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24 Mollison Way, Lewiston, ME 04240, United States

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REVIEWS OF Sparetime Recreation Lewiston IN Maine

Timothy Miles

Love this place nice staff and it's always good food and

Nhojjy Relluf

Nice ally. Very good lanes.

john Picard

Getting better now that they have put money into the cadlepin lanes. Almost no breakdowns.

Amy Fontaine

Usually a good time, could use some updates but overall a fun place.

Chris Eugley

Good place to bowl. Decent food.

Jamie Mccallum

Had a great time wish we were not greeted with you cant bowl today because of leagues --- one of employees said yes we only have candle pin right now. Which was fine....wish it was on website thou

Ron Richards

Very clean and organized, had a good time.

Mike Kyajohnian

Alot of fun

Steve Mathieu

Plenty of parking.

Derek Richardson

Always have a great time here and staff is friendly and helpful

Rocco Giberti

Has both 10 pin and candle pin bowling.

Jennifer Fortin

Who doesn't love animals

Joe Piskala

Great bowling ( candlepin ) but try operating those machines to keep score, forget it. I'll use the old fashioned pencil (# 2 ).

Milojah Milojahstein

Regular bowling. Old facility, old lanes, pro shop by appointment only.

Mike Pepin

Not impressed with the overall friendliness of the staff or the cleanliness of the common areas. My group showed up on a Sunday and found out that it was league night, which was different than what was presented on the website. When asking the staff about the lenght they said they would not be able to accommodate a group of four. The candle pin side was being cleaned and water was everywhere as well as no signs indicating the slippery floors, which is a potential hazard. The pool table was in rough shape, but the coin op worked and nothing jammed it. Most of the pool cues are curved/broken tips so do your best to compensate. I was surprised at the amount of people present and it was observed they were having a good time. Something that frustrated me was we were not asked if we wanted food or drinks when we approached the "bar". They have it available and I had hoped they would allow me to order and I was not able to due to "closing soon", a response given over an hour before the establishment closed. Another pro is that they were open late, so this is a place for all ages if you are looking for something to do.

Samantha Miele

Terrible. Unprofessional. Rude. Tried to reserve a party of 4 lanes, 15 days before and was told couldn't make a reservation until day of. Then called day of and place was full and found out other people were able to make reservations. Hours were not updated and people were disrespectful and rude. Never going here again.

Carla Faucher

It was a great time

Cory Marquis

Great place. Large venue. Food seems pricey but it's bowling alley food so you pay for convenience

Greg Wilson

It's your typical bowling alley. We came with our 4 kids and had a good time. The standing area behind the lanes was a bit dirty but it was later in the evening so maybe it was just from the come and go traffic, but still no reason to not have staff come around and empty the over flowing trash cans or wipe down the soda and beer spilled tables that were all sticky. The biggest complaint my kids and us had was with the pizza, we honestly couldn't figure out how a completely tasteless and I mean tasteless pizza is possible. I know you expect to pay a bit more at these places but almost $70 for 3 pizzas and a pitcher of soda is a bit much.

David Couch

Really need to up grade

Chris Kimball

Great place to kill some time

Hadassah Rea

I work above this place. Food always smells amazing and I've been bowling a few times. Great games and friendly staff.

Amber Philbrook

Very outdated on equipment. Pins and balls got stuck repeatedly. Decent prices.

Dana Hartwell

Super friendly staff, my son and I had a great time.

Joey Beaudette

I remember when this was built 30 years ago. It hasn't changed. It hasn't even been renovated. Subpar food, tacky night bowling. A staple of Lewiston!! Now with candlepin bowling!!

Alenna James

Great night of Glow bowling and some drinks.

Kyle Charest

This place is really getting old and showing it. Arcade selection is disappointing. The bowling was good. Food was bad.

Melissa Patterson

Fun times,great food,good people

Angela Wentworth

I would have walked out, but I had my 4 year old so we grinned and bared it. First lane we were in was not working to start. After waiting... We were moved to another lane. That one broke down numerous times as well, which required stopping to get help or call over intercom, waiting..... Our family fun night was anything but. We were disappointed. The place is old and dated.... Having to manually enter dropped pins. I think bowling alleys had better technology 20 years ago than this. We will never be back.

Cassandra Cummings

Great birthday party spot!

Donna Karkos

Had a Blast Great place !!!!

Heaven Russell

Our food order never got placed but they compensated with apologies and a speedy deliver once the order had finally been placed.

David Flick

Awesome female employee wish I caught her name working extremely hard. Very knowledgeable. Was my first time going but she made it fun.

Pam Yankowsky

Good time

Jason Lingley

Great summer deal for kids bowling. 2 free games when paying for shoe rental.

Amanda Ouellette

Tried coming here twice, both times were within 2 hours of closing time and we were sent home both times because the staff wanted to leave early. I’m extremely disappointed with spare time bowling.

Amber Kunzweiler

This is a very fun outing, especially on days where its hard to be active outdoors (think cold, rainy days or below-zero temperatures). The facilities are well taken care of and they offer snacks/food alongside the bowling experience. They also offer candlepin bowling, which I hadn't heard of until I moved to Maine. What a unique experience.

John Lyons

Great place for family to have a great time.

Dan Thibeault

So sad to see how far down this once nice business has gone. Very dirty. Run down. Equipment broken. Not the bowling alley I remembered 20 years ago. So sad to see.

Ian Turgeon

Candle Pin Bowling! It's a dying sport, so we play whenever we visit. Sparetime was very busy, packed with leagues when we were there. Not much else to say, it's a pretty typical bowling experience, food, shoes, pins, and balls.

Lance Brown

They have candlepin bowling! Yay!!!

Anita Williams

Had a great time there my grand daughters were invited to a party they had a great time. One of my grand daughters don't bowl ,she played games the whole time and she still didn't get enough tickets to buy anything. Just a grand mother who thought that was a bummer for her and there was nothing I could do.

Roberta Haines

Great family-friendly place that the children will love.

Dustin Ouellette

Very outdated, food is okay.

Chris Lin

It was my first time candlepin bowling and it was definitely a new and fun experience. They have 22 ten-pin bowling lanes and 12 candlepin lanes. It was busy even for a Wednesday night. Shoe rental and game prices seemed a little high, but I haven't been to a bowling alley in a really long time, so I have no idea what it costs nowadays. They have locker rentals and an arcade for the kids if they get bored between turns. There's food and beer for everyone. Definitely fun and I would recommend it if you need something to do with some friends.

Shara Marquis

Clean bowling alley with both ten pin and candlepin. Affordable rates and decent food too! I had a steak bomb wrap with sweet potato fries and it was great! :)


Expensive and it felt dirty in side. And I think I put my hand in puke on one of the arcade machines.

Empirful Fish aka Lisa Irish

Nice place to bowl. Could use some updating, but I am positive they don't make enough money to do that

Kevin Mitchell

Not the best bowling alley. Hard to find balls that fit your hands, and the lane we had failed to work twice in a hours.

Dan Cunliffe

Best quality bowling lanes

Jamie Lynn

Bad experience I have to bring my clients here every weekend the machines always break their super outdated the bathrooms are always disgusting, the paint in the bathroom is a hideous dark purple and you can see every mistake, not to mention their is always barley any staff when their the place is full this place needs a whole new renovation it is 2019!!!!!

A Google User

Good family fun

dragonfly chabot

Good place to bowl

Dan Boynton

This is not the greatest alley I've been to. It could use an upgrade. Half the arcades is broken and the lanes are not taken care of. The staff was great.

Bobby Chapman

Great bowling spot with horrible pizza. It was almost like getting a pizza from the freezer section at Hannaford, but quite worse. I understand they are not a pizza place, however, it was so bad that it stuck out as a huge negative. The service has dropped off the map as well. They shut food and drinks down a half hour earlier than expected and never gave a last call. You could tell by the short responses and body language from their staff that they didn't want to be there and certainly didn't want to give a great experience to their customers, but did want to hurry people out and close as fast as possible. Huge disappointment.

Chad Martel


Renee Delcourt

They have both regular and candle pin bowling. Staff are friendly and helpful. Clean and fun environment.

Mike Owens

Excellent staff. Cheap. Fun.

Paige Olson

My husband and I went Saturday night. Called ahead to see how late they were open, they said they were closing early ( 10 PM) cause it was "dead". We get there just after 8pm, the staff wasn't rude but wasn't friendly either. The lane we had kept getting stuck when resetting the pins. We wanted some food, was told the kitchen was closed, yet orders were being called out and being taken. The lane we were at had food everywhere, was gross. We paid for 2 games each and they shut it down before we finished, although they did turn it back on when we told them. Was not impressed.

Erika Girardin

The girl that is working the shoe counter is as personable as a wet towel you ask her for anything and it's a huge inconvenience terrible service the other thing is the girl that's trying to make drinks has no idea what she's doing this place has gone to hell. Terrible. Spent $60 just a bowl for 2 hours to have to push the button myself keep track myself and house to have bumpers Put down 3 times and then the girl given attitude when I had to ask him a 3rd time this place is terrible and I will never be coming back

Willie Mattingly

Very rude to me and my girlfriends went for a water and they said there is a sink in the bathroom go for it and walked away this place sucks and is not friendly need new workers

Faith Parker

Always a fun place to go. The kids love it everytime we go. Very family friendly. They also have birthday parties which is great as well.

David Jalbert

A wonderful place to have fun and good people running it

Robin Cutler

Lots of fun. In need of repair. Food overcooked.

Mckenna Muldoon

Lady at the front counter is rude. Got there at 11:00 on a night where they are supposed to be open until 12 was told they were closing because “they felt like it” not impressed. If you’re gonna close early because you feel like it change the schedule to closing earlier.

Michael Bouford

Courteous employees

Elaine Terenzoni

WENT WITH THE RESIDENCE FROM PINE TREE SOCIETY. The staff are wonderful they set up our lanes for us and they talk to the residents and that means so much to me to see our population mingle with the staff as we try to have them develope a community relationship. Where we take it for granted or we don't even think about it. We go several times a month. It's a great place to have fun and meet new people and have a few drinks of H2O.

Clarence Vandeymark

Very polite and curious customer service

Steve D

Not a bad spot for some bowling. The have both candle pin and 10 pin bowling lanes. They also have a pool table and a video arcade. Food and drinks, yes adult drinks too. They have bowling leagues and a pro shop.

Nick Beasley

It's a pretty good place to go and meet your friends...Not many other choices if you like to bowl.

Nate Wentworth

For what they charge for bowling of expect up to date equipment. Not so here! The first lane assigned to us broke before we even rolled the first ball. Got moved to the next lane over. That one needed to be fixed 3 times before the end of the first (and only) string! Would have walked out of it wasn't our little girl s first time bowling.

Josh Locke

Bowling & small arcade with ok food

Lori Marschall

I had a good afternoon here with my grandsons, bowling was fun, but it's the only place in lewiston/auburn. I haven't been in for a couple years. I think it's time for a deep cleaning and remodel. Bathrooms disgusting, when your 6 yr old grandson walks out and say "I am not using that it is so dirty".. went into the womens thinking it would be different, nope 1 nonworking stall. Beyond filthy restroom, tiles pulled up half painted walls. After seeing the bathroom I sure wouldn't order food.. kitchen must be the same... staff was friendly and polite and she was a great help. It's time to step up the game and make this place clean and new again... disappointed a that it has declined.. but again we overlooked the dirt and had a great time.

Mikey wilds

Awesome bowling alley, and great atmosphere.

Jenn Greenlaw

Very children friendly as it should be and the doctors and nurses are very friendly and helpful

Alan Hall

What a great place. Very accommodating

Joan Brooks

Friendly and inexpensive. Great for all ages!!

Randy Sherman

Very friendly and very polite person would recommend this bowling alley


Fun decent prices

Colleen Miele

Absolutely will never do business with this so called “business” ever again! So unprofessional! When planning a birthday party we were advised by a male to call the day of the party to make reservations. The website says they were open at 9am, we started to call at that time to make reservations and after writing to someone on Facebook they said they open at noon. When we finally got to speak to someone on the phone they said that we should have made reservations because they are full! Get your facts straight! Plus the arrogance/rudeness in there messages, such a joke! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO ELSEWHERE!

Stephen Schroeder

Always a good time and the food is terrific. The onion rings are the best in town, IMO ;-)

Fred Laura

Went bowling with my daughter gson mom neice and nephew had I blast

Larry Wawrzenski

The staff is his hit or miss. The candle pin side needs to update their scoring screen not. A fan of doing it myself. The 10 pin side has automatic scoring. Why can't the candle pin side. The place is clean and the only place in the area. It good but not great. But bowling is a good time.

Brunswick Guys

Cool Bowling Center

mattmo17 One

Good bowling

Paul Dulac

Floors need to be replaced

Sam Michaud

It's great to have the option of large or candle pin bowling. They have good bowling prices. The food is average at best. They also have a small arcade area.

eric fillion

Very nice place, both candle pin and regular bowling, and the prices are good!

tanner in a tree

It’s fun although we always ask for no candle pins and they give them to us they also put no gutter rails up that aren’t stable they have fell down twice for me in one day

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