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REVIEWS OF Bowl America Gaithersburg IN Maryland

Priyesh Patel

Big location but totally old and old school Food and drinks not that great Cheap pricing, $2.50 per game per person after 6pm on Sundays. Value for money for sure

Sunkist Mehta

We had a team lunch and the entire cost per person was pretty cheap ($26 for two hours with pizza, wings and soft drinks). But the screens and lanes are very outdated. It's a good place to go at a busy time since they have over 30 lanes, so less waiting.

Nicolas Fiore

Great local place to bowl. Has a snack bar with great food and a good selection of alcoholic drinks

OhNo NotAgain

The center is great and have enjoyed the leagues ive bowled in. The snack bar needs a major staff overhaul. Debbie is absolutely wonderful and helpful and that is where the snack bar staff on thursday nights ends. Kay, Christina, and the other lady that work the snack bar are horrible. I wanted to pay for my order that i did with debbie not knowing i could only pay her. Kay had a nasty attitude and said your order isnt with me and mumbled something and wouldnt repeat what she said, threw her hands up and walked off. I asked to pay again and yet again was given a snotty remark. I would never have employee's such as Kay, Christina or the other lady whos name i will get this coming thursday ever work in my establishment where they interact with customers. If a regional rep could contact me, i would be more than willing to speak with you.

Randolph W. Roberts

'Twas awesome. Gdaughter got a strike, was beating Gramps for half the game.

Dave Smith

Let's go bowlin hun. In a great place with none of the flashy lights and blaring music or video screens. Remember when going bowling to bowl was enough? this place does. If you want an arcade and plenty of distractions then try one of those other places. But if you want to bowl THIS is where you want to go

Vonetta Mars

The atmosphere wasn't bad at all. A lot of kids but I suppose it was the time that we were there. The price isn't bad either

George Silvas

Great place to enjoy bowling. Was part of the Knights of Columbus Color Corp to present opening colors. National Anthem, Pleadge of Allegiance for the Special Olympics.

Tony Tyler

Kids bowl free after a certain time after a certain time the arcades R fun and the food was great

John Albines

Bowl America is fun for the whole family.

Tim Stewart

This is the best bowling center in the DC area. No gimmicks, just well maintained lanes. If you care more about properly oiled lanes than new furniture and laser light shows, this is the only place to come in Maryland in the DC sunburbs. Need a ball drilled? The pro shop staff are excellent and nice too. While the standard food is just okay, they actually have a great chef for catered events. I can't comment on the food staff, but the bowling staff is friendly and helpful.

Kingsley Asare

Great place all u can bowl $15 On Thursdays

Linda Balon Stein

Soooo much fun! Great classic bowling alley. Shoe rental, small cafe with sodas and food. Elevated seating area separate from lanes. Coat hangers at lane stations. Lots of bowling balls. Rails and ramps available for little kids. We've been for parties, bring your own cake. Very casual atmosphere. Certain days/times discounted. League play as well.

Stephanie May

I go there all the time I love it there. That is like my hang out place with my dad

Cyrus Ghaznavi

Great place to have fun. One of my favorite places!

Joan Gravette

Fun. Food okay. Hard to find balls at the right weight with the right size finger holes.

Claudia Dubon

Spend quality time with daughter and boys


Bowl America has been the steady rock in my bowling alley wandering. I wander from alley to alley but my search for a well maintained bowling alley that is also fun always leads back to here. They may not have fancy screens and animated themes but their lanes are well kept and much more satisfying to bowl on. The food is meh but their focus really is on the bowling. If you want to party at a bowling alley there are many places you can go that keep the lights down and the drinks flowing. But if you want to bowl and have a good time, go here.

Ch Bilal

Was there last year with friends and we all had a great time here. 300 on shady grove is updated and looks better, but it's also very busy and I don't like that. If you just want to bowl and not to big on looks then this is a great choice. Staff was very friendly!

Denise Shifflett

Great customer service. Awesome place for family and friends.

Stephanie Dalton

Only place to bowl!

Ryan Landry

Me and my step daughter went out here and had a good time playing arcades and bowling and got some good food

Curtis Petitt

Kind of an outdated bowling ally

Amar Mehta

Not much has really changed here. Still the same place I remember as a kid. Great place to spend time with friends and family


Standard bowling lanes ... Good rates on Sunday. $2.25 a game and I believe it was $5 for shoes. Good crowd. Food is a little pricey but it was good bar food. Oil was clean and the fried food was decent enough for consumption.

Tim Edwards

It was fun and they have adequate facilities but they are somewhat outdated.

Erica Talley

Had fun bowling. Grandson loved it.

S. Kalugin

They never made me wait to bowl. Great snack bar , very strict casher :)

Petrina Wolff

Had a great time its a friendly, clean place.

Karim Baz

At first, the bowling is fun and you are really enjoying the family and friends you came with. Then you realize why - there's no music playing.

Chris Shuler

I haven't bowled here, but I have been for functions that have the breakfast catered. The food is fresh, quick, and the chef is very flexible with requests. The menu has the primary pieces covered, and the combinations are endless! I would recommend!

Milind Joshi

They are doing business malpractice by advertising free bowing summer blast. You have to pay $4.50 for shoe rental. They said mom&dad each can have one free game but then asking each parent to register separately. Next game starts automatically and then they charge you for that.

Joseph Hedgman

Good for open play/ food service excellent.

Keisha Whylie

Great time of fun and fellowship with family and friends.

Matt McGee-Crane

Great place to bowl. The staff are very friendly.

Edward Lamberton

A good place to bring the family on a rainy day.

miracle league montgomery county

Bowl America is a great family business our kids love being kids here, Go bowling with the family and friends.

edison tungpalan

Fun place to spend with the family

Edward Wolfe

Great place with great people!

Andrae Smith

I found the facility to be old and outdated. Unfortunately one of the staff members (Max) was extremely rude as well when closing out the bill. I was surprised that a bowling alley that outdated would perform so poorly with customer service.

Melynda ballou Austin

Always very helpful when we go we have a big group and I feel they accommodate us very well.. they dont ever seemed stressed out or annoyed when we go

Gunita Greenwood

Totally old school bowling but still awesome. Reasonably priced than other bowling joints. Staff are super friendly.

Dipesh Khadye

Good place to spend time with your dear ones. Ek game ho jaye...

Robin Hollyfield

Clean bathrooms friendly staff fun atmosphere.

Orlando Mendoza

The way togo

Romka Ryabinkin

Haven't been to BA in a while and pleasantly surprised that it is kept at the great level. I will become regular again

Xander ramirez

The best pleace to chilling with the friends

Paul Rivers

Great place for

True Profit

One of the few bowling lanes left in the suburbs that a dedicated bowler can use. Most other lanes have converted to the trend of flashing lights and dark interiors that promotes a party type of atmosphere. I am impressed with the helpful attitude of the staff. In particular, Mike and Ryan are always a helpful presents and the rest of the staff is equally dedicated. There is a pro-shop in the back half of the building that is not quickly discovered unless you know that it is there. The pro-shop is only open on the weekends and it is staffed by two knowledgeable owners who also offer coaching lessons along with the other bowling services (they do not sell new bowling balls but they do perform drilling). You have to be willing to accept that the retro look and older equipment of these lanes are a fair tradeoff for the favorable pricing and genuine bowling experience. An improvement in those areas would make this a five star review

Manthan Mirani

Sundays are best and cheap prices

Chris Nicholson

Place is pretty dated compared to Strike or Shady Grove 300. I used to go here after work in 95. It really hasn't changed since. No big screens above the lane as you bowl. No hip staffers bringing you drinks. The lights are actually on too. Prices were not that bad. Snack counter seems busy. Floor was a little too slick. My 3 year old had a great afternoon. Do call ahead as they have a lot of league blocked off lanes.

Christopher Li

Great bowling alley, visit here regularly. My experience with the food was not satisfactory.

Arthur Mantzouris

I was here with some good friends and the service was really ggood and the prices are good too, on Sundays...

Amy Pla

Alleys are well maintained. Good service always.

Malik Faisal Moonzajer

It is a great place in the neighborhood. The prices are relatively low and usually not crowded. It has a good view but still it seems that it is under construction or renovation. They have free parking and it is always available.

Allan Freedman

A dated alley but great staff. Overall a fun place to bowl!


Nice place for bowling and quick bites.

Ian S

Little costly on the weekends, little outdated, but all in all we still had a great time

Chris Eccleston

A little out-of-date compared to other bowling alleys around but seems much better priced.

Wulwyn Porte

Loved it. Good music and lights.

Evan Kaufman

Good pricing, but ancient equipment. Lanes are in need of repair, score machines are from the mid 90s and have no fun graphics. Cosmic bowling has poor sound quality and bland lighting. Lanes often miss count the number of pins knocked down.

Tom Hopkins

Friendly staff and great lanes. Love the after 9 pm deals Monday to Thursday!

Li Song

Just like a normal bowling alley. The arcade section is always a fun place for the kids.

Heidi ho Hahaha



First time to be here with a few family friends to bond for the weekend. It was about 20 of us who came to this place for the very first time. The place may need a bit updating but overall okay. The rent rate was great and the place was huge. The people at the front desk were very nice and welcoming from the time we came and from the time we left. The only reason I am giving them 2 stars review is because of the service I received at the food kiosk which completely ruined my mood the whole time I was there. After placing my order so the kids can eat while playing, the lady who was helping me told me that my number will be called. However, being my first time to ever be in their bowling place and given how a bit loud it was that day, I misunderstood her as asking me about my table number. When I responded to her with my number, she said to me in a very annoyed response, "I will not deliver your food! Your number is on your receipt! We don't deliver food here!" I said, okay and was actually willing to let it go although I felt kind of embarrassed as other guests were standing next me who heard and saw what just happened. I took my receipt and walked away to our table willing to let it go as it was probably my error to assume that they do take the food to the tables, however, as I went back to get some condiments, I overheard her with another co-worker talking about me. She was telling her other co-worker of what happened and how I thought someone will deliver the food and she said no. I wanted to say something but decided to let it go. It was not worth the argument, however, because of this experience, I will probably more likely not to come back to this place. It will probably be my first and last visit to this location. I work in the customer service too and I know how it can sometimes be frustrating and intimidating but it should never be a reason to be unprofessional and rude. There is always a nice way to say "NO" and explain to customers, especially clueless ones like myself, in a nice, more professional manner. I felt really embarrassed that day. I will surely will never forget this visit. :( :( :(

Shashi Sivakumar

Nice place. Well kept. Started cosmic bowling a little after noon. We were there for a team building even from work.

Agbodjan Axelle


Ashish Saksule

3.5 Ratings, Staff and services are good. Place itself is not very happy or pleasing (maybe my personal view) as it lacks bright colors, no music, no young glamorous crowd. Its been filled with old people most of times. But for Bowling its good, there are always tournaments, league going on.

Adam Russell

I love it i every Saturday great People great food

Elly's Place

Had fun with kids! Kid friendly and affordable!

Dena Purvis

The lady who just answered the phone was very unhelpful, condescending, and overall rude when answering some questions I had. If they want people to go to their establishment, she should not be the one to answer the phone.

Carol C

Old school feel. Clean and not over crowded. Would visit again.

Eunkyu Lee

Unlimited bowling after 9pm!


This place was friendly, cheap, and fun! The food could be better but the drinks are great and cheap. Definitely recommend!

Alex Garcia

This place was horrible. There was hair in the cups and a pizza is $17. The cups were even reused. The game messed up twice in the second game. My kids were visiting me from out of town and love bowling and they were so disapointed therefore never again. I told their workers and they just said ok like they could careless. The female was kind but the others didnt do anything but watch and laugh. The person I spoke to just looked at me like whatever and he had a tag that said CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE. Dude was horrible.

Athena Buchta

Super fun and well priced

Gabrielle Magid


Michael Schoelen

Really clean with a retro vibe. Best bowling prices in the Rockville area. Plus good prices for beer.

Brian Ackley

Great place to have fun and very clean, great staff.

Armen Melkomian

Great place to go with friends and bowl. Looks like a classic bowling alley. I recommend going here.

Emilia Zapata

Great place, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Great experience!!!

Fredy Chevez

Good price, clean, good service.

Sanjeevkumar Masvel

Old machine, cheap rates! Food tables & the playing area are not close to each. But we had full enjoyment as usual!


Very nice place , the price also very good spicely on sundays

candace roddy

I brought my 4 year old to attend a 5 year old friends birthday party. She never even heard of bowling until that day. She talked about how much fun it was the rest of the day. I was slightly nervous about a bowling alley because I had not been to one in years but it was such a great time. It seemed to be well run and kept everything going as scheduled on time with the party. The kids loved it! We'll definitely come again soon with our family!

Nathan Rodriguez

I've been here a couple times and really enjoyed it. Friendly staff and good equipment/lanes. The Ford is pretty good as well. Thanks!

John Banfield

Nice clean bowling center. Friendly staff.

Tom Koval

Lots of lanes, nice staff, and great prices on beer!! I pick this place over the pretentious place next to Home Depot and 270 on Shady Grove Road every time (that place's name is also always constantly changing-- it's "Bowlmor" right now)

David Carpio

After 9:30 to close sun thru Thurs all you can bowl 7.99 plus shoes like $13 all together


Great Birthday Party happy 75!

joey Elam

Front desk people were very rude walked in and they were sitting on the counter giving angry stares. And we needed help but they neglected to help. Then when i went to get food he acted as if it was going to be a problem to order a hashbrown. Wont be back

Cheyenne R.

Can't beat the summer blast pass with the kids!

Josh Brown

Good prices. A little bit dirty for a bowling alley, but not every visit has been this way. Beer selection was decent and not too bad on price. Will be back.

Sachith Chandy Thomas

went for a company outing. it seems like an old place. the bowling infrastructure seems good.

Maggie Lau

Very old equipment and lanes


Nice place..... Go as a group we will enjoy playing..

Leila Marlow

Love bowling there! For the last 20+ years

Kumar Kaji

Great place. Nice and easy staff

Philip Raskin

One of the few old school bowling alleys around.

Dustin Freeman

Fun Look for deals Great place to learn to ball

Rodger Moran

This is a great place to bowl! The food is good, lanes are well kept and the staff is friendly and helpful.


Good alley with good prices.

Jimmy Rodriguez

Bowling was fun! They have good bowling rates though the food was rather pricey.

Blue-Eyed Kitty

This place is just good old fashioned fun. A lot of the equipment seems to be the same equipment it was when it opened, so it could really use an upgrade. There's a light show at night and a small arcade. We thought the food was just ok. There are a lot of lanes and the staff responded immediately when our ball got stuck.

Julian Johnson

Make sure you go at the right times. Better deals. Went during a regular no promotion day. Spent 60 for two pairs of shoes, and 5 games a piece. 10 games total. Most of the other customers there were kids, 17 and under. But they were pretty quiet and well behaved. Common lane courtesies were ignored lol... But over all still had a good time. Place was clean and employees were helpful.

Brenda Athanas

Clean friendly place to take whole family.

Jocelyn Brown

Really old and dirty but cheap expensive food nice staff!!

Sharvie Costin

Good price but outdated computer system.

Sean McTernan

Good prices on Lanes on Monday through Thursday, Lanes are older but it adds some charm really

steve sekellick

Old fashioned bowling alley at a great price! The automatic scoring is accurate and a big help. Also it turns "cosmic" when the DJ arrives, with crazy lights and party music.

Devin Linares

Needs to be refurbished, staff are polite.

Nitesh Khakurel

Great deals on weekdays and the staff is really helpful

Dee Wingate

Great service, the staff was friendly as ever and incredibly polite. Had a fun night bowling for some affordable prices. Can't wait to go back!

Bernadine/Nancy Dalton

The food made me sick. Otherwise, it's a nice place. I had a philly cheese steak. It was a little greasy.

sam osta

good place my friend David S plays there in the league had fun watching him and his friends play. met very nice people ... April plays well too

Tony Richardson

This is one of the worst maintained bowling lanes in the DMV. The approaches must never get cleaned. If you try to slide near the gutter it is an automatic face plant. Bowl here at your own RISK!

Pierre Bernard

Fun experience but had to wrestle with the bowling game controls! I appreciate the old-school look and feel but some things just need to be updated! The pizza and wings were amazing!

Kwok Gable

A local bowling place for the simple fun of bowling. Conveniently located. While a little old (age-wise), the place is run clean (bathroom hygiene) n staff friendly

Thing Two

Raymond Chu

Their deal that lets you play till 1am is amazing

Ben Eisner

Other more upscale bowling alleys are becoming cheaper than going here. While this place is consistently good, an update to the interior would be appreciated.


Decent clean lanes. However the scoring panels and monitors are in desperate need of an upgrade.

Jon Nekrich

Great community of people for all ages


Awesome staff too many to name ( especially Emily, Jonathan and Ryan for always helping us ) Great place!! Nice and clean and friendly.

The best Michael_

Kinda pricy, and service wasn’t all that

Vincent Burns

Quality lanes. All you can bowl on week nights from 9-12 for about $10 is a solid deal

Connor Woodside

This place needs a serious re-vamp. I have gone here since I was a little kid and it still looks the same. The deals here are pretty good if you go on the right time and the staff are pretty nice. With a little work I would come here more but it is just feels old.

Sunny Gogna

Best bowling place around Germantown

Przemek Nowakowski

Big Lebowski fan? This place is for you

Samantha Sekellick

Not bad for $2 per person lane and $2 shoe rental on Sunday. That's a deal! Pretty tight in there though. They made us wait an hour for an open lane although they were several not being used. They must have been reserved for a club, but I think they should reconsider doing that on a Sunday evening when it's so busy. Nevertheless, this place is a good deal if you don't mind crowds on a Sunday.

Michelle Jewkes

Love this bowling alley. Went there many years when I lived locally and had to make a visit when I returned.

Wayne Phillips


Shashank Abhyankar

Fun to bowl. Great experience.

Arjun Oberoi

It's a normal bowling alley. Many lanes. Food is OK, but pricey for what it is. They have many food options though. Be on the lookout for discounts and promotions - especially for students.

Debby Wisner

Recently new lanes! -But the rest of the place could use an update! Would like to see the restaurant area come back.

Dawn Gallahan

If you like to bowl with a bunch of teenagers and people who don't know correct bowling etiquette, then this is the place for you. Why can't you make same day reservations? That's nonsense. They definitely cater to ignorant children here. Go somewhere else or better yet do something else.

Kapree Budd

The staff was amazing. The catered to our group with special needs. They gave us extra lanes and tbey were very patient with our kids.

Natasha Matthews

Visit was great. Always is. Staff is very friendly and professional. Atmosphere is cool and.

Barb Berger

Did a great job with all the Special Olympic bowlers!! Food was great. Don't know how the kitchen kept up!! Lol

Krishnaveni Raman

Attended a session for differently abled adults like those with autism and mental ailments.

Diako Akhundzadeh

family fun


In monday through thursday, unlimited bowling.

Connor Tilton

bowling was fun, food was good but the cashier's in the food department were super rude and made me not want to buy anything else

Allen Nuccio

This place is a dump. Very long in the tooth. Broken arcade machines, worn out balls, nasty food (even by bowling alley standards). The staff is kind and courteous.

Hemal Chauhan

Bit old systems but its Good to hang out..

Lucas Villalobos Gonzalez

Fun place at great prices, good for saturday is for the boys

Ed Gordon

Although it was fairly reasonable for admissions and the shoes, the food was pricey for the portions they served. I had a fairly good time overall and will go back there just to play.

Lawrence Evans

What fun. Great night out for the family.

Denise Lewis

Great place staff is very helpful

Ava Hill

Very cool, the staff was nice, but the technology did seem outdated.

Daniel Centeno

Great staff and awesome place for families

Walter m a Mayberry

It was great great food great soda and just fun put on us at veteran's homeless housing by the Elks club and council here it was great I came in last but I tried I am too old

Stacy Hurney

Love cheap kid bowling!!

ludwin Rodriguez

Me and my family and some friends had a good time , personnel was very friendly it was almost 10 years since the last time I was there we love it thanks

Stephanie Sharpe

Perfect activity for families and friends. The bowling alley is clean and well managed.

Raul Heredia

A perfect place to spend the evening. The food is not very good but at least you will have a perfect time bowling!

Sean B

Good prices, good shoes, needs an update. This location seems to be more for the veteran bowlers with it's 1990 decor and technology to match. In reality these things didn't effect how I bowled, but I wouldn't recommend it for a social outting.

Nikki Manoussos

Good local place.

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