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820 Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, MA 02122, United States

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REVIEWS OF Boston Bowl IN Massachusetts

Angel Rodriguez

Amazing staff

Edison Varela

You can have fun there and affordable price. Ask about Thursday special

Randi Lee

Nice neighborhood bowling. I've been coming to Boston Bowl since I was 12 yrs old. I've watched it's transformation and I am happy to bring my kids here for bowling or the arcade. Also big plus is it's open 24hrs.

Tamika Law

This is a great time for a group of adults but not so entertain for children especially for the price... The game room needs to be updated much. The foods good but on the expensive side. The pool hall is always active and so is the weight to get an open table. There's not many deals and staff doesn't promote any upon purchase of shoes. It's clean wheelchair accessible kid friendly and there's public bathrooms. It's open 24 hrs but I think kids aren't allowed after midnight. Yes they sell alcohol beverages hot tea and coffee.

TheSupreme Don

Didn't get to bowl, it was pretty busy. I will next time though.

Kavan Brown

Fantastic place to enjoy some good time with family n friends

Halmon Lui

Open 24/7 which makes it perfect for night life. I always come with my friends on the discounted times at night! Everybody has a great time especially since the employees are always laid back and helpful. I've met many nice people here and I'm hoping to meet more in the years to come.

Kathy Attardo

We have had many kids birthday parties here & EVERYTHING was great! The staff is WONDERFUL! The food was also great & the kids loved the Pizza!!

Khalida Smalls

Always fun! Just add friends. Whether you're good at bowling or terrible at it, you'll still enjoy yourself. Open 24 hours, you can't go wrong. I go every New Year's Day with fam and friends.

Sheroneik Huggins

Took my boys to the arcade only .... they always enjoy themselves here

nahom assefa

Yytto fred

Aminah Sloan

Fast. Fun. Cheap.

Lissette Santiago

Great place to take your family!

E.M. Connor Durflinger

It's 24 hour bowling.

Han Zhan

open 24, bowling and pool. nice casual place.

Cristine Joslyn

Very fun place

Jay Lynx

Good Bowling Area especially in Boston

Sri Harsha Bondalapati

Awesome bowling experience and best prices around.

vijay kumar

A little bit cleaner, bigger and don't make ppl buy socks to play bowling.... Buy socks and then take shoes just for bowling? Why should one buy the socks and take them home? That's a bit weird. Should I buy shirts and pants as well LMAO

Henry Eisemann

The wait for pool tables and bowling lanes is pretty usually very reasonable compared to other places. In fact I think I've only waited for a pool table once for about 15 min. They have a decent beer list and some top shelf booze, which is also a step up from other places. Food is meh. Good if you're drunk and fine paying for that decision the next day.

Derek French

Great place to bowl, play pool and arcades for the whole family whether early or late night.Food is ok but the entertainment is awesome!!!

Uzoamaka Ebin

Really nice. I wish there was just more space to eat. But other than that it was amazing


Always a good time but the cigarette smell is out of this world overwhelming. The machines also don't work sometimes in the arcade.

calvin wheeler

It was a freakin awesome place! Good food good drinks and good bowling!

Margaret Phillips

My kids have fun everytime we go.

Justin-Alexander Mayers-Tull

Great food and wonderful service, the employees were so nice and helpful

Richard Murillo

Best bowling alley in the Boston area and they give you socks with shoe rentals!


The Food is def worth the wait


I have been coming here for years and it's still the same. Great service as always and I had a wonderful time with my family!

Jonathan Quass

If you want to do candlepin bowling o recommend reserving a lane. Overall, great fun, great food, and great beer.

Shanica Allen

Really nice upgrade but the game kept staling and wasnt capturing the score appropriately. Otherwise easily fun spot. Also very convenient

Hannah Law

Super fun! Pool hall, bowling and arcade area make it great for the family. Staff were great and food was delicious.

Nancy Neal

Great food the arcade was good but alot of games were out of order. Poor customer service in arcade. Customer service i restaurant was excellent

Treena Hogan

Always open for a great time.

Frank Mogavero

Honestly kinda sucked. When the lanes work it's great, however the lanes always have technical not go to the lanes in the 21+ section because the whole section out right licks beans...staff is 50/50, some associates would drag their bags and nips through glass to see you smile and other act like someone urinated in their cheerios. It's like ehhhh

Jon Nasella

Very bright and fun. The food was great.

Margaret Gosmon

It's a great place, really nice & professional staff & a fun atmosphere. It deserves a 5 star!

Matthew Alexis

Fun place great for bowling anytime. Love their half price bowling specials

Victor Ramos

Great place to hang out with friends and family but there snack and food area let's just say they need to stay up on it to clean up no one likes a dirty table to eat on .

Stacy Blanc

My favorite place to go to bowl, play pool and arcades. Drink selection is also great.

theresa devoe

The private room was really cool, I Iove It and the food was also good. My Family & I really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Happy New Year!

Joycelin Barker

Fun place to with family

Lucas LI

I am so lucky that all my classmates get to go here for a field trip. I loved the bowling and the pizza. The VR in the arcade room looked so cool, but I didn't have enough money. Well I wish next year, my teacher would take my whole class to this place again.

Delaine Nini

Family fun for everyone. Love this place. And I love the upgrades

Rob Cherubino

Love this late night spot! Beer, pool and bowling for those interested. Bring a date or your all your friends for a spectacular time.

Greatfull Martinezz

So much fun bowling with my family... Loved the place just next time we'll go eat somewhere after, or before. See ya soon

Scott Durstewitz

IPA homebrew on tap. Lively local bowlers.

John Tobio

NOT 24/7- bowling and something 25/7 but food stops at 11pm. SOOOO, not 24/7 good.

Ayanna Hampton

One of the only places in Boston that stay open past 2am. In fact it's 24 hours.

Avery Rudder

It's an Ok place, not like how it use to be when I was younger but it's very amusing for adults and for kids. Late nights past 10 pm or 11pm it turns into a 21+ place

Gary Russell

Clean space. Friendly staff. Prices are good. One stop shop! Plenty of lanes and pool tables AND BATTING CAGES.

rosheena jones

Family fun. Everybody goes here

Maria Mcnamara

We had a father's day blast! So much fun!!

Manuel Guerrero

Nice bowling alley cool little bowling balls.

Smart One

Good place to bring the kids brought my daughters here threw them a birthday party and we had a blast!!!!

Legacy Black 86

Fun place

Ashley Winslow

It was cool. Been going for years now taking my kids BUT the games are cheap. Taking money and not allowing us to play. Happen 4 times. Granted they took care of it for us and the staff was great its still a inconvenience having to keep finding someone to fix it. But ill go again.

Regina Alston

Nice place to enjoy yourself with family

Ateena Smith

Boston Bowl is all fun. Great customer services too. Thumbs up. ☝ ☝

Kevin Kempton

What a place. They even have a brewery onsite. Side note, not my style of beer. It tasted on the malty side. Even their IPA. You get a free pair of socks. The pizza is really good. And everything else looked good too.

Betty F

Fun time

Ed Lafferty

Had a cheese and steak sub. Food was good. Staff was overworked and made lots mistakes with other orders

Earl Smith

I enjoyed

Scott Pearson

Cosmic bowling was fun but the price was steep. Decent food and cold beers. Plenty to do!

Stephanie Thomson

The Bowling has upgraded in so many ways. Very Chic, new chairs, carpeting, and atmosphere. As a local I appreciate the facelift to the Bowling alley, very inviting

Bailey Belony

Fun place for kids to be themselves in the arcade then parents could be either bowling or playing pool. Very fun can't wait to go back


One of my favorite places. Shout out to new owner, she is doing an excellent job in updating.

Nita Simpson

It's a great place for everyone, families with children, couples, friends (both young and old). I use to take my children here when they were young. Now they are young men. The place has changed but still pretty nice. Food is good, drink are good, and all of it is pretty affordable given the location. In fact, I went from having son 5th birthday there his choice....having his 23rd birthday there. Oh did I mention it is handicap accessible too? ...because it is.

Stephanie Domingue

the kids had such a great time and fun my husband and I couldn't find any better place for a good time with them

Che Robinson

3.5 stars it was a birthday party me and my family had a great time. We wanted the back bowling area but they said it was booked. It wasn't and the nice employee told us after we finished that the could have transferred is to the back lanes were it better suited for or party. And played our two games and food and drinks without being CHARGED the $900 the want for a party and the were very cold to us by just cutting the lanes off in the middle of the game because we had it till 5pm and they cut it off 10min. to 5pm

Richard Chung

Very clean, very busy, excellent staff, great foods and snacks...!!!

Alessandra Fernandez

Place has all that a bowling alley should! There are pool tables, music, food and drinks, AMD arcade, normal bowling choice and smaller ball choice. Great for any age!

Angelea Errington-Cyr

Great time visiting family, and got cool socks to bring home

Jessica Jones

It was an amazing time. Sharing in fun with my co- workers.

Shantae Decker

Love the they have free souvenir socks!

Dina Ghaly-Habib

Nice, I like the small bowling alleys

A Naomie Casimir Nicolas

I love that place

Joanne Gordon

Had a great time. Nice upgrade

Tara Jaruse

Best bowling place out their!

Mark Hazard

Horrible service and bad attitude from servers. Upon observation i saw the chief cleaning and grabbing food without changing his gloves which is not only against restaurant regulations but also contaminating with germs and cleaning products on food products served to the public. Also stood waiting and being ignored by the cashiers to order just to be told that the i had to go to the other line because they were closed. Upon ordering, cashier gave an attitude saying and I quote "Are you going to order or what?" Disrespectful and a disgrace to the business. Also lots of dirty looks from the staff as i was waiting for my order which is not needed and their was someone sick blowing their nose over the chicken wings sitting under the heater in the front display case.

Phylli Andrews

seems a bit out of place fo the city. nothing pretentious about this place. decent beer and enough space to sit down.

El Loco

Food is ok, the atmosphere is nice and it's open 24 hours. They don't serve alcohol late at 1 am they stop selling so that sucks but overall it's nice.

damon rose

There buffalo pizza is delicious. I go almost twice a month. My family and i enjoy this place so much. We have birthday parties there.


Good spot to play a few games. I come here 4-5 times a week. The lanes can be a bit dry sometimes but no real complaints. Food is good too.

thiago depaula

Awesome place

Gabriel Geronimo

Bostons best place for family fun

Jean Maisonneuve

Been around for years, great place to just chill and play a few game of pool or bowl

Lauren Kienbaum

Wanted to do something late night (10pm) stumbled upon this place. Looked interesting for an arcade, as we didnt want to go bowling. But, when we showed up at 10pm, a lady at the counter of the arcade rudely yelled out that the arcade was closing soon. All while sitting talking with what peered to be friends. We were confused as the website says "Always open". Well after we went back to the car, and looked. It shows that the arcade closes at 11pm. So why weren't we able to enjoy the arcade?! False advertising! Not impressed! And we were ready to spend money! Oh well, next place got our business!

Jp Laramee

Always a good time


It's been years since we've been to Boston Bowl, but it remains some of the best memories for my kids and me from when we lived in Boston. It seems to have grown even bigger and better. Highly recommend for a really fun time.

Kelly Kelley

Went with a school group and everyone had a blast!

Cassandra Socha

Lots to do besides bowling, on the pricey side if you're not signed up with the club and get coupons.

Adrian Bailey

Was fun, get to throw the ball knock down some pins, was my first time bowling and I did so well. The food there is great..

Leni Mercedes

I mostly went for the arcade and to play a game of table pool but it was so much fun.

Niquie G

Nice atmosphere, music plus a few drinks makes you want to dance and bowl all night. I had a great time. Drinks are a little & food are a little pricey.

Michelle Rollin Sutton

Great date night food ok drinks and bartender great


Nice place food just cost to much

Beth Budner

Lots of fun! Beth

Amari Da king

This place is fun.


They could use a few more balls

Charles Taylor Jr.

Awesome spot it's the club of all bowling alleys

ChaneL DaVinci

Had a birthday party for my 8yr old. It was very nice. And they had tons of fun...only 1 prices are ridiculous. Have more food deals for weekend evenings and I'd give 5 stars!!!

Stephanie Moreno

Love going here especially on Thursday they got the best deals

Mubarak Al Mehairbi

Very recommended place to visit

Sorina Aquinde Calero

This place was pretty fun actually. Came here to visit family in Boston and my cousin brought my husband and I to this place and we were playing the duck pins I believe that's what it was called and it was definitely different and I wouldn't mind going again the next time we visit!!!

Chris Santangelo

Poor service, mediocre food. I ordered a large chicken wings, received only 10 of the 12 wings in the order. They tasted so bland it wasn't worth it to me to complain. And so.e strange lighting in the dining room that gave my food a strange hue. Odd to see a mustard bottle look a deep salmon color. Close to my hotel, but I'd never go back

Wise B.

Parking is always an issue, but good service and a good time had by all

Vishal Preetam

Nice place to hangout with friends. Good selection of drinks and food.

Alexander Jason

Best Lanes for bowling in Boston. Fantastic socks as well.

Char coal

First time I was there and I definitely will be returning


Renovated place its no Kings but great low key spot with friends.

Samuel Davis

Wished they would value the Loyalty of their Bowling League more than they value money. Like the place, but Loyalty sucks.


Nice place..Drinks over priced..water down over priced aswell

Christian Torres

Im only rating based on the billiards. Which are full size tables, pay by the time. I recommend bringing your own stick.

Linda Barros

Great place to meet up with friends, co-workers and to have a birthday party. It's also a place frequented by great bowlers in case you'd like to sharpen your skills. They have hard to match bowling specials

carlos gomes

The kids love it


Bowling glitched a bit but was a fun experience. It's expensive.

Steve Gardella

Place is a lot of fun with an arcade, pool tables, bowling of all kinds, a batting cage, and a bar that serves food. Great place to hang out with friends and family or take a date. Super easy to get to, plenty of parking, and it's never over crowded. Would definitely suggest a visit!

Jim Donohue

Great family fun place. Staff was wonderful and the games were great fun for all ages.

James Wardrop

Good wings, lots of lanes and an arcade for the kids. Bowling and billiards are 24/7 as well. I had a good time and will come back. The balls for bowling are a bit used and beat up, but still work fine.

Alejandrina Carrasquillo

Bowling was awesome, haven't been there in a long time. Fun place to pass the time with friends and family.

TimeTravel NEWS

Very good truffle fries and pulled pork in a very good pool place also.

Vanessa Hollaway

A good bowling place with an arcade that has been updated which is nice. Unfortunately don't like the card system that they are using, it makes it hard to keep track of money and tickets. Also the prizes just seemed to be less accessible for a lower amount of tickets

Ms j

It a nice place to go and hang out with family, friends, or co-workers to play pool or bowl. People of all ages can enjoy bowling. They do host large events for birthdays too. There is a small restaurant with plenty of seating both indoor and more on a patio area. Boston Bowl is handicap accessible with free off street parking lot too.

tyler parris

Good clean fun. Price comparable to the area. Variety in the building for nonbowlers. Drink service was quick.

Jeffrey Gregory JR

Place is fun to bring family. There you can bowl or go to the arcade. The food there is okay not bad but I advice you to go and check it out.


Fun place for bowling n games. Nice little entertaining

Andrew Butler

Nice environment.. love the security ...

Larry St. Laurent

Nice place to have fun.

Andrew Stoller

Absolutley horrible service! I went there with a party of 12. 8 of us went bowling while the other 4 got food and played pool. While ording food we stood in a line that wasnt open only to stand there for 10 mins just to be told the line wasnt open and we had to stand in another line to order food. Upon ordering food i asked the person is they cross contaminate (I have a shellfish allergy) and the person responded with im not sure... Before they could even finsh there sentense i told them to go ask the chef im not going on if you think they do or don't. She came back with i should probley order a salad or something...i was insulted. I would sadly not recommend this place to anyone.

Andrew Perides

Open all the time which is a huge win, they’ve got both candle pin and 10 pin. They brew their own beer there too which is kind of cool but they do have their own particular style-more on the bitter ipa side. I’d definitely call beforehand especially on weekdays, it can get busy with the leagues


Awesome night !!! Food is terrific and bowling either Candlepin or normal is amazing. Loved the radar on your throws !! Easy to recommend !! Staff was awesome as well.

Denice Beriguete

#localspot #romantic #happyhour

Alicia Myers

Very disappointed in the service the last couple of weeks. The place and the service is going down hill.

Linda Henderson

Brought back old the place and great customer was great and the bowling atmosphere was sensational! Definitely will do it again!!

Kodak Queenie

Everything was awesome. Everyone was so patient and kind when you asked for help or needed anything. The service and food were beyond the good you can imagine. As for a first visitor good luck you'll have to be there yo experience it for yourself. But if i loved it you'll probably love it too.

Aidan Brock

Love this place great pool tables and great bowling. The rent-a-cop takes his job too seriously, kicked my friend and I out accusing us of harassing the front desk for free games? I paid cash up front and produced all reciepts for every game we played, even as we left the night manager at the desk asked why we were kicked out as we walked by. Great place just don’t stay too long the security guards obviously have nothing better to do and will mess with paying customers. Stay safe.

Milton coc

Great family atmosphere!!

Kencia Bernard

Was there for my niece's birthday party and our party hosts were amazing and so attentive.

T Budz

Many lanes, big arcade, pool, candle pin and regular bowling. There are lots of activities, food and alcohol and its 24 hours, what more can you ask for? Great place to go to hang out if you have money. The food is decent, staff is very friendly and the place is very bright and welcoming. And did I mention its 24 hours??

Marquise Young

Open all night whats better than that

Rene Pages

Great place for family fun

Frank Ware

awesome friend mad it worthwhile

Joseph Hazel

Decent lanes, but there are too few of them. Always crowded. Pricier per game than most bowling alleys.

Ibtisam Naji

Nice for playing polling with friends and family member. The restaurant fine but all is fast food.

Chris Phillips

Had a great time with my daughter. She loves this place. And I'm always happy to see they keep updating the place. Cant beat 24hr bowling and billiards

Lost Alien Princess

The food is really good. And they have renovated as well. There was a Pac Man Jr table, where you can play it will u wait for food or while you eat and also charge your phone or device. It was cool, never seen anything like it.

Christine Hall

I love coming to Boston Bowl, this is the only bowling alley that doesn't have a time restriction on kids as ling as they are accompanied by an adult . The service is excellent.

l o a d i n g

It was fun, the bowling balls were all different sizes and it has good music! Go there !


I had a wonderful time. I got to try candlepin bowling for the first time. The people there were very nice and and accommodating. Plus we even got a free pair of socks for the game. I had a lot of fun.

Robert Bacon

Air conditon was not good ,very warm


My kids love it . Bowling & arcade games . Perfect way to spend a few hours with the family !

Rick McMahon

One of my favorite spots has a young kid but now a little too expensive

John Stout

Fun all around.

Cherylle baynes

Little cousin had his 4th b day party here. Pretty cool. My kids had a blast.

Tsung-Lin Lee

best place to have activities around after dinner, if u dont kno what to do with friends, they got arcade, bowling and pool! they even got some food for u to order If u r hungry afterward at the place!

tracy grant

Awful! We ordered few plates to go & best believe the messed up on every thing! 12 pieces of wings that was paid for was missing also.

Terry Talbert

Fun fun fun. Great staff great lanes.

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