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9822 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63126, United States

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REVIEWS OF Crestwood Bowl IN Missouri

Jeffrey Meyer

David Mueller

Great bowling alley accept for the sock prices. $3 for some $1 socks are ridiculous.

Claire Beckmeyer


Nice clean place. Not busy at all right before noon on a Saturday.

Nickie Manjon

Terrence Marshall


Dawn Stavenau

Sara Wright

Laura Clark

I love taking my kids here. Staff is great!

David Smith

Place could be really nice needs a little updating. But it hasn't changed much from the first time I bowled here over twenty years ago. Just so happened my son had a boy's scout bowling night here during cosmic bowling when they turn the lights out with very little light with the lights being on an bright over the pins. Where it makes for pretty hard to see ur mark to throw at. But still round up bowling 4 games or n average of 218 not bad considering really. My daughter bowled with me and she was around 165 average. Plus some young boy was asking her on for bowling tips which is funny n cute at the same time. My daughter taken after me in regards in try n help a fellow bowler.. I don't know what my son was doing he bowled with he's scout troop friend's but I imagine he was doing OK. I try n give him advice but it's not easy he's kinda stubborn like I was at his age. Lol. To tell ya the truth I could see myself bowling here on a league if given the chance.

Jamie Lloyd

Love the owner!!

Payton Byrth

Tom Hefele

Louis Puder

Brian Healy

Nice place to hang out with your friends and have a good time

Karen Johnson

If I could give them zero, one star wouldn't have been my choice. I bought a groupon that said an appointment was needed, I didn't make an appointment, however, there was no one in the entire building but 2 employees, besides who came with me. One employee asked another employee how many lanes would be open after a league came in. The other employees gave him the specifics, and in spite of lanes still being available after they'd come in, he refused to give me ONE. Maybe it was because myself and the others with me were black, so yea, I'll say it was probably our race. I'd NEVER come back here.

Jared Maxwell

I would love to know how someone got my phone number from this place. I left my bowling ball up there to get some work done on a Monday and on thanksgiving at 1030PM I received a phone call from a very rude and ignorant person wanting to “buy my ball”. This person did not give me any indication that they were employed by this establishment (which makes it even worse that they had my phone number). Needless to say I will be visiting this place to have a conversation on business etiquette as well as giving them a lesson on how to treat their customers. If this lack of respect is how they want to operate than I would not recommend them to anyone.

Shani Ali

I think some of the lanes may be tilted. The staff is always friendly so we keep going back.

Terragan Brouk


Paul Davis

Very clean. Pleasant and helpful staff. Would go frequently.

Rebeka Townsend

Love it there! They make you feel part of the family!!

Abigail Lillis

Betty Mancuso

Dale Picolet

Jenny Lillis

Clean and helpful staff.

Bryant Peppers

Mathew Heldenbrand

Make sure you use hand sanitizer while using their house bowling balls. I witnessed staff (specifically “Brad”) use the restroom and not wash his hands afterwards. Does “Brad” work in the snack stand too?

Michael Biedenstein

Nice staff! Non-smoking now makes this my #1 choice for bowling alleys!

Marisa Smith

Angelo Matteuzzi

Good to bring a group u get more discounted

Scott Fleming

What one expects at a bowling alley. Kinda pricey to play.

Noah Herschel

David Tripp

Drew Kamp

Crystal Brunkhorst

That place is always amazing brunkhorst aka crystal runge had a good time at baby shower

usman noori

Not that much bad kind of old no upgrade

John Paul

Daryl Piatt

Nice lanes nice and clean

Theodore Anderson

Fun place

Thyron Williams

Lizzy's life!

Shea Snail

Their approaches on their lines are a little rough. But overall a nice bowling alley. They also have a decent burger and fries

Esmeralda Jaramillo

Virgil Zeh

It's a great place to go Lot of fun and very nice people work there.

Mick Barbeau

Henry Louis

Joe Conway

Still the best place to go bowling in all of St. Louis!

Adrianne O'Keefe

Eric Wildsmith

linda grzyb

Ethan Newman

Really cool bowling alley. Somehow made a huge group of girl scouts bowling go smoothly

dan deadeyedandh

Great place very clean

That Girl Who Eats


David Ficke

Fun time with friends, a touch pricey

Kyle Maledy

Good cheap bowling alley with decent drink prices.

Allison Walter

Robert Rawie

Bowled in 9 pin seniors. Great time.

Michael Nehrkorn

A nice surprise. The lanes are nice and very affordable!

Mark Davis

Classic fun bowling alley experience!

Kay F

Kirstie Bischoff

We enjoy going to Crestwood Bowl on Tuesdays and weekends for the low prices and laid back atmosphere. The alley is pretty standard for the area. A little run down and sticky. The bartenders are friendly, but I have never seen them check IDs, even when customers appear too young.

Darrell Simmons


Jacob Noce

Great place to bowl, the snack bar is ok. Pretty average cost. They have good promotions for kids.

Arthur Buckowitz

Great place to bowl.

Emmett Juckem

Ken Lesser

Mary Voepel

Jeff arnel


Nick Jacobson

Nice bowling alley. Nothing too special, but it works.

Kay Moss


Amore De Vida

james collier

Great bowling center

Charles Bonner

Andrew Operle

Great place to have a great time! Bowling is fun


Ashlei Baer

Kristine Whitby

Jeremy Eckstein

Art Hurt

Well managed site?

Josie K

Ryan Freeland

Decent place to bowl

Amy M

The place is nothing special but we had a good time and the prices are actually really good. There’s a bit of a musty or water damage-y smell to the place as you walk in. It could use some updates but the place is nice otherwise. I’d go back. The crowds are definitely very low.

Mr Andrew

Awesome place to bowl

Ben Brinkley

Helpful staff

pat knott

Nice people good prices

Drew Riassetto

Decent alley. Nothing outstanding in either direction.

Carlos Cortez

James Ball

Bowl on a league there , always fun time good $$$$ on drinks and food

Justin Kellerman

Fun for the family

cathy spengemann

Tony Ford

great staff very nice people

anthony mitchell

Nice place!!!

Michael Ruhl

Leslie Fraraccio

We held a fundraiser for a family here a few years back, you can't meet a nicer group of people, a smart manager that knows a fair sale and how to give very accommodating service! Clean, nice, great bowling options and good atmosphere! Love this place!

Kyle Blankenship

Dwight Carpenter

Jack Boyette

Horacio Trejo

Good place

Brian Pickens

Clean place. Friendly environment

Rebecca Ervin

We really enjoyed our experience. The staff was very very nice! I recommend Crestwood Bowl! We will definitely be back! Thank you for an amazing time.

Kayla Alexander

Milva Perkins


Edna Shoults

Karen St. John


Not my favorite bowling alley it's a pretty run down place. They still allow people to smoke in the bar area, which isn't that big of a deal, but it makes it to where personally I don't really want to hangout in there.

Tim Schroer

I would give this a 0 if I could. I came there for a friendly function and brought my brand new black widow dark legend at the time. Within 2 games the machines left giant chuncks in the ball. Not scratches but chunks missing. The ball had less than 20 games on it and it was ruined. So what I did I took it to the pro shop there and they said they would fix it. Not only was it a day late from being quoted all he did was sanded it down until it was egg shaped. It was sanded so far down to were it no longer weighed the proper weight for usbc sanctioned tournaments and the ball was never the same. So now I'm out hundreds of dollars because we're I was told I was gonna be impresued with the work instead I'm stuck with a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in my wallet. Be warned when going there, don't have what happened to me happen to you.

Patrick Raemmler

Nice bowling Alley.

Mary Oliver

Great place for an affordable birthday party - very flexible!

Chris Armistead

Jason Hoffarth

This is a great place to bowl; every time I've bowled here I've gotten great scores, like in the 140+ range. I'm on the Kirkwood High School bowling team and in league I had my best game here(221) and I have practice here and I always perform better at these lanes than any other lane I've played on.

Dawn Kirby

Best deal for summer. Love Kids Bowl program amd bought family package. Great fun on hot afternoons. Getting better! Lots of fun.

naturalgal 5

Guy was very nice. even when using groupon and I was suppose to make reservations as well as no groupon on that particular day, didn't read small print thoroughly. He still allow us to bowl .

Mark Crader

The bartender on Friday night was exceptional, very nice and a credit to the bar. I suggest giving her a raise and making sure you don't loose her

Josh Johnson

Super Clean family orientated business. Smalls great unlike few other bowling alleys. The owner is a super sweet guy. Extremely help full and very friendly. Not a bad thing I can say about this business. I enjoy taking the kids here

Tom Buckles

Great place for family and friends to relax and have some fun bowling.

Justin Ruder

Tim Rasure

Lori Lueken

Shawn Mickley

Nice people. Never too crowded.

Monica Medvik

Happy and interactive people. Reasonable prices. Smokey.

harlyn effan

Jennifer O'Toole

Tried to bowl there but they had a camp there that took up EVERY SINGLE LANE! They should have left a few lanes open for everyday customers.

Sarah Gregory

Tonja CW

Smelled like cigarette smoke right away when walking through the door. The bar is so tiny so when you go get a drink you come out smelling like cigarette smoke. other than that we had fun bowling but could of been better.


Literally drove for half an hour to be told to leave because they believe all their lines will be full in a couple of minutes with a small league, not even a game they let me play.

Margaret Olver

Nice atmosphere and good food.

Andrew N

Awesome place to bowl

Rebecca Venker

Carol Dismuke

Daniel Loughren

Food is cheap. Bowling is expensive.

Aspasia Freeborn

We did Cosmic bowling and had a blast they even accommodated our music requests :)

Brad Schneider

This is a really great bowling alley we always have a ton of fun there and it is reasonable. Just be sure to check the hours before you go I have always been great with customer service and working with us when we've had larger groups or smaller groups. I'd recommend this bowling alley to others for sure

Kyle Smith

Ben Bagby

A group of “regular bar patrons” attempted to assault me because they mistook me for another person. I’ve never been to Crestwood Bowl before so not only was I surprised, but also entertained by the small-mindedness of the circus being performed there. EVERYONE was uncontrollably intoxicated and encouraged to drive away at closing time (which was loosely defined as between 1:30am-3:00am according to the bar-maid Tracy) Both the bartender and manager failed to recongnize the obvious concerns to my safety as I was berated and harassed by many overly intoxicated locals. I made a formal complaint to the service staff who simply turned away from me as two large men (patrons) laid hands on me. I’ve submitted a formal police report and will make sure that this event sees full justice and that all individuals involved are fully questioned by authorities.

Carlos Cruchaga

Samuel DiLorenzo

Great lanes

Lumina Solaris

Good experience with friendly staff. As far as I saw, everything was well-maintained. If you go here and there are no parking places in front of the building, there is a larger parking lot behind the building, so even if it looks like there's no parking space, check the back lot. The front lot makes the place seem deceptively full.

Brian Cordry

Great family night out.

Austin VanFleet

They are real nice at Crestwood Bowl I go there because I got a bowling class with St Louis Community College if you go to St Louis Community College it is free and it's already been paid for and and they got a pro shop never seen a bowling alley to head its own Pro Shop but it's a good bowling alley but I go to du bowl Lanes the real nice like a people at a bowling alley that I go to.

Charlie Hooks

Super nice staff

Justin Case

jw petras

Richard Babb

Great bowling house!


We really love bowling here. The best part is the music, it's not blowing my ears out. It was nice we could talk and enjoy our time. They are part of the kids bowl free which is great. They have bumpers and kid ramps but the ramps aren't the best. Overall we really enjoy going.

Verna Detmer

It feels like home at Crestwood Bowl.

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