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REVIEWS OF Pin-Up Bowl IN Missouri

Jeremy DuBois

Great place to get together with friends and get to bowling.

J.L. Clemente

Fun place for working professional get togethers. Pizza is really good. Cool bar area, too!

Nicholas James

Great atmosphere, nice people, always hopping.

Neal Goffinet

Really strange atmosphere, but it works. We were able to get two lanes on a Saturday night without much trouble. Staff can be really inattentive at times.

Theodore Esser

Fun atmosphere, good bowling! Lane 8 is skewed.

Tonja Miller

There was so much racial tension that we asked for our money back and we left.

Doug Blakeslee

Nice place. Good drinks.

Oliver Urel

Bring 3 or more ppl. Go for the drinks and bowling is a bonus.

max daugherty

Fun place to visit with a decent beer menu. The food menu is nothing to brag about, standard bowling alley food.

Deanna Orlando

Fantastic drink menu with nice bar cuisine. Bowling is Bowling but it was fun and elegant at the same time

Tierra Bankhead

Loved it

Kyle Lee

very knowledgeable and professional bartenders. some nights the place is rocking with a dj, it gets pretty packed

Shona Phillips

Super fun time!

Mitch Balogh

At first I thought this place was cool. Full bar with some food. The staff and management are rude as can be. They treat you awful and talk to you like you are stupid. 40 minutes before they were to close, one of the employees started yelling at everyone to get out. Not like standing up on a chair so everyone could hear him but physically to each group yelling at them to leave. Because of this I will never go back, why would I want to go to a place where they scream at paying customers? Plus, if you want to bowl be prepared to spend about 30$ on 2 games.

Lillian Parson

Went next door. The only time I went in there. We waited forEver no greeting or acknowledgement plus it was a dirty bench we sat on. Kinda Gross. We left

Michelle Bimslager Robertson


Hajji Hinds

Food was OK. Bowling is fun, they give you the option of buying socks when you rent the shoes. The servers bring your food to you. Nice bar and the lighting worked well. Some of the servers seemed rude. One even ignored me.

Bryce Caster

This place is only worth going to because it is the first bar across the city line that is open until 3am and you can go bowling with a full bar.

Sheila McIntosh

Great atmosphere, service, drinks

Loretta Livenhood

My grandson and our family had a WONDERFUL time !!

Joey Senkyr

Drunk guy shouts at you while you're bowling.

Chris Sanders

Nice little place for a drink and a spot of bowling. Not too many lanes but has good atmosphere.

Mike Tarantola

Fun atmosphere and good drinks.. The bowling is fun too

Daniel Flinton

Pretty good. It's hot and humid out so the floors are like fly paper but that will get better when summer is over.

nelson jones

Best MOTHER TRUCKING bowling alley I’ve ever been to!

L. Reeves

Didn’t feel very welcomed at all, the lady at the bar (she had half of her head shaved) had the snottiest attitude. Never again. Terrible service!

Mitch Boss

This place is awesome!

Evan Meeker

I was denied entry while all my coworkers were allowed in. The employees were incredibly rude. I waited for an hour and a half outside of the establishment and then left angry and embarrassed. Don't waste your time at this place.

Donna C

Seems like a quasi gay bar, which is fine, if that's what you're going for. But if you're straight might not be your first choice.

James Benson

Bar service was extremely slow, but friendly enough. As far as bowling alleys go, pricing is about right, but I'm doubtful of maintenance on the machines and lanes.

Shaun Boswell

Would have liked to bowl after lunch...not open, shame. Looked nice anyway. Three stars for now...I will return, now knowing I can't bowl during normal lunch hours.

Sharonda Cole

Love it great place for family fun

jizzle jignBandz

Had a great time with the fam

krissy phillips

It was nice. This bowling alley was small not too loud great food.

Judy Thomas

Very nice place to entertain, juke box variety of music

Aaron Vance

Our group of 8, went bowling on my wife's birthday at 2pm. There was no wait and we took up 2 of the 8 lanes. Lanes appeared to be shorter, but that only means less gutter balls! Staff was nice and friendly too!

Ryan Hall

Good food options, great drink selection and fun bowling atmosphere

Jennie J

I have heard of Pin-Up and Flamingo Bowl. We wanted to try it out. It was a horrible experience. First off, on the voicemail it asks if you want to make a reservation for today. So I selected it. On the phone they told me there is no same day reservation. The girl on the phone was rude and full of attitude. She told me to come in around 8:15 because there was no reservations after 8:15. Also the website does not state you are unable to make same day reservations. We got there and another girl who was just as equally ignorant, talking down to us about no same day reservations. She told me then there were reservations coming up. A COMPLETE opposite of when I called. So....did they get to make a same day reservation. On top of that, our group are avid bowlers with our own bowling balls. When I finally sat down to put my shoes on, I was shocked. The lanes are horribly uneven, uncared for, no oil, finish is coming off. There is no slide on the approach. It was a disgrace to call your establishment a bowling alley. It is a bar with barney rubble's lanes for fun. AND the price was ridiculous!!! Again, this is not a real bowling alley!

Carly Chandler

This place is great to bowl but the customer service is not all that good.

Mz Biscotti

Pin-Up is the must go to place when Colm's in from Ireland

Joss Hay

I do enjoy going to pin-up but the staff don't enjoy coming to work. I'd give it 5 stars if they smiled even once. The food is average as it comes but he it is a bowling alley

Dionne Mitchell

Had a great business party there.

Gareth Headland

Decent local beer selection and neat little bowling alley but staff is arrogant, self righteous and unapologetic.


Nice place:)

Elena Davis

Extremely rude manager wouldn't let me in because my drivers license was expired. I am 41 going on 51!

Brad Brocato

Fun lanes little dry

Stephanie Jones

I was here for an employer given holiday party and it was fun. I haven't been in a long time but this party was an reminder of a great spot for a date or girls night out.

Goddess Star

Great establishment. Love the jukebox music. The atmosphere is always welcoming . It's tight but I always leaving smile and satisfied with the service and price I spent. And every work I've ever come in contact with there is always nice.

John Shadley

A wonderful surprise and a great place to grab a bite to eat before events at The Pageant. The pizza was fantastic and the staff attentive and pleasant.


This place is so-so. Nothing special. Rather spend my time elsewhere.

Anika Isom

Overpriced menu items and drinks, but a fun place!

La Toya J

Nice location to chill with friends. All the computers were down when i visited so we had to tally scores manually.

Brian Kreps

This place is pretty rad! DJ that was there the night I played had the house dancing and rocking! I paid about $60 for 3 games for my wife and I, 3 beers and 3 mixed drinks. I will say, if you're wearing sandals, remember to bring socks because they charge $4/pair!

Tonette Mitch

Nice intimate setting

Jason Bibb

Fun Bowling Alley. A little expensive but fun enviroment for adults

Thomas Pennington

If you've already had a few and just want some drunk, late night bowling, then this is an alright place to end up at. If you simply want to bowl, have a drink, or get some food, go somewhere else on the loop. Both times I went here the staff were excessively rude. We asked them what the prices for bowling were and got a snarky comment in response. We were confused since what they told us didn't match the sign they had up and when we asked them to clarify, we got eye rolls, audible "UGH"s, and one of the employees just turned her back on us. They really don't come off as happy employees. The lanes are in horrendous quality but again, go here to drunk bowl, not bowl bowl. One of my friends ordered a chicken sandwich that ended up looking disturbing. It was just a frozen piece of chicken breast that had been thrown on some kind of grill for a little bit then dropped between two pieces of soggy bread. The chicken was still white on the outside when she received it. There was nothing else. Just a plain piece of pre cooked chicken that was under heated in a hamburger bun. Beer is fine since you can't really mess that up. Overall, this is the place you go when everywhere else is closed.

Logan Hansen

Cool little place in the Delmar Loop.

Andrew Walters

Great people, fun experience, amazing bar!

jack heaviside

Lanes are more fun not real bowling. Staff are attentive but overworked. It's more of an eclectic stop not a destination

Whitney N

Really fun adult bowling alley! However, be on guard because there are a lot of drunk people at times. My first time there, two people let go of their bowling balls on the back swing, and it was terrifying.

Lily Flores

So u can't bowl if you're under 21 just because there is a bar? Cool. god forbid there was a teen that didn't wanna like do drugs or something and just wanted to bowl. My case was it was supposed to be a date but oh well. Wont be coming back even when 21 because of the atmosphere. Just looking inside looked grimey

Blaise Sewell

Chill bar with delicious drinks.

Jacob Grimes

Really fun place

Brice Landry

Great time and really good mixxed drinks There are more drinks available than on menu they switch this out at different times just ask the guys and tell them what you like

Byron Keaton

Late Bar and fun late night bowling!

Kelsey Eckelkamp

Came here for date night and had a superb experience


Door man does his job. This could be annoying if you are on the wrong end of him doing his job. Overworking could make this person look like a suspected white supremacist. Bar is full of kool ppl tho and they have good service and bowling completes this scene.

Richard Tibbs

The pin-up bowl is a great place to hang out with friends and eat, and obviously ball. it only has about a line so when it's packed it does take a while for you to be able to evolve. But if you come in and request one immediately you will have time to eat with friends and drink before getting a game or two in.

Diana Pope

Good place to just hang out even if you don't want to bowl!

Demirra Harmon

Great experience here! Hot food ,good customer service from staff, great music ,good drinks and friendly people ! Thanks alot will definitely be returning!

Michael Rey

Bar and bowling alley in one combo. The bowling alley itself is vintage and well aged. With few lanes you can often wait a while for an open lane.

Nirie Lizher

Nice small bowling alley. Good vibe and variety in drinks and food

Donna J

Bowling and top drinks.

Shawna Schweain

I was surprised how great the cocktail menu was. Also we had a great time drinking and bowling.

Amanda Rogan

Really fun bowling alley. It is small, but a great place to get together with friends and have a good time! The vintage feel gives it a nice ambiance.

Randy Cottingham

Fun bowling, good bar. Staff could be more attentive.

William Hopper

Great for late night fun with friends.

Brian Lee

Cool place. We stayed around the corner at the Moonrise Hotel (4 star awesomeness) and walked here. It was a fun little place with a unique atmosphere. 8 bowling lanes with no wait (it was a Sunday evening). Didn't order any food but the drinks were very good.

James Wilson

Never been there

Tiffany Anderson

A delightful spot for intimate bowling (eight lanes). It was the perfect spot for a late night after party after a show at the Pagaent. The bartenders were polite, friendly, and fast. The drinks were delicious. Bonus points for having a live dj spinning old school r&b tunes!

Tanesha Parson

Nice cozy spot bowl. Good drinks and food

Frances Rabb

Bartenders are not so friendly / the way they use to be. A few years ago

Melissa Ford

Didn't really feel very welcomed.

Dollie lloyd

Had a great time here staff was great food was nice .

Ken Smith

This is a very nice place with great pizza, original cocktails, and bowling. It has great atmosphere and friendly staff.

calli plauda

The pin up bowl is the best place to go to. Amazing drink specials and service. I couldn't ask for a better place to go. You have earned my service for lifetime. Thank you for the spectacular customer service and drink specials. You guys rock!


Always an amazing time!! Love this place!

Just Doit

as a black person i dont feel welcome here nor would I recommend it for black is not welcoming environment

C Payne

Had a great time bowling a few games.

Abbos TV

I would not recommend this place to anyone.They made us wait for like an hour and not really friendly. We paid for four games, in the middle of the game they kicked us out asking for ID after 9pm. We showed driver's licence they did not accept it. Even though we got half of the money back, it was the worst bowling experience ever happened. Moreover, the place is so old that we had our lane stopped for several times.

John Derfelt

Affordable bowling, great drinks and clean facilities

Antonio Brown

Love bowling? Give this place a shot!

Daniel Barnes

Bowling is always fun. Food and spirits.

Alan Ward

Came in about an hour out from closing, guy told us it was going to be $10 per person (twice the normal price). When we asked him when it switched to $10 he confessed that it actually hadn't switched yet but that it might in the next few weeks. Poor way to run a business, I would have rather been told there wasn't time for a round of bowling, if that was the issue.

Brittany Berry

I love pin-up bowl. The drinks are delicious and the bowling is fun. The decorations are very cute and authentic. And I absolutely love the music they play. It's a pretty expensive place to go which is the only downside. But it's Delmar so you cannot expect it to be cheap.

Aaron Barbee

It's a quaint bowling alley with a bar. Not a whole lot of lanes, so plan ahead if you can. It's a good time

dustin watkins

Nice place cheap bowling

Charles P

If you spin the ball don't bother getting on a lane, they don't take care of the lanes or balls so you will roll right into the gutter. Still fun for what it is: reasonabky priced drinks, good music and you get to throw balls at pins so hard to have a bad time

Andrew G. Bernhardt

Definitely one of my favourite bars & clubs in the Saint Louis area. The bowling alley lanes are also a plus. There's no cover charge.

alisha williams

Fun place to kick back enjoy food and drinks while playing a game


Loved every minute from the great drinks to the music great for the family

Nell Bee

So I'm a 30 year old wife mother and student who happens to reside in the the area. My family spend a lot of time and money in the Loop. If you are in the area often then you know that the 2 banks that are on the strip are further down Delmar. So anyway, I decided to just Google ATMs, and Pin Up Bowl came up. I had my 3 year old daughter with me it was about 8:40 pm we were just making a stop. So I went in and used the atm then I thought shoot, we have to use the bathroom also, let me at least contribute to the establishment because it's only right atm, bathroom I'll buy something ya know. The bartenders talked to each other for a bout 7 min before even aknowledging us. I asked for a simple grilled cheese for my daughter. The lady asked my daughter what kind of cheese did she want and was laughing and joking with her. As they were making it I headed for the bathroom. I come back out 8:54 pm. The girl said I'm sorry but you have to be 21 and over to order food after 9. So I said what's the problem I ordered it a while ago and it's still not 9 how long does it take to make a grill cheese we taking it to go anyway. The only thing she said was sorry. So I called and complained about a worker basically denying my daughter food and the only thing a guy (MANAGER) had to say was we apologize for the bartender she didn't know what time it was when she accepted your order. IT WASN'T 9 O'CLOCK AND WE TALKING ABOUT A GRILLED CHEESE NOT FRIED CHICKEN FRIES AND A COKE AND A SMILE. Prejudice at its best rude disrespectful and dishonest NEVER AGAIN. And Im telling everybody I know not to go their anymore.

Ryan Marcus

Fun place I went for a friends Birthday celebration. Good food and drinks for an affordable price. I highly recommend this place However don’t call and try to get information about how to set up a reservation. When I called and spoke to i believe his name is Aaron, It was like I was the biggest inconvenience in his life. I’m calling to find out how can I spend my money at this place of business and it was like pulling teeth for information.

Pablo Molina

Came here during the weekend had nice time plus they have great cocktails! Try the orange one!

Jay Burgmann

Enjoying the last of the blues game before dinner. The place is hopping.

Heidi Krumrey

Best specialty drinks ever!


Nice vintage vibe .Only game in town

Max Alexander

This is just a fun place to hang out, have a bite to eat, a drink and maybe bowl a game. Next to the Moonrise hotel and a nice late night choice for a casual setting with friends. Very small so it's not for big groups.

William Kucmierowski

Really cool late night bowling alley and bar. Worth visiting.

Joe E

OK for the middle of nowhere standards. I can say that because I grew up here. But the fact remains you will have kids preparing your drinks, don't have high expectations. They don't even stock mint in the summer, but they do have the super locals on draft. Take that for what it's worth or for what you are looking for.


We had an amazing time. We will definitely be back.

Jessica Bueler

Coolest bowling alley in the Delmar Loop!

P Evans

Love this place


I initially like the place but one of the male bartenders made my husband and I never want to come back. Insisting I leave at 11pm because he didn’t believe my age, even after showing valid ID. Price for drinking and bowling isnt worth the irritation.

Chavon Chester

Quirky place, chill staff, affordable food and cheap drinks.


A nice place to take a date. It's different and unique.


Dj Mahf on Tues is killa... Pop Tarts on the menu till 2am... Oh yeah

keiva arnold

Best Bar in St louis. All the bar tender there are awesome. They look out for their customers. They treat us like family.

Kay Dee

This was definitely a better place to hang out at than The Peacock. The food is definitely mediocre at best, bowling alley food, but the atmosphere was nice. Took a minute to get service from the bartender, and there is only 8 lanes to bowl on. Best part, I got a picture with Taylor Hanson here.

Ambrielle Army

This place seems to be busy every night of the week which is impressive. I've had some very excellent cocktails here (pictured) but also the worst food I have ever tasted without exaggeration. My expectations were low to begin with since this is a bowling alley bar and not a restaurant but it was late and I was desperate. If you keep to the drinks, music, and bowling, this is the place to be. If you're looking for food you are better off going hungry than eating burnt bread and extremely old burger patties with an hour wait.

Brandon Kane

We were walking down the loop, stopping by a few places, and saw Pin Up Bowl. Figured "sure looks like a decent place let's go in". Best decision I've ever made. One of the best Martinis that someone has ever made for me, for a decent price, and incredible service. This isnt even considering the fact therr is a bowling alley in the back! You must go to this place. It is one of the beat bars I have ever been to.


This is establishment is way too over price for bowling. As well as the drinks and food. Overall it's a nice place on the inside but the sticker shock goes for bowling, purchasing any food and or drinks will send you running out the door nearly as quickly as you possibly could. The only thing that kept me there was the fact that I went through all the trouble to locate a place to go bowling that evening this was one of the ones that did show up. If you have the time and energy I would definitely suggest looking for any other place to go bowling.

Randal Bailey

My family really enjoys this place. Only issue is my bowling abilities lol


50's styling with a neighborhood feel

Latise Agee

Pin Up bowl is a great place to chill, have a few adult drinks an bowl a few games in a nice relaxing atmosphere. It's nothing fancy, but it takes you back to the 1970's, when life was simple. A time when bowling was a regular activity on the weekends, that brought family and friends together socially.

Priyanshu Kumar

Great place for outing and to hang out with friends!

Mark Zeman

Martini bar/bowling alley combo, so a really fun night out. Furnished with retro pinup memorabilia. The food is not particularly good, and it is not cheap -- go here to play, not to eat.

Nickolas Marple

People here are cool.

Ben Acland

Just moved into the neighborhood, I love bowling, and I was pretty excited to give this place a try, so I'm sad to say that it didn't quite live up to my expectations for a decent bowling alley. Those include: balls that don't have sharp edges around the finger holes; lanes that are waxed; and lights that let you see the lane. Pin-Up failed on all three counts - a disaster! I guess you could address the ball issue by bringing your own ball, but even then you're stuck throwing it down a poorly maintained, poorly lit lane. Estoy muy triste. Hopefully they'll do a little work and get this place into good shape. It sure would be nice to have a bowling alley worth going to in the neighborhood!

Greg Schimizzi

I really liked this place - cool bar/bowling alley combo in a good location, but the staff/management are unfriendly and dishonest. I was there for a friend's birthday party during the day (it was a pretty tame party - more bowling than drinking), and had to leave in a bit of a hurry because my girlfriend was feeling sick. I forgot to close my tab on the way out and went back to get my credit card the next day to find that they had added 5 drinks to my tab (which we definitely did not order) increasing my bill 5 fold. Their policy is to add 20% to any tab left open at the end of the night (which is fine with me), but they increased my tab 5x!!!! When I brought this up to the bartender, she angrily took down my phone number and said the manager "would have to call me" - I'll be surprised if I get a call. I get that bars and bartenders feel some frustration with tabs left open, but this is just blatant stealing. I also wouldn't be so angry if the bartender hadn't given me such attitude when I brought this up to her. It makes me wonder if it's their standard procedure to add 5+ drinks to unclosed tabs at the end of the night - if so that's probably a big money maker. So a word of caution: if you ever leave your card at this place, expect to pay for a bunch of drinks you didn't get.

William Clark

We had a private party here. A great time was had by all!

Patricia R.

Great location to meet friends not for dinner however.

Dianna Bailey

Wow!! Great place to start the loop. Wonderful peeps in St Louis!!

chris jones

Best staff and bowl, had kids bday party here- staff food she loved it


Wow! Great food and suberb empl yees!!!

Brandon Silvers

Good Nachos

Laroo Laroo

Zach and Olivia are awesome!!

Juanita Reed

What time with my daughter neither one of us could bowl, but we had such a good time good atmosphere not too crowded good music great time

Brad Abrams

Good service, clean bathrooms, good times!

Angie Catkid

Fun and trendy place.

Dee Bailey

Had a great time with family and they have unlimited bowling on Monday's for $10

Dave Oxendale

Bar was nice, bowling was quick and easy. Not a bad place

Matthew Burke

Awesome staff & friendly

Chris Jamison

Great place to go to to start, or end your night. They serve food until 2am and you can bowl and drink right up until close.


Fun times! Bowling balls kept getting stuck, but the service, drinks, music and pizza were all good.

Justin Sheek

Great small bowling alley, decent bar food. Call ahead and make sure they've got a lane open.

J Crowder

If you think a public facility has discriminated against you because of race, color, religion, or national origin, you may file suit in the U.S. district court or file a complaint with the nearest U.S. Attorney's Office.

Kushan Patel

Tiny lanes and you have to book ahead of time.

Stephen Jones

Cocktails and bowling till 3am kinda sums it up.

Brad Banowetz

$10 all you can bowl on Monday

mike lafser

Decent selection of drinks and good food. Only 8 lanes to bowl on though.

Tristan Walker

Really fun, good food, good beer prices.

Brian Carpenter

Decent prices, fun bowling, good service, great atmosphere.

Kyle Ferguson

Came here for a work outing at it was a great experience. Staff were friendly and helpful, and they also had a nice beer selection!

Duane Ford

Fun for everyone. My sons 17 birthday party with great food and fun.

Leo W.

Great place for bowling and drinks

Charles Niemeyer

Bartenders are always friendly and the food there is to die for. Exspecially the pizza.

Matthew Sassman

Friendly staff, great atmosphere, fun!

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