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REVIEWS OF Suitland Bowl IN Maryland

Erica Edwards

This spot is a little hideaway but everyone there was great and very helpful for our organization's fundraiser event. I will definitely recommend it for family and friends.

Marcell Durham

My husband and I were looking for something fun and inexpensive for our girls to do and we stumbled upon Suitland Bowl. To say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves is an understatement. Great food, great fun and great atmosphere. We also met the owners who were very nice and polite. The two guys who worked there were also very helpful and patient given how many times my broke some of the rules. Needless to say we will definitely visit again and bring a few more people with us.

Christian Jackson

MrEric B

OH MY GOODNESS...!!... The BEST MOST FUN TIME I'VE HAD IN A LONG TIME..!!.. (yeah , I know I typed in all caps) .. GREAT..!!.. CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK..

Linda Edwards

Maceo Jones

craig harrison

Jeff Ely

Cheap and fun

Tracy Funchion

So much fun, old bowling alley. Very clean, great staff, great family experience!

Marchay Mcduffie

Joshua Bradley

Great little duckpin bowling spot. Staff is friendly and helpful. Good selection of cheap food and beer. Don't be turned off by the location - this place is awesome.

Chris Costanzo

Awsome experience, Friendly owner, stayed open an extra 1 hour and 10 minutes past closing since we were having a good time

Gail Douglas

Lindsay Benoit

Classic duckpin lanes with good prices on bowling alley food and beverage.

David Whitsell

Decided to have my Son's B-Day party here and boy am I glad I did. The Staff that was working that day was absolutely fantastic. The kids had a great time. The alley recently has been reopened under new ownership and with the experience that we had Saturday we will be back and will be recommending this place to all of our family and friends. Thank You Suitland Bowl for bringing a professional, clean, well run, family atmosphere bowling alley back.

Kristy Howard

steven baird

location was Scary at first

Rene Williams

Melissa Nicole

Callie Mallow

Najmah Bass

Definitely not top on my list of places to bowl

B Bjsneidn

Danny Chumley

Been bowling here for years and years. Love this place!

Sarah Ross

Ronda Manns

BigWyll Dun

Quiet but fun. They have redone their lanes. Prices are cheap and kids love it. I call that a win win

David Oester

We are from the West coast and our son is a bowling fanatic. On our family vacation to Washington DC he was very excited to play Duckpin bowling. Suitland Bowl is a short drive from the downtown DC area so it was our first choice to visit. When we arrived it looked like the front door was locked but we quickly realized that the main entrance is from the rear parking lot. Inside it is spacious, well-lit and meticulously maintained. We bowled for an hour and had a blast and it was quite the experience to see and use equipment and machinery from an earlier age of bowling. Everyone who worked there was friendly and genuinely loved bowling. We had a great opportunity to see behind the lanes at the amazing machinery that runs the pin setter and ball return. We had a great time and have rearranged our vacation schedule just so we can go back before we go home.

Gio Como

What a surprise. This place is the true meaning of a hike in the wall. It is in the back of an auto repair shop. The outside is dark, rundown and intimidating. Once you walk in it is s bright, clean, fun, retro bowling with a 1950s to 60s atmosphere. It is a duckpin bowling alley, which is hard to find the these days. The lanes have been resurfaced. The bar returns look alike they are from the Jetsons (really cool). The snacks has the old fashioned chrome and vinyl stools. The kitchen is super, sparkling clean. The cleanest I've ever seen. The food is freshly prepared and is very good. You c can't go wrong coming here. You just need to get past the intimidating looking outside. It's a diamond in the rough.

Jay Celedonia

Bad area of town. Outside looks run down with little signage. Inside is very nice and clean. Lanes in fantastic condition. Pinsetters worked perfectly. Duckpin bowling. Very hot inside. Staff seemed a bit unfriendly. Snack bar with typical burgers,wings, fries and stuff. Worth a trip just to see the working 60 year old Shermans but suggest daytime trip due to the area and questionable people hanging around area.

Kaely Harrod

UPDATE: After my previous review (left below) I was contacted by one of the owners and our family was offered a free hour of bowling to help us have a better experience with them. Well, we went last Wednesday as a family and had an absolutely wonderful time! Joe was working and had us set up in no time with two lanes and all the things we needed to teach our kiddos how to bowl. We were there during a Seniors Bowling League and they were so pleasant to us. We plan to be back many times and bring friends along. This is a jewel in our community and I highly recommend visiting. I do recommend calling to be sure they are open as posted, but aside from that one caveat I very highly recommend them. old review: We tried to go today to take our kids bowling for the first time while my sister and brother in law were in town visiting.. We arrived at 4:15pm and, after having to to figure out where the entrance is because it's not well marked, it was locked. I had called and spoken to a man earlier in the day to confirm that it opened at 4 PM. We tried calling again at 4:20 to see if they were opening soon, but no one answered. My children were very upset as they had been super excited to bowl for the first time. I'm really disappointed.

Joe Morrison

Staff is awesome. Prices are reasonable. Place is very clean. Had an outstanding time with my wife and kids. Definitely going back numerous times. Food was delicious and reasonable priced.

Jess&Bert Hanson

Great old house! Wood lanes and pins. We had a great time.


Nice staff

Geoff E

The owner of Suitland Bowl also does great electrical and AC / Heat too. You might be lucky to snag him using Thumbtack, or just call him directly and make an appointment. He installed my Nest thermostat for me and did a great job.

LaJuan Way

Friendly, clean and lots of fun

Brian Rupert

Butch Pryor

Jeremy Terrell

William Talbert

5 bags of Popcorn for Duck-pin bowling!!!. This was the greatest bowling experience of my life. Marvin was the most friendly host I have ever met. This is the only place I have ever bowled and listened to Faith no More at the same time!!! Getcha some Natty Boh!!!

B Rob

Shoes old but great place to have fun clean n friendly

Kayleen Lazo

Lakeisha Smith

Kristin List

We drove half an hour to go duckpin bowling and it was well worth it! It looked a little sketchy when we drove up, but we were SO glad we went in anyway. Clean, not smokey at all, reasonable prices, good food and really friendly/helpful staff. We had a great time and will definitely go back!

Bridget henderson

Bianca Mccall

Tamika Steele

Great price for birthday party

Lauren Ely

Andrew Greenway

Lincoln Brown, Jr.

Remy Martin

Good for the kids.

Andrea Conway

Ryan Howley

Joe Dent Jr

Sarah Staton

Richard Stanfield

Zara Willis

I love this place! It’s always clean and fun for all ages. I have had my son’s birthday party here for two years in a row now and I will probably have it there again and again. You cannot beat the price for all the fun you have. And the food is great! The pizza crust is cardboard, but literally everything else is super tasty! I am so glad they reopened.

Trina Wynn

We went with family and kids....we had a great time

Rochelle Foster

Michael Parris

Andrea Casey

Fatima Johnson

I love Suitland Bowl. My family and I bowl there weekly in the summer. Very friendly and family-oriented place. It's Suitland's best kept secret!

gmerc 2000

Great house and awesome staff, New owners have done a great job cleaning up the place while keeping the old school look. Very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Definitely worth a trip.

Phyllis Gibert

Adorable duckpin bowling alley. A hidden gem.

Eric Miller

We took a neighborhood group of families here and were very pleased. This is a great place to take kids. The staff on site were helpful and the owner was great to communicate prior to our event to reserve lanes and give us a group discount. The owners were also there running the snack bar all evening. The alleys were clean and well maintained. They have good food and beer at very reasonable prices. Everyone had a blast.

Takia Cochran

Janice Pendergast

mixeo museo

Came here with wife and kids. Would have been their first time bowling. Definitely sketchy at the entrance. The sign pointed us to what looked like a post apocalyptic remnant of a parking lot. But we forged ahead only to find out that they decided to close on a friday nite at like 6pm because it was raining. However when we got there at like 7 it was no longer raining but unfortunately they had already closed. ADDITION TO ORIGINAL POST ABOVE: After my review I received a call from the owner and he clarified a few things for me to help me bring the rating up a little to a 2, from a 1: 1. He pointed out that I called him at 7:15PM and not 7:00PM. I guessed they closed at like 6PM above, but he informed me that they actually closed at 7:00PM on the particular nite that I came. Usually they are open until 10PM on Fridays but he explained that if there is very little foot traffic he will close the alley. 2. He mentioned that on his website it says that you should call before coming to the bowling alley to make sure they are open. That would have saved me a 40 minute trip in DC traffic, so keep that in mind if you don't want to be disappointed. 3. He told me that if I come back he would give me some kind of discount. 4. He informed me that he does not own the parking lot or the grounds outside of the bowling alley so he cannot control that it looks a little dingy. I will try again to come back, and may raise my rating depending on what is inside and how I am treated.

Jason Gresty

Great Fun

Richard Rowley

Best duck pin house around

maurice solomon

Original score keeper

Althea Black

Lots of fun

D Jacobs

Great family atmosphere. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. It is duckpin Bowling. Don't be afraid.

Tamara Reyes

Great little duckpin bowling alley. Kids and adults enjoy it.

Darryl! Moch

Graeme Annett

Had a fun time, quite busy when we were there. We got a lane for 4 people for an hour $34, not to bad on a Saturday. The place is old but that's ok. Hated that they dont have prices listed for anything, for that reason no one on my party chose to purchase anything to eat or drink. Having the prices for bowling would be nice as well.

Julian Gudger

My kids love it. Classic vibe. Great price!

Kia Perry

Dawn Mazyck

This bowling alley is great. It is very clean & the staff is friendly. They even give out coupons for kids to bowl free during the summer. Its always a pleasure being there.

Steve Rowley

Wayne Powell

Need improvements but overall nice place

Chester Williams

Great place for duck pin bowling!

Pilar Jarrin

Kiara Ray

Great food and service. The owners were so nice and accommodating.

Jumeye Nabinett

I signed my children up for Kids Bowl Free and they were able to bowl here at duck pin bowling. We had an awesome time. The Attendant was awesome and super nice. Definitely will be going back. This place is very old school and laid back. I love the nostalgia.

Ken Lammers

I enjoy duckpin bowling, but only get to do it while on vacation (I live 8 hours west of these lanes with nothing but tenpin). I hunt down any duckpin lanes I can find. For this one, I did have to hunt a bit. My navigation system ran me around in circles until I eventually saw the sign. Pros: A very nice place once you get inside. Well cared for. Least I've paid for any kind of bowling in a long time ($8 for an hour and that included shoes). Everyone was very nice and helpful. Even though it had a retro look, everything seemed well cared for. And it was duckpin bowling so it was lots of fun. Cons: A little hard to find, but that's not unusual for the first time you go anywhere. The parking lot was terrible and was half covered by giant puddles from recent rain. The entrance is around back of a shopping center through what looked to me to be a beaten up shack on the side of the building. I might not have found it except for the fact a league was getting ready to bowl and one of the gentleman heading to it showed me the way in; it could use some better signage (although, who knows, I could have missed something). Note that all the problems are outside the lanes - once you get in it is a great place.

Lord Matthew Stewart

Kevy Metal

Like stepping back in time. This place is a gem. Granted the exterior is a bit rough but... it's what inside that counts (it's not the peel, it's the 'nana). The interior is straight up classic! The folks working were great and the prices are reasonable... Me and my son had a [duckpin] ball! This place deserves your partonage, there are not to many of these left and they do it right!

King Gunna

Latysha Hatch

I visited this bowling alley for the first time with my husband 3 weeks ago. He was telling me about how his Grandfather took him to this bowling alley when he was a kid. I never been to a duckpin bowling alley before so this was a new experience for me. The bowling balls are smaller, more easier to control once you get used to them. The bowling balls are small enough for children to use. You can bring your children here and teach them how to bowl with a bowling ball they can lift (depending on their size and age). The atmosphere is very family friendly. I really enjoyed this place and I will come back again.

Andrew Brown

Great retro duck pin bowling place.

Tonya Holtzclaw

Took a group of kids there to have some fun on a dreary day and they had a ball. Staff were super friendly and very professional. Will definitely go again.

J Rock

Nice and clean

mocqueen S

Micky Payne

I really had a wonderful time. It was my grandsons birthday celebration. We were all treated like royalty. They really made sure we had a AWESOME SPECTACULAR Blessed time.

Christal Jones

i love that they have small balls and you have to write out your score. so kids are just having fun. its only $7 per person for each hour and shoes included. i love it


This place is great for kids.

Travia Stone

It fun

Bernard Smallwood Sr.

Great Custermer service and great food at a good price. Family fun for everyone!!!

m Hackney

Family night

dylan walker

Mike Martens

Great clean place. Very friendly staff. Very decent rates. Will definitely be back there.

January B

Chris FC

danny dixon jr

Nicole Davis

Jo Ann Stinson

Amanda Shuman

Amazing fun, good prices, and friendly people! Definitely fun for date night or for families. Love this place!!

Eric Button

Best owners ever. I am fortunate enough to have known these two individuals before they bought Suitland Bowl and I am more than please as to what they are doing for the Suitland community! The lanes, the food, the staff, everything about this place is just wonderful!

Karima Gahagan

First time here. Son had a great time. Will return


Good place to take kids under 10 for birthdays or family day out. Very outdated, throw back place, but still a great spot for duck pin bowl and fun times. Staff is helpful. Will return. Hope they can get the parking lot paved and update bathrooms. (Edited to 4 Stars 7.9.2018) Thanks for great customer service!

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