Reviews of Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Twentieth Century Bowling Alley (Bowling Alley)

1231 Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park, MA 02136, United States

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Where is Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Twentieth Century Bowling Alley?

REVIEWS OF Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Twentieth Century Bowling Alley IN Massachusetts

Alison Concilio-Mitchell

We had coffee madness, coffee, vanilla and rum raisin. All flavors were delish!


Very disorganized. You can see the employees scrambling to see who's doing what behind the counter which is why the lines are so long. They don't use gloves either which I found to be pretty gross. Considering they're directly scooping out the ice cream into your cup with the same hands they used to handle cash a second ago.

Lexi Lexi

Voted #3 by NatGeo. Easily the best ice cream in Boston. Skip the high prices and sickly sweet flavors at JP Licks and head to this Hyde Park icon.

Christina Lewis

My favorite all time ice cream pumpkin Oreo I wish you were here all year round

Matt Strauchon

Best Ice Cream Around. Once rated 3rd best in the world by natgeo! Frappes are especially awesome.

Keith Nembhard

The ice cream there is good it's made right there in the store.

Randi Lee

My favorite neighborhood ice cream joint. Ice cream is flavorful, cheap & abundant. Also if you ever fancy playing a game of bowling. You can do so before or after eating said ice cream.

bruce chizz

perfection, don't mess with, nd for an older gentleman ron's caliente,-hot,,,,,,,..... great aisles, great lanes, great halls, o' fire, great food,-drink, great personal, personages,-peaple,,,,.... best ice cream, kosher dogs, hebrew nacional,oy vay meshugana, meshugana oy vay, yay,,,,,.....


I've cream is great! Tons of flavors too. Great place to stop during the heat wave.

Andrea Moreno-Glenn

It's great for family fun to go bowling and have nice good quality ice cream for desert. It is nice and clean I would say it is just very small and they have a lot of things video games etc so it looks rather cluttered. And the prices are a little steal for such a small whole in the wall place. But over all service is great. And they even have lottery there

Tim Rourke

Great ice cream and bowling


Great ice cream,nice place for family

Aidenith Rodriguez

Best ice cream in town!

Pam Cheek

Best ice cream

Javier Joseph

The customer service wasn't so good.

Darren Rosebrugh

A real gem. You've got bowling, ice cream and affordable food to make the best of a rainy day. The staff are very nice and make you right at home.

Paul Marquez

Best ice cream around. You can taste the butterfat; the pistachios, pecans, cherries are abundant. The summer special Lemon flavor is worthy for repeat visits. Want local color? Step right in on league night.

Cassidy Glascock

The ice cream was great, but bring back the Marvel and Pac Man machine.

Sam DeFranceschi

This is a timeless place that God willing shall never change. 5 dollar games of candlepin heaven. Score is manual entry but thats true to the 80s epoch this establishment is stuck in. Just bask in the legit authenticity and hope few people find out about this epic gem.

Eli Cruz

Great ice cream great service been going for years

James Denning

Great ice cream

Abbey Mensah

Excellent home made ice cream

Matt Reid

The ice cream here is excellent. And it's one of the few good ice cream places around it stays open all winter. 20th century bowling alley kind of sells it short. It's definitely like going into a time capsule. There are only about ten Lanes. I'll candlepin is far as I can tell. Breakfast sandwiches square pizzas hot dogs. Very brightly lit and pretty loud. Both my kids want to have their birthday parties there. From what I hear it's pretty reasonable.

Eileen Velez

Best ice cream anywhere.

Professor Curry

You've got to try candle pin bowling if you have never done it. Great ice cream. I even met the owner and heard his story. Great guy.

Joey Marsh

Best ice cream. Hands down

Shannon Griffin

Nice environment,the ice cream is excrement.the price s are good.

Jasmin Taylor

Everyone loves the ice cream here great for any day!

Khalid Mobley

Rons have best ice cream in questions asked

nena p

Had fun bowling with kids


Great ice cream, great flavors and bowling experience to boot

Fuzzy TV

Family friendly and fun!

Alex Jean

Warning...this ice shop is very addictive. I go there twice or more a week. Best ice cream in town.

pedro tavarez

Best ice cream ever and the flavor are so good.

cranky bear123

Ron' s is still my favorite ice cream parlor. Their oreo ice cream is the best I ever tasted.

Binta Binta

Grest creamy ice cream yummy

Kyle Foster

Great Icecream

Matthew Slade

Delicious and no wait. Lots of interesting choices.

Joe Rausa

Ron's has the best ice cream and ice cream cakes and the staff is great

Lisa Markland

Great ice crean

Brendan Murphy

Great ice cream, friendly service, fun atmosphere. I usually just swing by to pick up a pint of delicious ice cream. I have to go bowling one of these days.

Dom Franco

You can play bowl with your family and friends in a good environment for all.

Viper Candlepins

Best ice cream in the boston area, Ron and Jay run an amazing place! Would give 10 stars if it were possible

Dale Snow

I won't buy ice cream from any other place! If you haven't tried Ron's you are missing out on a real experience!

Steven Bigby

Mint chip got ya boy hooked

Lakeysha Smith

Great place to take the family and hang out with friends.

Bill Cunningham

Awesome candlepin lanes, great ice cream!

Liz P

Beat ice cream in town! Friendly staff and a great menu!

Frances Lewis

My sister's 60th birthday celebration it's was a great venue

E Bssd

Not very professional. Did not have the ice cream they claimed were in stock

Maria Rivera-Brown

My pineapple Sunday awaits me. We love it!!!

Marie Jacques

Ice scream was great

M Kelley

Ron's is always a good place to go to get some delicious local HOMEMADE ice cream (trust me there's a huge difference). The place did get a little bit of an upgrade with a new menu board. They also have candlepin bowling and eventhough I've never actually played it looks fun and the price can't be beat.

David Frankel

Candlepin bowling. Great family fun. Good ice cream


Best bowling you will ever have

T Johnson

I've been a customer since 1988. It's a great location with the best I've cream. Kahlua Chip and Rum Raisin are my top two.

Mary C

I love this ice cream shop it's my go too when I don't feel like going far out.

alianna ruiz moscat

Best ice cream of all times!

Elaf E.

We ordered a large pizza and it was literally the smallest pizza I've ever had. Also me and my friends had to wait more than an hour for our "large" pizza. And there was an annoying kid screaming and crying. No AC and it was really a hot summer day.

John Woods

Awesome Ice Cream and food also a candlepin bowling alley good family fun.

Jair McElroy

Best ice cream in Boston. Still trying to find a way to get it shipped to Atlanta.

Cheryl Jones

THE best hot fudge sundaes EVER! It's part of the reason my boyfriend won my heart

Natalia Prado

Cool place to play matchstick bowling. DELICIOUS ice cream.

Edmond Nolan

It Is Great.

Kevin Neal

Great place to be. Family fun and Awesome I e cream!!

Diamond Diamond

Best ice cream around

Tris Nahim

Greatest ice cream on the planet earth. Bar none.

fabia carts

My new favorite spot for ice cream with the kids

Pamela Hale

BEST ice cream in BOSTON!


Best Ice Cream in Boston, but go at the right time because you'll be in a long line.

Donald Graves

Love this place. Staff is very courteous always and the food is always very good.

Bryan Ring

The best ice cream

Robert Flannagan

Just go. You'll have a grand time. Bowling, pizza, ice cream. Classic fun.

Veline Emile

Fast service, clean and friendly environment

Cam F

Quick and friendly

Debra James

No better ice cream anywhere!!! The best I ever had. Thank you Ron's Gormet and thanks for the kind and friendly welcome you give everyone. God Bless you and your family.

Richard Beatty

Fast,friendly and delicious

stephanie placeres-kehoe

My favorite is the caramel fudge brownie ice cream, strawberry ice cream is amazing and the orange sherbet love love love this place

Nancy Slade

Delicious! The employees are pleasant and the ice cream is pricey but worth it.

Sam Schneiderman

I've been a customer for over 25 years. I've tried every ice cream shop in Boston and I think Ron's is the best ice cream in Boston area, especially the Kahlúa chip ice cream.

super crazy adventures we the best

I've been visiting here for since moving here in Massachusetts. It's difficult to find a really good parlor, and this one has a bowling alley for kids and adults. There flavors are great, even though they don't have a huge selection. I prefer them over JP Licks on any given day. Besides they're just down the road from my home. Go Ron's you deserve much love...

Candler Senatus


Isaiah Josephs

Great Ice cream

Sandra Parris

Great ice cream and large variety of flavors.

Victoria Silver

Awesome ice cream in so many different flavors

Calvin Teixeira

Great ice cream! Kids loved the strawberry with sprinkles, Rum raisin and chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve all hit the spot!

Terah Santiago

Fantastic place for family fun Great ice cream

Elbia Rodriguez

Me and my family love this place we bowl here and when the weather is nice we eat icecream

Patricia Coutain

Freshly made and delicious icecream!

Joseph Gundal

The ice cream was pretty good there.

tashea antonette

Homemade ice cream

myrlata isme

Very very nice Ice Cream.

Cocoa Lady

Nice, small though.

Silly Me

The have a bowling alley there and if you want celebrate a birthday its the perfect place to have ice cream, other foods, drinks, and ice cream!!!!!

William Tabb

IT is always good to get ice cream from Ron's Gourmet Ice cream shop

Hilary Croach

Best ice cream in Boston. Check out the candlepin bowling while you are there.

Gwendolyn Sregnier

Great flavors.


I have been enjoying this place since I was a kid and I am now 43 years young LoL

Jaye Knyte

Best ice cream you will ever taste

Ethem Mutlu Sozer

Perfect place for a birthday party. We just booked the place, they too care of the pizza, drinks, ice cream cake. Don't forget the bowling. We just had fun!

dave salani

Grew up in this neighborhood great place to go

Sophia Beauport

The best soft serve all around

Mina Leyva

So much fun.

Kevin Petker

Great place to take the kids.

Alicia Gately

Best ice cream

Warren Bethea

World's greatest ice cream in Massachusetts! Real sleeper

Nicasio Diaz

Super happy ... Very nice staff... Very good ice cream selection...

Luis Soto

Love It! The ice cream was 100% on point. Best ice cream around. I only stopped to grab a ice and was very satisfied with the taste and also the attendant was very nice.

Mitchele Obama

I went there for the Frist has a bowling alley. and some of the best home made ice cream try it take the family.

Ivy Scott

Great icecream just a little pricy

stacey sheikh-idris

Always the best ❤️ ever ever ever!!!

Monique Pruitt

The best local spot for real homemade ice cream. I look forward to my peach ice cream yearly. However, would like to see a blueberry flavored ice cream. Yum to Ron's!

Asa Martin

Old school Boston institution. Candlepin and ice cream, what more do you want? Well, maybe some beer on tap, but for non-alcoholic fun, this place can't be beat.

Vanessa Hollaway

Wonderful time love that it is so small but has a lot of ice cream flavors and the bowling is old school took a little while to get used to but had so much fun

debra inchierca

Went to a kids Birthday party. Nicest staff ever.

Jenny Cleaves

Was told by many people that their ice cream was worth the visit and they were right. Friendly and quick service with tasty ice cream.

Jessi Redfield

Amazing service - the workers are so friendly and funny. Candlepin bowling is weirdly addicting and super fun. Food and bowling is affordable and the ice cream looked amazing (and people kept coming for it!).

Bill Taft

Delicious ice cream, not cheap but big portions. Friendly staff. Street parking was easy to find mid-afternoon. Did not try the bowling.

Millz M

I’ve been going to Ron’s since childhood . Wonderful customer service ! And great ice cream . Today I experienced something that deeply disturbed me as a person . “ Ron “ approached one of his Employee , as she was serving a customer . And discuss her being late & etc .Its a time and place for everything . That’s wasn’t professional at all . I felt embarrassment for the employee . Which sadden me . Please treat your employees like you want them to treat customers !

jenny ulysse

The service was unbelievably great They talk with my nephew's as I order and they were very patient with me me, because my nephew's were asking a million questions, all staff took turn to address my nephew's and that made me feel really good.

Donna Potts

Best icecream Ever..

Julia Hansen

This place is the ultimate childhood nostalgia for me and is the #1 place I tell people I'll take them if they come to Boston. What's better than REAL (candlepin) bowling, the height of 20th century technology, and ice cream? Also Ron is nice dude and will let you sit around for hours if the place isn't busy.

Gail Mac

Best ice cream ever. The staff is great too.

Andrea Horne

Awesome ream and ice cream

Timothy Preston

Love taking the kids here for bowling and ice cream. Ron and his family run do a great job. Support local businesses.

Liza Lawson

Love that ice cream

Sharon Hinton

I love Ron's Ice Cream! I have even used Ron's for an Ice Cream party at my job and there have always been rave reviews!

Evan Trafton

Best ice cream in Boston get the banana frape

Bill Devino

I have tried e everybody's ice cream. Ron's has the best ice cream you will ever have. Made fresh and in house. Family run business. Bring the kids and bowl a few frames. The ice cream cakes are incredible too. You don't get voted 3rd best in the world from Nat Geo for nothing,yes I said the entire planet. If you sell ice cream in the Boston area all winter and customers are still packing in that's saying something. Use extreme caution when you go. It's very,very addictive.

yolanda brooks

Best ice cream and breakfast sandwiches. Try the salted caramel icream with caramel and hot fudge

Esha Ah

My grandsons love this place. We always have fun here.

Jetser Carasco

I love Ron's ice cream. When I was living in Massachusetts, I went there often to get some ice cream. However, recently on june 20, 2017 while visiting massachusetts, I ran into some issues not with the ice cream but with an employee serving ice cream. I experienced discrimination because of my color (I am black). I was in line waiting to be served and there were a white couple behind me. The employee looked at me in the eyes yet he skipped me and asked the white couple behind me what they wanted. I am not sure whether or not the couple or somebody else told him I should be first, he did come to me afterward. Too late for me though! I expressed to him that I clearly understood the reasons behind his action and that I do not want him to serve me anymore. Of course he denied discriminating, but his action speaks louder. A white lady in front of me who was waiting for her order clearly understood the employee action as well. She expressed her displeasure as well and said that my ice cream should be free. I paid for my ice cream and told them that it is not free ice cream that I want but respect and good treatment. The employees repeatedly encouraged me to accept the free ice cream which was nice. However, I kept replying to them that all I want is for the guy to change since this is the 21st century. Chances are when I am in Massachusetts again, I will go back to ron's to get some ice cream. However, I will never forget the bad treatment I experienced that day because some people choose to remain ignorant!

Gary Rogers

New regular here. I highly recommend you stop in and treat yourself the best ice cream around...and you get to bowl...its a win win

Andrea Wilkinson

A quirky place with great ice cream in a small neighborhood bowling alley.

Maaria Kemppainen

The best salted caramel around!

Mike Donlin

Bowling is classic and cheap, sometimes crowded so call ahead. I prefer random days rather than birthday parties (not enough room to enjoy the party). The ice cream is pretty good and the portions very generous, not the best but still worth it.

Juan Escobar

Best Ice Cream Shop in Boston

Roy Healey

Best ice cream I've ever tasted! I'd live on the peanut butter cup if I could. Staff were great too and the candle pin bowling was good fun. Will definitely go back if I'm ever in the area!

Kortney Adams

Great little place with a local feel. Have had two of my kids' birthday parties there, because they make it so easy and the kids love it. (And very reasonably priced!) Recommended.

Aratnza Colon

WE absolutely love this place, their ice cream is delicious!! they are very friendly and respectful to their customers.

Rene Pages

Good service great ice cream

Ernst Domercant

One of the best ice cream shop so far.

Andru Gooden

The best icecream spot

Rajesh Vaid

Very good

franco 4

Awesome ice cream awesome people. But they are democratic bastards

Melissa Gatlin


John Connors

The only place I go for ice cream. Great, really fun bowling lanes. Just a really great family place. Love this place! Been going here since way back in the day. If you're near Hyde Park, you have to go here!

Obenne Derisier


Caleb Belizaire

Good ice cream!

Katrinia Carter

Delicious ice cream

Jineris Ayala-Martinez

Delicious ice cream and great staff

Bud Francois

Fast service. Have super good ice cream.

Matthew Walton

Good ice cream

Carla Gray

Best homemade ice cream ever

Ka Cey

Great taste and lots of flavors

Betsy Crowley

Best ice cream!

David Towle

Great Staff, and Great Ice Cream, Can't Miss Anytime We Have A Function or A Party.

Kyla Pfannenstiel

Amazing service, fun times!

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