing and drinking it's rough. I go to a lot of shows so I know they rarely start right on time, but an hour is a bit much. Overall, it was a good experience.

Edison Graff

The best real feel music venue in Las Vegas. There are other venues but those are theatre venues. Brooklyn Bowl gives you a classic feel that you would get in NY, SF etc. Plus you can bowl a few games while watching the show.

todd thomas

Im not a huge fan of vegas...but this venue quickly became a favorite. Staff is amazing...views are awesome......and bowling during show.....great idea! Cant wait for my next show. They even change the menu to match lyrics of the band. Great weekend!

Lisette Gonzales

Discovered that they offered free bowling for locals on Mondays, so we decided to give it a try. My first thought about the location was that the space is HUGE; it is several floors and compared to the things that they offer it makes it seem very empty. There was a wait list when we arrived to the bowling counter so we placed our names and decided to eat at the restaurant area. (At 9pm the venue becomes 21+ only so they asked to check our ids beforehand.) At the restaurant we ordered the 8pc white piece fried chicken platter and that was pretty filling for three people. The portions of chicken are ridiculously big. The chicken came out piping hot and very moist. Definitely recommend trying that out if you visit. My only gripe about the visit would be that the service was quite slow; the staff seem a bit uncoordinated. After dinner we headed back to the bowling area and they had a lane and our shoes set up for us to start playing. So the way the free bowling works for locals is if you spend $30 or more on food and beverage you get an hour of free play. We were able to get two games done within that time which was perfect for us. It ended up being a great way to spend a Monday night.

N Russell

Quality concert venue, friendly welcoming staff


Nice venue off the Strip. If you go this place for a live show, security check is done before you lining up inside the building, which allows us to go into the venue as we line up.

Dacy Nottingham

Loved the classic French bread pizza. Cool, lively atmosphere. Friendly and quick service.

Samuel Ore-Abiola

Great fun, superb and tasty food. I recommend here for Crew hangouts, Family fundays, Youth Group Events or couples day out

Rene Alba

Cool place with live music. People where nice. Will return. Did not eat here since it seemed pricey for a lot of fried food.

Eric McCracken

Excellent venue.

Grace Be

Was here for a private event, has two levels with bowling on each side and great concert venue views on bottom or top. Had a moderate amount of beers, but nothing like Yard House. Good service and food.

Marcela Lopez

The place is cozy and sweet! My friends and I had a great time!

Patrick Savickas

Excellent place for a boys night out

Stuart Stansifer

This the place to be. Killer atmosphere, multiple levels with multiple bars. Live music and bowling. What more could you want? Brick walls and mood lighting? They have that! Security is on their game, hooligans rarely get inside. Top five bars in Vegas, IMO.

Ivy F

Very cool place.

Michael Dave

One of my favorite places to see a concert. The venue is nice, drinks are not over priced, some nights they will ever run drinks specials such as 2 for 1. Sound is good, staff is friendly, bar tenders are nice. If you get a chance to see a show here, I highly recommend this venue.

Luciano Miranda

Great venue!! Watched The Wailers concert there. The concert hall is really good, fast bar service, and the bowling lanes remain open during concerts! Totally worth the visit.

Gabriela Rivera

A fun place and the good was really good

Nate Sweet

Waste of time coming here during their working hours, turned away due to private events.

Gregory Spencer

Great Bike Show, good people

D. Bloom

Hours say open at noon but they say they rudely that they’re not open until five.

Wanda Richardson

Sooo much fun... kinda pricey

Maddie Maranto

Super dope place. The space itself is big & open and decorated with colorful lights. The drinks are good and pretty reasonably priced for NYC. Fun place to see a show and I plan to come back for bowling.

Sean McKeever

Great time. Fun bands

Erica Malone

I will be there for my 40th bday! Erykah Badu

Vera Lahotsky

Great venue. The vibe is awesome. The bowling is so cool and you get to watch a great live show. What more can you ask for? Oh I know, great service. Excellent!! Bravo!!

James McKeown

Over priced drinks (typical Vegas). Venue looked cool. Saw a reggae band.

matt thomas

Great place to see a show. This is a live venue with bowling at the same time! I saw the Hold Steady on back to back nights and the place was packed, energy was great, and the place is special. Staff were super nice, full bar, decent food options, excellent wifi. You are not allowed to use the back of the bowling space to get to the bathroom from the concert floor even though there is plenty of space, which was a bummer. Overall, this is a really cool spot, within walking distance of the L line and around the corner from the Brooklyn Brewing Co.

David Jiang

Fun and great service but omg is it expensive......25 per half hour limit 8 per lane. The pitchers are 25-30. Fun time great service but prices can be better.

Genie Sweetness

Awesome performance by Toots & The Maytals. It was a full house. Great customer service. Very friendly staff. I'll be returning soon!

Jay Johnny

I has something for everyone. Friendly staff great bowling lanes. Live band, great location. I did the Sunday special half price family special so it cost 12.5/ half hour instead of 25/ hour

Francine Coker

Went to see UB40 2 nights in a row...would do it again....small but great your up close to the entertainment.....great bar..great atmosphere...cant wait to go again

Madhurya Sarkar

This is one of the best bowling places in the NY/NJ area. It is huge - more lanes, less waiting time. It has beer (good beer). It has live music (amazing concerts) and it is lit. I love taking everyone who visits to NY to this place.

Diamond Rose

A cool venue and great concept. It is part bowling alley, restaurant and concert venues, neatly packaged in a former textile (?) warehouse with beautiful wood features. Good food too! Be sure to check out happy hour. The frozen lime margarita is potent!

C. K.

First time here, love the area and the location. Not crowd. Servers were fun and cool. Great vibes

James Chiofalo

Awesome music, great food and strong drinks. Always love coming here. Fair warning, can be a little pricey

Tony Gonzo

This venue is very cool especially with a whole bowling alley on the VIP side. The sound is great. I will say the green room here is the size of a small attic 10 people max and they have very strict rules [no

Cynthia Graham

This is a fantastic venue for live music. It would get 5 stars but there is NO WHERE to sit unless you order food.

Kim Stuart

Went to a private party here, so no food service. The entertainment was great, venue is big and space looks cool.

Ronald Goodman

My family and I had a enjoyable time @ Brooklyn Bowl .

Almeria Love

This place was amazing! The portions were huge and they had the best happy hour specials for food and drinks!

Ryan G

Great music venue, but don't waste your time at the restaurant.

Crystal Haro

My friends and i went bowling for the first time during a great show at Brooklyn Bowl and had the best time! Our server Kevin was just enough. Super attentive, friendly and was able to comfortably handle our large party. I would love to go back again for another special occasion!

Cyril Azoulay

Has a descent dance floor and amount of lanes to bowl. Music is good. They have 2 or 3 bars around the lanes. Good time.

J. Casalino

Great intimate venue to see a show. Needs more bartenders and some kind of line organization system to keep access to the show floor a little more open. Amusing to occasionally hear people hitting strikes while listening to live music. Coat check exists and is $3 per item. Friendly staff were efficient herding people out when show was over.

Leslie Eisenberg

The Coolest Bowling Alley I Have Ever Seen !!! Great Atmosphere, Decor, Drinks, & Food !!!

Michael Vogel

Great setting to see a show. Drinks are predictably expensive. They need to book better bands though.

Loree Shine

Great venue! I went to see a concert but before the show you can bowl a few frames.. totally unique. I want to come back just for the late night glow bowling..this place is about a 30 second walk from Brooklyn Brewery so have a few before!

jasmine bailey

I went here for a concert and I loved the ambiance of the place. It was my first time here. The drinks were good and the food looked good. Unfortunately I wasn't able to each since they stopped food service at the bar so early. I enjoyed my time there. I would go back to enjoy the bowling and restaurant portion of the place.

Dawn Durnin

Loved this place!! Definitely go


Dope venue for hip hop/music events. Lots of floor space esp for artists who like interacting with the crowd. The "adult" beverages were a bit watered down but other than that the place is clean and the staff is friendly. Not far from the subway station and right in the center of many hot spots so there were LOTS of people everywhere. Very exciting spot for date night and more!

Anastasia Nickolaou

Delicious fried chicken. Drizzle it in honey then sit back & enjoy the self indulgence. Staff was ok friendly but the food made up for it. Great location as well.

Datasurf Technologies USA

Great venue, professional staff, great experience. Thank you.

Shaquita Jones

We had the nachos.. it taste like throw up. But besides that, it was really nice.


Super awesome place to be!! super awesome music, food, and service!!

Marshall White

The Brooklyn Bowl is not simply unique, but astounding. I've been a few times and each time the staff is over the top. They're incredibly helpful, and hospitable. The venue is absolutely massive, but they make it seem very intimate. The food is brilliant as well as the bowling. Fantastic experience every time. Make it out there for a show any time you can.

David Casaus

Amazing food, excellent bowling and mind blowing live bands... but expensive as hell! I mean comically expensive but well worth it! I'd recommend there famous fried chicken and there pizza.

Glenn Basgaard

Sick venue. May be even better than the original location in Brooklyn

Aaron smith

What a fun place to see a show. Not to big so getting close to the stage is not hard. Beer prices are reasonable and the food is tasty

Brendan McDermott

So much fun

Thomas Moore

What an amazing place to see a concert, so close so intimate


The food is very good here. BUT, there are a few rip-off things. I ordered the Beet Salad. $11. That’s a lie. If you order beet salad and pay that much for it, you expect some beets. What came was a huge pile of Arugula, with about 6 , 1/4” chunks of beets buried under it. C’mon guys! Disappointing.

Steven Rutherford

Saw Kaleo here it was nice but crowded

Aimee Matsumoto

What can I say but wow! I went to dance the night away when Prince had just passed away & Quest Love was dj'ing. The crowd is young, hip, and inviting. Music was blasting and everyone was having a good time, drinks were flowing and people were bowling. If you're in the New York area, I suggest you stop by for some fun.

Tanita Preston

I have to say that this may be one of the very best places to see a niche band. People were spaced out and respectful during the Aterciopelados concert. Bar tenders were so nice and efficient. I really enjoyed the place for this specific type of event

Patrick Miller

Great show space

Shaun Steckley

Feels like a hidden gem in Vegas, especially super bowl weekend. (forget you saw that, want to keep a secret) Soooo much fun. Great beer selection and great food. Need to visit when there is a concert sometime. Worse case hopefully back next year for super bowl.

meagan simms

Great environment! You can bowl, see a concert, attend a party, all in the same venue. Happy hour is 5-7 on weekdays and starts back up at 11pm if you're still there.

Aaron Scindian

Went to see the yung bae show, happy hour drinks were awesome and the staff was excellent

Sharilyn Castillo

Soooooo much fun! Never been to a bowling ally that had couches and pretty much kept everything private to every party in there. The ambiance was so relaxed and even little concerts during the night which was cool. Having a hangout spot but also bowling with a bar was pretty neat!

Kontji Anthony

The staff was incredible! More specifically, Director of Marketing and PR Christi Nelson was INCREDIBLE. I had a unique experience, as I was on a work assignment to do a news report about a musician performing at Brooklyn Bowl. I showed up in Las Vegas, called the venue off-the-cuff, and Christi responded within minutes. When my crew arrived for the shoot, Christi not only greeted us at the door, she also found us the best angles to shoot our video. She was also quick on her toes. Minutes after our live shot fell through inside the building, she made sure we were clear to videotape live on the Linq Promenade. I must say that after spending a few minutes inside, I ended up falling in love with the venue itself. For one, whoever does lighting for the concerts is amazing! The proximity of the stage to the floor where the audience stands makes you feel like it's just you and the band in the room. If you don't want to stand with the rest of the audience, there are areas on either side of the stage. You can also sit at a bar close to the front entrance of the venue that's somewhat sectioned off from the stage area. The reason it's called Brooklyn Bowl is because there is an actual bowling alley, stage left. As I understand it, you can rent out a bowling lane as a VIP area during concerts. Correct me, if I'm wrong. All in all, I cannot wait to revisit Brooklyn Bowl off the clock. It's a surprisingly intimate and amazing musical treasure that I never expected to find so close to the busy Las Vegas Boulevard strip.

Tom Dimond

Awesome venue for a private event! Excellent sound and lighting system

Dan Falk

Awesome place to see a concert. Kind of a strange concept to have a concert venue right next to a bowling alley, but it works! They have strategically placed bars which make it easy to get a drink no matter where you are in the venue. The acoustics were great, we saw a concert there and it was so much fun! Seems like an awesome place to go out with friends.

Barry M

Have the fried chicken, devilled eggs shooters, knishes, and bread putting

Dan Wright

An incredibly fun venue for bowling, food, booze and live music. The bands are hit and miss but the food is solid and the booze does flow.

Ryan Spohn

Fun venue. I went there for a corporate event. Lots of bowling lanes. Drinks and food were great. They have a large concert area / dance floor in the middle.

WWEOurworld Matt

Packed my equipment and dragged it a half a mile through the casino and outside to get to the building (the website says it opens at 11 AM and closes at 2 AM). I get there and it is "closed for a private event" and the door says it opens at 5 PM. Seems as if nobody has updated the website yet but it needs to be updated because that is false advertising. Oh it's true. Don't @ me. Fix the issue and I'll give it 4 or 5 stars because that's how much I love bowling everywhere.

althea barrett

Went for a aplenty and acoustics good.

Anthony Carrubba

Great spot to see a concert.

Pam Boling

The atmosphere at Brooklyn Bowl is amazing! I had a great time walking around taking photos here. The dance floor has incredible lighting! The whole place is a visual experience in an of itself. Drink prices are typical for the Las Vegas Strip, which is why it isn't 5-star. We only had beer, so I can't review the food. I will say this: we ordered IPA, and it was very hoppy - too strong for me, in fact. The bartender no only offered to replace it with something else, but she let me try two others - no charge. Great service! If you have a local ID, you can bowl free on Monday nights - including shoes - up to 8 people on a lane. How can you go wrong? Next time, we will try the food! Thank you, Brooklyn Bowl, for a very unique Las Vegas hangout!

Diego Nye Spencer

A couple of friends brought me there for my birthday and we had so much fun and made alot of memories there. I will be going back.

stacy be

Great venue for shows, good food, love the fact that you can bowl while there's a show going.

Marisa Bisping

Love every show here. Great location, perfect size, the layout is conducive to keeping the flow moving. Best prices hands down and most indie event calendar easy. Great time every time!

Sergio Butron

Wonderful bowling alley! There are plenty of lanes, so the wait isn’t very long. Variety of food and drinks available! The place has a very chill vibe with people of all ages. The attendants and servers are very kind and helpful too! There’s live music at times which adds to the overall chill and relaxing environment and ambiance. One of the best bowling venues I’ve been to!

Casey Leffner

Paid for club level. Show had a start time of 7:30pm. It's 8:11pm & still no show. No server for food or drinks. Have to go to the bar myself with fear of losing my viewing spot. Couches up here are so far back you can't see the stage. Have to stand at a railing & I paid for club level so my pregnant wife wouldn't have to stand. Have to battle other people for spots. Won't be coming back here in the future.

Jimi Richmond

It was fun.

Michael Angelo Colmenares

Bowl and Watch a Concert in one roof.

lisa porter

A plus Fun concerts!! Bowling,food is ok but expensive(more things I want to try on the menu) I'm getting real cheap.... I usually drink before!! Yes! They check your bag and have a metal detector.What I really like about it it's the the people that come there are from every background not a cheap crowd. The ladies room is really nicely decorated you can take awesome pictures. I really like the employees they're really professional and nice!! We paid to enter and the neighborhood is really nice!

Chastity Rivera

A fun venue. The wings are to die for plus the mac and cheese. Security is top notch and the bar has knows how to make drinks. They invested is great equipment that doesn't go unnoticed. You when have fun with the blended crowd and music performances. We had a company event and they catered well to us and our needs.

Albert L.

It's always a blast here. For those looking to bowl a few games along with food and drinks this place has your back. Located at The LinQ promanade further in just minutes from heart of the strip. Best thing about the location is you can meet all your friends centrally even if staying different hotel. However, for me it's different because I've to drive back to Summerlin, a eighteen minutes drive. Fun and festive throughout the night and before you know it's almost calling it a night. The people here knows who are the big spender and who are the pay as you go types. Bottom line is don't give them a hard time and in return your party may or may receive extra snacks on the house. Now go bowling.

Garrett Hetrick

Lots of fun and very large space if you are with a big group. Lots to do around here as well. I would go there agian for sure. Food was average but not bad for bar food.

Sarah Stock

Super cool venue! It feels like you're at a secret concert that is intimate and everyone is close to the stage. I really liked the vibe there.

Ryan Bowersox

Probably the only place to bowl on the strip. Expensive, but totally worth it. New lanes, magnetic technology. And that stage! Nice! get there before the crowd and enjoy those lanes!

Lee Hitge

Brooklyn Bowl is awesome!!! Had so much fun. Played 6 rounds of ten pin bowling!!! The atmosphere is so cool and the food was delicious!!

Andrew Bush

Saw the Umphryes Mcgee show here last year and had a blast. Cool venue

John D.

caught Tauk here. had never been but of course had heard of it. lived up to my expectations for sure! great food (fried chicken out of this world), great beer (sixpoint on draft). as far as the show, the space is not too small but not too big. so it's not too crowded at all but definitely fun to be so close. will def be back!

Joe Dambrosio

Went and saw Mest, Reel Big Fish, and Bowling for soup last night for the beer tasting beer fest. The show was awesome the Brooklyn bowl had plenty of room it was not over crowded.

Valeria Eugenia Likhova

Amazing Space & Very cool moto show!

Loren Ecker

Tons of fun here seeing Moshav!

Olivia Palmer

On point venue. Love the actual bowling alley and that you can barely hear it during the live musiOn point venue. Love the actual bowling alley next door and that you can barely hear it during the live music. The stage set up is sick with incredible lights. Doesnt get too hot even when packed. Saw a two night run of Tauk and just loved the whole vibe. And, super nice security!

Alex Kudryavtsev

Definitely one of the better places to host a birthday party for a group of 10 year olds. Parents can have their fun, as well as a 2 full bara and food menu, kids will have theirs. There is a decent size stage and dance floor for all to enjoy. Awesome service, easy communication, friendly staff. We enjoyed a quick walk through a neighborhood full of murals and unique architectural projects. A park is just a couple of blocks away, overlooking the city from East-North-East. I am sure that this place is great for 21+ crowd on weekend nights as well.

Lauren Wennell

Went to Brooklyn Bowl for Emo Night. A few of the members from the party all had credit card fraud from Brooklyn Bowl with multiple charges that we didn't use from there. If you buy a drink, close out your tab or you're suspectible to them scamming your information - beware.

Liv smurD

Best venue and restaraunt in Vegas!

Ben Allen

Fun place. Water made me sick tho.

Thomas Chee

The service was extraordinary, the dishes delicious, we had friends that took us to the Annual Barrett Jackson Auto Auction Party. Zowie Bowie gave an outstanding performance, his band, and singers rocked the entire avenue of the Linq. The customer service was the best I have seen in Las Vegas for a long time. I was wondering how they found such talent, because the individuals serving us kept coming around to check on our food, drinks, dishes, and the dishes coming out kept getting better and better from the sliders, pastrami, burgers, seafood, calamari, sushi dishes, fried macaroni and cheese balls, and the fresh fried chicken strips with thick chicken breasts. Thank you for starting the Barrett Jackson Auto Show off right with a huge party.

Ihara Dutra

This is a great venue to enjoy bands and they have a great selection of performers. The bowling is actually super fun too. The food it's not that good, wouldn't order again.

Mike B

Looks like a great place for shows. I was there for happy hour half-price apps and beer they let me try a couple beers till I found one I liked the appetizers we're great and even better was the fried chicken.

Some name that includes an emo band

Saw Ninja Sex Party last year, making it the best day of my life. I hope to see TWRP, Dan, and Brian here again.


I love the events here. And the food ain't bad either.

robert merola

Great venue. Excellent sound system. Easy to park in neighborhood.

nicholas quinto

This place you can eat listen to rock and roll music and go bowling recommended mac and cheese vantastic

Bethany Ullman

Super cool venue! Saw Los Campesinos and Nervous Dater here. They have a restaurant, bar, bowling, and stage.

Ethan Ofer-Moran

Great vibe and well organized. Not expensive either

Antony Vo

Good vibes. Have seen many great musical acts here. Have not had food yet. A long time ago they did overcharge me for bowling though and did not fix it.

Sean Yuan

The Brooklyn Bowl is an awesome concert venue to see small-medium performers. There is a bowling alley right next to the stage with private seating next to the alley as well as on the second level. The stage is fairly small but you can pack a lot of people in the space. Drinks are pretty overpriced.

Alvaro Hoyos

The bowling area looks great with those big leather couches for seats and the music venue section gets the job done. The food was pretty good as well, so overall it's a nice venue for any of those three; bowling, enjoying live music, eating. The metal detector at the entrance must have a good (or bad) story behind it.


The diversity that this place has is unreal ! Really good shows, bands , live entertainment and people!

Brandon Schweiger

Awesome place to see a show! So stoked, got to see my favorite reggae artist, Protoje! Smaller venue which makes for great shows and a much more personal experience with the artist

Robert Lopees

Great place for local bands and famoua bands as well..down side is now have to pay to park at the Linq..

Tiffany Francisco

Every time I come to Brooklyn Bowl I have a great time. All of the staff are nice and respectful, from the bodyguards to the bartenders. The vibe is always great and chill, and the drinks are strong and decently priced.

JayR Ruiz

Great venue <3

Duane Lamb

Nice venue for concerts. Food pretty good. Chicken is good when it is salted well, it was not on our first visit but was on our last. Have not done the bowling during the shows.

Robert Kaleikula

Amazing concert! Tribal seeds was awesome!

Ron Ember

Nice venue, so much fun

Le Circuitree

Great music venue. But do NOT go there to eat or get real drinks (unless you buy an alley). Some of the worst food and bar management I've ever seen on the Strip and in Vegas in general, or maybe even just anywhere, ever. Really need to improve, it's embarrassing for us locals.

Nivant Sheth

Good Music. Nice place to hangout with friends. They have good bowling alley also. The Decor is quite industrial but nice. Go spend your weekend you will not regret. Mind you it is expensive place. Food and appetizers are good too


Love the Brooklyn Bowl. Great venue to see live bands. Very intimate.

Anita Holderman

We enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as we waited for the doors to open for a live concert.

Simon Donovan

Corporate party here. Very cool. Gluten free options. Oh yeah!

Alisha Clarke

I personally do not recommend the food. The Mac and Cheese wasn't good, the Salmon was horrible( I sent it back after they had recommended that so many people love it ), wings were good though. Great location, while we were waiting to bowl we took a walk to the water. The lanes are very nice and it was great to have a live band playing while we were bowling. I will definitely be back but not for the food.

Jonathan Barnes

I came to Brooklyn Bowl for a show (Knower) so I can't really speak about the actual bowling or the food, which I also didn't have. The tap list is pretty good and relatively inexpensive, so if you're just coming for beer, it seems like a decent place. Although if you're doing that, there isn't a whole bunch of seating - just a few lounges and couches as most of the space is dedicated to the open floor by the stage and the bowling alley. Since I arrived fairly early, I was able to get up at the stage, but beware having more than a couple beers beforehand. If you have to go to the bathroom, you will lose your spot and never get it back, and it is difficult to see the band or really hear that well from the back. The sides of the stage where the alleys are located are blocked off to non-bowlers so you're stuck hanging around the bar if this happens. Overall though, nice place. Bowling looks fun. Food looks pretty standard. Beer is fine. Sound is fine.

Christopher Igbojekwe

I went on a date here and there was a concert, so it was pretty loud and I we could barely talk over the noise. But its a very active space, lots going on.

Jack Hynes

Great venue for concerts.

Corey Ferrell

Really, really cool venue! Great live music with a spacious floor, great food & drink selection, and there's Bowling! So you can enjoy your evening in many ways. Great views of the stage from the lanes, great staff, nice spacious bathrooms. Yeah, we totally dig this place. Bring a gaggle!

Jack Nunziato

This place is by far one of my favorite venues in New York City and possibly the entire world. I really love their approach to the venue which is half bowling alley, half performance venue. There is so much music programming that happens.. truly something for everyone! Only reason giving four stars is the drinks are a little bit expensive if you plan on staying here for the entire night. Highly recommended!

Melissa Fallon

Got a strike. How awesome

Nick Singstock

BE WARNED: The venue says it is for anyone 18 and up, but they will NOT let you in if you are under 21. I was super excited to see pretty lights here until the bouncer turned me down 3 times in a row for being 20; awful way to treat customers who paid a lot of money to see a concert that said it was 18+.

Krysty Gaytan

My first time coming here since it's opened! I am not a first-timer to The LINQ Promenade and they actually do have bowling. You have to buy tickets online sometimes for the shows but you can also buy them at the box office regardless they will charge you a fee. Booo. They have most shows for ages 21 and over. I briefly saw the bowling area when I went inside. There was alot of closed areas which I wasnt sure that they are used for.They have a good system to separating the bowling area and the dance floor. The bathrooms are right at the top of the escalators. They check you your tickets and give you wristbands to know which side you belong in. Once you get into the dancing/show area they have two bars. The place looks like it could hold about 100 to 200 people. It's very nice because the high ceilings give it an open atmosphere vibe. My friends invited me to see a tribute to Abba and Queen also to the 70s 80s and 90s. The tickets weren't that expensive for this show which was worth checking out. I spent more money on two drinks then what I paid for the two tickets. The whole time they had a projector down and itwas playing old music videos! Which was awesome because it was nice to have an example of how to dance. The DJ wasn't very crowd interactive. He made a ploy to gain an applause by asking "Who watched Bohemian Rapsody?" Umm wut. The security was on top of it! There was this intoxicated individual who tried to put her debit card in my friends drink bahahahaha and later we see her getting escorted out by security. That's gonna be a narly hangover. Overall I thought it was all right I might show up again for another show but I will definitely pregame before.

Austin Eggleston

Cover is somewhat expensive but the cover bands that they bring in are top notch. I've seen a Michael Jackson cover and the Grateful Dead. Both bands were really good. Also, the bar is huge for being in Brooklyn and I've never seen it over crowded. When

Latesha Parks

Well organized staff, especially the security team. Good drinks and nice venues for shows. I didnt bowl but the bowling alley looks very nice.

Grover Reed

The music the drinks the atmosphere all great

Samuel Himmelstein

Great venue, friendly staff, great concerts.

Tyson White

I bought club level tickets not realizing club level is on second floor & was difficult to see the main stage with everybody standing at edge of railing on second floor. I feel ripped off of my hard earned money & it kinda messed up the birthday gift for my girlfriend. DON'T BUY CLUB LEVEL TICKETS, IT'S A RIP OFF. WORST CONCERT EXPERIENCE EVER

Jon Ilano

One of the best venues for concerts on the Strip.

Jesse Schmitt

What a cool bar. We stopped in for Brooklyn Emo Night, which was an amazing event in and of itself. But I would love to come back here even on a normal night! The place is huge, so crowding isn't much of a concern. And having an attached bowling alley is such a cool idea that I'm amazed I've never seen in a bar before. It's not a local dive, so don't look for that grungy New York character. But it's definitely an awesome time, so go anyway.

Mahadai Persaud

Reminds me of my home town New York

Avi Farchi

Very cool place.

Trav B

Food was ok and for the price we paid were not expecting much from that side. The issue was with the 8 staff who had two tables in the restaurant and decided to watch the nfl game and chat to each other instead of tend to us. They made us feel as if we were interrupting their hangout. That’s not how food service works. I’m a server back home and I can safely say I would hate to work with any of these people.

Reina Wood-Jimenez

If you enjoy being lied to then this is the place for you.. show times are not as they say on ticket. Don't worrie they have food speicals for the 3hours you will have to wait to see the actual show you came for. The opening acts are written on ticket information appearing to be with the main act which is written in font way larger. Small print those are all the opening acts you will have to suffer through till what you paid for actually happens.if your show time say 8 it's actually 11-1130... Don't plan on being out till 2am.... Lame Brooklyn Bowl, racks in the dough with all that waiting you'll do there....... Poor ethics

Allyson Palmer

Great place to see a show- semi-intimate but with room to move around. We weren't willing to pay the high rates to bowl, but looks like fun! Very friendly staff and smooth will-call/entry process.

Kristen Mucitelli-Heath

Fun place with a great vibe. Went to bowl in a quiet weeknight but the space is huge and would love to see a show there - drinks and such are in plastic cups- this is definitely a place for the masses, not for an intimate evening out. Nice place for a fun night.

Roni Israel

Fun fun fun. Great place, great vibe, good sound and very impressive line up. Every one is super friendly. So looking forward to my next night with you

Dawna Hollingshead

Went to a private party here! Great fun, 2 bowling alleys, pool tables, beer pong, and the Spazmatics performed! Food and drinks were free so can't say how the prices are, friendly staff, nice place!

Si Buncis

Nice place to eat Hanging around Taking pictures They serve nice beer nice food I really enjoy in this trip If you use uber makesure that you order from pickup point. Lights are nice... Hugh roller.....

Leanne DaSilva

Really awesome venue unlike anything I've ever seen. Good bartenders and good coat check, all very fast to get in and out. Also had Infected mushroom live two nights in a row, totally great to see them again after so long. Good crowd too, not the crazy/pushy type. Would go again for the right artist!

Isaiah Herrera

This is the best bowling place I've ever been to. The live music had everyone on their feet, the mini restaurant they have here serves BANGING chicken and fried Mac n cheese. 10/10 would always come back. Quite pricey though, but worth it

Stuntdevil 84

This place was incredible.

Gina Blue

Very nice place. We had the whole top floor rented out to ourselves and the bar everyone had a great time. The only thing is there is a misconception that this place is in the LINQ hotel and that isn't true. I parked at the LINQ and walked through the LINQ with the guidance of a LINQ employee showing me the way to 5he Brooklyn Bowl. Idk if there's better parking near the Promenade? This was my first time visiting. I did not have the opportunity to try the food however the drinks were well made and not watered down. The music was on point since there was an actual DJ there I believe. Not your average bowling alley...very cool place. Chill vibes.

Jane Weisbecker

Excellent place to see a show. Great acoustics and vibe. Love it

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Interesting to go bowling while a concert is going on next to you

Jordana Schacht-Levine

Great venue and fun spot for bowling or hanging out regardless of shows happening.

Marklen Kennedy

Open aired concert arena for a 500 person minimum crowd to get up close and personal with their favorite artist. Accessible bars for libations. Eat before if youd like a full meal.

Shawn O. Taylor

..aug 24 ..heiro concert ..always great seeing my dudes ..upstairs qtrs were nice as well ..thx 2the house 4the bottles

Veronica White

Fun! Eat and bowl. Some nights there is live entertainment. Easy access by UBER.

Adrianna B

I got to meet my favorite artist here she was amazing I had a great time here at the Brooklyn bowl it was really cool I recommend it ⭐

Ramsey Millsap

This venue made for a great concert experience! Close to the stage anywhere in the house. Will be coming back for some bowling, even being a local. Tucked in between the linq and flamingo on the promenade. Great spot!

Mia Dean

I think this is the best bowling ally Ive ever been to. From great food to live bands playing, cant get any better than that. Its a very chill and fun atmosphere

Tim Dodge

It's great place to have Charley Crockett tonight. It's got a big fancy bus parked out there.

Von Vine

Lots of space and great time

S. C. Murdah

Great atmosphere, friendly and speedy service and tasty beers. Would definitely recommend!

The Joneses : Try to Keep Up

Amazingly huge venue! Very nice. Restaurant, bowling lanes & a dance floor! Its a little hidden from the strip. (I kinda hope it stays that way ) super chill dress code. Awesome place to chill & listen to music. My only critique is that i think I was over charged. I kept seeing a certain price on social media.

Kimberly Tarin

Went to a concert the place is big :)

Johan Hagstrom

Came here for the motorcycle meetup Sunday 8/18. Loved the venue and a BIG plus for having vegan options on your menu!!! Thank you and I will see you again soon!

Ryan Naylor

Sounded great! $16 is a little much for a drink. Certainly are proud of their pouring for others ability

Cassandra Cole Schouten

Fun and great music but bring earplugs, it's super super loud with live music nights. They charge bowling per half hour.

Monika Grulkowski

Tons of fun at SWIRL party ! Great music, delicious food, very attentive service. A bit crowded

Eudene Neverson

Love this atmosphere, the food and the live band. Almost forgot I was in a bowling alley. Dont like that I had to pay a coverage charge to get in but hey.

Heather Simon

Great concert venue! Totally worth the cover!

Jessica Siewert

Brooklyn Bowl is hands down the coolest bowling ally, night club, bar infusion. This place took me by surprise! I was invited to a Christmas party for an airlines company ~ over 3,000 attendees ~ it was so incredible! #bowling #datenight #lasvegasstrip #brooklynbowl #bowl #dance #party #toomuchfun

Megan Newquist

I can't speak for the food or drink because I didn't have any, but as a venue this place is super cool! The people that work here are friendly and professional. The decor is neat, especially the giant clown game (you know, the one where you shoot balls at the clown heads?). I came here with my husband to see Ninja Sex Party. The stage area holds about 2,000 (ish?) people. The lighting is awesome. My face was sufficiently rocked. I would come here again.

Willow Vitanovitz

Pretty neat place! Club level is pretty cozy and they bring you drinks! Bowling on one side, box on the other with GA below and great view of the stage pretty much everywhere! Oh and the staff and security people really friendly and thoughtful!

Sebastian Fiedler

This review update is for the restaurant. While the venue is still cool and has a nice vibe, the restaurant offers nothing else than average American bar food. Our table tried the PIZZA ON FRENCH BREAD which tasted okay, although I didn't expect a baguette with toppings when they say "french bread". The CAESARS SALAD was crunchy but the CORN on the side was cold. It was corrected though quickly by the attentive staff. The bar looks well equipped but you have to stick to their 4 house cocktails, no extra wishes allowed. The MOJITO W/ EXTRA SHOT was delicious though.

John White

Cool place. Nice atmosphere. Decent beer selection and prices (for the Strip). You can even hear the bands in the restaurant area if you didn't get show tix

Pris Pb

Really cool bowling, check the concerts they have, it’s a good option to hang out with friends

Mantis Von Presley

Intimate venue for live music. Great sound, good food and bottling too!

Scott Mcgirl

Fun times

Loren Poole

Waited in line and waited in line to get in. Worst venue ever.

William Stratto

A great place to see a show while in Vegas but I think I got the clap from some chick in the smoking section...

Rosa Mendes

I have a special connection with this place. I love it!

Robson Souza

Place ia huge, food is good, booze is great, vibe is awesome!

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