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REVIEWS OF Bowlero Blaine IN Minnesota

Preston Whitlock

Absolutely love the atmosphere of this place. I've had a really good time hanging out at the arcade with my nephews. We haven't had a chance to check out the bowling yet, but it looks really fun. They always really enjoy going. We always go on Wednesdays because of the double ticket/half price games. The food itself is just alright and severely overpriced. It's typical bar food, so just know what you're getting into at those prices. But who goes to a place like this for the food anyway. A little worried about how long this place is going to be around because this location is always empty of people when we arrive, doesn't really seem to matter what time of day we hang out.

Chris Hill

Great place to super fun!!

Mary Noaeill

Manager was nice. Waitress rarely came back and when she did she never she didn't ask any adults if they wanted a beverage. She checked a couple times to make sure kids had enough pop and pizza but that was it. Not impressed. Then I'm game room the attendant didn't even act like he wanted to help us when we wanted to go I to the ballblaster room. I felt like we were imposing on him. Also not impressed.

Shelene Boehm

Staff very nice, fun place to bowl!

Randi Blaido

Clean. Fun. Pricey

Dan Willman

Great bowling my son bowls on Laura's league for special needs people

Kayla Johnson

Great atmosphere

chris oberg

Great food and service. And pricing too.

Janessa Rauma

Fun place, great staff, drinks were a little strong but overall great place

Dylan Loreno

Awesome place to bowl, play games, drink and eat! There almost weekly! Great everyday specials!!!

Dave Wright

Good people fair price for a birthday hourly price very high but per game price was good and package for the kids was good.

Patrick Kimbrough

The place was very nice for a bowling alley. The alley was very clean and everything looked brand new. The most of the food we ordered was good as well. Only reason for the for the very low rating is an issue we had with one of the food items we ordered. We ordered nachos and they were not good so we didn’t even eat them. We told the manager and he took 50% off the nachos. I asked him to take the full amount off since we didn’t even eat them he said the policy only let him do 50% off. I told him we planned on going to laser tag so that was an extra $60 he would get for his business all he had to do was take care of us with the nachos we didn’t eat (not the price but the principle). Anyway he refused so we just left. Bad experience for us. 9 people who were buying food, drinks and bowling and planning on spending more money but we couldn’t get taken care of. Very disappointing

Emily Walker

A little more expensive than other bowling alleys but it is a lot of fun. I love their cosmic blacklight bowling. The laser tag has two levels for groups to roam around and the arcade is a decent size, but also expensive.

Paige Swanson

By far the best bowling alley I've been too

Pure Insanity

Great time there. lazer tag some of the guns need to get fixed, some are way out of alignment, or don't work half the time like going into war and playing Russian Roulette with the enemy, and some work like a shot gun hitting everything if your closer. They also do not know how to make a texas long island.

some guy

Open the second bar. MAJOR table roll on one of the pool tables.

Jeri Cherkas

Kids had a blast but it was really loud in there waiting for them

Ted Huang

First off, the drinks here are really good! Get yourself a Moscow Mule! They come in the tin cups. Bowlero is a huge location, consisting of about 20 or so bowling lanes. The lanes have large screens at the end of them, lined up with powerful projectors that stream a variety of sports. It also contains a fairly large arcade where you purchase a card to fill up on points; 40 for $20, and games cost between 2-6 points.

Joel Salminen

Is bowling this expensive now!? I couldn't imagine how much a large group of people would cost.

Bernard Schuweiler Jr

Kids had fun.

Brandon Wojcik

Exspensive! 5 bucks for shoes and 6 a game!! But I do say the place looks great!! Just out of my budget for bowling. If I had kids and they wanted it all this would be a great place to go

Christine Johnson

Best bowling experience. Clean venue. Lots of room. Great service. You get what you pay for...

Tiernan Garner

all in all it was a vary fun and i had a grate experince i loved it so much

Josh Hendrickson

Bowling and laser tag fun. Great for groups

muke mukerson

Good food nice bowl

Brian Gourley

If you are looking for some family bowling fun. This is the spot. But bring your paycheck. 4.50 for shoes and over 5 dollars a game. That's over 50 dollars for a family of 4 when you add pop. The day of 1 dollar shoes and 3 dollar games are gone. Maybe if the lowered their price there would be more then 3 family's bowling.

Shuja Ahmed

Bowling alley is nice. The arcade is a joke. The service is almost non existent my family and I had 2 lanes with each have 8 people we Medes up bowling 2 hours and we had no one come by to ask us for food or drinks. When we arrived our alleys were cluttered with food and used plates from the party before us.

Robert Thibodo

Very nice place. Fun

Craig Niedbala

Fun for a birthday party. On the expensive side.

Orrin Reitan

Good service to go along with good food.

Shivika Singal

Nice bowing place with great ambiance. Perfect for throwing birthday parties or get together for kiddies. We were about 15 people and secured the area for ourselves. The serving staff was a bit slow in getting drinks and food and the quality of beverages and food was okay. I would recommend looking for coupons before you go here. I would only go again if I have coupons or a major discount. Not worth paying the full price.

Rory Cardinal

We went on a random weekend around 5pm and practically had the place to ourselves! You can bowl on the normal side or the cosmic side, ramps and automatic bumpers for the kids, appetizers on special and drink specials for the adults. Not the cheapest night out but was fun for us. The kids had a pizza that was huge and had great flavor (for a plain cheese... kids are picky sometimes) then they also had a pizza box so we could box up the leftovers and bring them home.

Justin Davis

A decent hangout. I wouldn't expect much of the food, but good for beer+bowling or darts.

Celeste Schuppler

Really nice place lots of things to do. Birthday options room or lane. Great service! All games were in working order. Didn't get to check out laser tag, so I don't know anything about it, but they have it. Food was good.

Matt Murphy

Fun time with wife and grandson

Dimitri Bianconi

Great service, great bowling area and game area, all and all a great place to go to have fun with friends or family

Kendra Cameron

Was fun for the kids to play in the arcade, but the food and drinks were terrible. I got wings and they were tough and dry. I ordered a whiskey Sprite, and it was all Sprite. My friend ordered a beer and it was flat and tasted like something you left out over night. They did replace his beer, but go for the games don't plan to eat or drink.

Matthew Kelzenberg

A decent experience, but found it quite spendy. I'll probably just go local on my next bowling adventure.

Atimma Eyo

The experience was wonderful. We booked a 2 hour session for 7 adults just for a day of fun. We played arcade games, 2 rounds of lazer tag and one game of bowling. There was unlimited food and drinks provided and the manager on duty Ryan was amazing with his hospitality and made the time we spent there so much fun. Many thanks and we will be back!!

KT Pearl

I’m so happy I went back!! Due to an error in the computer system I missed out on the chance to celebrate my 25th birthday at this Bowlero location in April, and in my disappointment I left a negative review. I have since deleted that review, though, because the class-act management and staff went FAR above and beyond to make things right with me and my friends. Even though only about 1/3 of the people I invited could make it, I still couldn’t be happier with the experience I had today bowling with the people I love, enjoying good food, and epically losing my first ever game of laser tag. I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else for a birthday party again because I am so so grateful to the Bowlero team for the lengths they went to for me and my family. Best day ever!

Pauly D

Bowling was fun, but 2 short games for 2 people was $40. Not coming back here unless it's one of the special cheap nights

Sandy S.

Super fun place for a date night or to chill out with friends. Laser tag is pretty fun with a big group.

Lyle Eckert

We go bowling here from time to time it is better now that parts of it were redone, but the prices are higher than they used to be. I don't like the way they do their paying as you end up at the front counter twice, it used to be that the wait staff would take payment but they don't seem to do that anymore.

qwest 4one

Very nice place

Jeremiah Sedler

Bowlero in Blaine is a really nice place to host a party of work event. Our company hosted our Christmas party there this year and they were great. The food was wonderful and they had a good variety. Staff was friendly and I always felt like they were close by if we needed anything. Highly recommend

Kathleen Donlin

Fun! Lots of games for kids young and old. The bar area is a great place to hang out, watch the game, play pool. Food menu is limited but the food is good. Service was great.

Logan Rachac

There's a little bit of something for everyone here. The arcade is updated and the laser tag is fun. The bowling is a bit expensive so make sure you check the rates before you go. Certain times are cheaper.

Miles Cunningham

Waited 2 full games for drinks and double. Charged for shoes(we brought our own). Also no ball racks. So your lane is filled with house balls and no place to put them....

Justin Heyrend

A really fun time, don't get me wrong, I loved the environment and the experience! But we played 2 games with 2 adults and one 4 yr old and it cost over $60! I know I haven't been bowling in a while but I don't remember it costing that much for a small family to go bowling. They have great prices and discounts that seem to attract people without kids because of late night discount start times (after 8 or 10 pm). Last time I went bowling, we payed per hour, not game played and the shoe rentals were not that expensive (payed ~$30 for 2 games each). This company needs to review their pricing model or they might not survive for too long. We went on a Saturday evening 5-7pm and the alley was only 30-50% occupied, sometimes that speaks for itself.

Travis McNellis

Warm modern atmosphere and tons of activities, like real darts, bags, beer pong, and ping pong

Melissa Moore

Super expensive, yet understaffed. We visited on a Saturday evening about 5:30. Played one game of bowling, four people with four shoe rentals and it cost us $50! The food we ordered for dinner was ok. There was only one wait staff for the entire bowling alley, so service was slow. When our kids went to play in the arcade no one was staffing the prize booth. I tried to flag down a worker and he blatantly ignored me. Apparently you have to go to the bowling counter and ask for a staff member to be sent to the ticket counter? The arcade is fun, but if you want to bowl, go elsewhere.

Erik Pikula

Very good scene and fun atmosphere

Rick's Tech Talk

Place is clean and staff is friendly. I’m only giving it a two star rating because of the dartboards. We had a large group of people that wanted to play pool and darts and I was very disappointed at the three steel tip boards they had on the wall. I have no clue what happened to the electronic dartboards but it’s a shame to see them gone. The steel tip boards were beat up and deformed so bad the center Bullseye on the one board was bubbling out, I have never seen still tip boards in that bad of shape. If it wasn’t for Audrey serving our party I would have given a one star rating. If management gets the soft tip boards back in the bar area or replaces the steel tip boards I’ll change my review. Thanks again Audrey for taking care of our group on a Sunday night, you did a great job.

Ryan Larson

Great place to bowl and play videogames. They also have bubble hockey. Plenty of TVs and bars.

Cassandra B.

So mad i spent $17 on a "2ft" monster dog that looked awesome in the pic. To be served 2 MAYBE footlong hotdogs sitting next to eachother one of was still cold in the middle!

Nick Tavernier

Great fun to be had here!

Depi kartina

Nice place to go

Elizabeth Damberg

Super cool

Craig Peplin

Fun place to play for a night

james schlink

Rachel and the staff where great!! And Robert is always great!

Nicole Fisher

Fun clean place, kind of expensive

Justin Vetsch

Sami was the best employee ever!

Russell Howard

you're pretty standard bowling and video game place. A little overpriced, but service was good

Sharon Lee

Fun. Great for friends & family!

Nicole Kingbird

Had a great time! Bowled then played in the arcade. Was really happy they had a photo booth in the arcade.

Rodney Booth

Had a great time they offer plenty to do besides bowling

Matt Kimmes

I love bowling at Andover Lanes instead. In Andover Minnesota. Bowling practice is at bowlero. Besides that though I bowl every Friday night at Andover Lanes. Place is clean, food isn't expensive, their very friendly to you. Their Lanes are clean and super oily. So that being said. Your better off going to Andover Lanes anyday of the week.

Daniel Hirdler

Service was very slow, waited 45 min for a glass of water; asked twice, then had to go to the bar.. good was good though.

Greg Healy

Awesome facility ! Came here with my family for the Tuesday two dollar game special. Service was awesome and the staff was very friendly . We will continue to come back .

Rachel Redflower

Fun place, service is hit or miss but over all good.

Amanda Olson

More expensive than other alleys in the area, but this higher cost does keep them less busy. Staff was below par and servers were slow.

Pam Dygert

Had a great time with my granddaughter. Service was good, beer was cold. A little spendy but worth it!!! Thanks.

Nee Y

It's ok. I would've rated it better if we didn't continue to have technical difficulties with the lanes, the pins not functioning, and the bumpers not disengaging(in the beginning) during our bowling time there. Worker had to continually come fix. I approached the worker when I was returning my shoe, about the inconvenience and she said that they don't do refunds, but I told her that was not what I was intending her to do. She then said I can add more time, but by then everyone had already returned their shoes. So I told her no point. There was no sincerity or anything. I guess just a simple, "I apologize for the inconvenience" would have sufficed, but I didn't even get that. But we all made the best of our time there and at last enjoyed our time together. Next time, I just hope that doesn't happen again. I know things happen that can't be controlled, but to spend that much money on bowling and to lose out on time that we paid for because of the inconveniences was just not worth it to me. I guess more maintenance needs to be done and more training for the workers. I'm not trying to be rude. Just being honest. Photo is of the two lanes with issues.

Jj Johnson

Drinks cost alot the food is good the lanes are nice. Arcade is fun just wish all the games were working or would work properly

Sumit Sardar

Fun place. Laser tag experience is not good. They never fix the problem with guns. Specially Blue team guns. Blue always looses.

Jessie H

Super fun place! Check their website for awesome deals on certain days of the week. Yummy food and great service to!

Tanya Kelly

Never again! WAY too expensive, bowled 2 games with 3 kids and 4 adults, had an $18 soft pretzel (really????) and a cheese flatbread pizza, 2 really gross bloody Mary's and a pitcher of pop $200 bill! The kids, of course had to do the arcade, another $40 for cards and the games kept malfunctioning and eating up our credits, which they did put back on, but seriously frustrating. Granted the place is nice but hard on the pocketbook. Watch the drink prices too, a friend of mine was charged $13.00 for a cheap glass of wine.

Hemmesch Family

Had a 4 hour rain delay for baseball and found this fun center. It was great - the teens were entertained as were my little sons! Loved the bags and other free options to help entertain during this down time! Affordable and fun!

Yung BucC

Wonderful atmosphere and special thanks to Marissa! She has a great personality she was very hospitable and checked up on us frequently! Great server!

Ace Kingsbury

Very fun, overall great atmosphere. They have laser tag and lots of other games for kids and adults to play. They could definitely lower the prices and have a better overall.

Shariq Waqar

Good atmosphere to do bowling

Joshua Madetzke

Nice bowling lanes and good arcade for kids.

Greg A

Drink prices high. But otherwise very nice place.

Robin Krautbauer

Nicely remodeled. Nice staff. Lane malfunction when there playing two games. Took a while to get things reset. Still was an ok experience... Will go back. Clean place

Ol’ Bear

Very clean, almost all machines worked, and great prize selection.

Matt Z

Little pricey but great food, staff and bowling was fun for myself and family.

Dana Hall

Way to expensive for bowling. 2 games for 4 people 75 bucks. Never paid so much neede coming back. Staff nice

Tom Jensen

Decor is neat and a good place to have family fun. Rail drinks seem over priced and food service is generally slow. Many games in the arcade are unplugged or otherwise out of service.

Ashton Singer

Ridiculous prices, I played 4 games and it cost me $60 even though advertised at dofferent prices. Never coming back, please dont spend money here.

Stephanie Sobetski

I Love Bowling There I Bowl There A Lot It's Great Exercise For Me

Emily VanBlaricom

I loved the atmosphere of bowlero Blaine. The staff were very friendly and very much accommodating. I had a groupon for bowlero but after purchasing it says you cant use after 6pm on Saturdays... we tried to go to both locations at 1230/1pm but one was closed for leagues and the other closed an hour after we would get there for a private event for a few hours. I called and talked to the manager (Rachel) of the Blaine location and she said she would honor my groupon even though when they reopened it was after 6pm on a Saturday. The gentleman at the front desk knew exactly who I was when I said I had a groupon to use. Thank you for a fun evening Bowlero Blaine! My only complaint is the price of beverages specifically pop... I bought my two nephews and daughter a pop each (12 ounce cup) and then total was $12.50. Way over priced for fountain pop!

Kimberly Marie

Aubrey A. is the best server/bartender we have ever had! She made our experience at the new bowlero even better!

Toulong Yang

Been going here before it was bowlero. Its a fun place to take your family. I believe they have 2 dollar Tuesdays.

Gregg Chapman

Love the laser tag, wish it was bigger.

Tammie Whitman

The place is nice, but the food is over priced. I had the buffalo cauliflower. Really liked it.

J Peffer

Laser tag y'all.

Darren Long

Great customer care made my night great

Jon Pinke

Great facility, new equipment well maintained lanes

Patrick Asaba

Clean, friendly and not crowded at all

Nick Jacoby

Nice building but pretty expensive compared to the other bowling alleys in town.

Erica Thomas

Seems like they are doing too much but not executing enough right. Lanes and balls are way too waxy and customer service could be better.

imshychey Grant

Had my senior all night party here and it was a blast. Wish there was more arcade games though.

Jacqueline Nealy

Needs more staffing but nice venue and service. Great laser tag room.

Scott Wilkie

Awesome place. A little understaffed when we were there.

Alexandra Harry

Sometimes it will be really slow and you still have to wait a really long time to order food and drinks.

Tremaine Kingbird

Went for a date night on a Saturday night. It was not too busy. Lanes were nice. Food came quickly. Drinks were a little too sweet. Arcade was fun. Wife loved the photo booth.

clifford schrader

Great redesign. Cool atmosphere. Great food and drink. Awesome specials for bowling as well. Will definitely be going back.

Katelynn P

The kids and I always have a blast!

Holli Fritz

Tried to call and you can’t even get a person on the phone to talk too and tried 6 times it’s all recording!!! Definitely turned us away


Love the atmosphere, not the price. Our family of 5 went here. Went to set up a game of bowling, the computer keys wouldn’t work ( so we had to get creative with our names) The bowling itself was a GREAT time! I love the booths instead of hard chairs, We will come back, but make sure it’s on a night that charges less money! We paid over $60 for our ONE game of bowling!

Curtis White

Fun place.

Maryclo G

We had a bowling party for my daughter's 12th Birthday. Our group of friends and the kids had a blast and the pizza was delish! Great service all the way from scheduling to the end of our party!

Stephanie Peachy

Hi prices long waits... Nice place though. Tried to bowling there a few times. For the price it's not worth the wait unfortunately.

Ryan Hemenway

Nice place, renovations are nice. However...the Mermaid's prices range from $1.49-$3.99. Games here are 5-6 dollars normally... Bowlero, Flaherty's, any place else...don't waste your money. Just go to the Mermaid.

Katie Cottrell

Expensive. Nice place but $20 for a soft pretzel was a huge turnoff.

Kevin Yang

Love the bar/restaurant combo.

Rick Blatz

Waited here for over an hour and a half to get a lane because half of the lanes were reserved for a party on a Saturday night. We had some food while we waited (decent pizza, okay price) and sat and watched the majority of those "reserved" lanes sit empty. Ended up leaving before one of the non reserved lanes opened up. Could have bowled and been done in that time. Should have a better policy on large party reservations especially on weekends.

Lucas Michael TV

The cool thing I was drawn back to this place was the pool tables in the bar area and all the games available. They said as long as you’re a costumer these features are all included. (Super cool by the way) last weekend I came back with a group of friends, bar was half divided by planks, segregating darts and ping pong and other attractions. On top of it all we had to pay $10/hour to play pool. Which isn’t where my complaint is, that’s a REGULAR price based on other facilities that rent tables by the hour. BUT, with that being said, 2/3 tables in the bar area have huge tears in the felt. The balls look like they were spilt on and never cleaned. I get it, business wise, it’s about making a profit so again, $10/hour not bad. But seriously if it’s not included with being a buying customer at the bar, Fix the felt, and make sure you’re RENTING CLEAN utensils and maintaining your equipment to the standard of being RENTED. Extremely steep on prices and it was just as bad with Brunswick. The waitress in the bar restaurant area was of zero help, every time my group and I needed anything we had to reach out to her.

Jessica Ford

Fun, alot to do, and strong drinks!

kris tasler

Fun Lazer tag, bowling, arcade games.. always has weekday or some kind of promos to ease the wallet

Relax YourDay

Friendly staff and many things to do.

Jack Robeck

Good service, food, and arcade

Tyler Strickland

A fun place to bring the kids or a few friends. The staff is always friendly and the food is fantastic. On less busy nights, sometimes the staff are spread thin and you have to hunt them down, but otherwise this place is wonderful.

David Hochstein

Nice looking bowling-bar-arcade. Prices are a bit expensive, they have specials but make sure you check the times before you go, they start late!

Joe Kelzenberg

Customer service is excellent. Levi helped organize a small party for my daughter and made sure I received a great deal. We had a sudden emergency the day of the event and Levi accomodated us with no hassle and quickly changed the date. Very helpful! Thank you!

Penny McDonough

Great laser tag

Jeff Sabel

Fun family atmosphere.

Gail Linke

Very fun place with lots of things to do.


Great place to do some bowling, tons of lanes, place is nice and clean. They do use an awful lot of oil on the lanes, though. They should look into that. Food is great & they have good drink specials.

Adreanna Meyers

It's so much fun!! Worth the money. Lots to do, you don't really get bored in my opinion!! And I'm 22 years old!

Tyler Ryder

Used to be able to buy a drink and play some pool, as broke college students as we are, used to be awesome and fun! Now we have to pay $10 a hour just to have fun :( Plus I waited 10 minutes to get water....expensive now

Patti Yaritz


Ryan F

Bowling arcade. Comfy little spendy

Gavin Ovshak

Love bowling here the lanes are great the food is amazing and the staff is super friendly would highly recommend checking this place out

Matthew Grady

Great place for the family. Food was decent and service was great.

Kong Thao

The waiter was very pretty but they were short on staff tonight so it took forever to get her service. My party was very upset but I just told them to forget it. The appetizer sampler was super good though.

Michael Runge

The laser tag is probably the best I've ever done. Tables all over for your beverages while playing games.

Katie Z Meyer

Fun place for the family!! Lots of bowling lanes. The nice thing about this place is that the arcade area is big. Lots of games, lazer tag..

Brian Trail

Went for my grandsons birthday, he and his friends had a blast, they devoured the food, killed some bowling pins, blasted some laser tag, blew up some video games. Great place.

Rob Schuberg

Great lanes, lots to do besides bowling. Wonderful staff. Well most definitely be back!

Jeffery Nicholas

Awesome place. Went here on a busy Friday night and service didn’t lack at all. I will be planning multiple birthdays here in the future. Management was on point with any needs and GM Carla was especially helpful. Bartender was right on with drinks we ordered as well. Definitely a huge upgrade from past times I’ve been here. Has to be new management because the last time we stopped here it was below a 1 star and I didn’t see those lazy people around this time and like I said the gm was definitely new and knew what she was doing. Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up. Great work.

Z.A. DeWitt

Over-priced and understaffed, but fun if you're feeling patient and your wallet is feeling a little too heavy.

Josh Baggenstos

Love playing their 2 level lazor tag!

Luke Racchini

The pool/ping pong/bags in the bar area all used to be free, but people would trash the stuff so now you have to pay hourly for it and its fairly expensive. They should have left it free and taken your ID, and if you brought it back damaged make you pay for it there, but now everyone has to pay the price for the few disrespectful people. I used to go here quite a bit and get a few drinks because having free activities was great, I rarely go now. The bowling is a fair price I'll say

Samantha Kerkhoff

Great place to go bowling! Very kid friendly and excellent service!


Great place to bowl!

Gao Ah Lee

I really liked it! We had a big group and they worked well. Started a tab and paid at the end of the game. We also played laser tag and had a great time. The sad thing was that same of the lasers didn't work

Jon Ross

We had a good time but nothing really jumps out on the page at this place. Good food, service, but nothing to say Bowlero is better than any other bowling alley.

Jake Southmayd

The staff were amazing and helpful. The bowling shoes were clean, lanes freshly serviced, large selection of house balls, and the arcade card system is convenient if you don't want your kids to lose tokens like at other local arcades.

Alex Daeger

Fisrt time I've been there since it used to be a Brunswick Zone. Food was great, especially the buffalo cauliflower bites. We had a good time.

brooke atkinson

It's a little expensive but very nice


Came here for a senior all night party which was the first time I was here since it was Brunswick zone xl. The staff that were there were nice and their arcade machines and bowling alleys were clean and working properly!

jonathon Hendrickson

Very disappointed in the cheese breadsticks and portion of fries they serve.

Adam Tarr

Entrance isn't the most welcoming. Very plain with no staff near the entrance. Asked to sample a beer on tap and was given a cup with brownish beer flavored water. Bartender didn't even notice that the beer didn't look right, bartender yelled to manager to check the kegs, manager checks kegs and claims they are fine even though the tap is still pouring out brown water. Not enough light over the pool table to see the ball colors and numbers easily.

Dolphise Colomb

My son loves the bowling and laser tag

Jamie Brother

Great activity for a rainy day. We enjoyed bowling with two toddlers, who enjoyed running around the arcade and testing the games.

Jon Stafki

Super fun place! Perfect for a fun date night, a few friends, or a large group.

Nicolas Dertinger

Overhyped and overpriced

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