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REVIEWS OF Easy Day IN Maine

PJ Coombs

Fun, easy going place. Good food and spirits. Plus you can bowl and eat!!

Amanda Arris

Good food and service. Slick floors for bowling.

Nicolas Pszenny

Great experience at a veteran-owned business. We stopped in for brunch, beer, and bowling and all were excellent. Good craft beer selection, the brunch was delicious with large portions, and the bowling lanes are top notch. We’ll return any time we’re in Portland.

Unknow Noon

Great place to bowl or just have afew drinks and talk and have fun.

William Nickerson

They were really slow and some of the food was wrong. The manager came out and apologized and they comped all the food at the table of 8. We did try to tell her that the only two or three of the what is were wrong and maybe she could come up there but not the ones that were good cuz the food was good but she refused and comp all the food at the table which we all thought was very very nice of them.

Martha Farnham

We reserved a couple of lanes for a family get-together. We had a great time, but unfortunately, not because of the place... The staff was rushed and not friendly, service slow, and the food was sub-par. One of our couches had a huge rip in it, and my husband got a big cut on his thumb from one of the bowling balls. We probably wont be back.

Mark D

Ten pin! Almost impossible to find around here. Good bar, good food, not cheap, but it's a good time.

Tom Aikins

The $2 tacos were worth maybe that -- pretty much tasteless. The servers were hard to find. The atmosphere was okay although it could have had a bowling alley AND a bar vibe, instead of just the alley, if they knew what they were doing.

Joseph Jones

Loved it great atmosphere bowling good food suggest haddock fish sandwich

Martha Crockett

I won't be back. Service was very slow. Drinks not refilled after being there 2 hours. Out of 5 dinners, only 1 was good. Noone else could eat theirs. Appetizer cheese plate- one of the cheese choices was a flavorless cheese. Hummus …

David Allie

The food there is okay the service is lousy don't recommend it

Eric Foschiatti

Empty when i went.. which i prefered. Good staff and ok drink prices if you get the specials. Food is way too expensive. Would never eat here.

Bruce Douglass

Great place to meet friends for drinking, eating, bowling and fun. Upscale casual environment. Pro tip: call ahead and reserve a lane.

John McLean

Food was excellent and service was great.

Kevin Remsen

Great spot to meet friends for a fun time. Bowling is great and the food is fresh and of high quality. Always a great time here.

Susan Sheridan

Very fun bowling experience!

Morgan Maxwell

Awesome place! It's a little expensive, but it's a fun place with a lot going on!

Benny Benton

Service was some of the worst we've came acrossed. Will not be back, food was nothing to write home about

Maurice Libner

A Good place for the under 40 crowd. Not so much for serious bowlers. Lanes are synthetic, ball would not cut as usual. Way too many distractions, TV screens, loud noise, waiters serving food, booze. At least for my 65 year old taste.

Stephanie Elizondo

Bartenders were great! Food was great!

Jay Barriss

Good place to hang out.

Kevin Stilphen

Great place , good food, friendly staff, and bowling is great. Really clean too.

Linda Morris

Had dinner & drinks with a friend the other evening and it was great! Got a grilled steak salad & Maine Coast margarita. YUM! And part of the proceeds of the margaritas go to Maine fisherman.

Gregory Moulton

Great place for an informal gathering. Thank you, Taylor for great service. Thanks Jeff for accommodating our event.

Tom K

Good bowling not so good food.

Scott Rumery

Good selection of beers, decent food, excellent service and military discount!!

Melynda Wilhelmi

Great service! Food and bowling.

Julia DeWitt

Definitely bar food. Nothing great there. Crowded for large office parties. There was just one employee who had a good personality for customer service.

Jarrett Adorno

Until coming here I had no idea how fun bowling was. These guys know how to set up a business!

Nicholas Delaney

Stoked for the reopening

Rebecka Mendoza

Great fun place. Kids love it. Great for family fun! Functions we rent out the room. Works great.

Kelly Larochelle

What a great place! Good food drinks and fun times

Yvette Dilallo

Slow Service, House Wine couldn't drink; sent back. Bar Tender seemed overwhelmed.

Remi Paluszak

It is quite an interesting menu and the quality of food is great. Do not be discouraged by this being a bowling alley! It has a beautiful view, the outside seating area is clean and secluded enough from the main traffic to be relaxing. Inside, the bowling alley must be recently rebuild with modern accents, wide open spaces to support crowds and equally well taken care of bathrooms. The prices were in the $$ range and service was pleasant and responsive.

Lilly Velez

I'm a big fan of bowling so this may sound bias, however I found the environment to be very clean and modern. I went to listen to live music and have drinks while bowling. I didn't eat so I can't vouch for their menu,but the staff was nice and friendly.

Jenn La

Bowlings good, food is not.

Charlotte Kinkade

It's a great location with a lot of parking. There are not very many lanes and it's very loud if you're looking for a more intimate bowling experience. The food was pretty basic but seem reliable.

Cynthia Voisine

Very slow food service. We could have easily left without paying our check. No one seemed to care. We had to chase them down to get it. Our lane kept freezing up. And we were disappointed that you had to pay by the hour and not game on the weekend. We felt like we had to rush.

Jamie USA

Great pizza and fun food! Great for a fun friend evening! Bowling is a plus!

Chris Gunner

This was my first time at Easy Day, had no expectation and was surprised when I walked through the doors. The Music was bumping , lights flashing. Nice Bar Set up and was greeted quickly as I proceeded past the doors. I was a bit excited much needed night out with a different atmosphere. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was bowl and was quickly turned down with a 2 hour wait. Agg. Well found out they only have 10 lanes, so this was my fault. However the gentleman behind the counter informed me quickly that it was a very busy night and would take my number and call me right when a lane was available. So OK , I was hungry and needed a drink from the water hole anyways. I sit down at the bar and the host was right there to ask if anything was needed. I could tell that they were a man down and only 2 behind the bar. There was a great selection of local beers. I am not an IPA guy so not for me. However there was a little treasure sitting on the shelf. Booker's Bourbon, WOW i told myself. this is great. My guest order a coffee liqueur which was very good. So we wanted to move on to some appetizers. We started out with the fried pickles and well they were okay. Only do to we both prefer a thinner slice. Next moved onto the chicken tenders and its been sometime since I have had a decent one in Maine. Now onto my amazement , the batter looked dark, but than I broke it in half and DANG it was thick and juicy. Just what I was looking for and very pleased. So we order a new drink talked a bit longer catching some fresh air on the back patio. We come back in, been about an hour and who is looking for us the gentleman behind the counter for bowling. IM LIKE WOW, that is great news and we were about to leave. So over all I really enjoyed my experience, however would have wished maybe there was a few pool tables, darts or some arcade games. This is to kill time if they are busy but still keeping the customer engaged with activity while waiting to bowl. Again Kudos definitely will be back soon. Hope you all enjoy if its your first time at Easy Day.

Kenny Tripp

It is very fun you can bowling all you like and the staff are very welcome to see you I am plan to go going soon

Sarah Leighton

Tonight we had reserved seats for my sister who turned 19 yesterday they didn't have anything planned out yet.. After 1.5 hours we received our appetizers we got our food another hour after 2.5 hours waiting for our dinner and my youngest son's food came out last. The manager never came over to ask if everything was OK he left it up to the waitress. We asked to speak to a manager because we were there for 3 hours and paid full price for our meal. The kids didn't even have time to bowl because they have school in the morning. They took off my sons cheese burger but the manager never came over to acknowledge that we were pretty upset or even apologize. I enjoy easy day, but after this experience I will definatley never reserve a table in the dinning room for over 5 people.

Anamika C

Place is great for a good time. Servers are way too insistent on you ordering food.

Jen George

The bowlin lanes are well kept, and they LIGHT. UP. Y'ALL. Great place, good food. One thing- when your pay-by-the-hour bowling time is up, they cut you off mid-frame. Not sure that's the best idea best idea for paying for bowl

Paula Deas

Nice place

Zach Wilky

Food is ok. Bowling is allot of fun but you have to wait 20 to 30 to bowl. Not many labes

Andrew Hebert

Good food good atmosphere and bowling how can you go wrong.

Elvis C

Bowling is 5 stars, food is 2

Joey Depeter

Pretty cool place. Very nice lighting. Great food. Very friendly staff. A wonderful place to bring the family.

Toben Cooney-Callnan

Great bowling. Great menu variety (including gluten free). Fun atmosphere. Good for almost all ages. Service can be a bit slow but worth the wait.

Supa Yuge Guy

Nice bowling alley, never had food or drinks Very popular place so they must be doing something right....

Scott Pelletier

Great bowling alley really had a good time here, they have some great food also, friendly staff and is just a lot of fun even if your not an expert you'll have a lot of laughs watching your friends gutter the ball

Jesse Fairbanks

Great place with great food! Very nice and clean!

Jacob Libby

The food was great vary short staffed. Spoke to the manager twice. Some of us waited almost 2 hours for our food. Manager is a young boy with vary little respect for people and the hard earned money they were spending. To bad the management doesn't have the staffs back. I do not recommend this place to others.

Michael Esposito

Worst place to work ever they dont care about there employees they dont like to pay there employees they treat you like slaves I dont recommend this place to anyone. I wouldnt even give it 1 star

Matthew LittleFarmer

Neighborhood joint with great service but pretty inconsistent food (it was great last time I ate there!). Lots of t.v.s and the big room can get noisy. But there is a side room with no t.v.s and a nice view of the bay and Portland. The outside seating is wonderful, with a little fire pit at each table, the view, and it's right by the bike path so you can wave at joggers and cyclists! I've only bowled here a few times, but the lanes were well maintained.

Monica Williams

Great food and atmosphere, but slow service.

Scott Nutting

Like Bayside with parking! Good appetizers, and a modest selection of draft beers. Great for happy hours.

Tim Prouty

I consider my experience disappointing, I was somewhat greeted by the bartender in a prompt manor. I ordered a steak salad which took forever, at one one I was sure the order was lost. I came very close to leaving the bartender said my order would be coming out shortly so I waited but ended up being another ten minutes. When I was ready to pay and leave the bartender was out in another room so once again I'm waiting. Lunch should not take so long, had it been busy I would understand but it was not and the group of elderly people had not even come close to ordering so paying and food delivery did not come into play. Oh and for $17.00 which I knew what I wanted before I got there and I knew it to be a pricey salad I came away not overly impressed with the salad either. I'm not one of these to complain or fillout a survey but it popped up on my phone so I guess you'd like to know.

Lee Thompson

Pretty good burger, desserts are pretty expensive, staff a bit gratuitous but fine. Cote

Easy Day delivered haddock sandwich,chili, broccoli cheddar Alfredo soup all good

Shawn Norton

Had a great time bowling here with the kids. Good food, great atmosphere. Just a great place to be. The staff were amazing

Nate Dudley

Everything is good here. We had delicious fried calamari andgarlic cheese bread. So good!

Angel Salmons

Very cool place! Nice view of the water, bowling alley, fully stocked bar. Food is great! I had a Rubin, it was big and delicious. Fries where very good too! Great place to host a party.

Chris Graham

Veteran owned business with a great staff and excellent food, definitely not your run of the mill bowling alley menu. I would have given it 5 stars but the bowling balls are in such poor shape someone in our group had a scrape and blister on their finger from the rough edges inside the finger holes and you can feel the inside core of the balls shifting around when you pick them up. If you want great food and good drinks check them out, if you want to go bowling I'd suggest trying somewhere else.

Diane Arbour

Had a wonderful lunch. A little pricy but food was good.


Good food, but slow service. Had to chase down anyone to get a drink or etc.

RaeLyn Hartford

Great music, food, views from the patio. My Detroit deep dish pizza was delish, Don Campbell entertained us with his smooth deep voice with a gorgeous view of the sunset.

Johnathan Emery

A good place to get lunch, bowl, or both! They also host our companies party at least once a year, and they always do a wonderful job.

Ethan Standel

Bowling is great but bring your own shoes because theirs kind of suck and are super gross and old.

Seth Lockman

Met the love of my life here, so I'm biased. That said, great food and sometimes they light tables on fire.

Andrea Bolduc

Love this venue!! Great food and atmosphere! Great drinks!

Taylor Ahearn

Wish I could give less than 1 full star. Never met a more unhelpful and unfriendly staff in my life. Awful bowling if you are any older than 3 years old. Wouldn't let us extend our time even though the alley was empty. Overpriced food and drinks, undervalued. Think twice before wasting your money.

Dave C

Very slow, disorganized service. Our interactions with the staff were awkward and far from customer focused and friendly. We didn't eat the nachos and sent them back. The waiter still charged us for them and tried to argue a case that we had eaten the food. How do you know if something is bad u less you try it? He left and came back and got manger approval to remove the nachos. The whole process was slow and not very customer friendly. The communication between the staff seems disorganized, like no one is clear on what they should be doing. These conversations took place right in front of us and we felt like an inconvenience. Won't be going back until the food quality gets better and the service steps it up.

Jeffrey Vincent

Nice neighborhood bowling alley and social spot. Drinks and service were good. Food was just okay.

Steven Ellis

Delicious food, fun atmosphere

jim ratner

The nachos were huge and good. I asked for a Shipyard Summer and got something else. Our waitress totally disappeared on us. Prices are reasonable. Far from fine dining but the place is fine.

Mike Bubba

Awesome food and great entertainment. Staff was extremely professional.


Great place .stopped by to check out stolen mojo. The nachos where awesome as well as the service. Bowling,Beer and great food.

Luke Walsh

Big Ball Bowling, great for the kids. Only 10 lanes, so careful if you go when it may be busy. Haven't tried the food, but they've got a great beer menu.

Lisa Morrison

Beautiful clean great view little pricey but I thought worth it, food very good

christopher julian

Good spot to go have a few drinks with some friends. They also serve food so if your in the area stop by and enjoy some bowling with a couple drinks

Alex Gagnon

This was a great place for our work outing. Staff was very friendly. They had great food and very good beer selection. Ther staff was very friendly and helpful. The big screen TVs and automated scoring system made sure everyone one was …

Graham Norton

Great bowling place. Friendly staff and great food. We have taken the kids here for their birthday parties twice!

Cynthia Robinson

Great service, Felix was the best! Decent prices and good food.

Corey B

Great place for food and friends! Sunday brunch was awesome! Veteran-owned, guess which branch...

Lauren Manera

Service AWFUL. Food not bad. Did I say server was awful? On water, might have had a nice waterside. Who cared?

Jenna Fowler

Best bloody Mary's ever. Food is amazing too, and is definitely a step up from most bowling alleys. Great time all around

Hill Billy

Great food fun place amazing New Year's Eve party


Waited at bar for 25 minutes to order a beer when they were not busy. Bartender repeatedly ignored me. Then tried sitting down for table service and no one showed up, even though there were plenty of staff walking around. Gave up and left. Too bad, because it’s a cool space with great views.

A Haley

Good food and service. Beer!

Bex Emery

Great atmosphere. Always a blast when we're there for a function. Service can be a little slow and food prices are a little higher than similar venues. Lots of parking. ATM on site. Very clean facility.

Pete Fransson

Nice bowling alley. Great food and drinks on tap.

Ian Broadwater

Modern alley with resturant and bar

Joe Morin

Food is great and it is very child friendly.

Allyson Wyand

Love bowling here and the food is pretty good. Poutine is amazing!

Emmanuel Nizigiyimana

Superb bowling

Kate Savidge

We went late in the evening, after 9p with a group of 6 and were graciously welcomed. The appetizers were enough to satisfy three always hungry teenagers. The hamburgers were cooked perfectly and the portion sizes were so much we all ended taking boxes home.

Kevon Alexander

Excellent ambiance on the bayview patio. ED Nachos were okay. Haddock sandwich was moist but flavor was bland, fettuccini was- so-so...This was my second visit. The atmosphere is great. I asked for limes for my margarita, server bought them in his bare hands and put them directly on the table!!

joe hezlep

A great atmosphere! Chris Tyll runs a tight ship and it shows in the service and cleanliness of the entire building. The beer selection is a great mix of craft and domestics so everyone will find what they are looking for.

JT luvs Veronica

Delicious food and the service is good

Josh Logan

The food is good, but it took a long time to get served a salad.

Robert Reardon

Great food and service. Pepperoni rollups and Corona make a great pair.

Timothy Baker

The place was amazing. Lanes were good. Food and drinks were good as well. It was nice and quiet there. They have league nights during the week. Different days, seems like. It seems like the time to go is during lunch or when we went which was 1 or 2 PM. We pretty much were the only ones bowling. People were just coming in for food. Which they have a big menu. If we wearnt going to be going to sushi for dinner I probably would have ate there. Food sounded amazing. It is not you typical bowling alley food. We did get the buffalo chicken dip. Anyone who likes buffalo chicken and dips should order it. Hopefully we will be coming back so i/we can try different things on the menu. The prices aren't bad for bowling and shoe rental.

Patrick Loring

Bowling and food...Can't go wrong

Rory Benjamin

Overall I find Easy Day to be an enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat. In recent months the menu has been reworked and has lost a few great items, one of which was the Irish Nachos. Since those were taken away, I find myself not really going here much anymore.

Allan Godin

Former military, loved this place.

Jeff Hagan

The menu is really really well thought out and the choices are great. However, the execution isn’t there, it’s not major misses, but they miss chances to have amazing dishes by cutting corners. I’ve worked in kitchens for years and I enjoy some of the things on the menu, but some of the things that should be major hits, fall flat due to the preparation or the cooking process.

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