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REVIEWS OF AMF Southtown Lanes IN Minnesota

Benjamin Byer

I love the pro shop. Got a custom ball there in just one day

Kyle Hoyt

The staff was rude and the bar service was unreasonably slow. When we showed up we were told there were not any open lanes, but apparently they host a league on Saturday night that takes up half of the bowling alley. Come to find out there were open lanes that people after us open lanes. Needless to say I would rate zero stars if possible. I will not be returning.

vanessa Cortez

Lanes break often if you're on a league it's a pain to have to wait for them to fix them. Also food is sub par, orders come out wrong frequently and leave something to be desired. I know its a bowling alley and I dont expect too much but i do like accuracy and some taste. Also it would be great if they switched from Pepsi to coke products.

Daniel Graves

Fun bowling alley, great bar and pool table area also

bebi ramnarain

i wish there was a zero star for this bowling alley. This place was the first place that i have ever experience racism in my life (I am Guyanese and my co-work is somalian) . My co-worker and i works for a company that takes care of special needs people, when we arrived there was a lady in front of us, she was an older lady. Jim the guy that was working there(at least thats what he said his name is) was helping her, he was so nice to her. When it was our turn my co-work walked up closer to the cash register and Jim told her in a very loud and mean voice "wait, give me a minute" keep in mind that my co-work did not even say a word to him all she did was step up closer to the register. Then when he was finally ready to help us he was so rude, i told him we have 2 elder ladies and 2 adult and he said " it doesn't matter who you are you all have to pay the same price", so i said okay no problem how much will it be for just 1 game and he said "well are you guys form like a group home or something" i said yes we are he said "well thats the first thing your supposed to tell me when you get here, or else i will would have charge you a bunch of money" ,i told him that i was sorry i didn't know that, this is my first bringing the ladies that i for work to a bowling alley. But what i really wanted to say was didn't you just tell me that it doesn't matter who we are we will have to pay the same price. And then he asked me in a very mean voice "how would you like to pay today", i said "we will all have to pay separate because i am on the clock and the ladies that i work for has to pay for their own game, he said in an even meaner voice "well thats going to take for ever, but okay whatever". I felt so humiliated, i felt rushed and scared. He was so lucky i was on the clock i would have total blow the damn roof off that place. (he is average height, bold headed, and has really long beard, he was working at 12pm on 3/14/2017, i am describing the way he looks because i am 100% sure he lied about his name being Jim)

Delores Reaves

Friendly, clean and fun place

Casey Palmer

Lots of lanes and good happy hours


Always a good experience. I wish they would bring back karoke

Jody Parsons

Very loud and crowded.

Jessalee Fiegen

I was surprised at how good their pizza was! We had a great time bowling!

Jennifer Rydberg

Food good, service great, cold and no coffee to have with my cheesecake

phil thoreson

Had a bunch of kids, staff was patient and attentive. Thank you!

Piper cruz

Love this place. A lot of room to be spread out from other people

stephen grossoehme

Rude staff slow bartenders the only thing that I like was the food service do not go and on nee years over priced and rude we ending up going to Fridays by MOA

William Webb

Very nice bowling alley

Erin Veness

Was really nice, fun arcade, pool tables are great, bowling is super fun. Lovely and courteous staff too. Well worth a visit!

Alfreda Boles

Had a great time, we will be back.

Deryk Enlund

Always well maintained

Greg Sweet

Friendly and clean, great equipment, lots of lanes. Nice!

Antineta Cross

I enjoyed my 1st family night out with my parents coming with us, but when we went to go pay for the bowling, we were charged for each person that bowled on the screen, and the I have never been charged like that when I went to any other bowling alley, of course we pay for all of the shoes, but we have never paid for each person name on the screen to bowl, I feel like we got ripped off, and we should have been told this in the beginning, and I am so not happy about that experience, this is why when I told the man that I wanted to pay right away, he told me that we pay after we play, which I should have known was weird, because no other bowling alley charges this way. I will think twice before I ever go to this place again, I don't understand how you don't have kids prices. And the food messed my stomach up, I was in the bathroom most of my bowling time there, my husband had to bowl for me. And as a matter of fact, my husband and I came late, and everyone there was already bowling, and we did not play until the 2nd game, I need my money back, please and thank you.

Paul Anderson

Great bartenders and servers!

Luke Alfuth

Great family fun, top notch bowling experience, and service.

Elizabeth Paro

Everything was great when we first got there. Ordered food (which was really good for bar food) and beer. You have to pre-pay for the lane and we bowled one game. We were about to go pay for another game but the line was really long. We were waiting for the line to go down and all of a sudden someone came over to our lane and took over.. total bull since there are 48 lanes and 40 of them were open. The guy working never even paid attention or asked if we wanted to bowl another game. Not going back.

Scott Tobias

Very friendly staff. Pro shop guy was super helpful when I had a couple of questions after starting back up this year. Only downside is that there are no vending machines but they have a full food area with good food and fountain drinks to cover that.

Jeremy Larson

Experience has gone down since they dont do kerokee

Thomas Monson

The new cooks make me sad. I've been bowling here for three years and the start of league season 2019 and they've butchered my order for three weeks straight. Guess I'll be eating before I come to leagues going forward.

Jaimin Vyas

Had good time with Friends

Jamie Dencklau

Great place to bowl with specials going on almost every day. Really enjoy this bowling alley. Large size and nice people.

Jeff Tiedens

Not enough wait staff for league bowling

Mary Schwartz

Very nice mechanic.

charles barker

Decent lanes, a bit dirty otherwise.

Jean Benci

Bowling practice for Special Olympics. The WA gang had a good time and did well.

Sam Dinh

Plenty of parking. Price is like most bowling place, which is high unless you go there when they have a special event like Midnight Bowling Special. There a lot of bowling balls and lanes. Bar and pools tables there too. The foods price is high. Your better off eating at home before you go there or bringing yourself a bottle of pop. Other than that the service help is decent.

Miriam deVille

Dart boards are a little run down but the lanes are in good shape and the place is clean.

Alicia O

Very pleasant staff, food and drinks we're good too decent prices

Sonia Merten

We did a double date on a Tuesday after 8 to catch their $2.22 deal (games, beer, long islands, tacos). Shoes were an additional $5 I believe. We didn't try the tacos, but the long islands were truly some of the best I've had anywhere - and an absolute steal for the price! Props to the bartender for actually mixing all 5 types of alcohol instead of using one of those premixed drinks. The reason I docked a star is because service at your actual lane is lacking. A server never visited us, so we stepped away from our bowling game and walked to the bar in another room anytime we wanted a drink. If you don't mind that, the Tuesday deal can be a pretty good time!

David Graham

Very good if you like bowling

Kevin Fox

The summer pass is the best deal I have seen. Pay once and you get three games including shoe rental every day of the summer. Without the pass it would be kind of expensive everytime. The beer selection is okay and they serve pitchers.

BrandNew Jo

My favorite spot to play pool :)


Almost $19.00 for 2 people to play 1 game. Wow

Denise Harris

It's a good place for family fun.

Jerome Bach

They could do a better job with the wait staff. I mean I'm in a league and the waitress never asks me if I want anything. I always have to go to the car.

Joshua L

Old alley. But lanes are well maintained. Service staff is good on Friday nights. Poor beer selection. Food is OK.

Monica Bell

I traveled down here from Chicago to celebrate my brother's birthday and I wasn't pleased at all. This was my first and last time using this facility and I would not recommend AMF SOUTHTOWN to anyone...very unprofessional management and staff. If you are to busy to attend to your guest maybe you should hire more people and not get attitudes

sahina zannat

I am not sure if it was an unfortunate day, the lane we were playing in had issues. it was getting stuck every other minute and we had to call the front desk to fix it every time. We went for a team event from office and one other lane also faced issue, but was for just once. Food also took long time to arrive. Their shoes were really clean though.

Anthony Alford

Nice and cool environment to meet up with friends and family.

Ryan Keppel

I love bowling so I give 5 stars! They always seem to be just a hair under staffed to get food and beer but fun bowling!

William Quiggin

Bowling alley is nice and clean and neat and the staff is friendly and efficient

Tony Arnold

Nice bowling alleys!

Paul Jilek

Pizza was better than I thought a bowling joint could make. Very soft thick dough.

aishwarya balu

Good place

Chris George

Clean fun bowling alley with a family friendly vibe. Food looked good and they had some craft beers and a decent draft selection.

Dean Smith

Make sure to leave your mess from the food you order or you will get scolded by the kitchen.

Cuong PowurFBI

Loved how huge this place is. I like how they left ice water readily available to use any time. Too bad it's not Kangen Water Panacea like I have on Instagram or YouTube as CuongUnlimited. My daughter did great with the rail Lane for kids.

Bobbi Fraser

Have a nice time bowling there but I'd like to see the place cleaned better the bathrooms are always a mess

Sheri Young

I would give 0 stars if it was an option. Wait staff is non-existent. They close their kitchen early but still serve food to groups that they cherry pick. $40 for 2 games of bowling for 2 people not worth it for putting up with horrible treatment by staff. Never go there! I can tell you I won't.

Mark Olson

It's a dump..

Sara Encke

Reasonably priced, clean bowling alley. Wasn't too busy for a Friday night.

JaNaKa Rajapakshe

kinda okay place ...there are about 30 lanes ..a bar and other food . The place is bit to hard to find and the entrance is kinda shady !

Milton Lopez

Great experience.

Toni Garcia

Big clean different

William Zehnder

Some of the most unprofessional "management" I've ever dealt with. Zero empathy or patience for any questions asked of them. If you ask the "GM" why your game was shut off before others going on around you, you'll get a terse response that "they are league players". No attempts to explain or diffuse just exceptionally rude responses...not sure how he rose to the rank of gm.... Clearly a person that has zero business in customer service

Aaron Dalrymple

This place is a relic and in serious need of some updates. The men's room was disgusting and the whole place still has a stale cigerette smoke smell (although you can no longer smoke inside). Of course that didn't stop two employees from gathering outside the main entrance and puffing away just steps outside the door. Had to have my kid hold his breath while making our escape. Price is another issue... With several, nicer bowling options available (Town Hall, Punch Bowl Social, Pinstripes, etc.), I can't figure out how an outdated, not well-maintained place charges nearly $60 for three people to bowl two games on an afternoon where the place is 75% empty... Needless to say, will not go back.

Stephen Jones

Good place

Justin Birdsell

Place is a joke will never come here again. Called to make reservations for a birthday party and was told no reservations needed, asked if they would have open lanes even with leagues going on was told oh yes they have separate lanes for open bowl. Showed up at 6pm and was told couldn't bowl until 9pm lanes are full, told the person working thats why I called to make sure we could bowl and was told different then what your telling me, the person working didn't care what so ever and was more interested in acting high as a kite. Keep hiring quality employees!

Scott Neurauter

Larger alley with 48 lanes. Well kept and lanes played/reacted nice. Didn't try any food but others I was with said it was good.

Katrina Young-harry

The service and food was awesome

Harry Peka

Great lane conditions and clean

James Farnham

Played darts and had some drinks and nachos on date night. Fun as always.

Tiffany Rodriguez

Myself and my date had a great time bowling. And the bartender whom I didn't receive her name was awesome

D. Atkins

Well maintained lanes. Good beers and bar food. More of an old school bowling alley, as it didn't have the flashing lights and music. Could actually have a conversation!

Sam Stafford

Good time fair prices on games, food is a bit pricey but hey that's to be expected. The sliders were good the pizza was good maybe a bit doughy.

Jimmy Bostic

Amazing atmosphere. Great service.

Owen DeWindt Jr.

I win a lot of money here every week

Jacob Sirek

Great place great bowling great food.

Angela R. Hunt

Excellent, lots of lanes, great pro shop!

Tristan Morris

Great deals and a variety of things to do for all ages. The food here was pretty decent also.

Luis Palma

Great place, well waxed lanes, clean shoes, but the balls

Luom LDS

Great place to have fun. Bowling and pool tables there. The staff are great. Thanks guys.

Maurice Cunningham

I love this place! Been going here since 2008. Great food, relaxed environments and good drinks too!

Leah Shetka

A lot fun. Clean place.

Roni T

Over priced food and dirty. Not worth your time.

Todd Anderson

Fun place with Arcade games,bowling,drinks and food. Will be going back.

DeAndrey Hawkins

I always come here but not anymore!!! Service is terrible and the staff is rude!!!

Matthew Stone

Good staff and decent facility but the bowling prices are ridiculously high. Unless you go while they’re running a special, it’s at least $5 a game.

Madian Tovar

Went on today a Thursday with friends from work. Good pitcher and bowling prices but the guy who was taking our orders did not seem like he wanted to be there at all. When we ordered and requested lanes he made us feel like a nuisance. Otherwise a pretty good experience.


A good place to bowl and hang out. A decent beer selection and ok food.

Mean Mom

They need more of the 7 and 8 pound bowling balls.

Local Guy

Well, that was our last bowling date night! $43 for 3 games (with shoes)? $13 for 2 (sm) fountain drinks and a bottle of water? And I thought movies were getting expensive! Auto-score allows no warm-ups. Balls were pretty beat up. Lanes were fine, I guess, but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. No wonder they don't list their regular pricing on the website...only specials.

Cường Unlimited

Awesome place for family for fun. Research FlatEarth & drink only Kangen Water Panacea on Instagram. We had a lot of fun & posted videos on YouTube at CuongUnlimited.

Doug Becker

Good atmosphere, fun times, friendly staff. Wish they had Coke products.

Kadeem Richards

Something is always wrong with the lanes but it is fun bowling here

Kim Johnson

Fun place

Mike Grams

Wow...I have been the 4th family member to check on bowling for next Saturday...doesn't anyone work at this bowling alley?? I can reserve lanes at Drkula's but that is not close to my relatives...HELLO???

chris wengel

Good place. A little Spendy.


Awesome family fun for sure. The guy at the counter was friendly and informative

Brent E.

I've been coming to this location since I was a kid. I'd hate to see it close for any reason. With that said I have one major complaint. They oil very light and infrequent. If you're a weekend bowler trying to hone skills, go somewhere else. Oftentimes the lanes are bone dry and you'll see yourself and others using their spare balls as strike balls... They've been told this numerous times and they still don't change. If they're trying to cut costs, they have backwards thinking because they will lose the revenue since a decent bowler will go somewhere else that has oil. It's not bowling when the lanes dry. How hard is it to oil half the lanes and keep the kids/beginners with plastic balls on the dry lanes, and let us bowlers bowl on oiled lanes!? My money goes somewhere else until management gets this right...

Ashley Medina

I absolutely love coming here with my boyfriend just to hang out for a couple hours and have some drinks and spend some quality time together. We have always had such a great experience here. Although this past trip we made the day after Thanksgiving, we tried to call a handful of times to make sure they had lanes open and there wasn't anything big going on like a league. We got no answer so decided to just head over. There was no one at any of the bars so we had to order everything from the main line which was a little disappointing. There was one employee who did stand out who was walking all over the place and looked like he did NOT want to be there. He got us our drinks and when I said thank you he just walked away and just was not customer service friendly at all. We then ordered food which is my main complaint, the pizza there was absolutely disgusting. The fact that the man serving us was not customer service friendly at all, we did not say anything at that time. I do however feel as though I should not have to have paid for a large pizza that we did not eat. Other than that the overall experience was great, we ended up going to Denny's afterwards. I just wanted to share my experience.

jonathan albus

Standard experience with going on a slow day great service overall the arcade was in shambles however.

Stephanie Castellanos

Short staffed but yet the waitress Christy has time to sit down for long periods of time. We ordered food and a pitcher of water. She came back with our food, no utensils or water. We waited atleast 10 minutes while she sat there chatting away. Worst service EVER!!!!

Fonta Zimm

Plenty of bowling lanes. Good drink specials and fun games.

Valerie Penilton

Family fun

Brian Carter

Had a great time here. A handful of arcade games and a lot of lanes for bowling.

holly hale

The man behind the counter was very rude but the rest of the staff was amazing.

Timothy Ceske

Good time

Ross Collins

Great place with plenty of room to move around even with big crowds.

Bill Goosen

My favorite place to go bowling

Cynthia Davis

Great place to bowl and shoot pool!

Mike Casey

AMF has many bowling lanes, and they maintain them pretty well. They Have a good selection of bowling balls too. There are a couple of pool tables also.

Ray Seville

We have a ton of fun every time

Mike Jungbauer

Poor service. Very slow. Should have much better accommodations for Womens state Bowling tourney. Very small menu.

Bob Brooks

Reasoniby priced, friendly staff. The lanes were in great shape

Christy Marx

Over priced food for the quality. Not enough staff. Friendly though and lanes were good.

Fred Summer

Fantastic time here... Great staff

Barry Tanner

Fun atmosphere, good service.

Frank Raasch

The staff was friendly and lanes in good shape. We keep coming back because we like the place. I hope you do too!

Alan Pham

This place is beautiful and spacious. Their pizzas we're excellent. The crowd was cool & noisy, magnifying my bowling experience many folds greater. My 7 year old had a great time. We'll be back soon & will bring more friends. I'll post more pictures on my Instagram Kangen Water Panacea, & review it there too.

Bonnie Eiss

No waitress during tourney, very dirty.

James Billington

Was fun and not too expensive as some places are. Guy working the counter should be given a raise as he was the only worker, or so it seemed. Balls were quite scuffed, but shoes seemed new. Overall not bad!

elizabeth chell

Pretty nice staff and helpful only lost a few credits to one game that i didnt ask to fix but they refunded the others we lost good job cute place but price of bowling way to high. Were are the sales to get people in there?

Timothy Ingle

Hard to find, but once we got there a fun time!

Reno Thomas

I just joined a summer league and the first night was so much fun. They were initially slow on that first free pitcher of beer but it was the first night with teams forming and was slightly chaotic. The lanes are awesome and the people I ran into were super friendly and outgoing. I think this is going to be a longstanding summer tradition!

Nicholas Kiage

Great price! Lots of space! Food is great!

Lewis Williams

It's a good normal bowling alley. Weeknights are cheap, decent beer and bar food selection. Not anything crazy like bowlero, just good normal bowling alley.

John Hoff

I bought a bowling ball and shoes here. The guy was very helpful in getting the right ball and measurements.

Teresa Johnson

Great customer service and food!


It was packed to the brim so I didn't get to bowl but I had fun playing the arcade games they had there

gregg hanson

Great leagues.

Matthew Paine

Large venue. Many open bowling Lanes.

PJ Kessler

Southtown lanes is a great place to bowl not to mention that you get unlimited bowling on Friday nights which is awesome!

John Sirba

Great bowling experience

Kevin Vann

Great place for bowling!!!

Renita oneal

Low budget not to clean.

D Chill

Bowling lanes are nice! The facility was clean both times I have been here; however, their service here is lacking! Forgetting orders placed for food and slow to respond to service calls to the lane.

Jeff Fellows

modern large bowling alley. skip the kitchen. heaven if it's your thing.

Nick Roosen

Clean and well maintained. Friendly staff. Open early on the day after Christmas!


Lots of fun. Cool layout. Love the pool tables. Great pizza, wings and fries!!!

Max Fuller

The ball-return is SUPER slow when the place is busy. Other than that, though, it's a pretty simple bowling alley


Overall a good bowling alley, although the management had poor customer service.

troy Stebens

The lanes are horrible if your practicing for league type bowling. They're extremely dry so don't expect normal scores.

Stephanie Cannon

Great place to hang out.

Ryan Laing

bowling was good and well maintained, food was meh

R03a la

A good clean place to bowl.

Sweet Dee

We love going to AMF Southtown bowling Alley on Saturday night's to do cosmic bowling. The prices are reasonable compared to other bowling alleys. The biggest plus for us is that it is kid friendly. They even have aides that help the kids bowl a be little straighter and bumpers.We love it that is so clean and there is always lanes usually available. The music is always playing durning cosmic bowling and you don't have to pay to hear it. The mix drinks at the bar are ok but I usually stick with the beer on tap here. They also do karaoke at the bar at this establishment which is really fun in the be bar area along with pool tables. This place also serves food and has videogames!

Shani Amit

Cool place to hang, e bowling and some video game! Feels like I’m child again.

Candy Arnold

Great. Place for bowling

Erich Wirtanen

Awesome atmosphere. Well maintained and a friendly staff. Will be coming back for sure. Charlene25

Best bowling alley around!!!!


Love bowling because it's so relaxing

Ty Goodson

Good clean family friendly bowling alley. Had a blast

Bob Schneider

If I could give it a zero star I would. $6.82 for one game of bowling? This will drive people to not bowl. Add on top of that the lanes are not conditioned. Like rolling on sand paper. I felt sorry for the young lady at the counter. Trying to handle several people checking in while two other guys walked around and did not offer any assistance. Now it. might not have been their job to work that counter, but when it’s busy, pick up the slack. Cross train and assist so customers are not waiting extensively.

Amy Warwick

Fun bowling alley. Lots of leagues play here, so it can be difficult to find a lane on a league night. Call ahead, if possible, when wanting to bowl on a weeknight.

Fred Douglas

Just bowled my 5th 300

Amanda Mazzola

Needs some TLC but the bowling was fun, chicken tenders delicious and the staff friendly.

John Meska

Was there for High School bowling tournament. Awesome food and great service from the employees.

Jack McTigue

So much fun. The arcade is legit.


Good time

Geoff Enright

A bowling center located near the mall, they have decent bar food and some choice for drinks. The lanes are fine with standard electronic automatic scoring and ball return. They keep the lanes in good condition. There is a store inside that sells equipment, and they have plenty of lockers. The bathrooms are okay not great.

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