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1640 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Sports Arena IN Maine

Jennfer Cecchetti

In thebarea for only 1 night - brought the kids, we had a good time but extremely over priced. 2 strings of large ball bowling, no drinks or food, $49.

Hunter Clark

Great place to bowl! Of the options around, probably the best place to bowl in Bangor. Par-level experience because of the archaic equipment they seem to be running on. Nothing to write home about, but definitely fun. Includes an arcade, bar area, and bowling alley. Food is always good as well from what I remember!

Elesia Moore

This is the best arcade/ bowling lane in that I have ever been to in maine

Jamie Mccallum

Bowling looked great....arcade games were a bit pricey but had fun

Daniel Sinclair

It is awesome! It is about the closest thing to a Dave and buster's you can get. Arcade, pool table, bar, bowling, and mini golf. It is just awesome!

Corey Masterson

Great place to go as a family, group, or work event. Bowling, gaming, mini golf, just hanging out for a sporting event and having a drink, this is a great place to keep busy.


I love this place! And there are tons of games to play here! A huge arcade along with bowling, pool, and food! Best chill place to go with friends and family! And if your old enough and want a great time with the guys, the bar is the place to go

Alex C.


H Gaming

I give this place a one star as far as the bartender is concerned. The shorter, bald man at the main bar asked for a tip when I ordered a beer. He didn't make a cocktail, he literally turned around and pulled a bottle out of the cooler behind him and when I gave him the money he asked me for a tip. The proper thing to do was let me pay and then I will leave a tip, or I could have told him to keep the change, but I didn't get a chance because before I could say anything, he actually asked me for a tip. I think that is very rude and aggressive. It is my choice to give a tip for good service, not the bartender to ask for it.

Damn Failure

Fun place

sarah gray

The bar tender was great and the bowling was good however the reason for the 2 star is the food sucked waited over a hour for my food... The price I paid I was hoping for my breadsticks and pizza to be fresh and good.. Clearly that is not the case here the pizza was burned and when I said something the young man working told me it was the lighting and the breadsticks were cold...NEVER AGAIN...

Liz Brandolini

Great place to hang out, play pool, get some drinks...and hell, you can even play arcade games and go bowling!! The bartenders are amazing at what they do. The food is excellent as well. Can't wait to go again!

Shaylynn Elise

I got so drunk!

Stacy Stack

Great place to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers

Jessie Stevenson

Had alot of fun. Very accommodating

April Cruz

Great for birthdays! Have held several parties here and always a winner!

Zani Courbron

Fun games. Ok prices. Good way to hang with friends for a few hours.

Holly Jandreau

Great place to have a gathering. Lots of room, and things to do. Food was ok, prices ok.

Cindy Mcginley

Fun place - good atmosphere - great family 'go to' place for some wholesome entertainment.

Sam Seavey

Good food, rude bartender.

Clayton Mixer

Expensive and subpar bowling. An aging place, a fresh coat of paint and fancy lights doesn't hide the glitchy score displays and broken bowling lanes.

Hutch Kwatowski

Ah, one of the old haunts I forgot to visit on the way out down to Florida. Never had an issue here with any of the staff, and the food and beer have always been agreeable. The pizza is among the best in the area. I've bowled, I've drank, played the arcade...really an interesting place if you want a cheap, reasonable and cool place to chill!

Josh Szczesny

Bowling, games, food, and drink. All you can want for an evening of good fun.

Matt Porter

Fun play to visit for bowling, gaming and food.

Philip Nickerson

Not a fan, I like the place up the road better but they were booked. Too many teens at the sports arena.

Katina Dionne

Usually always have a great time Bowling lane broke down 3 times, mischarged my card and was not willing to help me resolve that. Probably will not be going here anymore.

Almighty Diplodocus

The lanes did not work properly and we could not continue bowling. They refused to give us a refund and gave us credit instead. The games were boring and not worth the 50 dollars we intended to spend bowling.

Sámuel Varga

Quick service. No problems.

Sarah Marya

We had a fun time bowling, no complaints!

Carl Oliver

We were there last night, had a blast. The games all worked, we bowled, the staff was friendly towards us, they were cleaning up after people left. Just had a real good time. Thanks:)

Maria Miranda

Been better if we weren't skipping rocks

Judy Johnson

Outstanding entertainment

Monique Dyer

Had a great evening with great friends and a few games of pool with delicious drinks.

Becky Noyes

A good time, but some of the arcade games are a bit pricey.

Alicia Welton

The sports Arena is a great place to go out with your family and definitely also friend's birthday or just hang out . There is food, drinks, game's, and bowling alley.

Travis Miller

It's an ok bowling alley. The lanes feel crowded, doesn't feel like you have your own lane or space.

Stephen Lincoln Jr

Great food, drinks, and people. Fun for the whole family with lots of games, pool tables, bowling, and a full bar!

madyson Kimball

I went here to have fun with my family.I was very impressed! I love the Sports Arena so much and I can not wait until I visit again there arcade is AMAZING!

Debra Conley

Granddaughter had a good time but games are a bit pricey and food was mediocre at best. Pizza was over cooked and bread sticks had way too much garlic.

Matthew Farris

I love hangout at this place

Jillian Kellough

Poor food & worse customer service. After buying a pizza & soda at regular price, saw a deal that offered lower priced package & 2 bonus cash cards for the arcade, so I asked if they would honor the package & give us the cards (I didn't ask for the lower food prices) but they wouldn't because they already got full price out of us. Glad I was only scouting for my hockey organization for our tournament & hadn't already brought everyone here. We'll definitely hit up the other sports bars in town. ****And I want to be clear, the mediocre pizza is not as bad as not honoring the package deal within minutes of purchase.

Floyd Bolstridge

Games bowling drinks and food....perfect place for the whole family !!!

chistina LeRiche

Awesome place for family fun.

Steohanie Gorrell

Friendly staff with a relatively well maintained facility. Lots of games in the arcade and plently for smaller children. We had a great time.

Brittany Lyons

I love this place except the food made me very sick

Jill Hayman

Great place! Fun for all. Can get extremely expensive though

katrina dresser

Best bowling in the area. I go mainly for the arcade.

Bt Schwartz

Great space for parties or to catch a game. Good food available and full bar

Cassy-Jo Wood

Great place for a family night out. Bowling for all of us, Arcades for both age groups, Toddlers and Teens, and a few games of pool for the adults! Not to mention Adult beverages if you so choose, and a pizza place all in one!

Dustin Smelley

A great, laid back place to enjoy yourself whether it's at the bar or playing games. The perfect place for a night out. Good food, excellent drinks, and great customer service. Both Brent and Russell know their customers well and give you the best experience possible. Just remember to tip!

Luz Silva

Best place I been in with my kids

Rhonda Pellerin-Gervais

The grandchildren loved the gaming area and bowling. Let's not forget the rewards for playing the games.

Thomas Bailey

Great arcade section and plenty of pool tables. Bowling was great except the lanes could use some maintenance. Food was quick but not entirely tasty.

Angela Jackson

Bowling was so much fun! And the adult drinks were good!

Uncle Robb

Cool place to meet up with friends and turn the kids loose. Bowling, pool, big arcade, food full bar.

Amy Po

Vintage arcade games, bowling, and decent pool tables, great staff.

James Hustus

I love playing pool here. Great atmoshere pizza wasnt so good but did the trick. My family and i had a blast.

Terri Hayward

Was okay, for a night out, quite a bit to do. Place is a bit aged.

Andrew Metzger

Good but not as good as family fun lanes for bowling


Always a pretty good time. Russel is leaps and bounds a better bartender than you'd expect from a bowling alley and helps to make a great night

P Caswell

Great place to play pool, bowl, drink and hang out. It can get pricey quick, however.

Michelle Carlow

Arcades were so much fun. So many things to do.

Jeffrey Brodeur

Russell gives the best service!!;!

Kristin e

Lots of things for familys to do here. Watched the Superbowl the tvs are kinda small but it wad fun.

Nate Madore

Can't really go wrong here.

Christopher Heinlein

This place is extremely overpriced, and they don't even keep up with anything. Pool tables falling apart, half the games are not working properly. They have some newer games, but charge an arm, a leg and your first born to play them. Better of finding a Dave & Busters and making however long a drive it is than to waste money in this terribly run, terribly maintained greedfest. Oh, and the food sucks too.

Steven Clark

Brent is a great bartender. Good beers on tap. Good mixed drinks. Fair prices. Now has very good food. Limited menu that sticks to what they do well. Many TVs with NFL ticket.

Lenora Fusillo

Nice atmosphere.. Little bit of everything, fun place for family or a date.

Julie Jordan

Okay place if you have children that are bored and want something fun to do

Patty Henner

I love this place! Staff is helpful and laid back. New games. Only ever had the pizza there. Crust is just a thick cardboard disc. But, I don't go for the pizza.

Ray Lewis

Great place for kids and adults public bathrooms bowling arcade pool alcohol perfect place to have a good time

Gerri Morrell

It's very spacious. A lot of options. But a bit pricey.

Tim Peterson

Love that place mini golf bowling arcade and a bar hell yea

Derek Wilcox

Run down... seems like it was probably a cool place at one point in time. Store-bought frozen pizza...

Off upanddown

great place to hold company christmas party

Wendy Trojano

Fun. Food very slow, but very good

Pattie MacLean

Its a great place for family and friends to Hangout

Steve D

If your a bowler, dont use your own gear at these lanes. Lanes were super dry and my ball got jammed in the return more than once and it took a chunk out of it. They weren't even able to give me my money back let alone fix my ball.

Eric StCyr

Very pricey and showing wear. Great place to take the family to kill some time but plan on spending some money if your gonna play arcade games. The pool is reasonable and the bowling is well done and reasonably priced but stay clear of the arcade area if you have kids 20 min will cost you a ton if not played right. Staff is beyond friendly and helpful.

Taylor Dow

i would not recommend going here. came in with 10 people to bowl, the douche bag at the counter said we can only play two people to a lane when there’s 8 spots. our lane was broken and we asked him for help several times and he sat there and did nothing. my friends and i will not be coming back.

Mike Hamblen

Prices way to high for Central Maine and the poor conditions of the machines. Like a poor man's Dave and busters with higher prices. Bartender was great and liquor prices were f good.

Andrew Clark

Fun gameing place

Dean Lee

Food was awful an way too over priced. Games take more off the card then the price said it's happened 2 times to my kids that night brought to attention to staff said nothing they could do kids did have fun though.

Adam Swain

It's not to bad fun place to go play pool ,video games ,bowling ,mini golf.They have a bar ,appetizer food ,pizza but pizza not to great.

Jackson Heichel

Excellent atmosphere. Kind staff. Bowling is inexpensive and fun!

Kallie Stone

I love this place good stuff and really good and not to busy

Richard Simpson

Games are rigged poorly and you rarely win...half of them didnt even is a joke

David Metzger

Over priced as compared to their competition. Lanes are beat up, and the balls are in rough shape. The computer scoring system screwed up on us and they told us that there was nothing they could do. The pool hall side is better..... Still not well priced.

Sheila Galvin

So much fun

iAm PapaMercy

Not great. The games are a ripoff. Buddy and I were having a great time playing air hockey.. until it timed out on us. We tried the other table and it did the same. Also had trouble keeping track of score. The pirate gun game ate money off my friends card and charged him 2x for 1 game. One of the basketball games is broken. There is a lot of fun stuff but half of it seems to be glitchy or broken.

sara russell

Under construction . has to keep own score bowling at a kids party but overall accommodating and service was adequate.

Sarah Gerrish

I came with my kids this week when they came to bowl because everyone was hungry. Cheesesticks and boneless wings are delicious! My teenagers come here often to bowl, the staff are great with them, setting is good for younger teens as well drinking age.

Joshua Crabtree

Good place to have kids n very friendly n kind

Laura M

Played Mini-golf, awesome time! Only con is it would be nicer if there was some shade to the space. Ate lunch at the shop, pricey but good, played games in the arcade. Ran out of time for bowling but we'll be back! With the debit style cards for the arcade my 8 year old is saving his 'credits' for a Patriots flag.

Megan Brewer

Had an awesome time bowling and then playing in the arcade. It was nice to relax and be a kid again.

Ambrose Dana

Food was expensive and wasn't great but the rest was fun

michael gilbert

Great place for people to drink and bring their kids

Ryan Gerry

Gud at what she gud at.

john loman

Fun good prices

Skek Tek

Overly expensive and broken. They have a good variety of games but all of them are severely overpriced and half of them are broken. The last time I was in 3 or 4 of the games were marked as out-of-order, which is fine, but half of the other games didn't work either - but they still took our money: 2 of the basketball games didn't work correctly, 1 or 2 of the ice-ball machines didn't work, player 1 of their terminator machine didn't work right, the air hockey table didn't track the score, the golf game didn't work (just kept asking for more money). And that's just the stuff I remember. We went over to bowl and 2 of our 3 lanes were severely buggy :( They are good about refunding your money or extending your time for broken games but it would be better if they just fixed their equipment.

Troy LaBreck

Nice place, good service

Frank Johnson 4-5

Place is good for family and friends but needs to be updated

Rose Moreno

Such a fun place to bring the whole family. Open areas so you can enjoy good food and keep an eye on the kids while they play. Wish they had places like this I'm the Augusta area.

Alex Stackhouse

My family and I had a great time. The arcades were fun and fairly priced. The bowling was great. The biggest issue I had is we were waiting to get prizes from the arcade for twenty minutes while the manager just ignored us until finally we just left

Joe Payne

Some of the games inside do not work, but a fun place over all. My 6 year old son loves bowling, pool, and all the games that earn you points toward prizes. One of his favorite places to go in Bangor.

Jarrett Norris

Great place to come and go bowling have a party or just play the arcade and have some drinks

Aydan Summerfield

The Sports Arena deserves a new review, as of apparently 01/03/17! (There be signs everywhere.) If you've had issues with their food in the past, it's worth a second try. The Sports Arena has upgraded their pizza/breadstick dough. The price has risen on the food, though insignificantly, but matches the finished product. Honestly, it took me a few minutes, but I've placed the flavor. This dough tastes like Pizza Hut's dough. Definitely a win.

backyard Kids

Great place to bring your family!! Lots of fun

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