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REVIEWS OF Memory Lanes IN Minnesota

Ryan P

They have volleyball in the summer and good service in the patio by the courts. Also seems to have a good bowling following. It's a bit divey but the food is pretty solid and the beer list is great, good selection that updates regularly.

B Cook

Staff was nice and helpful. Lanes were nice, beer selection was decent, and the food was better than average bar fare. Would definitely go again.

Jacqulyn Gonzalez

There for a charity benefit! The staff is wonderful!

Tony Pedersen

Wonderful place. Very accommodating.

Sara Peterman

Great bowling spot and great food!

Connor Wickenhauser

Cool atmosphere. Always friendly staff. Decent prices.

Shiraz Zaidi

It was pretty much empty around 5 but got pretty busy by 7 when the cosmic lanes open.

Muhuyadin Farah

It's fun

Sean Severson

Their schedule says open bowling at 9 on Wednesdays, so we go at 9 and see that all lanes are in use. Counter Guy: No, sorry all lanes are league bowling. At 9:40 there's a few lanes open, so we ask about getting one of those lanes Counter guy: Nope, there's no open lanes. Me: What about those open lanes? Counter Guy (very condescendingly): Those aren't open. Those are courtesy lanes.

Ian Rapson

Good bowling quality and price. Good bar prices and selection. Mediocre food. Friendlyish staff but slow service (even when not busy). Arcade and bar games are sorely lacking. In the summer there is a nice sand volleyball court for leagues.

angela lohse

Inexpensive bowling! Nice staff.

Joe Moreno

Freakin awesome, all our family always have such a good time there, and I don't even bowl.

Parry Chen

Place looks disgusting, good deals for students tho

Demoncer Crosby

Cool place good deal food a little pricey!

Damian pelletier

To the days of Stardust, Dust Bowl, Memory lanes has live music, and Changing DJs on the wknds. Plus get your Bowling on.

Kevin McCabe

5 Google stars! It was lovely for two lovers.

Pacc Mane

The chicken was definitely on point and the staff was very friendly!

Miranda Eiler

Always fun on the weekend with black light bowling!


Great family friendly place for entertainment no matter what day of the week it is.

Noelle Roden

Horrible service. Asked for a water for a 2nd time after not recieving it before food arrived from a table and they told me to pour my own at the bar.

Nick Wilfahrt

They keep the lanes well taken care of and oiled. Game costs and beer is reasonably priced

Diana Kommer

Bowling lanes need a little help, food is good


We arrived around 1pm and stayed til about 3pm. It was unusually busy today and they only had One Server available but she worked her Heiny off and was Very Friendly to Everyone! If you were there today between 1 - 3pm and didn't tip that woman You should be bowled down a lane! We had a great time even if service was slow. God bless that woman. She deserves nothing but praise.

Kevin Binns

Great vibes nice place to bowl with friends or a date

Joe Holmes

Bowling, bands, Battle Star Galactica. Ok, no battle Battle Star but the rest is quite real was a great time. Bar is chill and has a patio. Food is good.

David Hiner

First it was Stardust then Memory Lanes been a great bowling alley since I was a kid


Love this place, always a guaranteed good time. I would highly recommended memory lanes for a fun night out. If you are wearing sandals and forgot socks no worry! They have socks for $3, super cute and comfy

Andrew Heen

We had a very fun night of bowling, eating, and drinks at memory lanes. The food was delicious and the portions seemed larger than expected! Our waitress, Erin, was awesome and the main reason we plan to return often! I hope she is a trainer as she is what you want in a waitress! Thanks Erin and the rest of the staff at Memory Lanes! A+

Michelle Standing Soldier

My party had a awesome time in a great establishment.

Daniel Isaac

Pretty great bowling alley, minus the long wait times. Luckily they have a bar too

Otto Flaherty

My sons school went here for a field trip they had a blast

Anthony Johnson

Very friendly staff. Good wings. Nice lanes. Plenty of parking.

maa-iin-gun B

I attended Fruit Bowl here. It was a great time for everyone in my group.

Orion Joss

Cool place! Great bowling lanes!


Good pizza, clean and well maintained. Nice spot for a date night

Kelvin Simms

Fun atmosphere. The classic bowling experience. The menu of food is generous and the place is clean. There's also an outdoor sand volleyball court connected to the building.

Brant Egertson

Good stuff. I have larger fingers and couldn't find a ball lighter than a 14lb which is too heavy for my baby arms


Bowling alley was fine. seemed pretty clean and everything worked. The burger I had was really good and better than a lot of restaurant burgers I've had so that was a nice surprise.

Salika Pao

Cheap drinks, great food. Lots to do.

Theo Knaeble

It's fine. But really pricy. Shoe rental for two plus a game for five was over $30. And the food is kinda sub par and overpriced. It does have a fun Retro mural on the wall. And the look of the place is what you would expect when you think of a classic bowling alley.

Caleb Venkatrathnam

Good place overall. Some of the balls have seen better days, but not terrible. The lanes are well kept and the games are cheap.

Hussein Ahmed

Huge space to enjoy a team bowling with friends and colleagues. Food is also good. I liked this place.

Handy Zee

Pretty tasty new menu. Love bowling here.

Travis Mcculloch

It's a nice bowling alley pretty decent food

Msjj820 Johnson

Great food and good family fun!

Alissa Haws

The awesome staff and volleyball league really makes this place great

Alex Reis

My only critique is that the drinks are ridiculously expensive. Otherwise great place. Very fun.

vanessa depaz

Not a bad place to go bowling. But this place needs to make it clear to all customers visiting online and in person that it’s 21 plus after 9 pm. Even though the sign outside clearly stated that it was 21 plus after 10pm. Once inside we were excited to take part in the trivia that was hosted there that night. We even confirmed with the worker there that it started at 10pm just like the flyers we had seen around the place. Disappointedly we came to find out it started at 9:30pm. The online website also stated the happy hour menu that started at 9:30pm so we ordered from that menu but came to find out they discontinued those food items. This place is very inconsistent and REALLY needs an update. Very confusing place to go to for your first time.

Keith Severson

Great themed block party THIS WEEKEND!

Michael Gentilli

7 years of Spike's N Strikes!

Estraya DVS

Overly priced drinks during the block party.

Jeana Behnke

This is a bowling alley, so the food and atmosphere are just as you would expect. The staff was friendly, efficient and accommodating. Ignore those other reviews. This is a non-pretentious place, and that's what this city needs more of.

Zenotha Love

Staff was friendly and the food was great but the drinks didnt taste as expected.

Vickie Peterson

It has a nice atmosphere, nice mixture of clinetle. Food was amazing and bowling was a blast

Wes Thompson

Not so great atmosphere, not the best lanes, and decent prices. Could have been overlooked, however we had a super snarky incident with the staff. Hopefully a one off time, my advice is only come here to go bowling with a buzz for cheap.

Tahir Farooqi

The staff is very friendly, the balls and shoes are a bit worn out. But good price and nice people

christian Laur

Good staff and fun !

Mule Blues

The block party is always fun

Ben Johnson

Great bowling - big enough that you can actually just show up and play. Sweet craft beer selection too.

Nique Rocks

Worth the wait great times with friends great service and staff

Jacqueline Brand

Never and issue finding a lane. Lanes could be better oiled. Ball returner has chewed up a ball or two that the pro shop has needed to repair but was told it would take a week to do.

K Dedolph

Fun place to bowl.

Larch Oye

Beautiful bowling alley, great atmosphere

Frank Sharp

Good bowling, fairly cheap bar prices, friendly staff.

Robby Wiens

Nothing too fancy. Pretty much what you want in a bowling alley.

kal Ibrahim

Needs a bit of renovation. Maybe time for new management/ownership? I'm open for a renovation contract just by obligation of living in the neighborhood :)

Shawn Walker

This place isn't retro so much as the decor just hasn't changed since the 70s. Charming without being pretentious. Good food and an excellent beer selection, plus the bowling prices are super affordable.

Ian Buck

We had to reset our pins pretty often because it kept setting them up incorrectly. The screen animations weren't very fun, just static stock photos of people's faces. The nacho plate was generously loaded. The location is quite good, people from both the east metro and west metro were able to get to it without too much trouble.

Christian Neal-Herman

A fairly typical American bowling alley experience. Prices are reasonable, and they have good drink and greasy food options. Best thing about this place is that they can add bumpers for individual bowlers, instead of just everyone in the game.

Erick Brewer

It's still the StarDust but with better lighting

Torleiv Flatebo

Fun blowing alley in the neighborhood


We had a great time. Food and drinks are good.

Mikey McFly

Great place for bowling, friends and drinks

Jonathan Santos

I had fair and pleasant time with my best friend. Even the air-hockey awaits advance competition. Good beer services and lane services. Even if the lane Operations were a bit old and run down... The people helped feel fair respected and serviceable. Thank you memory lanes!

Jason Christensen

Nice little place. Not too expensive. Good food. Clean. The volleyball courts outside looked nice too. A good place to have fun.

B. Leverson

Arguably the best place to play volleyball in the Twin Cities. The sand is soft, and the drinks are hard. Highly recommend!


My to go bowling places! Reasonable price and good student discount.

Brian Wene

In addition to great lanes & comfy shoes Memory Lanes has live music frequently. The bands don't play in a room, but right on the lanes. Bowling to live punk music on Mondays is something truly Wonderful. I also have been a regular attendee to the annual music festival called "Mock the Garden" which is a day dedicated to local punk rock and has become a staple in my summer plans for the past few years. Make sure to check Memory Lanes out for epic music and a fantastic bowling experience. The live music is also very well organized and great bands play regularly. Do yourself a favor and have some fun at Memory Lanes.

C Turner

Great bowling, good drinks, friendly staff.

austin woodin

Old school bowling fun at its best.

Annie Van Avery

Memory Lanes staff was AMAZING accommodating my 7 year old's birthday party. We had so much fun and felt welcomed and well taken care of with a bunch of crazy 6-7 yr olds. A great birthday set up! Thank you.

Hilary Hancy

Great food and service. Oh and the bowling is fun too!

Andy Holmaas

Memory Lanes is a great establishment. They have more than 20 bowling lanes that are clean and well maintained. They have a pretty robust menu of bar food and pizzas. Full bar with plenty of tap, can, and bottled beer, full liquor options, and wine. Staff is friendly and efficient. The walls are lined with vintage movie and rock star photographs. Each summer they host a two day block party in their parking lot with live music and drinks. During summer they also host sand volleyball on courts they’ve installed in the parking lot.

George Parkhurst

Long standing bowling alley that had open bowling on the weekend. I felt like a kid again bowling with my friends and more friends stopped through and they joined us for a game. We had fun and bowled till closing time.

Ashley Bell

Old and broke done and some of the workers are not friendly.

Malhar Khambete

Don’t plan to come here unless you have a lot of time on you hands. Their estimate of wait times is unrealistically wrong. If they say it’s a 20 min wait, multiply that number by 4 or more.

Martez Miner

The beef short ribs tasted freezer burn or been in the refrigerator too long I prefer fresh beef short ribs I understand you probably don't cook them on a daily basis.

Jillian Ollry

Ive actually been to memory lanes more to eat than to bowl. Fun, well kept place. I was stranded here one time after getting caught in a hail storm on my bike and it was one of the best times.

Jack of Rainbows

Had a few friends meet up the other weekend. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Evan O'Brien

Good place to bowl and drink

Kara Elisabeth

It's pretty fun, the animatics on the screens are terrible, but so funny that my friends and I couldn't help laughing at them. Very fun time, great food.

joshua taye

I had so much fun. They have food, awesome service.

Andy Oldenburg

Great classic bowling lanes with pretty decent bar food.

Alicia Schimke

Fun place, great staff and I love the volleyball courts. Not great food though.

Pwajdeur Swanstrom

Great shows and bowling.

Charlie Ripple

They will judge your song choices and change them on their jukebox even if you paid. Not a fun place.

Hannah Alves

The staff kept saying we needed to leave prior to the closing time. We were out the door with one minute to spare, but not without two staff members peeking into the bathroom to “heavy sigh” as my friends tried to relieve themselves before we left. When we tried to get two games over an hour before they closed they suggested we only “try one game out” ... if I acted this way at the restaurants I’ve worked at I would’ve been written up.

Des Miller

The manager is awesome, food was ok, waitress helping our section didnt know what the food she was delivering should have for condiments and was bothered I informed her then never brought the right item.

Maren Knep

Cheap bowling, awesome food.

G. Cosper

Nicely maintained bowling alley and lounge with decent menu and reasonable prices. Friday was open bowling available until 10, then "over 21 only".

Chiquetta Tucker

Very nostalgic with a neighborhood feeling.

tina bennett

Great service, great food and they have cosmic bowling!

Brad Palmer

Good bowling and volleyball but the food and service is pretty awful.

pratheep kumar reddy Yaddala

I left Memory lanes with lot of sweet memories. That statement is enough and comprehensive enough to know what "Memory Lanes" is. Hospitality: 5 Ambience: 4.5 Facility: 4.5 Service: 4.5 Food: 5 Value for Price: 5 It is so happened that we were given 90 minutes. We were a team of six members. We were in the middle of third round by the end of 90 minutes. But, were given extra time to complete the round even without solicitation. We were also given free pizza

Anton Louthan

Good atmosphere. Open late. And reasonably priced drinks

dereck scott

Nice venue.

legen d

It's okay it's just takes about 30mins for your order to come

Nathaniel Talledge

Great local alley with a solid bar and chill atmosphere.

Daniel Lang

Bowling experience is what I'd expect. Lanes are in good condition and clean. However with one or two exceptions the staff members in bowling area have been rude when I've been there.

The Real Mark Anthony Cruz

Awesome place and good food

Dylan Heise

If the dude lived in Minneapolis this is the bowling alley he would frequent

Madelyn Langfeld

Best place I have ever bowled!!! Will never go to another place again!


Great service for our large group. Thanks for a great night!

Jeremy Heskett

It's a bowling alley/bar/restaurant. Been to one, you get the idea. The service wasn't great, waitress was catching up on the days gossip, the chicken Alfredo was more of an Alfredo soup and had to send it back. The burgers, nothing special. Had that lovely "I was a frozen patty" taste. Normal bowling alley, knock pins down, they get set back up, try again. Not a place I'm dieing to go to again, but probably will.

Navid Mohammad Imran

30 bowling lanes so very small wait to get your own lane. It is reasonablly inexpensive, especially if you bring your college id. They also offer good food and 'All you can bowl' option.

Prominent Daisy

I love the juke box!

Maricruz Arocho

Love this place, good environment and fun for all ages! I definitely recommend this place

John Richard

Traditional bowling alley with a fun urban vibe! Good bar/gastro pub style food. Clean lanes usually a wait for a lane but fast service for drinks and food.

Grady Johnson

MY FRIEND WON BINGO. We got free shots for that. This place is an old school neighborhood mainstay and is always a blast. The happy hour is pretty good and the bowling is a great deal. Even if you dont like bowling the bar is nice.

Eric Rustad

Because Mike Christian, old school Bruce, Sprout, and Greg, made it very fun, and easy going! Great service from the gentleman!

Anthony Kollasch

Great night out. To bad it was the last Punk Rock Bowling night. Great crowd. Couldn have used some more help at the bar.

Robert Johnson

The staff here is amazing! They'll leave you to your own devices, but won't hesitate to help when asked, all the whole being very friendly and professional in the process. My wife and I had a blast, and will certainly come back again!

Alex Peterson

I'm not a bowling fan. This was a place to go meet friends and hang out. They stayed out of our way but kept providing a supply of drinks and food. The lanes basically worked, a few extra pins got knocked down by the machines occasionally but that just made scores better, none of us were anywhere near competitive enough to mind that. We did mind a bit that we finished off a keg of good cider that they didn't have another of but that was probably the worst part of our visit.

Googleyspook !

You definitely get all of what's good in one spot! Delicious beer (try the Cigar IPA), good food, like the chicken tenders-huge chunks of REAL chicken on a gigantic bed of fries easily could feed 3-4 snackers or 2 hungry folk. You can bowl, there's volley ball, outdoor tables, even live music! You're missing out if you've never been!

Kim Watts

It was good place to bowl.

Lex Talionis

My favorite bowling alley in town. That's not to say I've been to all of them, but it's a cool spot. They share ownership with Elsie's in NE, which is also a great place. I like Memory Lanes because it's huge, they have live shows on weekends occasionally, and it's reasonably priced. They also have a beach volleyball league during the summer if I remember correctly.

David Greenburg

I think this is the best bowling alley in town and I have visited the rest as well.


Been going to this bowling alley for 13 years, it hasn't changed much but the lanes work very well and they have flat screen TVs. The one thing it needs is a system where you can change the bowling screen background and stlye because the classic/retro style is pretty lame and hasn't changed for a fews years.

Benjamin Dischinger

Fun retro bowling alley with updated tech. Good beer selection on tap!

Conrad Zero

All you mpls punx should check out punk bowling night.

Joe Parkhurst

Great chicken tenders! Great burgers! Great food and atmosphere.

Carl Olmstead

Everything was stiky and the food quality was sub par. But the staff was nice.

Ibrahim Jamshed

Great place. Bowling is a little expensive but other wise it's great. Two games for two people after the student discount were $17.


This is only for the bar. It is an ok place to get a drink if you are in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here. They actually have a pretty decent selection of beers between what is on tap and also in cans or bottles.

Will Charlton

I like it. It's affordable, accessible, culturally neutral and yet awesomely American. Simple food. Arcade needs some work though.

Umair Malik

The guy at the entrance is incredibly rude, forget about feeling welcomed, he even lacks the most basic decency. We didnt even make it past him, the way he talked and behaved at the entrance, we left the place right away. Surprised they have this whole business running, but cant find a half decent guy to sit at the entrance. Would never come back.

Cathy Hale

Cool place! The bartender was very nice! The chicken strips are amazing!

Michael O'Leary

This is a fantastic bowling alley that retains the atmosphere of the older generation while still having the contemporary scoring computers and bells and whistles of the new bowling alleys. They have great bar food, a good selection of beers, and a friendly staff. It's a fun place to bring kids in the afternoon or early evening as well as a fun place to hang with your friends in the later evening.


The bowling itself was fine, but the service at the lane was terrible. I was left waiting for a half hour before a waitress came to get my order. It took twenty minutes before she brought back our drinks. When we wanted our check, we finally went up to the bar after waiting another half hour for the waitress to make her rounds (she never did). They had to find the waitress somewhere in the back and send her to our lane. We visited at noon and it wasn't even close to busy. Good luck if you plan on going in the afternoon or in the evening.

Kate Bee

Love this local bowling alley. Bring your friends or your date, get a lane, rent some shoes, choose your ball and make memories. They have wait service at on the lanes and a bar restaurant area if you want to go there or not even bowl (the bar food is good). They have a mini arcade space(floor hockey and pac man are my favs). They even have a little patio spot on the side if that’s your jam. They also host sand volleyball if that’s your thing. Something for everyone! Great local spot.

Vaisakh Nair

Best bowling alley .... You should definitely try out this place as it is very near to the downtown Minneapolis ... They have student friendly rates for the game .. the prices are game based and not hourly. ... Very good cheese curds are served here ... Overall a wonderful experience bowling here ...

Patrick Broderick

Great place to bowl, drink and see a live show

virginia english

My league bowls here and it's pretty awesome. I go there a few days a week for practice as well. The staff is always so nice and the food is great!

DiaMond Doby-Cathcart

Very nice hotel. Throwing a party here you will have the best views and the best food!

Tera Myers

I only play volleyball here, so I haven't gotten the full experience. But the people are great. And, the tots....the tots are cooked to perfection!

Jay-k lil j

Birthday fun w/Geezy!

Jon Ross

A lot of fun! Very convenient to get on and off 94.

Desiree Adamski

Manager was great as well as our over booked waiter. Food not so great but not horrible, additional help staff blonde female wait staff rude, doesn't know the menu, argues with you about it and never brings you the right condiments

Nicole Kasperbauer

GREAT LATE NIGHT DEALS! Definitely a hot spot for large groups of friends. And reasonable prices for everything.

Liz Brown

I had my daughter's 21st party here; it was a great time. The food is good, prices are affordable and the service is great. It was fun for all ages!

Laurri Olson

New menu. Food was good and so was the service.


All around it was a good place to bowl, and okay, but uncomfortable atmosphere. I only rated a 1, because the old man who rings people in is has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. We had 1 college and 1 results price which I told him. I then handed him my I.D and he THREW it back at me, and yelled “you know show me this right away so I can do my job right”. I was so baffled. This was my most recent experience with him, and he is like this with each and every person. It really brings a negative attitude to the whole place, and experience.

Eric Holmboe

Fun place to go and great drink prices, the food is nothing to write home about but they have it. The lanes are always in good shape and the volley ball courts are great to play on and they have a bar out there.

CAM Smith

Not what it used to be when it was Stardust least you can still bowl there

Aaron K.

Never changed....its still got that old school bowling alley feel unlike the big chains dont have. Decent drink prices....just wish it was the Big lebowski Tribute concert every time I came....

Erik Spangrud

Very fun place to bowl

Ness Harris

Friendly staff, convenient location

Pamela Mattia

Excellent staff, lanes, facilities, drinks...will be back!

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