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1691 Park Pl Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55416, United States Located in: The Shops at West End

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REVIEWS OF Punch Bowl Social Minneapolis IN Minnesota

Jake Vieau

Just had a very awkward experience. Sat down at the bar. The bartender was looking at the liquor bottles. Came over about 2 minutes later and asked for our drink orders. She then disappeared in back for another period of time, I assumed she needed a bottle for the drink I requested. She comes back (not with something used to make requested beverages). At the point I realize she is still making drinks for a table. All the while, 3 employees are just standing at the host stand. Clearly this bartender could use some help. I mentioned this to the ladies at the front who just gave me a deer in the headlights look and did not even respond. I am new to the area as we just moved into one of the new apartment complexes in the West End. It has been fun trying all the great places over here but Punch Bowl Social will not be one of them. Best of luck!

Sheena Curry

What a fun place! There are so many things to do, including karaoke, arcade games, bowling, and board games. The atmosphere is light and fun and the food was so much better than I could have imagined! Get the super food grain bowl. I know it sounds boring and bland but far from it! They toss it in this Miso Ginger Vinaigrette that is so delicious. Our reservation was for 7:30 but the friendly staff was able to seat us a little early and our server was personable and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back!

Cole Steven

I've been to the PBS in Chicago and was really excited to go here. We had a pretty poor experience. As other reviewers have said it seems like everything is rented out for private events. You shouldn't have to look at Facebook. I understand that on weekdays, but on weekends? We also had very poor service. Incorrect food, had to remind multiple times for drinks, and of course server always missing when you need them, and double charging. We had to wait nearly 10 minutes to get pens. Redeeming quality is the drinks are fantastic and the food is good if not a short menu. We'll maybe get them again in a 6 months or so.

Hugo Sanchez

Bartender was not professional at all. Could have handled a simple situation better than he did and continued to be rude and curse at my friend. Mathew the manager did go out of his way to make us feel comfortable. We appreciate his professionalism

Sandie Freitag

Awesome family place a bit expensive but great for big families

David Gerbuz

Awesome place. Lots of different activities. Variety of beers and drinks at the bar and they have a restaurant also.

Ben Diger

Very big space, lots to do. Service was ok. Took absolutely forever to cash out at the bar. Not really sure why they would close an entire bar at 11 on a Friday.

Pete Boisclair

Really fun atmosphere, the servers were excellent and provided very friendly service. Food was good especially the lobster fries (we asked for them without bacon). Definitely recommend getting a punch bowl to share with the group too! Bowling was fun and loved all the unique seating areas you can get together with friends at. Photo is of my friend enjoying a free slice of cake for his birthday celebration!

Ryan Bolduan

The food was reasonable. Although the juevos had far too much vinegar, likely from the bottled hot sauce. The chicken in the chicken and waffle was merely reasonable. The service though was terrible. Our bartender was eventually pretty responsive, but that was after waiting for 10 minutes just to get a menu. The host stand was empty for most of that time. I see no reason to return.

Matt Springer

Fun. Big. Lots to do and see. Love the secret door to the parking garage..., so you don't have to go outside in the cold.

Tucker Jensen

While the eclectic feel is interesting, expect an underwhelming beer selection. PBS seems to fit into West End quite well as you’ll find young professionals eager to impress each other with the amount they’re willing to spend on expensive drinks, each drifting further and further into credit card debt. Good food tho.

Kristen Husby

There was nothing I wanted to eat on their new menu. There is probably 1 server for every 2 ppl, so they appear overstaffed for the 20 odd ppl in the place and still manage to have extremely slow service. I keep going back for brunch, hoping it will get better, but after the menu changes and the continued disinterested service, my friends and I will not be back.

Shane Lange

Punch Bowl has all kinds of entertainment for large groups or small. With multiple bars drinks flow frequently. Bowling, Bags, Bocce, and Board Games there's always something to play here.

James Wahl

Super clean with great service, amazing food and drinks!!!

Louie Succio

I had the 12 grain bowl and it was surprisingly good! Full of flavor and crunch. My partner had the Shrimp Burger and it was terrible. The burger was so salty it was almost inedible. A friend at the table also got the Shrimp Burger and it tasted just as salty. I would have given 1 less star if it weren't for the delicious rosemary fries and the solid drinks.

David A

Decent spot. Service and food typically good. They have a lot of fun games to play. Good choice for a group.

Ann Kernan Roll

Fun place for non-alcoholic drinks too! Consider the shrimp tacos, they are excellent.

Heidi Garrard

A nice gathering for the company party. Food , desserts and drinks were good, servers were very in top of orders, I enjoyed the variety. The rest of the restaurant was very busy, but seemed under control.

Melanie Webster

This was our second time here, the first w time we werent impressed but this time was awesome! I had the lobster roll, which was seasoned to perfection. My husband had the Knockoff burger which he really enjoyed as well. Fun atmosphere and lots to do for a date night or out with friends and family.

Joseph Jurek

Great place to go on a first date or a date night in general. They accommodate to both masses, people that drink and people that don't. People that eat healthy and people that like a little grease. They have several fun games and the place is massive with something always going on. $$$ when it comes to games, food and drinks combined

Chloe Bowman

Very fun place for a group! Reserve a bowling ally. Very packed even on a weekday. I am absolutely obsessed with the High Fashion cocktail. So much so that I've recreated it at home. Fruity and delicious!

Michael Szczepanski

Good food consistently terrible service.

Kelvin Simms

Amazingly fun restaurant! The food is quality and the service is excellent, but the best part is the atmosphere of fun and joy. With board games, bocce ball, bowling, darts, cornhole, and more, Punch Bowl Social is great for family, friends, and dates. Some games are free and some have a cost like bowling and billiards. The dining space and bars are expansive.

abby b

Cool idea for a place and it's huge. Drinks are expensive and our bartender was very rude

Adam Morgan

Pretty good; probably, the best food in the West End. Though, that's not saying much. Since we're grading on a curve, 4 stars.

Kevin Anderson

Really Fun Place... Ping Pong, Foosball, Bags, Bowling

Tyler Eufer

This place was very fun! Large area with some fun games. Some of the food is overpriced and the drinks were kinda watered down, but the service was excellent and the atmosphere was great.

Andrea Alava

I really enjoyed this place and really liked the games you could play while having a few drinks. Great place to bring people to.

Kimberly Hubner

Great service and the food was fabulous. There were so many wonderful choices that we decided to order several items and split so we could experience many things! The Shake for the King was so delicious! We will definitely be back!

Adam Markley

Just neat. Games, homemade food and drinks. We had a great time and were well taken care of.

mike deboer

Interesting and arcade/bowling.

Kari Brecht

Fun environment and delicious food!

Jeff Cullison

Food is very well thought out, unique but classic and comfortable. Bar is large and hits on most everything as an option. Staff seems decent, but I had very minimal interaction. Cherry on top - bowling, arcade, games games and more games.

Salima Seale

Really yummy food. The houe made barbecue sauces are a must! Lots of fun games for everyon.

Brian Michaelis

Food has always been great. No complaints there. However, sevice is lacking (on more than just one occasion) - which wrecks the experience. Waited forever for drinks / food. When we finally got the check - pen didn't work.

Rylie Moore

I am never disappointed when I come here. I really thought I was going to be when I saw that the cauliflower nachos aren’t on the menu right now but I was pleasantly surprised by the squash nachos replacement! Lots of space to sit, creative drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), plus a bowling alley! This will always be one of my favorite places.

Tricia DeBoer

Fun place. Decent happy hour, 3p-6p weekends? Seem to be ecofriendly, which I love! Disposable hay straws for drinks and no one time use plastic that I noticed, nice job!

Brendan Ellis

This place is litty in the city. Good food, lots of games to play and most importantly delicious cocktails.

Daniel Kanani

seems to have a good drinks menu and plenty of fun games and options. the shrimp tacos were without a doubt the worst I've ever had. disgusting. falafel sandwich and fries for $13.75?? just go to holy land for a better deal and REAL falafel

Elizabeth Siemers

Hi! The reason for the two star rating is because I came in with a group of 4 around 2pm for lunch on a Saturday if I'm recalling correctly. It took about a half hour for us to get our cups of coffee, then another half hour before the waiter returned to take our order. One of us ordered nachos that took almost an hour to be served. We decided not to order our entrees since we had to go by 4pm. The nachos and drinks were fantastic, the atmosphere is fantastic, but that was surprisingly slow service for a quiet post lunch rush.

Lawrence Lehn

Very fun time. Lots of activities for a social fun time.

Alanna Stangl

Went here for our company holiday party and it was perfect! Fun to be able to rent out the whole place and check out all the games.


Hooray for the gluten free fried chicken! Family member with celiac loved it. One of the few placed our whole family can enjoy. Service and the other dishes were were pretty great too. Beer selection had too many boring over-hopped beers. But we will definitely be back.

Dave Shawver

Great place for a large team with plenty of options. Always looking for good food, fun and friendly staff. Overall great experience.

Ce Ce

I had my first date here three Saturday’s ago i had a good time it is pleasant yet fun first date place to go . The server didn’t hover too much and yet management took care of us at the end which was also great! i gave it 4 stars because it good . but not great ! But we will be back to explore more of the place :-)

Traci Hangen

Great place for a birthday party with friends! I give it 4 stars because the food and drinks are great and the games are fun! I would give it 5 stars, but planning the birthday party was a pain. We were told we couldn’t make reservations in the 360 bar area by both the front desk and the party planners. Yet, there were 2 massive tables in that bar area with reserve signs on them. When one party left, we were told that whole area is “first come first serve”, so we moved over to the larger table to accommodate our large group. Then we were told another reservation was coming in. If I would have known I actually could make reservations for the 360 bar area, I would have done so. So can you make reservations in the 360 bar or not?

Jose Chavarria

Awesome. Great place for a date, or just hang out with friends. Too many things available to do to list. Staff is great

Sheli Martin

Good food. Fun place to play some games. Cool bowling alley...very unique. Pot pie was delicious and the bologna sandwich is an appetizer nothing comes with it.

Dominic Ramczyk

Definitely won’t be coming back. The new menu is garbage. They don’t have the lobster rolls anymore or the monkey bread - which is what we specifically came for. The flatbread “shareable” had absolutely zero flavor, it was just a piece of cheesy bread with potatoes on top. The rosemary fries were extremely greasy, same with the chicken sandwich. My friends said their tacos were alright, but the beans were awful. The service also isn’t great. We had to greet the server instead of her greeting us. Just an awkward and not memorable experience.

Sue Swiecichowski

Work party. Rowdy, lively and loud. Very fun, lots of stuff to do. We had 4 lanes of bowling, 8 person foosball, giant scrabble, ping pong and a great sitting area in front of a fire place. The food was good but not over the top. Would definitely go back.

Steve Frisch

It's big and open! Good beers on tap! Bowling and just about everything else. Pinball. Foosball. Big kids playground

Ryan Larson

Have been here several times for networking events. This place is massive and I bet it could host almost any size of group. Our service has always been timely and kind. The food has been fantastic as well, the tacos and nachos were definitely a stand out. Drink prices are pretty good too. Would definitely come in again. Haven't had a chance to bowl here or play any games. Stopped in for brunch recently and it was delicious. Was busier than I thought it would be. Still really good service and lots of options for breakfast and lunch.

Keenan Olson

Much better than expected. Decent cocktails, but the tap list could have been better. Food was surprisingly good. I will definitely be going back.

Pulkit kashyap

I would give a five star for beverages at this place, amazing menu for drinks, real juice, milkshakes. Hats off. I tried Impossible burger as well. No, not good. The patty was sloppy, buns were not the size of patty and it was hard to even hold the burger properly. I got onion rings on the side, I've never seen such onion rings before and they were cold. It was a not good food experience. But on a average it was good.

Clayton Blickenstaff

Funky, good vibe. The food was very good. I had the chicken fried chicken and the potatoes were excellent. Lots of options for things to do with groups.

Kathleen Olesinski

Good food.. decent service.

Ken Seaton

Giant and loud. A good place for a rambunctious happy hour or a team/work outing. Bowling is fun, and they also have Karaoke booths. Lots to do; but an easy place to lose children - and maybe that's OK!:)

Christopher Ferris

This place is awesome! We ordered drinks and appetizers and our service was great. Our server was timely and attentive. Really fun atmosphere.

Terry Carter

This place was so much fun! Food and drinks were great!!

Jeanene Valentine

Looking for an adult playground? This is a good one! Bowling. Skeeball. Darts. Foosball. Karaoke. It's all here. Bars throughout the place. Food is good with healthy and vegetarian options. Good for watching sports. I really enjoy coming here.

Nisha Rao

It's a great place for friends to hangout on a Friday night. The karaoke is fun. The drinks are great. But it's a bit expensive for the food. But overall great Ambience and good food.

Jovahna Sheldon

Great atmosphere and very nice bartenders. I had a wonderful time.

Jakob Ealy

Great place to get together with friends and just chill. If someone does not like bowling, they can find someone to play ping pong, bocce ball, darts, arcade, Foosball... the list goes one! The food is tasty goodness, the drinks are many, and the staff is incredibly friendly. I'd beware Friday and Saturday nights, as I imagine this place will be popping with people.

Lyndsey Fraser

Music is way too loud, you can't even hear the person next to you speaking! Loved the karaoke room! But it's takes a long time to get a turn, as there only two rooms

Gunnar Tubbs

Go bowling here!! The food was good (we had wings and some sort of loaded fries) and the drinks were tasty. If you can, try to get there early to reserve a spot to go bowling. We got there pretty late and it took about 2 hours to get a lane which isn't anything to get upset about considering we got there at 9:00 on a Saturday. Hang out, play some games, have some fun at Punch Bowl Social.

John R Schulte

Great place to play some games, a few beers, and to relax. It's located in the fabulous West End in St Louis Park MN

Travis B

Great spot to bring friends, meet new people, have a cold beer and play games

Les R

Fun place. It was packed when we visited. Bartender was very nice. I forgot what drink I had but took a picture of it. Some type of delicious punch. There is a lot going on in this place. Bowling, multiple bars and sitting areas. Enjoy!

Jessica Nelson

Ok food, salty fries. Our waitress only checked on us once and brought our check. Would expect a little more hospitality in such a fun atmosphere.

Brian J Valento

Service, food was excellent...first time here in Minnesota, visited punch bowl in DC with same results. Our grandson never punch bowl he did..go figure?

Jacqui McCarthy

So much fun! The AGM Mike is amazing and so accommodating! Great place! Plus Skee ball!!

Stefan C

Lively atmosphere with bowling, giant jenga, and a host of other games. Fantastic after work spot for happy hour and to grab some great food. They often update the drink menus and have a variety of different specialty cocktails based on the season. Classic staples like old fashioned and Moscow mule do not disappoint. Highly recommend the Green chorizo Fries and Cocoa Dusted Carnitas Tacos as both are delicious and extremely addictive.

Bryan Jenkins

Wish I had more time in town, I'd love to explore all of the awesome attractions this place offers! We went for Brunch and return based on that alone.

Nick Gurney

Had a lot of fun here. Loved all the games. Also has a good beer selection!

Tim P

Good place to grab a beer and watch a game.

Scott Mather

This place is awesome , the staff were great, food is delicious, and overall the manager Mike took excellent care of us as our group grew larger then our reservation.

Ethan Mann

Fun atmosphere. Great brunch, small selection for breakfast foods

Vanessa Carrillo

Such a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This place is great for a first date btw! $30 for a punch bowl that serves 4 people. My boyfriend and I ended up getting 2. We had the seasonal and the watermelon tequila. You cam rent Board games here for free. From chess to giant jenga and our new favorite, exploding kittens. Friendly and humorous staff!

Chandra Kelly

This place is awesome!! From KC visiting for the weekend and someone recommended this place to watch the football game. There is so much to do and the food and staff are amazing! Thank you Logan (server) and Dylan (manager) for making our visit great. They plenty to do for big kids ( adults) and little kids.

Cookie Wordsman

Went for a private event and were extremely well cared for and had a blast! Food was great, service was great and we had tons of games to play! Event staff to coordinate the event was great, too.

Eric Westenberger

Seems like a cool place, but I've never been able to bowl due to reservations. Seems like a good place for company outings or big groups. Make a reservation for an activity (unnecessary for food). The food is decent. Specialty drinks are high quality.

Seth Hollen

Good food, service was slow

Cyrus Hernandez

Had a amazing time with friends and the drinks were pretty great. Little more price but it's worth it

Annie Heggernes

Their brunch was great and the staff was awesome. The menu was unique and had many things to choose from. The Bloody Mary's and coffee did not disappoint! Can't wait to go back.

Gregory Burt

Never again. Still scratching my head on what transpired today with our company meet up. Not sure why managers turned us away when bringing in a photo booth on a less than packed day. “Last year you had a private event” and “any photos taken inside need to be approved by us” were tacky excuses and outright lies by your manager. Again, wondering what the actual issue was and never got a solid answer except for “we weren’t expecting you” (the bar area is open to everyone and there were plenty of open tables?) which left us scrambling since our staff was coming in less than 45 minutes. That’s exactly why we called and verified everything before coming; if your staff tells me “yes” twice before I bring in equipment, I’m going to assume that means we’re good to go. Last year we had no issues (brought the same booth) and the situation was identical, with no problems, plenty of fun and the staff was great. This time we got one foot in the door and got shut down by a manager who didn’t want us there. Lost out on 12+ people ordering food, drinks and games as well as any future business. We referred several clients to your venue (who booked!) and I’m afraid after today’s experience, we won’t be doing this.

Travis Noffke

Love the mock-tails menu. Pretty good food for a suburban restaurant. Atmosphere is good for either a date or small happy hour. Great spot for medium size groups of 8-20...

Carl Hanson

Great bar and food, the games are a blast to play also!

James Lloyd

Great party spot. Food was fair, but we were a large group. Worst wings. But fun.

Joshua Crim

Great atmosphere however the prices are a little steep. I got 2 drinks and my total was almost over 20 bucks. But if you got the wallet for this place I suggest checking it out

Minnesota Media Group

The entertainment piece is a a touch expensive. I wouldn't recommend ping pong, the lighting is too difficult for playing table tennis. The Karaoke was fun and had tons of options for songs to choose.

Carly Brown

Went here Saturday afternoon and into Happy Hour, had an amazing time!! Would have spent even more time here, if the other 2 people in are party didn't need to leave. Will definitely be going back!

Niko Belic

Absolutely fantastic place to get together with your friends to hangout on a Saturday night. Drinks, food and games are awesome. Our server was attentive and friendly. Highly recommended.

O. Komarenko

Fun place with lots of have options. May want to make reservations as well choices of activities are many, there aren't too many of each game. For instance, we saw only 3 bowling lanes and 2 fooseball tables, and all were either reserved or occupied. And we were there for lunch on a Sunday!

Emily's Photography

The bartender with the cool 'stach is our favorite! He is usually at the circle shaped bar. Also, fun place. NOT a fan of the food though...definitely don't come for the food. Eat somewhere else and then go for drinks.

Josh Malone

Very cool spot with plenty to do. They have tons of seating, multiple bars and activities, ski ball foosball etc. Tasty apps, solid drinks and good beer selection. Staff is always friendly and fun to talk with. Great spot for groups and happy hours

Chris Palmer

Great food. Fun open big space many options for entertainment

Cody Woolf

The service was lackluster as some staff members seemed to care little about making the customers a priority. We went on a weekday when they weren't that busy, but it still took some attention grabbing hand motions to retrieve our waiter to put in our orders. To add to our unfortunate experience, the entire game area was reserved by another company for the evening. Sadly, they weren't even using any games except bowling, so it felt like a waste for not only for us but also for the restaurant since we left. I'd be willing to try it again, but would expect more swift service and a heads up that all of the games (the point of socializing here) might be reserved.

Raye Koehler

This is a fun place to spend an evening hanging out with friends or throwing a party!! They have good food and drinks. There is a lot to do such as bowling and other games that you can borrow and play. It is a nice space and they throw events throughout the week. Great place to meet up and socialize!!

Dan Trockman

I absolutely love the concept and the effort, but the food is just not interesting, tasty or healthy. Get to the core of a good restaurant by having really good food and then people stay for games and drinks.

Caleb Checkal

One of my favorite places around town. They have a solid bar with good beer selection and cocktail choices. Really tasty food. And a bunch of different activities to try out. Karaoke, bowling, jenga, bocci you name it.

Rachel Herr

Overall, this place is fun, but nothing I would dream about going back to. Their pre-mixed punch drinks are very good and we’re definitely the highlight of the meal for me! I would especially recommend the watermelon based punch - SO yummy! As for the food, it was good, just not great. Bowling was packed on a Wednesday night, so we didn’t end up getting to try it. Overall, unsure if it would be worth giving another try. Solid 3/5 stars.

Karthikeyan Rajaram

This is one of the best happy hour places in the Twin Cities with a perfect combination of booze, games and food. A non-alcohol drinker like me still had several options to choose from right from malts to fizz. The bowling lanes were busy for most of the time and you will be duly notified when it’s your turn. The place has great ambience and choice of foods to pick from. An ideal ‘weekend night’ getaway place!

Kelly Markus

Fan freakin' tastic!! So much fun! Service is stellar, so much fun to be had!!

Kim K

This is not a quiet place. This is a fun place with high-energy and things to do for people who don't want to sit. Bocce ball is free. We didn't eat but the ambiance was extremely fun.

Anna Woehler

We went here for dinner for my bachelorette party. The food & drinks were amazing! We stayed to bowl and play other inside games. We had so much fun!

Jeff Wynn

I have been to this place a few times. The cocktails on the menu are delicious, the food is also really well done. The space is massive and there are many games you can play as well. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. This place also has a terrific happy hour if you’re able to make it. Only downside was the parking garage was completely full.

Chanel Bonilla

My first time visiting. celebrated my fiance's birthday with friends and family. So many activities for everyone. Private Karaoke, my personal favorite. We all had a blast and will be visiting again in the near future. Food was absolutely delicious.

Ameet Kamath

A good staple that is welcome to all people.

Lee Kafkas

Big fun place with tons to do: bowling, darts, arcade games, karaoke, ping pong. Although the place is large, it is broken up into smaller areas so it doesn't feel cavernous.There are lots of spaces here for rent for a big party or small. Their food was pretty darn good. Their drinks and service were top notch. We rented a space there for a party for about twenty-five. We were taken care of at a really high level of service. Nice bonus that there is direct access to Punch Bowl Social through the underground parking. No need for the coats on a cold winter's night.

Kimberley Thompson

Great place for a work social event! Something for everyone! Fab selection of libations...especially fresh juice drinks for those who don't drink.

Deeku Harmenson

What a strangely disappointing experience... Punch bowl social is a great place to have fun with friends drinking and singing the night away. They have skee-ball, karaoke, bowling, arcade cabinets, and wonderfully accommodating wait staff/kitchen. The menu is small, which was a plus from me; this indicated that though they did not cover a super broad spectrum of food they were likely to cover what they had with proficiency. This combined with the in-house coffee bar set the stage for a wonderfully enriching experience of tastes and activities. Until we received our order. I realize it might be folly to expect great food from a mini chuck-e-cheese for hipsters YAs, but man was I let down by the quality of our dishes. The signature double burger was made in such a way that it hit all the right points; juiciness, flavor, texture, but with nothing around it to compliment the meat. The comeback sauce registered all the same neurons in my brain as "Wendy's S'awesome Sauce", which is a great feat to recreate but it seemed a little whimsical to tout it around as something unique and worth coming back here for. I could walk into any Wendy's right now, get four packets of such sauce, and it would taste exactly the same as that aptly named "Knockoff Burger" sauce. I ordered the Wolf. It is exactly what it says on the tin: a bologna and cheese sandwich. Labeled as a local favorite on the menu, I thought that something inside would have been different or exciting. Turns out, adding Dijon mustard as the only differing factor on a sandwich doesn't actually magically change something into an appetizing idea. That might just be a matter of my taste, so I won't dis-recommend the sandwich. I will however say that my "Texas-toast" delimiting the item were on opposite ends of the crunchiness spectrum; one was soft as can be while the other was akin to a rock. The fries were a tad too salty, the chocolate shake way too sweet, and the water had a Revelation 3:16 vibe. 2.8 / 5 to be honest. I love a lot of places, and one should definitely go here for a social event where everyone plans to numb their taste buds with alcohol and sweets while numbing their brain doing the other activities. They keep above a 1 star due to the great aesthetic plus friendly and understanding staff.


Friendly staff. Great portions. We got a free hour of karaoke because we rocked it. Actually, I returned out mics and my voice was hoarse in replying to the staff asking me how our session was. He could tell I sang my butt off and gave us another hour for next time.

Torey Aspelund

Great food and drinks. Awesome atmosphere. Staff is well trained


Lots of fun stuff to do. Good food and good drinks. Our server was attentive and friendly.

Kelly Fager

Menu titles are witty. Such as, “Sheetload of Tacos.” Giant Jenga, Bowling, pinball, etc. great place for friends and family. Food menu a tad pricey.

Tonya Peters

Cool place, especially love the private karaoke rooms!

Sarah Anderson

This place has it all - great food, fun atmosphere and games for grown ups! Love the private karaoke rooms and the tacos are some of the best we've had. Great for happy hour. Definitely come with a group of friends to maximize the fun. Love that West End still offers free parking.

Miranda Stratton

Great service, food, and variety of activities. I would definitely go back! Perfect for big groups of people or if you just want to go somewhere unique for drinks.


This place is one of a kind. The atmosphere was really good and there is tons to do. I had the strawberry daiquiri first and it was delicious. I also tried a tequila cucumber drink the waitress recommended. Both drinks didn't taste like they had alcohol but they got me drunk fast. The service from everyone was eally great as well.

Jay Nelson

Fun place to hang out to have a drink and a bite to eat plus play some games!

Delmon Smith Sr.

Friendly atmosphere,Service could've been more prompt. That could've been due to the time of day that I was in attendance.*(Brunch hour).

Jacob Swanson

Fantastic place to get together with friends. We had dinner, played connect four, and bowled. The food was great and the service was top tier. Very fun location but may be a bit loud for some.

Jon Burk

Lots of fun to be had between bowling, darts, bags, billiards, and many other games. Good drinks and food. Great location in Braves Village/The Battery.

Richard Garry

Great place if you have a gang of people to enjoy it with or just a couple.

Zack B

Cool place to visit with many game selections. The bar service is extremely slow however and it is expensive.

karina ramirez

Wouldn't come back for the food, it was dull. I saw previous reviews on the food and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Wings were just barely fully cooked, onion rings were bland. No complaints on the rosemary fries. I also a daiquiri but it tasted more like a margarita. Didnt get a chance to use their amenities but I have intentions of coming back to do so.

Rachel B.

Zero stars for the New Years party. I specifically called them to confirm they had dancing/a dance floor for NYE, invited a bunch of friends to go there for NYE, we get there, and no dancing, just 90s "background music". Lame. Thanks for ruining my new years, host stand personnel.

Byronlyn Mappy

Went here for a work happy hour. Good location and free parking in the area. The food and drinks were good. Make sure to get the Mule! One thing though is that the bowling sucked, machines kept breaking and it ate up most of our time. Needs mechanical fixings and then I’ll rate a 5. Overall, friendly staff too that were interactive with the group.

Jon Caris

The food here is good but the menu is limited as far as selections. The service has been poor to fair every time I've visited. The activities are the main attraction at this establishment. The loud music makes for a fun environment but tough to chat. The heated, underground parking is great in the winter!

Matthew Erickson

The food here is legit! Was worried it would be an after thought with an the games and stuff but it isn't. FYI, great brunch and it's not busy! . Check out and follow @fancydinnerclub on Instagram!

Araceli Castillo

As soon as we walked in the door someone greets you and sits you. The waitress was very attentive and quick! Food was delicious! I had the spaghetti no meat balls dinner (also vegan) and hubby had the beef burger which I took a bite of and it was DELICIOUS!!!!! Also, they have games you can play after your done eating! GREAT FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE HERE!!!!

Yucel Ozel

I was at a corporate event and Punch Bowl did a great job! I would highly recommend it!

Kevin Coonan, MD

lots of games, good for kids and first dates

Crystal Vrieze

Very big area, full of games, bowling, booze and food. The do have many gluten free options. The fries were super yummy, they have a separate fryer. Will be back. The price wasn't to bad either.

Nichole Miller

Fun environment. Good food. Portions were a bit small for the food.

Paige Faymoville

This place is very unique. Tons of games. Food is nice. Good atmosphere.

Sharon Shelton

Lots of variety as far as activities are concerned. Fun place to bring family or have happy hour. But good customer service is lacking.

Robert McCauley

Way too loud, trying to be everything to everyone and overpricing all of it while it does. Begrudgingly I'll admit that the karaoke rooms are well sound insulated and the alcoholic milkshakes tasty.

Evan Trosvik

Fun and friendly, food was good, but didn't get as much bread as anyone would have needed with our app. Burgers looked amazing.

Louise Indritz

Awesome place for a company gathering or just for a family dinner. Delicious food and great cocktails wit or without alcohol.

Ethan Emmel

Andrew Marson kicked my fiends birthday group out for having 3 drinks each because we were laughing too much and celebrating his 28th bday a little too hard... we spent over $800 as a group for the little time we were allowed. I would never recomend this place for a party unless you want to be takin advantage of. Horrible Zero stars if I could give it

Alejandro Torres

Pretty sweet , until it gets packed and you have to wait for half an hour but staff was fun and people were polite I love it .

Brandon Pajari

This place f'n rocks! Cool vibe, cool people great eats and booze! Come with a group! Other fun games to play! One stop shop!

Andrew Gaydos

The staff and beer selection are fantastic. When they say "social" they mean the staff as well. They are super friendly and talkative (without being annoying). The food is great, never had rosemary fries before, delicious.

Cliff T

What a joke this place is! They don't accept none US ID's without a passport? Are you kidding me? My daughter had friends from the UK here for her wedding, they were all over 21 years old with a valid UK id. The server said, they cannot accept it unless they have a passport, really? I traveled all over the world and never once been asked for my passport to get a drink. Foreigners DO NOT GO TO Punch Bowl!!! You will get Punched Out!

Clayton Johnson

Tasty punch and fun time playing games

Arjun Berry

This was a fun place to be in. We ordered Nachos and the crispy onion and it was delicious. Tasting a few punches was good too. Some really nice vibes out there. Somehow we didn't get to bowl as it was so busy. But definitely planning to come back here sometime soon. :) Go have fun people!

Henry Abbott

Great place to play casual games and bowling above average food and good bar seating. It is a fun place to take a group a friends for a fun night.

Kate Spangenberg

Never thought I would say this but the mac-n-cheese was too cheesy. The noodle to cheese ratio was way off and gave me a pretty wicked stomach ache. However this place is always great for meeting up with a lot of friends. Their punchbowls are really fun and yummy and there's plenty to do for fun there.

Sam Ryan

Hadn't been here, so my wife and I checked it out this past weekend. Overpriced food, drinks and games. Nothing special about this place.

Jessica Epp

Punch bowl social is our go to place! My friends and I have a great time no matter the day of the week. The tacos are to die for!!! And the staff is amazing. If you are looking for a great time, with upbeat staff and great food this is the place to go!

Alexandra Kizima

I love coming here with my friends. There are games, great drinks, and killer food. It's neat because it's almost like three bars in one place so it's easy to spend all night here.

Laurencio Ronquillo

The place is HUGE. I am a but concerned on the size to keep it going for a long time. Having sid that, the place has something for every taste. The list of beer wine and spirits is perfect. Not eternal but they have plenty one would like. The menu is not too sophisticated, but again your pub fare with enough of a twist. Seating has plenty options, high chairs, regular chairs and tables. Long tables with benches. Nice booths. 2 or 3 bars with seating and TVs. Many many many different seating areas and choices. Plenty TVs throughout. Clean place quick friendly professional service. It has arcade games, corn hole, few bowling lanes. Tons of things for fun. The happy hour is a good 20 to 30% off regular pricing. I didn't see anything major as 2x1 things. Maybe even better happy hours take place at doable hours and days in the week. Example a Friday 3-6pm is happy hour. Pricing is not bad value at all. Especially on food since they have really good portions more on the shareable stuff. Ambiance is fresh and nice. Patrons are cordial and friendly. I will be back many times as I really liked everything I saw, tasted and experienced.

Sabrina Spork Woodling

The 4 stars don't reflect the service or the experience, I just don't prefer places that get SO LOUD, and all the time. It's pretty fun, and I like the games available. Simple bar, nothing too special but a great place to be "social" with friends, colleagues or family.

Rachael Tuma

Phenomenal food and great atmosphere! A lot of the dishes have interesting twists to them that really pay off! Still simple and delicious but a little more fun! And after you can play loads of different games that they have throughout their huge building

Anne Reidens

So fun!! Loved all the games and food.

Jae Smith

The rosemary fries were actually good. I was nervous to try them but it ended up being good. The wings were also good. I think it would be better to have more wings (since its $10 for 5-6 wings). I also ordered a banana shake with banana infused brandy and it was really good. The place is more pricey than the average. I hope in the future there are more food options during lunch and dinner. There is also bowling in the building. I did not get to partake in bowling though.

Stephen Jensen

Had a blast bowling. Two private lanes to bowl in while ordering lunch and drinks while we bowled. I had a bunch of fun. I got the burger and fries. That's about all I ever get.

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