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REVIEWS OF Bowl America Glen Burnie IN Maryland

Temple Parker

We had an awesome time with our youth group today. The food and service was excellent and the children wants to go back.

Jeff L

I enjoy this alley a lot. Classic feel with pitchers of cold beer and fried food. The computers are a bit dated and some buttons don't work but doesn't really take away from the fun.

David Rolf

A great place to bowl. Staff is very friendly, and the tables are kept clean. There is a no outside food policy too just so you know. Their website has a list of specials too. The $2.22 Sunday after 12pm special is my favorite.

luis coloma

Jvette Edwards

Alonzso Burkett

Eric Anderson

Monica Bland

Love it here. Fun bowling alley with lots of options available for adults and children to bowl.

Anthony Booth

Come here often, best prices around. Food is alright. Only complaint is my group of 4 or 5 always seems to get smushed between two lanes and have to share a rack with another group of 4, everyone in the far back corner, with 3/4 of the facility nearly empty.

Thamara Jaramillo

Food takes time but decent place to bowl not terribly busy on a Saturday

Lar Payne

This place is terrible. Ancient equipment; CRT monitors?!?! The worn down look of the place is only surpassed by the service from the “I can’t be bothered” staff. The older blond woman needs to get a job she enjoys. It took 15 min to get an error on our lane resolved(an out of place pin stuck in the sweep). I could have done it myself in 3 min.

Steve Berkley

The spot is very outdated

Tricia Timmons

Customer service was very poor, especially from the food counter. It was like we were an inconvenience to them. The food prices were astronomical. They don't have an advertised group rate, you have to call ahead and ask - they don't offer it to you. A little shady, if you ask me. Just be up front with your prices. It was fairly clean, though I didn't attempt the bathrooms. The boards are the same old school boards from years ago - no updates (maybe new carpet and paint), but overall, this looks about the same as it did over a decade ago. I don't expect too much from a bowling alley, but some improvements are needed.

Jailyn Green

Steve Preston

Bathrooms overflowed, 40 min to get a simple breakfast sandwich, scoring system consistently marked wrong scores. And this is a tournament today.

Mandi Hariton

Very pleasant environment. The employees are so helpful. A family feel kind of place.

Jeffrey Savage

This place is horrible. When you walk in it feels like you step into the 70's. The whole building needs to be renovated,from the floor to the ceiling. The carpeting is old and smells of mold, the roof leaks very badly, the lane monitors look like old school television sets. If I could give this place negative stars it would be -5 Really horrible!!!

Helene Smoot-Spencer

Management is awesome, staff are friendly, the facility needs major renovation.

Kelvin Rosado


Antoine Clark

A fun place to go and have a good time

Bailey TheGamer

Very noice

Robert Liebno

Well, it's seriously dead on Saturday.

Nura avazova

Tamia Harrison


Matt Palasik

We attended a youth tournament here. The staff was friendly and helpful. The lanes broke down several times and the scoring machines were constantly needing corrected. We have attended dozens of youth tournaments at just as many bowling centers and this was the worst experience we have ever had. The scoring machines are ancient and desperately need replaced. They would score a ball thrown when no ball was thrown, mark the wrong score down, etc. The scoring machines are difficult to operate i comparison to newer machines, so scoring corrections take forever. The approaches randomly stick. Three people may have no issue and the 4th person will stick on every other ball thrown, then on the other lane the people can who had no issue on the previous lane will stick and the person sticking on the other lane has no issues. Apparently this is a common issue at these lanes so much so that the tournament was ready to sell the bowlers shoe slides at $15 each. I hope to never go back there again


I have a good time . Just wish they have better customer service, I am new at BOWLING, so i dont know the rules very well in term of how many frames make a games, so the guy didnt explain anything before the game and wasn't friendly either.

De S

sarvendra aeturu

Not good for bigger groups and ball are not as expected

Charles Armentrout

Stephanie Leake

Friendly plaxe to bowl.

Earl Hadaway

Paul Gill

brandon saumenig

Bumpers for little ones only at the far end and no duckpin for them either.

Xavier Stephan

Tim Walnutz

It's older but the prices are good and one of the only places with real 10 pin bowling in Baltimore.

Wayne Abrams

Great place too Bowl but it took them forever too come get the pin out from the gutter because they were at the front desk having a good ole laugh we waited about 20 minutes

tonya miller-parker

Bowling there is always family friendly.

Shobon Studios

This is my favorite bowling alley i i grew up here watching my dad bowl. I personally like the old school look cause it looks the same when i was a kid. I dont like the new systems with all the dumb cartoons popping up on screen every roll i just wanna see the scores i so i dont want this place to change.

mitchell plummer

It's good but old


Last month, I came here for the special Olympics regional tournament. The players, coaches, staff, etc. were friendly and helpful to get the games going. Unfortunately, I did not perform successfully to make it to the state tournament, as my right arm (yes I am right-handed) was severely worn as everybody got closer the end of the tournament. However, I got the hang of it, kept performing, and made it with at least a bronze medal (gold medal winners were applicable for the state tournament along with silver if there was enough room) as I went through a faze of my bowling performances. "What a game," is all I can say.

Dale Knight

Howard Orton

The prices are horrible for 3 people to play only 3 games it is over $50

Ricky Johnson

Great place

Jasam Stewart

Chris Newton

Simple bowling alley. Great lanes, but the staff isn't the most engaging.

Raymond Peiffer

Great food an staff the only thing that kills it is the midnight closing u serve alcohol an good food stay open so adults can consume alcohol an bowl.

Brandon Gray

You can't beat their 6.95 all you can bowl from 9 till closing. Lanes are good, front desk service is terrible but food customer service is friendly though downside is their food prices are really high.

Wen Han

Floor needs buffed.Machine kept eating my new ball & my friend's alley ball. Left marks on it. They did polish my ball for free. Very nice! Staff good.

Jake Lecroy

Sunday prices are real cheap and the food is really good. Equipment is a bit outdated and the bathrooms weren't 100 but still had a great time. Oh, 1 other small issue only balls with large finger holes are the heavy balls. Had to bowl with a 15 cuz my fingers stuck in anything lighter.

yanira velez

I had a very racist experience. Me (black), my white boyfriend and all of his black coworkers went bowling here. We got to the desk and a big white woman said “y’all are gonna have to leave by 8 because the church league is coming.” We asked for 2 games, which we could play in 45 mins and her and a bald white man said “no, how about 1.” We agreed for no confrontation, and went to our lane. Later a white Family came in and we couldn’t help but notice that they’d allowed them to scoot down and play 4 games (this was not the league.) after awhile the lady began waving us down telling us to get out. We went up to the counter to ask why we had to leave, and why the family before us was allowed to move to the end. After a few exchanges of words they agreed to make the family leave by 8 as well. The bowling alley is fun, I believe it may need a new staff.

Kyden 2010

The staff is Very friendly and helpful. Prices are good esp if your a league bowler. Snack bar is a bit pricey but overall a good place to bowl.

Mandy S

Nice lanes, friendly staff

X x

Great place to bowl. We go to their Friday night Rock and Bowl, reasonably priced, friendly staff, nice clientele too.

Tanya Bullock

It's still old fashioned and nice. I liked it. The staff was friendly.

George H Latson

Tarsha Bradby


Jenessa McCormick

Just had a staff party here. It was a blast, lots of balls to choose from, decent food, and friendly staff!

mary sterrett

I like Sundays they have thrifty bowl night it's very cheap

teri t

Everytime I come here there is a problem with the game. If you go once and knock down some pins, it will clear all the pins and mess up the score. Sometimes it displays the wrong score. I don't think I will be going back

Tim Parks

Great neighborhood atmosphere, will definitely come back

Angela Neal

Food is good and the service was great. My family and I had a nice time.

Benjamin Correa

Antonio Ledbetter


Carolyn Lucas


Michelle Taylor

Kiani Brooks

Roger Johnson

Louis Lazzaro

It sucks!

Russell Willis

Good family fun.

Furious shark r

Lynn Resendiz

I like it the staff is nice

Megan Carter

The whole place needs an update. The majority of the staff is very friendly but one blonde woman behind the counter was very rude. She kept talking down to people trying to get their shoes because she was flustered over the crowd. Then she kept talking negatively about the party leader. She was highly unprofessional and I honestly don't want to return because of it.

Brooke Binder IV

Lynn Wright - Laster

Never updated the score board kept messing up

Eliza Cass

It's alright.

don Puckett

With all these negative reviews, is it any wonder why there are never more than a few cars in the parking lot

Janine Sullivan

People very friendly and food was pretty good!

Ivonna Hall-Covert

Had a great time with family and friends celebrating my sister's 55th Birthday.

Lorraine Farrell

Had a work function here with food and drink. Everything was great, nice environment and atmosphere in the place, food was great also

Victor Mattison

I love to bowling when health allows

Thomas Walker

Very nice and good pe5

Desiree Wright

Very cheap prices, but very outdated. Looks like it hasn't been refurbished in a very very long gone time.

Dr Maceido

Jeanette Parker

It was the most expensive places to bowl that I've ever been to. They charged us per person for each game. Three games cost $75. that's outrages. I will never go back there and urge everyone to go elsewhere.

Warren Wright

Pleasant friendly staff

Joseph Dean

Alyona Knyazeva

Kurt partlow

Angelo Petro

Love it

Rachel Lynn

My 15 year old son and his friends go here on Friday night's. Its a great, safe place for teens to hang out with their friends ans have fun without the temptation of trouble. They've made it affordable at $7.00 to bowl from 9pm to 12am when they close. They also have an excellent snack bar that I would consider more of a carryout than snack bar, and the food is always good. The staff are always nice to the kids and treat them with respect. I feel confident that my son is safe when I drop him off here with his friends.

Simi The Writer

I like it. The funnel cake is divine.

Avon Taylor

Haden Wirick

Viviane Moritz

Great prices and nice atmosphere

scott loving

Started going to a bowling league here last Saturday. The staff seems friendly and the service seems good. Place seems relatively clean but it's definitely worn down. Could use a little renovation work to Spruce it up but otherwise a good bowling alley

FallenSword24 Gaming

Joon Lim

Willam Mcneill

Maria Munoz

Ashley Dial

Old lanes could use an update

Todd Grossman

Sunday prices are amazing!!!

Stacee Howard

Robert Coeyman

Fun times in a friendly atmosphere


They need to update the whole bowling alley.

ismael morales

William Krug

David Geiger

It costs so much money like $30 that's crazy

Renay Cole

Love the bowling and music

Kenneth. Sykes

Nice place to go bowling

LaTonya Mouran

The best bowling alley in glen burnie. Always friendly staff.

Paul Smith

Thanka Abraham

Tracy Lapier

Great placce

John Milleker Jr.

The best kept lanes & equipment in the area. Friendly staff and good prices/specials.

Shannon Williams

Tina Utz

Deedee Summer

tod davidson

Vivek Trambadia

Horrible experience. We were guest at a relative and wanted to have a good time. We were given a bad attitude by the person behind the register. It wasn't busy yet we were being rudely forced to hurry up. Even gave us hard time getting drinks. Our night was ruined. No courtesy at all. Would recommend a different place closeby.

Danielle Knotts

Great prices and friendly staff

boo sigley

Not worth the money u spend prices on everything is outrageous the building is falling apart. the equipment is broke and has a good chance of ruining your ball.... Its in need of a remodel and some money spent on the place to revamp everything

Trade Mark

Me and my co-workers go here almost every Wednesday. They have cheap price per game before 18:00 so we just go there around 16:30. Got my ball and bowling bag in here as well when one merchant came in with used balls and bags. I couldnt believe I would get both for $20! Lanes are decent, AC is ok, there are different leagues, somewhat gets busy after work hours. If you want to save bowling, eat before you go because food ain't cheap in here. Cider pitcher for $18...

Sienna Williams

Nice place, the kids and I had a great time.

Hayden Taylor


We had difficulties with the system

John Rausch

George Ronkette

Casper Norriss

Robert Burk

Youth tournament, nice center, friendly people.

Edmund Shaffer

Inexpensive fun for the family

Douglas Wolfe

Employees were very friendly to me. Equipment seems outdated compared to other bowling centers. Same with the look and atmosphere. Takes you back to the late 70's or early 80's

Delmia Johnson

Always have a great time. Staff is great.

Trenise Taylor

Security very friendly! But front desk staff were rude! And equipment needs updating definitely computers kept freezing never knew who turn it was what score you had very annoying!!!! But it's a chill place!

Jodi S

Fun every Wednesday night with the League

Taylor Keene

Had a horrible experience. My family does their bowling league here. Which will no longer be happening with the service I had tonight. I asked for bumpers and the lady gave me a dirty look and said "do you have a disability" I said no but I'm really bad at bowling she then said No. so I calmly finished things at the register. One of the employees saw how I was bowling and decided I could really use the bumpers so he turned them on for me. We get through two games and are half way through our third game and a employee comes up in the middle of a turn and kicks down our bumpers! She said you can not have them. After that I said okay I'm over it. Then they all sit behind the snack bar talking about me and my friends. I finish bowling I calmly go up to the register and ask for a district phone number. She then says " well I don't have one" this service was the absolute worse. My family and I recommend you not go to the America Bowl in Glen Burnie Maryland.

Tyler Chnupa

Nice place to bowl, helpful staff

ben wengert

Big balls here

Patricia Steward

I enjoy coming nice people that work there.

Linny Reeder

Karl Stokes

Very racist environment, very rude from the moment 5 young blacks walked in, was a discrepancy with the payment woman at counter said she didn't want OUR money but called police and said we didn't pay, police arrived and to her dismay all BLACK parties stayed and waited and did Not go to jail like she planned

Rafael Antonio Cabrero

Paras Patel


Nicole Webb

A lot of fun


Rocket Bowl Friday night 2100-midnight is a alot of fun.

Kevin Naim Mccleary

Friendly people and lots of fun. Reasonable prices. The staff is really great. Started bowling there about 3 or 4 months ago and now we go every Monday and Tuesday and joined a league on Sunday. Great Place!!! However today the lanes were super dry and we couldn't bowl. They only oil lanes on league days. Not Cool. However the Manger took care of us for the inconvenience... Still my home house!

Tiarra Best

Patrick Landon

Tonya Crowder

Christiana Shaffer

Bowling is good and a lot of good customer service

Laron Matthews

Great place to bowl and prices can be reasonable on certain days

Mikell Foster

Kevin McCleary

Our favorite place. It's where my wife and I started bowling seriously. Will always be home.

Daniel Ray

Fairly dated bowling alley but their Sunday special ($2 games after 12:00pm I think) makes it worth it. Staff was pretty friendly as well.

chris b

good retro Vibe. I like it and the lanes are great.

Steve Stone

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