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REVIEWS OF Greenway Bowl IN Maryland

Nate Koch

Fun, clean, arcade, snack bar. The better part was the fun loving employees. They saw to all my families wants or needs and even had a few laughs with us, half way through my game suddenly the bumpers popped up. I think I was bowling about a 40 or 50 into the fifth or sixth frame. I would definitely love to go back and apparently I need to for some practice.

jake adams

Late night special which included unlimited plays until close was amazingly affordable and definitely worth the extra dollar for. Played many more rounds then initially thought, whole trip was fun and worth it. I am coming back soon for sure.


Good place to have some fun.

Herb Mclain

Went on a Friday night big mistake most expensive night 3 rounds of bowling for $60 never again

Kenelma Velez

good place to go not expensive .

Kathleen Jauschnegg

I have been to Greenway bowl several times, the last time, I had 55 students with me. The Pizza was good, the service was all I could ask. They had all of our pizza's ready on time and hot. In fact, I am taking another party to Greenway in a couple of weeks. All of my group, students and parents really enjoyed themselves and the price was right!

Camille Holman

It was a wonderful experience between Family01!!

Brent New land

I went there for my school and it was amazing. I had a great time

Sheronda Marsh

Nice place for families

Mandi Hariton

Best rock n bowl around

Perry Abrams

Great Time at the bowling alley!

Karen Kinsler

Lots of fun, clean and great food.

Max Zapata

Everything is a nice place

Colleen McPhail

Fun place to take the kids.

LOGAN walcutt

Leonard Smith

Nice place. Food and soda a little overpriced.

robin romer

LaTishia Matthews

It was okay. The customer service wasn't that great. It was a nice gesture Friday's all you can bowl from 9-1

Legally Latin

Nice and family friendly place! Will be returning!


There were a couple things wrong but mostly my birthday party here was one I'll never forget. I didn't get a goodie bag they were gone by time I came around. The popcorn machine has apparently been broken for a year so we hadn't gotten any for my party which kinda sucks but that's about all. The facility was clean. They even have like an aiming slope for little ones and lighter balls. It was amazing.

Marie Pannell

It's very nice and clean inside. The staff was friendly and the Sunday special is awesome! The only minor drawback is the concession stand only accepts cash. However, they do have an ATM right there so it's not big a deal. By the way the food is pretty good too.

Nick Cuellar

Exactly what you'd expect in a bowling alley. Generic food options, moderately clean, well maintained lanes and a staff that keeps things rolling. Cash bar with a very friendly bartender

Pedro Lopez

Decent house, good lanes okay snack bar & drinks

Zac V

Had a group outting planned showed up all lanes were closed for a private event make sure that you call ahead

Amy Stout

Great place to bowl but make sure that you check ahead so you know that the lanes are open for public use.


Great fun. Cash only food & bar and pitcher beer not sold during rock n bowl is the only downside. Rock n bowl awesome.

Richard Smith

Good place to take the kids on a rainy day


Clean, great staff, super affordable

Love Maker

I had a great time

Lias Neal

Very nice bowling house! Just wish they accept debit/credit card at snack bar.

Deborah Brenneman

They have a league for just about anyone . They have quite a few leagues you can join. Any age. They have good food. Pretty clean. Nice a amtoshere..

Katherine Storey

Awesome place to bowl . Very nice people to help with our school bowling team. Very clean.

Willard Robinson

Very nice place

Amie Norton

Great food and helpful employees!

Greg Castille

Can't carry the 10 pin

Verlyn Mason

My granddaughter's first time joining on a peewee team. She enjoyed it. The staff were just great.

Brigitte Smith

Food and soft drink's is a little pricey.

Robert Stevenson

First time bowling there but the lanes were great. Did a great job hosting the 2017 MD USBC Championship Tournament. Definitely will go back.

bowlerurban Lyons

Great bowling alley! Fun for leagues and family

Jennifer Perry

Great place for families to have fun together!

Mark Delmege

A very fun, nice, and good atmosphere to Bowl Inn!

N Clayton

Very clean great and festively staff. The lanes are are awesome and very consistent. Decent amount of parking and has league's fir adult and youth. According technology is up to date and easy to use. The food is amazing and the ganes are well priced. Even has decent game room fir kids to enjoy themselves outside of bowling. This is my new house.

Oscar DeNessuno

Nice and bright! Had a great time here and will definitely keep this as my family's bowling spot.

kingnowa Patrick

Front desk staff was very rude

Myriam Zambrana

Lowest deal for late night bowl on wknds. Clean, large space and friendly staff. The only gripe is that they don't allow you to start bowling until at least 4 people are present which was frustrating considering it was empty...otherwise thumbs up!

Keri Tate

Went here on a Friday night for Galaxy Bowl which is a great deal! $20 for all you can bowl from 10p-2a. Had a great time with friends. Food was okay and they serve liquor. Only complaint is the staff was not super friendly and seemed annoyed when you needed them for something.

Robert Dawson

Great time, great people, really loved our night. Thank you Greenway Bowl.

Florence B

Good time

Harry Creed

Nice atmosphere

Scott Smolen

Friendly staff that are always helpful. Great place for adults and children alike.

Johnny Collins

Alleys are bowed, still a good time, but very hard to bowl.

Matt koenig

Great prices good enviroment

Deborah Pleyo Brenneman

Friendly people. Reasonable prices, bowl on a league any day any time, arcade games, good food , bar with beer, wine and liquor.


Good just need to start accepting credit card.

Ray Ricks III

A fun place to bowl. There are a variety of specials for parties and groups. The lanes are okay with decent oil on them and the automatic scoring makes things easy.

MD Lawn Pro, LLC

Bowling party for my granddaughter and everyone had a great time

Patricia Noldy

New Years Eve party 7-9. Kids had a great time. Pizza, soda, favors and 2 games included in the price. Very reasonable. Clean restrooms.

Christel Lopez-Berryman

Our group made reservations for their 2-hours of bowling with shoe rental included. Their bar tender is also the short order cook, so the service is v e r y slow at the bar. They stack 6 to a lane with this purchase which means maybe 2 games per lane can be bowled.

Thomas Noble

Good bowling, pretty cheap on a weekday

Jay Cee

Lanes are decent enough, but not great. Not a very good selection on beer and food is barely edible. Fees for shoes and lanes are fine. It's okay if you don't want to drive to far.

Francisca Lampton

This place is horrible....customer service sucks.....they pick and choose who they want to acknowledge. Will never come here again!!

Melanie vonGohren

I’m scared to walk to the bar and get a drink.... also my balls keep getting taken. Poor staff review

Salif Eqine

The service was fast and the lanes were readily available. All in all a good atmosphere. It is a little odd getting into the parking lot though but otherwise I would recommend it as a choice bowling spot, it even has an arcade.

John Prah

Fun, but the lanes don't let you slide easily during a bowl

Jaclyn Standeven

Donna Stolzenbach

My grandsons loved it here

Jeff Sears

Had a great time with the family. Less than $4 a game if you're there before 6pm. It's very clean the front desk was friendly. Make sure you have cash for drinks and snacks though, credit cards are accepted for games and shoe rental but not at the snack bar.

Joseph Jones

The lane machine broke during a tournament and every lane was different after EACH GAME.

Kellie Watson

Went to the bar to buy a beer and the sign posted on the counter says “must show legal ID to be served at this bar” I used my passport and to my surprise that is not acceptable, only a drivers license, because you can make a fake passport but not a fake drivers license. Looks like they need to be educated in what a legal ID is.

Diana Tengsater

Great bowling, very pleasant employees and very clean and great snack bar. Great place to bowl and have lots of fun.

Mike Margotta

Awesome bowling alley and great customer service

Terrance K

Beautiful place inside. Pricey Sundays.


Nice, clean, comfortable friendly staff and patrons. Would definately visit again.

Sybil S

Fun but incredibly pricey and no music

Javon King

Very ni Nice n respectable

James Wattd

Great place to have fun

Lisa Upton

We love this bowling alley. The only complaint is that the concession stand is cash only but they do have an ATM so I could get cash.

Guilliano Janvier

Great environment

Steven Laczko

Games are half the length they should be.

Shonda Briscoe

My niece and I really enjoyed ourselves I do need to brush up on my bowling skills however we did meet a group of good people. The concession stand prices were steep I would recommend it and will return myself.


Nice place for kids as well. Been there for a Bday party.

Jennifer Blood


kathryn nordvedt

Like bowling here a bit more expensive then in years past but good clean fun for the whole family 2 - 102 :)

Philip Jones

Fun place.

Ashley B

Went on a Saturday night for the $20 cosmic bowl. Included shoe rental and unlimited games. Vibe was cool. Not overly packed. Good music.

Dorothy Mullinix

Nice friendly environment

Al Fister


Joshua Baker

Lanes aren't cleaned and oiled like they're supposed to be. Other than that i'd say its a decent 10-pin bowling experience.

Justin supple

Real fun place loved it!

Raymont Anderson

Great place with friendly and helpful staff/employees! My son and I enjoy our time there

Miranda Hoover

Very good food and environment. Family and I had a great time with good conversation tonight love the staff too I recommend

Jen Schooley

We had our son's birthday party there. Our "party hostess" was worthless. I had to do most of the work. I will not go back.....don't waste your time.

Brittany Bell

Always a fun time with the kids

Magda Rodriguez Gonzalez

Fun for playdates and birthday parties. The game room needs some updating and repairs though. Staff was helpful and friendly.

Alan Brady

Fun but those faces on the score machine, some were kinda creepy.

Matthew Szostek

Like the couch seating!

Alice Perdue

My granddaughter had a wonderful time bowling

Twjuana Reid

First time here and I really had a good time.

Wynne Stodghill

Had a company event, they were accommodating and friendly. The food was fresh and good on the buffet and stayed hot!

Landon Vranish

Very fun if you're into bowling, food service can be slow though

Ron Miller

I have been league bowling there for 17 years it is well kept and very friendly. They should have free WiFi available for their customers.

Faizah Sharp Smith

Had a nice time


Nice Lanes.

dawn harris

Very clean and nice staff but the food choices could be better

Linda Mehl

Very crowned no room for people to sit prices 're very hi they have WiFi but no one knows pass word this is not a place I would recommend for a fun visit

Robert Deaton

League bowler. Atmosphere is good. Sound system and scoring system could use upgrades. Credit card use at good service would be more convenient

Greg G

Weird steps down to the lanes

deano prince

I go every Friday

Richard Snyder

Good alley, but they take cash only for alcohol and food. That really is annoying for someone who likes to use credit cards.

John Mease

Very clean. Everyone is very friendly. Lane conditions are super consistent.

Barbara Kauffman

My son left his I phone and they held it for him.

Don Roe

Great place to bowl.

Lance Coleman

Great place to bowl

Rachel Machado


Tina Utz

I am league bowler, and the service and the atmosphere is family friendly

Tyler Rudowicz

Vicky Rawes

Clean, fun, leagues, small arcade. Best bowling alley around.

Bethany Schillinger

Great alley with lots of lanes and friendly staff. They also have a small restaurant with food options while you bowl

lam le

it wasn't bad.. the floors had a bit of friction

thegurl04 .

I went with my 4 yr old to the kids bowl free and family bowl free for 2 games. I only had to pay $9.46 for shoe rental. The only down fall is that if I go everyday, that $9.46 will add up very quickly so it may be better to invest in bowling shoes and I didn't like the sign they had on the door stating no outside food or drink including water,juice and coffee. I had my 18 month with me too and your not even allowed to bring in water which i thought was ridiculous. So unless you plan on staying there all day, I would make sure you eat and drink before you go bowling.

geraldine Del Rosario

Fun place to go with the kids. They offer discounts. Clean and friendly staffs.

Phoenix O'Neill-Zeballos

Loved green way bowl I had the time of my life definitely the best bowling place I've ever been to.

Daniel Bitzel

Love fun

Susanne Casterline

Didn't feel like the air was on at all. It was like an oven in there! Approaches were a bit tacky. It was just okay.

Jonathan Price

Decent bowling alley. Clean and nice lanes, and standard bowling prices. The food is pretty crappy though.

Ann-Marie Mangaroo

Visiting family and we decided to go bowling. Cozy. Customers service need alots of work. There was an older white lady in the cafe her ATTITUDE sucks.

Travis Walker

Decent prices and availability was good. Had a fun time

Robert Burk

Nice bowling alley, good food


The only reason I am here's a midpoint and my kids enjoy bowling with their cousins. The customer service is horrible. The older employees always have attitudes, the younger employees need more training. However given what they have to learn from you can't expect much. Smh.

Ben Wright

Decent bowling, reasonable prices, free water

david gregory

Great staff. Fun atmosphere!!

dave nelson nelson

Very dry and very dirty lanes

E Lundy

Great staff.

Rogies Randall

It was a very fun time. They just need to fix there change machine for the arcade games.

Tera Peyton

Your standard bowling alley. The staff is very nice and prices are reasonable. It would be better if the bar and food were not cash only and the ATM wasn't broken.

Sam Hultzman

Nice bowling alley. It's nothing special on the inside but you and the family can have fun for a decent price.

William Jones


Sigourney Frazier

Was only there an hour, but it was clean and had BEER!!

Theresa Mercer

5 stars. Your people are honest twice family members lost items and we got them back when we returned to GW. GLASSES AND PHONE. Two different times.

Donovan Ambersley Sr

Nice staff, but no card services i.e. cash only!

Tony LoCastro

Great lanes, staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Great for groups and parties.

Lena Mccall

Clean and lanes work good. Only downfall is they only take cash.

Lloyd Perkins

Very nice place to bowl...I will go back

Keith A. Mills

Nice alleyways

Kevin Naim Mccleary

It was okay. It was what I expected. They gave us some bad information on the phone. We drove all the way there at 3pm to be told they will have a league at 5pm and they will need the lanes. Strangely enough at 5om when we stopped, there were people coming in getting lanes all the way at the other end. When I asked them could we move down there, they said no. My wife and I felt some prejudice there.

KJ OntheRIZE Johnson

PM, safe & clean, friendly staff

Tavon Thomas

Great place to bowl, but wish they took credit cards at bar restaurant

Jaron Smith

Bowling is 5 star. Pricing on food and beverage is 3 star.

Danny Hamblin

Awesome alley, friendly staff!

Nancy Holland

Nice, clean bowling alley. Customer Service was excellent!

Nosferatu Dracula

A bit pricey for a mediocre experience Lane bumpers didn't work, had to keep asking for repair. Food options aren't the greatest. Paid nearly 20 dollars just for show rental. Don't expect a worth while time, but it was fun for the kids.

Terri Chasson

They need new air conditioning, for 2 years they raised the lineage for league bowling to fix it and they never did. Some excellent staff, but owners are awful, never available to hear any complaints, make their employees deal with all the irate bowlers about the air. Also do not accept any credit cards at bar or snack bar and also short staffed in that area. Very sad for their staff, they do pretty good considering all the disgruntled bowlers.

S1 BirdMan

First time visiting an the lanes we're great.

Anthony Vranish

Rock and bowl

J. Rasheed

Great establishment


Cash only bar knocks a star off, need ease of access to beer.

Mike Anderson

Cheap place to hangout. The bowling screen for each lane isn't very user friendly.

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