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REVIEWS OF AMF Lincoln Lanes IN Michigan

Brent Landis

26 lanes of leagues for summer travel league here tonight. 3 pairs of lanes break down so teams have to move. Good luck finding the night manager and waitstaff. Of wait, just found them all sitting outside WHILE the leagues are going. Good thing i ONLY wanted 2 beers for the WHOLE NIGHT.

Rebecca Hook

Had our party there today for two kids birthdays.. loved every second of it!! Our reserved area was set up before we got there, they helped with some cute decorations, food and everything was super reasonably priced!!! We may have to make this a family tradition.... Food came out at the time we asked, and our waitress was totally on top of everyrhing we needed. I am one happy momma of two very happy birthday kids. I definitely recommend hosing your next party there!!!

Anne Wiley

First time bowling. Had a blast and ever was so friendly. I will be back to bow again.

Gretchan Fenske

We enjoy bowling here. The tables down on the floor where you bowl is awesome with kids. Food is good and the atmosphere is family friendly.

Ally Hembree

Great price, clean building, but they dont ensure they have enough employees during their normal busy times so wait service is slow.

Chris Pearl

Great experience, gets pretty busy Friday and Saturday, best to reserve a lane to be on the safe side...strong average. Great lanes....

Paul Kelbel

8$ for 2 medium cokes, 2 people 3 games.. all together $50.... Will not be back

Kyle Franquist

Nice place, good bowling ball selection, nice clean lanes, good tables to use

Makayla O'Neal

It's a great place but the service kinda sucks.

Kevin Sellers

Very expensive. Price was not posted on their website. I arrived for a father/daughter outing (with my own shoes) and paid over $14 for two games and one pair of shoes for my little girl. Next time, I'll find a less expensive lane to bowl at.

Dylan Strohschein

The software running on the abms (automatic bowling machines) was very very old. But it was a clean nice experience.

Douglas Sundelius


gerard frank

Nice poker room with good tournaments for and drinks little pricy!!

Ron Woods

Old outdated equipment always gives you grief some staff friendly others make it well known that they don't want to be there

Brandy Mccoy

Worst experience ever. Tried to order food for two hrs and soda. No one ever came to our lane when the light was on for two hrs. When to the desk they kept saying they will send someone over. They never came.

Samueal Vedder

Groovy Tunes

dillon mcnitt

overpriced shity food was supposed to be cosmic bowling didn't even have half the lights turned on in two of the projection screens was watching channel 3 playing NCIS why we're listening to rock and roll awesome time guys and don't forget about the hundred and $13 bill for four people to play two rounds of bowling and get a pizza and a drink never again will I spend my hard-earned money and such establishment....

Miren Lazzarini

Fun place for our work Christmas party and delicious pizza!

Tyler-James Cole

I was here a few nights ago with some friends to go bowling and have some food. The pizza was delicious and I very much so enjoyed the atmosphere here! Overall the customer service was great! My friends and I will definitely be back very soon!

Dorintin Loopy

I went here for a birthday party and it was fun! It's good place to go for hanging out woth friends especially. It isn't really the most fun by yourself but the food there is great!

Krisztina Szucs

Love this place ! Nice and clean, good environment!

Diane Curtis

Good food eat in or outside. Many choices

Shannon Ribblett

Lane server Celia was awesome and would make an amazing party officer.

Michael Silfies

Went for a work Christmas party. Had a very fun time. Staff was great.

Kelly Trom

Short on staff causing SLOW service but food was good and the staff that was working was very friendly and apologetic

Brad Verhey

Lots of room for bowling good prices and Pizza on site if you're getting a little hungry and even a game room if you get sick of bowling

Derek Pahl

Poker room is fun their food is overpriced and not that good. Always out of some things. I mean who runs out of lettuce for salads? Oh, they do

Felton Wells


eazy deezy

Fun and worth It to go on the nights when unlimited games are available

Edonna Russell

They need more employee, you have to search for someone to help you.

Brandon Vaughn

Good drinks and pat, Jen, cealya and cyleia are great severs

Allison Holleman

Cost to much money

Chad Brian Lax

Celia our lane server promotes care, charisma, and always a great party!! She deserves a higher title than server... she should be the party officer. Thank you for phenomenal service amf Lincoln lanes.

Jason Carroll

Bowling was overpriced. Ball got stuck in the gutter a few times and had to walk down the lanes to go get it myself Also pin setters and scoring machines are super old. With prices of bowling and food so high you would think they could upgrade the equipment.

John Levendosky

Because Charlie Brown puts out a shot that is challenging yet fair.


For starters my father and I purchased the summer pass and had a great time this year bowling at Lincoln Country Club. Until yesterday! We had relatives come in from out of town and decided to treat them to a few games of bowling. When we showed up the attendant immediately said we'll just get everything taken care of at the end. Fine, this seemed like standard procedure. Then it came time to pay. $90 to square up, are you kidding me! Seventeen games total, six were pre paid from the summer passes. So all that was left was 11 games. Mind you, three of the participants were kids. I asked what the rate was, he said $5 and some change per game plus shoes. That would have been nice to know from the beginning. I thought kids rates and adult rates were different, maybe I'm wrong. Either way I can say without a doubt that I will never step foot in this place again. Talk about being taken advantage of. They need some real leaders to step up and fix the issues here. Mark it zero, for satisfaction.

Elisabeth Gross

This is a great bowling alley! Clean, friendly staff and open bowling all day Sundays. I had no idea it was so hard to find open bowling. Also food is pretty good too!

Shawn Dowery

Celia is the best love her

Michael Bigelow

Great place....good service and COLD BEER. I will say though...the beer was expensive. $18 for a pitcher of Sams.

Mike Krueger

Everyone is so friendly and very helpful, the wait staff is great

Nathan Winfree

Food is salty Service is slow Bowling is good

Dan Fischer

Plenty of lanes, a little more expensive with standard rates. Hit their later hours for unlimited bowling at a set price ($10-$15) ; pending your speed of play, that is the best value.

Matthew Pete

Reserved birthday party for 11:30a and there is no one to open the doors and all is dark inside. Terrible terrible service.


Will not be returning. Overpriced

Amber Borrello

Food and drink prices are insanely expensive. Witnessed staff preparing food barehanded. Disgusting! If I'm paying $15 for a simple appetizer tray, I'd prefer the e coli on the side. I approached the general manager and she went back to addressed the issue, but I still watch a young man prepare a sandwich with no gloves on.

Laurel Fink

Had my husbands work party here, had tons of fun!

Nick Gbur

The alleys work, the people not so much. They didn’t have the reservation for our group down that I had an email confirming. They gave us a hard time about taking two lanes (as a group of ten). The bowling was fine, it’s hard to mess that part up. Our waitress comes over, I order a Diet Coke and she brings everyone’s drinks aside from mine. Thirty minutes later I ask about it and she says she’ll bring one on the house. She gave me regular Pepsi (I’m diabetic so I can not drink that). It was “free” so I didn’t drink it. She brings the bill for the horrendously over priced wings that I ordered and the Pepsi was on it. I asked her to take it off and she said she would and then proceeded to charge me for it. When I pointed it out she only said that “she already ran it”. She rung up my buddy and after he gave her a card she asked him if he had cash because she rung it up as cash. She disappeared for ten minutes, came back (the bill still wasn’t ran at this point) and then disappeared for another ten minutes.

Justin Russ

We are the only people here at 3:00 on a Saturday. They have club music blasting. Asked the managers to switch to country or something lighter and turned it down. They said they couldn't. Asked them just to turn it off. They said they couldn't. Wonder why it's empty on a Saturday afternoon....

Bradley Mansour

I walked in on a Saturday night at 12:30 PM, 30 minutes before closing and they denied me service. Doesn't make me want to come back, especially being my first time coming to this alley. After I left the alley I promptly called asking when they close and I was told "We close at 1 am". I continued to ask if they had a lane available. I was told "no one is here"...??? The lady at the front desk then continued to tell me that I could come back and play a game if I desired. At this point I was already a well 10 minutes away and very calmly told the woman on the phone that they would not be seeing my business back at this establishment. *TO ESTABLISHMENT* : If you say your open until 1 AM, you should probably have someone working until then, if not just close. You made my friend and I very disappointed in your establishment.

Sam Nutkins

Bowling: 5 Service: 1

Nancy Medacco

Very nice house if I lived closer I'd be bowling league in it!

Bill Hovinga

Took our boys group out for a night of pizza and bowling

Laurence Sanders

I bowl here every Thursday... I love the place

Erin Hall

Had a great day on the course staff is great!!!

Heather Black

A small group of my friends decided to join a bowling league this fall and we decided on the vampire league on Friday nights at Lincoln lanes. I will never join another league at this place. Almost all the staff have poor personalities if they have a personality at all, don't go here looking for outstanding service because you won't get it. Knowing that it is a bowling I wasn't expecting outstanding food to begin with but we had ordered a pizza and couldn't even finish it. There were for of us adults who hungry and we couldn't even finish it. The waitress hardly came around and the bartender couldn't help us because the waitress had our tab so between us four adults we tried to just eat what we could. Two of us felt sick after eating the pizza and we left about two and a half pieces and then told our waitress about our experience. She said we had to talk to the manager because we only left two pieces, and that manager said she couldn't do anything because we ate all but two pieces. That is one piece per person and half of us got sick......they refused to even discount the pizza. We are league members on a 16 week league that only has three teams on it to begin with....can't imagine why. They'd rather turn away my business for the next two months of eating and drinking there because of one bad pizza that made me sick and they won't take responsibility for their bad food. Don't ever eat there and definitely do not go there with anywhere near minimum standards for service because they will Gail you miserably.


Fun golf outing

James Smith

AMF lanes are pretty good. If you're going on a regular night it can be pretty expensive. I went with some friends and we all paid $16.50 for two games with shoes. Theres sometimes groupons available that make the prices substantially lower. I've been here with a large group with reserving the lanes and that was nice. The manager was very understanding when we had a larger group of people than we anticipated and was very nice about the whole thing. There's a bar and pool tables and outside seating for when the weather is nice.

Derrick Schultz

Oh nice. I like it

raw rides

Great staff fun atmosphere

Jayson White

Our family was so greatfull for Celia tonight! She did more than serve our lane... She made our night! She should be Lincoln's party officer for sure :)

Lee Garcia

Great bday party for my 8 year old!!

bridgette ujlaky

New Years Eve 2018 party. Great personal customer service. Made sure we All got fed enough & we were satisfied. Cori, Celia, Bill & Abby were all awesome! 2019 visit was equally great, same staff with excellent service. We had a blast with our kids, teenagers, good food nice addition of chips & salsa on tables. See you next year!

Gary Geigle

2 adults and a child was $30 - FOR 1 GAME!!! Ripoff!!!!!

Derek Silveira

Tins of fun

Tim Sigelko

Great spot.

Jason Ellison

No wifi, expensive food for what it is. Staff is very friendly.

Dominic Russell

Awesome employees, Great food, Great party spot, very wheelchair accessible... elevator to access bowling lanes, Excellent place to have bowling parties, birthday parties, holidays parties, etc! Wonderful General manager who listen and fixes different needs per people request!

gerard d

Good restaurant food. Good bowling ball selection. Bumpers on lanes for kids. Clean shoes. Black lights on and pop music playing when I was there.

Erika Gomez

Very pricey for bowling

Matt Men

Good service and atmosphere.

Kristina Weidenfeller

I got engaged here so i love this place

Steven De Leon

Bowling, partys, poker and dranks!!! What more is there to say!

Jamie Ector

I’m in the Monday night Trio league. This past Monday was dollar hotdog night. Kara, our server, is usually kept busy enough without the hotdog special, but that night she was running all night long and kept up with everyone’s orders like a champ. She did a great job out on the floor AND behind the scenes as she had to help the kitchen staff too.

Amanda Bostwick

Worst experience ever! My husband and I took our 3 kids here at 3pm on a Tuesday. We were there for almost 2 hours, we were the only ones there. The place was filthy despite there being 3 employees just sitting there. The bumpers on the kids lane fell down several times and we had to get someone. Twice the balls got stuck and we had to get someone and twice pins came out and we had to go get someone. The employees were like 5 feet away and yet we had to keep getting them. You'd think we would have had excellent service since we were the only ones there. I also don't know how you can call 5 games an arcade. It cost us $40 for 2 adults and 3 kids under 8 to bowl one game each! It says $2.22 Tuesdays which I pointed out, but in very small letters it says after 8pm. Im very disappointed. We spent almost twice as much as we planned. So many other things we could have done instead.

Alexis Delaney

Went with a group of two others and paid separate. We paid for 4 rounds which totaled around $30 (we also paid for shoes). Same as the group we arrived with. When asking to see if we could bowl the last two they told we had no more rounds left. All in all the price was EXPENSIVE, the drinks were expensive and both pops we received were flat and warm.

Arroe Dawson

Walked in at 1130pm on a Saturday. Prepaid for 2 games and rented shoes. Could not get a beer, let alone water/pop because the concession stand was already closed. Tried to pay for a thrid game at 1215, but was denied by the pissant behind the counter, since he already closed out his register. Google AND the corporate website indicate they are open until 1am on Saturday. Not sure how you are expecting to stay in business when there are several alleys within a 10 mile radius and don't sell concessions on a Saturday night. Will never be back.

zac Bennink

celia is the best

Rose Lizzo

They have great weekday deals for college students.

Steffan Clark

Nice place.

Nancy Gilbert

So much fun but kinda expensive

Joshua Ploep

I really like this place. They have nice staff and I can usually find an open lane available.

SueEllen Skiles

My family and I came here for a small birthday party for our nephew. It was the perfect place for it. They had great food served and awesome customer service. Definitely will come back in the future.

Tony Wicksall

Fun friendly service. Always dirty and filthy. I don't think they own a broom, mop or any soap.

Don Hunt

Very Disappointed...Don't come here for open bowling unless you think 4.89 per game is a great deal. Worse, if you need to rent shoes, they are an additional 4.00.


Sweet place to go

jodi potgeter

Way over priced.

Ryan Agin

Great for bowling and fair prices

Amanda Marquez

Just had my daughters 12th birthday party at the bowling alley and she had so much fun. Jen got us all situated and made sure everything was to our liking and Haley kept us with the 8 girls and theirs needs very well. Abbie came out twice to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. Great staff! All in all a great experience and will definitely be back.

Meagan Russell

What an amazing place to have a kids birthday party! They had everything set up when we arrived. The pizza was fantastic, and we never had to wait for a fresh one to come out. They checked in with us to make sure everything was going good, and by far were super professional and friendly. We will have another party there again.

Ryan Channells

Good lanes pleasant experience. I would rate higher but at $5.35 a game on a Saturday is pretty steep considering we have our own shoes. 3 games was $36 and I have never paid over 4 a game.

Michael Pwier

Had to wait 15 minutes to be greeted. The bathrooms were the nastiest bathrooms I have ever been in.

John B

Extremely expensive compared to other alleys in the area.

Irisi T

Big space but needs some updating

jamie fouty

Only complaint is a bit out dated. Bumpers have to stay up the whole time if one player needs them. Otherwise good food. Good drinks, cool lighting.

Marcelino Vasquez

Excellent lanes.

Amanda Hinrich

Just a really fun place! Great staff!

Mitchell Noland

Draft beer, and adult beverages in general, are far too expensive at AMF facilities.

Jake Bailey

Great for work events!


Great place for kids bday... the staff was great.

Tylin Sherman

Good location and full bar, poker room etc...

Lexi Lone

Celia is the best person ever she made my night she should be promoted to something like a party officer because she ensures the party stays alive every time we bowl! Thank you Lincoln lanes

Tiffany M.

Family friendly and cheap. Love this place in the summer.

Pam L

I rented space for my daughter's graduation open house on what I believed to be such a late date that I would be lucky if there was any availability. Well, not only did they have the space but they also provided the food, complete setup other than the "Grad Table" and our own decorations such as balloons and streamers, etc., complete cleanup service, food and beverages including open bar with individuals to stock as needed but at an incredible price much below what I've heard of friends and relatives spending. The only area I felt they could have done better with was communicating with me on the day of the event. When we arrived to do our own setup, there wasn't really anyone there to talk me through what and how they were going to be there in the background. I felt like I had to seek someone out to get that information and wanted to know before guests arrived so I could mingle with them rather than look for someone to answer my questions. We rented the 'bar' area which included several small tables and chairs as well as the food table with all serving service included, the table for the cake and the table to display the graduation items of our choice. This also included a patio outside with tables and chairs that we were able to decorate if we chose. I would recommend that if you choose this, look for bees nests under the railing around the patio. I did find a few which I brought to the attention of staff. They kind of looked at me like I was nuts but if you have an allergy or children in the area, I think that information is quite relevant. With just a couple of heads up ideas, I think this is an ideal place all around to rent for such an occasion.

Steve EGRnative616

We have our work party's here and golf outings! Great place, service is good and the food is good too! Great bowling set up too...

Frank Nawara

Nice night to golf

Tiffani Miller

Awesome bowling alley! Plus they even have a 18 hole golf course and banquet facility! The staff was very friendly and always smiling. Great food and very clean!

Wade Tuttle

Lane conditions seemed dry. Nice other than that.

walt john Szczepaniak

Real people


Wonderful place

Ry S

Course needs work. Still beats a day working.

Spencer West

A bit over priced. We paid about $6 dollars each per game and that's not even including shoes. If it's busy, ball selection might be slim as well. We didn't order food so I can't comment on that. The environment and the staff were good.

Alexander Marble

Absolutely amazing service from Celia

Joe Williams

Fun times. There is even a wheelchair elevator to the bowling alley. Very cool.

Steve Schuitema

Great Bowling alley, good lanes. Front desk was super great. Service for food and drinks at the lane was terrible. Server never came to the lane once. Lady at the front desk took our order and served us.

Rachelle Driesenga

Joined the Thursday night bowling league this summer and it was an absolute blast! It was competitive without being over the top so we could still really enjoy the night no matter how we bowled. Awesome bar service, giveaways each week, and meet some great new people. Will definitely be signing up again next year!

John Stiles

Food was bad service was rude

Jennifer Sayles

Very nice and friendly staff.

Gabriel Barton

Celia our lane servant went above and beyond to make me smile. Definitely one of a kind person. Great personality, friendly, and very ambitious. She is the Ultimate Party Officer!

Gregory Juno

Open bowling is never available. Hours listed on site but then you get there and nothing is available. All days of the week all differnt hours. If you are looking to open bowl go elsewhere

Dale Dyer

Family fun but quite expensive. Good food n drink, bowling shouldn't cost as much however.

Ronald J Davis JR

Nice food selection, Lane's AND yes were I get to b a big kid

Jo Aalderink

Service was great. Waitress Celia, is the best.


Celia is a great amazing waitress

Justin Jewell

Called more than 10 times during business hours and tried multiple phone menu options with no answer. Needless to say, they will not be getting our business.

Shane Sievers

Affordable golf, but you get what you pay for. Greens are not always in tip-top shape. The lanes usually malfunction at least a few times during a few games of bowling. The bars seem ok, but the bartenders are not professional.

Trey VanWieren

Went here for my buddies Christmas party. Never ended up bowling but the service and food was great.

Tanya Szucs

Fun atmosphere.

Sara Walker

computer were, people cutting in line, food was good tho.

Maleah Mursch

If you like to bowl, come check out Lincoln Lanes! The Thursday night league is awesome. If bowling isn’t for you then how about some golf? They have an 18 hole course! Huge bar with pool tables located upstairs, along with seating outside. It’s a great place for kid parties too, who doesn’t love a bowling party!? They even have event spaces available downstairs that can accommodate up to 350 people! Weddings, corporate events, the list is honestly endless with this place. Seriously come check this place out!

Taryn Redd

Pretty fun but the bathroom was dirty

Todd W

We Planned a bachelor party for the weekend, The sales guy told us it would be almost 300 for no matter how many people come... and this was a lie... I brought ten people and they charged me another 150 dollars... will not be coming back ever... I am a best man that wanted to throw a Bachelor party for the groom here as well... and I will be paying a different bowling alley for his party now.

Branden Herring-carpenter

Good. Staff

Sarah Callahan

Lanes were great, however customer service SUCKS. Paid $75 dollars for 2 games and we’re rushed off the lanes so they could be cleaned. I’m sorry?...paying customer. You can wait til we are finished. Needless to say we won’t be back.

Leonard Bullock

New leagues starting, lots of SMILES bowlers having good time, Bowling is always Fun at LINCOLN LANES.

Darren Gladstone

League bowler here, biggest problem is finding someone! They are missing out on a lot of sales just because you can't get someone to take your order, buy another game etc.

Carla Inger

Hats off to Abbie and the staff at Lincoln Lanes. They did a fantastic job of hosting our bi-annual bowling event. From the counter staff to the bartender to servers and the mechanics behind the scenes taking care of all the details to make this event a success. An a special shoutout to Celia, the best server ever! Everyone had a great time!

Dominic Freeman

Really fun time for a good price but they failed to advertise each persons game is charged different

Christian Lewis

Waited at the bar for more than 20 minutes every time we tried to order a drink. Bad service

Kyle Metz

Golf course is ok, a little overpriced for what it is

jay triezenberg

Love the place!!!!

mark johnson

What is a great place to bowl and the staff was very friendly

tyler 94

Extremely overpriced. 72$ for a family of 5 to bowl 2 games. On a positive note waitstaff was great.

Charles LaMange

It's a nice house, but has a very dry shot. Staff was friendly, it's nice and clean, and open lanes were abound. Pricing is kind of high, but is comparable to other local alleys.

Shane Nagy

Friendly staff and flexible leagues.

David Gardner

I like the bowling alley but I hate to part blood are too high$15 for each game expensive

Anna Capriglione

The bowling facility is updated and the projection screens to watch TV were a nice touch while bowling. The large number of lanes is helpful as far as availability for open bowling goes and the front counter staff is nice, although it takes awhile to get shoes/pay/etc. Our group of 3 was the third group of the day a little after 1PM on a Sunday. After our first game, we decided we would like food and drinks. I went up to the concession stand and asked if we could purchase beer there. The woman advised that was the next window, implying I could be helped there. I went to the bar window to find it empty and no one in sight to help. I went back to the lane and tried again after my turn. I went back to the concession window and a gentleman making a pizza asked to help me. I asked if I could get a pitcher of pop. He told me they don't serve pitchers of pop and that he couldn't help me - all purchases needed to go through a server. I told to, what lane we were on and he said he would send her over. 45-60 minutes later, the server had not come over (after I saw that our group had been pointed out to her) but we did see her helping tables that's had just walked in/nearby tables that had drinks who were in at the same time as us. After three games and no food/drink service, we decided to call it a day and our total came to almost $60! I'm almost glad we didn't get drinks/food in addition to that.

Evelynn Matelske

In a League of work friends. Lots of cheers and high 5s! Free PBR and pizza is a nice touch.

Bill Smith

Staff was very friendly. Facility was clean. Kids had a blast. Definitely coming back next time we want to bowl.

Fox Rocket

Our waitress Maleah was the most gracious host and made our experience a 12/10. Thankyou for the great bowling games and phenomenal experience all around! JB

Cliff Rawson

Great bowling alley

David Nguyen

This place is old. However most of the staff is nice. This place also has great packages for bowling leagues that may bundle weekly golf tees.

Omar Flores

The staff was very friendly and courteous . They would be a reason to go back. The drink prices were reasonable as well. However I was there for a party and we were told that there would always be pizza available so long as we kept eating it. The pizza wasn't anything to write home about to begin with, but we ended up with some people who never got a slice. That obviously cheapened the experience for me.

Chad Reagh

Friendly staff and well run bowling alley.

Ethan Katsma

Lady working up front, who had concerning bad eyebrows was NOT in the mood to talk to customers.

Larry Simpson

Who charges almost $6 for a game or bowling? This place does. Talk about overpriced, you’d be better off going to another alley for the same experience and half the price. Also they do not list how much bowling cost on their website or at the alley. I felt like I had been robbed when they told how much it was after bowling a few games. Stay away!!

Mike Coval

The bowling community wonders why the sport is almost DEAD. The reason is COST. I took my 9 and 11 year old to bowl today. To bowl JUST 1 GAME for me and my 2 kids cost $28,00 BUCKS. Really. I told the staff and manager (Clover) that $28,00 was a crazy amount of $$$$ for 1 game of bowling with shoe rental. They have at least 30 lanes and I was 1 of 2 lanes bowling on a Sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon (All the rest of the lanes were EMPTY). The other bowling ally's (Spectrum, and Fairlanes) have "Kids bowl free" for 2 games with the purchase of a shoe rental. It took me longer to drive to the bowling alley then to bowl 1 game. My frame of mind is I'm going to spend $40+ bucks on a outing with the kids. If the shoe rental was NOT 4.50 a pair and a game similar a "Family" could bowl more than 1 game. Most people would spend their $$$ on pop or pizza or a couple more games. I will NEVER return to such a GREEDY establishment. The sport will die and so will Lincoln lanes in due time at those prices.

Ken Novakowski

Celia and maleah great girls love golfing here

Travis Dyke

Excellent service, great prices with groupon, fun atmosphere

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