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236 State Rd, Westport, MA 02790, United States

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REVIEWS OF Holiday Lanes IN Massachusetts

Amy Loreck

This is a very clean, well maintained space and the service is really great. My kid had a birthday party here a few years ago and it was such a good experience. We've been back to host a scout cookie booth and for family bowling and always had friendly service.

Joseph Medeiros

Lots of fun for the whole family

brittany armstrong

Good place to relax

Rebecca Morgan

Grant Johnson

So to be honest the Holiday Lanes is a little run down, but I still think to this day it's my favorite bowling alley

Missi O Missi

Great, friendly staff!

Jeffrey Cale

Donna Tripp

Jim Egan

Great place for a burger and a game

Kendall Payne

Been coming to holiday for years. Always a good time!

Ali Silva

John Fitzgerald

Alle Schwartz

Love the unlimited Friday night bowling

Taíno Princess

Low key, comfy spot.

Mr bape The third

Nice clean establishment with an awesome staff

Zach Eberhard

Amy Schwieterman

We had a good time. This was our 2nd visit and we will be back.

Junya Winston Godbod

family environment

CJA Mayo

Asked to reserve lanes a day in advance (I've bowled plenty of leagues), was assured of availability. Lanes weren't open when I got there, and I was told that they may (or may not) become available in 45 minutes. They never wore

Jersey Lauren

It was so fun but we got seated in the back in the "black" section. I was a bit disappointed by that.

brandon boone

Great place to bowl and drink a few beers with friends

Alex Potter

Sheila Ossman

Harley Falkner

Maybe if these people new the good people from the bad, they'd have a good business, but instead, they'd rather call the cops on a person being polite. Don't worry, I've got your back on this Bryan.

stephanie mccall

My cousins and I went yesterday to bowl and the customer service was awful! We sat around and waited for a hour and a half. We asked for some type of discount but Howard was very rude and inconsiderate. He did not apologize for the wait and he told us to take it or leave it. I asked why he had an attitude and he turned around to ignore me. This type of customer service is not acceptable. We will not be returning.

Joshua Riggleman

Myra Davis

Junya Winston


Chad Gledhill

Decent prices, the lanes were full on a Friday night but that the norm!

Thomas Babinchak

Carrie Parr

Amanda Bettino

Benjamin Nelsen

Great burgers and fries. I loved the fries, they were extremely simple, but really good! I also tried the fried pretzel curds. I'm not sure what part of them were pretzel, but they were great as well! Prices are great and the food is awesome. The only thing preventing a five star rating was that my burger had a bit of an aftertaste. Nothing to ruin the experience, just slightly taint it. I'd heard from a lot of people that the bowling alley had the best food in Heber. They weren't lying. I'll definitely be back again!

Dave Bouchard

Vicky Hopper

Such a fun place to hang out, grab a tasty burger and fries and hang out with friends or family.

Matthew Medeiros

Great family place, good bar, excellent food, great place to take the kids any day of the week. Staff isawesome, very friendly, courteous, and attentive. We highly recommend this establishment. Prices are great.

Ed Rudiger

John Dacosta

Horrible, I went with my 4 year old God son and fiancee, Bald guy with goofy mustache was very rude as he stood in front of the cash register for 5 minutes before even acknowledging us. He stated the bumper rails are broken which I found hard to believe after seeing another family playing with the rails up and others down where the rails weren't needed. I asked him if we could just play a game with the rails up. He lied when he said if he puts one up all the lanes with have to have the rails up.... After seeing some up and some down I decided to walk out and never return. The guy is a jerk. The place is ran down.


Skyleen Bufton

Carolyn Book

Very family friendly enviro nment. Food is great too.

Tracy Ellenwood

Great time with my son and 3 grandkids.

Brent Butler

Everyone in Heber knows that the bowling alley is the best place for lunch. They do yummy food at a great price. When in town, don't miss out. The bowling alley itself is a little dated, but still fun. Electronic scoring is standard.

Amy Loreck

This is a very clean, well maintained space and the service is really great. My kid had a birthday party here a few years ago and it was such a good experience. We've been back to host a scout cookie booth and for family bowling and always had friendly service.

Kevin Haught

Monty Bullock

Gilbert Vieira

Cameron Sorensen

We were told it would be 30 minutes for a lane, there were only two of us so we decided to wait. We waited and ended up getting put on the back burners because bigger groups kept pouring in. We waited for an hour without hearing from them again. We decided to leave. 4 out of 12 lanes were down, so if you want to bowl here, and not spend your entire evening waiting, you better make a reservation.

Trisha Hastings

Nice place

Atreyu Storm

Joseph Medeiros

Lots of fun for the whole family

Debra Brown

Destiny Machado

Jason Peters

lisa Lisa

Awesome, we bowl there alot.

Keith Thomas

Brookelyn Johnson

Amazing place. Always clean inside as well as always friendly staff. They have two ramps for bowlers who can't throw a ball traditionally as well as a ramp for the approach for those bowling from a chair or who may be unable to step up on the lane.

Rachel Westbrook

Family oriented and owned

Aileen North

Miloe Rossi

The best shopping experience ever ! A nice place to shop with the family !!!

Anthony Arruda

Colleen&Mike` Campbell

Austin Lyman

Demetria Wilcoxon

Awesome place to bowl with great customer service

Dana L.G.

Keith Williams

Operated nice roomy nice amount of lanes staff friendly

Stephanie Young

William Mullen

Very friendly environment will visit again


Its a great place to have fun

Ray M

Jason Pedersen

So I am a little hesitant to review this place because its kind of Heber Valley's best know secrete. They have by far the best hamburgers in the valley, then we you add a chocolate malt to that, you'll be coming back for me. I love that the bowling alley is old fashion but I love taking my family there when ever possible.

Karen Gould

Best new years eve party ever!

Tyler Llima

Stewie Taylor

andrew spencer JR

Great fun with family!

Relationship Builders

The parking lot is rough but the facility is clean, well-maintained, and staffed by knowledgeable and friendly people!

Susan Zoccali

Nice lanes, good prices!

Justin Barrett

Great prices and good lanes.

Jesse James

Oil good, durable. PIR for 2 hrs cross lanes.

M s

Its fun and not over crowed on Saturday afternoon

John Douglas

Had a Wonderful time

Stephanie Millward

Justin Lester

Great place for bowling league

Joe Laatsch

Darren Ellis

I had so much fun here with my family. Its atmosphere feels alot like a bar during the prohibition. It may sound sketchy but it is absolutely beautiful.

t mac

Went bowling

Don TV

Love bowling there

Kayla Borden

Fernando Lopez

Excellebt placenfor bowling in family,

Dave DeRhodes

My favorite alley. Great staff.

Mikey Watkins

Stephen Vandenburgh

Open till twelve close lottery early


Anna Marie

Peter Miranda

Robin Abdallah-Doukkara

Patricia Thompson

Great prices for open bowling

Carla Smith

Check out the kids club it's really wonderful

Alden Kirby

Brent Martindale

Still the best burger in town! Always a fun time!

Connie Carlson

Good wieners. Wish the onionrings were beer batter vice breaded

Steven Montgomery

Great bowling atmosphere. Good bar and kitchen is bar quality. If you are a bowler you will enjoy it here.. Lanes can be a challenge but real bowlers love a challenge..

Crissy Rich

Super fun but seemed a little pricey

Joshua Baker

Great place to drink awesome bar good staff the bowling alley is the best in the valley. The bar has many TVs has the top sports playing that are on can request what you want to watch on the TVs. The deck is also beautiful halved roofed still can watch sports outside rain or shine.


Customer service is great! Good crowd too

Deborah Stokes

Everything was good. The food was good. All in all a enjoyable evening.

Rick Wardle

Best burgers in town!

brittany armstrong

Good place to relax

Jay Money

Great place for family fun

Brittany Rodrigues

Fun place for to take your kids or even to go for a night out with out the kids! Bartender is great and environment is fun!

Jasmine Scott

It was easy to get a lane, especially it being New Year's Eve. I would assume they don't have cosmic bowling since it was lit all around. The reason for the 4 stars is our lane shut down completely black 2x and we almost missed the ball drop at our favorite bar, the tavern, in OTE. Locals would know this place. They were nice enough to add part of the time we lost so we could finish our last game. Other than that, there was a friendly bartender, clean restroom and helpful staff.

Charismar Morales

Michael Sedoma Jr

claudia mello

Place is awesome!

Aaron Settepanella

Always a great time.

Erica Marie

Bel Wilson

It's a good place to go for a little date

Chip Watkins

Love it!

Christina Scurio

It was fun family time

Melissa Talbert

D.C. Robertson

Great food great atmosphere

S. Nicole J

I loved this place

James Burgess

great place a lot of fun

Vicki Lagiou

BryanDiaz Gaming

The Glow Stick Guy

This place is worn down and I have a hard time believing that they can't afford to update this place. You'll be lucky to get yourself a spot when you do come in because its one of the only things to do in this town and people flock here. The food is why this is 3 stars. Great old school diner taste to the burgers and fries with some other great option like fried mushrooms and pickles. Would rather go up to Jupiter Bowl in Park City than to come here to play games and bowl. But the food here is what makes this worth it.

Joey Wright

J.D. Lawrence

Had a blast. I make it a point to hit every bowling alley I can. A piece of America soon to be lost. Well let's hope not.

Andrew DuPonte

Great place all around

louis ouellette

Great place for family and friends to have a little fun bowling. Comfortable atmosphere and big bar area. Video games to enjoy and also I side room for birthday's and or other celebrations

Nicole Zimmer

Only reviewing the bar side as I've never bowled here before. For a bit pricey drinks they taste more like juice/soda. They had someone set off the fire alarm in the men's bathroom with a vape pen as well and the bartender told us it happened a couple other times within a few months period. So we had to leave and come back to our waterdowned drinks (not their fault of course just an annoyance). I know it's not your typical bar to stop at for some drinks but when you do stop you'd like them to be well made.

Esmeralda X.

It's pretty chill. I enjoy the fact that it's not too packed with people, it's quiet. Not so bad at all.

Gerardo darien Briones

The best

Kimberly McCalla

Very nice bowling alley. The staff is helpful and friendly. They have a very nice bar and snack bar inside the bowling alley.

Doniqua Rutherford


James Bills

The staff is so customer oriented. Great experience.

Caitlin Rice Anderson

Reasonable open bowling prices. The lanes were more oiled than anywhere I've been before but it didn't take long to make the fine adjustments. Very clean and the staff was nice.

Betty Glick

Loved this place

Richard Crosson


Brad Rust

Has a bit of age. Fun, rural bowling alley experience. Good beer selection. Nice greasy bowling alley for

louis ouellette

Great place for family and friends to have a little fun bowling. Comfortable atmosphere and big bar area. Video games to enjoy and also I side room for birthday's and or other celebrations

Mary Allen

Another favorite place I love to bowl at and always felt welcomed here!

Cole Jensen

Very nostalgic experience. Restaurant inside was also delicious.

Samantha Mccoy

The staff there is absolutely amazing!!!

Heather Casey Lemasters


Toby Pettigrew

Very nice and cheap place

Stephanie Carter

Awesome nostalgic bowing alley!!! Everything there from the seating, lanes, decor, and score keeping made you feel like you were stepping back in time. It was so much fun!!! The prices for bowling were very reasonable as were the snack/food prices. Not to mention they had AWESOME fries!!!

Jenny Rowser

Best burger in town


The staff was friendly and the food is good clean restrooms and all around great time with your family!

Ryan Jordan

A great place to bowl and a lot of fun.

Brian Medeiros

Kimberly Moore

Josh Vander Berg

Good old fashioned fun.


Good bowling alley. Not crowded during morning and noon hours.

Elizabeth A Vallee

Great place to have fun and friendly employee,s

mon eng

Good food cooked to order great service. Great place for family and friends fun bowling.

malissia theiss

Jacob Wight

Really fun and cheep place to bowl. Great to take people on dates. Food can get pricey though.

Christina Custadio

An excellent place for birthday parties bowling and a fun day for the family

King Knobbers

Kris Rex

T Tomotoi

Bowling, food,wednesdsy karaoke, glow in dark night bowling

Beth M

They give you an hour to play but you cant finish your last game they cut it off. The food is really good though.

Nicole Zimmer

Only reviewing the bar side as I've never bowled here before. For a bit pricey drinks they taste more like juice/soda. They had someone set off the fire alarm in the men's bathroom with a vape pen as well and the bartender told us it happened a couple other times within a few months period. So we had to leave and come back to our waterdowned drinks (not their fault of course just an annoyance). I know it's not your typical bar to stop at for some drinks but when you do stop you'd like them to be well made.

Jeffrey Davis

The balls are round and the pins stand up. Food is great too!

Doug Allard

Chris Mercer

Great old scool style place. Still feels like it did when i was a kid. Very cheap and drinks available on site. Definitely worth a trip

Tiffany Dulaney

We had a good time. Employees there are supper friendly. There is bowling,food and drinks as well as a nice atmosphere

Sarah K Lile

Yummy burgers, not expensive. Kind employees.

Hanumath Vinod Kommalapati

Good place to hang out

Keeve Penn

Lots of fun and still smells like you remember

Vaughn Kemp

The customer should be able to finish the current game before the power is shut off.

Renee Watson

This is the best place. Bunch of us were there from our church...they took awesome care of us. Everything was so clean & we were treated so wonderful. Charlie & Cara do an awesome job there.. we are going back!!!!!

Kathy Medeiros

This is by far our favorite bowling alley. The food at the snack bar is outstanding. Deb and Joe are awesome people who want to help in any way. The lanes are nicely maintained with good action. The lighting and temperature are good. We like the people that bowl here, all skill levels are here. it is a family friendly environment. As a woman I like the fact that the bathrooms are always clean. It is USBC sanctioned lanes. We come here for two league nights and enjoy bringing the family on the weekends. Our oldest son likes to go to this lane just for the food, he doesn't bowl.


Joshua Day

Old fashion style bowling. The employees were very helpful when we had problems.

AnnaBelle Taylor

They have really good food!! And it has that friendly small town feel. Bowling there is lots of fun!!

Cindy Vadeboncoeur

Lance Bruno

Nice place for fun and the people are very nice

Julie Perito

Super fun place to be! The owners are awesome, food is the bomb, great atmosphere, live entertainment on the weekends. Great place for a date night or a family night out!!

Magilla Gorilla

Atmosphere for a hometown bowling alley is awesome!!!!!!!@@


Teresa Provens

Nice clean bowling alley, good family spot.

Jorge Carranza

Awesome customer service family friendly atmosphere

Sharalee Eckley

vance hart

Very fun

Bonnie DiGregorio

Our Holiday Cub Scout Party was a huge success thanks to Holiday Lanes! The facility was clean, the equipment worked great and the staff were very pleasant! We can't wait to host our next event here!

Christopher Arscott

This is a great place to eat and hangout..... Very nice staff and really good food.... Not too many places make handmade shakes..... League nights can be busy but is that a bad thing???? A definate must stop if hungry and looking for something to do in Heber.....

Leonel Ayala

Amanda M Carmichael

It was a great time for a Sunday afternoon

Brian Reese

I bowled here several years ago. It was a nice alley then and it is now as well. My kids and I had a wonderful time

wade bunker

Benjamin Cross

Matthew Dakus

Wasn't particularly cheap, had several issues with the lane not working during a bowling session where we played for the time (as opposed to for the game) so we didn't get the full amount of time we played for.

Carrie Dallaire

Edward Roberts,jr

Ashley Watts

A great place to go bowling with a group of friends, and they cook amazing wings as well!

Kaleb Campbell

Kelly Clancey

Great prices nice atmosphere

Eric Frost

Bowling is fun atmosphere is good.

Christopher Brooks

wendy minville

Jeff Cabral

I hosted a large family party here and I couldn't have been happier. The pricing was reasonable, the facilities were very clean, and the staff was super friendly as well as accommodating. It’s a perfect place to host an event for all ages. Not only were the kids having a blast, but so were the adults. I look forward to hosting another event here soon. Thanks Joe and Deb!!

Heather Murray

Love this place! Classic all American hamburgers with golden crunchy fries. It doesn't look like much to the new comer but it's a local favorite. They are always consistent with their food and it's quality. I've been eating here nearly 30 years and it never disappoints. I highly recommend this place if you're craving a hamburger.

Daniel Odom

Great staff, over 46 lanes back to back.

David Fletcher

Matt McAdam

Brandi Barton

Such a fun time!! Love Lunar Bowling and the pizza is amazing!!!


The place is nice when you want to spend time with your family and friends. The wait line on a busy day is only about 15 minutes but it’s worth the wait. You can bond with the people around you as well because of how friendly the environment is. Great place!!

Susan Stevens

Dawn Foster

Justin Roberts

Zamantha Fenwick

Great place to go bowling and staff is friendly

Frederick Davids

I was there for other reasons, so I won't provide a review.


I love this house, one of the toughest house in the city, I have several 300, back in the 90s LOL

Doug80 Whooo

Nice clean place, very nice staff!

Will Boateng

Great family place burgers are really good

Shaun G

Clean. Great staff. Freddie in the pro shop is so knowledgeable. Xoxo

Johnny Meto

Amanda Raedel

Greg High

John Edwards

Fun and very friendly employees

Adrian Scott

This place makes the best Club Sandwiches,, my daughter practices here every week with the #HartleyHawks bowling team and it seems like I just cant get enough, just wish the server/cashiers would smile more, otherwise it would be a 5 . #LocalGuides #Adrianscottfitzgerald #planborganizer #thinkplandorecord

Zack Mcpherson

Most disrespecting service I've ever had. Called to ask a question and got yelled at....didnt even waste time going

Greenmonkey Games

Good old fashion bowling and food.

buckinut osu

Holiday Lanes hosted the State Special Olympics Bowling Tournament this weekend and they rocked it! Awesome staff and facility and very accommodating. GO BUCKS!!!


i was owed an apology or maybe you can learn from my incident and choose better training techniques for your employees If a guy being nice coming in and leaving scares you enough to call police maybe thats not job for you. Id hate to see that employee in a real reason to call he'd panic. And thats one thing your not supposed to do in a real situation, that requires police enforcement. Is Panic. Their are drug dealers killing people with their drugs, rapist, thieves and murderers, drunk drivers etc.. because he wants to call police when a suspicious looking character comes in and is polite. What makes me suspicious looking ? Where does your establishment come off making false police reports and stopping police from some situation that might of really needed their assistance.?

Mark Christen


David Wolnik

Great food and prices, friendly staff.

Brooke Wallace

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I went bowling with my family last night and the staff lied about how long it would take us to get 2 lanes. It went from a couple of minutes to almost two hours. We nicely asked for a discount for the inconvenience and staff raised his voice and said “do you want the lane or not!” My family came from all over so we decided to just play. Once our game started one of our lanes kept malfunctioning which affected our time!! We asked staff about it and they gave us more time after we begged. Rude staff, long waits, malfunctioning lanes! Just sad.

Terry Keyes

Randy Reynolds

Dustin Christensen

Been awhile since I have bowled but it was good fun .friendly people but no air conditioning = Hot

Rachel Woods


darnell lewis

Nice place to have a good time

chyna Wilson

With friend that is now family

Shateka B

My daughter bowls in the A.M. Saturday youth league ..she loves it. Just like I did when I was a youth

Lydia Kluge

Fun old time Bowling Alley in Heber. It looks like it hasn't changed much in the last few decades, in fact since it opened in the 60s, but that's part of the appeal. They have league a couple of nights a week (I believe Tues/Thurs), other nights open to public play. Has cafe with burgers, sodas, malts. We went during busy Christmas week, so there was a little wait on lane and food/drinks, but that was to be expected. Bumpers available for novice bowlers/kids. Seemed to have quite a lot of different weight balls, including lighter balls. Overall a really fun experience.

Bernice Jackson

I absolutely love bowling hadn't done it in awhile but on this day it brought back fun memories I will start back bowling and what i live is its not expensive to go the kids had fun and so did the adults.

Vinod kumar

Not bad. Decent place to enjoy with friends

Bryan LaValley

Nice house great shot even the times I have tried open bowling.

Carmaletha Byrd

Great atmosphere, great food. Cashing out was a little slow.

Mark McAfee

Great place to take my nephew's


Decent prices but the lanes to the right do not always work properly. If you go, ask for the lanes on the left.

Deborah Williams

Fun and friendly.

Marie Garcia

Lots of fun

Rick Kemper

Best bowling alley in Heber City!

Vivian McLoyd

Landon Southwick

Went bowling here early this year. Old bowling ally but still a good one. The food also is great here and really reasonably priced.

tom christian

Loved it best place around

gabe hoffman

It's a nice place

Jeff Gunn

Great place to enjoy your day, bowling, food, the bar,. All great!!! Jeff Gunn

Kendra Latham

Smelled heavy of smoke. Not very clean

Carmaletha Watley

Always get BOGO games. Sometimes large groups is hard to cash out for them. Process was slow.

Rick Rauch

Great for a good time

Shane Mortensen

Todd Schirtzinger

Esmeralda X.

It's pretty chill. I enjoy the fact that it's not too packed with people, it's quiet. Not so bad at all.

Jasen Machen

Share the excitement.

Alexander Cabral

Excellent time for all the ages

Chasey Bird

M Lindsay

Old man at the front desk rude as hell

T. L. Wade

Great times to be had!

Ashley Holderby

1st time our kids have ever been bowling. They loved it. It was clean and the staff was very nice. I would visit again.

Kevin Ferreira

Always a good time

Lindsey Surprenant


This is truly a blessing from God

Tugga tae

Alot of rude people

Ryan Carman

Dale Sweat

Good food!

dennis montembault

joshua adam

Step into this time machine and be transported into 1963. Things that haven't changed since then: The girl behind the counter, she's 90 now. The lockers, for those die-hard leauge nights. The grill. That's fifty years of deliciousness that you're tasting. Don't let that scare you though it's the best burger in Heber.


Glenn Catt

Dee Tee

Had a good time with my friends are family but the guys working here didn't have the most warming attitude

Don n Char Baker

Really fun people and place..would give 5 stars if didnt take 1/2 hr to get a soda or a drink

Barbara Wade

asad afzaal

They need to upgrade staff is very friendly



Fun fact: this is the bowling alley that Tourette’s guy was in

Daniel Rodriguez

Visited the pro shop to have a ball drilled. Fred was extremely professional and courteous.

Jodie Machen

Very fun place to have a drink or play

Amanda Barfuss

Practically a historical landmark!

william carter

Nice house and good leagues

stanley gibbs

Nice house friendly people and the food is excellent !

Shauna Ricord

Old school bowling alley with an awesome staff, and good old school diner food.

Douglas Amaral

Chelsy Riddle

Best burger in town! Great prices and great food!

Michaela Gagne Hetzler


Been coming here for years

Christopher Cornman

Clean place, and quiet during the day

Candie Bonner

Tim Mason

Great place

Patrick McGraw

Sara Kremer

Paul Knarr

Bruce Williams

Ray Burris

Very fun place had a blast while we were there, awesome food as well.

Ryan Venancio

Nicholas Carvalho

Blue OG Kush

Brian Miller

Best lanes on the East side of Columbus. Great Pro Shop, ask for Freddy

Austin Fancelli

Its a good place to to bowl and have fun but if you have your own bowling ball be ready to clean it because the lanes are dirty and your ball will come back filthy

Misty Rockey

Lam Romney

If you want to have fun at a non crowded bowling alley this is the place to go. A friend's daughter wanted to go here because she's a fan of some youtubers that did a video here. We had an amazing time! We loved the vintage vibe and how family friendly it was. We bowled 2 games then the kids were done. I talked to one of the owners and it's been in the family since 1964!

Eric Jenkins

I like the design of the building, the amount of lanes and especially the Jukebox!

Lisa Grim

Always such a gr8 time

Emma Dirling

Mike Morrison

Great place for kids birthdays!

Annette Bergstrom

Well jeez... What to say about this please... It's bowling lanes width and dining area and at one point it kind of has a game room with a pool table in it I know from experience it's impossible to play pool in that tiny room unless you have your own steak that you can unscrew and just use half of the stick and as far as the bowling goals the lanes are very warped even though he no owner had them fixed a couple weeks or months ago I mean the food there is mediocre and very pricey. Not something I'd recommend baby

SnowGamer 63

Tom Santurello

Ok bowling center hard to get in and out in traffic

Carlos Chatran


Lorry Champigny

jose ricardo de sousa


Traci Thompson

Rude employee at front desk.

Monta Giles

Just love the bowling alley, have Done since I was a little girl

David Estrada

It's nice place to hang out and bowl with friends.

William Miner

My son and I had a great time friendly service

Anonymous User

I like that it's quiet, but the restrooms are yuck so -1 star

Shannon Wilson

Fun, local, vintage bowling alley.... AMAZING food!!!

Joshua Vieira


Jeremy Travison

Place is antiquated and staff barley helpful in my experience. I do not recommend.

Libbie Sutera


Craig Stimac

William Overton

Went for lunch. Food and service was awesome.

Sheryl Gardner

Ian Angel

I have been going to this ally for 20+ years. Sure the area is a little rough but the place itself is the best.

Melissa Shaffer

We had a great time Lunar Bowling!!

Joyce Riddle

Tommy Hawken

myles Araujo

Steven Lewark

Rachel Parent

Carly Diaz

Isn't this where Elton,Corey,Colby and Sam stayed overnight?

Eli Waters

Some guys broke into here on YouTube

Mike Lopez

Ryan Van Gelder

R Godwin

They took 2 hours to make food, and it turned out that they hadn't been cooking our food, they forgot.

Holly Laming

Williard Gardner

Very good with kids in the party Happy with the service

Nick Dayton

Daniel Mersing

Great place for date nite

Hailey Thomas

Shawn Bernard

Kori Piquet

Jake Tillman

Helen Smith

Jolynn Houpe

Had great fun

Bob Bennett

Great place for family fun and has that small town atmosphere.

Bodhi B.

We came in before leagues started on a league night and where told they would not have anymore open lanes for the rest of the night...we wanted to bowl one game would have been done well before leagues started but were not given that option. Food is usually good but service is terrible. Our food sat under a food lamp for 15+ mins after it was done while we waited for them to bring it out like they said they would. The staff had forgotten we had ordered and ALREADY paid.

mike Ruth

Tami Chisholm

Best bowling in Utah!!! GREAT food. We drive 45 minutes all the time to hang out, eat and bowl.

Jeremy Conley

Very nice bowling alley. We have our company outing there annually.

Julianna Sousa

It was a great time there although food did take a while to make

garet garet

Lanes NEED WORK but they keep putting the MONEY ON THE WRONG THINGS, but Ball's always black n nasty when they return!!!!!

Deborah Barr

Had fun

Luigifan4000 #Loveluigi

This place rocks

Denise Bernier

Had a great time with friends in this blast from the past bowling alley! There are lots of lanes so open play was still available away from tournament play. More than just bowling too.....pool tables, assorted skills games, keno.....and a wide selection of munchies! Even the shoes are cool (comfy too)!Highly recommended!

cory simmons

Sabrina Spencer

Very nice/ Nice and courteous staff/ Reasonably in price/My family and I had a wonderful time./ Will go back.

Travel Girl

Old school but a ton of fun for the family!!

Scott Robertson

Matthew Judd

Angie Blythe

Love the cheeseburgers and fries!

Lanette Clegg

I love this place!!! Food is to die for, love the staff they are so friendly!!

Scott D

Bowl in a league here. It's a nice place. Try the hillbilly cheeseburger. Best fried bologna sandwich I have ever had.

Cd Sunflower

I was a little weary of visiting this location because the bowling alley sits right next door to boarded housing development. But once inside it was pleasant environment. Staff was very friendly and though the building & decor is dated it appears to be kept clean & maintained. There is also small gaming area that has pretty cool games that offer enough of a variety for kids of all ages. Only compliant is pricing. Family of four will spend at least $28 to bowl one game. Will definitely return, just with coupons though.

Bruce Earle

Kenneth .ouellette

The best maintained bowling facility in the area.


Bobbi Moran

Marissa Richard

Kathleen Wreede


It was a nice family friendly place prices was reasonable my only complaint is the lanes kept sticking repeatedly and we had to wait awhile before they fixed it . It happened so often that my guest decided to leave and said they won't be coming back .

Ron Viskovicz

Always clean and well-kept. Ally's in good shape. Bar is nice and good shape also clean! Workers friendly!

Chitty chitty Bang bang

Fun adorable nice staff good times

Nala H

Holiday probably has the best lines that you'll find in Columbus. They are however expensive and probably not the best place to go if you have a large group because of the prices. But they do have the best lanes you'll find. When I say they have the best lanes I mean that they're not too oily or not too dry a lot of bowling alleys have one of these problems but not here.

Rod Owens

Great place to relax and have fun with friends.


Best small town bowling alley you can find. If you are looking for high class, new bowling balls, crazy hi-tech tv screens...then go somewhere else. But if you are wanting a great place to bowl at a great price with great greasy food then you found the right place. Great family atmosphere to go bowl at. We enjoying going bowling here at least twice a year. Great for making fun family memories.

Mama Kacie

Maureen Antkowiak


greg pierce

John Mason

Lanes were great, lots of fun whipping my friends.

Carlos Oliveira

Very old

Frank Mccool

Greg Singleton

Darryl gray

Michael Poole

It's a nice Ally, a weird set up with 12 lanes on 3 out the 4 sides but clean and kept up. I've bowled here on and off for 30 years, it's one of the better house's in Columbus.

Kevin Vasich

William Griggs

Great fun, love league

Joe Boleates

DeJon Beckum

The balls get stuck quite a bit but other than that it was really fun

Zachary Chervenak

Great atmosphere for some bowling.

Kimi Kiser

My son's 1st time bowling and we had a blast! Crazy fun!! We even got a print out of our scores. Saturday afternoon prices were exceptionally reasonable. Even thought the staff was busy, they were very polite & took a moment to greet us and to say goodbye. We'll def be back again. You can never be too busy to be polite.

Alyssa Potock


Bryan Griffin

Visiting with my family

Leonard Durham

Very nice place and Friendly

Karen Smith

Cause i love to bowl there and meet nice peoples.

Emily Black

Davina Chittenden

Family friendly, great prices, nice staff. Love the birthday parties.

Jeremiah Hardman

Great place to bowl and the food is the best. I have been going there for 30 years. The food fresh and prepared while you wait. It is a little older but everything works and takes me back to growing up bowling there and being able to take my kids and show them what we did for entertainment in Heber.

Misty Rain


michael hilliard

Fun fun fun!

Larry K. Bodine

Hadley Odenbach

Jordan Behunin

We went here for lunch. The food was good but we were the only people there and it took a very long time to get our good. When we got it, they got a few things wrong. They corrected it right away but for having no customers besides us it should have been a little faster and more correct.

The Fluffy Pig

Haleigh Frank

Jason Clarke

sydney metcalf

Great atmosphere, well priced bowling. Don’t order food unless you are prepared to wait for an hour or more.

Corey Matthew

Charlie Rheinhardt

Great place

dannie payne

Most friendly staff and great people to bowl with

Tawanda Saunders

Love it service was wonderful

Brian Richards

Clean and friendly environment. However, their business model is poor. Instead of paying per game, you pay per blocks of time. Your time will run out before you can finish a string, and are forced to buy more time before you finish. This may work for small groups, but won't for large parties. I probably won't go back until they change this. Which is to bad because the staff were friendly and the facility was nice.

Robert Atkinson

Kevin Henry

Place was great

Jakob Botelho

Wade Wilding

Bowling with grandkids was was good. Great Shake

Adesa C

Super fun original retro...Little price

Ron Williams

This is an original decor 1960's 12 lane bowling alley with early 1990's tech. Fun place to knock some pins over. Kid friendly with bumpers, small size shoes, lightweight balls, and ramps for the balls. League play too. The fairly good grill (4 out of 5 stars because good burgers) inside serves nice homemade burgers, fresh made shakes (Heber style eat with spoon), and typical greasy spoon options (including fried chicken on the bone). Beer is served and a few arcade games and a pinball machine round things out. The Dude would roll here.

Samm Robins

The food here is amazing, as a bowling alley they are in desperate need of an update.

Erik Bogard

Owner was very rude and games are quite expensive. Not returning here.

John-Charles Jones

Great place to take the family ...

James Hudson

Wings and beer was great, Cara the bar tender great also!!!

Matt Smith

Great staff, clean establishment, good prices. Fantastic bar and beer selection.

Cj Cabral

Fun and great people to help you


Great bowling alley with good prices. Vending machines, full bar, and small food stand.

Paul Chasse

Fran Ford

Carma Smith

They have the best burger in Heber City !!

Steve Cantrell

I enjoy myself every time I visit!

Cole Steed

Best burgers around!

Clem Amaral

A 24 lane house that is right on Route 6 in Westport. Owned by the people who run and maintain the place. They provide great customer service to both the league bowlers and open bowlers alike.

Heidi Westrop

Roy Stead

Kara and Lexi are incredible bartenders the staff is always on point. Love this place

jonathan hetzler

Meghan Ricci

Best bowling around

Nichelle Nicholas

Devon Cole


Lanes are decent same for food. Nice play for a family day.

Kenneth Conley

Glenn Maney

Nice people and a good well maintained facility that has hosted Special Oympics events for many years. Welcoming and helpful, this bowling alley is deserving of patronage and support.

Jimmy Banal

Debra Anderson

Great food


great place, good food, excellent service!

Doug Mattison

Clean presentable good service

Justin Holt

Shara Sagraves

Best burgers in town

Michael Block

Always a good time and the food is good :-)

Jeff Borg

Awesome throwback bowling joint! It's also super cheap!

Nacole Allen

We had a ball at the bowling alley

Paula Fox

Steven Eckstine

Went there as a kid brings back memories

Cindy Williamson

Love bowling here. Bowl on 3 different leagues every week.

Me me

It was a little empty but still a cheap and nice place to go. We had a good time. The bar attached to it was booming

Bryant Souza

Sarah Williams

Happy and having fun

Sebastian Gonzalez

nice staff. cool bar. are always sure to hook it up for your group when you bring in the business

Laurie ann Clark

Pamela Cass

Flexible when there was a problem with our lanes. Friendly entry staff. Reasonable prices. Excellent pizza.

Tonyajo Melton

Goncalves Fernando

Great place for family

Danita Mitchell

It was a good night i used to go there when i was a kid it was a good family night

Steve Coffman

Great place to bowl and have fun!

Mary Cass

Lanes well waxed, new rental shoes and balls. Clean and friendly a fun family experience. I only bowl a few times a year with my kids and find the bumpers very helpful.

Kevin Deshong

jerry Bouchard

Good place to bowl

Deandre Bush

I love to bowl and close to home

brittney nielson

Shiane Hogan

It's was great an there bacon cheeseburgers bro u NEED to get it Love it and they have a Hennessy Daiquiri that is really amazing

Zach Macleod

Monte Mont-ster

Great place to bowl Very reasonable and Joe & Deb are so friendly

Katherine Holmes

Nice place to sp end time with the family

The Oly Trinity

Meh. Foods ok.

DeeAnn Greene

Patrick Kelley

I have been there many times and the place is excellent great lanes and great people and the prices were good also.

Fatkyd Brabant

Love this place but the bartender is a little slow..

Andrew Farrar

The bowling lanes are fun, kids can have bumper rails and/or a shot guide. There's a little eatery/bar on service and a week arcade for the kid in everyone.

Sofia Abraham

Edward Souza

Brother Teresa

Seriously though. Why isn't there anything on here about TFIL? I mean really, it doesn't even seem like anybody cares. ALthough they did basically advertise the alley to like 100,000 people. actually they've gotten 2 mil. views

Victor Deyoe

syfur rahman

It was nice but all the lanes had some problems especially ours because it was restarting for no reason.

Caitlin Crum

Great bowling alley, cheap and always fun

Michael Ratliff

Jason Kowcheck


I love this place!

Robert Baxter

Myles Araujo

Casey Robinson


April Thompson

Liane Carter

We had an incredible time, can't wait to get back!!

Dream Big

Not enough seating for parents during leagues

Andrew Dougherty

Great place

Kristie Evans

Family bowling

Amber Fisher

Red Fox

Just took my 6yr old there for a few rounds and we loved it. Good price and the food was good too. Definitely making this a regular visit.

mike drayton

there are youtubers that snuckin named tfil

Jan Metzger

We needed a place to host a rehearsal dinner and we chose Holiday Lanes. We discussed the evening with Debbie and Joe (the owners). They accommodated us in every way. We rented out the lanes for our party. We brought in our caterer. Debbie decorated with balloons and lights, set up the tables with table cloths and chairs. We had an open bar and the bartenders were great. They put colored pins on each lane and we gave out lottery scratchers to those people getting strikes. We thought it was fantastic and more importantly our guests mingled with each other and had a ball. We can't say enough good things about this experience.


Old bowling alley and that's why is great cheap good food good bowling prices.

Pete Graham


Amazing atmosphere.

Barbara Furtado

Bill Mayer


Great atmosphere

Rob Pearce

Robert Dugdale

Lots of fun but kinda run down. Bumpers are ether up or down. They will not move for different player's.

Natalya Smith-Lindsey

I haven't been to this alley in quite awhile and I just called to ask a few questions about the prices and was given an attitude about it. After the getting the little information I had I was hung up on before getting a chance to say thankyou.

James Waymire

They've done some renovations to seating areas etc. Pinsetters and lane mechanicals could use some work. Would also be nice if they invested in restaurant/bar operations.

Edward Hunt

I bowl on a league here and it has its pros and cons. The place is original so it feels like your stepping back in time and get a full 1980s feeling. The food is great and it's just all around fun. However the actual machines behind the lanes could use a upgrade and we have had some issues with lanes not oiled enough. All around I love this place.

jason brown

Sad how far this place has fallen.

Robert Smith

I liked the upgrade,its really nice

Brian Rathbone

joseph craft

kinda boring but it was fun

Bill Zuck

Freddie Hart is an outstanding bowling ball technician. Great customer service

Iris Wilson

Matt pouliot

Mickey Johnson

Honestly was debating on giving a 4 but when it came down to the wire I figured the quality service and authentic feel of a classic bowling alley, overcame the lane quality.

Remaining Anonymous

Nice clean fun for all ages

Grace Jayne

delicious food, unfriendly teenage staff, complained about our lane not working 10-15 minutes before he came to help...he was on his phone and talking to his friends that came in

Kelvin Mariner

Cool retro style bowling alley.


This is where my bowling league bowls and I love the place!

Mike Silva

I grew up here! Great friendly atmosphere.

Sky Been Beefin

Adam Edwards

Favorite old time expirence bowling, love this place, love the food, love the shakes, and love just about everything about this old time feeling bowling alley, gives me a better chance to lean about what my parents did when they were my age

Chad Kociban

Emilee Wood

Eric Fox

Good food, great beer selection, and a cool atmosphere. And the outdoor deck is a great place to hang out to watch a game or listen to music.

April com

Eric Bernard

Cj Cabral

Fun and great people to help you

michele gianfrancesco-weekle

Kris Fulmer

Lisa Christopher

It's the same as it was 30 years ago and that's why I love it. Very clean and snack bar food is fabulous

young sav02

It is awesome from Aiden.s

Chelsea Nelson

The perfect neighborhood bowling alley! Nice staff. Yummy food and great vintage lanes!

David Hunter

Great place for fun

Jason White

Kollin Sweat

Grandma be lookin

Karen Weaver


Our favorite bowling alley. Tons to do here besides bowling. Nice spacious atmosphere.


I love holiday lanes

Dennis Browning

Great cafe. Good old time burgers and fries. Building in dire need of repair. Reasonable prices.

Cynts Son

Had alot of fun

Isaac Whitehorn

Love the chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks

Vasilios Efthimiades

Clean, great staff.

Francilia Padilla

Matthew Moeykens

Best burgers, hands down! You will not regret the Big Will burger!

Bunny Luv

Love it. I've been bowling there since 1997. The workers are very nice, funny and polite. Best Alley on the east side of Columbus...

Sandra Keyser

Kathy Gallant

Mike ElTokae

Mama B

Robert Cochrun

Can't beat the price for unlimited bowling for 2 hours, $10 gets the bowling and shoe rental fee

Shane Barker

Brennen Morin

Great bowl, great place

Alyssa Santos

Devin cunningham

They do their best with what they have. And their food is delicious!

Silas Arscott

Lots of fun

Avis Willis

Quick outting with friends celebrating a birthday, drinks seem a bit high.

Roger Blocher

We had fun. Had not been bowling for a while. No wait for open bowling on a busy league night!!

Hailey Jordan


Great bowling alley with good prices. Vending machines, full bar, and small food stand.

Colleen Almeida

Kelley Hemminger

Can't say I've bowled here, but love the food! You can't beat the local beef burger (for under $4!) or chicken wings. Don't forget to top it off with a milkshake.

Jared Davis

Bobby Rogers

The lanes are always clean and the staff is very nice and helpful.

Michelle Kountz

I have called several times and left messages about setting up a birthday party and have not received any answer, call back response using the option for birthday parties.. I finally just called and did the option to the front desk started to explain to the guy the situation and he hung up on me. My husband then called to try to set up the birthday party and the guy told him he was too busy to set up a birthday party.

Heather Nave

Many lanes in this bowling alley. Pro Shop was amazing. Front desk very helpful and friendly. Nicely lit. I'm passing the place by my house to go here!

Jessica Russell

Sam Viveiros

I love this place. It has been a got hot spot for my friends and I to go when ever we have free time.


Have to pay for music, really.

stuart johnsen

So glad I read the other reviews. Best burgers, homemade shakes , sweet potato fries. Great price. Great options & bottled beer. Everything was great. All I wanted was a legit burger n town & im glad Google helped me find this place. Thought I should help the next guy with this review. Cheers. Good jukebox tunes too. Enjoy.

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