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Jennifer Bragg

This is a fun place to bowl but with one exception. They charge by the hour for bowling instead of by the game. Who bowls like that??? We had to pay for another hour just so we could finish our last game which we were about half way through. I think this is snakey on their part!


The MARK is your home for family FUN and family entertainment in Elkhorn, NE. Today 9/21/19 was my first time visiting The MARK. My niece 39 her mother 62 my sister, my daughter 27, two great nieces age 5,7 yrs, great nephew 9 yrs old and myself 58 had a glorious time bowling for an hour. For 2 it cost 19.53 for an hour of bowling and it did not cost us an arm, just nickles and dimes to me. Than we moved to a big screen for action and arcade. They also have laser tag a restaurant and much more. Check it out. You will enjoy it.

Stephanie Jackson

We've been to eat at the Mark a handful of times. They have spicy cheese curds which are delicious, and we've also had other good ones like the taco salad and chicken strips. Some days we get a little bit slower service than others, but everyone there seems to work together and help each other out, which is nice to see.

Tyler Pleiss

Can I put zero stars? If you're looking for a sand volleyball league stay clear, they've clearly missed the mark. The past two years since new management took over everything went down hill. You pay a good price to play, but it doesn't live up to the money. The leagues are ran like a clown show. We've played the same team multiple times during one session, and most of the time the schedule they say is "online" isn't up to date and we show up to play with no idea who or where we're playing. Heck, we didn't even get to play in a tournament for this summer session unlike years past. The volleyballs we play with are over 5 years old and worn down, drinks are way overpriced and it's one of the most unfriendly staffs I've been around. Each week it seems like they couldn't care less to be there. Anyone who asks me where we play I tell them The MARK and then to STAY AWAY. The customer experience comes first and foremost, and The MARK has absolutely no idea what that means. We'll be looking to play elsewhere moving forward. Keep your money everyone!

Janna Klug

Excellent lanes! Smooth as silk. Balls rolled great. Only problem was, that even though we got there fairly early on a Friday night, it was already moonlight bowling...not what we expected. Perhaps, since they have lanes on both sides of the bar area, they could have one side lit regularly, and the other side could be moonlight.

Rene Gleason

Lots of fun for all ages. Video game arcade is clean and has many levels and types of games. FPS I shot lots of zombies in "The Walking Dead" game, traditional arcade games, moto sports, rides, laser tag, bowling and black light bowling and pretty decent food - try the boneless wings, lightly breaded and cooked just right .

Sheri Crabtree

We love to just eat in the bar area at happy hour. Appetizer specials are great. Can be a bit pricey but always good quality. Consider splitting a meal w an appetizer at happy hour....

Adam Whitaker

Prices are on the higher end , they have things in writing and charge a different price( Picture of menu says one thing and charge is another ) when asked why they say it was changed weeks ago and just have not gotten new ones. Be that as it may the price should be honored until the swap. Adult beverages are overpriced!!! The only reason this place gets the 3 stars is because at least the kids had a great time , while this place sticks it to ya with horrible service. I personally have no intention of returning to this place.

Lyd Hellerich

We had a great time bowling, but the machine got stuck a couple times, I'm not sure if we were credited time for that or not, but we only played one game in the whole hour, and the birthday girl was the only one whe was able to finish the final frame. The food is pretty good too.

Mike s

Went there for a basketball tournament. Has a great setup, plenty of seating and nice scoreboards. Kids were able to entertain themselves and the arcade in between games. Food was really good.

Jeff Bane

Great bowling, food and drinks.

Zachary Wajda

Very nice bowling alley with a massive bdubs style sports bar in the back.

tom truscott

Good food, friendly service, competitive prices

Robyn Vance

I ordered chicken soft tacos and they were too salty. I have had other menu items in previous visits that were delicious.

Richard Egly

I took my entire family here and had a great time. The entertainment was great, the food was great, and the service was great as well. Won’t hesitate to go there again.

Raymond Landry

Great meal and a wonderful place to take kids.

Mark Schaffart

Bowling alley with arcade area and volleyball courts. Also has Lazer tag Ang large scale group video games. Busy place, but with reservations, a good time can definitely be had.

Jim Poleshuk

Attended a holiday party for my company. About 150 in attendance. Food was better then expected. Fun activities. Would be happy to return next year.

Jessica Pierce

Always a great place nearby to our house to go when family comes to town! We appreciate the great "ball slides?" that they have for our niece as she is too young to throw the ball but she loves bowling and she can just slide the ball down!

Annie Hurt

I loved the Mark club & they got rid of it. The Mark lost a customer.

Herp Derp

Lane 23 has some issues as it locked up and stole the balls like 3 times in a game. Food was good priced but the pricing is wonky for drinks (can get free soda refills but can't get it all in a pitcher ?)

Shane Lundberg

This place is terrible and one of the most overpriced things you can do. For a family of four to bowl for 90 minutes will cost you almost $70. We ordered the daily special of loaded nachos...this literally comes with cheese and pick only. If you were like the rest of the world and thought loaded meant are wrong. We went into the arcade...half of the machines only take your tickets then do not start. They can only reimburse you for one game at a time. Just a terribly over priced place in what could be a great place to spend a day with your family.

Michael Parkhurst

From the Lazer tag to the arcade, fun for all ages, and the built in bar for the adults was nice to.

Beth Beerbohm

Great places for kids parties

mark schroder

A great place for a good time

Todays Investor

Well ran operation. Great for all ages!

Charmayne Bates

Very nice place for bowling


Awesome place for group amusement... Had a great time... & #$ Will definitely do it again#$...

Mandy G

What a great place to take a large group and you will be amazed by the food!


Awesome place to bowl and play laser tag and arcades. Mondays and tuesdays are 5 hour for bowling and the Pizza was pretty good.

Avesjha Murphy

Place is okay. The bowling prices are way to high for kids. Alot of these companies are money hungrey. They will stary loosing business instead of gaining it.

Amber A

Service in the bar was awful no one came to our table to check on us for over 20 minutes. I had to find a group of servers standing around to ask them to send our server, food was cold by the time it came out. Finally got my check and had to again go find someone to come take my payment, the guy I talked to was behind a register he said I had to wait for my server and she was talking...every one else in my group had left and I waited another 20 minutes to pay. I will not be back.

Vijay Pakalapati

The guy in the counter doesnt care about what best is for a customer. They tried to charge me per person rather than explaining us the offers unless asked. Pathetic business strategy. You will loose customers if you dont make customers happy

Mackenzie Whetstone

Very fun and good to spend time with the family would go back again

De Boi666

Great place to take the kiddos

Kim Stark

Grandson had a birthday party .They had a great time

Jeffery David

Great food ... Great service!

Shelley Ihde

My son says it's awesome. He went and really enjoyed . We're going to go sometime soon. Sounds real fun. Ok so we went. It was my son's birthday. Bowling shoes staff was awesome. Everyone else slow, not attentive. Keno needs more area. Was bowling had to walk clear across building to re play wasted bowling time. Also don't run a tab you'll be ignored then receipt doesn't show accurate transactions. Nice looking place but needs improvement with employees and direction.

Kala Stroh

We went for Easter brunch and played a game of bowling afterwards. It was a good value for our family of 8. The buffet had a good selection, kept very fresh, and the servers were prompt with drink refills. The kids loved the time bowling so much, we will be trying to do it more as a family.

Michael Beran

Fun bowling games and a pretty fun acarade

Kati Dukat

Manager doesn't have the best customer service skills! I asked for change and she said "if you knew were coming here, you should have stopped at the bank for change"

Emma Gould

It’s was a great time and I wanted to be the 1,000th reviewer

Shawn LaMontia

Great for small or big work events! Have used this spot several times for team builders. Great environment for kids!

Sara Hasenfuss

Great bowling alley! Nice big bar with good service. Food is delicious! Had a sirloin and was pleasantly surprised!! Go to their website to look at their special that includes 90 minutes of bowling , shoes, non-alcoholic pitchers, and a large pizza!

Jared Hensley

Great food and great service, love going to lunch at the Mark!

Brooke Johnson

My husband and I went here with some friends for his birthday in early February. We got to our lane and ordered food. 30 minutes later our food still hasn't been delivered so I went back up to ask where it was. It had been delivered to the wrong table and was completely cold. Went back to let them know and they dismissed me. Asked for a new order and they put it in and walked away. Never apologized or seemed to care whatsoever. We finally got our food about 10 minutes before our time was up and it was just ok. I was less than impressed by their customer service, but the bowling alley itself was great!

Hamed Azimi

Awesome pizza and so fun at arcade bc I got the jackpot for the fish handle thingy.

Jenn J

Fun place full of amusement. Great staff

Basket Casey

The place kinda feels like its falling apart. Multiple times we had to call the technician over to fix the bowling lane, and the soda machines ate our money, with no refund given. A bit dirty, a bit crowded, and a lack of personnel really shows. Also, I tried just about every ball possible, and I couldn't find one that fit my fingers, mostly kids for small children. But all in all it wasn't the worst.

Jesse Weidner

Love this place, especially since it's been managed by Allison! She is great and always happy to help any guest with any issue! A+

Kristen Warden

So much fun! And holy cow is this place massive. Super helpful and friendly staff!

Colton Walls

I enjoy going to The Mark with my family.

Kristina Olson

Food is good, games in the arcade are pricey. Cosmic Bowl is very fun.

Wade Fox

This place is awesome, very family friendly, tons of games and stuff to do for everyone. I suggest going here if you want to have a fun filled afternoon. But make sure you at least have a 100 dollars to blow to get best experience. Everyone should definitely go here at least once.

Ahmed Shawish

Nice place for kids

Christina Egan

Great family place to hangout with your family!

Carol Utemark

then Mark was a very nice Gathering Place for parties and such

Teresa Holman

They have one spot for everything. Variety of arcade games, laser tag, VR, and bowling plus there is ample room to eat and a nice bar.

Sean Mahoney

Really great bar food and an attentive staff

David Garcia

This place is quite the alley. Its complete with a lazer tag and an arcade for hours of endless fun. Only problem... pizza's kinda funky.

Celane Hauser

Super fun! Very expensive for 4 people

Wendy Compton

Do NOT work here! They don't care for ALL their employees. They had an employee appreciation party, but instead of having managers work the shifts they made three of the teenagers work during the time their party was happening from 7-9. Don't get it wrong, they closed at 9 so the employees over the age of 21 could have their party. Imagine how that made these kids feel!! I for one, will never spend money here. I encourage everyone to think about how they would feel if they were the ones being excluded.

Steve Connelly

My kids thought the game room was incredible... Great family fun!


Staff was a little annoyed but eh, it was busy. Fun bowling, good food and overall a nice experience.


What's the point of going bowling if you never get to actually bowl. The separate times in the last month we tried to go bowling and were told the wait was going to be a 1-2 hous. For those of us the require a sitter or perhaps want to do dinner somewhere first, a better reservation or paging system sure would be nice.


It's better if you have friends

Tammy Teer

Good place for entertaining, good food however the staff we encountered seemed to be bothered by the fact we wanted to also order food at the beginning of our visit. Not very polite or any sense of urgency to take our order, or receive the food

Jessica Rupp

Had a great time! Plan to make bowling and pizza a regular event with the family.

Derrick Hazlett

Awesome place! I always have a good time there!

Diana Adams

Excellent cod meal. First visit.

Theresa Mora rodriguez

The staff at the ticket counter looked bored and was very, very rude. Only two people in the whole place were helpful and friendly. This was our first time coming here so not really going to reccomend because of the rude staff. I work in customer service and the way these people act to the customers is not good. They could clearly see the lazer tag and dark ride lines but would not leave the ticket counter even though there was 3 to 4 of them back there at a time with no customers around.but they would not leave the counter to help. Not a good experience.

Austin Petak

Good prices for bowling for an hour.

Walter Green

Bowling on Tuesdays is a smokin' deal!


This is a pretty cool place. Bowling, laser tag, arcade, a good food and good beer restaurant, and oddly, three basketball courts behind the arcade. Great place for a family night out!

Frances Cervantes

Good family fun. A little something for everyone at affordable prices.

Vil Hoffman

Fun for whole family

Sandy Jolly

Neat place to bring family...bowling, basketball , games, food

Adam _

Always a fun place. Burgers are really good here

Brian Dinkel

The facilities are nice, the customer service is so-so. Made a reservation for the lounge side but they wouldn't put us there because we were early even though there were lanes open. Charged us for 6 people for 1 hour when the reservation was 4 people for 2 hours and that's what we told them when they asked at the counter. Eventually got it sorted out and everything was fine.


Great bowling lanes and volleyball courts. But food is a little pricey and bland

Trav Potter

Great daily specials! Food, drinks, and games! My family had a blast!!

Joshua Boerma

Good family experience. Bar and keno. Bowling and arcade. Fun for all!

Amanda B.

The Mark is a great Saturday night outing. Word to the wise though, you'll have to be patient. They get really busy most nights, especially on the weekend. The good news is there's a full service bar and that will probably make you a better bowler anyway.

Michelle Crowder

Did the kids bowl free program and had a fun time.

Amanda Knowlton

Great atmosphere and good service.

Ryan Oshlo

Fun place, lots of kids stuff to do- arcade, bowling, laser tag, etc. Food was really good with some interesting options. Volleyball courts outside looked great too.

Emily Kramer

Decent but not comfortable to go into. Hard to decide where to go for what, who to talk to to purchase things, you're left confused when you walk in to a large open seating space and have to try decide where to go. Kind of chaotic and seems to have no system or flow to it which made me very uncomfortable.

Curtis Cole

Awsome place great staff good food

Kendra Rose Davis

The Mark is a great place for adults and kids to hang out. The service at the restaurant is slow though, and prices are more than I usually like to pay. They have good specials going on throughout the week though.

Misty Watson

So much fun! Had a blast with my friends


Good place to celebrate kids birthday.

Ginger Colson

This place has so much to do, everyone in your group will leave smiling. So clean and classy too. I love that the scoreboard takes your picture before you start bowling and plays cartoons on the TV featuring your face. The price for actual bowling is reasonable (as long as you play more than one game in an hour, it's actually cheaper 'per game' than the other places), but they'll get ya at the bar and the game room!

S Doupnik

Nice family atmosphere. Great street tacos.

Chris S

Great place to take the family. Entertainment for everyone!

Mike Allen

Great place! Maybe a touch short on help but who isn't.

Kyler Underwood

Fun for the kiddos. Somewhat pricey, but what isn't these days. Bowling, arcade and food. Good combo.

Jay Heffelfinger

Great place to watch our team play basketball. Having fun and eating good food in between games.

Lauren Brasch

Super friendly staff and the package with laser tag, the dark ride, and arcade credits was perfect for a day with kiddos! The nachos and quesadillas were delicious too!

Joe Blaschka Jr

We were there for a family reunion and it was great. Lots of things to do for people of all ages!

Ronald Wieser

Atmosphere was good, staff was polite but if you are paying for bowling by the hour it should not take a minute for your ball to be returned to you. We could have bowled another game had the ball return been working.

Jayden B-J

Great place and only place in my town for bowling fun place to bowl play arcade games and laser tag the courts are good

Jessica Harman

Fun bowling and good food!


Awesome place. I can not thank Tommy Wiseau enough for the amount of Marks he has created! Thank you Mark

Paul Cohen

Just plain fun bowling, eating and watching the golf match. 4 kids under 6, 4 teens and 6 adults had a great time.


Crazy busy, only two bartenders on the bowling side working a Saturday night. You guys could have sold drinks with two more working that bar! Noticed a lot of patrons waiting a while. Arcade was cool, son had a great time and prices per game were cheap. 45 minute wait for bowling...word to wise, call the day prior to book a lane. Place is a cool concept, wish we had something like it in KC.

A Whitaker

A wonderful place for family fun!

Mary Main

This place is packed full of fun, bowling, laser tag, arcade, great for all ages

Danielle Kaliff

Nice clean environment and lots of entertainment! We only did the arcade this time but would definitely go back

Warren Arledge

Need to update your swipe machines so kids can play arcade games easier. Friendly Staff! Do like majority of your games.

Regular Retro

Very friendly atmosphere and great games

Karissa Lawman

Alison Jahnke at The Mark went above and beyond to accommodate our group of thirty people for a staff outing. The bowling there is so spacious, and they really make it a comfortable, fun experience. The food was excellent, and there are a lot of options. The wait staff was very attentive and helpful. Our staff really enjoyed the arcades and laser tag as a fun addition to the experience as well. We will keep coming back for the wonderful experience here!

Sherri Wilkerson

Lots of space and great French fries

Teresa Holcomb

The food was expensive but pretty good. Drinks were well priced.

Sam Scholten

So many things to do! It's great for kids to play together and do stuff.

Brian Gerloff

Can't speak to their actual facility (bowling and games) that I have to assume most people go there for, but if you're looking for an amazing venue to hold a Fantasy Football draft, look no further, my friends. Amazing communication, great deals on food/drink packages that include the room reservation, they'll set the room up specific to your draft (we have a deluxe league with 2 conferences drafting at the same time), great service, great food.... I honestly have absolutely nothing negative to say about our experience there last weekend. I've been the commish of our league for several years and we've bounced around to several places, but we aren't going anywhere else from here on out. It's The Mark year in and year out!

kevin frazier

Inexpensive if you go on the right days. Great for a midweek date night.

Mike Rosenberger

New Year's Eve festivities with family and friends, more than exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Travis and his whole crew for having a great event.


Went here for an employee function. It was the first time that I was ever here. The bowling lanes were good and it was a pretty clean place. Next time I go bowling, I'm planning on coming back here.

James Williams

Good food. Great staff. Nice facility.

Herb Simpson

Good venue for basketball. Nice courts, bleachers and setup. Has wifi

Nathan Ladehoff

Food is ok, service is good.

Kris Kahlandt

Great bowling and excellent food.

My Kid

Expensive. Long wait. Vr and Lazer tag we're fun. Bowling lane was warped and staff was not very consistent. Arcade was decent.

Brandie O'Reilly

Very big space. Good food, full bar. However, I went there with a big group, we were told we'd have our own waitress to help us out. That was not the case when we got there. And the bartender seemed extremely busy, so it took a while to get service. But he was very knowledgeable and friendly when he was finally able to help all of us. And everything went well.

Katherine Ulmer

Lots of space and courts, plenty to do, great food.

Ben Graham

Great food, good specials on bowling, staff is very easy going and friendly.

Alphonse Dragon

So here’s the thing. Four of my friends and I came in on a Friday night, we understood that it would be busy and there would be a bit of a wait. Now I’m going to make one thing clear, we are in fact teenagers, myself being the oldest, but before you make any assumptions know that I have experience working in service and I can say that the way we were treated is unacceptable. The woman running the wait list was horribly rude to us and crabby. We had to wait 45 minutes for three pretzels and by that time our lane had basically run out of time. Now I have been to this establishment a number of times and my experiences in the past were much better to say the least. I can say as a positive when we brought our concerns about our food to the staff they fixed it immediately, and the gentleman who set up the lane for us was nice. I am disappointed in this experience today, and it is made worse by the fact we were celebrating a friend’s birthday. I will be coming back to the Mark, simply due to the previous experiences I have had, I hope the staff learns some respect for paying customers in the future, no mater their age.

Ashwaq Awadh

The food is good at the restaurant. I love the bowling area and the arcade. I gave it four stars due to the fact that it always take them forever to get the food ready.

marshall krabs

Favors the small fingers if you have big fingers good luck finding a ball to use. Also the lanes are very oily and I had trouble finding a mate but that's nether here nor there. The food was bland, let's just say its no Buffalo wild wings. You would probably have a better time going to Western bowl or a nother place that has been open longer this place seems to change ownership every year and I can see why.

Abigail Miles

Wanted a family fun night Called twice, nobody answered. Drove 25 minutes to get there and everything was reserved from 5-close. Super annoying. I did my due diligence, answer the phone.

Andrea Preston

We had a great time! Good food good service nice staff!

Julie QC

Busy. Loud. Wait time was going to be morecthan an hr to bowl 1 game...A little rich for my blood...people already drinking alcoholic beverages at thanks. I suppose the Nebraska folks are used to it...not this girl. 20.00 bucks for a 4 yr old to play a few games? Glad his daddy paid for it and not his He appeared to enjoy himself so it wasn't a completely wasted trip into Omaha...

Heather Doering

Perfect bowling and games for my 5 year old! Birthday package was a good deal, too!

Melissa Youngblood

We took 17 girls here for a soccer team outing. We had a blast and they helped us so much it was great!

Brian Farley

Went with several friends to watch football games and Husker volleyball game. We all had a very good time and they also have great private party rooms. We have used several of their rooms in the past for birthday parties and even corporate events.

Dawna Hollingshead

Fun time! Arcade prices were high most games a dollar a play, (would be nice to be able to buy a timed package deal with unlimited games) and lots of claw machine type games. Bowling and food was great.

Chad Duncan

The only reason this place gets 2 stars is because of the atmosphere! The food and service especially was horrible!

Joe Anania

This place is a boatload of fun fun fun. The attendants are waiting on customers to make sure their experience is the best possible. Pizza is very good. A good place to celebrate and bowl.

Rodney Y

Excellent environment - Will definately retutn

Cordero Wools

Just an amazing place to take the whole family... cheap beer friendly service and all kinds of fun stuff to do

Dillon Forster

the food here is pretty good! we got the mountain nacho appetizer. For Wednesday nights they do trivia which is really fun. the place is extremely clean and very well taken care of. they have private party rooms that I assume you can reserve for parties and other events. With a full bar, they have a fantastic selection of beer.

Adriene Archibald

It's a very nice facility, great games and great staff. The bacon pizza was delish!

Santhosh Rao

My 4 year old enjoyed a lot. Well maintained and neat place with lot of options for different age groups.

lori Vieth

After the Holidays Work Holiday Party! Fun times for all. Food was great. Bowling a blast. Even though the weather was not the greatest we all had fun.!!!

Rodney Rahl

What a huge place. Enjoyed watching my Rockstar nephew playing.

Melissa Saturnino

We had our company Christmas party here and it was a blast! Don’t miss out on the 3D experience.

david mccown

The staff could have been a bit more friendly and helpful, but they were quite young and still very inexperienced. The attractions are where it's at here. The two versions of the simulator they had we're by far the most fun. Our seven year old loved both the horror version and the western version. The bowling lanes were quite nice and very up to date, however, the lanes were very oily and even with being able to normally throw a massive hook, I couldn't seem to find any curve control. The arcade was small, but had many different games all the same. As far as cost goes, I spent about $120.00 for food, fun packs, bowling, etc. And spent almost five hours there. Overall, it was quite fun with only a few improvements needed in the staff and food service.

Sonia Cabrera

Loved it. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Jennie Hill

The food was very good with great service

catherine greub

Discovered while visiting Omaha. Had lots of fun, and was worth the money. Arcade, bowling, food, and more.

Starion Black

Nice variety of entertainment. Party rooms are very popular.

Vladimir Kuipers

Never been to this place nor have I heard of it. Very nice and the staff are super friendly. We bought a card there with a family package and when we tried to do laser tag it didn't work so the lady was able to fix the issue, oh and we had the same problem with the card being declined at the 4d place as well, and they were able to give us a new card. Just very nice employees and everything else was great!


If you want overpriced food, bowling and arcada and attractions this is the place to go. I’d rather go to pizza machine than the The Mark. At least at the pizza machine they have a buffet and go-karts.... oh wait I forgot they took away the go-karts away from the Mark. The employee’s are also rude when it comes to getting some help and they are always paying attention to their phone. TERRIBLE PLACE. If you have money and your rich just go for it then, you might find it fun but aside from that it’s not an ideal place to go to take your family.

amy hutchison

The staff here is awesome and extremely helpful. Even in our tough situation that we had happen they did everything to help us. They deserve more stars.

Jamez Czyz

Great staff, a lot to do in Omaha, no complaints will be back for sure

Bonnie Teer

Is great for parties for the children! Alot of fun things to do plus bowling!

jennifer jones

The arcade was clean but the staff could have been much more friendly to make the experience better.


Good food and service. The bowling was alot of fun and atmosphere was great.

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