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1331 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226, United States

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REVIEWS OF Punch Bowl Social Detroit IN Michigan

Jesika Parra

Came to celebrate my birthday. Our waitress, Heather, was friendly with just the right amount of table touches. Our drinks and food were delicious at a reasonable price. We'll be back!

Jessica Scalf

The service on a pretty low key Saturday was impossibly slow. Drinks that were ordered never showed up. We were there for almost 2 hours and only 2/4 of us received what we ordered. We repeatedly asked for the bill and never received it. We had to leave money with a friend that was still hanging out to finally be able to leave. I would not recommend going unless you've got an entire evening to dedicate to the place.

Ingramar Miller

It's just too expensive to have a really nice time. I ordered a simple Coke and received an ice filled Mason Jar for $3.

Tina Peterson

The food was great but the bathroom looks and smells like a rest stop. Our server Jason was the best..very knowledgeable of the menu and very personable.

Patrick Cady

Always great. Love the tacos


Pretty unique place, they have games both up stairs and on main level (bowling lanes, bags, tic-tac toe, arcade games and more). Good prices on drinks. They have a pretty solid Bloody Mary Bar on Sunday. Food has always been good. It is overall a pretty big place. Kid friendly during the day.

Lelah Tekhna

Like a rustic Dave & Buster's. Arcade is really tiny tho.

Brittany Young

Excellent food and friendly staff. The environment is cozy and elegant. Decently priced. Would definitely recommend and will be returning.

Janice M

Great place for large groups. Fun location.

Megan zellner

Mr. Raymond! The best service one could ask for. Never been here before went for a friends surprise birthday party. Mr Raymond has a special presents. He is a great people person I see this is why they had him working the party. The surprise party consisted of around 50-70 people. 2 bartenders were behind the bar and he was making his ways through the crowd. He was always polite called us by our names never had and empty drink in my hand. Customer service can impact a business so much. Glad to know you have one of the best. I would come back and refer people to come based on Raymond’s service. Keep up the good work! Mr. Chris and Mrs Megan.

Martin Dombrowski

Locals recommended this place since we were traveling with a dozen teenagers. Cool game room and tasty food! Small portions. Took a large party without any problem.

Selena B.

Friendly staff. Good food. Fun bowling!

James Glisson

Excellent food, great drinks, a wide assortment of social activities in one spot, with very pleasant and expedient service! That said, I did feel that the buffet was a bit pricey, and none of the food could be saved afterwards, which was a shame. Overall, I would recommend this as great choice for a Detroit diversion!

Jay W

I love this place. We went a few weeks ago, the day the new menu was launched. I got the Alabama chicken sandwich. The white BBQ sauce was good but barley any of it was on the sandwich.

Sai Narra

It's a large place with a nice selection of drinks. The inclusion of a bowling alley really makes the place interesting. Great place to spend a night hanging out with friends.

Arlene Boriel

Decent food. Nice atmosphere. Service needs improvement.

Blake Drescosky

Lots of fun.... Bar tenders at this place think they are to cool for life and serve drinks extreamly slow. People come to the bar to drink so maybe make an effort to serve drinks a lot faster. Sorry not sorry

linda redd

I love Chris ❤️

Finn G

One of the coolest, most unique best places in Detroit. Offers indoor bowling, golfing, karaoke, darts, you name it. But you shouldn't go. Super long waits with no reservations, awful customer service. We were left a bowling lane with food and drinks all over. A waiter was requested multiple times and we were never helped. Would not recommend.

King David

Great service, great drinks. Very fun and cool atmosphere.

Stephanie Ghanem

Cool place to hang out.


Pretty cool place. Foods okay too.

Joshua Touesnard

Amazing concept, drinks, arcades, bowling, crazy eh?

Lisa Brewer

After confirming my reservation the evening before I received a call from Punch Bowl Social 1 hour and 20 minutes before my reservation that they would not be able to honor my reservation due to a private event, and if I insisted on coming in at my reserved time of 3:00 pm I would be asked to leave at 4:00 pm. thank you. I will take my business elsewhere. Way to put a damper on a birthday gathering. Beware of using this establishment for special gathers.

Dan Welch

Food was fine. Lobster rolls were spicy for some reason. The service was a bit slow but our waitress was nice. Drinks were well done but again service times were not great. We did however really enjoy the street tacos and lobster fries.

Timothy Williams

Great had good food good service ,a 1

Lauren Marietta

Delish!! I've been there a handful of times and being a mom (sorry everyone who hates kids ) this place during the day is great for everyone. Bowling, darts, buffets, full bar, arcade-it's a blast!! The food is amazing too. 1st time-chicken and waffles. Spicy and breaded beautifully. Yum!! Friends raved over their food too! Party of five please Another time-Mother's day buffet (Hi, mom again )and how fun. Free brunch for those of us who could bowl a strike. WINNING!! They definitely showed us a good time. Mother's Day brunch Buffet cooks were sooo nice, in fact everyone was. As we staggered to the streets we were met with the local $5 Detroit shirt guy who gave us the deal of the day and we got 6 shirts for $20 #FREESHIT We've got a pedal party coming up next month and will finish the night there again and I'm stoked. Y'all have fun

Doug Kelley

The games are fun and the beer is cold

Donald Stevens

Wow really disappointed this visit! First of wasn’t happy that bar stools were removed from main bar and you could sit there. I ordered drink from bar and sat at round table in bar area waited 20 minutes and finally had to ask a random server if someone was waiting this area. Used to be one of my favorite spots In the D.

Derrick Robbins

This place is sweet, massive floor-plan with multiple seating areas. The vibe is woodsy chic, plenty of live edge wood table tops and ruffled chairs. There is a large bar on the first floor and two floors of bowling lanes.

Matthew Novakowski

Really cool place! Came here for a work event. Staff was awesome, the food was too! A lot of fun games to play and the decor is very urban/industrial with a little bit of weird. Enjoyed our visit and will go back with friends!

Jack Green

Never seen anything like it, can't describe the menagerie of bujie bowling and suspender wearing bartenders. 2 floors for the big kid at heart!

Eric Johnstin

Stopped here on the walk back from the Fox Theater to Greektown. It's a fun place, has a few bowling lanes and a few games. Lots of comfortable seating and some lounge areas. Also seemed to have good selection of beers.

Kelli Kern

We booked a room for karaoke and when our hour was up a woman came in while two people were singing and very rudely turned off the tv and sound and said your done get out. They should give you a warning like last song instead of making you stop in the middle of a song.

Inês Timóteo

Amazing food and atmosphere. And Brandy made our night with her great energy!!

A Bo

Really good food and yummy drinks. Prices are a bit expensive for amount of food you get. Last time I went, I ordered the crab rangoon dip, shrimp tacos, and an almond joy milkshake and really enjoyed it all.

Debbie Cole

Loved the decor, the wood tables, art work ... fun place for games like bowling, darts, arcade games, pool, etc. The food would have been great except that our Mac & cheese dish wasn’t warm, a burger wasn’t delivered at all as it was ordered, the waitress left our 2nd order of drinks at the bar for quite awhile without delivering to us ... she didn’t clear the table without being asked ... get the idea?

Melissa Bruner

I just had a ball at this place! Went to do karaoke for my sis-in-law bday. We booked our room for an hour and quickly realized we needed two hours and were able to book it on the spot for an extra hour and we sang our hearts out! Shout out to our server Jason! Kid friendly atmosphere we had a 13, 10, 4 & 2 year old with us. It was not busy at all.

Black Tie Events LLC

Great food. I had the chicken and waffles which was really good. Very laid back with many things to do, from drinking, eating, to bowling, darts, table games or just lounge on their sofas or sit at the bar. Very spacious layout. Staff was knowledgeable of their menus. I would go back on the weekends.

Curtis Yu

Huge space—good for large groups. Lots of selection. Bowling, darts, arcade games.

Autryce Dantzler

Service was horrible and it was slow. Music was lame needs more of a variety for music choice. The servers had bad attitudes before you could even asked for a drink order. Waited over 30 mins for the drink order then they doubled charge me for the one drink I bought. It was my first time and I had a horrible experience. This place is overrated it is not what it seems to be. Never again.

Paige Walls

Staff was unprofessional holding conversations with other coworkers as they delivered our drinks and food. Always standing around on their phones. It look a hour to get half a salad and cold queso dip and chips. I’m not sure if they’re not LGBT friendly or just had horrible service. I’ll never take a date here again.

Joshua McAllister

Cool date night spot with great cocktails and snacks, a few arcade games, and bowling. Definitely worth a visit.

Emy Morgan

THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! Had soooo much fun! Took me back to my childhood, to the coolest arcade ever...NBA Jam"BOOMSHAKALAKA", the original Skee•ball, basically any & every awesome game including some sweet new ones. There's entertainment for all ages here,,not to mention some really GREAT FOOD & DRINKS!!! You're guaranteed to have the best time!

Ashley Smith

Great food, great staff, great management. My sister and I had the wings, chicken and waffles and the sheet of nachos with the delicious pork belly. It was so good!!!! Also our server, Rubi, was absolutely amazing and so personable and fun. I wish her and the manager could have sat down and ate with us. It was as if we'd known them for along time... that was the feel I got. Also the games were fun too. Good atmosphere. Will be going again the next time we're in town.

Shanel Talbert

This was our first time there, cool atmosphere, great waitress. We ordered 3 appetizers, 4 drinks, and 4 entrees. Everything came out cold, the knockoff burger and fries were cold and the carnitas were cold, the chicken salad is raw green beans, chopped kale, and chicken (way to much kale) the drinks were great Strawberry Daiquiri was elegant and tasteful (not a frozen daiquiri) my husband also special ordered a mojito and that was good, the drink do not taste very strong of alcohol which was great for us. They only have 2 single bathrooms which seems like poor planning for a place this big, they do have changing tables though so that is nice. We were going to play bowling it was $12 per person per hour which is fine but socks were $7 so make sure to bring your own. We decided not to play due to that. Be prepared to pay to do everything. Also the bartender kept knock glass cups off the bar it happened 3 times when we were there.. glass shattering everywhere. I wish it was a better experience but we will probably not be going back. I recommend going for drinks and appetizers just make sure to ask that the food be hot!

Kurt Eschmann

Super fun place to spend time with friends.

Michelle Jaques

Great place for groups. Billiards, bowling, games. Tappers we're not working when we were there. Waitress was nice but the walk up service at the bar was terrible. Chicken nachos were tasty.

jon bieniek

Limited menu. Got buffalo wings and they weren't cooked thoroughly. Got 2 stars purely based on the fact the beer was cold. Won't be back.

Jennifer Johnson

Fun place. Went for a work event. The drinks are amazing. They had appetizers and my favorite were the bacon wrapped shrimp. Great environment, happened to go on a nice day and the doors were open. My coworkers and I thoroughly enjoyed the arcade.

Steve Stokes

Lower your scotch prices. The Macallan 18 should not cost $75 for a shot when the bottle is $320. 4 shots should not cover the cost of the bottle. Everything else is fine & fun.

Scott Franklin

Cool place but not super accommodating to large groups

Miranda Ayala-rousseau

My friends and I have been frequenting this bar for years and have always had a great experience, but over the last few months everything about this place has gone downhill. With the exception of the amazing hostess, food and bartenders, the rest of the service is terrible - especially the service counter to rent games (bowling, karaoke & pool etc). The girls working that counter were so rude and actually called my friends and I b**ches to our face, when we’re just simply checking in on our wait time. Another occasion we were there with friends who rented a bowling lane and bought over $1,100 in food & drinks and the same girls from the game service counter had the waitstaff bring the check and tried kicking us out of the bowling lane in a matter of five minutes total, which is not enough time to pack up and leave. After all of that money spent, we were treating very poorly and had the worst experience we’ve ever had! We will no longer be frequenting this place and that’s a shame, because we were there almost every other weekend! I do not recommend this place.

Kifara Rodgers

This place was only ok. Everything tasted watered down or lacked seasoning. It was super packed though and the atmosphere lively. I may try it again when in the area The drink pictured is a juiced ginger, carrot strawberry drink. I juice often and my juices taste better than this ever could. It tasted like they added water and it lacked the zing of ginger. The queso was ok. I added the green chorizo wixh helped. I got had a side of guac that I had to add a dash of salt to to pick it up. Over all it really was ok and over priced

John Chatman

Too small for groups, drinks are overpriced and way to strong, wait staff is slow and rude

Marilyn Newson

From the moment we walked into this establishment we were greeted by happy faces! The energy from the employees are fantastic especially our server Ronald! He made sure our 1st time here was one to remember. I will definitely be returning here soon!!

Von Ware

I love this place. The food was delicious and service was excellent! The staff were kind, friendly and helpful. I had the great experience! Highly Recommend!!!

Jake Moench

Went here on a Sunday afternoon to have a Bloody Mary and play some games. Unfortunately every activity they had to offer was “booked by a private party,” yet none of the activities were occupied by during the hour we were there. Super frustrating and wish I never paid for the drinks that were purchased.

Gene Onofrei

It's fun in here, BUT... it seems like they went for having all of it without doing any of it really well. The bowling lanes are super cheap, the bowling balls kept getting stuck and a "happy birthday" kept appearing on the screen when someone would make a strike (super weird). The arcades are present, but they are not the best either. Just a few pinball machines and couple actual arcades. There is also pool and axe throwing which are hard to mess up, but due to amount of people coming in and limited amount of those, good luck getting a spot. All in all, it's an OK place. The food is OK. The drinks are....OK? The bowling, arcade, pool etc are... OK I guess? Question is why go there for "OK", if you can go somewhere else that concentrates on one thing and does it really well?

Will Peters

Came here early on a Tuesday night with the family, figured we could eat and play some games. Service was absolutely horrible. Slow would be an understatement. Food was hit or miss, some things were fantastic and yet the burger was completely overcooked. The nail in the coffin was when they wanted an extra 12 dollars to let my 2 year old in the bowling alley.

Jerod Johnson

Great food and amazing gaming choices!

Jennifer W

Poor service. Rude staff. Unclean business practices. We had reservations at 5:30 last night ahead of going on one of the peddle bars. We showed up at 5:15 and were told our table wasn’t ready yet. So we went to the bar to get a drink. We were about 10 feet away from the host stand. At about 5:40 we went to the host stand to inquire about our table and were told that they texted us and since we didn’t respond, they gave our table away. I showed my phone that I never received a text. So they said they were going to get another table ready. At 6pm we went to the host stand to ask if it was ready and he was super rude - giving us an attitude saying our table has been ready, but we didn’t come back to be taken to our table??!! We were standing RIGHT there by the host stand and he NEVER indicated it was ready. To top it off, the whole time we stood there, the host was using a handkerchief from his pocket to blow his nose or cough into it, repeatedly, and then go set tables without ever washing his hands! It was so disgusting! After finally being seated, we sat there for 10 minutes and never had a server greet us, so we left. Then they reported to open table that we were a no show. I will never come back to this place!

Shanita Williams

The area, atmosphere, the ambiance and perfect location right in the heart if Detroit Michigan .... IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY

Lisa Mohr

Wait staff wasnt great with our party tonight. They could not seem to get us out of there fast enough. The food was great though.

Eric Visser

The food is great and the beer menu is good. The games are a lot of fun, but the bowling doesn't work well at all.

Soham Changani

Really nice place to hangout. Good food and there are arcade games and a bowling alley which make up for a very lively and entertaining atmosphere

liz oneill

New shrimp burger was good! A little overly seasoned but I'd still order it again. Fries are savory, nachos were good. I would have liked to see a few more beer selections on the menu. But I'm from North Carolina so maybe beer isn't as big in Detroit aside from founder's. Anyway, this multi-experience late night spot is definitely an easy go-to for locals. A mini arcade, vip, bowling lanes, bar area and restaurant area give a little bit of everything for every audience. There's an upstairs too. Enjoyed the service, experience and quality.

Alan Richardson

Very nice for get togethers for family anf friends. Lots of games to play and karaoke pivate booths. But on game days it can get pretty busy and food wait can get pretty lenthy

Tom Porter

The bartender believed that I was “too drunk for a drink...” disgustingly hypocritical of whom they normally serve Friday - Sunday. Their manager took the bartender’s word for the situation. Please do not support a staff that lacks appreciation for their consumers

linds link

love this place. downtown detroit has so many cool places now but this one is one of my favorites. the drinks are always great and service is fast. the bowling lanes are a great feature in this place, gives you something to do with friends. I would recommend.

Ryan Tinus

Drinks are fantastic. Staff are friendly and attentive. Drag brunch was great. Oh ya, the brunch itself was really good! Lived the mexicana theme food and the standard brunch fare!

K Castor

Great milkshakes and so many games. Really fun atmosphere.

Peggy McNamara

Cool place! First time here. Enjoyed lunch followed by a short 5 minute walk to Comerica Park to watch the Detroit Tigers. Food & service were great. We'll be back! Pictured: watermelon punch bowl for four. Yum


Great food and drinks! So many fun games, super helpful staff :)

sweet yet evil

Drinks and food are good but you're paying a premium on location and ambience. The place has cool decor and interesting places to sit throughout the building. I don't think it's a great place to bring small children but older kids may be good.

Kennedy Nicole

The staff was above and beyond!! Right when they open the door you feel a warm welcome. The hostess gave great information about everything they have for us to do there. Wish I had checked out this place sooner!!! Will definitely be going back asap.

Mike Lancaster

The atmosphere was playful and fun. The service was good and so was the food. Can't ask for better than that. I will definitely be back.

Rachel Stalder

Great place to hang out, have a party, or just enjoy some drinks. There's bowling, bags, wall Scrabble, and yard games all accompanied by a deliciously diverse menu. Their signature cocktails are great!


Went there Sunday and was disappointed to find that the top floor where many of the games was closed. We were told it's only open for special events yet prices were listed per hour for those games.

Trevor Knight

Great atmosphere. Really like the staff and overall vibe of the place.

Sivan Freud

Had a great time! Our area had a fence to block other from going in. The food was good and was ready on time. The shakes are nice. There are options to play bowling

Veronica Smith

Bad service bad food. All the bowling lanes were supossed to be reserved but the whole 3 hrs we were there we saw no one bowling or playing darts.

uni webb

Great staff, good, drinks and games. Fun place to hang. Highly recommend.

Rev. Susann Odom

Took my granddaughter after a day at the Ball Park. We experienced some difficulty while bowling, I spoke with the manager who was so polite and apologetic and the situation was resolved. My granddaughter and I enjoyed our afternoon and we'll have memories to last. My thanks to the manager. It was great to see a business appreciate the customer. My granddaughter and I are going to go back.

Matthew Karau

Quirky place downtown that offers a thousand ways to hang out with friends and entertain yourselves. Bowled a couple games while playing Cards Against Humanity and indulging ourselves with a few drinks – not a bad way to spend an afternoon in Detroit. Walkable to many other downtown hotels / bars / eateries.

Nikyra Howard

I wish my service went as good as the food as was. This visit took place a couple of months ago. We could only find one open table, and one of the seats had water spilled on it. We flagged someone down and asked them if we could have someone clean it or if we could get some paper towels. The guy said he'd go and get someone, and disappeared for 20 minutes. After 2 more attempts, someone finally came, wiped the seat, but left it wet. I had to get napkins from the bar and wipe it off myself. During this, we were waiting for a waiter/waitress to show up, who showed up 35 minutes from when we got there. She seemed really nice, and apologized for that inconvenience and took our orders. There seemed to be confusion on who was supposed to take our table. We didn't recieve any of our food until 40 minutes later, and we were just waiting on 2 appetizers. Multiple people stopped by to ask us if we were okay, including our waitress, as I guess someone was supposed to bring the food out by now, and they noticed we were all furious and looked distressed. We were not okay, obviously. Once we raised an issue about appetizers not coming out, they finally did and they were cool (as in temperature). Our entrees were warm, not hot, but they were good. The atmosphere seemed nice, and I wanted my first time there to go great, but it didn't. The kitchen and wait staff seemed disorganized that night, but our waitress was very friendly and I don't blame her for any of this. She seemed to be the only one trying to figure out what was going on with our food and was the only one that sincerely apologized. While there was a robotics tournament taking place during our visit, they all left 20 minutes after we arrived, and after that, there was no reason our food came out the way it did. The manager seemed indifferent to our situation, but she did comp one of our appetizers. Some of the friends in my group had been here before and enjoyed themselves, so I had high high hopes and will try this place again, but regarding this visit, I was not satisfied.

Oacia Fair

The server was really nice and it's an exciting place. Went with some friends and we had a great time. I want to eat more food before 5 stars, half of the table wasn't impressed, mines was good. Bowling was fun though and the drinks are cool.

Yale Evans

Typical punch bowl (along with the typical punch bowl prices, ha ha). Lots of fun things to do. Fun place to hang before a Tigers game. All the workers are always friendly and helpful.

Jordan Malokofsky

Great place to have fun and hang out with friends or family. They have bowling, pool, karaoke, arcade games and more. Took my team of 16 people at work for a team celebration, and everyone had something they were interested in doing. Highly recommend as a way to spend time with others. Food is interesting and varied. Team loved the chicken and waffles and the lobster fries.

Lauren Touleyrou

Fun night out with friends. Good drink options. The carrot cake is huge and very tasty

Victor Lundberg

Do your friends want to go out, but all you want to do is hang out in the clubhouse? Why not do both! If you're looking to have some adult fun while keeping your inner child happy, this is the place

Scott B

Chad was an amazing server. He was well informed on the drinks and food. We often visit Detroit, and this has been a staple for our night time entertainment. As a result of the great cocktails, great food, and great service, we'll be back.

Cortez Witherspoon

Use to be a cool place but it’s going downhill with customer service.

Chris Stanley

I’ve been here a handful of times and will go back again, but I always feel a bit disappointed. I’d like this place to really be great, but it’s...fine. You can’t beat the look and feel of the restaurant, as it’s very different than most places in the area. The food is just ok. I want it to taste as good as it looks, but I tend to feel let down. Not bad enough to never want to go back, but not good enough to rave about.

Danielle Beharie

What a fun bar! Husband and I decided to explore Detroit for the day and stumbled upon the Punch Bowl. The drinks were tasty and food pretty good fod bar food. The games were a nice addition, they have bowling and an arcade. Definitely worth a visit!

TJ Houck

A little pricey, the chips and queso were the highlight in terms of food. The shuffle board was extremely disappointing, it cost 3 bucks and spikes come up to block your game before you even complete... Very frustrating. The Barbacoa tacos had tons of fat I would've expected the opposite for this type of meat. Overall the experience and food was just ok.

Kyle Carey

Great atmosphere, good drinks, fun place.

Joann Arpino

Very very fun place to go especially with a group! The food is just basic but the atmosphere is really why you would come. They have bowling in there!

Maggie D

Great food, made from scratch! Amazing drinks, both with and without alcohol. Fun arcade style games and bowling. Loved it!

Savanah Cuevas

I will never return to this place! We went as a group to have a few drinks. The man at the door, so rude!! The manager worse!! I will make sure a spread the work and keep my friends from this horrible experience!

Corrina Hall

This is the third time that I've attempted to visit this business, and I had a bad experience yet again. When I enter the establishment, NOBODY bothers to help you. We stood there in the front for a while, looking around trying to find someone to seat us or give us information, nobody did. We took it upon ourselves to find an employee, we found a nice lady at the bowling section who told us the prices of bowling and such. When we asked about food, we were told that our server would just come to our table when we sat down. We sat at a table in the bowling section for an hour -- even played 2 whole games and nobody ever came. When we were starved after bowling, we asked about food again. We were told that we could order at the bar or sit down and someone will come. We gave it another shot. When sat down, someone came up to us and asked if we had been seated by a server and given a menu, we responded "no, we were told to just sit down and a server would be over." The employee told us that that was false and we had to go to the front again to be seated. There was a group of employees standing there in conversation and laughter, I didn't even know they were servers! When they finally realized us standing there, yet again, they came up and finally asked if we wanted to eat. We said yes and was finally seated. We got about 3 different servers before we even ordered our food, we just ended up leaving as the menu wasn't even worth all of the trouble we were going through. This establishment is very unorganized and the customer service is extremely poor. The only helpful person was the woman at the bowling section, she seemed to genuinely want to help and get us served food immediately, and it's just a shame that she couldn't because she wasn't a server. Please change your policies to better regulate hour patrons. This place could be way better if it was ran correctly.

Christian Baron

Loved this place. Make sure you read the sign on the front door.


Not the best. Not even mediocre. Food was overpriced and not even that good. Waiter was gone for 30 minutes and then came back and explained to the table how he blew up the bathroom. Needless to say I wont be back.

Kat Moore

Punch Bowl is one of the most hip, up and coming bars in all of Detroit! Their venue is great for both private parties and family dinners. Though it can get crowded on the weekends, they are usually very accommodating and quick with service. The food selection is amazing and their cocktail menu (virgin and not) is extensive. Parking is easily accessible through the structure next to The Alley, making it one of the most beautiful (and secure) places to park downtown. A great place to go!

Cesar Rodarte

Great atmosphere. A little bit for everyone. Darts, pool table, card games, bowling, karaoke rooms, mini arcade. Great music. Food is good. Not like you're typical franchise (i.e. Dave & Busters or Lucky Strikes). This place has a cool, chic, vibe.

Shannon Wolfe

Very cool place. Was there for an event. The food was amazing AND sensitivity friendly (options for gluten free, vegetarian, FODMAP). HUGE props for that.

Terietta M. Marshall

Wonderful wait staff! Friendly and welcoming. The food was subpar. There are definitely places in the City with better chicken and waffles

Joseph Sanchez

The punch bowl cocktails are awesome. They have bowling and other games. Recommended.

Hugh J Larkin

This is a restaurant with a fun atmosphere and good food. The restaurant was full. I enjoyed my visit.

Mark Lampinen

Such a variety n great drinks at the same time!

Juli Springfield

Went with a group of work people, for a vendor sponsored event. Good craft cocktails but pricey. Fun karaoke rooms. Small bowling alley with strings to reset pins, which we all thought was really funny {by that point, we had a few of the craft cocktails}. Fun place for a group event.

Charese Howard

Prices pretty high. But service was excellent. The Bartenders were great. The Suggestion for the IPA was perfect. Would have gotten 5 stars but they didn't have carrot cake. And The strawberry cake was old and tastes of refrigerator.

Jeff Smalla

We loved this place. Service was good. Pulled pork sandwich was amazing. Fries were plenty and nicely seasoned. We will come back.

Fish Stick

What a fun night! Our server Jason was so fun and upbeat. The food was amazing! We had chicken and waffles and a prime rib sandwich-so delicious! And there were so many cool things to do after dinner. Bowling, Karaoke, arcade games, they even have board games like Monopoly and Clue! It was a great place to hang out and have a fun night.

Stan Nester

Went there with a group of 25 people. Raymond took care of our group and was absolutely perfect. He wrote down and remembered each of our names. He was so respectful of us and made the party 100 times better. It is hard to get decent customer service anymore, this was beyond was spectacular!!! -Lady Crystal and Mr. Rick

Amir Mohammed

We had a blast. Good food, great drinks decorated pretty cool. Took my girlfriend here and we had a blast just another Detroit place that I just found out about. Stop saying guys there’s nothing to do in Detroit when there’s tons of things to do punch bowl social is one of them

richard barron

This place was pretty cool. The menu is unique and the food was very good. We ordered a punch bowl drink for 4 which we were pretty disappointed with. The taste of the drink was not good, and it seemed over iced and watered down. Otherwise it was definitely worth a visit.

Maria A

The food and service was amazing! We loved the way everything looked, the employees were kind and helpful. And most of all the food was amazing! I loved the experience! A must go spot, recommended spot!

William Robinette

Tryed to make crapy food look good and way to expensive .ill never go there to eat again. But cool diggs tho

Gregory Ginter

Pretty cool place. Many things to do bowling, karaoke, Arcade, and board games at many tables. One of the best features is that it is below the Z park parking garage so you can park right there. No walking for blocks.

Matthew Weise

First time here, would definitely recommend it. Fun atmosphere and great music. Loved that there was so much to do all in one place, really perfect for a first or second date. Try the Adult milkshakes and street tacos! Staff was very friendly.

Katie Allen

Great and unique food. Perfect place to grab a bite or a drink before a concert or event. Also to have another drink while you wait for the parking garage to clear out. Perfect for a party or event for friends or office with many fun things to do, including bowling, karaoke, an arcade and more.

jeremy scott

The staff was really, really cool. Was there for my sisters wedding social and this place rocks! Thanks for making this a better time than normal!

Rachel Kull

Do not recommend any one to go to punch bowl social Detroit. Took my family here before the 1st pre season lions game this past Thursday. We where told to sit in a booth after waiting for service for a bout 15-20 mins the hostess came to us and told us the waitress did not want to serve us because we had seven people at the table, and there where a ton of empty tables. So we left. And decided to go to the game I called to report this to management and was told that I was basically a liar. I go downtown Detroit all the time for games and events. I do not recommend any one go here. They will not serve you just because. I have never been treated this way at Detroit and have been trying out new places as they appear but punch bowl social Detroit is the worst service and experience I have ever had in Detroit. Will never go here again.

suzanne fraser

Very slow service. They don't bus the tables, your stuck sitting there with your dirty plates in front of you. Takes forever to get food and drinks.

Patrick Maher

Fun atmosphere with a little something for everyone.

Bryan Beaverson

Great atmosphere. Drinks are on the high side. Overall good time.

Tuntia Jones

Had a very nice time. Didn't like the food selection or the food I ordered

Eric W

We were promptly greeted when we came in the door. The hostess was pleasant and advised us of seating. Fun place to bowl, play darts, and engage in arcade games. Nice arrangement of lounge seating for casual conversations.

Alex Domingo

Gabby made me and my boyfriends experience great! gave great suggestions and was very knowledgeable about the menu! best server I've had at a restaurant in a long time1

Derryl Givens

Have a great time at the Punchbowl Society, I was there on a Super Bowl party eat all. Food was good, people with great. The servers was awesome. I even got to bowl a game. I will certainly be back.

Sheri Green

Parking is easy to find. The food is pretty good. If you get the wings make sure to ask for them to be cooked well, mine were under cooked for my taste.

Paul Toth

The food and atmosphere were top notch, but the service was really lacking.

Megan Phillips

First time at punch bowl, got the pablano Mac n cheese and a couple (cheap) happy hour drinks. DELICIOUS. Had Rorie as our server & she did an excellent job! Super chill atmosphere and incredibly reasonable prices on all food & drinks. Will be coming back!!

Jaime Hainer

We waited at the bar and they literally waited on every MAN before use and then refused to sever us. As a women don’t come here. It is terrible service.

Travis Priebe

Fun place, we start our peddle bar trip there.

Nicholas H

Fun place for a social gathering. I was here to bowl with some friends. Not an "actual" bowling alley, so don't expect top notch equipment/facilities. But still fun.

Ayesha Langston

It's a really nice place with tons of activities and good vegetarian and vegan options

Dominique Bussey

The high tables are uncomfortable, the service was bad and the food was bad. The kids did like the arcade area. This is not the first bad experience. They are way to busy to have bad food and waiters that can not handle large groups. Manager did help at the end but the time in-between them checking on the table or taking payments (especially payments) were way too long.

Sara lucas

Had a really great time! Good food, fun games, and great environment. Lots of choices to choose from.... darts, bowling, video games, shuffle board, pool, and karaoke rooms!! A really great adult game night!!

Ed Bruno

Top shelf fun, top shelf service. You will love this place!

Mary Pinto-Meyer

Fun place. Food was good and cool games to play. Great atmosphere.

Shane Jackson

Lots fun great food and drinks plus loads of activities. I went to a birthday party for a friend. We had bowling, karaoke, and darts with a delicious taco spread.


Fun, safe, friendly and welcoming to all. A spot to eat, drink and play. They serve great food, have vegetarian options including my favorite, the new "Impossible burger" They have fun adult specialty beverages, great desserts all served in a spacious atmosphere, including big comfy chairs by a fireplace. I suggest you give this place a try. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Adam Sheeran

Excellent bar, great service and so many different things to do while within the bar. Several different bar areas for drinks to reduce the lines. The darts and bowling are was where my group spent most of our time while having our adult beverages. The place including the bathrooms was generally clean despite how busy the place was that day. Very cool environment!

Boratha Tan

Great drinks and wonderful appetizers. The only downside is that getting a big group take is difficult, especially during the weekends


We were greeted by the hostess and informed about the different seating available. We ordered the wings, burger and fries, it was all very good except I’m not a fan of rosemary on fries or at all. The waitress attentive and the management staff was great.

Mike Sears

I really liked this spot. Food was good... Those rosemary fries though...

leon barrow

Never go within 2 hours of closing time the staff is lazy and everyone starts making up their own rules.

DeMone Bishop

Most of the waiting staff wasn't that knowledgeable or well trained..... Delivered my food to someone else's table....... Delivered somebody's food to the pool table and no one was there... I caught up to the waitress had told her that we didnt order it.....she then went searching to see who it was for.

Mary Lin

SUPER cute place with lots of games. Their service is impeccable and nonjudgmental. They are accommodating to dietary restrictions (dairy free and gluten free) and their food and drinks are all delicious! Our family went here for a birthday celebration and got a karaoke room and sang our hearts out for an hour and a half. They served us drinks in the room as well. The decorations were beautiful and there's plenty of other stuff to do after dinner as well besides Karaoke including bowling, pool, etc. If I could I would totally do a bachelor party or big event here.

Cynthia Eichhorst

Very fun! Great ride, beautiful sights and wonderful company!

Kyle Schmella

Great place for corporate events. Things to do for everyone. Nice setup in terms of layout (rooms, bar, space, etc.) Staff was great as well.

Jalen Miner

Beautiful place. They have board games & bowling & a nice little arcade. So that was pretty cool other than that OVERPRICED. Had quesadillas & they did not taste right & the guacamole was not good. The drinks were nice & strong. Other than that not too impressed

Greg Johnson

By far the most difficult place to purchase a drink. Games weren't what I was hoping. The crowd there seemed good tho... Employee left a little to be desired

Joe S

Very fun, many activities, great variety of food and drinks Friendly staff


The chocolate shake was delicious. The server worked diligently for our entire party.

Erika Hennessey

Sat at the bar without even being acknowledged for about 10 minutes. There were three other people at the bar. Bartender looked at us, didn’t say anything, then started to socialize with his coworker. We left without even getting a drink. Total bummer.

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