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REVIEWS OF AMF Pikesville Lanes IN Maryland

Joyce Warren

Went to Bowling with my My Ladies club to celebrate one of the lady's birthdays have not been bowling in a long time did not know It cost that much to bowling in eat snacks Remembering years ago when I took my kids bowling it was a Cheap family outing!!! but not anymore But we had a good time Very nice bowling alley


Took my wife to the bowling alley today. We had a great time playing the arcade games. This establishment is really clean, nice and updated. The manager Henry was extremely nice. He really enhanced our visit.

arnold nicholas

The bowling alley was clean, people were having fun. There was no riff raff going on just good family fun

dana Williams

I just love this location...and using Groupon makes it even better

beverly montague

Very and service excellent

David Gerstman

Had a great time with my daughter, taking advantage of AMF's summer bowling pass.

Stephanie Ripley

High prices for no reason..the bartender is old n mean for no customer service skills at all..visited from pgh pa...our bowling alley would never be 40 dollars for 2 games for 2 people..and 2 pair of shoes smh i would never go back to amf lanes!!!

Charles Distance Jr

Nice clean family fun for all

C Zenittini

Hella expensive but still fun

Charles Green

Enjoying the bowling lanes.

Code Blue

Nice atmosphere really had fun

Erika Scruggs-Armstrong

This place was rocking! Met up with some business owners for a team building night. We had a BLAST! We're not great bowlers, but we did pretty good! Lot's of fun!

Scott Abrams

Had a nice time. Good pizza.

Charles Harcum

Great fun for the kids and adults. (We were celebrating Lexi's birthday of three years.)

roastbeeftaco with cheese

Very fun. Took my kids while we had a blast the pricing is just too steep to return. I will be researching a cheaper option.......nice place though.

Anthony Ewing

Friendly family fun at decent prices, Staff is great and very helpful

Moshe Drukman

It's what you'd expect from a cheap bowling alley, and they also have duck pin bowling.

Lauren Whitley

There was no supervision of the young bowlers and because of this it was a little dangerous for young bowlers. The employees were very friendly, but due to the lack of parental supervision of other bowlers, it was not a fun experience.

Karen green

Kids love bowling

Michael Sawyer

Went this evening to get out of the house for some fun, had a great time, staff and atmosphere was on point, Turkey/bacon melt sandwich was delicious

Roberta Cummings

Just love it there the staff is awesome & the food is great!!

Stephanie Cavallucci

We got there right as they opened and the manager went out of her way to take care of everything for us

Poline Mirithu

I enjoy myself everytime am out there

Mr. Robinson

Very nice, good food.

Rob Beane

The bowling alley experienced some technical difficulty while we were there. However, they were very professional in dealing with the multiple issues of concern to the customers

Allenette Valentine

Special price on Sunday morning to bowl. Not crowded.

Keisha Beckles

Under new mgmt, great atmosphere

Whitney Burton

Great for family fun. They are having summers deals which are great for large groups. The food is meh, but they serve alcohol.

Itamar Gnatt

Family friendly bowling alley that also serves food and drinks (including alcohol). Renting a few lanes and having a small party is always a good time.

Cheryll Brown

Not too good of experience; lanes not working properly, no lights on lanes, scoreboard wack

Jasmine Purnell

4 Stars because of price - it's worth it though. HAD A BALL!!

Saleh Albairami

The stuff so racists

Kimmie S

Pizza was half done and horrible, the service for food was horrible instead of them bringing you your food a girl would tell over the intercom telling you to come get you food from the front and just leaves it there.... looks like this location is going down hill

Rubios Dynasty

Under new management, rude, like to play God game, i guess they feel that they're doing you a favor for letting you spend your money there, don't matter what you want, its what they want to give you!

Shay Addriel

Very respectful staff and extremely helpful!

Joshua Volosov

Nice bowling alley. Place is generally clean, and the staff are attentive as needed. The automated lanes work very nicely, and when there are complications the staff is quick to resolve. I am not much of an expert in the technicalities of bowling, but the lanes themselves are nice and smooth. The shoes and balls provided, are clean and relatively new.

Sheena Scott

My godson enjoyed his 8th birthday here. We had an amazing time. And only needed one lane for the kiddos. They had a ball. There was no nonsense even though the place was full. All the lanes were sold out, which is a good thing. The food was good, and the cashier was very helpful in helping us serve the children ice cream. Thank you!!

mochi. park1395

don't go, they take an hour to give you your food. they're rude when you ask for your food . besides that it was a nice bowling experience

Steve Carlson

We had a great. The lane computer worked perfectly.

Lakeya Carter

I had a great time fun place, they lack horribly in customer service. I left my license there at the bar when they carded me . I called about it. It took forever for them to answer and when the gentleman did , I explained what happened .2 seconds later he said no. You didnt ask me for my name and you sure didnt walk to the bar and check. Poor customer service! You can visit to have a great time but dont expect customer service.

avraham schwartz

Pleasant family friendly atmosphere

Vondalair Jones

Very nice. The food was excellent

Mordechai Snider

My family loves going to this bowling alley we go all the time and the children have a great time they have little balls and big balls they do not allow us to bring it outside food

Wayne Hoeppner

I would have given the place a better score but I just recently had a very disrespectful conversation with the general manager here and if the manager speaks to guests like that i would not recommend anyone to go here. I was simply calling to ask about an application but got a lot of ignorant responses and negativity from this guy who is supposed to be respectful and courteous. The other employees were decent but if your looking for a great time and experience id suggest a different bowling alley with more respectful management.

Mo Robinson

Great place for family and friends. They have duck pins and 10 pins. Love the flatbread pizza

The Analog Circle Podcast.

This was a fun place to hang out and enjoy the sport of bowling with friends and family. It was clean and the staff was friendly.

Carrie Walls

Had a great time with my team from T. Rowe Price

Joy McC

The alley wasnt over crowded and the staff was quite helpful with ease.

Spense Q50

Nice place to get together with friends for some friendly competition

Peace Smithdg

Kid's had a blast ccc

Moshe Berger

Broken score boards

Jasmyn Mears

Super fun and affordable! Even got a league discount

Debbie DSM

Great place to have a birthday party! Everyone had a great time, and the food was fantastic. They decorated the kids' table for us as well as the food table. Would definitely have a party here again.

imani shabazz

Very bad experience was turned away because they said they closed at 9 specifically closed at 10 overprice racist environment

Lamont Scott

Nice convenient location for a fun night out, but prices are a bit too much per game. Hours are ok for the week day people, but weekend hours mean be prepared to go elsewhere late. Best to have your own equipment. Leagues are fun.

April Wright

One of the only places left for Duckpin. Great place for kids. They provide bumpers for great kid play and dragons for toddler bowling. Would have given 5 stars but food service needs improving.

RaShonda Wiggins

This is my favorite place for my family and I to bowl. Even members of my family who do not bowl come to enjoy the food and drinks!

Anquinette Vinson

My new favorite bowling spot,love everything about it. The only downside is they don't have the extra small balls for kids but everything else make up for that. I highly recommend this place for a good time and diverse crowd.

shantel clarke

Very clean and convenient. Needs a better music selection and is a tad bit too expensive

Gwendolyn Fraling

Had a great was great

Steven Gower

Horrible horrible horrible experience! Walked in for drink and food no bowling mind you and was at at bar for 10 minutes no one came over. Saw a black girl in the back sitting in front of a fan doing nothing but playing on her phone. Went to front desk guy said bartender doesn’t arrive until 6:00 PM and said go over to the window to order. Well the point of a bar is so I don’t have to do that! Lady working the window then said she had to leave. Waited another five mins for someone else and no one came. Decided to walk out and go to Dave & Busters. Seems like their African-American Employees are poorly trained in customer service. Shame to since it is a very nice alley. Prices very expensive for food. $8.00 for a hot dog.

sonya fleming

Clean, food is good. Had fun. 1st time ever and I'm 60

Paris Hollaway

Had a great time like The late night bowling


Went for a party for adults $26 a person. Good price. Food shoes and unlimited bowling for 2 hours

Jake Gaines

Bartender Sean was phenomenal!!

Erika Holland

Under Staff and need better bowling alleys and food selections..

Jeffrey Szanzer

Please was clean. I was able to bring my little ones. One of the few places with duck pins

i am killball3000

Been several times within the past 3 months, lane conditions have been all over the place, sometimes it's covered in oil, sometimes dry as the desert. Staff shut off the grill taco Tuesday at 9 when the deal starts at 8 several times I have gone. Staff has mostly been reluctant to do most work aside from the one black guy that's always in a good mood, that guy is A+ give him a damn raise

Sofia Friedman

I wish the lanes would work better

Tina Whitehead

Nice and clean. Fun place to bowl

Barro Uni

I had fun with my family

Natalie Hall

Great bowling, food and drinks

Sakia Hill

Workers are so polite and nice do they job to the fulliest.

Kate Jacobson

We did duck pin and had a blast. They also have 10 pin. Decent service. The food was fine (though nothing to write home about).

Aaron A.J. Johnson

Lanes dry the multiple times I have been there. They need some help. Lanes was breaking down too often

Charlie K

Fun night out

Andre Ward

Like the improvements- looks like a mini Dave and Busters.

Eno Courage

Very expensive

Glenda Manning

Fun family oriented bowling alley. Ten pins and Duck pins. Have great specials throughout the week. Food is great but a bit overpriced. Great for kids birthday parties.


Nice upgrades to the whole alley

Gary Dennis

Bowling alley was fine. Snack bar is dirty. The bartender doesn't like his job. Still had fun. Plan to go again in a few weeks.

Megan Carter

We had fun on our last minute trip but the place is outdated. The music kept randomly stopping and it would be silent for several minutes. There was an issue with the ball return where the ball wouldn't completely come back but would jump the rail and go into the gutters. It happened so many times that we got a free game. The food is decent and there's a bar but it's a little stingy with the liquor in the mixed drinks.

Lisa Free

Fun times

shlomo eisenberger

Great bowling alley

La Familia!

Great Place and Music!


Great remodel


Great family fun

Ms Virgo69

I enjoyed my granddaughter's 5th birthday celebration here. The employees and the host were awesome. This place was clean and service excellent!

Kendra Franklin

Pretty cool

Tiffany Bradford

Fun to get back out there, try to find my game again. Lanes were very dry! But looks much better on the inside than I remember. Definitely would go again.

William Stewart

The lady behind the counter Chrystal is amazing she is so understanding and very very pleasant. It is so comforting to have someone like her she multitasks better than anybody I've ever seen great job AMF

Priscilla Giles

Great fun

Adeoye Adewole

Our bowling lane get having trouble and the staff weren't quick to resolve it. Ended up taking far too long for only 2 games

Jessica Sheeks

Should stay open later in weekends atleast until 1 or 2 am they do have a bar.

Danielle Davis

Fun time, nice accommodations

kedric eatmon

When I living in Balitmore I played duckpin all the time. Now living in Ohio we do not have duckpin. So it was great to play it again, with 5 kids and myself. I gave a four because we kept having issues with our lane so we had to switch. The head lady was very nice.

Petra Mukete

Bowling was great there. Though customers service was lacking but its a nice place to have fun with friends and family.

Anirban Das

Fun place.


The workers there are very nice


I came here for my senior year prom and everything was done perfectly.

Camillia Collier

Very different from back in the day when I was a kid

Khalid Alabbasi

The employees are really bad and they have a bad way to talk to people I don't recommend the place and did I forget to say that they are racist

ernesto castillo

Really nice and fun place

Michael Kovac

Everything you want in a bowling alley PLUS duckpin bowling. If you didn't grow up in the Midatlantic, you've probably only seen ten pin bowling. Think, large diameter balls with finger homes and you get two balls per frame. Duckpin bowling is a Maryland invention where you bowl roughly 4.5 inch balls at smaller pins and you get three balls per frame. Bottom line, AMF Pikesville has both options - and if you're bringing kids, duckpin bowling is they great equalizer. Nice snack bar, decent soft pretzels, and ample parking.

artz Arr

Great place to bowl. Comfortable atmosphere!

Andrew Trask

Staff is great. My biggest complaint is quite a lot of the pin setters drop pins when picking up or don't put down all the pins when reracking. Also a lot of the ball returns leave a nasty rubber residue on the ball, cleaning the residue of the ball is not easy either.

Jacob Smith

I've gone here several times now. I'm sure it is acceptable for parties as I see them, but it is pretty mediocre if you want quality bowling. If recommend just going down 695 to the AMF Woodlawn which is much better quality, same price and specials and actually has people who care about your bowling experience. I came here with a brand new bowling ball trying to get back into the hobby. After coming here 4 times my ball has 5 gouges on the back of it after going through their lanes, namely 22, 23, 34, 33, and 35. So this isn't reserved for just one lane's problem. On top of that the pinsetters sometimes malfunction and either drop pins causing you to reset, or they are missing pins entirely causing you to reset. This has happened multiple times, during multiple trips. There is a systemic maintenance issue that refuses to be addressed by the owners. To top it all off you have a staff which sometimes is completely absent from the main check-in area so when your lane does end up malfunctioning, the place you would go to get it fixed is completely missing people. I've seen them stop lanes for no reason, turn up the volume on the music at random times and have no real care for if people throw multiple balls down the lane or walk down the lane to retrieve balls. TL;DR spend the extra gas money and go to the AMF Woodlawn just a bit further south. It is the same price, with much better quality lanes and much better quality service.


Pros: Management is very engaging with the guest, helpful and professional. The staff at the food desk is helpful in choosing the best deals and the pizza is good. My kids always have a lot of fun, I’m glad they have the choice of using duck pins. It’s never too crowded. Cons: The place does look run down a bit like other reviews have said and my kids are always sad the arcade area is never working when we go. The staff at the front desk is never helpful and I always have to talk to the manager to get some answers. The tables and menus need to be cleaned better. And in my opinion it’s overpriced, from the games, per person to the food selections. $30+ for just a pizza and 3 small drinks! The bar is joke, our drink was watered down. Overall, we really like it there and always have fun so we’ll continue to go. Don’t forget to sign up for the rewards! You get $20 off the first time you sign up. And look for the deals they have going on for certain days.

Stan Katz

Too expensive poor selection of ten pin balls


Kailyn is nothing short of amazing. Her alone will keep my family and I coming back.

Corey Brown

It was horrible the lane kept malfunctioning then they moved us to another lane and the same problem. 90 dollars for a horrible time.

John Jackson

Service was not good. Waited 10 minutes for a drink ie. Soda, juice because it was hot in there and still no one served us. They had one person cooking food, making drinks at the bar and delivering them to the customers. Not good.

Natasha Hollingsworth

Nice, fun and as you can see the drinks are lit!

Daniel Ridgley

Had a great time with tr h rhe kids

Amie Borenstein

Food needs to be more affordable

dwayne barr

Its okay not the best bowling alley you will find but not horrible.

Jeanetta Pickett

Great time with your family

Sekou D. Ansumana

My son enjoy his birthday here 11/10/18

Montia Farmer

It was ok... waited an hour for food.. not cool

Margie Doty

Staff is so friendly. My grandson spilled his soda and the young man was so nice even offered to get him a refill. Fun family activity.

Gretchen Curry

Food was really good and staff was friendly.

Andrew Dickman

Fantastic birthday party experience. Everyone had a fantastic time and we were expertly taken care of. Would highly recommend.

ife harris

My family and my church family had a ball tonight. The children beat the adults. They were so happy. It was a fun outing for our church and our family. Thank you to the managers and his staff they very good care of our group. They made sure everytime my grandsons ball got stuck someone went and got it. Thank you again

Bruce Myers

My first time playing duckpins. Nothing to compare it too. But the staff was helpful and friendly. It is hidden behind Best Buy right off the beltway.

Christiana Rabe

The bowling is fun. The food is what you'd expect. However, DON'T let your kids do the crane game - we'd tried to get a toy several times. Didn't succeed. And of course you can't get a refund so... yeah. Just stick with the bowling.

fahad alhatem

Today i was here the stuff so rude and Racist !!

Esperanza Lora

Service was ok. Half the arcade games don't work and the change machine is broken. Menu is overpriced for what you get. $8 for 5 small chicken wings is ridiculous.

Mr.bairami -

If I can give them zero stars I’ll give them and they have a bad attitude and they don’t treat people equally.

Pete O'Neal, Jr.

Didn’t get a chance to eat the food, but the bathrooms needed work. There was also a weed smell. The lanes are nice and the scoring system and associated equipment where we were bowling all worked.

Brian Taylor

Nice place for kid's birthday party

Tsvi Palmer

Went sat night. Music was so loud, went to the counter asked them to turn it down twice, but he pretended not to understand/didnt hear. Kid was screaming in the next line becuase the music was too loud/people covering there ears didn't seem to phase the guy behind the counter. Left early, refunded the second game we didn't play. DONT GO SAT NIGHT WITH KIDS


It was great because it has arcade games for those who don't want to bowl

Eli Geller

Awesome bowling experience and well priced.

Andrea Carroll

AMF was a clean and friendly place , we had lots of fun and the food was ok.

Sharron Lennon

Nice fun spot to go chill and bowl with friends or family... good drinks and the food is ok.

Whitney Kalu

Like it. They offer combo deals that allows you get food and bowl.


Very nicely redone

Michael Apfel

Nice lines with decent prices. Good parking and his atmosphere

Nikita Johnson

Had a walk-in party for my daughters 3rd Birthday on 4/20/2019 absolutely horrible. It’s very very humid in there no air circulation at all. Very Expensive, 2 people is considered one game , so if you have 6 names on one frame board that’s considered 3 games just for having 6 people and Every time you restart a frame it’s considered another 3 games. of course they don’t tell you this until the end. they just request your card on file and tell you to go for it. I’ve never been at a bowling alley where only 2 people is considered one game. The management is horrible. They patrol around with rude arrogant attitudes , my boyfriend had to check the old guy and finally we had some peace. Very old fashion , lanes kept breaking down . Shoe rental counter is torn down and needs major renovations ASAP . They don’t offer big pitchers so you have to buy Individual drinks which is priced a minimum of $3.91 Would never recommend this place ever !! will not be coming back .

Jawhara Edwards

This place is nice. It is a little over priced for food and drinks, but we enjoy ourselves each time we go. One thing I will agree on, and is something that others have put in their reviews, is that they always seem understaffed. Especially on busy nights like Friday or Saturday.

Angela Davis

I would have given it 5 stars. But the manager Henry has an issue with groupons and instead of him trying to keep us there (drinks and food we were having a great spent nearly $75 on food and another 76 on drinks we were having a blast 10 of us) any out time ran out in the middle of a game so I go ask him how we can get more time and another game, how much you know so we all can split it but all he could say was " You used a groupon there's nothing you can do" What! Do you want to make money or focus on the fact I used a groupon. As a manager myself there is know way I would let 10ppl who PAID for a good deal buying up drinks and food leave. Then I found out it's $7.29 for one game that would have been another 72.90 of sells for my very slow friday night with at least 3/4 of my lanes still open. Crazy right! Anyway 3 stars for the fun Manager lost 2 the staff worked many stations so food and drinks were slow took up alot of time odering and but they brought it to you which was great. All in all good two hours of bowling ruined by bad manage ment.

Ivy Woo

I love this place. It's the same from when I was a kid. But now I can buy alcohol

Joshua Kronick

Was double billed on my CC

Mordy Eisig

$50 for 3 people to play one game rip off

Sandeep Wajapey

I went on a Friday evening and the place was deserted .. nice place to have fun and let your hair down .. would recommend this place !!

Delano Bailey

Not a bad place for family had been so long since I have done that but never realized like everything else in life it isn't as cheap as it was back in the day thank goodness for Groupon which had a good deal.....

LaBrone Wade

I just had a good time

Sidnee Kilby

Good outing for families. The allley's are a little dark could use some sprucing up.

Michael Steinert

Dirty floors, lanes and around the snack bar. Doesn't anyone there know how to clean up things. It used to be high scoring years ago. Because in was cleaner

Cristeen Ghany

I had fun bowling with my husband.

Teresa Marie Barrett

Fun time but the workers at the snack bar didn't show so the lane manager had to make our order. She was wearing so many hats that day that the food took a long time. The kids got crabby because we'd planned on having an early dinner there so we didn't feed them before we went. They were starving! We had a Groupon so it was worth the inconvenience.

Harold McFadden

Had a lot of fun had not done that in about 30 years.

Etolia Biggs

Group bowling on a Thursday night. It was busy but everything was good. Enjoyed endless pizza and wings. There were about 25 of us and they kept the food coming!

Samuel R Merritt Jr

Lanes kept removing more pins then should have, before players turn was done. Had to correct scores multiple times.

Stephanie Alston-Fisher

It was a nice atmosphere. We enjoyed ourselves. The price for Gatorade was ridiculous; it costed $4 and some change.

Kevin McCleary

Lanes are usually a little dry however they have a really good staff and it's a good atmosphere.

Cuda Lane

Very pleasant

Mike Strothmann

Machines are busted, leaving pins down on the new frame, balls getting stuck in the machine left and right. Close to home.

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