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REVIEWS OF Andover Lanes IN Minnesota

Jordyn Pierce

The price was good. It was a very dark atmosphere and we went during the day. But it was a fun experience.

David McMurphy

Super dirty environment. The bowling balls were extremely oily, the pizza and service wasn’t terrible but this place needs a major update and a lot of cleaning...

Rick Berg

Prejudice as hell

Dan Willman

Went to the Pro Shop did not Bowl guys they're very knowledgeable bought a ball and shoes

Brenda Gutzwiller

Great time at bingo

Steve Rogers

People working at bowling counter not friendly but the bar staff are great. Samantha is very good. Clean, nice atmosphere.

Carol High

What are you doing right now my man in the bathroom and dokaya together to share with you my man Kevin Chamberlain is funny makes me laugh out loud enough with that

Charles Carson

Fun family place or adult outings.

maia lee

just an average everyday bowling alley

Megan Thomson

Amazing pizza

Matthew Arnsdorff

Visited for my first time, although only for the bar bingo but was extremely pleased. Great food and drink specials, atmosphere was amazing and everyone was having a good time. Would love to visit the bowling alley next time but the bar definitely gets my full 5 stars!

Clorinda Deshayes

The approach was way too slippery. We had mechanical problems 3 or 4 times. The food service was very good and the food itself was excellent.

Nickster MN

When we went it was crazy busy. The last at the food counter was really friendly but the two guys at the shoe counter where neither friendly nor rude. I liked the fact that you could choose the theme for your game screen and that the characters that showed if you got a spare or strike were different for each theme. My kids had a blast and want to go again.

Brian Kallhof

Free bowling on Thursday nights...can't beat that!

Sara Schurhamer

Went for bingo the TV part is nice but when guest get out of hand and nothing is said it makes it where you dont want to go back

Traci Biskey

Great staff! Best deal in town! 2 of us unlimited for 35$.

Matt Erickson

Reasonable beer prices, good lanes. The approach on the lanes is mighty slippery compared to my home lanes so be aware of that. We were there on a friday night and got the 'all you can bowl' which is reasonably priced. Wish the all you can bowl package wouldn't automatically include the shoes since we own our own....


Thursday nights 21+ bowl free and there's an interactive DJ. Makes it pretty fun, even got a free shot for getting a strike with a neon headpin. Fridays and Saturday's the staff is great for bingo, they do lots of running around but they make the experience fun even under insanely busy and stressful conditions.

Katrina Paulson

We brought the little one to a birthday party and had never been. Very clean and great bar area.

Dave Mihlbauer

Little bit expensive on the food but good times.

Darlene Turner

Was able to get two lanes with little wait. The pizza was really good. Loved the bumpers.

Typical Tom

Good bowling there are even leagues for adults and juniors

Luke Ojile

The service was poor and rude and this lady wouldn’t let us use the ramp even though we had a young kid.

Dianne Keller

Hello play Bingo and ate quesadilla

Matthew Smith

Manager was rude about us sitting at the "wrong" table which was vacant, while bowling.

Whitney Marie

Very friendly staff, but every time we go bowling we have problems with our lane. They usually work out the issue quickly, but last few times it's happened three or four times in a three game session. Prices aren't bad either. Would still recommend it above other options.

Dana Kruse


austin griner

Pretty nice bowling alley

Jeremy Mudick

Morgan Whiterabbit

Fun for kids, lanes are a bit over oiled for a bowling only destination. Good prices

Amber Hoeke

Good food!

Therese Weitz

Clean, great service!

Vandech Abakwa

Nice place for family fun

Rick Nelson

We loved the friendly staff it was a fun night! Good establishment

Shawn Towle

Average bowling alley, decent prices. Sometimes hard to find someone to help you.

Nicholas YouTube #Wheeltalk

Good time

Cspaz 3482

Good lanes, okay pricing.

Renee Bauman

The burgers are hot, the buns are perfectly grilled. So my mushroom, Swiss, onion and sour creamy burger with fries was tooo good. Wonderful ladies serving the food. And there is BINGO!

Traci Tweedy

Bar is super clean and newer. Food is really good. Staff is amazingly great. Who knew a bowling alley bar would be THIS good?

Mike Waldren

Eat somewhere first, the food leaves a lot to be desired.

Peter Millunzi

Fun bowling experience. Well maintained and clean work a friendly staff. There is an attached bar as well so you can get good and drinks.

Allison Wittthuhn

Every time I come here it's something else. ..the girl behind the counter messed up our game 3 times in one night. Tried to get a beer. Bartender said she would be with be in 1 minute....helped new bar patrons before me, stood there for about 5 minutes or longer. You need a more competent staff. I've given this place many chances but every time its terrible!

Meagan Pittman

Pizza was great service was timely for the time of day

Haylee Behnke

Janet was the best she used all of our first names and was beyond helpful.. she made our birthday party a party.. !!! She was awesomesauce!

Victoria Donaldson

The boys had fun.

Chris Berens

Good food and drink options. Fun atmosphere.

Eric Korsmoe

Bartenders absolutely fantastic. Jason the manager turned down our request to play bags. The reason was because he didn't want to carry the boards over. There was ten people in the whole bar when we arrived and we arrived with eight of us ready for food and drinks. We were here for my birthday so they lost out on alot of money since we all drink quite a bit. He was unreasonable when he simply said I don't want to carry the boards. They weigh ten pounds he is lazy.

Miles Cunningham

Was kicked off my lane during a good game so it could be "cleaned" for league...

Justin Dahlberg

I am here quite a bit as a bowler and because I live so close however, getting served in a timely manner is my number one complaint. Another complaint is that the servers are often rude and slow when they finally get to you. Yet another complaint is the inconsistent food; it can be good, don't get me wrong but, I've gotten bad stuff and management asked me "what did I expect at a bowling alley?" Really?!? I keep coming back out of bowling convenience however, for food and/or social experiences, I'll go to Willy Mccoy's (next door), Boston's (a few miles away), or even Beef OBrady's (up the road) and receive much better service, food, and atmosphere.

Michelle Curtis

Great place to take the kids!

Ryan Carroll

Fun time

Celia Dickerson

Absolutely best place to have a party. Was 110% satisfied with all the services here. Ty for being so awesome!

Dean Wathen

A great way to spend time with my boys. Good food and very clean atmosphere.

Charles Wiltgen

Really a nice place to bowl. Great price to bowl after 9:30pm on thursday, $3.50 for all you can bowl until midnight!

Adam Welter

I have gone to Andover lanes twice. The first time our lane quit resetting the pins automatically and didn't register scores when we bowled. I told an employee and he simply apologized and said that there wasn't anyone who knew how to fix it. We were not offered a different lane because "it's not very busy tonight and we shut all the other lanes down for the evening". I went again tonight and they told us upfront that they would be closing up at 9:00 pm and that last call at the bar would be 8:45. Not a problem until 8:25, two minutes after we ordered another round of beers, when they shut down our lane. It was only taking us 20 minutes to bowl a game so there should have been pleanty of time. Gee... thanks for waiting until after we ordered the drinks guys. I'm sorry I gave them a second chance. Two stars for the bartender though, he was a friendly guy.

Sam Butler

The facility is great and really well taken care of. Lanes can be a little dry at times, but they seem to cater more to suburban families than the more serious bowler. Overall I would recommend this place if you're looking for a fun outing with friends or the family. $1 games on Sunday mornings are a great deal. Get there at 9am because it gets busy quickly.

Corrine Greene

Food prices are good and food is good. Plis bingo nights are fun.

Lukas McCormick

boo, unfriendly staff, grumpy bartender

Craft Shed Love

It can get overtly crowded when thier is bingo

Brittney Wagner

Very nice place, fun atmosphere, good food... Unfortunately, HORRIBLE service every time I come. I wait, and wait and wait some more to be served at the table. I head to the bar hoping to get quicker service, where I am not even acknowledged. Extremely disappointed!!

W.B. Fritze

Kids love to have bday parties there.

John Ramacher

Great place and great people

Joy Anderson

Had a California Chicken Club. It was so rubbery couldn't it. Tater tots were good.

Melody Scott

Kelly Larson

Great food, lots of fun playing bingo. But they really need more waitresses. When their busy, you have to wait a long time to place an order or get a drink. And those waitresses are running their butts off doing the best they can.

Russell Howard


Jason Hoberg

Free bowling for 21+ Thursday night's

Michael Putnam

Five star's

Neil G

This place is where dreams meet mystical awesomeness!

Lee Eckart

Nice alley for leagues or family events!

vicky myhre

We have a regular waitress that serves us on Sunday mornings and she's great.

Darren Mitchell

Nice lanes, open bowling and shoe prices are a tad high

Melissa Grabowski

Won the first meat raffle! Woot!

brenda larson

We have bus bowl here every year here, great staff !.

keith thompson

Heather was the most amazing server I've ever dealt with on my existence on this earth

James Gustafson

The best atmosphere family and friends Nye the best

Kalia Yang

We were here Saturday night 3/23/19 to celebrate my husband's birthday. Overall, the night was great except the manager who wore the pink shirt was extremely rude. When I tried to order, he said he wasn't a cashier and that I had to find someone else. However I saw him taking other people's order. The only difference from me and the other people is that I'm Asian and the other people he helped were Caucasian. He was extremely rude. Even at the end of the night when my friend tried to finish his beer at 1:02 AM, the manager yelled at my friend to put the cup down right away and get out because there's no drinking allowed past 1 AM. I mean, are you freaking kidding? Our group spent well over $500 in food and drinks and you treat us like were freaking garbage. That manager seriously needs an intense training course on customer service. If it weren't for Hannah and Oliver who provided us with great service, this review wouldn't have any stars. The 3 stars are for their great service. I want to be fair to them. Hey manager in pink, you need to learn to be kind to your guest like Hannah and Oliver.

Jacob Van Heel

Devin Sellin

Jason is a d bag big group wouldn't accommodate bartenders were great though

Dawn Roberts

Great entertainment and fun bowling leagues plus free bowling on every Thursday night.

Noah Beckman

Fun place for family.

Jody Cullen

Friendly service, great appetizers. Family had a blast and no wait time for bowling on a Saturday night.

Angela Erickson

Decent bowling alley. We attended a birthday party for here. They said that it was perfect and cost efficient. I noted that it was fun for the kids, the pizza was good, and they did a good job keeping beverages refilled. There are a few arcade games, but nothing too fancy.

Challenge Kids

Great have to go There

Justine Petyo

My family and I went to Andover Lanes tonight for a going away party for my moms husband. There were about 20 of us there, we had 3 lanes for bowling. It was a great time until we all got our tabs. I had one $7 beer and I was charged $6.58 in gratuity. I understand adding gratuity to a big group, but 18% of $7 is not $6.58. When we talked to the manager he flat out said, "well that is just how it is." Terrible customer service. It makes zero sense how they can change me that much!

greg mosher

The prices are reasonable and the employees are nice. It has a nice atmosphere

Stephanie Sobetski

I Loved It I Never Been There Before I'm So Very Excited To Get New Bowling Ball

Andrew Westrum

One of the most well kept bowling alleys in the north suburbs. Friendly staff and a knowledgeable pro shop.

Steven Schultz

Good beer!


Kids have fun bowling after school. Not sure why the end open bowling at 5?

MaKayla Eastman

Had lots of fun!! They have an arcade area, food, drinks, bowling Lanes (of course) and really nice bathrooms!

Tonia Hemmeter

Great time spent with the girls!!!!!

Michael Marcella

Not the same without Patrick!!


Bar bingo!

Marty Hoeft

Great place to bowl and bid on great items.

victor saldivar

Went up there to kill a few hours and ended up walking out with a new bowling ball! They were very friendly and the guy, sorry I forgot your name, who works in the bowling shop, found me the perfect ball and had it drilled and ready to go in no time! Love the service I received and will definitely be going back!

Angie Sedesky

buck haar

I always hang in the bar. Very friendly staff. Lots of bar bingo going on here too lol. It's my quiet go to.

Bryce Goose

Wheelchair accessible. Well maintained Lanes. Fun for kids and families.

Dave Levercom

Good fun for all, we had 6 people in our party and we all had a good time

Scott Wilkie

Nice place. Decent food. Horrible service. Always short staffed. It's like pulling teeth trying to get an order or good forbid a refill.

Katie W

Had a great time with the family bowling here. So much nicer then other bowling alley around this area. Highly recommend, prices are good and the staff is very friendly.

Lindsey Freeman

Fun for the kids and adults!

Douglas Chavis

EXCELLENT pizza! Look, you're either coming for bowling, darts, Karaoke, bags, and/or drinks, but I'm telling you that this pizza is worth a special trip! They have unheard-of bowling deals (Free on Thursday nights 21+ ; $1 Tuesdays after 9:30pm), and are most likely carrying your pro-sports game on one of several TVs in the bar, but do yourself a favor and go for the pizza while you're there! Always enjoy myself. Only knock is that their daily bowling leagues mean you can't get a lane in some prime-time hours throughout the week.

George Jones

Very nice people, very accommodating!

Curtis White

Nice place, good shot.


Great fun for the kids and adults alike. They even have Invictus beer there.

Amanda Clemons

Great deal on Sunday mornings. Food was of course over price but I think all bowling places are. Otherwise would definitely go again!


It's fun the workers are nice the food is good

Allison Howe

Good prices and everything worked really well! Overall great time!

Jaminar Monroe

Great place to bowl but the food is only typical bowling alley food.


Good pizza and Bingo. Service is a little slow.

Karen Overkamp

Lanes are awesome, food/drink service is a bit slow

Wesley Jacobson

Bowling is good people are nice but the last two times I’ve gone me and my friend have wait over half a hour for one game.

Nathan Kraemer

A pretty up to date bowling alley. Recommended.

stacy lamers


David Wohkittel

The rueben was a joke, barely any meat at all. Other than that and some slow service it was alright.

sharyl degolier

This is a great place to bowl and their food is terrific! The employees are friendly and attentive. They are part of the "Kids Bowl Free" summer program. This is our third year and we spread the word about this place to everyone. Try it, you won't regret it you'll love it.

Bryan Larson

I bowl league here and this place has done nothing but fall down hill. I tried to call here and get a hold of my father when kyle said he didn't wanna try to get a hold of him over the pa system simply because he didn't wanna interrupt a birthday party! Shows you how they treat real bowlers!

Toni Wenzell

Not fun bingo

Tyler Strickland

The staff are friendly and helpful. The food is decent. If you pick the right day, you might be the only one bowling. Pricing is cheap enough to play a few games, but the food costs a pretty penny. All around a good time. For two people, we spent $25ish to bowl for an hour, and the food set us back an additional $50ish (two burgers and one appetizer).

Arielle Prinzing

They need a jukebox on the bowling alley side!


Awesome bowling alley. The oil pattern is easier than most places. Has a mini arcade with many toy and candy machines.

ry An

Decent spot for bowling just make sure to avoid league nights. Food and drinks were tasty and the staff was friendly.

Chad Gran

Have been frustrated here more than once. Stop looking at your customers as only a source of revenue. If you make people feel warm and fuzzy they spend more and are happy about it. Mary needs something along the line of Disney training. She has no clue about big picture entertainment center thinking. You wanna feel like a ATM this is the spot for you. Ill driver further for my and my kids league. Unfortunate as I live close. Lanes glitch regularly and they dont seem to care. On a positive note place is cleanish

nicole doran

Dont get food here. Decent prices for bowling though.

Connor Murdoff

There was a staff who would not let us use the ramp even though we had a kid

jenae phillips

This place is amazing for family fun!!

Will Heiser

Lovely place.

Tanya Skappel

Stopped to bowl and note on door said it was closed until 5. Not the time they have posted on website.

Austin Hickman

Friendly staff! Affordable! Very clean! We had a blast!!

Tom Boros

Nice bowling, good food

Ray lowe

Jared Krogstad

Great service, great atmosphere.

Bruce LeeRoy

I live close to here and i am here right now with my kids on New Years which they concider a holiday so had to pay hoilday prices.. what a joke! On top of it all my girls are 3 and 4 and need a ramp and the old front desk guy (who has some kind of "better than everyone" attitude) wanted us to share the ramp with a person 4 lanes over, and they have extras. I know they have extra cause in our second game a guy came out the back room with two for more people and hour later.. Then we got done with our game and my wife brings one of my daughters to the restroom before we go and a couple sits down because the jerk at the front desk assigned bowlers to our lane that our game just got over, and we were just finishing eating our lunch at? I went up to the old guy and asked if the lanes were filling up (cause they had maybe half lanes still open) and i said cause maybe you shoukd wait to assign people a lane that people just got done bowling, still eating, and have to switch shoes and put the kids jackets on... ALL HE DID WAS LAUGH AT ME in my face! Super rude, didnt say sorry or have any professionalism what so ever! If you have kids DONT COME HERE! they have no service either for bowlers, u have to go up to the snack bar to order food! On a day they say they have $2 bowling $2 shoes it ended up being $4 bowling and $4 per game, no service, and the jerk old guy at the front desk, a one star is a gift! The older gentleman that was new at the snack bar was the only good place about going here! No joke, if u have kids DONT COME!

Paula R

Went here for bingo..the people are great, food is good and it's clean.

Patti Weitgenant

Clean and fun Groupon is a great deal.

Troy Zirbes

Service is reliably terrible--every time.

Bri Martin

Nice bowling area!

Angie Quistad

Great bingo, great food

kevin cain

Awesome sauce

Mackenzie Hogfeldt

Just what you would expect in a bowling alley.

Prof. Ampharos

Lanes are slick at times

Kole Krueger

Great date

Dawn Nugent

Love it here! Sam is the best waitress ever! Food is good too.

Cindy Lou

Great food

Nomi Waters

Bingo is fun but busy, hard to find a place to sit and there never seems to be enough staff, waiters. The good takes forever... hire more staff for bingo nights!

Nick Wivinus

The best thing about this place is how close it is for me. It does seem better maintained and kept than other bowling alleys I've been to.

Daniel Swanson

Good bowling

Jeffrey Heuer

Good venue

Debbie Leary

First time there staff was friendly

Shawn Manning

Fun place

Carrie Wise

Great Appetizers !

Kristine Iskierka


Allison Witthuhn

The server Janet was so rude. Made me feel like taking my order was an inconvenience to her. Every time I come here she has never been kind or friendly. Terrible service

Patty Carlson

Very nice staff . rental shoes are very well kept. Price is reasonable

Kelley Frain

The service was very slow and the food was cold. It was very busy, but this is the second time we have had the same experience.

Barbara Kilgren

This is a very nice place. Went to Bingo night on a Friday night with a old friend of mine while in Minneapolis. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would go back again.

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