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2057 Generals Hwy, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Annapolis Bowl IN Maryland

Patricia DelGavio

We had our work Holiday Party here last week. Carol was an absolute delight to work with - she helped organize a fabulous party. She was very helpful with every aspect of planning. I highly recommend having a party at Annapolis Bowl. It was a nice change to the normal holiday dinner. We had a blast and will definitely return to do something in the spring/summer. Thanks again for a great party!

Connie Bashore

Nice place to bowl. Kids had fun. Very pleasant staff.

Devin Ryder

Tons of fun with great pizza (surprisingly great) and nice beer pitcher prices on about 5 domestic choices. Numerous options on bowling games for those who are interested in a slightly different experience and you can set the bumpers to activate for individual/specific players in the group. We had a great time and will definitely be going back for more!

Zachary -

Fun but expensive

James Jackson

Had a great time with bowling

Joshua Cobb

Sarah Weller-Bentivegna

Great fun for all ages! Easy to use scoring screens at every lane.

Julien Henrotte

Ullanda Jones


Clean atmosphere. Fun

Dustin Dodson

I wanted to give 5 stars but because of a strange beer pitcher policy, only giving 4. I have never heard of not being able to get a pitcher of beer unless you have 1 other person with you at the counter? Lol

Vanessa Brown

Staff wasn't so nice at the bar but everyone else was pretty cool

Ron Ressler

Great employees


Thomas G

Great placd

EL RAYO 64 lopez

Devin Olson

William Cogle Jr

Great hang out place and night bowling is fun. Food is okay.

Shane Harger

John Atwood

Very good time, clean and attentive. Friendly I will go again.

Tineka Blake

Michael Neese

Raphael Lasry

pranav gavara

Awesome place.

Shaun Francis


Leah Weddell

Gary Hall

Phillip Hatfield

2/10 false advertising buttersworth's girlfriend was actually really mean. This place has ruined bowling and women for me.

Lauramae Degler

Steve Lapier

I like to bowl for fun, no League, just fun. So I walked in the the Annapolis bowl to try a new ball and was told they had no lanes when half the place was empty, guy was not nice behind the counter. I understand the whole league thing, But here it is like you are penalized because you do not belong to a league. And if you want to go bowling after work forget about it. I have been to several other bowling alleys that have leagues and they still hold lanes open for walkins.

Zain Syed

Robert Davis

Not cheap, but fun

Stephanie murray

Alex Lusk

Great atmosphere!! People at the snack bar are supper nice and the menu has a nice variety of foods!! I will be back that's for sure!!

Arturo Sanchez

Andrew Andrew

Candie Sasser

Great bowling! But they have a lot of league's.

Manuel E. Batista

It's a good plce to spend a day or night but I think they food services close or something to offer inside

Tom Burke

Richard Coulter

Austin S

Okay I'm very disappointed! There are a TON of hidden fees, and everything is excessively expensive. It was like 7 and a half dollars for one pitcher of soda!! Their pizza is like frozen pizza from the grocery store, they just heat it up and add toppings... Their arcade games are rigged, I have slow motion video to prove that I should have won the jackpot on the cyclone game. Their ski-ball things are sticky and the balls are sticky and gross so you really can't aim with them right! They make you pay for the shoes, they charge you per-person-per-game.... Don't go here unless you expect it and are okay with it to be really expensive. They also didn't let us use the bumpers because we were "too old" and that we would use heavy balls that would break the bumpers. (That's their fault for not making real sturdy bumpers, not ours.) They don't let you bring in your own food, either! They wouldn't let us use the bumpers even if we promised to use the light balls, so. All around experience was okay at best. Recommend going somewhere else.

Manuel Vázquez

Had a great time with my three-year-old, you can interact with your lane's TV. They have food and cold beer. Prices are reasonable. Would definitely come back.

Lewis Brandon

Keith Potter

Great place, always a good time!

Greg Castille

Santokh SINGH

Harry Worth

Just started to get busy when i was leaving. Clean restrooms friendly service.

Robert Moore

Great time lots of fun

Mark Cunningham

Nice place

Ralph McLean

Lots of fun. Great staff.

Brennan Platts

Curtis Gardner

Neil Porter


Sean Butterworth

My girlfriend works here and she's nice


It Was Great I Just Wish The Arcade Was a Little Bigger.

Noel Dotterweich

Carla Poole

We've been here several times. It's clean, has plenty of lanes, and is always a good time. Weeknights get filled by bowling teams, but they're pretty tame. We never go on weekends unless it's a dropoff birthday party precisely because of the birthday parties - kids running wild everywhere! There's the typical alley food - fries, chicken tenders, pizza, sandwiches, a bar area serving beer, wine, and liquor (that you can take to your lane), and a little arcade area. The scoring screen is easy to set up and has a few different themes from which to choose. No duckpin here, but an assist tool to roll the ball and bumpers for the gutters. We've never done the cosmic bowling at this location. Overall, I enjoy our time whenever we visit.

Mildred Pebrook

Very nice place! friendly staff!

Mark Paulino

Amazing lanes, friendly staff

Edward Keough

Great customer service, great family friendly place

Michael Durant

New hobby for me, and this spot helped me learn how the scoring is done from frame to frame...will be visiting again in the near future!

joseph landry

Bowl here twice a week. Good competitive leagues

Andrea Darden

Shikha Goyal

Jesse James

Dustin Hoover

Lamaj Armystrong

Great staff! Took care of the ppl I support no questions asked.

Ryan Donnelly

Christopher Good

Had a fun time. They have interactive lanes, where you can take pictures of yourselves and they put them in cartoon form. The bowling itself is good, lanes where clean and smooth. They have a mini arcade for afterwards. Had a really enjoyable date with my wife.

Gregg Holland

Good people friendly atmosphere

Tricia Washington

Great places for kids. I have a 2 1/2 year old and she enjoyed herself.

Mushky Chaya

Kevin Easton

Decent bowling alley. A little expensive.

Robbie Honeycutt

Everyday Warrior82

It's a nice bowling alley fresh oil, and games for kids. The food is decent

Victor Delaet


Friendly staff and nice equipment.

John.Leigh McBurney

Nice bowling reasonable prices and good food selection. Plus it has a small bar.

Sean Payne

Great food and not outdated with technology

Paul Lambert

Great parking and a lot of fun games for adults and kids!!!

Susan Myszkowski

Could be better.

Mark DeCampus

Very nice and clean state of the art screens full bar

Tony Villalta

Great place to hang out out on a friday night. On weekends it does get packed and customer service is ok.

Lukas Schäfer

Tim Longwell

Lillian Smith

David Rosario

Nice staff

Ron Kunz

Great. Seniors treated great

Vasili P.

I've been going to this bowling alley for over 20 years. It's run like your typical, mid-size town bowling alley, with bowlers being charged between 4 to 5 dollars per game, depending on the time and day you decide fo bowl. The biggest reason I am giving this bowling alley 5 stars is because they don't let their lender bowling balls become chipped at the finger holes and leave these sort of damaged balls for customers. I bowled at other bowling alleys in the AA Co. area and this was common practice. The food is decent and the staff seems...bored? Can't blame them necessarily. This is a good place to meet friends or for younger kid's birthday parties. They probably have lane rental deals for these cases; be sure to call them in advance!


Charley Howe

One time incident will have me bowling anywhere else than Annapolis Bowl. I was told I had to share a lane rather than have my own based upon the fact I was a friend of another bowler. There were a number of lanes available at the time. I bowl too much as many as 500 games a month - none of them will be at this location. The manager I discussed this issue with was so inflexible - he and Annapolis Bowl lost any revenue from this frequent bowler!


Inexperienced Bartender!! What a Rip Off! The Bartender had to refer to a manual on just about every drink in which they all tasted terrible. He charged $15 for a double shot which looked like a single. Please send your Bartenders to school and Stop Ripping off people!!

Simone Hanna

Joe Hinders

Miriam Thorne

Great experience celebrating my Grandmother's 85th birthday! The bowling alley was clean and fun and everyone (kids and adults) that attended the party had a wonderful time. A special thank you to Ed, manager at Annapolis Bowl, my family appreciates all the help you and the rest of the staff provided to make the event a success!!!

Andy LaVoie

Great bowling alley. I love their new screens and animations.

Heather Oneill

Kids love

Ransey Stimson


Andy Little

Could be cleaner and needs some remodeling. All of the systems are from 1994

Michael Mullen

Mike Moyer

Good spot for bowling and pizza is pretty good. However it is very expensive.

Carey I

Great place. Fun for all the family very expensive. We spent $30 on three small pizzas and 3 drinks and $55 on two games with two children and two adults

Kèlǐsītuōfú Fèi ěr dùn

We had our son's birthday party here (first bowling party), and he had a great time. As far as the service goes, one A.A. woman (whose name I do not know) was very helpful, informative, and personable. However, other employees we encountered were disengaged, attitudinal, and clearly did not feel like being there. Otherwise, this rating would have been at least 4 stars.

Jessica W

Kyle Mansfield

Perfect combination of bowling nostalgia with updated scoring systems that can be customized for your group. The food was surprisingly good and felt like a great value for the amount we received. I've never been when it's been truly crowded, but I see it's packed on a regular basis at night.

Bowen Willson

Live it go

Leavy Peretto

Jeez. Funky shoe rental to start. Kind of pricey and service is downright awkward. Besides that it's the fun of bowling. Drinks were great and affordable but they had some weird rules that were kind of pointless. The arcade area was extremely sad. Half the machines didnt work and the ones that did were shotty. It was still a decent experience all and all but if they cared a little bit more fb or quality this would easily become a spot I would frequent.

Keva Johnson

The Full Effect

Kate J

They do not take passports as a form of ID....

Dominique Thomas

Highly recommend

James Skelton

Tina Tripp

So fun! Great atmosphere :-)

Carrie Vasquez

Jason Kuffler

Wed 3-5 all you can bowl 5 bucks!

skyler sanzotera

Never go here. Refused to give me a bud Bud light brcayse I had a military ID. How the hell am I supposed to go home if I don't have time to fly across the country for a new license. Bar server was a jerk and the owners have the worst policy in the world. Never coming back that's for sure.

Joe Nadolny

Nice place.

Derrick Jackson

Really enjoyed this chill bowling alley. Me and a few friends went on Thursday night where they had a deal to bowl night from 9:30 to 12am for 10 bucks and shoes, so the total was about $14. We stayed all night and the staff was kind as well. Lots of lanes and not crowded. Definitely will come back next time i'm going out bowling.

Danielle Souza

A lot of hidden fees but more than anything.. people there are RUDE! They do not know how to treat people... first time and last time there for sure!

Bonita Canty

Awesome staff always helpful when we bring clients in every Thursday afternoon.

Abigail Roy

Really nice people and really fun bowling. Love this place.

Casper Norriss

Dylan Liedy

John ash

Andrew Parks

Nice place to bowl if you like 10 pins. No duck pins here. Food sucks here, but who goes to a bowling alley to eat.

Isabell Pradenas

Katrina Flores

prices are crazy but had fun

Jodi S

Fun times

Lisa H Ambrose

Always fun!

Jane Strayer

Always have a good time going to this place. Very clean and good service from the people who work there

Cee Jay

Mike W

Nice bowling alley!

Frank Guidry

Was very nervous when my son and I pulled up and saw 3 school buses parked in the parking. It was a Wednesday morning around 11am during the summer. There are two other cars in the parking. Anyway we walked in and where instantly greeted with smiling faces. Even though there seemed to be a summer camp type event going on, it was well organized on one half of the alley. The ladies at the desk were serious beyond friendly, funny and fast with every aspect of their customer service. A summer outing with my son turned into a best out of 5 game tournament between the two of us, all bc of the service and atmosphere.

Rafael Soriano

Jes love

Curtis Markosky

Sylvia Berry

S Mobley

Great family spot, there are not many leagues. Friendly Staff, decor modern and fod service quick.

Jae Smith

Bryan Campbell

Jim Houchens

Modern lanes with a small lane family feel


I like bowling, great music and ambient.

Jay Landen

Great time! Great place, no problems.

Sheila Mickens

Poor service

Kateri Payne

We had a good time!

Barbara Kelly

Great place to have fun.

MaryBeth Green

Everything about this bowling alley was a disappointment. We had both our office holiday party as well as our daughters bday party here. Everything from calling in and the woman taking my reservation couldn’t hear me because a manager was yelling at an employee about his uniform, to them refusing to serve me because I only had my passport for indentification because my wallet had just been stolen, bathrooms were dirty and not supplied, the bar tenders attitude to my husband as well as her yelling at the employees serving food about a large order. We will be taking our business elsewhere and I can’t say I would recommend this place to anyone unless you are just absolutely desperate to bowl.

Heather Marrero

andrew piatek

fununiform638 FunHouse

Acer Landcare

Wow, it cost $75 just to bowl for about 2 hours with 3 adults and a child, that is absolutely absurd, we will never return!

Yup me

Warren Parks

Bowling lane good,management was nice ,parking is good.

Moshe E

Love it

Chris Serio

Never been there

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