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REVIEWS OF Tuttle's IN Minnesota

Gail Matson

Great location and venue. The Greatful Dead tribute band was good but the Waite staff was really slow and kept disappearing when we wanted to order more food and drinks--and the place had less than 100 people so they should have been able to handle the patrons.

Shannon Crissey

I try to go bowling a few times a year, and have tried several places in the twin cities. Tuttle's is always a favorite! I prefer the atmosphere, more laid back. Service is always great and prices are reasonable. There's usually a special going on for bowling or food. Think I've only ordered food aside from drinks once and it was surprisingly good!

Michelle Malaska

Great service, food, drinks, bowling and arcade. Great for kids and adults!!

Tanya Cirilo

Food was great.. Taco salad, cheese curds and buffalo wings.. Yum..

Shawn Morgan

Good friendly place and good food

Timothy Walker

I like bowling w kids. French fries were good. I'm not a fan of kid zone with 'tickets & prizes.' Makes kids beg for games to win junky stuff.

Justin Smith

Great for birthdays or just for playing. Food is Good, staff is nice. Happy I went here and intend to go back.

Theresa De Los Reyes

Great place for leagues and recreational activities, but they really need to work on the parking, we bowl on a Wednesday League and it is always hard to park.

Jared Ponce

a little pricey

Pat Addy

Nice live music on Saturdays. Fun people watching. The food is not necessary. The White Claw sparkling seltzer cans are the most expensive I have ever seen. We paid $6.36, $7.95, and $7.45 on the same night. Ouch!... not good Tuttles!! The bowling alley is good. They have pull tabs.


Nice place to go bowling and have a bite to eat. The burgers are

Brian D

This place is great. Met a few buds up there to slam a couple brews and pull a few tabs. I saw a guy with suspenders and sweat pants and that usually means people are having a good time. A kids pizza party in the bar area flushed us out but this is decent place to go to roll and have a few pitchers. GD cover plays up here every month, good times.

Natasha Legky

Great atmosphere and good food. I will definitely be coming back here sometime soon.

Andy Paul Robertson

My favorite place

Trey Blythe

Awesome alley with amazing food and drinks.

Douglas Radunzjr

Nice place to bowl

Mart J

Music, chill patio, chicken outstanding, killer staff and ownership

Steve Gordon

Bowling alley food and don't be in a hurry.

Ryan Finnegan

Been around for a long time and is consistently a lively, fun place to be!

Mauricio Loria

Great pizza and bowling

Paul Gerst

I did not bowl today food and the music was great

Reina Rubio

Okay place went with my kids and they liked it

James Sobtzak

Fun for the family, decent bar, good food!

Nathan Oliver

The live music is a diamond in the rough. Worth checking out ❗

Vince Tatum

Terrible place. They had a private party in the bar so you were dependent on the worlds worst server. They had only one server working the lanes but she was also working in the bar. They had a band in the bar with the doors open so the noise from that drowned out the music that they were playing on the lanes. Also, half of the lanes didn’t work. We had to switch lanes and I watched 3 other groups also get moved as well. The tables were covered with dirty dishes and everything was sticky. Would not recommend anyone ever go there

Shawn Baird

They need to revamp everything inside that place it's like it's from the 80s

Jerald Stiele

Great food and outstanding service!

Sean Gilson

Exceptionally clean bowling alley.. Good food

Jim Glover

Just a neighborhood joint with very basic fare. The bowling is typical. Decent neighborhood bar/ restaurant and bowling alley

brant walsh

Went here for a company outing. Had a great time and pizza was made in house which was nice!

Jason Kaluzny

Had an excellent time for my brother's birthday. Open late. Very hospital staff. Definitely, good times.

Bear Hackett

Nice bowling alley lanes are maintained well but the iced tea is not right, or maybe it's because I'm from TEXAS but all in all a nice establishment

youtube master227

Italian sausage pizza was great! Good variety in the menu. We will be back.


Good place to hangout

VeeGey The Libertine

Best place to go bowling. Love the staff there and the food!

Gary Jorgenson

Good place for afternoon beer

Tracy Schopf

It was our first time there. Very friendly waitress and bartender. Food was delicious. Great bowling as well! We will definitely go back.

Sean Palmgren

Family friendly, fun bowling


Excellent food, good service! Tuna melt was perfect & Caesar Chicken awesome beer cold. Only add would be if option of sweet tea. Otherwise good service

charles barker

Decent bar area.

Dan B.

Decent place, nice decor, good sound I g room for music. Terrible service...tables ignored, ignored at the bar...really haven't had a harder time getting a beer anywhere.

Madisen Hyatt

Great place for everyone in the family! Good bar food and drinks! The bowling is very reasonably priced, the best I've seen in the burbs and cities. Have a little arcade and prizes for the kiddos! In the summertime they have bands which is my favorite! Offer leagues and summer bowling discounts for kids (a great way to get them out of the house)! Family owned, staff are always friendly!

Eric Swanson

Friendly and helpful staff!

Daniel Harrington

Good time bowling here.

Brittany Stevens

For a fun and affordable night out with your friends, Tuttle's is your place! Prices for bowling are far better here than most of the other alleys in the area, so you get more bang for your buck. The bowling alley is clean, and they play some great music to keep up your energy. The wait staff is also friendly, helpful and keeps the drinks flowing... They're great at giving recommendations, too! Food and drinks here seem reasonably priced, and they're made well.

Angela R. Hunt

Excellent lanes, excellent customer service- it was my friend's birthday. We bowled late, staff was attentive and made his birthday fantastic. We were the only ones there and they treated us well. Highly recommend.

Mary Beth Pottratz

Great bowling for kids and adults. Restaurant with delish ice cream.

Cahler Matthies

Great bowling alley! Can't beat the 7$ bowling and breakfast on Sunday mornings. You get 2 games and eggs toast and hash browns!

elizabeth leach

Pizza was great & they have delicious cheese curds. Very nice and friendly staff.

Todd Barkus

Good food, drinks. Great spot for a Christmas Party.

Carrie Schmitz

Great food, big portions & a great price. Super fun family place for any age.

Piero Bernini

Crazy affordable bowling alley. And the food was amazing.

Casey Henrichs

Work sponsored event was held here. Service was great! Pizza was very good and very cheesy. Bowling was fun but lanes were not oiled the best. Some had no oil on the approach causing shoes to stick, others had issues on the lanes themselves. Could have been due to the evening timing of the event, not a big issue as we were bowling for fun not competition.

Kila Kelly

Giving this restaurant only one star is ideal because my food was actually very good. However, we had a number of issues with our service. We were not checked on ONE time during our dinner. We had to grab our own silverware and condiments because we couldn’t get the attention of a single server. We were brought the incorrect drinks. One of our entrees came on a cutting board- not a plate. Yes, we understand that certain entrees are served that way, but at least offer a plate. I had to ask for the check multiple times before we even got the time of day from a different server- who told me he would send my original server to our table. I’m that that we won’t be returning because of the service rather than the food. I’ve worked in food service, so I hate not leaving a tip. But I’ve worked in food service, so our waiter did NOT deserve a tip. Find better help, or train your staff.

Little Blind Spot

Well maintained. Clean. Good summertime deals for the kids. Good food. Prices are good.

Kaiser Soze

Some of the worst lanes I have bowled on. They are very greasy, and the oil pattern is nothing like a standard pattern of dry outside to oily inside. I can work my first ball on most other lanes about any way I want to, but not here.

Cheryl Truss

Waiting 15 minutes in the bar for food service. Decides to go elsewhere

Nycole Jackson

Service was horrible. Bartender was horrible. Bowling was so much fun!!

Lazuara Stone

Nice atmosphere and good pizza! They need a dart board though.

Kirsten Thibault

Bowling was fun, great atmosphere and music. The serving could've been a lot better. We waited a while for our pitcher and were at the end of our game and still hadn't got food we ordered almost when we walked in. Not sure if it was an issue in the kitchen or what, it definitely seemed like they were understaffed for a Friday night.

Kelly Ness

Great bowling place and the best band around on Friday. Family friendly all around.

Wyatt Heimlich

Great bowling! Service can be better, just a lack of staff if anything! When service is available they’re great!


Nice bowling alley, although pretty dry/sticky lanes.


The nachos was more of a taco salad than nachos. Also, I ordered the chicken tenders basket and both the garlic toast and the chicken were overcooked. The chicken was so overcooked that it tasted more like jerky than a chicken tender.

dayna LadyD

Ish to the service Ish to the drinks Ish to the tables set up all the way to the stage Ish to thr placement of tables and people walking Ish to the waitresses that dont clean tables Ish to the flat soda Ish to the lack of quality mixers

Justin Schultz

Great clean lanes and great service. My new go to!

Ian Kyte

Great service and fantastic food and drink!

Chetan Newaskar

Good variety beers...

Jana B

Servers were nice but they were limited by the bartenders who couldn't keep up with demand. Very Long waits for drinks. The band was awesome!!

Matthew Winterer

Great league bowling. The food is awesome, a notch above common bar fare for sure!

hippie george

Great venue with great staff. Very very welcoming.

jane boyer

Very accommodating

Richard Tucci

Total entertainment center-field food and beverage!

Stephen Jones


Sharon Wahala

Music a bit too loud. Customers were all chatting laughing and having a good evening. A family place too as babes and young children were also present.

Nathan Briscoe

I'm a huge fan of tunnels. Everything from the servers to the bowling lanes to the bar. Huge fan

James Giant Floor Sander

Pizza is good. Food is good. Service is a little slow but very friendly. Bowling if you bowl. Nice arcade game room.

Nathan Garrett

Awesome place, very fun for all ages if with family, and a great place to play pool, darts, bowl, or play the arcade

Michael Orts

Charge per drink of sodas, teas, etc. Without letting you know. Shady business practice. Lanes were dirty, as well.

Debbie Taylor

Great family place and great food

Alison Baker

Casual, comfortable atmosphere. Good service. Good food.

Holly Ricke

Good music, great service

Kris Karlson

Great place, great music. Always have a great time

Katie N.

The GM or manager - whoever he was - is a COMPLETE a**hole. We took our Amsterdam friend here just for a casual activity and he accidentally forgot his passport (but had his ID). He asked if that was okay to use that for a beer or if he needed to run home to get his passport. The manager charged over and instead of answering like a professional and treating us like decent humans, he actually got verbally aggressive with us and also screamed at our friend. We tried to cool the guy down by saying we understood and would run home to get his passport, but the guy just kept freaking out. I have worked in the bar/restaurant industry for years, so I can vouch that it is sometimes very stressful, but no one was causing any trouble but the manager (and by the way, the place was practically dead). Our friend drove back to get his passport while we finished our drinks (only reason we stayed), and the manager must have came down from his tweak or something because he came and apologized and offered us a gift card. We actually declined it and left. Advice to the manager: lithium is your friend.

Tim Truex

Terrible service, bartender seemed lost. We walked out before even ordering food after 30 minutes of waiting to even place an order. Cost them at least $500 with a big group...hire more/better bartenders...

Chuck Smith

Awesome fun for the kids bowling. They have pizza drinks. Arcade is weak but there are about 7 games. Redemption and air hockey. 1 big led screen touch game.

Definitely Breakable

Food is better than one might expect for this sort of establishment. Recommend the waffle fries, which have a well-seasoned batter.

Sam Wymer

Great half price burgers Mondays 11-3

Eric Trowbridge

Service is terrible! There was 12 of us so you would think any waiter or waitress would be drooling to get us taken care since there would be a really good tip involved. I guess not though. 15 to 20 mins for our waiter to even notice us. To the drink orders he brought the wrong drinks and we were well done with our drinks by the time he showed up again. 40 mins in finally was able to order our food from another waitress cause who knows what our original waiter was doing. Imagine our suprise though when a person in our party got the wrong food she didn't even order... at the end of the night our original waiter came out of the abyss and asked all 12 of us what we had to eat and drink so he could give out the Bills which was very annoying. Especially when he served us our drinks and why didn't he just the waitress that took our food order what we ordered? Instead of interrupting our whole table by asking everyone what they had to drink and eat. The best parts were when the two other tables in front of us were waiving down a waiter or a waitress to try to get some service. Staff needs to be more aware of literally everything! Their service times, more attention to customers/ checking on their customers tables on a regular basis. Never in my life have I had on waiter for drinks and a waitress for our food which apparently was the best solution the establishment could up with after one of our party got and complained to the bartender. Will not recommend this place at all and how they have a 4.2 rating on Google is beyond me.

heather wangstad

Great prices and awesome staff!

Fonta Zimm

Good happy hours

Mark Olson

Can't go wrong with bowling and burgers. Nice lanes, good food. Rodeo burger rocks! Veggie burger rules! A great place to spend a few hours. We will be back if we are in the area again!

Jeff Hancock

Solid place, great staff (Lacy). Food tends more towards meh...

Matthew Hausladen

Good place to bowl, even if you're an advanced bowler. Only gripe is the cost per game feels a tad high.

Lance Kilroy

Great food and fun!!!

Dee DenHartog

Great hometown spot for bowling and good food. And awesome birthday parties for kids!

Connor Hargett

Only complaint was the bowling balls were greasy, but that could just be because I was there Jan 1st and they were extra greasy after NYE.

Eric Hennessey

Great food great music great staffi

Mark Banta

Had a great tasting bacon cheeseburger!

james keeman

Rude staff bad food people were getting kicked out for changing there score they payed to play and got no refund for using the tools provided to have fun like chill

clint canfield

Thank you Tuttles and the staff for an awesome birthday..

Rachel Vadnais

Nice local place for food, drink, bowling, karaoke and small arcade. The price of everything is reasonable. Staff is very friendly.

Lisa Sphatt

Fun bar with live band

Scott Siebenaler


Rich Reynolds

Gross bowling shoes, dirty tables, no ketchup bottles with ketchup actually in them, half their yap beers were unavailable cause the cooler was broken, service was 33 minutes to get our first beer delivered after the wrong order was delivered after 18 minutes, never saw our waiter again until I went and got him, went to the bar for future needs, and understaffed on a busy Sunday night. I go here often as it’s locally owned but the A game is down to a C game anymore. The three star rating is for the bartender and waitress who were very apologetic and their sincere effort to remedy the situation .

Andy Braun

Love this place! They got it all! An awesome bowling alley with great music, food, patio, bar, pull tabs, meet raffles, arcade, lots of TVs to watch the game, fun for the whole family.

Susan Vogelpohl

had a 60th Birthday party for my sister recently, service was the worst ever, we had to ask 3 to 4 times to order and then it wasn't what was ordered, you think they would want to cater to a large group and keep the food and beverages flowing. what a disaster. I personally would never go back


My experience here was a bit mixed if I'm honest. Games are moderately priced, but the food is quite expensive. We had issues with people who couldn't control their kids in the lane next to us, and our own lane stopped working about halfway through our first game. We eventually got it sorted out, but not without a long delay and inadequate compensation for our time.

Kimber Luedtke

We sat at a table next to the bar. The service was very good. However, it was pretty slow for a happy hour. My one complaint is that the quesadillas were really bland and dry. I still gave this a rating of 5 because I have had very good food there before.

Mitch Rakotz

Excellent food!

Sharon Dascher

Great music Loose Rock

Denise Farrell

Ann always gives us great service. Love her!

Nancy Vest

Nice place. Good service. Comfortably casual. Low prices.

Kelly Fager

Bowling, food, bar, patio. Great place to meet people

JMNĪ Gemini

Teresa is a great waitress. The food is AMAZING; did I mention a free beverage with breakfast on the weekends? There's bowling too if you'd like or can, after eating.


Went there just for dinner and was pleasantly surprised with the live music and really good food! A fun way to unwind on a Friday night.

Robert Haase

Pretty good Burger and fries. The pizza looked really good but didn't try it this time. Somewhat loud atmosphere with live music. Good for kids and adults.

derrick mickens

The prices are decent here and this is my most recommended bowling alley to anyone that wants to bowl and have family night or whatever

Katelynn Olson

Fun bowling but does not accommodate children very well, despite having "Kids bowl free". Outside food is not permitted even for special needs children which is very inconvenient when your special needs child wont/cant eat the food here. I highly do NOT recommend this place unless you plan on not eating, we were forced to eat outside on the ground with our special needs child.

Hai Le

Great lanes and good food. Awesome place to have a kid's birthday party.

Pamalla mielke boyce

Good food, good people!

Bluemystic 76

Amazing music

Alexander Gold

Was finally approached by the blonde haired waitress this evening 4 7 18 an hour after starting to bowl. I asked to get some water to start us off and she took another 10 minutes to get that. we then asked her for some chips and salsa and a pitcher of water. She pointed at the partially full pitcher another group had been drinking from and said just drink that one and walked away. The chips came by a different waitress who was kind enough to say she'd bring us a new pitcher of water , yet the chips are stale. Honestly pretty expensive but I understand a business has to make money. Let's work on having better service, I've definitely seen bbn it busier than this so that's no excuse.

Julie Bunny

Good food, has its own dining room that even featured live music when I went. There is a very small arcade room. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Neville Perera

Great happy hour prices. Quick food service. Great bowling lanes.

TomtT Lebolf

Very quick checkout

Stuart Haase

Good food, OK service but whoever prepares the lanes for bowling is either lacking in experience or just plain inept. That is by far the worst non competitive shot for league bowlers I have ever seen in over 40 years of bowling and moreover this establishment has absolutely the worst reputation for that in the entire metro. I have brought this to the attention of the management staff several times with no explanation or corrective results

Abel Venancio

Great place to go bowling. Love how it is easy to get everything set up.

Jodi Folstad

Comfortable. Nice atmosphere. Family oriented. Wish i had known about it when i first moved here..

Erin Eggan

They need to hire more people if they can’t handle being busy on a Saturday night with a band. I’ve been sitting over an hour waiting for a drink when I was told they didn’t have what I wanted so I’d have to wait cause they had to go get it out of the back room so I changed what I was going to get thinking it would be faster and now I’ve finally received my drink almost an hour since I’ve been here. Kinda ridiculous get your act together. I’ll think twice about Coming back here on a Saturday evening. Worst service I’ve had in a long time!!!!

Lisa Lewis

When customers order diet specific (diabetic child) and they order a Diet Coke the waitstaff should bring a Diet Coke! NO she served him a regular coke and skyrocketed his blood sugar level to 512 normal range should be 120-150. Also very diassapointed that tuttles has no carb counts for their menu items we won’t be going back there again! The waitress was very rude and seemed as if we were a inconvenience to her evening when I know her tips from this party could have been really good at this point she deserved nothing. It was very hot and stuffy as if the ac was not working

brandon morris

A great place to hang out and bowl and great food

Dave Inselmann

Our youth group likes it

Leslie Swensen

Was a fun little, place, but not much for prizes. They're priced waaay too high kids that want to pick something out and end up with a cheap rubber bouncy ball? Like super ball size for a hundred tix. Or, hot wheels car etc. Disappointed went into restaurant and ordered a drink and an app. The waitress decided the change was hers without my permission. I had to go and ask her for my change lol...couldn't belive it. Bet you I'm probably not the only one it's happened to unfortunately. The wings were okay youth. Drink was weak, stick with a beer.

Irene Gre

Fun bowling place for entire family

John Aloysius

Good place to bowl and catch a live show.

Jenna Guggisberg

A fun place to bring your family to bowl! Plus, they have a full menu with great food.

Ray Hansen

Good service good soup

scott heiserman

So much fun in one place. Great staff too. Excellent live music.

Christopher Pfankuch

Lanes are a little over oiled for my taste but fun none the less

Lauren Featheringill

Great place to bowl!

Michael Leimer

We go there frequently because the food is great and the staff is friendly. Extensive menu for a bowling alley.

Joseph Biener

Great place for food, and a beer. But if you are any bit of a bowling enthusiast, this place leaves a lot to desire. The lanes are pretty sticky and the staff is unapologetically aware of it which only makes it more of a disappointment. If you know it's an issue, fix it.

Patricia Richardson

Small town feel with friendly staff and patrons. Something for everyone in the family; bowling, live music, and tasty eats. Nothing fancy, but friendly and fun for all!


I bowl here often and they have great prices and a good amount of lanes. The bar has specials and the food is good.

Biff Blanstin

Good service and great atmosphere

Ray Tuenge

Good service great meal.

Gary Koelsch

A great place to eat and bowl

Nancy Dorsey

We had a great night here listening to the C-Notes play! The server was very friendly & on top of our orders. Will definitely be coming back!

Martin Buffington

Bowling was fun but some how one of the servers thought I didn't get any food but when my fieance and my friends went to order I said what I want but some how and once I told her it took 20 to 30 minutes to get my food it shouldn't take that long

Sabir Patel

Excellent place and great service. We went for our office team event and was fun.

Erica Ellis

Fun bowling spot, awesome staff!!! Pizza and other foods were delicious!

Michelle Doyle

Friendly staff and great service!

Brad Armstrong

Great place to have a party. Everyone is so nice food is goodl

Amritam Malhotra

Great Summer passes offer

Kathy Miller

GREAT walleye sandwich. Good place for Hopkins H.S. lunch.

Ian Wilson

Fun place. Food is okay

Cathi Angus

Great food! Ordered the Mediterranean salad and it came with artichokes and kalamata olives... Not your run of the mill bowling alley food... Loved that!

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