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REVIEWS OF Minnesota State Fair IN Minnesota

Janice Willis

There were so many people attending this Fair - my first time. I've been at theme parks and there was no comparison...

Jerrin Job

Amazing (although expensive) and very different kinds (ones that you may have not heard of) of food. Entertaining stage shows. Mesmerising animal births. All in all, it's a whole day event and one should not miss even a single piece of it.

Jonathan Robinson

Can you get any better than the Great Minnesota Get Together? We have become a fair family over the years. And while it leaves our feet tired and wallets empty, it reminds you of how many people find common shared space and common shared enjoyment together.


Fantastic place. You can spend time with your family and friends. You need at least a couple of days to know all the stands. Enjoy tasting the local beers and the terrific foods!

Jessica G

Lots of interesting fair food to try. Huge fair so be ready to walk. Loved the haunted house near the international pavilion. The bee exhibit in the agriculture pavilion was probably my favorite part.

Scott Walmsley

This fair is a phenomenal representation of state fairs. We moved to MN last year, and have been twice. Even with record crowds, and we don't like busy places, the fair is so large we felt like we had space to walk and breathe. Rides were reasonably priced. Food was good, liked the fried cheese curds, tacos were hit or miss. Chicken waffle cones a must. Vintage tractor show a must.

J Quast

The great get together. Great for walking off all the food. Zero gained weight or maybe some loss. Lol. Right. Great food and of course everything else.

Subhabrata Paul

According to me, one of the must visit Minnesota attractions which is held in Aug till Labor Day. I loved it for lots of food options, and fun games. Specially liked the International Bazar , farm animals exhibition. Kids will love it.

Will Gleason

Came from VA to hang out with some friends there and this was hands down the best fair I've ever been to! Great foods, beers, and just all around a fun time. Will be back next year!

Jim Lancello

10 times better than the Wisconsin State fair. Drove 6 hours an it was well worth it. Can't wait for next year.

Andrew Palmer

I had prebought tickets and had the day off work so was committed to this day. Unfortunately it started raining heavily and we left and never got to use even ONE of our $30 worth of Midway tickets. Not the fault of The Minnesota State Fair of course but it was my worst State Fair to date. ☹️


If you don't go to the state fair, you are missing out! You can get tons of great food, win prizes, hang with out with friends, and all of that good stuff. It's worth the money.

Jesse Cloeter

I could go EVERY SINGLE DAY! Going again Friday. When it's over I'll be excited for next year. Take the park and ride to get there.

Vincent Bernet

Come hungry. It's a great place to sample all kinds of food, especially if it's deep fried. It's also great for people-watching.

Ajdin Kahric

This is the biggest State Fair i have ever been to. There was so many people there! So much different kind of food and drinks! I cannot wait for next year. I guess the only negative thing to say about this place would have been that it was so busy and it was hard to get around because of it. However that negative is a positive because it just tells you how many people loved the state fair!


Went here for the car craft Summer Nationals car show with a bunch of guys. And down one of my favorite car shows to go to. These Fairgrounds are absolutely beautiful! We love going here! Seems like every time we come up it gets better and better. New buildings etc..... Great Fairgrounds!

Josh Vogel

It is always fun to try new food and the classics. There is also great entertainment and a lot of activities to try. The people watching is also worth admission.

Jason Black

Always a blast. We broke our 8 hour record with a wopping 10 hours. My son, 2, daughter, 5 and wife really stuck it out and had an amazing time! We always love the food, pork chop on a stick, corn, cheese curds and gyros are a must. Though we try new things every year. The fried gummy bear on a stick is an experience! We can't wait till next year!

Michele Olson

Love, love, LOVE the MN State Fair! We usually go once a year due to work schedules, but make it a whole day. Every year we'd park in the Machinery hill lot, and walk South to get to everything else. Giggles and our favorite corndog stand across from the Pet building are our first eats. I now have some mobility issues, so I was worried about all that walking. Well, we lucked out, found a FREE park&ride and got dropped off right at the West gate! We are doing this every year from now on! So we spent more time seeing the sights on the South end this year, nice change. Even on a record crowd day, it wasn't bad walking around outside. We tried cream puffs, grilled shrimp, strawberry shortcake, cheese curds, corn dog; everything was great. Buy tickets at Cub Foods before the fair starts like we did, more money for food. And definitely buy the coupon book; we basically ate foods that had coupons. There's a map, an index and diagrams on the back of each coupon where the vendor is located. The map zones helped too, and participating vendors display that they are in the coupon book. We got a tip from a few people to buy the souvenir bottles, refills are $2-3, and you can use previous years bottles too! We handed out several coupons to people standing in food and ride lines, we weren't going to use anyways, and we loved the smiles & helping others to save some money!

Erin Farsté

The fair is always a summer joy that we look forward to every summer. There's something for the entire family from food to attractions to entertainment! It's an event you don't want to miss.

Heidi Garrard

As expected. Too many people for my taste, but never unexpected. We came early and stayed for only a few hours. The bus to the fair is always my preference and make a beeline to some faves. Mine are the corn fritters and mini donuts. I did miss the big slide this year and could have used more time in the buildings! It seemed less dusty/dirty than usual? The grounds are always being cleaned up, but maybe the weather has been playing nice?

Dan Ayers

Best state fair in the county. Only downside are the terrible conditions of the bathrooms and Biffys along with all the litter on the streets but well with 100k people a day... people are gross I understand but maybe the fair could employ more sanitation people in the years to come.

Mark Ruff

Perfect state fair and we've been to a lot! Tons of food options littered through. Great rides. The livestock competitions are super fun. Barely scratched the surface this year but we'll be back next year to do it better! Two words: Scottish Eggs.

Adam Hansen

As always, the Minnesota State Fair 2019 has not disappointed. With the constant change of vendors there are always new foods and beers to try, and many new things to see. Their Grand Stand shows are always fun to see as well. If you haven't been out to the fair yet, make sure you try to find time this summer!

Kathy Negaard

I enjoyed the exhibits: birthing of a calf in the birthing center and piglets, the fine arts exhibit had real talent, the ECO center had excellent tips for conservation of resources; the food options were varied and delicious with my favorite being Turkish Pizza; the draft horse competition demonstrated the beauty of these gentle giants but also the functional aspects of their contribution to tasks. They actually are working horses in a lot places; we also enjoyed the music venues in the evenings we attended. One of the things that impressed me the most was their bicycle storage lot. Very nice, very convenient and very well run. The security/traffic control staff were not only very efficient, but courteous and friendly. Very nice experience.

Safaa Taha

Very crowded,but I guess this how state fair should be. food is amazing and rides are endless. I got fried pickles, corn, cotton candy and fries.

Jami Berg

Best state fair! Love the variety of food and exhibits. Something for everyone to see.

Fuk'Copyright claims

What’s not to love? It’s the Minnesota get-together where everyone gathers and comes together to have a great time that takes place once a year for two weeks up thru Labor Day. Great food, concerts..... oh and more food, fun and festivities

Kathy Ericson

Awesome experience

Adam Zuehl

This is humanity's greatest accomplishment. The fair is crowded, but not cramped. The food is everywhere, you could literally go all twelve days and eat ten things each day and never eat the same thing twice. It is safe, clean, there is music everywhere, and if you need a beer, oh look, beer! Wear comfy shoes and feast on humanity's greatest accomplishment. I'd tell you my secret spots to get away from the crowds, but then they wouldn't be secret. I will go every year as long as I am physically able to.

Eric Cichy

HAVE been going to this fair for many many years, since I'm a native Mn. This is the best of all fairs I have been to. Lots of goodies to eat, music to hear, love the barns and 4hers, at 16 I worked a root beer stand, and met lots of cuties. Drank gallons of free ice cold milk. Even thou I am older and slower, I love all the food and exhibition of art, All the new products out there. Foot longs.oh my I could go on and on.

Keith V

It's a good time, but not enough changes to make it a yearly thing. I will admit big fat bacon was pretty amazing. There are staples also, the foot long hotdog, sweet Martha's cookies, and the like. Plus childhood favorites. The new buildings are alright but I miss the nostalgia of the old ones.

Karen Taylor-Crawford

Wow! But after 2 years in Minneapolis I had heard about the state fair and never visited, but WOW! HERE I am campaigning in the Democratic tent with the State Comptroller. I saw, but didn't taste all the food on a stick, but the variety of options was wide & International! Mn NICE!

Teresa De La Garza

I traveled from Milwaukee WI to Minnesota just for Martha's cookies and it was well worth the 5 hour trip! I will be back to take the history tour and see the creative art building. Oh, we LOVED the trolley ride through the fair. People were very friendly and the food was great! The curds don't compare to Wisconsin's though.

Janey Gerwing

Love it love it love it! So much to see and do. I do wish that there were more things for Seniors to do like say a couple of AFFORDABLE Bingo booths throughout the fair grounds then this way one could sit down and rest for a spell but still have fun doing so. Would like to see more Senior discounts and opportunities to go to the State Fair such as more than one Senior Day, discounted concert tickets, discounted food tickets, discounted parking tickets, and motorized riders or wheelchairs to rent for a few examples. Otherwise if you have the time and money, this is a great place to visit. Because there is so much to see I would suggest if you are traveling from a distance then get a hotel/motel room (preferably one that offers free or inexpensive transport to and from events and happenings) and make a weekend of it.

Robert Krueger

Have a good time everytime I go. We use the free park and ride. You have to enjoy crowds. Lots of free stuff to do and see but bring lots of money for food and drinks.

Vickie Johnson

It's the Greatest State Fair in the USA. Plenty of things to do! Great people watching. Lots of free music to listen to. Numerous exhibits. Trinkets, souvenirs, food, crafts to purchase. It's as expensive as you want to make it. Coupon books are worth purchasing. Bathrooms plentiful & clean. Love our State Fair!!!!!!


The fair was awesome! Tons of good food and drinks, they had kombucha on tap this year and lots of beers to choose from. Plan ahead to do park and ride saves some money, but plan extra time for waiting for the bus.


It's the Minnesota St fair! Nothing more to be said. Awesome time! Great food, good people watching! Just a great experience everyone needs to go! Use park and ride.

Dani K

Had a WONDERFUL experience at the state fair. Lots of great (and unique!) foods to try, fun rides, and so much to see. It is a huge fair, and there is a lot of walking so come prepared. I also really appreciated how many water stations there were, it was much needed in the warmer weather. There are so many different kinds of entertainment - worth going even if you’re not into rides. The Ukrainian dancers were so fun to watch, and I could have spent hours on end in the arcade.

Danielle Coen

Perfect weather, good food... Yes it was crowded (I was warned and it's well known that it will be). I wish there were more (healthy with sustenance) toddler friendly snacks and food. Otherwise, plan accordingly, my son napped before hand, we packed food for him and change of clothes, sweater etc.... so much fun! Can't wait for my boy to be big enough for rides!

Nee Y

Fun experience to try all the different foods and things to do. Great family friendly event. They have a butterfly area, farm animals area, food everywhere and a food court, they have carnival rides, carnival games, haunted house, fireworks, and so much more. It is on the pricey side so be prepared to spend more than a couple hundred and I recommend bringing cash. You can pay for tickets at the gate or online in advance. For parking, they have a Lot, but if it's full then there are off street parking. I recommend doing the free shuttle bus ride. Best thing they have for parking! Shuttle to the front of the state fair and back to your car. So simple!

Curt Anderson

I can’t get enough of the Minnesota State Fair! I go at least 3 times a year if not more. I could walk around all day long and never get bored. Plus I need to get my favorite foods and try some of the new stuff each year. I typically buy some new items each year that I didn’t know I need until I saw them. Some people don’t like the crowd. Some say it is the same thing each year. For me, every time I go is different. I could watch people for hours on end and it will never get old. And this year, it was ranked #1 in the Nation!!

Reinaldo Chacon

A foodie bucket list must, exotic and amazing offerings all within walking distance and all within the same grounds, visit the exhibits or take the rides to make time between eatings, would return all years if possible. Best fresh lemonade and corn on a cob of my life!

Eswar Lakshminarayanan

Wonderful experience. tons of food and games for kids and family. I loved the agriculture building show

Darnell Otterson

Every year there is more to see and do. It is truly the Great Minnesota Get-together. I hate crowds, and find myself in the thick of it every year.

Ryan Willette

Best fair in the nation. So many great foods and things to see. The midway is awesome

Courtney Trebesch

My husband and I ended up going. The day was beautiful and the food was. Amazing. My favorite part for me was the butterfly house. Best

Heather Wittstock

We had a great experience! We used one of the free parking lots and bus shuttle services and we wouldn't do it any other way in the future! Lots to see, tons of great food. The only downfall (for me personally) is the amount of people. It was packed. But we expected that!

Guinevere Kile

My first time but definitely worth every step! Lots of fun for every age group. Will definitely be back next year

Sara Hedlund

The Minnesota 4H has a program called Arts In. It is a 22 day experience that starts with a prep week and then one day before the Fair starts and performances are 3 - 4 times a day until Labor Day. This half hour musical is filled with very talented young people from 9th grade until the end of their 4H, which can be one year after high school. I'm biased because my Great Nephew was one of the performers but the experience is 2nd to none. The State Fair is great also!

Colette Walters

One of my favorite events of the year, every year! I have always gone since I was a child, and as an adult often go multiple times. Make sure to buy tickets early & get a Blue Ribbon Bargain book to save a little $$ - you make up the cost after only 2-3 coupons.

Jules A.

It's The either love it or loath it. I happen to love it. And so do A LOT of people. My only complaint are the lines that go on forever. I'm not sure where they are going to keep putting all the people. Maybe it needs more days.

Lazuara Stone

This polish sausage from Pitch Fork was FIRE! The casing had a nice snap to it, and a good tasting meat! Then the grilled onions, peppers, and mustard... What! I will be back for y'all next year!!

Ryan Keppel

What a great place to be!! Get everything you can think of on a stick! Take the park and ride since parking is virtually non existent. Buy your tickets early and save some money! Also a porkchop on a stick is a must!

Britt Nelson

Love the state fair! From unique beers to deep fried everything. There is plenty to do here for all ages and types.

Lannette Phipps

What's not to LOVE?! 2nd largest fair (behind Texas) so much to do, see and eat. Every year we see a great concert and have some good grub and play some games. Great for people watching ;) Worth the flight out of you're not from the area. Definitely get the fried cheese curds.

Hannah Wedeking

Great time, always. Deep fried milkyway is where its at. Suggestion: simple foods are better than the ones they try to make "fancy"

Oscar Morales

I really like the fair but my visit this year in 2019 went downhill. There is inflation everywhere this year. Parking used to be at $10 but now it's at $20. All the food stands have risen their prices to a dollar or more than last year. Some food stands have also lost their good taste and quality. Many of the shops started closing early by 8 and 9 and they cut down time on the firework show, it's 5 minutes now and starts at 9:30 rather than 10. The fair has been really been going downhill now, I don't know if I'm going to return next year.

Mike Harrington

Minnesota said a wonderful "thank you!" to us veterans on Military Appreciation Day. Their reputation for being one of the best state fairs around is well-deserved!

Stephen Blake

Love the state fair! Great food and drink vendors, along with lots of other things to see and do. My only complaint is that most vendors were cash only, while I prefer to not carry cash. I would love to not need to hit the ATM frequently, but will keep that in mind for next year.

Brandon Lowe

The fair is always a good time! Second highest fair in the country. Every little detail of the fair is well planned. Take some time to do something you wouldn’t have expected to and you will find that you have a great day.

Alan Holliday

Went on a Friday night. The energy was amazing. The temperature was great. The people watching was incredible. It is totally the great Minnesota get together. The ferris while is pretty. I didn't ride it.

Chuck Dorgan

They have changed since I was a young child. But still had great pronto dogs. The giant slide is way smaller and coloured But still an all around GREAT TIME. :)

Colleen Thorsen

It is so much fun, and so much to see and do. And the food, so much food. The walleye fingers are the best. Never miss a year at the great Minnesota get together.

A Teich

Need extend open couple more days. After many years noticing more crowded. Great shopping. Good bathrooms. Many benches to rest. So much to see. Clean. Always enjoy our state fair!

Jan Wilcox

Loved it as always but people need to get off their phones and pay attention to their surroundings. You are at the fair! Enjoy the experience!


I love the Minnesota State Fair. It's fun and interesting to see the different exhibits and vendors. No matter what you may like, you can likely find it at this fair. And you are also highly likely to find things you never thought you'd enjoy looking at before. For me, this example would be ice houses. I'm not a fisherman but it's always fascinating to look through some of them on display there! And vehicles and motorcycles--you can always count me in! Other than displays, music is my other big draw. I am never organized enough to get a good seat for a show in the grandstand (if one is available for a show I'd like to see), but the free entertainment on the various stages is always great. This year I particularly loved listening to some polka and seeing people dance to it, and kids have a blast!! When it comes to food, of course you cannot go wrong at this fair. This year I enjoyed the rare luxury of a grilled all-beef hotdog (yes, I love one of these a year) and also loved chowing down on the bacon on a stick. The person I was with got buffalo shrimp skewer appetizer from Caribe Cafe (and bar) and they loved it. It was delicious and a great value. Comes on a bed of rice! The one thing about the fair that everyone needs to be alert to is parking. It is not easy and if you want to be really close, you'll be looking at a private party charging you $40...maybe even more. We waited in the long line to pay $15 for a fairground parking and barely made it in. We arrived there at 9 AM and the fair begins at 7:30. I've heard there is an afternoon wave of people who can get spots then, taking advantage of people like me leaving in the mid-afternoon. We are yet to have success with the places you can park that are further away from the grounds for places that would be logical for someone coming from Wisconsin. But I know it is possible...we just haven't had success with this for the past years. Overall, enjoy the people, food, and ingenuity of this fair. It is a lot of fun, even if you don't want to walk around and plant yourself in one central location.

Joe Obrycki

No better place to be in the summer. Hundreds of thousands of people coming together for the biggest get together of the year. Never gets old and I'll love it forever.

Alex the random

We have gone to fair both with plenty of money and with not much money and have been able to enjoy different facets of the fair each year. The history is amazing, the sculptures are amazing, the gardens are amazing, the different arts that contribute their talents to the fair every year are always varied and top notch. It makes the crowds and the parking, or busing, seem like a small issue compared to the massive amount of things to see, hear, and do. My only request for state fair coordinators is to put a cap on the parking prices for now, particularly for the ones that must park in the handicap accessible parking. And ask the bathroom folks to keep a really good eye on the toilet paper in all the bathrooms. Thanks!

Sheila Marquis

Always the best!! Great food, vendors, always something new but the old favorites still there great free music tonight/ today- and nice clean restrooms

Cailey R

Love the Minnesota State Fair! There are permanent restrooms so you're able to have a more sanitary environment than a portable unit. There's rides, games, food, entertainment, etc. Plenty of things to spend money on. Prepare yourself to spend the day and you still won't get to everything.

Alex Lamb

Always a good time, it's great to people watch & try all the food & look at all the sights. BUT so many people go most areas you can hardly walk thru, garbage is everywhere on the ground, the lines for food and rides are ridiculously long. Go if you have time & patience.

scott groth

They really screwed up Heritage Village when they decided to Raze the place. It always had such a laid-back atmosphere. Now it's a Concrete Jungle with no ambience. I assume revenue is more important to the fair board members.

Kit Kat

While the state fair is fun it's become overcrowded. There just isn't anywhere to really breathe or sit or enjoy without 500 other people jamming themselves against you. Large businesses like Martha's Cookie's need to figure out how to get their customers to que without obstructing the entire road.

Jonathon Korum

Always a great experience at the MN state fair. Love what the fair is doing with new venues on the west and north sides of the fair grounds. Gives everyone a reason to venture out past the grandstand area and makes the fair feel a little less crowded.

Michael Calhoun

The best get together on the planet. So much to see, do and eat. Plan your outting before you go to maximize your visit. We spent 10 hours there one day this year and didn't get close to doing everything we wanted

Melissa Masucci

I was really impressed with the Dahlias. While everyone else was going crazy with the rides, food, noise and flashing lights outside, checking out the exhibits was a nice quiet escape. The flowers were gorgeous. I had no idea there were so many different varieties of Dahlia. Makes me want to try to grow some of my own at home.

Gretchen Schaumann

I really enjoyed the fair, but parking was an extreme issue for me personally. The bus transfer I took was a 1 hour 15 minute process, and another day I had to park and walk 1 mile each way in and out of the fair. I was bringing product to a vendor each of these days and working for hours in a vendor space and was really a frustrating experience for me. Although I enjoyed the parts of the fair that I had time to discover. The Grandstand Building is so cool now with the artisans mixed in, the elevated veranda on the west end, the micro brewery on the 2nd Floor, and all of the Minnesota artisans that create and present unique memory products for the State Fair attendees. I also enjoyed the art gallery building on the east end of the fair and had never discovered that in the past. How talented my fellow Minnesotans truly are.... The Jeep dealership was also a fun experience and actually enticed me to upgrade my current Jeep to a newer version and I enjoyed their creative and informative exhibit as well. I also enjoyed the GOP booth, their survey, photo oops as well as great apparel offered, however I think it was underestimated just how many of the Silent Majority there truly is in Minnesota, as so much of the apparel was sold out early on in the fair. It’s a great place to take a date, build some family memories, take in a concert, fill your belly with unique food that you normally wouldn’t spend your money on, but because it is the State Fair you do it.... There is also the fabulous Baby Animal Barn for the kids, many barns with varying animals, horse shows as well as 4H animal show presentations. And last but not least there are the rides and the Midway action. It is a HUGE task to undertake for the staff that make this happen, and although I think parking on site is their weakness (a multi level ramp should be built in varying empty spaces on the fair grounds) there is much PRAISE and KUDOS that needs to be said to those whom make this Great Minnesota Get Together Happen and such a success.

Joe C

A great place to be as summer comes to an end in the great state of Minnesota. State Fair has always been a place to try out new foods, see new things, and experiment what all the events going on at the fair has to offer. You can be here all day and still haven't seen enough. There are varieties of food everywhere you go. Corn on the cob is the best I've tried. The veggie fries were good too. I walked through the games area and it was interesting enough to kept me there for awhile. All in all, if you want to catch the last outdoor activities for the season don't forget to head out to the Minnesota State Fair. It's worth the trip.

Magic Magnet

It's a fun day at the fair. When we initially got there it wasn't too crowded and there was really no lines to anything that we went to. As the evening progressed obviously so did the lines but all in all it was a great time!

MOlly Quigley

It's a large fair and has some interesting food options. It can get uncomfortably crowded and lines for the trendy food items can be very long. Bring your patience and your wallet.

Jennifer Holmboe

Every year my family and I enjoy visiting the state fair, always enjoy seeing the new stuff and coming back for our favorites, I love our state fair, it has something for anyone young and old. Just wish it lasted a bit longer then only 12 days. It's definitely the great Minnesota get together

Paul Stemper

The fair is always fun. Miss the good cheese curds, which the fair no longer has, but the raspberry malt at the dairy barn is always good. If you can get there before it gets too crowded, you should have a good time!

Oscar Sevilla

Had a fun time with the family. Plenty of food and beers but pricey . Difficult parking and steep pricing $30 to $40 dollars. Enjoy the rides and the concerts

James Hannon

By far this is the best State Fair in the nation. Make sure you start the day with an empty tummy because if you have a craving for some kind of food its all right here

Tyanna Gross

The great Minnesota Get Together!! You would think all the money they make they could lower the prices just a little bit 15$ a person to get in is a little pricey especially because hardly anything is free! 9$ for the porkchop this year and it wasn't particularly moist this year. Had fun never the less, spent 150$ but that's how it happens. Hey hey we're gonna get together Minnesota State Fair!

Marilyn Green

Had a great time with my daughter and her friend. Sweet Martha cookies starts off fresh on top and not so good when you get to the end of the bucket. Food price are pricey some of the food is worth it and some not. The Turkey leg NEVER disappoint. Family tried new food that was delicious like duck wings, lamb chops, grilled cheese brisket.

June Kramin

Always great food. We go early before the crowds. ***warning*** Too many mini donut beers may cause you to go a little crazy shopping. LOL Love my finds, though. :)

Nancy Kmetz

Is there anything better than a footlong hotdogs? Or pork chops on a stick? No! And sweet Martha's cookies! And of course going into every building on every street! Love the state fair!

Becca Freeman

I love going to the State Fair! I enjoy the atmosphere even though there are so many people who attend and the new food and drink they have each year is fantastic. I will continue to go as long as I live here. Side note: lost my license and not even an hour later, we went to the Lost and found and someone had gone out of their way to bring it there for me! Best foods this year are pictured.

Michelle Muck

Food on a stick. Massive crowds. Free music. Beer. Handcrafted goods for sale. Art to behold. What's not to love? [The parking!!! It's awful!!! Unless you arrive VERY early in the morning. (7am...before most vendors open), don't plan on parking on the grounds. There are small inconveniences with the park and rides, but it beats driving around for hours looking for a spot, only to end walking a mile to get to the entrance. Take the bus!!!)


I come here yearly and love to walk around look at the animals and showings. There's the occasional free thing to procure. Lots of wacky food I'm not brave(or dumb) enough to try. Even though I say that the State Fair is an amazing destination and I believe you're not truly a Minnesotan if you don't go every(or other) year.

Niko Belic

This is an amazing bucket list visit. The variety of foods, creatively crafted, and activities makes for a fantastic afternoon of eating and people watching. Just be prepared everything is extremely expensive!

Jennifer Hill

Best fair in the US bar none. Clean, amazing foods, great farm and ag displays. All around a real food and entertainment treasure. You MUST get a bucket of Martha's cookies on the way out...oh, and milk, and a giant pickle!

Gaby Roth

The Minnesota State Fair is a fun seasonal activity for everyone. The Creative Activities building houses some of the neatest pieces of workmanship and the animal buildings are especially fun to see all the livestock. My personal favorite is the wide variety of foods and people that are able to be observed at the fair. We go at least twice if not three times because truly, you need several days to experience all the fair has to offer.

K Johnson

Best fair in America. Literally. Such good food, good people, great booths. How could anyone skip out on this? Get your corn. Get your cookies. Enjoy yourself!

Darren Amundson

I lived in Texas for many years and the Texas Fair cannot even begin to compare to the MN State Fair. If you get a chance you need to go. Plan to spend some money while you are there and hunt around for unique beers and food. It's a blast.

Brandon Rothe

If you love people, food, rides, and live farm animals then YOU BETCHA get yourself to the great Minnesota get together! No need to bring food (although you can!) as there is an absurdity of gluttony going on here! Bring comfortable shoes, sun glasses, backpack, and a refillable water bottle to get the most out of the fair! Check attendance figures for previous years when considering what day you will go and obviously check the weather because sweating is in the forecast!

Journey Springwater

The prices are outrageous! The alligator dish cost $12 for 9 mini tater tots and about 7 finger nail size peices of alligator meat. I was appalled at the prices! The state fair used to be a place where a family could go and enjoy the state's goodness... now it's ONLY for those who have money to waste! Not worth my time

Sam Hentges

I hate being around this many people with my entire being, but I really had a great visit. The food was outstanding and it really, truly is an impressive operation. Surprising accessible for anybody with tons of bathrooms and thoughtful infrastructure.

Emily Brink

Loooove the state fair. Go. Eat the food. Pet animals. Do all the weird Minnesotan things. You will be so happy. Plan to be there the whole day and to spend a bunch of cash on food and activities!

Kia Helget

Always a fun tradition with the kids! They had a blast this year and even got to try new foods!

Millie W

State Fair is the best time to visit the Twin Cities. I grew up near here and ha e fine every year since I was a baby. Machinery Hill has changed to more of a sale lot for cars, and there are a lot more food choices. But most of the fun, free stuff is still available, like International Market, the 4H building, the exhibitions of craft entries, and free shows and bands throughout the day, every day. If you don't want to go to the State Fair specifically, it's still a great time to visit, because other attractions are less crowded, like Mall of America, the science museum, the Children's Museum, and just about anything else.


We went 3rd consecutive yr...its really fun, my fav foods stalls were Martha cookies, corn dog stall, and fried chocolate bar... And if you forgot to take your strollers don't worry they have some stroller shop.. You can get good earring 3 for $10 and good craft beer and good tribal art wood works and try indoor merchandise mart.... Try space needle you can able to see the whole state fair and surrounding... And games and rides...


As a foodie, I cant resist going every year just for that. So many good things to try. Ballpark Cafe never disappoints with good beers too.

Anna Teut

Hot dish on a stick. Comes with cream of mushroom dipping sauce. So damn good.

Rob Clucas

The great Minnesota Get Together! Had a great time sampling the food and drink. Bring plenty of money and take the Metro Transit Park-N-Ride -- best deal ever.

Amy Fitzgerald

AWESOME!!! Its huge. Like, I cannot explain how big it is. If you're from another state, there is no way to describe how big it is. It's just not like most other state fairs. There's SO MANY things to do, like going to see the livestock exhibits, the grandstand stadium, the rides, the games, the stores, theres just so many things. One honorable mention is Sweet Martha's Cookies. Every Minnesotan knows Sweet Martha's. Huge buckets of warm, homemade cookies. They're incredible, especially paired with fresh milk from the milk stand, where you can get all you can drink white or chocolate milk from local dairy farms. It's tons of fun, go when you have the chance!!

Jenny Perry

Fantastic as always! I hadn't been to the fair in over 15 years, and it did not disappoint. Mother Nature rained cats and dogs on us, but we donned our rain ponchos and umbrellas and charged on. Tom Thumb Donuts, Sweet Martha's Cookies, cotton candy, fresh french fries, oh my! Everything was great. Can't wait to visit again in future years.

kevin greve

This was really fun since I rented one of the electric wheelchairs but it's not like it used to be. Maybe I'll come again in 5 years or so?

Julie Cabinaw

We went on the last day and that was perhaps a mistake. It took ages to find a park and ride lot that was open (2 hours from the time we arrived in the area to entering the gates) and it was so so so packed it was difficult to enjoy the fair. I think we just picked the wrong day! The food we had was yummy but couldn’t find anyplace to sit and enjoy it for a second which was hard!


We were on vacation and wanted to visit the fair! We were here for hours eating and enjoying the live shows. There were at least 100,000 people in attendance. It was an enjoyable experience. The food was awesome.

Emily G

I've put off going to the fair for years because I'm not big in crowds and stuff. I will say, this was nicely planned out. Lots of bathrooms, plenty of room to roam. Good food with tons of options for all sorts of diets (unless you're avoiding fats - it IS a fair after all). The bizarre was cool. Price to get in seems fair (ha ha.) As most other places, a lot is overpriced, but worth a trip every few years I suppose.

Justin Flicek

Minnesota state fair is always a blast me and the family had a great time there... sweet Martha's cookies are a must and also fresh French fries stand

Andrew Auchampach

What can I say, it's the state fair. As always the prices seem to continuously go up if not sky rocket from year to year. However the vendors seem to continue to offer up new and intresting foods, albeit most are far from healthy but what the hell it's the fair. The only place and time where we as Minnesotians can kick up our heels and throw caution to the wind along with our budgets and have some fun.

Kaitlyn Krampitz

Tons of free things to do. Download the app and plan your day with the schedule of events. Hard work going with the kids there are toys or carnival rides every which way you turn it'd be nice to walk a block without having to say no multiple times. Parking here is unbelievably still a nightmare

Jeri Bohks

Its ok. You know when you attend you'll spend lots of money. Food and merchandise to sell you. I did purchase xmas gifts though. Not to bad of prices. One very rude clothing store inside the pavilion that probably lost $100 purchase from me for being too hands on when trying on a sleeveless vest. I wasn't finished trying it on when the clerk came up and started putting her hands on me. I was with a friend. And was trying to speak with her. But over All is just s huge state fair.

Jemma Hanson

The fair gets better every time I attend. Great food, music, and rides! I would recommend you attending next year!

Valey Menette'

This is the first year we didn't go to a concert but we walked it like it was our first time there. I love the fried pickles and turkey leg. We went to the Butterfly House. I moved from Minnesota last year and I'm happy I was able to go during a stop there.

Mike Abrams

Fun fair experience, and a good selection of concerts in the grandstand. One of the top 5 fairs in the country. Worth a trip.

M Johnson

Prices were outrageous! I loved the free park and ride options available to the fair. Its just one of those must do experiences in Minnesota. Relatively clean given the number of people in attendance. Low safety rating given fact that there was a shooting incident outside the main gate with possibly 3 victims and no suspects.

Kelly Fager

The State Fair once again has come and gone. Nothing new and exciting. The best food item is a fried cheeseburger for 4 dollars off Midway and Snelling outside of the fair across the street from it. BEST FOOD ITEM!!!

Monique Royster

It was my first time going to the fair, i had an alright time. I just didnt think it would be so packed, that was actually the only thing that bothered me. I liked everything else.

Renee Simonson

One of the best summer vacation places before school starts. This is great to come for a food Smorgasbord & people watching. Also going to see the animals & look at different products out there. Great entertainment too! Great rides if that's what your looking for. It is an fun place to come.

Tanisha Foster

I love this fair. I have flown up several times to attend and I am never disappointed. So much to do, see and eat. My grandson had a blast. It is extremely crowded, but we did not hear of any altercations. Tickets are prices and the activities cost between 4 to 6 tickets. I've never seen so much beer in my life and the concerts were plentiful too.. if you ever have the opportunity, this is a good to do. They receive over 200,000 guests a day.

Ben Levan

Had a fun time with the family. Food and animals for my kiddo to pet and look at. Also a literal overflowing bucket of cookies along with unlimited cups of milk for $4 is a match that can't be beat!

Carolyn Packard

Entertaining, fun gathering with many options for food and drink. Must have check card for ATM or bring cash. Friendly people and tasty treats. Alphabet Farm is a super opportunity for kids to learn and grow and have fun at the fair.

Andrew Sean

The Minnesota State Fair is a tradition, and a fun one which I enjoy each year. There is plenty of food and entertainment to keep one busy for as long as you could want to be around millions of humans in a small space, and the observation of aforementioned hordes is just as much a pleasure.

Jireh Jaramillo

The Minnesota State Fair was really good this year! Martha's cookies are a must every year!

Adam Stenstrom

Way more fun than I remembered, haven't been in years. Saw weird Al, had some beer and food. Good time overall.

Jamie Hanson

Best get together in Minnesota! Love the fair! It is always so much fun! So many good food finds and fun things to see. But by far people watching is there best!

Dwayne Hampton

Food games music concerts and more at the state fair every year. Lots of walking or you could rent an electric scooter to get around faster. Every drink you could think of cotton candy ice cream rolls

Sara Estes

Fun environment, so much to do and even more to eat. I enjoyed seeing cattle judging baby farm animals, arts and crafts by 4H kids... Definitely worth a visit to Minnesota

John LeVasseur

Been going my whole life, but the crowds have gotten absurd. It's about how much money can we make. Great Minnesota Get Together? More like Great Minnesotan Infestation. Done.

Matt Sturgeon

Its the MN state fair. Everything is great. Be prepared to walk and bump into tons of people. use the buses parking is no joke.

Debby Hudella

It's the best state fair ever! Awesome foods, tons of entertainment of every kind! Something for everyone all day long!

Trent Dicks

Very well done on cleanliness. We were there during some rain and there were fans in the proper places to keep it some what dried.

Patrick Liebl

The Minnesota State Fair is a sight to behold! The Great Minnesota Get-Together doesn't fall short of its iconic name. The events and entertainment that are hosted during its 12 day run are simply unbelievable. The food vendors are vast and you can find pretty much anything you are craving, and many are on a stick! If you ever get here during the 12 day event, stop and get a fresh roasted ear of corn, a bucket of cookies, a foot long hotdog or corn dog, and of course cheese curds. There are plenty of other types of food if you don't select one of the fair food icons. You can also find gifts, toys, trinkets, clothing, sports stuff, pots, pans, hot tubs and a new truck or car to touch, feel and try. They are all there and so are the people. It is a sight to behold to sit with a beverage and people watch. It is almost as good as the grandstand shows that feature top performers from all music genera. If you live here or visit here, get to the Fair!

abbey pattison

The best around! We love to go once with our son and do all of the great kid activities and then go one more time with no kids to enjoy everything else. Obviously the food is great and we enjoy just taking our time and soaking it all in.

Sadie Elwood

Yesssss!! Best state fair I have ever been to. My parents started bringing me and my siblings every year since I was born! My sister moved to TX and she still thinks the MN State Fair trumps it! The people watching is fun and stuffing your face with pronto pups and pork chops is always a win! All the local brews, and the Yee Old Mill can be fun if you make it fun (rock the boat)! The grandstand always has great entertainment. Firework show, and newly added this year a laser light show projected on all the trees and on the MN State Fair water tower! Also great for work outings!

osama hassan

First time ever going to a state fair and let me tell ya it won't be my last. I had a blast, if you enjoy fried food you will find your self in heven cause you can find anything from chicken to icecream and more. So be ready for a good time and a hole in your wallet cause it gets pricey at times but portions are usually generous.

Caitlin Reker

By far the most fun thing to do/visit in MN during the summer months. Soooo many food vendors, a wide variety of entertainment, unique material goods, and new things every year. Filled with people having a good time! Only criticism would be that ticket prices for amusement rides, the riverboat, go karts, haunted house, and other similar activities are too expensive for their quality and short duration.

Todd Flom

Always a good time, and the weather this year was great! Love the food and like seeing all the people together. Lots of activities and exhibits so there's something for everyone.

Erika Quigley

I'm a Minnesota native and have grown up going to the fair. You should try it if you were born here or not. If you dont like crowds go during the week, but its always busy just better during the week. Must see if your are in MN in late August

Luke Dulgar

Always outstanding! Beautiful atmosphere, not crowded, great activities and displays. Food was amazing. Great animal barns, exhibits and people participating in the events!

Aaron Stang

Always have a good time at the Great Minnesota get together. Tons of different fun and delicious foods to try. Many types of entertainment for the whole family; music concerts, games, rides etc.

Channa Peters

It's the great Minnesota get together! Every year I find something new and yet I still have a small but ever growing list of favorites to visit year after year. There's no better place to settle the debate on pronto pup vs. corn dog!

harryet Wicks

I am 89 years old and have loved the fair since I was very young. Pronto pups foot longs espresso top the food list I must see the Clydesdale horses. I go at least 3 times. When I used to go by myself I would go 4 or 5 times. I love it all. I got hooked on the fair when I was very young and my dad and I would go to the fair in Albert Lea. See you at the fair!

ceci f

Always great food...some interesting and fun stuff for adults...but LOADS of fun for kiddos! Some of the rides seem sketchy and the souvenirs are overpriced and break right away, so be aware. But the animal barns are fun, DNR setup was way cool for kids, Sweet Martha's always delicious and some awesome vendor food that changes year to year. I would recommend skipping the butterfly house which seems like a fun idea but is fairly small and most of them are too full to eat the nectar, and sadly wings tattered and they all seem to be lifeless.

Musa Qandeel

We had a lot of fun at the state fair. Lots of people. So many activities and plenty of stuff to do for young and old. The food was awesome. Too bad it only occurs once a year.

Heidi Thompson-Groves

The Great Minnesota Get Together and it stays true to its name every year. Bigger and better but true to its history and traditions. The food, and all of its glory, seems to get all of the attention, but the real attraction should be the vendors! There's such variety of retail at the fair, from nail clippers to Harley Davidsons, bonsai trees to Christmas ornaments, state of the art mops to garage doors! And the deals that they offer are real, we've taken advantage of them ourselves. I wish every vendor success and thank them for supporting the fair, too.

Christy Kane

A yearly tradition. Lots to do and see... And eat. The best state fair in the country!

Cachet Hoyt

This was a huge event we had such a good time walking and looking at all the displays of just everything you could imagine. We had our pictures Made In The Roaring Twenties theme so it's fun to do that when you go to a fair we enjoyed watching the six-horse hitch and seeing an Oklahoma team take the top prize

Cole Warner

Best state fair I've ever attended!! Love the livestock barns. Many great exhibition halls to visit and browse. Enjoy the parades and other entertainment venues. Our boys loved the rides and carnival section. Great selection of food booths with traditional and fair foods available. The only thing I don't like is how crowded this place becomes!!

Monica Knack

Great people watching, many food choices and awesome exhibits! If you go to the education building, you will find a lot of awesome artwork done by children and teens. A lot of talent on display!

Sarah Rickert

Draws lots of crowds because it is the best state fair. Plan ahead. Blue Ribbon bargain book is great to have for families. Pronto pups, cheese curds and pork chop on a stick are all highly recommended.

Robin Henley

It's the great MN get together. So many food options. Plenty of free music. Lots of things to see and do. Always plan to spend quite a bit.


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