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REVIEWS OF Pin & Cue IN Montana

Josh Dinelli

It's bowling with a bar attached right next door. So, if you're into that sort of thing, it's pretty fun!. The drinks were good and reasonably priced. They give you the option to bowl by the game, or the hour. I'm sure there's much more that they offer, like the restaurant I haven't mentioned, but this rating is based on my experience this time. In any event, we had a great time for a cheap price.

deb ryan

Great food

Sharon Harris

The food was decently priced, but the service was a bit slow and the food wasn't that great either. I had been eating canned chicken the last few days because of a road trip though, so it was really good compared to that!

Kashay Simmons

It was a decent restuarant. Had a heaping portion of potatoes. Nothing was really seasoned but the sausage link was pretty good and the ham steak was cooked well. Good place to eat after a long night of drinking.

Mike Mueller

Great food with an amazing staff that make you feel welcome. Not to mention bowling lanes for days.

Thomas Umgelter

I've only had breakfast here a couple of times, and I really liked it. Nice friendly service, and a decent cup of coffee.

Jeremy Reinbolt

Come for the bowling. Stay for the inexpensive beer and tater tots.

Joni Foster

I loved this place and would have loved to give 5 stars, but management needs to rein in some of its open bowlers. There was something sticky on the approach to our lane. Then the couple next to us knocked over a pitcher of beer, which spilled right onto the approach. They tried to wipe it up and were walking through it in their rented shoes. After they left, one of the staff came over and mopped it up, but did a poor job. This is the first bowling alley I've ever been to that allows food and drink in the bowling area, let alone has tables to encourage it! The group on the other side of us decided it would be a good idea to throw multiple balls down the lane. Of course, some of them crashed into the pin sweeper when it came down. An employee ran down and fixed it, but didn't tell them to stop. We're not professional bowlers, but we do have our own shoes and don't appreciate having to step around a mess every time we bowl. We understand that it was open bowling, but at over $3 a line, that's ridiculous for what we put up with.

Sheila Ritter

Love going bowling there. For the most u get great customer service in the bowling alley the bar casino is a little less customer friendly. Foods not bad either.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

So much fun! Great bowling great food great times at commission point

Cody Morton

Cosmic bowling is a blast with a group of friends

SueAnn Grogan King

Great spot for biscuits and gravy.

Landry Urbanowicz

Everytime is spot on service. And the foods not bad at all!

Austin Matalone

Damn good burger

Alese Bowman

Great place for pick up orders

Layla Bird

Great! The staff are very helpful and polite, the food is good, the drinks are really good, and the bowling is fine. I do wish they'd get a pool table though. That would make it the perfect place to bring a date.

Ryan Nelson


K Ford

Good food fun atmosphere good home cooking.

Douglas Powell

I was in the cafe on the northern entrance. Had a great breakfast.

Robin Stabile

Friendly staff and home cook food! Doesn't get much better than that

Michelle Guest

Good prime rib

bruce kienitz

The open face roast beef sandwich is awesome!

Rodney Rickard

Great place to go bowling and have fun. Good food and nice service.

Kerry Ledford

Fun to bowl at the Pin and Cue!

Linda Anderson

Used laundromat. Washing machine was not working right. Did not spin load. Took nearly an hour to get problem handled and get a refund. Then had to wait over an hour to get soaking wet wrung out load dried.

Kelly Dunn

Have the best prices and food in Whitefish.

Julie Langevin

The fish sandwich wasn't good, the bread was burned the fish over cooked, fries good.

Ron Thornberry

Good food

Kairtai 11423

It had a good atmosphere and the people there were really nice! It was a cool place.


Always great staff and good down home food. Nice atmosphere

kim allen

Great food and bowling

Karen Hill

They need to do some updates, the Ball slides for the kids were all broken, other than that it was alright.

clay Lundgren

Equipment needs work. Scoring messed up, pins dropped from rosette, balls got stuck in return. This place used to be much better.

Lori Hampa-Chamberlin

GreT and helpful staff. Good fun

Bill Moore

Good food

Joe Kosidowski

Nice place to roll and the staff is very social

Jared Butts

Fun experience

Ashok Rana

Really nice place.....loved it....

Dan Deininger

Fun time. We rented the all the lanes for our group. Nice to have a lounge that also served meals. The adjoining laundramat would work ideally for travelers. Ie bowl a couple games while doing your laundry.

Arnold Clark

WORST SERVICE EVER.. I stopped by last week for a beer and dinner with my son-in-law. The really tall, blonde bartender provided the worst service I've ever experienced. She was taking shots behind the bar and smoking her vape pen, she was constantly on her phone sitting on the counter, she was rude to other customers and yelled at the other bartenders. The food was great, but I won't be coming back again.

Ella Bobella

It was good

Ada Sharp

It's homey, the food is great and the customer service is always friendly.

Tom Zinser

Great air conditioning

Victoria Ward

The washers start at $4.50 per load, and up from there for bigger ones. In traveling the country, that's the most I've paid. The dryers cost 25¢ per 7 minutes, 2 minutes of that is "cool down". After $2 , I took my still wet clothes home. Disappointed in the whole experience.

Amy Feeken

Really good food and portion size, plus friendly wait staff.

Lauren Lucero

My family and I come here every summer when we visit MT. We all have our own favorite dish. Mine is the mini slider burgers, best burgers I ever had. The portions are great. Friendly service.

Lance Zander

Good comfort food. Honest prices.

Nikkole Swan

Lots of screens for your viewing pleasures. Great food and cold beer!

Jeremy Mckaig

Cheaper bowling after 9pm

Christine Nelson

Good food but slow service

Lori Burghduff

Great food, great service in bowling alley, bar/casino, & resteraunt. We also use the laundromat. The washers are great and the dryers are fast making it cheap for us to our over abundance of laundry. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work. Highly recommended.

Matt Vincent



Nice and cool hideout

John Heigel

Nice bowling alley, our lane was oiled and we'll maintained. A little expensive compared to other lanes I've been.

Tonia Addison-Hall

Nice customer service, food was ok. Good for birthday parties!

Stephanie LeDuc Vanderyacht

Fun place, great for the whole family. Eats, treats, and drinks available.

Josh Powell

It a good place to eat and have fun with the family.

Mark Branine

Excellent food! Relaxing environment. Lots of Fun! Good beverages!

Laura Myrstol

Great food. Great service. Has an A+ rating from the health department.

Missy Pope

The staff is very friendly and helpful!

Demon Warez

Mad vibes honestly. Food isn't note worthy imo but it's still alright.

C Curtis

Good local breakfast spot

Brittney Crow

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE After waiting for 10 minutes for someone to come to the desk a young kids shows up. He acted like we were interupting his life. He wouldn't even look at us and then asked if we had a reservation. We said no and he said we have no room for you (he was very rude). There were like 5 lanes open. We will never be back.

Michael McCracken

The sports bar is hands down the best place to watch a game in the Valley. The Casino seems to always be lucky and the lanes are well cared for.

Alison Weldele


Kona Luke

Great service & delicious food!

John Timmons

good food good price

Monica Williams

Birthday party in side room ,pizza was good service was great beer cold

ryan kelly

Kids had a great time and I rolled a career-high. LOL

Crystal Dittrich

Good place to do laundry-especially with casino and arcade..

Eric Holstrom

Very good friendly atmosphere

Trisha Caldwell

Love this place. Great food and family atmosphere. Traditional mom and pop type of diner, love how open the space is and how clean it is.

Lori Sullivan

Went to dry clothes machines were avaiable it was tidy.

Rachel Schmitt

Fun place to go. However last time I was there the guy working at the desk had no idea about any of the party packages and deals. But normally a good place to go.

Lee Behrend

Ordered a hot beef sandwich, got a slice of bread with deli beef slices and no gravy, was told that'd be extra charge.

Erin Hankins

Good food, kid friendly, great service

Shauna Sunde-Anderson

Good food, good service, extensive menu. Yummy pie!

Iron Wings

Good food. Quiet atmosphere. Great service. Reasonable prices.

Tera Beezley

Has lots of fun bowling and there food isn't to bad eather!!!

Anthony Wyatt

The place was very tidy, I rather enjoyed getting some practice in while visiting from out of state.


Always enjoy our time here on the lanes, staff at the front desk are always friendly.

Brian Lind

Like a blast from the past. Nastolgic and wonderful

Brian Holmes

Rubbish turned on the party lights at 4 No one in the place what's that all about. Just wanted to play normally and see the arrows and pins

Dale Bennett

A ton of fun! Broke up the epic ski trip with something different. Nice lanes.

Jim Kelso

Liked the service! The pizza was so-so. Menu had several options. Definitely will return because there's something for everyone.


The food was pretty good. I got the country Benedict and that tasted great. The hash browns that came with it however, didn't.

Alan Robinson

Fun bowling alley, a little small but open great hours, good prices and very clean lanes. Definitely need to plan ahead for big groups but I would recommend going there when looking for something inside to do.

Rob McDonald II

Very good food an nice place to have a good meal..

Valaurie Reed

Comfort food to the max! Breakfast all day long! Great place to meet locals. If you go away hungry-it's your own fault! Great place!

Gilbert Wilson

They should learn to smile a bit.

Jena Willis

Strong cheap drinks. Not a bad atmosphere. Dark and comfy seats

MeeChung Kim

Friendly staff and great food.

Adam Lindahl

If you are visiting Whitefish, it is definitely worth spending a little time at the Pin and Cue. The food is good with breakfast being the best. I highly recommend the "Big Mountain" as a breakfast option. The service is some of the best in town, the employees actually like their jobs. The bowling alley next store is also fun for the whole family, but depending on when you come it could be full with a wait. The whole building is old and dated though. This isn't that big of a deal to me, but to other people it is. Getting in to town early in the day? Stop here for breakfast.

Rae Bogacki

An excellent place to have lunch do your laundry, visit the casino Cabra play a game of bowling or just relax in the bar. The restaurant has excellent food and great service.

Kevin Nelson

Fast friendly service

Renee Stumpf

Good......i go here a lot mostly to go orders .....we always get patty melts and salads the ranch here is awesome they are always friendly the waitress know me by voice also on phone I

Kacie Nelson

Family friendly and lots of fun!

Becky Ingram


Aero Schmitt

Had a delicious breakfast here at the pin and cue food was out quickly, was a good price, and waitress/servers were very friendly as well.

Jeremy lamphier

If you dont have pool tables why still advertise with the cue?

Nicolette Covey

Always a great choice for bowling. Lots of lanes with good availability. There are lots of ball options for little kids as well as the helper racks for little kids to use while bowling. Shoes are also in pretty good condition and the kids love the Pin & Cue pizza!

Cinder Yousey

This place rocks good service and good food

Kyle Wright

Wonderful place to spend times with the family or friends in a local hometown atmosphere!


Good food n stuff

TINA / Robert Baker/Galloway

Great for bday parties

shane morrow

Was not impressed. It was now busy had to wait 25min to get my order taken then took them an hour more to serve us and the food not even good wait staff didn't care to even give drink refills and when asked they are very rude. When paying the bill the wait staff was watching for a tip when none was given they were even more rude. Don't go to this palace.

Marthella Adams

Great! Didn't win on the machines but Linda is an awesome bartender!

Robert Marney

Nice alleys, well maintained. My biggest gripe is the back bathrooms need some love and the back hallway has been smelling bad of urine for a while. Staff are friendly.

Elizabeth Platt

Always hit this place for breakfast when I arrive in town. Yummy "down home" breakfasts and welcoming staff.

Joshoah Dahl

Everything you need, restaurant, pub, casino, bowling alley and laundromat. What else can you ask for?

Fred Hamilton

Ordered the senior omelet, everything on the plate was cold. The server told me it was because it was cold outside. Just paid my bill and left. Have no plans on going back.

Victoria Ryan

Friendly staff and clean. Great for all ages

Deborah Ann

Great service tonight, and Chicken Fried Steaks.

stephen hunter

Great people! Thanks Doug and Joe

Teri Caldwell

Great people n fun waittrsses

Kara Bauer

Crusty but fun

JG DeBiasio

Fun place to spend the afternoon in the rain

Chris Convirs

Good but could use an update

Larissa D'Andrea

Literally has everything you need. Laundromat, arcade, bowling, beer, and take home liquor.

Henry Benge

You much fun

bill mcleod

Hamburger bun was toasted to charcoal. Couldn't even chew it

Heather Bauer

The kids loved the family cosmic bowling! We all had fun and enjoyed the bowling and food!

Melissa Baatz

Great place for laundry. Machines were new and dryers worked well. Place was busy! It was a bit small bit it is a part of a building with arcade, restaurant, bowling alley, and the laundromat. Change machine and machine to buy soap located on laundromat. Many wheeled carts available. Will definitely be using again.

Angela Hardin

Always a great place! Fun for the kids and adults. And great food and drinks as always

Laurie cullen

Great food for a reasonable price. The staff was fun and friendly. Very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, delicious coffee. I enjoyed my breakfast, very filling.

Jeremy S

Good food and fun. Good casino plus laundry


Best place to bowl in whitefish hands down. Great drinks,great food, and great staff

David Kellogg

Our waitress was amazing the food was just OK

Keely Bjornsson

Great for bowling and an arcade, beer and cocktails, dining, and laundry. Best laundromat in town, food isn't 5 the best restaurant in town but it's good comfort food - I really enjoyed their prime rib special, bar is nice and filled with regulars, and the bowling is something fun to do in this small town

Janna Standon

fantastic silver margarita on the rocks

Brian Friess

The pin and cue is a really great bowling alley in Whitefish they have really nice planes in a nice facility which is clean and a fun place to take your family or friends for a night of bowling they also have a little restaurant that sits off to the side of a bowling alley with home-cooked Homestyle type food like a local Diner that is a favorite with many of the locals

Roxanne Benefield

Great place! Good food, friendly staff and it was clean!

Russell Cornett Jr.

Really good breakfast. I bring my kids with me so they can have smiley face pancakes! Today I had the bacon omelette and it was actually really good. The waitress was quick, food came out hot and was at our table quickly. Good eats!!

Adam Wood

Affordable fun. Took my grandson for a few rounds and we had a lot of fun

So much More now

That's the only place for breakfast in whitefish on a budget

Jon Tope

Not the best I didn't think

Matthew Millsap

Great staff, good atmosphere, food's awesome, bowling is radical.

Ray Garth

Best Rubin sandwich in the valley

Deb Lorance

We used laundry room..Very clean

Laurie R

Comfort food to the Best! Comfort of locals around at Diner! Must place to be in Whitefish, MT!

Jacqueline Hoare

Great food and friendly service!

Kelcey McKinley

Fun place to go bowling. Inexpensive, good food, nice atmosphere and good customer service. Five adults bowled for 2 hours for 30 dollars including shoe rental. A cheap way to spend an evening.

Tiffany Stumpf

Great patty melts

Lauren Stanberry

I love this place and I have since I was a teenager. I'm just bummed that they don't serve food after 10 pm anymore. Sucks when you're hungry during thunder alley.

Fred Stanley

OMGOSH! The food is horrible! Over priced! The burger I had was like eating rubber the fries were not cooked through. My waitress was not personable not friendly at all. She didn’t once come by the table and ask how I was doing or offer drink refill. They were not busy. I gave it one star because I had to give something but if I could I wouldn’t give it a star at all! Don’t waste your money here!

Carolyn Collins

Usually like always with the exception of 2 times we have fabulous service. Today we decided to leave again ( 2 nd time. Same waitress) sat there waiting for service, at least some acknowledgement would have been great. Nothing! But she did help people that arrived after us. So again very disappointed! I guess ihop gets our business today. I’m going to get her name and post it. From here on out, I’m going to call and find out who’s working before going there again. Won’t tolerate rude people. Maybe next time stop socializing at the register with other employees and pay attention to your customers!!

bambi rhodes

Fun great price nice snacks and drinks

Jim Richards

Restaurant, bowling alley and laundry mat all in one place. I enjoyed the breakfast, but my friend said she did not. A matter of diet.

NJ Robert

Waitresses rude, food substandard.

Carl howard

Friendly, family fun.

Robert Davis

Service was good food was cold.

Sam Ess

Great day with the family!

Mel Lemieux

Fun place... Something for everyone while you wait for your laundry.

Jeremiah Sowa

Bad lighting, worse staff. What a dive. Love it.

jennifer kelch

Same ol, same ol',place will never change, I hope

Angela Lockard

Everything was great! No problems with lanes, fast and easy service, and good French fries! I like the red head pin deal, get a strike when the red pin is up and win a free game (I got one!).

Craig Miner

This review is specific to the laundromat they have here. Many of the dryers don’t have the heat the settings should have. I wasted a bunch of quarters and had to move my loads around a number of times to find a dryer that works. The facility is also dirty (not to mention small and cramped). I recommend Dirty Boy laundry in Kalispell if you want a laundry place that is dependable and clean.

Tillie Butts

I give them a 4 because of the wonderful waitress or I would go lower. I'm unimpressed that all the tables said they were reserved for parties of 5 or more and there were only4 of us. It's difficult for disabled people to slide into booths. We did take a table any way. There were plenty available. I wanted a gluten free taco salad because menu said it was served on a bed of lettuce with corn tortillas. I had waitress check on several menu items because of gluten. The taco seasoning had wheat so the cook offered to make it with just hamburger. So knowing my gluten concerns, the cook used a flour shell to put everything in. That contaminated the whole salad and I had to send it back. However, they were very apologetic and quickly made me a fresh one per menu description.

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