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REVIEWS OF Evergreen Lanes IN Montana

Chase Wallace

Great owners who really care for the people who come in. Full bar just a great place for families or friends who just want to have fun

Perry Philippi

Awesome place to party in Forsyth Montana

Michael Zeigler

Family to bowl good food and the staff is very accommodating and nice

Robert Pearce

Great place. Very kid friendly. Good menu selection.

Chris Dreier

Worst pizza I've ever eaten. Nachos we pretty bad too, and over priced. The bowling was great though and we managed to have a party for like 15 kids and adults for like $140 including a ton of root beer and the nasty pizza.... all in all, it was good.

Pam Tollefson

Friendly, fun, good for family outtings.

Frank Cason

Nice relaxing. Good food.

Ashley Patricio

Rude staff. The lady with short hair had attitude the second we walked up to the counter.

jackie Jamieson

Always have fun bowling!! Great family atmosphere. Arcade is just "okay" but the token machine in arcade can be dysfunctional so count your tokens!!

Michael Caling

Had a great lunch there.

Mike Anderson

Often stop here to eat when I am in town and have been for over 35 years since I was a kid. Does it still have the best food in town? Not sure, but it's still hard to beat for a diner!

Sir B

Great lanes, family friendly and fun arcade for kids


Mike Boyer

Usually have breakfast here. Today had a bacon cheese burger. It was fantatic

tyler krug


Delieda Bultema

Great, classic bowling alley that is well maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful. The lanes are very well maintained and the building is clean and well kept inside and out. The snack bar is clean and offers a good selection of classic hot munchies. There's a small arcade with a pool table and an air hockey table. So if you are looking for something fun to do at any age Evergreen Lanes is an excellent choice.

Phoenix Fighter

Friendly staff and great food but bowling expensive, more so than I remember ($32 for 2 kids and 2 adults to bowl 1 game with shoe rental)

Lu-Hiep Phan

From the outside it looks very dated. Come inside, and things are much improved. The lanes are nice. The electronics are updated (relatively) and it looks clean! Not bad!

Bubba Gump

Mostly fun. Came with family. Lane we were on kept freezing, not returning balls etc. Then the ball return belt broke. I'm sure it was a fluke but it was 20 minutes wasted.

Roman Jones

Wonderful alley. Has a game room, a few slots, a restuarant with a bar. Tons of fun.


I've worked in the restaurant since 1982,good people to work for.

Grandma !

Great place to go now that they took out the trash☺

Miguel Chavez

Very fun experience

lee white

I used to hang out here 30 years ago when beers were a dollar and a plate of seasoned fries were a doollar too. Really cool thing is they have not changed the seasoning on the fries or type of fries, only the price. It is 7.5 dollars for a plate. Ha ha. I ate breakfast and my son had chicken tenders. There was plenty of food for to go boxes. I think the carpet is same carpet from 30 years ago....Maybe not.

Rob L

Good place for bowling with kids.

Chrystal Bazan

Best spot still

Barely Alive

We had our daughters 7th courtesy party here and it was a blast. The afternoon cosmic bowling party was at just the right time and was just the right length. One of the best attended birthday parties we've thrown. The best part for me was no set up, no clean up and no stress! Or party planner had it all covered veils we arrived.

Ria Teresa

First time there ! The lanes were clean, food was good for a bowling alley! Was a bit pricey but what isn’t these days !

Brandon Boss

Always open lanes.

Elaine Mitchell

Love the food great servers love watching bowlers

Jon Radakovic

I have been frequenting Evergreen Lanes for over 20 years now, and I have never been disappointed with my experience there. Highly recommended!!

W Richard

Nice place and friendly service. We will come back.

nikki tuerk

Good times good drinks and food

New Age Numismatist

Ive Only been inside the arcade section but my 4yr old loved the arcade there it was a cheap way to have great fun!

Deanna Perea

Servers are rude, staff is rude to customers. Other wise good place to have fun

Madison Meyers

It was really fun!!! It wasn't expensive at all and if I was ever to pick a place to bowl again I would choose Evergreen Lanes Bowling!


Good place to celebrate birthdays

Bender Griffith

A good place to have fun and catch a bite to eat.


Have you ever heard of the impossible burger? You can get it here. This bowling alley has a good restaurant that serves diner fare that is above average and priced well with larger portions.

Jay Patrick

Greg Lafrance

Not thrilled about the restaurant but a great place to bowl.

Do It

Lots of fun, make sure to go on Saturdays for the cosmic bowling until midnight. Drinks at bar are little overpriced but the food makes up for it in quantity and tastey salt.

Suzi Lindbo

Food was good and the service was outstanding

Sam Sung

Awesome. Food and service

Emily Olson

Amazing staff

Charlee Creasy

Darcie and RJ and crew are doing amazing things with this place!

Valerie bellecats

Lovely people who run it. Decent lanes. Our group had fun. Decent prices.

Michael Oc

Very friendly staff, we had a great time bowling. Food and beer was great.

Rod Randall

Great food and good place to bowl. Really great venue for Rock N Bowl

Rhonda Scoby

AWESOME cinnamon rolls, great people

Gary Rhodes

Great place

Ella Trainor

Kenny Graziano

Fun place too bowl and have a few drinks. They have a bar, pool tables and arcade games too

Ryan F

Another bowling alley with great food, great service and most importantly great drinks!..... I mean alot of fun to be had for the whole family.

Lorena Shipley

Nice bowling alley with good customer service. I liked the cozy, friendly atmosphere & our waitress was sweet

Darryl Berg

Great old school atmosphere and excellent food

jim marshall

Way overpriced..I paid $41 for 3 games of bowling...smh

Shane Marcell

Love eating at bowling alley great breakfast

Jacob Zerby

A real hole in the wall, but the staff is nice, and the the food is cheap. The bowling is inexpensive if you go when they have a special going on. It feels like I'm supporting an institution of sorts.

Natalie Williams

Took my kids here a few weeks ago and it was great! We went in the morning and it wasn't busy besides the restaurant. Food must be good because it was packed! Friendly staff and very clean.

Joe Merryfield

Good restaurant on site we have a meeting place there and if you've missed the smell of feet definitely a place to go

Thurston Dangernose

Reasonable pricing in comparison to anything further south. Decent bar with timely service. Pretty good food as well. The user consoles could use a little updating but they work and the bowlers there are courteous while the atmosphere is generally pleasing.

I eat Napkins

I liked the food and the bowling is pretty tasty.

Jessica Ellwood

Nice place to bowl. Fun leagues, and pretty good food. Great bowling deals!

Ryan Smith

It's ok. food is ok.

Sheena Schiffer

Bryant Williams

Staff was friendly and accommodating for our group. Enjoyed working with them and can't wait to go back

Kirsten Banka

Had an amazing time bowling with family. The people there were so kind and nice

Tiffany Terrell

Had a great time bowling but the prices on Sunday were expensive, the temperature of the inside was humid, hot, and staff wasnt very friendly.

Fidencio Castorena

Big place to visit

suzanne lindbo

Food was great and the alley was clean and friendly

Nicholas Zulueta

Friendly staff. Nice lanes. Great food. They have a good selection of bowling events aside from tournaments. No head pin strike event, etc. I would join a league here if I lived closer.

Mark Yan.

Good times with company crew. Thanks we had a blast Food and service was phenomenal. Will be back. Good times. Love it here

Kenneth Shortt

Had a lot of fun. We had a business reservation for dinner, the steaks were a bit slow to come out(4 STARS ON THAT). The rest of the party all had food. It was super busy so I dont fault them that much, but it was still dissapointing to eat in front of 3 people waiting for about 10 minutes. Food was good, had the Bowler Burger. It's big! Bowling though, fun! It's a bowling alley, nothing special, nothing bad. We had a great time. Party of about 15 people, we were accommodated well. We had 6 lanes all together. Other than the wait for food, pretty great night.

Brandy Bender

My family and I had a blast, my daughter's bowling ball kept getting stuck but the staff were quick it fix the problem. Overall we had an awesome time, the little arcade/game room was great too!

s strayling

Clean place, friendly staff, all the lanes are well maintained.

Kevin Price

You have got to try their breakfast and bowl deal. Great fun for the whole family.


Good service and good bowling. The only downside was it was a little pricey but overall a great place to bowl lerback

Great lanes and conditions. Food was excellent. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I honestly think this family owned bowling alley is the best in the area.

Kitten Burgett

Good food great fun.

Michael Thomas

Went bowling with a bunch of friends.. Didn't break 100 but had an awesome time for just $2.50. This is a great, inexpensive and totally fin activity for the whole fam!!

Lisa Souidi

Good time bowling. Good for healthy exercise, and social interaction.

Marvin Ayres

Excellent Food ! Great Service ! Employees friendly

chris knudson

One of my favorite places for comfort food.

Charlotte Jane

I always go in here to eat in the Bar. The restaurant has great gluten free burgers and their cinnamon rolls are fantastic!! Be prepared because they are huge! Their drinks are fully loaded,huge t.v. screens, and fun atmosphere!

Jeremy Lippmann

The old bald short guy is an a$$&<[e and he ruined me and ny friends experience. Keep in mind ive been going to this bowling alley for 5 weeks straight either on tuesdays and wednesdays or friday and he is always there. He is rude. He stares at me andd my friends constantly and its weird. Im never going her again. Take my advice when i say go to strawberry lanes instead. This place aint worth it.

Eila Pergiel

If you want home like cooking. This is the place. Prices are wonderfully low for the Seattle area. If you don't mind the ear shattering noise of a bowling alley, I highly recommend.

Larry Robinette

Great place for bowling and great pizza.

Alyssa De Asis

TIM embarrassed my young brother. My brother never went bowling before. He didnt know he has to wait. So when he made a play, the ball came back. TIM here grabbed the ball. And I said "sorry, it's his first time bowling" And here are the things he said out loud: "No it's not" "He's been here before" "He's played it before" ..and everyone was staring at us. My brother was so embarrassed, he never wanted to play anymore. He's traumatized. I spoke to TIM and said I didn't appreciate what he did. And he still didn't apologize, in fact he defended himself and stated that he has seen my brother play before. That's a big accusation. Again, this place is a mess. Our lane broke 3 times too, and we had to transfer multiple times . A big thumbs down.

Trevir Faley

Bowling and food. America's unsung pastime.

Julie Craig

This place is always good!

GraceJacob Reed

Not a bad place to bowl. They have a small gameroom for the kids.

May Field

Maria Reyes

Was fun, we had unlimited games. Wish there was more food options but can just eat beforehand and just bring drinks and have fun!

Doniesha Johnson

We love that its a smaller alley! They have great prices, an food is great!

Greg Aubrey

This is an old school place with comfort food and very warm and friendly staff. Many regulars there.

Shazzad Hossain

Fantastic place for timepass and hangout with friends. Food and drinks are not super good but they have good variety of alcohol.

Anton Yefremov

Great place for spending an active night! Business has outdated look once you come in, but besides that everything is great. Nice new shoes and good music there won't disappoint you!

Dawud PowellBey

Great place to have fun.

Murali Krishna B

Nice fun place. Good food. But bit busy, so check and go.

Juan Luna

It is like any other bowling alley. It's the people that make it great. We always have a great time lanes are reserved for us. Nice time every time also. Cashier's are great at the food and bowling sides. We will be there next week again.

Colleen Kershner

Service was excellent

stephanie williams

The staff over all was great. The waitress tending bar was horrible. She was spending so much time sitting with her friends, getting up to serve drinks or even just refill water was a chore and her body language said as much.

Jessee Scott

Their breakfast and bowl deal is amazing. Pretty good food and bowling; a good time all around.

Elliott Parker

Great place to hang out with friends and family, the food is good too

Joshua Zhou

Found this shop on Google as I live in Bellevue and it was one of the closer shops to my house. I called to inquire about buying my first bowling ball and could tell that Jason (store owner) is extremely knowledgeable about bowling. I came in and was met with amazing customer service. Jason explained the differences between the materials of bowling balls, taught me the correct technique on hooking the bowl, and drilled / set-up my ball for free. On top of that, he even gave me two free games so that I could test out my bowl and gave me some pointers while I bowled. I highly recommend this shop to anyone in the area, and can speak for beginners that this is the place to go if you have questions or are looking for equipment.

Guy Blackburn

Bowling alley

Jeff Roberts

Great place for family fun. We had a blast!

Cody P

I was pleasantly surprised with Evergreen Lanes. The staff were extremely friendly and the lanes were pretty nice. We also got a pretty good deal on food! I will come back another time for sure.

Christopher Galiza

My wife and I just got done bowling and even though each of us had one good and one bad game, it was still loads of fun. This is the place to take your family and have all the fun in the world. They have a cafe and a bar/lounge to relax in.

Mike King

Great breakfast!

Monica Clow

Classic bowling alley with something for everyone! You wouldn't think a bowling alley is good breakfast but it IS!! Mostly everything on their menu is absolutely delish! Plus they've got a bar, for all those over 21. You can eat in the restaurant area or have your food brought to your lane. Staff is always welcoming and eager to help. Good prices as well. And a fun little arcade for the younger ones!


Fun times here. Workers are very nice also

carol kenning

Very friendly staff, good food, and the lanes are in great condition. Everything is kept clean and the manager Jason truly cares about each bowler. Love the Friday night Ladies' wine league!

Gail Lundsten

Very friendly and good food, had breakfast.

Kayte Anderson

I had my baby shower here. The room was free if we spent $50+ on food, which we did. It's quiet and you can't hear any of the alley noises. We didn't do a bowling package. Room had lots of chairs and tables and a TV. Food is good. I will probably rent again for another occasion in the future. Highly reccomend!

Kenny Herrington

Bowling is a lot of fun . .


Popular place for am okie breakfast

Vicki Hovey

Went to a bowling tournament here great food and they make very good drinks. Reasonable priced also

Brianna Franklin

Ryan Schlecht

Love your food, but why do you say your open until 11:30 on a monday then won't make food after 9pm? Makes no sense and is a bit frustrating. My wife and I just wanted a couple burgers. Oh well, fast food it is...

Lloyd Stansell

Jason is better than better... he's very knowledgable and helpful. Instills a feeling of personal interest in you and your desire to improve your game and deal with any frustrations you may be dealing with. Atta boy for Justin

Sarah Shelstad

My son and I had a wonderful time!! We went moonlight bowling on a Friday. They had a lane available, which surprised me! My son played video games and was super excited when he hit the jackpot on a ticket game!!! We were pleased with the staff. Friendly and helpful!!! We love bowling there!!

Richard Ek

Older alley but gaining popularity.

Kenneth Schwartz

Good food, excellent breakfast this visit. Nice game room w/pool table and many diff video games, pinball etc. And of course bowling and lots of pull tabs...

Jax Pierce

Great service, great food and fast

Bryan Cles

Been coming here for years...since 91. Still great and the people here are super nice too!

Amanda D

Great food and staff

Maggie Stewart

Frank Moffat

Their meeting room is very comfortable with really good service.

Jack Crocker

Fantastic pizza and food

Nancy Nile

Clean, friendly fun bowling alley

Tom Sroczyk

Very nice establishment and friendly people.


We love to bowl there or play in the arcade...been going there for 45 yrs...

Luis Guerrero

I think that evergreen lanes is an OK place. It's an amazing place to go for a basic day of bowling with the friends. They run a bunch of specials that can make taking a group cheaper. I wish that Evergreen lanes had a better atmosphere. Their staff can seem hostile to the casual bowler, and it took us over twenty minutes to be able to even place an order for their food.

John Plucinski

Drink and eat

Paul Dean

2-hour Rock-N-Bowl, great for birthday parties. Order with their office to get reserved lanes and pizza.

Brandon Kaylor

Love this place. The food is amazing and bowling is always fun and the kids love it.

star salas

Great place for kids and family

Nina Reza

Kids love this place for there arcade! Food is not what you expect! I recommend ordering something that doesn't come with hair! Plus the service in the food area not ok. Drinks are way to strong.

William Clark

Nice little hideaway

Amy Hofferbert

Nice that you can reserve online. Fun lights. Cool place.

Andy Kuna

Great breakfast, reasonable prices, fast excellent service..endless coffee.. Friendly attendants.


Amazing bowling alley, there is also an arcade so there's two great things in one

Mark Eral

Very nice and great food for price. Did not expect this from a bowling alley!


Fun place for birthday pary

Terra Cross

Great place to take your children for free bowling during the summer and a good prive for an adult family pass so parents can bowl with their children.

Michael cebey

Pretty cool place cosmic was fun

Donna T

Play League sanctionbowle with friends

Art Thomson

love this place for breakfast and cocktail.

Nancy Rabel

Good food & service

Gee Haugen


Really fun. Good music! The food there was also fairly good too.

Keith McFadden

Excellent food and clean place. The lanes seem to be in great shape too.

Khalil Al-Athaar

Fun place to take family or a girlfriend

Bryan Fulton

Or Do

Had lots of issues with some of the lanes, but the staff was very polite and didn't charge us after having issues. The food is great too. We'll be back!


My #1 favorite bowling spot. The staff are all nice, and the music is always great.


Lots of fun. I was with a group and they took care of us.

Nora Undrakh

Great place!

Robert Polus

Great place for young adults. Not recommended for younger children. Lots of secure parking under 24/7 surveillance and nice staff.

James Josleyn

Great experience, friendly staff, and great pricing

Anthony Somes

Out if the nearby bowling lanes and theaters this bowling alley has by far the best arcade, pool table included. Lots of lanes. A nice restaurant. Very clean and nice staff. When I was younger I even did the children's league.

Tom Clifford

Great job

Patrick Espana

Good prices. Good food. Nice staff.

Kourtnie Baird

Midnight bowling is the best. But I'm never disappointed when I come in for some games of bowling. They have a small restaurant, a bar, as well as an arcade.

Deb Rappe

Anna Leon

Long post warning- MUST READ IF YOUR AFRICAN AMERICAN I chose this place over Bowelero, for a birthday night out, because my last experience was great, and I had no complaints, but last night was a whole different story. Check-in was great, we got our lanes, our shoes and started playing. After my first bowel, I realized my shoes were way too waxed or slippery then usual, I almost fell back and busted my butt. When, I go to try and exchange my shoes, the lady or guy at the counter told me all the shoes are the same and wouldn’t make a difference if I exchanged them out, mind you she’s looking at me irritated as she saying that. Where I’m confused, is online it states that safety is there priority when your bowling, from the floor to the shoes, if there was any concern, tell the staff, and I did just that, and look at how they handled the situation. I left with the same pair of shoes I had on feeling dumb for even saying anything. Now, FOOD SERVICE. I’m use to waitresses coming to your lanes and taking your order, but for some reason our lane was not being helped on, while every other lane was, mind you, we are the only black people in the bowling alley. I decided to go to the restaurant, as I go to the counter, I notice this girl texting on her phone and eating behind the counter next to where the food comes out. Even after seeing this, I still decided to ask her where can I place an order. She looks at me bothered, and irritated, that I interrupted her time, and directed me to another area where she eventually takes my order. As, she takes my order my total came up to $63 dollars. I questioned the total in my head, but I assumed she took my order correctly, so I didn’t question her. The food did come out fast and everything was correct except what I had ordered for my children. Instead of getting chicken strips, she brought fish and chips. When I told her about this, she immediately coped and attitude and told me, that is not what I had ordered. Mind you, my son is allergic to seafood. So she took the food back, and stood behind the counter bickering about the situation with an older lady and the waitress. At this point, I also realized that my total for the food was wrong and I approached her about it. When I went to the counter. There was an older lady standing there, and she immediately walked away, as I said excuse me, she continued to ignore me and the same girl who took my order came back. I explained to her that I wouldn’t have ordered fish and chips with my kids having allergies to seafood, and that she had originally over charged me, she rolled her eyes at me and asked me what she wants me to do. I said well it seems that you have an attitude so I’m not sure if I want you to help me, and she then states “that your the one black and mad”. At this point, I was fed up and I walked away. My son over heard her and asked me what is wrong with her and rhe people that work here, they all seem mad. I did notice that my family was treated different and that is with an unbiased mentality. I come from a mixed family, but last night I observed and felt a difference in how white people were treated and greeted with smiles and how my family was treated and greeted. It’s very unfortunate that my children had to experience this non sense. So $300 dollars later, no refund or apologies. We will never go here again. Also word of advice to this place, update your receipt machine showing orders on the receipt.

dirtyold misfits

Went there for a birthday party staff was great made sure we where taken care of at every step the food was also better than expected with big porcine sizes. I don't bowl much but the lanes seemed fine to me one small draw back was the arcade had several machine that where broken no big deal except it was a 7 year olds party. All in all it was a great experiance


I have gone to Evergreen lanes on two separate occasions after purchasing a groupon. Both times I have gone in have been on a Friday night or a Saturday night. I showed them the groupon and they stated “that does work for cosmic bowling” or whatever different type of bowling that was going on. I read the fine print and “Things you should know” section to the man and he said “oh that includes cosmic bowling”. No where on the groupon does it say that type of bowling was included in the times it doesn’t work. The groupon states specifically “walk-ins only. Not valid towards league play or birthday party packages.” If a place is going to have a coupon or groupon then they need to state specifically what they mean, if it doesn’t then it is valid.

Elaine M.

I like the food. Prices are reasonable. And you get to watch people bowl.

derek collver

Lanes could use oil on a regular

frosty dasnomun

Frosty loves this place

Barak Rabel

Food is good and fast. Priced good enough. Big portions.

Joe Haskett

It's a bowling alley, nice lanes, good food

Jase B

Cool place for the kids to go during the summer with their bowling special. Food is pretty good too especially the 2 corn dogs and fries for $6. My only complaint is getting really worn out bowling shoes. But that won't stop me from coming back

Justin Baggett

lanes are cheap and its pretty sizable. we had a birthday there for a 21st and well drunk bowling is always fun . The workers were friendly and knew there menu and drinks off the top of their head (halloween specials). Over all a great experience and i go back here often.

Monte A. Haugen

(Translated by Google) Men's League, yey !! (Original) Men's League, yey!!

Teaona Williams


Horrible to children. Owner was rude and mean to my niece when we were trying to have a nice outing for her birthday. She was trying to learn how to bowl but he would not allow her to use the bumpers for some bizarre reason and was rude to a child.

Trevor Hart

A lot of kids. But it's just a normal old bowling alley


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