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REVIEWS OF Gameworks Mall of America IN Minnesota

g0atey .

Was there during mid-week. Awesome games. Pinball tables which is why went there. I'm sure it's super busy on the weekends. 20 bucks bought tons play time. My friend bought the drinks so I can't quote prices.

Josh B

I did not have the best experience here because first of all, I got a $35 card and used it up in around 20 minutes and for a arcade this big, I think it could have been better. Second, most of the claw machines were weak. But I gave it two stars because there is a good selection of games which is quite appealing to say the least and the atmosphere was pretty nice. But I think this GameWorks needs improvements.

cody Allison

Updated and they have some new games.

Jordan Childs

Had a great time there, but make sure you have the exact dollar amount of you are going to use the machine to buy points.

John Harkness

Great staff and atmosphere. Games where cheap too!

Tom Kutz

Excellent friendly staff fun games

John Jakes

First time visitor. I will definitely be back!


Gameworks is fun, bartenders are great if you are good too them :D

Chrissy Odum

Staff is excellent food is great!

Timothy Bice

The steakhouse wings at Gameworks were amazing! Crispy but not too crunchy, full of flavor and very filling. The new jambalaya pizza was really good as well! Great place to spend some fun time playing games and getting some really good food!

Nicole Raves

Pretty decent, could use more adult entertainment.

Will Johnston

Fun place to unwind and visit with friends.

Rose Love

So awesome if you pay through Groupon u get a awesome deal where u can play all day for 20 bucks. & that's not including taxes. So worth it.

David Tesch

Great place to take your kids and hangout for a couple of hours. Games are geared towards older (10+) age kids. Monday deal was $20 for unlimited game play for 3 hours. Will definitely go back again.

Dan Kokkila

The food was ok the server was noce but very slow. Seemed like he was new.

Jessica Dominguez

Fun games and lots of fun. Thought itd be busier since its a Saturday today but it was perfect.

Brandon Davis

Still fun..... it's an arcade with beer. It was downtown Minneapolis then disappeared for years. So there is a nostalgia factor for my friends and me. The one star off is due to the fact that sometimes the whole place is closed for a private party so if you plan on going then you have to call ahead because there is nothing online to make sure that they are open to the public on a weekend.

Peter Bajurny

Bland food, mediocre drinks, old games, many not working, bad service

Richard Benson

Way to pricy. Lower your prices and people may actually spend money. Not going to pay 30 dollars for maybe 10-15 minutes worth of games.

Natilie Kreye

We came with a family of five we waited ten minutes to be seated no one was in front of us and multiple tables were open. The host was rude. We ended up leaving and going somewhere else for dinner.

Florida Man


Anthony Loegering

Great selection of games, a great way to spend a couple hours at MOA.

Shyam Thampi

One of the worst arcade/ bowling experience ever. Stay away from this messed up place. Lanes dont work

Joshua Fisher

Fun day. 3 hour card was great for the price.

Tommy H

My server was thar j. She was the best. Such great service. 5 star all the way.

Juanita Larson

Love this place :) great food and drinks. Tommy is a great bartender always attentive. Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming

Adalia Mccrea

We got 3 hour time cards and even though we couldn't earn prizes, we had a good time on all the other games.

Frederick Koenig

Great. Bowling games

Adam Morgan

A bunch of the games needed maintenence. Buttons and joysticks didn't work on several of the games we tried.

Mathew Brand

Great staff and facilities, accommodating for our team for esports practice at the X Games.

Lynn Seim

Great place for all ages. Way better prizes than most arcades.

Allen Bice

Excellent beer selection, tons of games, and the brand new menu is delicious. A real upgrade over the old menu. Try the steakhouse wings you won’t be disappointed! They go great with the Game Works pale ale by Odell Brewing.

hellen ferguson

Amazing and fun :-)! Lots of games to play! Fun things to win, with tickets you receive from playing certain games, too!

Jacob Smith

Chuck is a great employee. Always ready to help. Went out of his way to make sure our experience here is great. Thankyou !

Megan Olson

Very expensive for what you get. The bowling lanes kept breaking down on us so we barely played half a round. The manager was very understanding and gave me a refund. Thank you.

Tony Nichols

Pretty nice place, very clean!

tim seldal

Fun place to take the kids for the afternoon. The unlimited all day pass is the way to go. If you get it on Groupon it is a good deal. Some of the games were broken or worn out. But only a few. Kids had a good time. Call ahead on weekends to make sure they aren't booked out for a party. Phone number is on their website.

richard carson

Great fun for a few hours

Laura I

They definitely have better prizes now. But nothing compared to Dave and Buster's.

Samantha Craft

I had the bahnmi burger without a bun and a salad, both were very good and I would get again. My husband had the winds with the Korean sauce, sweet chili, and the Sam Adams beer cheese. The best one was the Korean. The sweet chili was just spicy without much flavor and the cheese one was like pretzel cheese. The wings were good plain with the steak seasoning and cooked well. They only have one flavor of truly if you like the sparkling water drinks. They have tons of beer.

Jackie Marler

I took my son to the mall. It was his first time there. An early birthday celebration. We had a layover. It was really fun. He really enjoyed it.

A-Dubb Morales

When ever my friends or family come to town (with kids) I recommend this place. It's at the mall, kids get to burn energy and adults can relax or play games too! Staff are typical seasonal young adults, no complaints but if you tip them a few bucks up front... You'll notice they are more prompt with drink refills. To me, it's worth it... Especially when they are swamped during tourist season.

Charles Walker

My friends and I had an absolute blast here. I'll be honest, arcades in my experience have been kinda hit or miss for me depending on their game selection, but I'm happy to say that Gameworks has a fantastic variety that kept even picky 'ole me happy. I was impressed with how generally well kept the space was (clean, in good repair). I had some of the food as well, and thoroughly enjoyed it all. The bowling was 10/10 - I did better than I've ever done before, so I think these lanes must have some good juju. It's a great place to host an event or just kill some time.


Amazing place for a family outing, lots of restaurants and food areas, super fun amusement park, the place itself is huge, overall the place is really fun

Zach Weaver

Brought a couple youth here for work a few times. Pretty good time here and they add new games here and there too.

Justin Yang

The bowling area is a no go. The lanes freezes very often. The games were fun though. Wouldn't recommend bowling.

Steve Wang

Great arcade with variety. Staff was very helpful.

Tana Dickerson

Lots of game choices and good burgers

Jason Barth

Cool hourly gameplay on many platforms of games.

Brigette Ambrozewski

They are running a Groupon right now and for twenty dollars for two people you get three hours of play on their PC. Great deal!!! Staff was super nice as well.

Jen Canfield

I cannot say enough good things about GameWorks and their staff! I just hosted a work outing here this past Tuesday for 55 people. Jim was more then helpful with the planning and execution of this event! We rented out the bowling and bar area. Everyone had a great time and RAVED about the food! Pricing was very affordable, especially their corkage fee. No question that we will be back, and I mean that both personally and professionally. Thanks again for helping us put on an incredible evening!

Dionna Black


michelle burnell

Huge and something for everyone

liz Hurley

It was fun seeing how much the staff loved games! They were very willing to help. This place has an excellent selection board games and other types of games. Very cool place. We especially enjoyed playing in the store and not being kicked out when we wanted to play every single game they had on display

Kayla BarnesKrey

Nothing really to make it stand out, pretty boring

J Ketch

21+ after 9 every night. A bunch of your typical arcade games plus game consoles and computer gaming. I haven't been bowling since the rebranding. I realize it's not chuck e cheese but it's not really a family venue unless your kids are at least 10. My kids had a little fun but probably bugged adults wanting to play some games, since they didn't really know how to play them. Remember, it goes 21+ at 9 probably for this reason and after a certain time kids/ teens aren't allowed in the mall without a parent (or adult). Over all, we'll go back.

Lori VanBallegooyen

I like this arcade. There were many games to keep my 21 year old daughter and 10 year old grandson busy for hours. It's nice and roomy so you don't bump into others. I found a comfortable table and enjoyed a Pepsi and a snack while they played. My grandson found the prize selection to be much better than other arcades he's visited.

Wendy Fillion

Clean, great deals, staff is attentive, food and drinks perfect!

tia robinson

Lack luster employees at the bar area around 12pm. Sitting at the dining tables and clearly looking at people needing service at the bar

Shela Usadi

Really cool employees, great customer service... unfortunately a lot of the games are broken

Ashley Rentz

It's super fun but they don't put like any alcohol in there alcoholic drinks. Which I understand cause its kids there but still I'm paying extra for the alchohol so I don't wanna drink 3 drinks and be completely sober.

Mackenzie Baker

Really cool place to go and play some games for a while to take a break from everything in the mall. The only thing that doesn't make it 5 stars is that it's pretty crowded in here because of all the attraction it gets. Other than that its a good place to go if you're looking for some arcade games.

Melody Scott

Fun place to buy your kids for hours of fun.

Chantel Bagaus

We made an exclusive family trip for the purpose of celebrating our sons 13th birthday. This place is a wreck, we were there for 10 mins and came to realise any open games where people weren't lined up ---were out of order, not marked, no intentions of fixing them, they all still took credits. The first FOUR machines we used took our credits but allowed for no play. ($16 value of attempts) I went up front and approached a very tall middle aged man who had keys and a name tag on, hoping he was some sort of help. I explained the machine took 3 separate 10 credit swipes but never allowed us gameplay. He ROLLED HIS EYES at me. My husband is a game technician for a living. I would not ever do business here again, after our first 10 minutes of trying to just find a machine that worked, we gave up and asked for help. Second employee was JUST AS RUDE "we ask that you come up right away if you have an issue" in the most condescending tone. I DID - at that point we asked for the manager, let her know about the blatant rudeness and for a refund. She asked if we had any recommendations: I told her they obviously need a technician-- we then went up to a virtual reality game called XD Ride and spent our money with them instead. Could not have been happier with the experience w them. Aside from games not working and rude employees- the place is filthy, the games and controls are sticky, I couldn't imagine eating there. Not kid friendly and I don't feel the staff wanted us there, which is fine because we will be awaiting their impending closure. I would give 0/5.

Angela Kissner

This is a great spot for football games. They have good specials during the game, a huge TV wall and delicious cheese curds and wings. We will be going back!

Alecia Reeder

We all had a great time.

Cisco Kid911

Fun Place a lilttle of Everything..

Kevin Trombly

Fun place, nice prizes for ticket games. I feel like they could do with fewer racing games (there are SO MANY). The best part was that we went on Thursday, which is apparently a special all you can play for one price night after 5 p.m. Better than that, all the kids under 21 were kicked out at 9, so pretty much all of the games were completely open.

chuck Dovis

Need more employees. Good food.

rainil sangster

Good Time with my nieces

Charles Ward

Bowl night was great good Lanes

Allison Hickman

Fun! I purchased a groupon and my 12 year old & I played for hours. We also played a game of bowling.

Mr. Jalal Z Wilson

Staff preoccupied didnt enjoy the experience


-1 star because The food here is kinda lackluster but lets be honest, eat at another location in Mall of America and come here for the games. 5 out of 5 for the games! For the most part games are kept in solid condition except for a select few, and those were just general wear and tear. I believe every machine was functioning the day I visited which is always impressive for an arcade. Additionally, all the games of skill I played on premises had pretty solid ticket outputs and none of the games are rigged that I played. I played 2 games of skill, the drop 50 balls game, and the back and forth 100 hit lock game. I jack potted both of these games and the games outputted the exact number of tickets specified by the current jackpot output. The ticket prices of candy prizes are also pretty good here. Was able to get a mountain of candy with the tickets I earned from $40 dollars in cards.


Kids had a blast, no conplaints from the kids so no complaints from me. They went around screaming and playing everything they could, it was awesome. Thought they played air hockey like half the time, longest game ever when the shots arent smashed like how adults play. Fun watching the kids have fun.

Kevin Carroll

There employee jordan is very professional and efficient. No darts and the bowling ally malfunctions occassionally.

Calisha Sanders

The atmosphere was great, the games worked which is a plus compared to other places. The food was good especially the chicken. We bowled, had drinks and played games which made it fun for the kids and adults. The service could have been better as we were forgot about but the customer service made up for it.

Vong Xiong

This bowling place really sucks. Save your money and go else where. A lot of mechanical issue with the lane that we were on. Went there for my son's 6th birthday and was not impress with the bowling experience at all. There is no server/waiter and the bartender always seem to disappear. That was the first and the last time that my family will be going to this place.

Dan Nixon

Some games were broken, but overall good time.

Collin Gonzales

Friendly staff, clean, new high score holder on the basketball game


Drinks are expensive. $15 for a screwdriver in a small glass.

Ashley King

Good food and service. Nice place to go as a family, the kids can run around and parents can enjoy a meal and/or join in the fun.

Matt Rice

We will be visiting to spend our credits on half price day. We did play a couple games, one did not operate correctly but the technician promptly refunded my credits. There isn't a great variety of redemption games or prizes for somebody who doesn't live in the area, but it otherwise seems like a decent place with a generous loyalty program.

Shirley Wangari

They have switched their menu up and I AM LOVING IT

Stephanie Castellanos

My sister and I were waiting to get service once we were seated. 20 minutes went by and no serbive. Servers would just walk by and look at us and never stopped to ask if we needed anything.

MiKayla Penca

We didn't have the best of times there in all reality, but the General Manager made sure to make it up to us. With great management like him, I would go back.

Philip Frisch

A lot of equipment is straight up broken.

Berna Glover-Lewis

I had fun and the employees were cool. But the seats at the bowling area were TERRIBLE! The food was decent and the drinks were alright. Being it was my birthday it was the people I celebrated with that help me overlook the mess ups and enjoy myself.


good food & even better selection of games, a great place to kill some time.

Todd Edson

Fun place with games and bowling plus booze. Lgbt friendly

Frazier Smith

Great place to eat and play. The kids love.

Devante Chambers

The go karts are really fast and you have an opportunity to win an iPhone x

Ryan Rydberg

Had a blast here - clean, not too crowded(Thursday night), 21+ after 9PM. A few games were out of order or had some bad controls but it was still great

Alanna Ebertz

Went here on a Sunday afternoon with my 10 year old cousin, it wasn't busy which was great. He had a blast, the guy who helped us at the front counter was super helpful and the bartender was really nice and funny. It's not the best arcade ever but it was a fun experience and my cousin loved it

Zoe Luna

Amazing service, very friendly bartender. Fun atmosphere and great drinks. Definitely coming back and bringing my friends.

dave morris

Decent place for the kids. Go on Thursday after 5pm. All you can playarcade games for 10 bucks. Plus 3 dollar beers. Food is good for what it is.

Kathy Madson

We were there with a large group for a party. We were there early so it wasn't busy. The bowling lanes were not functioning properly. Tables were dirty from the night before. It was a bit disappointing. It might be fun for a quick drop in while shopping but not for a large party.

El Martini

Best place to have a party and to have fun ! I had my sons birthday party here and was once again amazed by the great service! The pizza was delicious and they had everything organized for us, even birthday plates and cups ! We had over an hour of bowling and an hour of game play, the party was 3 hours which was perfect. Shout out to steph and Lila for their amazing service and Jim who booked us! We go just for fun too and even a fun date night without kids, they have a great bar selection and after 9pm it’s 21+.

Eliza Mussmann


Dominick Kinniebrew

Nice place to have fun and relax with friends and family, excellent service great staff.

Jose Fonseca

Their happy hour beer and cocktail menu selection isn't special, but the prices are on-point.

Rocky MTN Hoods

Lots of selection; pretty cool arcade. Wouldn't mind some new new games.

beidler Wynn

Great value with all day pass

Pangmao Harris

We frequently go here whenever we are at MOA. We had a birthday party here this time and it was awesome. The staff was super friendly and helpful. We had a great time bowling and then tons of fun just playing in the arcade. Most of the games work a few are off limits to the timed pass. And pay attention to which way you have to swipe the game cards, sometimes you have to flip the card but 1hour of gameplay was really fun for the entire party. We got 10 cards so plenty for everyone. The package was for 10 people which included shoe rental and three pizzas, they also allowed us to bring in cupcakes. We got an additional salad and sampler tray as well and the total was close to $280. I’m going to say that was a good deal. We’ve had similar parties at other bowling places and it cost way more.

Liza Tevelman

The staff at this location are fantastic. I came to the MOA for a company meeting. 1 hour before lunch, our catered just canceled. I walked over to Gameworks and asked if they could help me. They whipped up lunch within an hour to feed my hungry 40 person group. Their speed, quality, and staff were amazing. Keep up the good work guys!

Jerod Jenkins

I called before I came because I wanted to know pricing on bowling. The person didn't tell me instead just explained the facility, so I called the next day and I was told it was $4.50 an hour per person plus a $3 shoe rental. I thought this was a pretty good deal so my girlfriend and I decided to come and bowl. When we arrived and we went to pay the total came out to around $33. There was absolutely no indication of pricing anywhere inside the actual facility that I could see. At least not at the bowling register where you are actually paying. I wanted to be sure I purchased the right amount of time or something because the price I paid was completely off. The receipt is not itemized and the person who charged me told me what I was paying for so quickly I couldn't understand. But she already ran my card before I could ask. I went back up to the register and she told me she would explain it slowly since I had a hard time understanding. Balls got stuck more than once and they shut the lane down for 5 minutes which is very scummy since I was paying for an hour. The only reason I'm giving this 2 stars has nothing to do with Gameworks at all, but because I actually enjoyed bowling with my girlfriend so that was the best part of this awful experience. I will not be returning to Gameworks and I suggest others not put up with what I did to try and salvage what could have been a fun experience.

Peter Linder

Very Reasonable Prices

Sophia L.

Did not get to enjoy the full experience. Kids hogging most of the games, got on 2 defective game, and points for prizes are too high. Left with some candy.

Joseph Thomas

Great service good food and drinks

Nicholas L

Great place to hang out with friends and a good date night. I just ordered beer haha

Paige Duncan

We had an amazing time here. Plenty of games, and fun for the whole family.

Leigh Ann B

I call this the adult getaway of MOA.

Andy Eder

Lots of games for all ages! Our family had a great time.

Caitlin Wayne

Employee was so nice, my phone was dead so he charged it for me behind the desk. Honestly made my day.

Marilyn Staffieri

Nice little game area located in the mall of america. You can choose to either get points on a card or an unlimited pass, although with the pass you cant earn any points towards the little knick knacks. Good for wasting time!

Adam Lund

Many of the arcade games were broken or in various stages of disrepair. We ended up getting the 3-hour unlimited pass because we'd try so many games that were broken but not marked, such as one of the guns not working on 2-player shooter games. It made it less frustrating. Place is kid friendly inside, but they do serve beer and booze at an internal bar... Just FYI.


Great place so much fun !

Meghan Kuczmarski

Went here for a company work party. So much fun! The ladies at the bar were working very hard getting everyone drinks. Very fun games. Will recommend to other friends.

Amber Illingworth

Super friendly staff

Andre' Asselin

Had lots of fun

Axel Stiven Ruiz Jimenez

Super nice place! They serve you very fast, good place to share with friends, and the beers are amazing!

Anthony Amato

Lots of things to do and good food

Amy Jenkins

Good amount of things to do here. Prices are a bit high for the drinks they offer. Finding a staff member in the bowling alley who knows what they're doing was hard to find. Get more staff and the place would be better.


Decent place , more shooting games than anything.

Michael Jones

Always fun with family and friends

Krystal Sanders

The games where awesome and so where the ppl kids had fun

Aamir Bashir

Went there for a office party. Quality of food was great. Selection of arcade seemed old, they need to add some fresh variety.

Jesse Foley

Fun place to chill and sip some beers.

Leslie Barth

For the youth in all ages, check them out, great fun.

Bethany Duffey

GameWorks at the Mall of America was AMAZING for my company's Christmas Party. The staff was great to work with and was great at their jobs. The communication that led up to the party was very tentative with Jim Dobbe and all of the employees that were working at my event were there to assist me along the way in anything that I needed. I don't remember everyone's name which at this point I wish I did, but Thar and Jordan were exceptional! I am so glad that I chose to plan my company's Christmas Party at GameWorks! Everyone else should do the same! :)

B Chloe

They have some awesome games here. It wasn't busy when we went so I am curious how they stay in business with the cost of rent. Hopefully they do because i want to go back. Defintely recommend!!

ItmanJ Lo

They got lots of games for all ages! Similar to D&B.

Jesse Lastname

Pretty decent place. The menu was a little marked up but that's just MoA in general - everything there was in line with a sitdown restaurant. Let's be honest, though, you're looking at this place for the games, and any place with a Tekken 5 machine is a great in my book. Only thing I didn't like were some of the machines taking inspiration from casinos, but that's how a lot of arcades operate, and if that bothers you too much, then there's always the "World's Largest" Pac Man and Galaga machine. Just don't use the right button set. The prizes looked alright from a glance, but I'm going to save my tickets for a trip tomorrow. Interestingly enough the place sells Pokemon cards at MSRP, withside that usual 3/$10 a lot of places do, and some sleeves as well. Quite honestly if you don't mind the noise this place would probably be a good one to sit down at and play some TCG. I could easily imagine taking a break after a 2 hour long EDH game or Pokemon league to just chill and play on the Mario Kart machines. Maybe they have a league? Idk, I just wanted to visit a barcade in the area, and enjoyed my experience.

Tyler Schmitz

Games are good when there working. Would of liked to try out the bowling but no one was around to help us out..

Dasha Marie

Fun adult nights. Good food and great bartenders ❤

Jessie Albedyll

Yummy chicken wings! Plenty of entertaining games! Fun for all!


We recently attended my brother-in-law's 50th birthday at Gameworks. The staff members were incredible and the kids had a blast. It was such a great place for all ages. Our 9-15 yr old guests had a blast with unlimited games, young adults even got into it playing air hockey and bowling and the adults enjoyed food, bowling, drinks and hanging out. The space was big enough for our party and a work party happening next to us. All around it was a great venue. Definitely coming back!

Alicia Richter

We held and event for work here, great staff and good food and drink.

Carlos Rodriguez

Awesome place with many interactive games and many things to do, not just for kids, there are games that cater to older kids.

Kenya L. Scales

Fun place to hang with family and friends to play games and maybe have acouple drinks. Elias is a young bartender their who is very friendly, welcoming and never keeps you waiting. He is amazing! Cleanliness is on point. All staff does a great job! Keep up the good work

Grace Thompson

Super fun. My brother and I went there for the first time ever tonight. It's really nice that they have a 21+ time. I love playing in arcades but I don't like dealing with or maneuvering around a bunch of kids so this is a great and close option. I will definitely be back again soon.

Jordan Cass

Wish they advertised the computer gaming so my kids could of went earlier to play!

Sam Iverson

A little spendy but worth the experience. Lots of fun for kids or even a date night.

Solo-Is-Poison Gaming

It was amazing very good helpful and clean lots of games

Angie Hunter

My son had the best 4th birthday a kid could ask for!! The service was great despite some of lanes not having the bumpers. We enjoyed it as did all of our friends and family

Vince Hunt

Took my son and his friend, had a blast. We used a Groupon and spent half a day there. We also had dinner and the food was better than I expected. Typical bar food but had some healthy choices too. The games were newer and fun.

Mark Clauson

Fun games but pretty pricey

Scott Nelson

Was ok. Seen better seen worse

Kanisha Forrest

It was ok super crowded the bar next to game works the drinks sucked.

Daniel N.

gameworks mall of america

marz hamilton

Had lots of fun! The newest console and PC gaming lounge is amazing!

Maranthony Duffield

Had a great variety of games! We will be back!!

Eric Meyer

An extra $5 for a game card with your entree? What a great deal! On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the burger with a grilled cheese inside breaks the Geneva conventions.

Tyler Nielsen

Okay place for what it is. Not tremendously well kept, but I am sure it gets run down quick with all the traffic. I did wish the employees seemed a little more engaged and willing to help us out. Was there with my father and young son for a weekend trip and it was like pulling teeth to get the bowling attendant to engage/help...

Cdab 10

Fun games to play here and staff was nice as well . Did not try the food though.

Kelsey Baustian

GameWorks has A LOT going on and just isn't for me. The food was overpriced for what it was. This place isn't a restaurant, it's a glorified arcade. If you're just there for a quick meal before or after games, you'll probably be fine with it. But if you're like our group and just stopped in to eat, the quality of the food and the menu selection will be disappointing. Service, however, was excellent for the size of our group.

Jeanna Lowman

There were a number of out of order games. There were dirty glasses and garbage around the arcade. The kids enjoyed playing games and it was a good way to end the night. The young man at the counter was super!

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