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191 MA-6A, Orleans, MA 02653, United States

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REVIEWS OF Orleans Bowling Center Inc IN Massachusetts

Preston Luman

What a great time! Good for families. Friendly personnel. Different than normal bowling with candlepin, 3 lb. balls, & 3 rolls. A lot of fun!

Michael G Rodericks

Nice place lots of fun and awesome food

Sean Tyler

Nice staff and fun place to hang on a rainy day


Got robbed asked staff they Sayed "it's not my problem" and could have given my kid the prize.

Denny Teason

It was terrible. I would not recommend the bowling center to anyone. People who had put their name in left came back a couple hours later. We had been waiting a couple hours and they put these people in front of us. I would give it a minus star

Harold Brunelle

Fun old school New England candlepin bowling with a really nice bar and good food!

Tim Rourke

Good food and times

Brian Thomas

Alicia Santini

Great candlepin bowling

Ron Harvey

Come for bowling or come to hang out - but you must try the food- it's delish!!!!!!!!

thomas mcintyre

Mike S

I forgot how much harder candlestick bowling is than regular bowling. Nice, friendly and helpful staff. Seemed bit pricey, $28 for four to bowl one game, but maybe that's normal.

Esther Jo

Great food

Cape Cod Reviews

Outside needs help. Curbside is a big thing.

Hailey Stanat

Robin P

Unique and different game with candlewick pins and tiny balls, but kids running around like nuts and a rude employee at the shoe counter

Marty Boulerice


Danette Keegan

Descent bbq


Ronald Erving

Tasty food and drink. Wonderful service.

Kellen Perry

I was not impressed with the food and there was a lack of customer service all around..No one is happy there or maybe it was just that day? I overheard the staff talking on the patio about other staff, Very Unprofessional!! I believe one of them was the general manager, she was very rude when my friend asked her about making reservations for a party. Due to the way she was talking to him.

Andy Bunzick

Lots of fun for kids and adults terrific food

Christina Filep

Great family place. There was food, games and drinks.

Averie Smith

James Brown

Really cool. I never bowled with small balls

jack goole

Great place, awesome food and amazing sevice

Gail S


Very interesting. Nothing like I have ever seen

Robert Platten

Great barbeque and fun bowling.

Katie Martinez

Stanley Marvel

BBQ is always great at the Orleans Bowling Center!

Jac Augat

Candy Carpenter

Authentic clam chowder..was good. We also tried the poutine..fries and cheese curds had ours with the pulled pork..also good..the candle pin bowling was interesting too

Courtney Aninger

Michael Fiorenza

Reasonable prices, good candlepin bowling, great food, fun atmosphere

Jake Lee

I've been bowling here for over 25 years. Not regularly, not all the time, but consistently. It's changed a lot over the years, but it's always a wonderful place to have fun.

P D MacGuire

This place has an ancient, shabby feeling to it. Candlepin bowling with friendly service. People rave about the barbecue but I'm forced to believe that they've never had real barbecue before. It struck me as expensive and kind of horrible.

Jon Ramsdell

Had a great time here again! We always have a great time here as a family and really enjoy the environment. The staff here is always really pleasant. My family knows all of them by name and they treat us very well. Definitely recommend coming here and hanging out!


Site says they do bowling until 11, came a little before 9:30 and we were turned away, worker saying they were closing up.

Brenda Goff

Devon Pearlin

So much fun! Big Dogs BBQ also really, really tasty! Worth the wait on a rainy beach day.

Nicole Sargent

The bowling alley is great, but what's even better the is the BBQ place inside. I had no idea this existed. It's definitely one of the best BBQ places on Cape. It's a shame they're not open for lunch because I work nearby and would love to order from here!

Gene Sigalovsky

45 minutes wait, get a lane, it stopped working on frame 3. After 15 minutes of waiting and no information we left. Terrible experience, not coming back.

Hannah Ierardi

Sean Adams

Miles Stanton

Fun bowling, but the BBQ and air hockey is the best part.

Dave Miller

Awesome place for BBQ. Clean and prices very reasonable!


Russ Surette

Nice place.. order BBQ while you bowl. Deliciois

Paula Smith

Fun place. Good good and good service and bowling too!

Vick Scibilia

More fun than we thought it'd be! Nice old style lanes that took us back 30 years! Nice staff, good cocktails!

Juliette Felix

josh mather

Did not bowl during this visit. Just came for food and drinks. Service was perfect. Will be back.

M Piasecki

Love Candlestick Bowling! We always have a great time here.

Samantha Testa

Sam LaBelle

I've traveled the world to find the best fried chicken... I even went to KENTUCKY, the motherland of fried chicken... This place makes the worlds best fried chicken... I don't know how they do it... You MUST come to this restaurant and order the fried chicken sandwich served on a brioche bun or the "alley tray" which comes with a choice of two hot or cold sides... There's a bar, so if you're a drinker this is a good place too... and who the hell doesn't love to bowl? Get your friends, maybe bring your mom, or the kids, whoever and go here, its AMAZING... this is exactly what the Cape needs!

Chris Wagenbach

Gary Spearow

Bryan Cortez

Vanessa Johnson-Gage

Deborah Straughn

Great food and friendly service. Relaxed environment.

Lisa Radke

Awesome pulled pork.

Roy Chad

Great wings and BBQ

ryan drew

Chris Small

Joe Centrella

Great place to catch up with friends and the bbq and drinks served at either the bar or the lane doesn't hurt either

Steven Strimling

Candlepin bowling was a blast! Staff was friendly and helpful.

Derek Burritt

Go for the bowling, stay for THE BEST BBQ! A beer selection for craft beer enthusiasts.

Sean Downey

I have heard great things about this establishment, but I just called to inquire about wait times for lanes. Shockingly, the response was terse: "Very Long, we're very busy. It's a holiday weekend. Click.". I understand it's a holiday weekend (Black Friday), but common lack of courtesy to customers was stunning!

Shawn Heffernan

Russell Green

Even let us in wearing Eagles gear. Love this place.

Cristina Carreras

Amanda Richardson-Meyer

Fantastic food, fun candle pin bowling, clean bathrooms.

Robert Blanda

Too crowded, couldn't even get a lane, bus full of kids. Very noisy.

Michaela Miteva

Callan Banner

Claudette White


Whoever created this business idea is a genius. BBQ, drinks, bowling. the quality of the food is absolutely excellent and the staff for very easy going and accommodating.

Jane Smith

Great Foods amazing wings staff that has personality all around great place to be

David Lapierre

Jimmy White

Good food friendly staff

Steve Arcanna

Wonderful family experience. With a fair bar menu, including some tasty wings and local micro-brews and a few video games, expect to drop a Benie. Candlepin bowling is a fun skill to learn and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon on the Cape. And everyone knows it you'll see ;)

Jeff Nossal

went for the BBQ and beers was very pleased

Todd Everett

Eric Johnson

Bartender, Todd, was awesome

Carl Dornbush

Some of the best BBQ east of the Mississippi.

Shultzeyman // Shultzeymanimation Studios

If you're a big fan of candlepin bowling, arcade machines, and friendly staff, then this is the place for you. I forgot to mention that they have a restaurant in case you ever get hungry after having a good time. They have a bar too btw.

Rachel Schoenberg

Daren Jackson

We all had a blast!

Steve Tanguay

RJ nelson

The servise was ok but it was not the best the guy at the front desk annoyed me and the waiter spilled my beer all over me. and they charged me for it 15.00$ so i called the poilce and they made those bozos take that 15$ off my bill i will never go back there ever again

Richard C

Great staff, BBQ available and a bar on the premises.

Tim Counihan

Good candle pins, good bar, good bbq.

Cape Raider

Old fashioned and fun. Food could be better

David McDonald

Have had good experiences here. The seating, equipment and alleys are from the sixties I'd say but all works. No mechaical breakdowns. Staff are friendly and not uptight about things. Children can have a good time. Barbecue is good, there is a full bar. You can take a bowling break when your food is ready. Service brings it to where you are bowling.

Chad Murphy

Tricia Squire

Very fun! Efficiently and kindly accommodated a last minute tour bus of kids when our bike trip was rained out!

Bubbles goulashes

Awesome.. but a little expensive

Dan Richards

Fun nostalgic bowling experience.. one of the last candlepin lanes in MA.. paper scoring

Jodie M.

Anna DeCarli-Durkan

Bad service and over cooked food

Steve Ryan

Christine Piearson

Best food at a bowling alley... EVER!

Kevin Keiser

Some things you need to know: 1) This is real 1950's style candle pin bowling! 2) Everything related to bowling is made of wood, creaky, and dripping with nostalgia. 3) You count your pins. There is not a stitch of digital garbage connected the lanes. 4) All previously mentioned things are what will make this one of the best bowling experiences you will ever have. 5) The bar here is beautiful, modern, well stocked, and comfortable. 6) The food is restaurant quality. 7) If you want to show your kids how fun it can be to turn off the world of instafacegram. If you want to throw round wood stuff at some other wood stuff at the end of a wood lane, come here and make memories! 8) If you are still not convinced this is a great place to take your family, know this.... this bowling alley will be a place your kids tell their grand kids about someday.

Ava Floyd

DELICIOUS Southern Bbq. I know it sounds unusual to expect a bowling place to have descent food, but if you want OR need authentic Southern tasting food, this is the place to go!

Jim Chou

While taking a family vacation in Brewster MA., got hit a stretch of raining days. It is a decent place for little in-door activities for a reasonable cost. Also it is smoke free, which is good for the kids.

Babak Cohanim

Opens early on rainy days

Kathy Morrison

Who would think food at a bowling alley is good, but it never disappoints. Everything we've had on the menu is good. Service is great. I almost don't want other people to know about, it's a gem.

John Ryan

Nice family place for candlepin bowling.

Peter Cruckshank

A classic piece of Cape Cod Americana that's great for kids and adults. And the food is unbelievable. By far the best BBQ on the Cape

Raymond R. Romeo

Great food

Tyler Seliga

Pretty old school. We kept score with paper and pencil. Place was pretty empty when we were there and employee let us just keep bowling for free after the games we paid for were up.

jesse ferreira

Jack Grilli


We went here for some barbecue that was fantastic..... I know its sounds crazy being at an old school bowling alley, but the food was great. For a small place they really had a nice of beers on tap. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.

Lauryn Murray

Went alone and i really enjoyed the fun bull even though you could say I’m an ammature at “bulling”. Still pleasant and overall it was quite the splendid experience for myself

Holden Parrent

A fun place to go for a night out with friends or family. The bowling center includes not only the aforementioned bowling aspect, but also boasts a dining area that is superb. You are able to have fun on the lanes first and then go and enjoy delicious food there, you can order food to eat while you bowl which will be brought right to you, or you can come in for only a bite to eat and not worry about the bowling at all. Everything so up to you and your bound to have a blast no matter what you decide to do.

Mike Foster

Janet Sinclair

Friendly staff and loads of fun

leo in venice

This is duckpin bowling! Thinner pins, smaller balls. Older machines setting up the pins so get ready for a couple malfunctions. Great food. Great bar. Slow evenings!

Kemeisha Clarke

Great place

Emma James

Timothy Meyer

We ordered food, we were sitting by the alley then they moved us all around to the dinning room, then we get our food and the quality was not very impressing, we were on a short meal budget and three dishes came to $ 35.00 so we didn't have much to make a tip, so we didn't, we're only a bunch of kids anyway... Then the guy who was supposedly "Customer Service" comes out and yells at us for not leaving a tip, his act was uncalled for, clearly he didn't understand the situation we were in. We already had paid $ 35.00 for food that should have cost us only $ 20.00. It was a rip off. I wouldn't recommend this place because of their poor Customer Service.

Julius Wanamaker

A local treasure. The Orleans Bowling Center is not only a wonderful place to bowl but the home of a fantastic restaurant, diverse bar, and friendly staff.

Elizabeth Coyle

David Rabinowitz

A fun place to go for candlepin bowling. A very old school type place but the people are helpful. The bar has a great selection of local beers on tap and excellent barbeque.


Kathleen MacKenzie

The food is fantastic, service top notch and who doesn’t love a good game of candlepin bowling!

Danna o

Mike Mccarty

Ray Swadley

What a jewel in the rough. The bbq, drinks, atmosphere, and staff was amazing. We had a blast candlestick bowling. Highly recommend it.

Mathew Vyse

Great candle pin bowling with outstanding staff. They recently added an amazing restaurant and bar.


This is the coolest little candlepin bowling center I've ever been to. actually it's the only one but it was still really cool and totally worth the trip. The restaurant attached is the reason why we went the first time, the bowling and the restaurant is the reason why we came back. It's great reasonably priced fun especially on a rainy evening when you want some good barbecue and some basic fun with your friends.

Sarah Townsend

Great place for all ages! Very friendly staff! Went there 3 times during our vacation and last game was on them. Also good food and phenomenal craft beer selection with staff extremely knowledgeable in craft beer!

Jeff W

Excellent BBQ!

Sasha Romanchak

Friendly staff. Bowling alley was very well taken care of and clean, good for families with young kids. Good cocktails, beer and BBQ. They had a full bar and dinning area if you are not interested in bowling.

len enos

Carol Wanko

Great food & bowling fun

Mark Guzman

Arrived with 8 people and was told we can only bowl with six people and there was busy so there was no room for my other two people just kind of sucked.

Junk Mail

Costs a lot. Old and outdated. Not worth the money. Gross and scummy feeling

Jennifer Chad

Dylan Carter

Tan rat A

Didn't expect too much from a Bbq in a bowling alley on cape cod. Especially on a rainy day when the crowds were really out there. Good food. Good drinks.

Holliday Bucar

Great food but slow service

Robert Crowley

Great BBQ

Leah L

Always fun! Always great food! Always great service!

Jeffrey Keefe

Great experience and food delicious, wish portions were larger. Do it again absolutely

Les O

Good for kids and families or good for friends who want to hang out at the bar. The bowling balls are small and they don't have any holes, lighter good for kids. They have a ramp to help children. Menu is good. There are some older vending games on the side of the lanes. A fun time.

Katie Marks

Carole Sgroi

BBQ in bowling alley? OMG yes!

Ric D

Great family fun and awesome barbeque!


We love stopping here each time we're on the Cape. It's great fun bowling with candle pins, throwing three balls, and they don't clear the dead wood off the alley between throws. It's the best family experience!

Robert Fellows

Wonderful atmosphere and restaurant is terrific

Stephen Chase

Best food ever!!!

Alessio Rossi

Bowling old stile .....e BBQ very good!!!!

Jeff Eyestone

Andrew Bryant

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