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REVIEWS OF Event Zona Entertainment IN Mississippi

Ashley Shettles

It's a nice idea nice place. I've taken my son a couple of times. It's very expensive and they charge you for the cards you are required to have to play games. One dollar each that can get pricey quick in it self. Staff could definitely use a revamp. Lots of their games either don't work at all or mess up while you are playing so that's a rip off. Could be a lot better place they charge enough to run the business proficiently hope they start.

Moriah McWilliams

My family and I came yesterday August 10, 2019 and it was not great at all. In places like these there should ALWAYS be a greeter at the door and there should ALWAYS be someone at the front desk to help. Neither of these occurred. We bought 4 cards to play and went straight to the Laser Tag area. Of course there was not one employee posted outside of the doors and we assumed maybe they were in a game so we waited patiently for about 10 minutes. My husband then went to the front desk to ask if there was a game in progress, where there was only one person at the counter, not to mention he had to wait for some time for her to even notice him (which he had to get their attention). She then stated she “thinks” there is a game in progress and did not bother even going to check. We then went on the floor to play a few games while we waited a while longer. When we went back over to the Laser Tag area still NO employees in sight. We sat for another 5 minutes, give or take, and still nothing. I sent my husband back to the counter where there were two employees standing at the counter doing something on the computer. They were facing him and saw him approach the counter. They did not say anything to my husband this time again and he had to say something to them. He asked again if there was still a game in progress and one of the girls response was “I think” and he says “well are you going to check?” After he showed some frustration she finally came around the counter to the Laser Tag area and there was NOT a game in progress. When we go in she asked us if we have been there before and my son has but the others had not so she then said do we need to watch the video? Is that not standard procedure anyway, a safety ordeal!! Then we go into the area to play and she exited after she counted to 10, one of the vests DID NOT work and when the game was over we exited the playing area and there was NO ONE in sight at this time. We then used the rest of the money on our cards and left the facility. This is the worst customer service we have EVER had. It looked as though there were only 2 employees there on a Saturday. It was hard to identify who the employees were. This is a horrible place of business.

Dwana Harvey

Fun place for the kids & kids at heart. My son & I did the bumper cars & the virtual roller coaster & it was crazy fun!

Brandon Chaney

This is awesome place to go some prices needs to be lowered tho.

Adams Briscoe

Lorenzo Thompson


Michelle Young

Fun entertainment

Kimberly Cagle

Event Zona is amazing but its way overpriced.

Mike Dawson

Small. Too expensive for grandkids for just an hour or two. If you cant spend the day then dont go here and pay

Erin Robbins

Courtney Carlisle

Great time for the family. The employees are very helpful, and the bathrooms are VERY clean!

Shelia McCain

Took 5 grands ages 19 to 4 they enjoyed all the different things they had.

Donna Mc.murry

it was nice we had a good time

Paige Sheffield

Good service and fun games!


It was crowded because I went on a weekend. The bowling is fun bit the arcade is sort of lackluster. Also sort of expensive but maybe it's just because it's new. It's a nice change of pace in tupelo because most new buildings are restaurants, but overall pretty fun.

Derek Stephens

It was okay

Chong Thompson-Lofton

Loved it. My first time in was a date night with my love. Enjoyed it

Scott Nowlin

My family has been here several times. We would highly recommend it. Great atmosphere. Really fun for kids. Also a date night to shoot pool. $10 an hour for pool. Bowling is a little high priced. Games $1. Unlimited Jumpers are $9.50 weekends and 7.50 weekdays. We have an absolute blast everytime we go.

Kristin Gravatt Belvin

Lots of fun games & activities.

Sheena Johnson

We visited Event Zona with a youth group and had a few disappointments. They told us when we arrived that we would be able to come and go from our bowling lanes (we had two) as we wanted to. Bowling was unlimited in the package we had. When we looked back at our lane, all of our items we left there assuming we would be right back over were gone and another group was bowling in the lanes we had been given. The price was high and our cards did not work as they were supposed to. Our kids had a good time but they did not get to do everything they were supposed to. We were unable to play the video games and when we asked for assistance they told us they should work. We spoke with a manager and he told us we should not listen to an associate next time that we should listen to a manager only. It seemed to be unorganized. I am giving two stars because our kids did have a good time and the idea and setup is great, but customer service and organization could be improved.

zhania Jennings

It's a great place to spend time with your family

Rebecca Westmoreland

GREAT family fun time

Kaleb Turner

Great fun but expensive ☹️

Jerry Carter

Set up your business in Greenwood, MS we need it. Very nice facility

Russell Smith

Very clean, well staffed. A little expensive with a high fun factor.

Elite Gamer

Fun for big kids too!

Haley Pattillo

I was there for a birthday party. it was clean and the people were very friendly, however the service was slow on the food and drinks coming out.

Allison Moore

Love the clown game there.


Great place to go they got laser tag bowling the kitchen great food and lots of fun I really enjoyed myself plan to go back many many times

Calvin Haas

kyle dostica

Go to chucke cheese for games a dollar a piece here and half of the 15 games they have dont work the bowling lanes didnt work and there is only 3 people on staff on a saturday night

Kerry McCollum

The guy working the front desk was pretty unknowledgeable on explaining how all the attractions worked. We went to the bouncy house area and it was completely unsupervised. There were larger kids over taking the smaller ones as they up the steps causing them fall down the stairs in the process. My daughter was trampled a few times while trying to climb up to the slides. Afterwards we tried the bumper cars and one of those didn't work. The bowling alley section did look very well put together, but we didn't try it.


EVERYTHING is expensive---laser tag, bowling, arcade games, food/drink, etc. Have to put money on a card to use arcade games BUT cash only for food and bowling and a couple other things. Played laser tag on 3 occasions and one time everything was totally messed up. Had issues with bowling too. Everything is new but in order to even partially justify cost it should at least be functional! Kids had fun but just be prepared to spend A LOT of money.

Justin Holcomb

Great overall experience! I had a slight issue and brought it to the staff. He promptly solved the issue and we had a great time! Thanks, Edward!

Neishaa Shii

Love It ! Great Place !

Faze red faze clan

GOOD: This place has a lot of fun things to do: lazer tag, bowling, bumper cars, bounce houses, arcade games. BAD: VERY EXPENSIVE for bday party. We paid nearly $400 (that includes 18%gratuity you have to pay host/hostess), and most evryone got a slice of pizza, but not everyone got a drink. The buffet is an xtra $10/person. The owner (Indian) lady accused one of our guest of not being with our party & tried to run him off, when we've known him his whole life & was most definitely in our party. Then she took the kids bracelets when they stayed in bounce houses a little too long. We might go back for bowling, but no more bday parties at this place for us. Incredible Pizza is half the price and it includes buffett so no one goes home hungry!

Annistyn Jade Corbell

Brian Plunkett

Nice place. Bowling alley is very good with five large screen TV's at the end of the alleys. Android tablets are in front of each alley.

Elizabeth Crowe

The staff is very rude for the prices

Jessica Mills

Richard Flood

I went to EventZona when it first opened and I must say, the facilities are still clean and look new, the staff is helpful and friendly. It's certainly not cheap entertainment, but you get value for what you pay for. I have only bowled there, but there is plenty to do for all ages, the food is good and plenty of beverage options. The only reason I can't give EventZona 5 stars is you have to pay for bowling (and everything else) up front. For example, if you decide to bowl an extra game or two, you have to go back to the register and pay. If you get hungry or decide you want another drink, you have to go back to the register and swipe your card again. When I first started going, I would have to swipe my card twice, sometimes 3 times. So you need to know up front EVERYTHING that you will want to do and buy if you don't want to leave out of there with multiple transactions on your card. If they could fix that process, I'd give it 5-stars.

Jeffrey Windham

One star for the idea of the place. Good setup and decent location. However, service was absolutely horrible.

Trae Rodgers

Rude employees

Brian Hatchett

Great place for the kids. New games, though some(air hockey) could use some Maintenance. Quite pricey, however.

Timothy Coman

I am their Director of Operations. We take reviews very seriously, however I must disagree with the comments regarding the majority of the games being broken ( this is not true ) There is also info at the bottom of your receipts and on the digital boards requesting to share your experience with us.

Diandrea Thompson

A fun and family friendly environment for all ages. They have laser tag a bowling alley and the video arcade plus many other options. If you get hungry they also have a snack bar. I brought my children and we stayed for hours.

Ashley Harville

I really love

Nicoliani Campbell

It's a good start but need to expand and add more games

Logan Davis

Normally have a great time with family and friends but got put on waiting list then watched 5 groups of people walk right up pay and play. What's the point in being put on a waiting list if a random group can walk in pay and play in front of you. Beat advice I have is if your going to train a new employee make sure you have an experienced employer right there with them. If you don't then your going to have a bad reputation. Aside from this it's a great place. ASIDE FROM THIS

Donna Haas

Fun family entertainment

Tammy Owens

Just from the reviews I won't be coming seems to be to expensive an things that don't work an just a mix of reviews that has me concerned about it... Thanks for sharing this before I came in an found out for my self.. I'll be looking for another place for my daughter's birthday

Roseanne Dillard

This place is awesome :)

Chris Woolum

fayerob mccullar

donald shumpert

Kids enjoyed it

Beauty Era

Roshod Forster

It's a fun place to play and have good family fun, but it's a little pricey and there aren't a lot of game choices as of yet.. gonna definitely keep an eye on this place.

Latasha Ross

I love it

Tracie Hendrix

Amanda Parker

Great place, lots to do

Solei Caldwell

I never been there but it seems fun and I am going

Marita McCurdy

Love atmosphere, big screens watch sports

James Mckinney


Tasha Lesure

A waste of money, better of going to house of bounce in satillo.

shelove kohliem

Unless you have a group, it isn't really worth the money.

Montae Miller

Kids loved it

Nancy Hall

Awesome place me and my family enjoy ourselves food was great will be back again

Hayden Johnson

Bowling was very fun but the only thing that ruined my trip was a very rude employee. Can't remember the guy's name but he did not care at all about his job and showed no interest in helping, or even speaking with customers.

Meg Reed

Max Stone

Great fun and activities for the kids

Samuel Smith

Had a fun time

Kim Johnson

Fun! Fun! Fun!

William Gibson

1. Management and staff need replacing. They are rude and do not care that over half the games are broken and gave no warning of this fact when selling those cards. 2. If over half your games are broken you should not be selling cards to play broken games. Fix it or shut down. 3. Fix the games you have and you need more games. Fill the empty area. This place barely has any working games and way too much empty space and in the past this has been why every arcade in Tupelo has failed except one and they have never been great but acceptable at least. This place gets one star from me and that's because it was clean. Had to go back with a friend from out of town. No different this trip. Poor service half of everything was broke. I didn't have to pay but I still felt bad about my friend paying. I dont see how they stay open.

Kelly M

Very nice on the inside. They have a VIP party room that has it's own bowling lanes, which is pretty cool. Wish they had more games in the arcade section, though.

Kristen Gordon

We had a fun time!!! It was a double date and we was not disappointed!!! We played two rounds of bowling and then VR and laser tag and games! You are gonna spend a bit but for someone that barely goes out it was worth it!!!

Ebony Bryant

High for bowling

Shonta Hamilton

They have lots of different things to play on for kids

Russ Luepnitz

The best entertainment for children, state of the art bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, very new and clean jumpy houses, all new arcade games. Fantastic fun.

Robin Roberts

Pricey but fun bowling alley and arcade.

Adam Hernandez

Had a great time. Lanes were great and the staff friendly. My boring partner helped make it a good time.

Bri Magee

My Husband and I have been looking for somewhere FUN to take our son on fall break, I was very interested in coming to EventZone, but after reading these reviews I WILL NOT be coming there is nothing I dislike more than bad customer service. The manager or owner of this place really needs to do some re-hiring is what is sounds like to me.

Steavan Ball

Great family experience

April Williams

Went here for the first time to celebrate my niece's 6th birthday and we had a blast...... I played the Walking DEAD game and thought I was Rick Grimes for a second (lol). My nephew got on the virtual reality ride with his mom and they had a blast. We were also able to play pool. This place was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and it was very clean. Our grandma had a place to sit and watch us all have fun.

Alex Hungeling

Jamie Harden

Great place for the kids

Nick Schultz

Very clean but pricing a bit high

Sidney Carter

I would have given the place 5 stars, but I am not a big fan of walking in the front door and being greeted by other customers screaming at the top of their lungs. This location has a virtual reality ride just to the right of the entrance. I'm sure it is a great attraction to have but the placement may not be the best due to riders screaming loudly

Allen Conner

Better than the rest of things to do in Tupelo , new up beat you don't have to pay for music lol helps a lot when it's usually a dollar per song ,every little bit helps out right !!

Kim DuBose

I had so much fun here. I will definitely be doing this again.

David Terry


Haley Jack

Very friendly staff, clean place and good prices on everything

Charla Laney

This place was so weird....that's the best way I can describe it. Right when we walked in the staff just stared at us and didn't say one word, I greeted them. Some of them even walked away as we went towards the counter. The lady was not helpful to us even though I told her we had never been there before. Prices are confusing and too high. We paid for the VR ride and one of the headsets weren't working and it was a huge ordeal to get a free ride to compensate. The entire time the staff seemed like they were zombies. We left right after the VR ride will not be returning.

Tammy Rigual

Great way to entertain the kids but it's a little pricey. The kids loved it. Staff members are friendly and helpful

Karen Helms

We had a Great time at my nieces Birthday Party!!!!!!!!

sir francis

Its alright and it does make for good fun

Rebekah Joslin

The employees was amazing specially Beth and lindsey...Event Zone was clean and an wonderful place..

Debra Wilemon

Fun place for kids with bowling, arcade, fun jump room and laser tag.

Vivian Chandler


Friendly staff. A lot smaller inside than you'd think and much higher in price compared to Chuck E. Cheese games and Rebel Lanes Bowling alley in Tupelo. Been 2 or 3 times and food/drink area is never open.

Lakisaha Beeks

Nothing but fun

Jennifer Bolen

Staff is very unfriendly and not helpful at all. They need a new staff. Prices are way to high. Thought it would be fun but it is awful.

Wythan Wheelison

derrick riley

Had fun.. the kids enjoyed it... pockets was


Facility is small, it's fun but more for children under 16

Ben Hunter

Arcade is expensive as is the food and bowling. For two kids and the wife we ended up spending over a $100 for two games of bowling and the arcade. My daughter played the key game that is a total ripoff, the key went in and turned twice and she didn't win the prize. After speaking with the manager she stated that ever since she has worked here no one has won the game. We will stick to House of Bounce in Saltillo and try Rebel Lanes for bowling. Great concept, great area with growth, need some new marketing geared toward family budget fun.


Good food and good service! My son had a blast!

Sierra Reid

Fun fun fun!

Bryce Kuykendall

New management is awesome. Very family friendly, will be back for sure

Angy Abner

A bit pricey, but worth the extra $.

Sandra Verrell

Staff very friendly and helpful. 2nd time with church group, will be back.

hannah stone

Amazing had lots of fun!!!!!

Donna Clardy

Needs more to do

Dejah Gordon

Wasn't impressed. Walked in. Walked all around building. None of the employees spoke till asked a direct question. And then acted as if it was a hardship to answer. Weren't interested in anything other than their private conversation.

Melissa Ferguson

Brought 6 people over, would have been okay but very understaffed and was over priced

David webb

Joshua Harris

This place is a waste of time and money. For the most part the management was nice... EXCEPT FOR THE HALF INDIAN, HALF AFRICAN ANERICAN GIRL WITH BANDANA AROUND HER HEAD. Get some workers here that are family friendly like the new young white guy.. didn't catch his name. Don't treat your customers like we are just a deposit in your account. I kinda felt like I was at the fair, the way I was ripped off by a few of the machines,"and I have those 4 machines on video if I need to further express my statement". 4 games didn't even work at all. The other 3 took money though and still didn't work. My family will never return to this place, and I will share my experience with all that I feel fit. THANK YOU EVENT ZONA FOR RUINING MY FAMILY WEEKEND.

Jason Henry

Love it good prices great location

Amy Red

Nice little new arcade type thing for the kids but holy heck at the cost!!!!!!! This is a complete rip off if you take all things into consideration. Can't even play without buying a card. Go to the park or something and save your cash.

Tab G

Great for family games, fun and birthday parties.

Shelia Wigginton

We had a great birthday bash...Thanks to a very nice lady, supervisor Ms. Donna...

Landon Miles

I am a 180 average bowler. I went to Event Zona to have fun but this place was so terribly awful. The shoes didn’t slide, there were no reactive balls, no oil on the lanes, and our machines kept breaking. I’ve worked at a bowling alley for upwards of four years. I’ve been in tournaments at many different bowling alleys. As I said, I normally bowl in the 180s or 190s. Tonight, I bowled a 50. I had zero fun. Terrible service and terrible bowling alley. I will NOT be back.

J Mac

Jason Wray

Nice place for the famliy

Jeff Kidd

Had a good time bowling.

James Nanney

Great place to go gaming for a family day

Mackenzie Hill

Awesome place

eli smith

Cost to much money

Chris Timbes

Clean, well maintained inside. Friendly staff. Good family fun.

Linda Ruth

Only done bowling so far, first trip. Everything looks great. Will be back. Stuff to do for all ages.

Jason Elzie

My kid loves this place. Great family fun for kids and adults.

melissa cox

Please don't make the same mistake we did and waste any of your hard earned money on this place. The so called "manager", Jacob (toboggan guy with gauge in ear) cussed us and talked to us like we were less than human, he threatened to call the police and have us kicked out (including my children) all because we had asked to speak to someone other than him, since he wasn't willing to resolve our issue. This kid should never be allowed to work with the public! The real manager Tim Coman, tried to repair the damage but it was too late. We will blast this on every avenue we can and will never enter those doors again. I would suggest House of Bounce in Saltillo where Lindsay and Scotty will provide you with a MUCH better experience.


It's okay. It don't really have alot to do there. Not enough games, and the food wasn't good. I feel like they could do better on the food and add more games.

Tatianna Mcguire

One of the games glitches and shut down after we had spent $40 playing this game then one of the employees proceeds to reset the game and then play said game while scrolling facebook for 20 minutes as we watched he refused to speak to us and wouldn't even tell us who the manager was when we finally tracked down management he refused to refund we will never step foot in this place again

Jessica Watts

Good place! Very clean. Employees were nice.

Dexter Ruffin

Always a good time. Also I keep finding something new

Kemmins Cockerham

We waited in line for an hour because they never answered their phone for a reservation or returned our messages. The first time we went it was great and only cost $20 for an hour and a half of bowling + laser tag + $5 for games. The second time we went, when we got there we got charged $4 each on top of the $20 for gratiuity (aka service charge). They didn’t serve us anything, and their attitudes were ridiculous—so it confused us why we were tipping for no services at all. We won’t be back.

Shoddy Mac


Vaughn Johnson

Great kid's spot

Courtney Hadley

Awesome time

Jennifer Clifton

PeeWee Davis


Ricki Harrison

Nice to have something for kids, but expensive for what you get

skyler west

drippy b

It has a bunch of games and it is like better than a fair

Jaysen Hogue

Waited in line 15 minutes to get in. Only 2 staff members working. Bowling lanes are cheap. They have waves in the lane that make the ball bounce. Balls got stuck every 2nd frame and had to ask staff to get them 5 times in 1 game. TV-14 shows playing on projectors at the back of lanes with 5 year olds bowling on several lanes. Waited 10 minutes to ride bumper cars due to no staff member being over there. Paid $4 per child to ride 3 minutes. Bowling was expensive as well. Nice arcade games. Jumping room is $9 per person.

Jennie Collier

Travis Red

Nice but very overpriced

David Bell

YourFavorite Dingler

Loved it

Glenn Hamby

Bout time we get a new bowling alley. Fun and really nice place.

Toni Poole

A lil pricey but pretty nice place

Michael Argo

Gotta bowl

Rose Stacy

Fun for the children, but pricey

Graveyard Enterprise

Entertaining place!

Crystal Caldwell

Michael Angle

Just not worth what they charge. Eight bucks for laser tag then the gun didn’t even work. First and last visit.

Reagan Byrne

Really nice place; fun and great service.

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